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Mystery Project!

September 25, 2011

I decided to start working on something new while waiting for Part 2 to be released. There’s 100% absolutely no chance it will ever be done before part 2, or likely part 3 for that matter. I’ll do increment patches for it, though.



  1. Many people have started translating it. All have given up. I’ll also give up at some point. “It can’t be helped”
  2. It’s a /d/ related game somewhere between Monster Girl Quest and Thief & Sword.
  3. Ruined.

I’ll release the first incremental patch and announce what it is once it’s roughly 10% done (Most of that being pictures/images and the generic text that frequently pops up throughout the entire game).

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I hope it is Succubus Quest… :p


  2. Anonymous permalink

    My guess is that its another monster themed VN? Possibly from Vanadis, like Alurane or the Slime & Scylla?

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Violated Heroine? Fits 1 and 2 perfectly :D

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Gore Screaming Show, it fits the bill.

  5. akane permalink

    Anything is fine as long as it is in English

  6. Anonymous permalink


    ho boy

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