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Thief & Sword – Shalt’s Route

September 24, 2011

Game Information

VNDB Page:

How to acquire the game

I’m not aware of any way to actually buy it in the US. There’s a torrent here though. If you see a place to buy it, send me a message so I can add it in here.

Patch Location

How to Install

Follow the directions of the readme contained in the patch. It’s important you do what it says.

Issues with the Patch

  1. Word Wrap – English text doesn’t wrap intelligently. If anyone knows how to use the Kirikiri auto English wordwrap fix, feel free to give it a try… I haven’t been able to figure it out!


  1. 9/24/2011 – Multiple editing fixes, and three crashing bugs fixed. Thank you to those who sent them in! The patch was updated to V1.1 to reflect the fixes.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Panop857 for translating many of the H-scenes (See the readme for the complete list) and Freya79 for translating some of the images, and those of you who e-mailed editing fixes and crashes!

Contact Me

Either post here or send me an e-mail at .

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  1. Player permalink

    Thanks for re-uploading, great work you guys. You might want to add these links too:
    Frey79’s separate Raika partial patch:

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for the Shalt Route patch. Do you have any intention of translating Raika’s route too ? (sorry if this is an annoying question)

    • I don’t have any plans to. As someone posted above, there was someone else who was doing Raika’s path. I think he finished roughly 25% of it or so a few months ago. Since Hongfire is down now, I don’t know if he’s going to finish it or not though.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I understand. Thank you for the quick reply and good luck with your future translation work.

  4. James Snow permalink

    Three issues that still seem to exist in the new patch:

    The goblin H-scene: The scene isn’t registered as replay (probably should be number 10) and flag ZENRA (naked) isn’t activated after it, although it should be.

    When you go to the library, the librarian gives you “a piece of paper”, but there doesn’t show up anything in your inventory. Is there an item missing?

    When you come to the bridge where you fight the maids, and flag ZENRA (naked) is active, you’re sent to number 329, where Silian helps you. Not only is ZENRA not related to Silian helping you (she has her own flag, and that’s asked for in the scene when you don’t have flag ZENRA), also it skips the scene where the maids first show up. Is 329 possibly the wrong number (333-336 seem to be unused)?

    • I’ll take a look at the scenes again in a bit. I do know the paper you get from the librarian doesn’t set a flag or an item, since that puzzled me too. Especially since the paper you get is referenced at a later point in the story if you go to a certain room, but even there it doesn’t check to see whether you got it or not.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for the translation man, i hope you translate more of these kind of games

  6. burnout permalink

    Fantastic! I’d love to see the rest of it, but this route should be rather awesome!

    I’m wondering if there are substantial differences between the two girls- I was waiting forever for this to be translated.

    • The H-scene situations are essentially identical, but the dialogue and CGs are different of course.

      The story sections are largely the same, with the big exceptions being when Raika would meet the other characters, and the beginning/ending scenes.

  7. burnout permalink

    Ah, I see. I actually felt that the game was…rather arbitrary. There’s a lot of weirdness in it, that- When you think about it- doesn’t make sense. It’s also actually pretty disturbing, as *every* sex scene is a rape one, and most are pretty violent/breaking to the girl.

    The plot sort-of makes sense, but on a wider scale, it doesn’t. Not to mention the bizarre alternate ending where you fight the Count in mines and go home happy. It’s honestly a little disquieting at how abusive pretty much every potential scene in the game is.

    The female leads are actually rather cute/sexy, though.

    One thing- I can’t seem to get the flag ZENRA (ie, the girl is naked) when I got to the final confrontation. Whether I turn it on or off, it seems to make no difference.

  8. PanOp permalink

    PanOp here (the guy that helped with some of the translation):

    Just chiming in on a few points raised here:

    – Yes, some of the plot lines are kind of screwy, like the bandit Ending after you beat the last boss, or the Count in the mines, or the immediate game over if you refuse to even do the mission from the get go, but that’s just being true to the nature of the CYOA books that this game seems to be a tribute to. Diverse endings and branches are makes non-linear games interesting.

    – With regards to the content of the Hscenes, that’s pretty much how all of the writer and artists games skew, under all three of their brands (Rasen, Perceptron, and Yukari). It can be a bit of a harsh fetish for people that aren’t in to that, but that’s the nature of fetishes. The horrible endings for the characters raise the stakes for the adventures, and their actions carry more weight.

    – Elementaler by Perceptron is somewhat of the precursor to T&S, but is a lot shorter and simpler:

    – Earlier this year, the creator hinted at a “T&T”, and posted a teaser image back in April. No word on it since then, unfortunately, but most people seem to assume it is a sequel to T&S.

    – The creator originally planned a T&S+ patch, kind of like the Abyss patch for Kizumono 3 that added an additional side story with some extra scenes. However, the plans seem to have fallen through, but hopefully the scenes surface in T&T. The source file for the H-scene list in T&S hinted at about 10 scenes that were cut from the game.

    – There’s no point in working on the Raika path of T&S, due to the plot being essentially the same. The H-scenes can be quite a bit different, but it is all up to the person that abandoned it at this point if he wants to continue for the sake of completion. However, be careful with using Frey’s partial patch, as when the game loads up, source files in higher-numbered patchX.xp3 files will supercede those in lower-numbered patch files.

    – I wouldn’t be too concerned with the weird continuity and mislabeled things in the game: It is a small development team that simply doesn’t have the resources for extensive playtesting.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Is there any chance that you’ll do the translation of item descriptions and achievements in the future?

  10. PanOp permalink

    The general consensus in the Hongfire thread was that the item descriptions simply weren’t with the time, and were basically the lowest priority. It is nothing but flavor text, and image editing is drastically harder than the simplistic process of editing KiriKiri .ks files.

    I don’t know much about the achievements, but are they text boxes or proper image files? You could always use ExtractData (a program) to peek around the game’s data files to locate where the achievement data is stored. KiriKiri hacking/editing is so straightforward that I recommend trying it if you have any interest at all.

  11. Just want to say thank you so much for the translation path. I really love this game, and played the game originally using the ATLAS translator. I was personally working on a translation, but my japanese is so poor…so thank you so much! More so on the Shalt Route, as she was the one that interested me the most.

    I wish I could get this game in the US, but I can only think of eBay and maybe J-List, and even then…anyways, thank you!

  12. Anonymous permalink

    anyone have 100% save data?

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, I just wanted to say, thank you so, so much for choosing Shalt over the other girl! =) Shalt is definitely my favorite.

    Also, I’ve played this game a long time ago, using agth, and man was that tedious! This patch definitely explained wtf was going on with the story, so thanks so much, again!

    I feel like I finally have some closure with this story, lol.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    I’m having some trouble getting the patch to work properly. The start screen and most of the menu options show up in English but all the story/h-scene text comes up in Japanese. I have the patch.xp3 file in the Thief and Sword folder (there were none there initially so I didn’t have ti delete anything). Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I am actually running across the exact same problem myself. There was no folder that came with the torrent for me either, so I had to make my own. When I placed the patch in the folder, nothing changed in the game. Everything was still in Japanese. Can someone help me out?

  15. re upload the walkthrough in MF please, megaupload down

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Re-uploaded walkthrough:

  17. Anonymous permalink

    It seems Frey is already in Chinese Prison and will never get out to continue his translation (lol) ( and after see the Shalt’s route, I also want to see another route. Will you translate Raika’s route as well as you wait for monmosu 3?

  18. Zoro permalink

    Seed please

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Why did he get sent to chinese prison o_o?

  20. Michael permalink

    This shit is restricted in China

  21. SHADOW1817 permalink

    Guys I’m having a problem opening “Thief & Sword” when I open it using Japanese Apploc it won’t direct me from the game… it says “C:\%?-yukari-\TAS\TAS.exe” something like that, can you tell me how to fix this.

    • Anonymous permalink

      i also have this problem

    • Ataraxia permalink

      You ever work out how to fix it? i’m having the same problem.

  22. Euffeh permalink

    Hi there! I’ve really enjoyed your work on Monster Girl Quest, and I was really looking forward to playing Thief and Sword. However, I seem to have come upon a snag, though I don’t think it has to do with the patch itself. Namely, I’m wondering how to get the thing to work! I’ve tried extracting the original torrent folder, putting the Patch in that folder, and then mounting it on a virtual drive.

    Then I tried extracting the TAS folder within the original folder, and running setup after putting the Patch in there.

    I finally managed to run setup, but then I just get a blue command box with something about syntax errors!

    Any assistance would be appreciated, I really wanna play this game!

    • Derpshire permalink

      I’m having the same problem. I can’t figure out how to run it properly so I tried mounting the game to a drive with the daemon tools, which resulted in a glitchy setup/install menu full of broken unreadable text. When I try to run the game I get something about a syntax error and a little window pops up full of code that kinda looked like a bluescreen.

      • Derpshire permalink

        OK I figured it out. To the guy above me: Install HF pAppLoc, Then use winrar to go inside the iso file and extract everything to a single folder. Right click the setup and select “run with japanese localle as administator”. It worked for me.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I was getting that error and didn’t have to do the ‘winrar – iso’ step.
          Thanks for recommending HF pAppLoc though.

  23. Crazyman permalink

    you should make another girl round too>///<

  24. Anonymous permalink

    I figure Frey will keep updating his patches, so here’s a link to his thread,

  25. Anonymous permalink

    My copy of Thief and Sword won’t create TAS.exe, but everything else seems to be fine. Can someone please post a link to that file?

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