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September 29, 2011


First of all, I need to backpedal on what I said in my first post: I’m not going to do an interim patch based on a percentage. After doing some more with the game, I realized that would be silly. Instead, I’m going to try to work town by town and quest by quest. First up, of course, is Hot Spring Town (and the prologue), using Nanako.

I know there was some previous translation done on the game, but the version of the game that was based on is almost a year old by now. As such, I just started from scratch from the most recent version. The main issue that has plagued translation attempts has been the constant updating of the game, and the extremely difficult method of translating an RPG maker game. These issues have been seriously relaxed with the work of Habisain ( and his translation tool, which is what I’m using.

Once a patch is released, you’ll need a copy of the original VH game (check the VH wiki for how to download off the Japanese site), the patch, and Habisain’s RPGMaker Trans program. Using that, it will take the Map files and replace the text, and create a patched game. Pretty simple process.

What I’ve done so far (Nanako only, except for shared events)

  1. Prologue (The horse-train carriage)
  2. All Nanako’s generic text (This is a large base of dialogue that the game draws on for many, many things)
  3. 95%+ items
  4. 95%+ skills
  5. Hot Spring Town’s streets
  6. Inn 1F + 2F + 3F
  7. Hero data (The diary screen + status images

Also some system stuff and various other one or two line things here and there. I’m sure there are a few lines in each section that I missed though, so it’s always possible a few untranslated lines will slip through. There’s still a decent chunk of the first town to go through, so no estimated time on the first patch!

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  1. Anonymous permalink


  2. Anonymous permalink

    That’s awesome! thanks!

  3. Anonymous permalink


    I freaking love you for taking on VH. Soooo much. You are my favorite translator right now.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I put like 10-20 hours into this when I found it 2 weeks ago with the machine translation. I would love to play it again and know what the heck is being said. Thanks for tackling this monster!

  5. Anon permalink

    Hell yeah bro, its appreciated

  6. Anonymous permalink


    Bro…Imma cryin’ for you one. Thanks, I love this VN so much.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    you are biting something too big now, but good luck

  8. Anonymous permalink

    God speed, Rogue Translator.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    You translate the best games.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    You’re the best. Never forget that.

  11. Anonymous permalink


  12. Anonymous permalink

    I love you and everything you stand for, Roguetranslator.

  13. I fap "enough" permalink

    Hey rogue, any plans to translate Princess X

    Monster girl eroge. dat spider girl.

    • I’d never do that game. Nor would I do any of the vanadis games…

      • MkJustice permalink

        At the risk of being rude, but with simple curiosity in my mind, can I ask you why?

        • The Princess X one just doesn’t interest me. None of the CGs look particularly appealing to me, and the overall tone of the game just isn’t my thing. The whole game just looks ridiculous, and if you want ridiculous, go with .

          As for the Vanadis ones, they just seemed so overwhelmingly… average to me. The CGs were nice, of course, but the story itself was just generic. To me, there’s no real reason to read the text since there’s nothing special about it. They were the kind of games where you start reading them, then just sort of start thinking about other things until the next H-scene comes up, only barely paying attention.

          • MkJustice permalink

            Thank you for the answer! hehe, now I know why. Also, thanks for your work, hope you keep the wilpower to keep translating lots of things, you have my sincere gratitude for the work that you made.
            Cheers, and keep it up!.

          • FRAAAME permalink

            That’s such a pity you think that way of Vanadis. I’ve been collecting their CG for a while now, and have dreamed about reading them. They put to same the artists working on MGQ, in my opinion.

            I think sometimes there is a place for simple but very well executed visual novels, like everything. I take what you say on board about the story being average or below, but their CG are just so gorgeous. And not to come off as on the offense, but MGQ is hardly any literary achievement itself. That said, I do realise to translate something considerably longer, you’d want to have some interest in the story, so I do respect your choice.

            I’m little disappointed.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Fucking FINALLY. Someone had to do this sooner or later.

    Fantastic. Keep it up, mate.

  15. Anonymous permalink


  16. Anonymous permalink

    You’re the best!

  17. Anonymous permalink

    I hate you, Rogue Translator. First you did MGQ, now you’re going to do the second volume as well as VH. My penis can’t take much more of this, and my family will probably put out a missing person report. You cruel bastard.

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  19. Anonymous permalink

    I fucking knew it!
    Thanks a lot!

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Fuck yeeaaah.
    You’re awesome.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Great to hear. I’d honestly wait a bit to tackle anything beyond the hot spring street since it’s going to get completely new dialogue in quite a few places. The most important thing to complete is the dialogue in the common events (is that what you mean by Nanako’s generic text?), the items, character names, and other such things. Lords knows if they’ll change the Orc country dialogue (it’s a book now lmao). Have you touched the new title pictures at all? I’m … uhhh.. attempting to recreate them at the moment.

    • I’ve done all the items (Except for a couple which I have no idea what they say… Must be some weird internet slang), all the skills (and the text associated with using them), and all of the common events that involve Nanako. I doubt they would change most of the old dialogue, but they’d probably just add more… Which, thanks to Habisian’s program, isn’t really an issue. And since the post went up, I finished the rest of the Inn scenes, the guard lodging areas, and half of the bar.

      The only images I’ve translated are: The diary screens and all the womb status images. For some reason I can’t edit the name or character summaries that appear at the top of the diary without a giant green box appearing over them. They’re the only things that just don’t seem to work right. I wouldn’t mind if someone wanted to edit the guild ranking images… They’re all the same, it’s just Nanako’s name slowly climbing up. All the names are in katakana I think, so it shouldn’t be hard for anyone who wanted to spend the time, haha.

      • Anonymous permalink

        the green background appears because these images are imported into RPGmaker’s resources with that green color as the alpha selection (you can set it to whichever color you want with the mouse). The devs chose straight green for w/e reason (green screen maybe?). Just make sure when you edit the images not to remove or change the color of the green. Or, I can just give you the ones I already did:

        • Oh hey, that’s awesome! I knew about the green screen, but I’m not too good with image modification so I couldn’t figure out how to set that alpha thing. I was able to edit every other image except those using the same method, but it didn’t work for the descriptions. I’ll use the ones you made if you don’t mind :)

          • Anonymous permalink

            you most certainly may use them. Make sure any images you make from scrath are png and 255 color-indexed, or else they won’t load in rpgmaker.

            I’m working on the rest of the images now. I’ll let you know once I’ve re-created all those title gradients. Don’t worry about the other titles they’re gonna get rid of those I think.

          • I’ve actually done all the images (and they work) except for the ones you just did, and the guild rankings. For some reason the nameplates and descriptions just didn’t work the same way (Probably because the others didn’t have any transparent sections.

          • Anonymous permalink

            oh I see now, they changed how the Guild ranking list works again. Used to be a ton of single name images that lined up on a single panorama. Now it’s 20-ish Panoramas. I can work on those if you want…

      • Anonymous permalink

        one of the items you must be confused on are: マカビ○ビ○Z, the female viagra-like drug. Actually…

        “It’s passion! In a bottle!” lmao

        • Haha you seem awfully familiar with the game… That was one of the items I had never heard of before. The last thing I’m confused about… Do you know where the combat text for having your clothes ripped/torn off (The white text that appears in the bottom left while fighting) is stored? I can’t find it anywhere… Not in the common events, string data, etc…

          • Anonymous permalink

            LMAO! it’s an image too! Lemme just dump everything I have for now:


            Honestly, you’ll need all the help you can get…

            I’m watching ME from a year ago >.>

          • Ahh, your right! There they are, lol. I didn’t think they were stored as images. Were you part of the group that was working on it a year ago?

          • Anonymous permalink

            I released the /d/ mods as a one-man gig for a bit last year while game elements were still broken and nobody was bug fixing. That’s changed now, and all people really want is a translation, so I just watch for new content and keep track of the new images they stick in there. The other group your thinking of quit for the same reason, new content > translation capacity.

          • Ahhh, I see. Luckily that newly made tool(or at least ~6month old) makes it so the new content releases mean you don’t have to re-do any work, so that shouldn’t be an issue anymore. But of course the game is quite big, and I’m in no hurry. It’s just something to do between the monster girl quest releases.

  22. Cableman permalink

    After hearing you reject the idea of ever translating Princess X, I’m hesitant to offer another H-game but I’m So Exited from just finding out I-Raf-You is making a new game I have to ask.

    Judging by the first one, the story isn’t going to be that different from a regular H-game. But it’s one of the few games out there that supplies us with high quality Giantess content.

    Seeing that you brought Monster girls to the English audience, I’m wondering if you would do the same for GTS. :)

    • Cableman permalink

      Taking a closer look, it actually seems like translating it might be impossible.

      It’s a H-game made with Adobe AIR. I don’t know anything about it, Other than I can’t extract the text from it with programs and translate it with Translation Aggregator. You can try and see with the trial of Succubus Alice

      Now knowing that I can’t even get barley understandable translations from the web, I’m Really hoping for someone to translate it. But it seems impossible or too much work :(

      • Sorry, I don’t really have much interest in the giantess/size fetish! Also I think the Monster Girl Encyclopedia is what brought monster girls to the English audience, haha.

        EDIT: And I’m not an asshole, so don’t be hesitant or think you’re being rude by asking anything. I’ll answer any questions I can.

        • Cableman permalink

          Thanks for the kind reply :)

          If you don’t like that type of game then nothing can be done about it, O wells.

          Your still doing a great service to the community by supplying quality translations of popular games, I’ll wait patiently for your next release :D

          • I’m sure you know already, but I think there was a game called Shrink High translated a couple years ago. Never played it myself though, so no idea if it’s any good.

          • Cableman permalink

            Yup, I’ve played it. It had some good pictures, but it took too much work getting to all of them. And it’s mostly geared towards people with crush and foot fetishes. I-Raf-You games have more of a “Use the guy as a dildo against his will” kinda vibe, which is what I’m constantly looking for in H-games.

          • Cableman permalink

            Just one more question if you see this. I-Raf-You once released a game in English and have expressed a desire to do so with this game. But their last attempt at a translation had so much broken Engrish in it that it was unreadable.

            Do you know anyone or any group of people that can translate a game on a professional level, that would be interested in doing this game when it comes out? I could point the creator of the game in their direction, and see if he would pay their fee for doing it.

            I think it would be wiser for a person that can speak English to translate the game rather than the last guy they hired.

          • Besides very brief conversations, I don’t know anyone else that translates games, anime, or anything of the sort. Sorry I can’t help you out there. I don’t know much about the whole industry, but it seems quite a bit more complicated to “export” VNs to English speaking countries than it should be.

          • Cableman permalink

            Yeah, I should just do the research and find some myself, Thanks for the quick reply :)

  23. Anonymous permalink


  24. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t know how experience you have with VH but I have been following its development for a little over 2 years.
    If you have questions about their website or events or something, drop me a mail.

  25. Jack permalink

    RogueTranslator, i talked to you before, glad to know you are now doing this game!

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue I don’t believe I’ve voiced my appreciation for your fine taste and good work yet. I’m doing so now.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    It’s really cool of you to translate a project everyone deamed preatty much impossible, i wanted to know what do you think about trying to translate this game in the future, i really appreciate all the work you have done with monster girl quest and thief & sword.

    • Never played it, but I’m not looking for projects at the moment. From what I know of those Eushelly games, they would be far too difficult to handle as a solo project. An established group would really need to do them if they wanted a hope of being done.

  28. Pengin permalink

    I don’t have to rely on clipboard translations anymore. RogueTranslator confirmed for awesome god.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    ok anyone know where i can download the game. i tried all the links from the scratchpad site for the game but i just cant get a download anywhere.

    • diego r permalink

      same here, i’m interested in play this game, but so far i’ve found nowhere to download

  30. Sammy permalink

    also same here, i’m interested in play this game, but so far i’ve found nowhere to download

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Need download link please

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