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Monster Girl Quest – Part 2 – Information

September 24, 2011

Release Date: Unknown. Likely in Fall, I would guess November myself, but there’s no actual date yet.

Torotoro’s Twitter:!/torotoro_mon

MGQ Official Site:

Misc. Info:

From Torotoro’s twitter, some game information:

  • Monsters: 86. There were 68 in Part 1, so that’s an increase of about 25%
  • Moves: 401. There were 261 in Part 1, so that’s an increase of about 50%
  • Battle/H-Scene Script: 2.3Mb. It was 1.5Mb in Part 1, so that’s an increase of about 50%

With that said, I’m guessing the story length will be longer as well. Since the first part took 2 months to translate, I’m going to guess that Part 2 will take at minimum 3 months since I’ll be traveling during the Thanksgiving (If it’s released before that) and Christmas holidays.

  1. snoopaloop permalink

    Keep up the good work friend.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I was wondering what you planned to do until hongfire (if it ever) comes back. I will be ready to help iron out those bugs once the patches roll out (assuming you do the increments again)

  3. LAlex permalink

    I’m betting a bit of my pride on a Halloween release

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for your efforts! They are really appreciated.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    If I could help you in any way I would but unfortunately, all I can do is thank you for what you’re doing in your own time.

  6. random permalink

    A bigger game, with more plot, more battles and more scenes.

    Awesomeness. Good luck with the translation, there are quite a few of us waiting with bated breath.

  7. The Dark Master permalink

    I’m curious, do you like it when girls demean you? Since I’ve read a few reviews of the game by Japanese speakers, and I get the impression that the girls generally did not do that in the original, but they seem to do it very often in your translation of part 1 of MGQ.

    • As unbelievable as it may sound, the original Japanese text was even more repetitive than mine with the demeaning… I tried to vary it up some since the text was so recycled. I think “Are you frustrated?” Would have been the most common sentence in the game otherwise. I couldn’t get the image of Kircheis out of my head every time I saw that line, so I tried not to use it so much…

      Also no, I don’t particularly like the demeaning aspect… I like the “game over” type of fetish, so it’s the, I don’t know… act of being defeated in combat and having your freedom taken away that I like? I’m not sure. Probably why I liked the Lencubus so much though.

      • The Dark Master permalink

        Thanks for replying. I guess it was the writers then, it was one frustrating aspect for me when playing the game was all the girls that called PC pathetic or some other demeaning thing for no good reason, which is one of the biggest turn offs for me. I just can’t see them as being anything but childish condescending assholes.

        On the flip side, I do really like the majority of the ideas presented in the game and enjoy it a great deal. Thanks for translating it, since I can’t really enjoy the pics without the context, and I prefer text anyway.

        I do wish there were more game overs where total enslavement or death was the result. It makes a lot of the girls seem one dimensional. i still like them, but I wish there was a little more variety.

        • The Dark Master permalink

          “was the result”? No I meant “was NOT the result”.

          • Wrandral permalink

            Depends on what you mean by enslavement ^^

            The Kitsune for exemple ( or the ShellGirl ) take Luka as their husband which i hope you’ll agree is nicer than let’s say the RoperGirl who eat you or the 4 little monstress which keep Luka as their pet and abuse him for life.

            The problem is that the enslavement of the human males is something that most have to do if they want their species to survive so the rape is kinda a must do if keeping the man is their main concern. Well anyway like they said in Harpy village once you have a taste of Monster Girl pussy you can’t go back to the human one XD.

        • Anonymous permalink

          It’s a power thing. It’s obviously not your thing, but some people, (me) kinda like it. The main reason I can’t really get into most other VNs of this sort are that the roles tend to be reversed, with the guy being the condescending asshole. Maybe it has to to with views on women. Someone with a psyche degree who’s spent way more time talking to the kind of people I try to avoid, (also me) could probably explain it a bit more comprehensively.

          In any case, the fact that he varied it without really changing the meaning shows that he put that extra effort into it. Really appreciate the hard work, man. If I had a glass, I would toast your honor.

      • Kyon permalink

        That is why you are awesome, effort is the true genius in the world. There is nothing better than someone who actually cares about what they do

  8. Anonymous permalink

    The most used line was “Are you frustrated?” HAHAHA, really. I immediately thought of that same reaction as soon as I read that… I can imagine you running through the script translated with his image in your brain the whole time.

    As far as game over ends / freedom getting taken away, I do enjoy that myself however I’m not too big a fan of deaths (if only because thinking logically it would be better to keep them alive for food/pleasure, from the enemies point of view). I’m a sucker for the more good-ish ends (any of the 4 bandits (esp the vampire), the kitsune, tamomo, harpies)

    I’m just waiting for when part two comes out… I know it will lower my quality some but I plan to blaze through with chiitrans just to see whats in store while you do that rogue thing you do.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Well, if you’re talking about logic: The ones that kill Luka anyway and eat his semen beforhand would come much faster to their meal, if they just bite of his balls. That wouldn’t be a pretty sight, however… ;)

  9. Anonymous permalink

    You make me really wish I were bilingual. Thanks for doing this!

  10. Anonymous permalink

    You are greate. Translate a VN in some months is fucking epic.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, you are great. Good luck with the translations

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Great job, nice game. Looking forward very much to the translation of this one, the second part (when it’ll come to existance that is). Would’ve helped you maybe if I could’ve (I like translations, languages, VN’s) but to my regret I don’t wield japanease (russian, english, czech only).

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up the good work friend! I can’t wait to play part 2 of this game! =)

  14. Loki permalink

    i was wondering will it be possible to transfer your save data from part 1 to part2 once its done? as it says in the ending

    • No idea. The english save games work in the japanese version (Although they won’t load in the right spot – the encyclopedia works), so I assume they would carry over. No promises until I can test it, of course.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Hi rogue translater .. I dont know how to transfer the save file from part 1 to part 2 could u tell me what file to trasnfer ? really thnx ^^

  15. Megatron permalink

    just 1 question , how to unlock the rape scene 2 from alice ?

    • Challenge her to a fight in the pirate cave after getting the bell.

    • yabusa permalink

      but she’ll just eat you away… lol

      • Anonymous permalink

        Emphasis is on EAT. As in VORE. If its not your thing, recommend you skip / avoid.
        It can be a major image shatterer, as far as Alice’s character goes.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for everything you’re doing, just hope you know there’s a lot of people who appreciate it.

  17. Megatron permalink Picture from MCQ 2 Naked Heavily Knight’s Niice :D

  18. Can’t believe I got to play this in English thank you so much.

  19. LazyTiger permalink

    Just finished the first part, can’t wait for the 2nd. Thanks for your work :3

  20. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for all the hard work. cant wait till part 2 comes out.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    keep it up meng!! we are cheering

  22. yabusa permalink

    Thanks for the effort! >:D

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much Rogue. I am now an official fan. Can’t wait for part 2. I hope it comes out in a couple months. Good luck with the translation. You have my support.

  24. jon permalink

    i love this game very much and i hope part 2 complete fast as possible

  25. Anonymous permalink

    I loved 1, thank you so much for intending to translate 2. Happy holidays all.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up the good work, was really impressed with how quickly you went through part one.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    I just got finished with the first installment,and it is truely amazing! I am glad that you took the liberty of toning down the “condescending remarks” form the original dialouge. The only guys that I think would even begin to find that talk/attitude “enjoyable”,are the ones who already have serious issues to begin with. Like others,I find it to be a huge turn off.

    At any rate,thank you for your huge contribution! It’s a shame that these types of adult games aren’t more available. Instead we get garbage like “bonetown”…

    • Anonymous permalink

      You’re playing a game that involves a “vampire girl” raping you, a half-woman half-snake monster eating you, and being trapped in a torture device that rapes you to death. Can you really take any kind of high-ground on issues?

  28. Anonymous permalink

    I used to go through the Monster Girl encyclopedia and I remember a comment somewhere saying that it would be awesome if they made a game out of it. And I was like “pff yeah…in our dreams” cant be live they made actually made it and on top of that YOU COME ALONG AND TRANSLATE IT! You should put a donation thingy somewhere! Oh and by the way,,,PART 2 IS OUT TOMORROWWW! CANT SLEEP!

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s already out. Actually, it’s been out since afternoon or so.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Atleast a million people is waiting for this translation. No presure! :D

  30. kalil permalink

    man that was scary
    i started the game and was experience crashes on it
    it shows the text
    “alice stare at my face” and then crashed

    it was happening because for some reason the file “nsogg2.dll” was missing on the folder of MGQ2.

  31. Shu permalink

    waiting for the full patch, thanks for your hardwork, every progress is a good progress.

  32. wish you all the best, thanks for your hardwork
    every progress is a good progress

    • applemania permalink

      OHh if you are the translator of the 1st SERIES


      well i just wish in this second episode
      our main protagonist could rape some monster girl.


  33. Bell Ringer permalink

    Great would be an understatement of the highest magnitude for what you are doing. 1 question though, what should I do if I keep crashing during the spin-off stories

  34. Anonymous permalink

    I have a bit of a problem, when I downloaded the game, I get an error message during the unrar process that arc1.nsa file is broken. Should I go about finding another copy of the game? If I keep it, I can’t even start the game, if I delete it, I can get about 10 seconds in before it crashes. I haven’t had trouble with anything else, it’s just this that is giving me trouble.

  35. Anonymous permalink

    Killed Alice on the first time, broke my heart when I saw the ribbon. Q_____________Q

  36. Anonymous permalink

    i cant find the last orb can i get help with that all it does it send me to shrine and it says i need the other one but i cant shrine is my only location

  37. Thesrawx permalink

    The game ended as I expected it would. I decided to go with Alice.
    You did a great job translating! (I expected no less)
    Looking forward to part 3 with much more impatience than I know what to do with.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    Hi i am sending this because the link given to this patch is broken and or remove because of violation and was wondering if you could fix or tell me if there is another way to get the patch.I would greatly appreciate it if i could get the full patch somehow because i love the game.

  39. Anonymous permalink

    I get this crash. ( im running in japanese locale what am i doing wrong?. I installed the MGQ part 2 from the link and the patch.

  40. Anon permalink

    What have i done wrong i set the locale as Japanese and i downloaded the right patches and all and followed the instructions this is the crash report

  41. Anonymous permalink

    i cant seem to import my save on part 1 to part 2.. can you tell me what to do exactly?

  42. Anonymous permalink

    hello.. is there any news when part 3 is coming out? can anyone link where i can keep track of its release date? thank you so much.

  43. SupremeVictory permalink

    Thanks for the spin-offs Rogue. Looking forward to more. Good way to stay occupied until part 3.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Hey guys, great fan of this game. Just finished part 1 but am confused as to importing the save file from part 1 to part 2. Everything is under 1 directory so I only have 1 save folder. I don’t understand what it means to copy from 1 save folder to the other since I only have 1 save folder.

  45. Peter permalink

    Please can anyone help me here? I want to purchase this game very badly! But i don’t want a digital edition. I searched everywhere and i found only one japanese site that offers the game, but i can’t purchase it from there since the delivery is made only within Japan. Please can anyone help me here?

  46. Great article! This is the type of info that are meant to be shared across the internet.
    Disgrace on Google for not positioning this publish
    higher! Come on over and discuss with my site . Thanks

  47. Anonymous permalink

    I’m trying to play the game, but words don’t appear, only at the main menu or at the settings. They don’t appear at story mode, and they don’t appear neither at “Extra”. Could anyone help me?

  48. Anonymous permalink

    Eh i am having a bit of a problem with the whole importing, i copied gloval.sav from part 1 but the option to import is grayed, why?

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