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VH First Patch

October 9, 2011

Before you download anything… Make. Sure. You. Read. The. Instructions.

For anyone that hasn’t patched an RPG Maker game before and gotten it to run, it isn’t as straightforward as just extracting and clicking an executable.

First Patch Contents:

The first patch contains everything from the prologue to the “final battle” of the first area. No other towns are translated. Nanako is the only character whose generic text is translated, so while the other characters will have the event text translated in the town, their generic text will not be. Serena’s opening area is not translated, so I would advise against picking her to start with. Debug content is not translated, with the exception of some of the debug tool itself for changing stat parameters. During the prologue, if you get captured by the guards, it will take you to an untranslated town. Also, if you fall off the train, there’s a short bit of untranslated text… So watch out for those two.


Due to each event having varying text based on Nanako’s stats and pregnancy status, it’s hard to test every line. Some lines may run off screen, or there may even be a line or two I missed translating, or put in the wrong text box. If you see any huge errors like that, please bring them to my attention.

How to Install/Run the game:

I’ve even made pictures, so hit the “more” button to load the instructions.

Step 1: Install Japanese RTP for RPGMaker. This can be downloaded here: . Run the setup after extracting it, and just keep hitting the Next arrow.

Step 2: Download the VH game off the Japanese site. . Put ‘vh” as the password, and click the button. See the pictures for what you type/click on.

Step 3: Extract the downloaded game and change the folder name to VH . Make sure that there is no subfolder (That is, if you open up VH you would see all the map files, and not another folder marked VH – something -)

Step 4: Download and extract Habisain’s tool in the same folder that VH is in. . Your folder should look like this after it’s extracted.

Step 5: Download the Patch and extract to the same directory. Patch Location: . Your folder should look like this after.

Step 6: Run RPGMaker Trans. Choose the only options available from the dropdown box and hit start. It will take a few minutes to run to completion. If it hangs, that means you either opened a .txt file in the VH_Patch folder, or you may not have renamed the folders right. Or it could be an issue with not having Japanese language support on your computer.

Step 7: Copy the Panorama and Picture folder into the VH_Translated folder. Overwrite all files it prompts. It should prompt for around 200 files to overwrite. If it doesn’t ask whether you want to overwrite or not, you’re copying them to the wrong folder.

Step 8: Run RPG_RT from the VH_Translated folder and play! If it doesn’t launch, giving an error that has the number ‘2000’ in it, you likely didn’t install the RPGMaker RTP setup at Step 1.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    oh wow i just decided to check in on your works and it appears im one of the first to see you release this!

    good job man, keep it up

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a lot dude.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I love you for doing this.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Excellent work.

    I hope the constant game updates don’t give you much trouble.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    when i try to do step one it always fails at 44% saying the “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.” wat do?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Use Apploc or install in in japanese locale

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Woo, I can’t believe how quickly you’ve put this out. Great job! Your work is much appreciated.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    you are a god among men

  8. Anonymous permalink


  9. Anonymous permalink

    My penis is ready

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, I didn’t even know someone was working on a real translation for VH!! Downloading it now!

    Will you continue to work on the translation for the 110820 version, or will you attempt to migrate your work to a later version? I don’t think it matters at this stage, since the version you are working with is pretty recent anyway.

    But I was curious how you might deal with later version. Will you simply do a file compare of the unaltered files to see what differences exist between versions, and then alter your translated files accordingly or something?

    Anyway, I’m excited to try this out, so I’m going to go play!!

    • I’m not going to try to keep current on the versions until this version is done… That’s adding a lot of work for not much benefit. For those interested, what I’m going to do is this:

      1. Dump the patched text from this version (08/20/2011). This will make a bunch of files that only has the English in it, with no Japanese.
      2. Patch the newest version of VH with my patch.
      3. Dump the patched text from this newest version.
      4. Match up the MAP file sizes, anything that has a different file size has had text either added or changed to it. Open up the file and look for Japanese characters, translate whatever is changed/new.

      It will probably require a few cycles of doing that before I catch up.

      • /d/mod permalink

        I was thinking you might need help finding missed lines… you can either go through each one Ctrl+F and search “UNTRANSLATED”, or just wait for Habisan’s NEW TOOL lol.

        Guess I could make you a script to weed them out too…

  11. Anonymous permalink

    At step six I’m having a problem with the translator hanging up. Anyone had any luck fixing this?

  12. Anonymous permalink

    why are you so awesome?

  13. Anonymous permalink

    I had no problem translating it, and am now playing it. :) It’s awesome to see this in real English!

  14. Anonymous permalink

    you’re amazing

  15. /d/mod permalink

    as long as you followed rpgtrans “characters per line” guide to the T you shouldn’t have any messed up lines, unless you need to add a line… then you’re out of luck unless you change the code lol.

    • Yeah, but counting 56 characters each line is way too much work when there’s thousands of lines. I just tried to roughly match up my line lengths with the original Japanese lengths… That’s why you’ll see sometimes small blocks of text, and sometimes full lines. Was just trying to match what was there already to make sure it would go in without issue.

      • /d/mod permalink

        use notepad++. Counts the characters at the given line at the bottom so you don’t have to.

        For the item descriptions, you’ll always have 54 characters since it’s always displayed in the same way. So no need to shorten the waitress outfit description to “Nice…”.

        Dialogue lines are the problem because of the standing picture often displayed on the right of the screen.

        As for errors, only thing I’ve noticed so far is the usual “translated the common variable name one way/ dialogue another” screwups. example is Boisterous Dance/ Seductive Dance. Same thing I know, but it’s a porn game so no big words please. You missed a few lines on the succubus training event, but you already told me that wasn’t done yet, so… no big deal.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for the patch and heres a program that should make translating the game easier.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    So what’s next? Capital City I’ll assume?

    If you manage to translate that you will be a god amongst men. Most people take months translating Onsen Town yet you do it in a matter of weeks.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    RogueTranslator confirmed for having earned a spot on the interweb’s eternal hero roster.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Not to complain or anything but are you going to translate the prologue bad end? (map 0248)

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you. You are a legend :D

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Having an issue with none of the controls working… anyone else get this?

    • If it’s like a key is stuck, that’s a bug with RPGMaker itself. Unfortunately, I think the only way to fix it is to restart your computer. On the plus side, it has only happened to me once in the entire time I’ve been testing the game, so it isn’t very common.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Doesn’t work for me :( rpgmaker trans v1.95 hangs after a few seconds does nothing. I Have nothing openend and checked every step. I used the files from links from this page, just as described. Any idea?

  23. Now it works. I had to use AppLocale on der RPGMaker Trans. This solved the hanging.

  24. I was born to see this permalink

    Words fail me in awe of your awesomeness.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much!

  26. Anonymous permalink

    I bow to you man, thank you very much for the patch and your hard work.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    There is some untranslated text when you fall off the train (as you stated already) and also if you choose to steal some what’s-its out of the chests and bed without getting caught. (Specifically, after talking to the asshole guard, go all the way north and look through the window 2x. Choose “Gulp…” and then “I’ll wait for my chance…” and then after the guards leave the text stops being translated. She says 「お、これってばチャンス???」 and then the 4 items you get from the bed and 3 chests names’ are also untranslated.

    • Anonymous permalink

      There is also some untranslated text when you decide to go for it even if it gets you killed and end up winning the fight. The items you get are also completely different.

    • Yeah, those are in different MAP files that I didn’t even notice, actually. I’ll do them in the next patch.

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much for doing all this!

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Oh, and there’s some untranslated text when you go down the stairs, bottom-right of Onsen. You go past the boy that feels you up, and the guy (and mirror) are still in Japanese.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    I keep getting an error trying to install the Japanese RTP, also Do you have a link to download the RPGmaker? I think it may be a problem with my RPGmaker install.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    The RPG Trans application doesn’t want to start. I get an error prompt saying that the configuration isn’t correct and that reinstalling the application may solve the problem. Reinstalling the application didn’t solve the problem. What gives?

    • Anonymous permalink

      It does the same regardless of which version I install.

    • You may need to run the trans program with applocale or with japanese language support enabled.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I have tried both, actually. I have Japanese support enabled by default (I have the original Japanese version of VH installed), and applocale can’t seem to determine the language of the application I try to run with it (just to check, it’s the last bunch of moonspeak, right?).

  32. Anonymous permalink

    does 2000rtp work for windows 64bit? cause i changed to jap didn’t work tried installing appleloc but doesn’t install properly :( any suggestions?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Try downloading the game with japanese unicode on too, it worked for me.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    There’s a small typo in the bodyguard quest. In the dialogue with the guild master upon accepting the request:

    “But I heard he’s working on some business in the twon during the day. You’ll have to wait until night to meet him.”

  34. Anonymous permalink

    Would you PLEASE open a donation window so i can give my money?.

    I would really appreciate it.

  35. LOL permalink

    I have got a problem:
    When i try to run the rpgmaker trans, it gives me an error: “cannot get zipimporter instance”.

    • Lep permalink

      Rename the folder to something else, it shoudn’t have japanese characters

  36. Anonymous permalink

    this site has some good translations you should contact them for this game

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Followed directions: Can’t move, cant go updown/left right in menus. When I just keep hitting the accept button i can get in game, but then my character sits on the train and I can’t move…

    I’m running windows 7 64bit if that makes a difference? Tried both usb and ps/2 keyboard no difference help!

    • That’s a random bug with RPGmaker, I think it causes a key to get stuck. Sadly, the only way to fix it is to restart your computer. It’s only happened to me once before though, so I don’t think it’s too common.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    post above me, do you have a controller plugged in or anything like that? Ive had that mess up stuff before.

    can anyone point me to a solution regarding installing the Japanese RTP, I unpack it fine, but when it comes to running the install it tells me
    “Setup failed to run installation: One or more arguments are not correct.)”

    Im on Win7 64bit, and I have set everything I can find to Japanese (Location, System Locale) then restarted, yet still i get this error. Surely I cant be the only one with this error :(

  39. Anonymous permalink


  40. Anonymous permalink

    Whenever I try to download the game, it says I’m unable to do it from that server

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yea i think the vh japanese download my have been stopped or something…i get a 403 forbidden error on step 2

  41. Anonymous permalink

    When i try to download the game i do everything as described in the pictures and I get this screen . If possible can someone re-upload the game on another filehost.I know the author requested that the game shouldn’t be uploaded to other filehosts but come on, at least get a decent filehost before making a statement that the game shouldn’t be re-uploaded.

    Rogue you are doing an awesome job with the translations. Keep up the good work.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    That’s the game already patched, with the RPG Maker RTP in it too, all in one nice download. The only thing you’ll need is applocale or changing your system settings to japanese.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thank you. I have the hogfire applocale thingy so that should work right?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Fukken brofist, thanks dawg

    • Anonymous permalink

      You are a cool and handsome person for doing this. Thanks dude.

  43. Anonymous permalink

    I noticed that a trigger for a Happy(Point of view I guess) Ending with the Innkeeper in Onsen Town doesn’t seem to trigger anymore, yet did in the last most recent version I played. Usually if your relationship was high enough, which seemed to be done by sharing his room 4 or 5 times, he’d ask you to marry him. Now that option never comes up. Would you know anything about that? Would translating dialogue mess with triggers? Or maybe there was just a new version I missed. Just curious. From someone who’s followed VH for years, great job. Look forward to more in the future.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Don’t you have to be pregnant with his child for that ending?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yes, It usually gives you a choice of having him care for it, or marrying him, though no matter what I’ve done, he only suggests taking care of the child. i can’t find anyway to forcibly change his relationship either.

        Come to think of it, I haven’t been able to get the bathroom rapist for a few versions now. He used to always be there, now never is. That’s obviously not anything to do with the translation though.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    With the item Power Bangle, it says it lowers the chance of cnfs and bers. What do those two terms mean?

  45. Anonymous permalink

    Yo RT! I’ve found a line of unstranslated text in the dialogue of the Digging Boy that flips up Nanako’s skirt(He’s in the southeastern corner of town. Can only be reached by climbing the ramparts and going down the stairs outside). Here’s a screencap for more details:

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yo, I found another untranslated line of text. This time it’s an item found in a cave to the east(On the path to Guruhasta, when you have to cross a bridge in a place full of Goblins, instead of crossing it follow the river to the east and you’ll come across a Green goblin in guarding a cave. The chest is down there.). Once again here’s a screencap for more details:

      • Anonymous permalink

        Found another one! Once you get Erika on your party and try to chat with her in the Guild her dialogue is all in Jap. Don’t think you’ll need a screencap on this one.

  46. Anonymous permalink

    would it be possible to have this patch combined with one of the machine translated patches?
    That way one would be able to get the benefits of your work and be able to continue beyond it.

    either way thanks for your hard work

    • Anonymous permalink

      I was going to ask this too. I’m not familiar at all with how that would work though?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Patch with this first. Patch already patched game with machine translated patch. Should work.

  47. ZerOMKD permalink

    This game is pure awesomeness. Thank you rouge for translating it.

  48. Anonymous permalink

    The description for the fortune-telling gem, which you can get in the prologue by stealing the VH heart and trading it with one of the passengers, is untranslated.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Spoke too soon, the entire sequence of using the fortune telling gem (it automatically activated once I had the gem and chose to end the prologue/skip to destination) is also untranslated.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Stealing and trading a VH heart?
        Are you talking about the VH heart you can steal in the front cart?
        How do you leave the front cart after stealing it, I just get transported directly to Onsen after looting everything.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Oh wait I figured it out, just leave the cart before looting everything heh.

  49. Anonymous permalink

    Could anyone copy the japanease signs here so I know what launguage is japanease in applocate :) Sry for bad english

  50. Anonymous permalink

    first mgq, now vh. you are a god amongst men good sir, please keep up the good work.

  51. Okabe permalink

    many thanks! I enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to the next release for VH.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Do you take donations Rogue?

  53. I have tried downloading it, but it says forbidden and that i do not have access.

  54. Anonymous permalink

    Roguetranslator, you’re my fucking hero. My only concern is that, due to the erratical and all-around nature of VH, you’ll end up quitting this project

  55. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome work dude! Got some untranslated text in the onset town. When you get thrown into the prison after reporting that bathhouse gang-rape and Nanako is in her last term of pregnancy you don’t have alot of the dialogue translated

  56. john smith permalink

    thanks for all your works dude… this is just awesome :)

  57. Passer of Wisdom permalink

    For those having “stuck key” issues – USB devices may be the cause. I was having the same problem with many RPG Maker games, and most Google search results gave the standard “reboot” answer (which didn’t ever work for me). One answer mentioned USB devices, which seemed more like a voodoo answer to me. “What could possibly be the connection?”, I thought. I finally got so frustrated, I gave it a try.

    Of all things, my WEB CAM was the USB device causing the problem. I unplugged it first, and BAM, I could play Japanese RPG Maker games (Using applocale, of course).

    Rogue, you rock! Thank you for providing this service to all the Japanese H-RPG fans out here on the intarwebs.

  58. Okabe permalink

    How do you guys beat the babysitter’s mom? Im at lvl 8, cant seem to take her down without my equipment.

  59. I know you are focusing on this before you move on to other projects but in case you ever go around looking for another potential project (feel free to ignore it) this game recently came out and is pretty much finished from what I see:

    It is safe for work though, so maybe it won’t be your cup of tea (aside from that, the game includes a knight trying to rescue his princess and being turned into a girl, forced to do gladiatorial fights just to have a chance at taking revenge on the guy who did this to him).

    • Anonymous permalink

      Not this guy but if RT wants suggestions for a new future project I have one too.

      Anise. It’s a RPG maker game like VH (but I think it’s VX unlike VH which is 2000). Perhaps RT’s experience on VH would help him with this one. It’s certainly a unique hentai game like VH.

      However I would prefer it if RT focusses on MGQ and VH before moving onto new projects.

  60. Anonymous permalink

    When the next patch comes (assuming the VH has been updated as well), will my current save files be transferrable for it?

    I used all in one installer so I am not too familiar with rpgmaker.

    While we are at it, where is the save file directory?


    • Anonymous permalink

      Save files goes right in the game folder “Save01.lsd” etc.
      They will be transferable as long as the game stays on the same version (Rogue is working on ver: 110820).
      I’ll be making an installer for the next release too so it will be just install like you did before and copy over save files and you’ll be good to go.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I see.

        I was wondering where the saves were as I was looking for a folder >.<

        Much appreciated for your reply.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks, much appreciated.

  61. Anonymous permalink

    The Kinopo Tower/Hot Spring Inn to the east of Onsen isn’t translated. I figured it was close and the only thing in that direction and pretty small.

  62. Anonymous permalink

    Sorry to bother you, but did the whole “application configuration is incorrect” error ever get resolved? The one that pops up when running the translator?

    • As long as your system has Japanase locale, or you’re using applocale to launch each program (including the trans program), and you followed the instructions, there should be no error.

  63. Anonymous permalink

    Nice wallpaper, you playing dark souls at all?

  64. aethura permalink

    This might have already been resolved, but I don’t seem to have the VH_Translated folder for step 7 onwards.

  65. Anonymous permalink

    >plays demon and dark souls
    >translates h-games

    most awesome person on the internet?

  66. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the translation. Good luck on your Dark Souls playthrough!

  67. alako permalink

    woooo, do you have a donation box? because I want to give you some money :D

  68. Traigh permalink

    Hi, RogueTranslator, I’m really happy to see that you have decided to work on VH. I really liked your work on MGQ, and I’m looking forward to see how this plays out. :)

    But I am slightly unnerved that you decided to use Habisain’s tool. I can acknowledge that it simplifies work on a moving target like VH. What I fear is that we will have a situation where the effort will be sabotaged by him pulling the tool again.

    By your lengthy instructions, it is clear that you wish to do the right thing, and honour Habisain’s license agreement. According to the license, most users of this tool does not even have the right to copy or distribute what the translation tool outputs, and those that may, have to pay. The right to make copies, is the right of the copyright holder, so by using this tool, you are giving up your rights as an author, and giving it to the tool’s creator. Habisain is given ownership of your work.

    The question of ownership is not a theoretical discussion. Habisain has shown repeatedly that he is willing to act on these clauses of the license. As can be noted in previous comments, there is a pre-patched version in circulation. Habisain’s response to this has been to contact Mediafire, in an attempt to remove it. Habisain is not only given the ownership of your work, but has shown the will to act on these rights.

    The tool itself can at any time be denied access to, like it was previously been done during a translation effort of VH. If history can tell us anything, it would only require a single person or a small group on the fringe, willing to stand up and challenge Habisain’s limitations forced upon their work. This would be enough to remove all access to the translation tool. If ownership can’t be enforced, the tool that is required to make it (and anything like it) work, is removed for everyone. Even if you had nothing to do with the conflict, or wanted to use the tool for something completely unrelated. Habisain has by doing this shown that the tool is not to help support other peoples work, but to enforce control, total at any cost.

    This is why I fear the use of Habisain’s translation tool. Maybe it would be possible to ignore the issues above, or find ways around them. But at what cost? If actions were taken that was contrary to Habisain’s wishes, it would create a conflict, and a source of distrust.

    If you were to work under an open conflict, you have build yourself into a cage of aging tools. The amount of effort you have spent on making the rpg trans specific translation patches, would made it too expensive to adapt your work to a different translation tool. As more and more work is done, you will probably come across issues with the tool that was not known before. Without the support of the tool maker, could you ever fix them yourself? If you reached out to the tool maker, would you ever trust the tools from someone you can not trust?

    • Hey, good points and I’ll address them as I see them in your post:

      1. The paying part is only for commercial work. VH is not a commercial product to be sold, so it does not fall under that bit of the license.
      2. What you can’t distribute, per the license, is the already patched work. I’m not doing that, so it isn’t an issue for me. I’m sure he could pull the license to use it out as punishment for whatever reason, but in the age of piracy like this that seems so insane I refuse to believe that would happen.
      3. He’s well within his rights to claim ownership of the tool and its use in creating the output (the patched game), I don’t hold that against him at all. If he wishes to DMCA mediafire or whichever torrent sites it appears on, he has every right to. To my end, I’ll continue to only provide instructions with getting it to work the “correct” way.
      4. He is not given ownership of the translation itself. He’s just trying to prevent distribution of it after the tool has already been used.
      5. The VH creators themselves wish to keep track of their own work, which is perfectly understandable. I know Habisain respects that due to all the effort he goes to to interact with the RPGmaker Japanese community, so I don’t think he’s acting out of selfishness or anything.

      I have no desire to be confrontational or drama infused about anything. I do this in my spare time for fun, and I don’t charge anything nor use file-sharing services that give me money per download, and I don’t take donations. As such, I don’t really care about what people do with my work because I just enjoy reading comments and threads on different forums about it. But I do respect the method he wants his tool used for, so I’ll continue to work within the bounds of the license. If an unsolvable issue arises, then I’ll deal with it when it comes.

      • One thing to add: I said I don’t care what people do with my work, but if anyone tries to make money off of it or charge for it (besides the original game creators, they’re free to use it), I will burn your house down and shoot your dog. Or cat. (Fish optional)

      • Traigh permalink

        Hi, thanks for your reply RogueTranslator, I’m happy you took the time to answer the issues I raised.

        I agree with you on most points, so I will make this a short reply :)

        Even if pulling the tool may not seem sensible, events to that effect happened during confrontation as a patched copy was distributed of a previous translation teams work. The response from Habisain was to completely remove all access to downloads of the tool. Rendering the translation patch useless for most users.

        While this had a greater impact since the tool was then new, and not widely distributed, it may not have the same the same effect now. What I fear in this case is not the actual withdrawal of the access or license, but the willingness to do so, and disregarding the impact on people not involved or directly responsible for breaking the license agreement.

        If Habisain was to revoke the license or remove access to the tool, and willing to enforce it, staying inside the boundaries of the license yourself, would have no impact on the outcome.

        It is not clear to me that Habisain would revoke the licenses or access to the tool, but I can only express my fears as Habisain is given more influence and given more reasons to act upon it.

        Thanks again for taking your time. :)

    • Anonymous permalink

      Wow, paranoid much? :)

      As I see it, the danger of passing around the patched game in a easy-to-play package is that the game may become overexposed. And if the Japanese developers react negatively to the increased attention, then they have the means to seal it all up from us. On top of that, the game’s not even finished yet, so we can’t quite burn the bridges just now…

      Personally, I want to be able to play the finished game one day, preferably translated. My concern is if some politician or feminists group picks it up and decides to makes noise about the game like they did with RapeLay.

      Anyway, that’s my concern, but let’s get back to your concern… Really, it made me LOL. Habisain’s not really the enemy here — he’s just trying to keep things calm. I really don’t know why you can’t see that.

      I’m looking forward to the next patch in any case. Thanks, RT.

      • anonymous permalink

        Habisain is just a random retard is what you meant to say, right?
        I’m personally using his tool for translation as well and I don’t give a damn about his little crap, I’ll upload the whole thing pre-patched, and he can’t do shit about it, if he even notices that I used his tool for my translation!

  69. deadgirl permalink

    Hi again Rogue i was wondering if you had a eng patch to Lolimaho? If not were do i find one?

  70. Anonymous permalink

    thx alot ;D

  71. Anonymous permalink

    what is the password for the patch?

  72. 123 permalink

    I can’t install the RTP for RPGmaker… I download it, extract it, and when I run its instalator, before it even starts launching it gives me an error message “setup failed to run the instalator, one or more arguments are not correct” or somehting along these lines.

    I am running in Japlocale of course. I did not have to install it the last time, as I got the prepatched version (shh)

    Can somebody help me with this here please? I’m going nuts, I’ve tried so many different things…

    Do I really need that RTP thing? what is it for?

  73. Hi
    I need some help!
    I use TranslatorPaser tool, but whenever I Translate > All, Provider [Bing] it tells me to select the provider. but the problem is next, If i use [OCN], or [Google] and etc, it will show the error window, saying that “problem has been occur” and only thing i can do is close the TranslatorPaser tool, or send a error report….
    I use TranslatorPaser. v4.1, here might not be the place for this kind of problem asking, but I can only ask here, I have tried everywhere, Plz help me, and teach me…
    Thank you…

  74. really?
    but i am happy at least somebody has at least send a reply….
    but you don’t know the TranslatorParser.v4.1?
    it is from

  75. oh it is okay ^ ^, i will just have to try my best ^ ^
    And I am also using your patch too, just hope it will progress safety.
    Thx You

  76. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t download your first VH patch on mediafire because it’s locked

    • Download the second one, it includes the first. I locked the first one so people wouldn’t get it by mistake when there’s a more complete one.

    • Anonymous permalink

      nvm i just realized i should us e the new patch

  77. Anonymous permalink

    I can not install the rpg maker im in japanese locale but when i try to install it i get “error while parsing command line agruments or reading setup. ini: (0xc0000005)” help

  78. Anonymous permalink

    am I being blind? because step 5 asks for a password but i can’t find it:(

  79. Anonymous permalink

    Well i’m technically mind fucked people, i’ve gone and done exactly as it has said and all i’ve gotten is the RTP telling me that the file cannot be found as it might be misplaced or something like it. I really need help man.

  80. Anonymous permalink

    i have not sean the password eather.

  81. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rogue, I followed you instructions step by step but when I get to using RPG maker tans I get this error [IMG][/IMG]

  82. someguy permalink

    hey rouge i have followed all your intructions clearly but the problem here is that rpgmaker 2000 wont install it would say one or more arguments are not correct or something like that when i run the setup * not the extractor.

  83. Anonymous permalink

    Where is the password! I can’t find it either!

  84. Anonymous permalink

    cant complete step 5, asking for a password

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    trading opportunities and take action fast.

  86. charonsoul permalink

    can’t do step 5. “Invalid or Deleted File”

  87. Greetings. I am wondering if you’d be interested in doing a website link swap? I see your website: and my blog are based around the same subject. I’d love to switch links or possibly guest author a post for you. Here is my personal e-mail:. You should contact me if you’re even slightly interested. Many thanks.

  88. Hello, i recently downloaded the game and im unable to use some buttons in the starting menu. like the movement keys and the accept keys

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