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Monster Girl Quest – Part 2 – English Trial

September 24, 2011

Game Information

VNDB Page:

Trial Location

How to Install

Unrar the contents and click on mon_que.exe to start. Due to the nature of the word wrap fix, the executable may trigger a warning on antiviruses set to strict detection methods.

Issues with the Patch

  1. Saving – Due to the way nScripter handles saving, you can only save at specific points in the game. A demonstration is given right at the start, and it’s pretty obvious how to work it. No current solution for this issue as of yet.

Common Issues

I crash very quickly at the start of the game!

You need to run the game in Japanese locale. Either set your computer to it, or use a program called Applocale. (Search google for instructions).

The text is all compacted together, and nearly unreadable!

You need East Asian Language packs for the font used in the game. Search Google for East Asian Language Pack for how to install it.

Name Changes

Some names will be changed from Part 2 onward.

Arumaeruma -> Alma Elma
Ilias Creutz -> Ilias Kreuz
San Iria -> San Ilia


  1. 9/24/2011 – A few lines edited and fixed. The patch on mediafire is updated.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to SomeLoliCatgirl for the Word Wrap fix, those who edited the title image / buttons / combat frames, and those who pointed out editing errors!

Contact Me

Either post here or send me an e-mail at .

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  2. Anonymous permalink


  3. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome work for translating chp #1

    I’d wish to try chp 2, but it seems the MGQ_Part2_Trial.rar uploaded via mediafire is an empty rar file.

    As Sept. 27, 2011 Its size is 44.875 kb, but it actually contains no data.

    I used the link posted above:

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Uhh.. It’s funny. Just for fun, I tried to unzip the rar file using 7-zip instead of my usual unzip program, and it worked perfectly.

      Guess it was my mistake. If anyone has problem unzipping the file, try 7 zip :D

  4. Keyblade666 permalink

    hey actually there is a way to save whenever u want. when u save, if an error pops up, just click the button on the error to make it go away, then click “esc” and then u should see a save for whenever u just saved it for and click return. its been working for me since part 1 and sometimes when u save this way it might save a couple of attacks before hand if u save in middle of fight

  5. Kyon permalink

    there is something wrong with some words when you die and you arrive on the decision screen. but when i went back to look at it again while typing this message it went away so i think it just crashed a bit that time

  6. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve got East Asian Pack installed, yet I got the errors where letters are closely packed. Halp.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    This is win. You deserve a cookie sir.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    The trial version is too short. I though at least a boss fight.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    i thought the graphics were a bit better then pt1. keep it up u guys :D

  10. Monti permalink

    I must say, I first downloaded complete part 1 and I absolutely loved it. Im a writer and I greatly hate pointless sex games, this is something completely new, It acually has plot. I started beginning just wanting to get to the girls, then as I continued playing I found myself getting into the story. I know there are 3 parts or something like that and I simply cannot wait for a complete part 2. Keep up the good work, I can’t buy it because Im on a very tight situation currently. So I’m even more excited that these are free to download. I cannot thank you enough, keep up the good work.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    +1 for Monti. I first download it because monster raping a guy sound great, but I discovered a very good story. I can’t wait for the complete chap 2 !!

  12. Anonymous permalink

    is the trial version too short (only 1 battle) or just my end’s prob?

  13. Anonymous permalink

    To be completely honest, when I saw the words “staying” and “inn” I thought Alice was going to rape Luka again.

    • Monti permalink

      Pretty good, just tried the trail version, Has an emmense amount of potenial.

  14. Monti permalink

    It seems Alice has a new favorite saying.

    “….Damn pervert.”

  15. Monti permalink

    Hehehe, Alice has bow C:

  16. Monti permalink

    Wait…Im hearing rumors that MQ2 will be completed next summer… that long? Even though we already have the demo?….

    Estimated time this will be complete?

    • I think the original estimation was that part three may be done late next summer. Part 2 was supposed to be out in fall 2011, but some of the artists are being slow and delaying it.

      • Monti permalink

        So Im just going to give a small estimation based on what you just said.

        Original – Part 2 will be out early – mid 2012
        Translated will probably be out late 2012

        then part three would be out late 2012- early 2012
        Translated would be out early 2013-mid 2013

        Am I off by too much or?…
        XD sorry, Im interested.

        • I’d hope Part 2 original would be out late 2011 and translated early 2012. I have no idea on part 3, and won’t even make a guess.

          • Monti permalink

            Yea, well… If the demo is out, at least it tells us its in pregress, I mean, someone isn’t going to put out a demo, then wait 2 years to actually finish it… But what do I know XD, thanks for responding to me to, appreciate it :3

  17. Monti permalink

    Ever since finishing my most recent horror story, I have the oddest urge to create…. stories about the monster girls… like a further play on when luka was defeated, or possible encounters with others ‘heroes’ before or after the encounter with luka….. But I don’t know, I just have a few questions and then I’ll leave you be… I most be somewhat annoying heh..

    Do you like these series, do you actually part take and play them, or do you just translate them because its fun for you? And if you do play these… what is your favorite monster girl so far?

  18. Krest permalink

    I love this series SO much. I normally play MMOs, not single player games like this, but I was surprised! I can tell the anatomy of the characters were done with the body’s functionality in mind. Angel Halo, though not sharp for a blade, is still one of the most beautiful weapons I’ve ever seen…possibly THE most beautiful!

    I wanted to go to Undine instead of Gnome anyway, but I’ll be waiting! This world was made with everything in mind…history, culture, universal design…everything! I wish this WAS an MMO, whether H or not, or atleast an anime. The art seems similar to Queen’s Blade…I wish an anime was made with that team creating it!

    @ Monti

    That’s not something one can judge without playing the entire game. For me it’s easy though – loli collection! All the loli monsters! Muahahahahah!

    • Monti permalink

      To a simple basis, every japanese anime, manga or creation like MGQ has similarities, the eyes, the structure of the face, are all traits of japanese artists, in manga it’s done because their is alot of animation, so if you have a simple face structure, you can make a 30 minute battle with ease and make it smooth, This is one of the reasons why Artists in Japan differ from those in the U.S, the U.S usually has a variety of animation styles, even some japanese, but with japanese, their style differs greatly. With this style of animation, it primarily directs itself upon the function and movement of the body and the main anatomy. Plus showing the artist ability shown, I would say the hired artists are pretty talented in that aspect.

      I take a liking to Alice, I see alot of character development in her, when a character is made that has the mystery that surronds them like her, it gives me as a writer a vast spectrum to play with and me as a reader to really enjoy it, A writer of any kind or an artist, you don’t want your character read like a book, you want to have the reader thinking about that character, and with alice such a thing has happened.With my stories, I love to really put a shadow over the main character, set a appropriate mood and such.

      If you want, you can give me the name of one of the loli monsters and I can write a story, and hell I’ll do it for free. :3

  19. Anonymous permalink

    There’s a rather easy way to save whenever you want, just hit save and instead of clicking the question marks, just hit Esc on your keyboard. The file will automatically be save in the right location

  20. pletromex permalink

    why the cant i get part 2?

  21. pletromex permalink

    typo sorry :P why cant i get part 2

  22. Emporor Penguin permalink

    Hey peeps, I’m having a problem playing the demo.
    I did what the instructions told me to, at least I think I did, but the game keeps crashing at the introduction. I changed my computer locale to Japanese, and that didn’t work. Then I downloaded applocale, and the same problem happens. Am I doing something wrong?

  23. Anonymous permalink

    I saw a video of beating the final boss and he had an ENGLISH version of the game. What’s wrong?
    I really love the game, so I want to play the full version ASAP

  24. Anonymous permalink

    whenever lilith and lilim use laughing gend i glitch and crash. HALP

    • Anonymous permalink

      its easy, just open mon_que_NOwordwrap.exe and fight them again ;)

  25. Since this is part 2, I don’t know if my trick will work, but when you’re about to save, there’s a textbox with “Do not change” or something, you can copy the strange characters on the writable part, then when you want to save, just paste the character on the box where it says the current conversation

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Everything is working fine. Language is in English from the patch, run my computer location as japan, first battle goes smoothly. But at the scene where Alice tells you to go away from the camp, it wipes away and then wipes back and it happens. Dialogue box opens up blank with no character picture above it and the program crashes. Can someone please help? It keeps happening at this part and I don’t know what to do.

  27. Daniel permalink

    i downloaded part 2, but i cant play. When i go to Noah regio, it just crashes. Any help? :)

  28. Anonymous permalink

    what happened to the trial?

  29. Anonymous permalink

    what happened to the trial???

  30. Anonymous permalink

    The file was deleted off mediafire :(

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Any way to get it back? or another way of accessing it

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