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VH Status Info 10-27-11

October 27, 2011

So first thing: I’m now at roughly 50% of the overall game translated. Unfortunately, the first half of the game is the “mostly complete and bug-free” portion of the game. The rest of the areas are places that have some completed areas, and some uncompleted/in progress areas. Of course what is available is good, and it serves as the base of all the new stuff that comes out. Here are the line counts for the next areas in the game:

The numbers are the amount of lines in each area.

Guruhasta: 2024

Misc (Goblin Bride, Slave Market, Ryokan): 1700

Underground City: 3156

Orc Kingdom: 8272

Brothel Mountain: 1220

Barukassa: 1800

Aizen: 842

Small Island: 813

Common Character Event text (Serena, Rin, etc…): 1250

Total remaining: 21077 lines

As reference, the Capital is 10,532 lines in total. Hot Spring town was around 9,500 and the other generic text (Nanako, items, skill) was around 2k. After the capital, the next patch will include the “Misc” areas, as well as Serena’s common dialogue.  After that I may do a vote or something to see which areas people want next, don’t know yet. Orc Kingdom will be last though.

Click the “More” button for what’s done in the Capital. I added Nanako’s house to the list from last week since you gain access to it during quests in the Capital.

Lines    Map Name
453    ▲ID0096:Nanako’s House (Nanako’s House)***
242    ●ID0104:Vacant House (Event) (Capital)***
118     ID0105:Vacant House (Capital)***
124     ID0106:Alley (Capital)***
118     ID0121:Front Gate (Capital)***
262     ID0122:Slum (Capital)***
15    ●ID0128:Sewer1(Sewer)***
5    ●ID0129:Sewer2(Sewer)***
12    ●ID0130:Sewer3(Sewer)***
611     ID0131:Public Office (Capital)***
517/537     ID0132:Adventurer’s Guild (Capital)*** (Fairy Event Untrans)
247     ID0133:Sewer Entrance (Capital)***
87     ID0134:Sewer Defeat (Sewer)***
775     ID0135:Clinic (Capital)***
443     ID0136:Capital Inn (Capital)***
43     ID0137:Capital Inn2F (Capital)***
8     ID0138:Capital Inn (Game Over) 2F(Capital)***
0/220     ID0139:酒場《都》
63     ID0148:Church (Capital)***
0/186     ID0198:役所2階《都》
35     ID0201:Magical Girl(?)’s House (Capital)***
27/27     ID0202:Residential Area 2(Capital)*** (Amiri + Fairy Untrans)
247     ID0203:VH Clan (Capital)***
0/409     ID0205:VHクラン右《都》
389     ID0206:Bar (Capital)***
428    ●ID0207:CLH (CLH)***
97    ●ID0208:CLH (Underground)***
74    ●ID0209:Bath (CLH)***
78    ●ID0210:CLH Main Hall (CLH)***
3     ID0245:Church Aisle (Capital)***
5     ID0246:Horse-Train Roof (Horse Train)***
16    ●ID0247:Horse-Train Private room (Horse Train)***
85/94     ID0248:Horse-Train Stables (Horse Train) (Unused Parts?)
157    ◆ID0249:Sex Church (Sex Church)***
98     ID0251:Horse Train Station (Horse Train Station)***
32     ID0252:Capital Highway (Capital Highway)***
6    ◆ID0253:Capital Highway (West Start) (Capital Highway)***
15    ◆ID0255:Capital Highway (East Start) (Capital Highway)***
63     ID0256:Dilapidated Hut (Capital)***
2     ID0257:Slum Alley (Capital)***
17     ID0258:Orphanage? (Capital)
0/138     ID0269:役所2階:特殊《都》
15    ●ID0270:Alley Combat (Capital)***
38     ID0271:Alley Event (Capital)***
115     ID0274:Plaza (Capital)***
65     ID0281:Character Make (Character Make)***
29     ID0285:Guild Hospital (Capital)***
0/129     ID0294:工業区下《都》
0/57     ID0295:工房《都》
16     ID0296:Back Alley (Capital)***
0/406     ID0320:怪しいよろず店《都》
0/98     ID0330:闘技賭博場《都》
36     ID0331:Corrupted Firm Slum Branch (Capital)***
1    ●ID0335:General Combat Map (Capital)***
0/92    ●ID0336:死人の村《死人の村》
0/21    ●ID0337:朽ちた家屋1《死人の村》
0/161    ●ID0338:朽ちた家屋2《死人の村》
0/83    ●ID0339:お屋敷の中庭《死人の村》
2    ●ID0345:Underground Cave(Dead Village)***
3    ●ID0346:Underground Cave1(Dead Village)***
0/94    ●ID0347:地下牢2《死人の村》
0/57    ●ID0348:VS魔法少女《死人の村》
1     ID0358:Road to Island (Capital West Highway)***
7    ●ID0364:Road to Island (Capital West Highway)***
13    ●ID0367:Capital West Highway (Capital West Highway)***
23    ●ID0382:CLH(Combat) (Sewer Bar)***
39     ID0383:Jail (Capital)***
1     ID0385:Sewer2-3(Capital)***
15     ID0386:Sewer2-4(Capital)***
18     ID0388:Underground Jail2(Capital)***
884     ID0389:Residential2Houses(Capital)***
0/230     ID0390:ペットショップ《都》
3    ●ID0402:Slave Market Road1(Slave Market)***
3    ●ID0403:Slave Market Road2(Slave Market)***
8    ●ID0404:Slave Market Road3(Slava Market)***
1    ●ID0405:Capital East Forest Entrance (Capital Highway)***
10    ●ID0406:Capital East Forest1 (Capital Highway)***
9    ●ID0407:Capital East Forest2 (Capital Highway)***
8    ●ID0408:Capital East Forest3 (Capital Highway)***
20    ●ID0409:Capital East Forest4 (Capital Highway)***
15     ID0414:Before Arena (Capital)***
267     ID0415:Arena Internal(Capital)***
0/94    ●ID0416:闘技場《都》
0/134     ID0420:商業地区《都》
0/21     ID0421:騎士団銀行《都》
7     ID0422:Banking Office (Capital)***
0/12     ID0423:地下金庫《都》
1     ID0429:Capital Highway Island Bridge (Capital West Highway)***

7687/10352 – 74.2%

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  1. deadgirl permalink

    Hi Rogue, I was wondering when this patch will be available?
    And do you know if there will be anymore content updates?

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Woo! Thanks for doing this Rogue. I’ve wanted to try this for a while, but the pain of interpreting machine translation always kept me away from attempting it. So this was a godsend when I found out about it. Looking forward to it.

  3. deadgirl permalink

    I love VH any other games like it out there that is translated…..?

    • I can offer suggestions if you tell me which part of VH (The open world, the rape, the pregnancy, etc…) it is that you like.

      • deadgirl permalink

        Well i love the open world, rape and sex art is a must!!
        Anything that is still being improved on……

      • Anonymous permalink

        What really attracts me to this game is the sheer wonder about how the character will react to certain events(dirty stat, etc), and the outcome of previously mentioned events(pregnancy). This game was a hidden gem for me, and i would love to find more games similar to it.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I really appreciate you keeping us updated on your progress like this, even though you didn’t have to.

    My sister and I are both playing this game now, and are really excited about the next translation update, so it’s great to see how active you are!

    • Now that’s a strange combo. I wouldn’t talk about this game with my brother, much less my sister.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Violated Heroine is an educational game for the whole family!
        I’m petitioning my department of education to have the game added to sexual education curriculum.

        • /d/mod permalink

          yes, if we only added drug addiction, we’d have an accurate third-world country simulator. Oh wait, I think there’s gonna be an opium den in Guruhasta…

      • Anonymous permalink

        Perversion runs in the family I guess. She introduced me to monster girl quest and slavemaker too.

        It’s not like we sit down together and watch each other play these games or anything, that’d be kinda weird.

        • Anonymous permalink

          “Brother, this boss is so hard, you’ve got to help me!”

        • Anonymous permalink

          Yeah that would be totally weird.

          It’s like when my sister tried to finger my ass when she was jacking me off. I’m like don’t be weird.

    • Nanashi permalink

      Rogue, do you have any idea of how much, in text lines, has the game already been updated since the version you’re working with?
      It is awesome that you’ve translated half the game already.

    • Anonymous permalink

      What? Playing VH with your sister?

      Erm that’s different and almost kinky. Anyway RT you’re doing a great job as always. You’re practically teasing me now. Capital City is so close yet so far away.

  5. fapfag permalink

    Go go go Rogue! Yay yay yay! You the man Rogue!

    More sex scenes!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Would love to see a patch for what you have completed so far (played through the first town and don’t want to play the capital until you have a translation out for it), thanks for all the work you have put into this project!

  7. Anonymous permalink

    I just reallized… Up to now I thought I had played VH rather thoroughly… but actually I just scratched the surface of a mountain O.O

    Back to playing it is!

  8. Anonymous permalink

    So rogue… after you finished the translation.. will you also continue to regularly translate the update of the game from VH devs? ;_;

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for all the hard work!.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    This is too awesome to be true.
    Keep it up Rogue.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    We love you Rogue.

    The Internet
    (except the extremist feminists)

  12. deadgirl permalink

    So Rogue do you have a date release for your new patch? just wondering when i can get my lil hands on it >.<

  13. Just a few quick things.

    1. Thank you so much for this, really , thank you. Fun as the game is with Translation hooks its NOTHING compared to having a proper working translation like you’ve provided.

    2. You say you’re going to be doing Serena’s default stuff, will you be doing any of her specialized text features seeing as the latest VH update added a section with the minotaurs when they beat you

    • Latest VH updates are completely separate from anything. I’m not doing anything in new updates until this version is done.

      • deadgirl permalink

        That’s what i mean! When is this version done? This one is your second patch right?

      • So you mean that you have a specific version at the moment and are going to finish that 100% first? makes sense, was just wondering, thanks again

  14. kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

    So you plan releasing any of this before its 100% complete?

    As usual thx for your hard work.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    You are amazing for doing this! Thanks!

  16. Anonymous permalink

    50% overall? Oh, yes!! Yes, yes, yes!!! ♥

  17. deadgirl permalink

    Yup i hope Rogue releases very soon!! You gotta love his work..

  18. A god among gods

  19. Not You permalink

    jesus christ, you’re a real bro translator

  20. deadgirl permalink

    All right i finish Hot Spring town and headed to the Capital….. But now i can’t play!! Everything is in Japanese hurry rogue save us………lol

  21. deadgirl permalink

    Lol well your work makes the game so much more enjoyable…. I can’t wait till your new patch comes out, i’m really excited!!!!

    • deadgirl permalink

      I just got out of the hospital and i have a few weeks off, and this will help pass sometime…

  22. deadgirl permalink

    Hey is there a English patch for Ryonarpg?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Not yet, I don’t think. Someone patched the intro, some action notices and a few menus and items, but that’s it so far. VKozyRev mentioned back in July running into problems trying to use his Translation Parser on it, but hasn’t followed up on his blog since on the issue.

  23. big fat monkey permalink

    3 wishes:
    1 these comments; i busted a rib lmao.
    2 i heard metal succubus is a good bf game. cant find it anywhere but hongfire.
    3 i am personally working on VH, ryonarpg(not plus!), and a crapload of other porn games. reading and understanding japanese is a cinch. … translating it, on the other hand… (o.0)”

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