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Monster Girl Quest – Part 1 – 100% Patch

September 24, 2011

Game Information

VNDB Page:

How to acquire the game . It’s made by a small group that commissions artwork. That means additional sales should lead to more commissions, for a higher quality game! If you aren’t going to buy it anyway, then you should easily be able to find a less legitimate version as the first search result in Google for “Monster Girl Quest”.

Patch Location

How to Install

Unrar the contents of the .rar to your game directory (It’s the directory that contains mon_que.exe). Overwrite all files it asks to overwrite. Depending on where you downloaded the game itself from, it may have already been pre-patched.

Issues with the Patch

  1. Word Wrap – English text doesn’t wrap intelligently. A word wrap fix was made by SomeLoliCatgirl on the Hongfire forums, but it has some crashing issues in Part 1 due to how I handled some strings. I will be using it for Part 2 onward, so this will only be an issue with Part 1.
  2. Saving – Due to the way nScripter handles saving, you can only save at specific points in the game. A demonstration is given right at the start, and it’s pretty obvious how to work it. No current solution for this issue as of yet.
  3. Text Display – During some HP draining moves, the numbers may get jumbled. Not sure what triggers that issue at the moment.

Common Issues

I crash very quickly at the start of the game!

You need to run the game in Japanese locale. Either set your computer to it, or use a program called Applocale. (Search google for instructions).

The text is all compacted together, and nearly unreadable!

You need East Asian Language packs for the font used in the game. Search Google for East Asian Language Pack for how to install it.

I crash in the morning after the dream with Ilias!

You’re using the demo version of the game. You need the full version to work with the English patch.

I can’t beat this Monster/I can’t leave the town!

All Monsters are beatable except for a couple, and Ilias will always tell you so after the post-defeat Evaluation if it’s un-winnable. If you ever get stuck in a town, you need to talk with everyone before you can leave it.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to all those who’ve helped by pointing out mistakes and by editing images or hacking the executable (SomeLoliCatgirl, Xilium, Zinny, The guy who sends me comprehensive mistakes via e-mail)!

Contact Me

Either post here or send me an e-mail at .

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    The game freezes up for me at the Kraken stage during Aqua Pentagram. I saw something about it in hongfire but I couldn’t access it due to some SSL issues. Do I need a newer version or patch?

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Works, thanks.

  3. ToomuchCheesecake permalink

    Thanks! That fix worked very well, now I just haft to wait for part 2… (Begins waiting…) >.< i think im just gonna go replay this game for awhile and eat some fried tofu…

  4. Anonymous permalink

    is this game voiced?

  5. fasullo permalink

    I’ve got the game and the patch, before i add the patch i clearly see the kanji in the text box.
    After i’ve applied the patch i see no text in the text box, not even when asked to select the difficulty, how i can solve this problem

    • Very odd, I’ve never heard of anyone having that problem before… If you can see the Kanji, you probably already have Japanese language support, but you might want to give a shot at downloading the east asian language pack, or the font file MS 明朝, since that’s the font used in the game. I’ve heard of compressed letters and crashing, but I’ve never heard of the text just not being there at all.

  6. fasullo permalink

    T.T i have windows 7 home and i can’t dowload/use east language pack until i upgrade to premium or ultimate T.T

  7. Wrandral permalink

    do this patch cover the patches applied by torotoro ( the ver 1.03 and 1.04)?

    • It has the additional CG for the harpies from his patches, but none of the bug fixes, no. I’m still looking at at 1.04 (the one he just released) to see if I can easily put it in.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    I have the same problem as fasullo, no text at all in the windows or selection boxes when running it patched. It’s kinda unplayeable like this so i was wondering if there’s any fix. I’m using windows 7 home too. Thanks.

    • I’ve heard of squished and unreadable text, but not no text at all… Are you running the game in applocale, or with your system setting as Japanese?

      • Anonymous permalink

        As far as i know, neither. The game runs, just not a single letter in sight anywhere. Kinda weird tbh

  9. Anonymous permalink

    just want to thank you for ur effort in translating

    game is working fine for me :)

  10. halp permalink

    How come all the letters are like this:

    T hi s i s a n exa mp l e

    its kinda hard to read :(

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same issue here, though I am running this in Ubuntu with Wine. (Well also in parallels on my mac <_<)

  11. Anonymous permalink

    I am having a problem with saving. I see the difference between when you cant save (get an error) and the save options, but its not letting me save period. I go to save, it pops up another box saying “save location”, i click it but it fails to do anything.

    Any solutions?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Press escape, it will get you out of being stuck

  12. Anonymous permalink

    i cant open it, it come up with
    099.txt line:187014

    l saveoff
    l lsp 107,”:a;system/logo.bmp”,79,100
    > bg “bg/bg001.bmp”

    and when i click ok it just turn off

    • Your .nsa files are probably wrong. Look in one of my earlier posts about the filesizes. You might have to redownload part 2.

      • Anonymous permalink

        i’m having the same problem, but i dont know what you mean by my .nsa files

  13. RedLeader7 permalink

    I’ve played thru the entire game and my monster encyclopedia says that Im still missing 1 monster. In part 1 is there another monster girl you encounter after the Gnome?

    • Anonymous permalink

      This comic is probably old, but there’s [SPOILER] the last monster in there is Goddess Ilias.
      You have to lose to 50 monsters that are specifically in Part 1 and then ask for an evaluation after every single 50 losses. Then she’ll give you a handjob.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    I have downloaded the Monmusu English Patch V1.0.rar for the full paid version of the monster girl quest 1 game but am having difficulty understanding the following instructions:

    “Unrar the contents of the .rar to your game directory (It’s the directory that contains mon_que.exe). Overwrite all files it asks to overwrite. Depending on where you downloaded the game itself from, it may have already been pre-patched.”

    If i’ve paid for the full version from then would they have already pre-patched it? if so how do I make the change?

    Any guidance on how to get it working would be grateful.

    Thank You

    • Mediafire deleted the part 1 patch I had. You can download it on . It would not be pre-patched off the dlsite page.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thank You for your help, I have managed to get it translated now

      • Solstice permalink

        I seem to be having the same problem as the above Anon. I dont under stand
        “Unrar the contents of the .rar”
        Does that mean when you get the patch file, move it into the folder with all the game data?
        I did that and it didnt seem to do anything.

        Further more, when i try to play the game normal now, after The Goddesses talking a bit i get some kind of error message that looks like:


        099.txt line:81891

        >if%bwait= 0 texec

        So what is that?

        Some body please help, I just want to enjoy this story =(

  15. Anonymous permalink

    I have managed to download the English Patch but now I can’t save the game, even in the Save Location spots, I try and save and it comes up with a message and when I click ok the game shuts down.

    some of the text within the message includes:

    NSA (some Japanese) save\save1.bmp (more Japanese)

    099.txt line: 82816

    add $savetime,$saveminute: add $savetime, “(Japanese character) ”
    ;savetime(some Japanese)

    Isp %sub10+10+300, $savescreen,%savepicx,%savepicy

    That is roughly what the message says.

    additonal info: I have changed my applocale to Japanese so the actual game works fine, I just can’t save at the save locations

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

    Thank you in advance

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Hi, i have this problem, i have finished the first part of the game, but my encyclopedia is still blank! When i close the game i lost ALL the data… Can i fix this problem, if yes how? Thanks a lot for the future anserwer and sorry for my bad english, have a nice day! ciao ciao from italy ^^

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Umm…The game is a trial version…

  18. Anonymous permalink

    T_T i really want to play that game and i want it to install with mno demo or hard work fuaaaaaaa

  19. Anonymous permalink

    I figured out how to extract the rar file and everything in the game folder and I have applocale but when i click mon_que.exe it just gives me an error with some japanese and00.txt line:1 can you please tell me a way to fix this?>_<

  20. Anonymous permalink

    whoops never mind that last comment haha

  21. Anonymous permalink

    I keep getting the error NSA(japanese)bg/bg001.bmp(japanese)
    099.txt line:81240

    l saveoff
    l lsp 107″a;system\logo.bmp”79,100
    > bg”bg\bg001.bmp

    please solve my problem

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, I am finding myself stuck in iliasport and unable to talk to any of the villagers. The names highlight but don’t react to clicks. Any help?

  23. Anonymous permalink

    i cant get the game to run at all. everytime i click on the symbol it brings up a bunch of random symbols. then at the bottom it has 00. txt line:1 any advice

  24. Anonymous permalink

    everytime i try to run the game it gives me a bunch of random symbols and at the bottom it has 00. txt line:1

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Patch file was deleted form mediafire

  26. Anonymous permalink

    um i having an issue because when i got the part when im vs Nanabi and im under her hypnosis and after awhile i use the attack Ninefold Rakshasa and after i use that attack she then uses Two Moons then the game crashes can you help me resolve this problem

  27. Anonymous permalink

    when I try to save it just says cannot create C;/Users/USER1/downloads/Monster Girl Quest Complete.rar access is denied and doesn’t save. can someone help me?

  28. Anonymous permalink

    I’m trying to play the game, but words don’t appear, only at the main menu or at the settings. They don’t appear at story mode, and they don’t appear neither at “Extra”. Could anyone help me?

  29. Anonymous permalink

    MediaFire took down your patch and I got a new computer. Can you put it up somewhere please?

  30. genriu permalink

    hola amigo el patch no esta disponible en mediafire sera que lo puedes subir de nuevo porfavor gracias

    hello friend the patch mediafire not available it can be up again please thanks

  31. Anonymous permalink

    i didn’t understand how to unrar the game because i suck with pc (-_-‘)
    can someone help me?

  32. Anonymous permalink

    i just bought the game at dslite and i downloaded it but all that comes up is a 7-zip file and i don t know what to do

  33. Anonymous permalink

    I cant download the patch

  34. Anonymous permalink

    I downloaded the demo but it’s all in Japanese. Any chance how i can get this translated to English?

  35. Anonymous permalink

    everytime i exit the game all my monsterpedia entries dissapears whats wrong

  36. Anonymous permalink

    so,i was download and play MGQ 1-3,for few minutes its work normally.but then my screen goes black,and theres nothing i can do except restart my laptop forcefully.can anyone help me?

  37. I need some help, I’m trying to start up the english patch, but I always get some sort of error, I’ve tried the readme file for it and I followed all the steps listed in how to start it. Do I need to open part 1 with it, or is there a way to add the patch in the options, or what. This has really driven me up the wall and need help.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    Could you please reupload the patch? This mediafire one is a dud now.

  39. Anonymous permalink

    yeah could someone fix that please

  40. Anonymous permalink

    i try the website the patch location but they remove it i try to dowload it and cecal advaner ( miss spell. story line: a girl fight monster ) that the dlc i think i get more of moster girl quest dlc i haven’t decitet yet

  41. Anonymous permalink

    To all the people having issues with Aqua Pentagram (Or any other effect for that matter), just go into config and change Effect Speed to Instant. That fixed it for me. Just remember to change it back after the troublesome part, if you want.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    link dead reupload

  43. Anonymous permalink

    hey, I got the spanish version of the game a while ago and I’ve been messing around with that, though the only problem with that Is I don’t speak a lick of spanish so all the descriptions and like action names and stuff don’t really mean anything to me and I want to see if this game has an actual story to it. is there a spanish to english patch that I can get?

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