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VH Status Info 10-21-2011

October 21, 2011

With that new script, I’m able to get a better idea of what’s left for each area, so I’m going to change the post style. Hit the ‘More’ Button to see it. I think I have all the right maps, but I may be missing one or two from the list. If I am, then the line numbers will change a little bit.

Also I’ve seen some posts about VH and MGQ2 (once it’s out) about “being done in a few weeks”. There’s no way it will just be a few weeks. Assuming no interruptions at all, VH would take at least another 2 1/2 months from now to finish. MGQ2 would take at minimum (and assuming no interruptions) 3 months from when it comes out. Possibly longer if he puts in even more content like he was thinking about.

Lines    Map Name
242    ●ID0104:Vacant House (Event) (Capital)***
118     ID0105:Vacant House (Capital)***
124     ID0106:Alley (Capital)***
118     ID0121:Front Gate (Capital)***
262     ID0122:Slum (Capital)***
15    ●ID0128:Sewer1(Sewer)***
5    ●ID0129:Sewer2(Sewer)***
12    ●ID0130:Sewer3(Sewer)***
611     ID0131:Public Office (Capital)***
517/537     ID0132:Adventurer’s Guild (Capital)*** (Fairy Event Untrans)
247     ID0133:Sewer Entrance (Capital)
87     ID0134:Sewer Defeat (Sewer)***
775     ID0135:Clinic (Capital)***
443     ID0136:Capital Inn (Capital)***
43     ID0137:Capital Inn2F (Capital)***
8     ID0138:Capital Inn (Game Over) 2F(Capital)***
0/220     ID0139:酒場《都》
63     ID0148:Church (Capital)***
0/186     ID0198:役所2階《都》
0/35     ID0201:ある魔法少女?の家《都》
0/117     ID0202:居住区2《都》
0/247     ID0203:VHクラン《都》
0/409     ID0205:VHクラン右《都》
389     ID0206:Bar (Capital)***
0/428    ●ID0207:紅ユリ館《紅ユリ館》
0/97    ●ID0208:紅ユリ館地下《紅ユリ館》
0/74    ●ID0209:お風呂《紅ユリ館》
0/78    ●ID0210:紅ユリの館正門《紅ユリ館》
3     ID0245:Church Aisle (Capital)***
5     ID0246:Horse-Train Roof (Horse Train)***
16    ●ID0247:Horse-Train Private room (Horse Train)***
85/94     ID0248:Horse-Train Stables (Horse Train) (Unused Parts?)
0/157    ◆ID0249:Sex Church (Sex Church) — IN PROGRESS —
0/98     ID0251:馬列車の駅《馬列車の駅》
32     ID0252:Capital Highway (Capital Highway)***
6    ◆ID0253:Capital Highway (West Start) (Capital Highway)***
15    ◆ID0255:Capital Highway (East Start) (Capital Highway)***
0/63     ID0256:Dilapidated Hut (Capital) — NEXT —
2     ID0257:Slum Alley (Capital)***
17     ID0258:Orphanage? (Capital)
0/138     ID0269:役所2階:特殊《都》
15    ●ID0270:Alley Combat (Capital)***
38     ID0271:Alley Event (Capital)***
115     ID0274:Plaza (Capital)***
0/65     ID0281:キャラメイク《キャラメイク》
29     ID0285:Guild Hospital (Capital)***
0/129     ID0294:工業区下《都》
0/57     ID0295:工房《都》
16     ID0296:Back Alley (Capital)***
0/406     ID0320:怪しいよろず店《都》
0/98     ID0330:闘技賭博場《都》
36     ID0331:Corrupted Firm Slum Branch (Capital)***
1    ●ID0335:General Combat Map (Capital)***
0/92    ●ID0336:死人の村《死人の村》
0/21    ●ID0337:朽ちた家屋1《死人の村》
0/161    ●ID0338:朽ちた家屋2《死人の村》
0/83    ●ID0339:お屋敷の中庭《死人の村》
2    ●ID0345:Underground Cave(Dead Village)***
3    ●ID0346:Underground Cave1(Dead Village)***
0/94    ●ID0347:地下牢2《死人の村》
0/57    ●ID0348:VS魔法少女《死人の村》
1     ID0358:Road to Island (Capital West Highway)***
7    ●ID0364:Road to Island (Capital West Highway)***
13    ●ID0367:Capital West Highway (Capital West Highway)***
0/23    ●ID0382:紅ユリ館(戦闘)《下水道酒場》
39     ID0383:Jail (Capital)***
1     ID0385:Sewer2-3(Capital)***
15     ID0386:Sewer2-4(Capital)***
18     ID0388:Underground Jail2(Capital)***
0/884     ID0389:居住区2民家《都》
0/230     ID0390:ペットショップ《都》
3    ●ID0402:Slave Market Road1(Slave Market)***
3    ●ID0403:Slave Market Road2(Slave Market)***
8    ●ID0404:Slave Market Road3(Slava Market)***
1    ●ID0405:Capital East Forest Entrance (Capital Highway)***
10    ●ID0406:Capital East Forest1 (Capital Highway)***
9    ●ID0407:Capital East Forest2 (Capital Highway)***
8    ●ID0408:Capital East Forest3 (Capital Highway)***
20    ●ID0409:Capital East Forest4 (Capital Highway)***
0/15     ID0414:闘技場前《都》
0/267     ID0415:闘技場内部《都》
0/94    ●ID0416:闘技場《都》
0/134     ID0420:商業地区《都》
0/21     ID0421:騎士団銀行《都》
0/7     ID0422:銀行業務室《都》
0/12     ID0423:地下金庫《都》
1     ID0429:Capital Highway Island Bridge (Capital West Highway)***

Capital: 4672/9989 – 46.8%

Total: 39%

From → Information, VH

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up the great work man i think i can speak on behalf of everyone that you’r the best.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    You, you’re awesome.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    46%? 2 1/2 months to finish? Doing 12 more percent in a week?

    You’re not human, no one can be that good.

    • Anonymous permalink

      wait nevermind, I thought you said 46% in total, not just the capital.

      Even so nearly half completion of the capital in such a short time is nothing to scoff at.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    You’re amazing!!!!

  5. Alako permalink

    Why don’t you release a second patch which address the issue for the first one. I love to finish everything in the first town and the events happen around the first town as well.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    I hope that you’ll be releasing a capital patch once that’s done. If I’ve understood right, that’s the last “major area” done at the moment. Sure there is lots and lots and lots of text in other scattered areas, but none as interesting as th capital.

    So, what’s the plan? I’m wishing for capital patch, finished VH patch, MGQ2 and then catching up to VH new content.

    Also, you have our million thanks for these translations.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for your hard work. Thanks to you I’ve discovered VH, while following news on MGQ2 and I have really enjoyed the first patch. I have one request. Could you post link to MGQ devs twitter? (I can’t remember correcly if it was twitter you mentioned in your earlier posts or sometink else.)

  8. kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

    Take your time. There’s no rush :) Eat well and don’t get sick.

  9. Hellyeah permalink

    Took me about 3 seconds to find it here on the blog. He posted it already.

    Rogue, you’re a god! Keep up the awesome work! We love you! Oh and take your time! :D

    • Anonymous permalink

      I somehow missed this link in that threat, dunno why. Next time I’ll use ctrl+f. Thanks. :)

  10. Blake81 permalink

    Hmm, 2 months and half………Couldn’y you release 25%, 50%, 75%, patches like you did with MGQ?

    • I am. The 2 1/2 months is my guess for the bare minimum (likely going to be longer since holidays are coming up) amount of time it would take with no interruptions. I’m doing patches for VH, but they’re tied to cities being completed instead of flat percentages.

      • Blake81 permalink

        Oh, I though the 2 1/2 months were for the 100%……

        Alright then, looking forward to your next patch.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    I would say that the most faptastic reaction would be had from MGQ2 having priority over VH2. I was honestly more interested in the story than the fapping.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for all the hard work!.

  13. kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

    Any knows how to get out of the prison?!?! from first city i went north and somewhere along i found some destroyed building and inside you use rope on a hole and go down and then you get stuck :/

    When you got down using first rope you cant go up anymore and i’ve checked everywhere else and theres no other exit….. there is only a cave entrance but when you try to enter it says its been artificaly closed…. maybe if i had some dynamite i could blow a hole but so far i’ve been unable to get out. Any knows maybe what to do there or is it some kind of a glitch

    • AMKahm permalink

      ??? no glitch…
      hint: you can interact with some objects on map. (jump higher using stones, climb walls etc.)

      • /d/mod permalink

        you must complete the final hot spring quest to get through that door actually. if you go back in the way you came, and go back down the climbing wall into the large room there is a way out right below the chest in the wall. You’ll come out on the other side and see a mining cart. Proceed into the next room and out the door to escape the maze.

        • kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

          ah thx… btw do you know maybe what exactly Honor is for? What does it affect?

          • /d/mod permalink

            once again, it affects progress in the game’s storyline. When you beat everything in a given area, you can move on to the next area etc. Only exception there is Guruhasta.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    MGQ patch 1.04 adds news scenes. Can you translate them?
    I will be grateful for that.

    • I’m going to wait for his 1.10 patch to be bug free and out of “beta”. The “patch” completely replaces the old script, with fixes throughout the entire thing. It isn’t a simple task of just appending something to the end. It would take a few hours in winmerge, so I want to hold off for now.

  15. Claws61821 permalink

    Say, Rogue; I know you probably don’t much want to think about what you’ll do when you’re finished translating this release of the game at this point, but I have a proposal.

    Have you considered adding a language fork just before character selection at that point (I’m assuming Habisain’s Tool allows you to add variables, etc.)? Granted, you would also then need to add the resultant variable/switch call to each event you had translated and perhaps change a few filenames, I realize that. You might also need to copy-and-paste the original code for those events, but I don’t truly know – my few experiences with programming and with the RM2k Dev Engine ranged 7-10 years ago…

    Anyway, just seemed like something you might think about, if you hadn’t already. Elsewise, you have earned my gratitude, applause and awe with your continuing progress on this project.

    • I’m not quite sure what you mean by a language fork, but it is not possible to add variables or change any game assets besides the text itself using the tool. Modifying anything else would require actually using RPGmakers editing function, and would have to be custom repeated in every iteration of the versions. On the plus side, the inability to accidentally modify variables means that the patch can’t (or shouldn’t) introduce any new bugs in the game besides text display ones.

      • Claws61821 permalink

        By ‘language fork,’ I essentially meant a choice dialog so the player could pick between English and Japanese when starting a New Game, similar to Dan Miguel’s Sample project. Would only take the addition of the one switch, so far as I can tell. I’m not quite sure how to work out the in-game menu and the skills, but what I’ve seen of RyonaRPG suggests it’s possible to integrate a secondary System.

        (Note: Just did some more searching and came up with the following, which seems like exactly what we’d need for that last bit: )

        Granted, since this is apparently not feasible with the current utility, it’s rather a moot point – and you have a point yourself about the bugs.

        • Yeah, the current program utilizes a text replace method, so none of the original language is even left in the MAP files.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    In the south east corner of the first town, there is stair which leads to a room with a man and a mirror. I don’t think it has been translated yet.

    • kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

      I found that one also but for some reason it didnt let me inside :P Guess i have to do something before i can go downstairs.

    • Anonymous permalink

      it’s only in the debug mode right?

  17. akane permalink

    Man,You’re fast! I wish you would use your talent to translate Bald series

  18. deadgirl permalink

    Well i love VH this game is so bad ass!!! Do you know if the creator will be adding more content? Like better skills more animations and activities?
    I would love the menu to have Stats so you could shuffle through other characters…
    Oh and an option button so you could alter things, to make it more user friendly..

    Other then that i love it and your work is very good, if i could do what you do i would help…
    Keep up the good work and know that you are awesome…………………………….

  19. fapfag permalink

    Fantastic sir, this game is FAPBULOUS. I myself never can hold not fapping while playing it. *true story

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks man for your awesome work :D

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Hello. Your work is incredible.

    Is there a way to donate money to you as thanks for your exceptional efforts? I don’t see any buttons on your blog anywhere.

    Keep up the good work!

  22. Anonymous permalink

    I am confused by some of the comments. Is the 2 1/2 months estimated minimum time to finish translating the whole game or just the capital city?

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Just dropped by to tell you you are awesome.

  24. I Love you.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    i found another translation site i think you should contact them

    • Anonymous permalink

      Bah.. why should our beloved rogue contact a dead, good for nothing translation team that done nothing but half assed translation on vh that takes forever to finish?

      • They did a good job with what was available at the time, don’t say that.

        Their version of the translation was based off a year-old version. It seemed like it would be such a hassle in inserting the bits and pieces into the current version (and into the new tool), in addition to the potential delay in actually even getting in contact with them somehow. It was just easier all around to start without contacting them.

    • /d/mod permalink

      yeah, that’s the BlazedBallz translation team from hongfire. They quit after like a month. They can start up again all they want, but they’re too slow to catch up with JUST ONE GUY, so I don’t care.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Are you going to do weekly progress updates?

    I think for a project like this you will need constant communication between you and your visitors. I’m only saying this given how many people have been beaten by VH before.

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