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Happy Halloween and Lies, damned lies

October 31, 2011

First off, Happy Halloween to everyone. Enjoy the one night of the year you can say “I would totally have sex with a zombie”, and have it be perfectly socially acceptable.

Second, as to the “lies, damned lies”, that goes to my original stance of fully finishing the current version before I updated the patch to work with newer ones. I’m going back on this because the version I’ve been using (8/20/2011) has a lot (A LOT) of bugs after the murder investigation quest is over, with sequence breaking and cloned characters, and I’m getting sick of dealing with it. Thus, I’m going to update the patch to the newest current version of 10/25/2011. What does this mean? Well, not much really. The PHP script AMKahm made means it only takes about 20 minutes to import the old patch into the new format. Over the course of 2 months, there were roughly 2,800 lines added, with most of them being in Guruhasta / Orc Country, and Serena event support.

In summary, it means the Capital patch will take a bit longer to come out (Since there are some more lines now) but it will be far less buggy.


EDIT: I just counted up the additional lines for the capital. It’s a whopping… 180. All the old events are just for Serena (who won’t be translated until next patch like I said in the last post), so this really changes nothing on my timetable.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Huh…well, that’s…both totally awesome…and yet…quite offputting…
    I’m honestly not sure whether to whine at the new delay or celebrate at its cause.
    I think maybe I’ll celebrate by silently cheering you on…


    In a slight fit of irony, btw, I just managed to find a possible bug in the pregnancy handling. If Nanako gets knocked up by Stallion and just goes to stay at the inn until all is said and done, it takes about two weeks until the birth scene; if she gets knocked up and then goes outside the town and gets defeated while holding a VH-Heart (even two or three times consecutively), the pregnancy seems to advance by perhaps one trimester each time, regardless of the duration of stay.

    This is in the 082011 rev. w/ your release, so may have already been resolved.

    • I just updated the post. The capital is only another 180 lines, and all the older events are Serena only. All that really amounts to is about another hour or two of translating in trade for a lot of bug fixes. I wasn’t doing Serena until the next patch anyway, so no big deal.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Stability is always more welcome than rushed patches with crashes and bug, glad to hear it.

  3. /d/mod permalink

    see, now you know why I started releasing fixed versions. Make me a list and I can patch the shit out of it so it works with what you’ve translated so far. I’ve got (and had for about a year now) quite a few back-end bugs identified and fixed in the common events as well. These guys are artists not programmers after all.

    • It’s actually easier to just import the changed text files and keep going than it is to backfix events.

      • /d/mod permalink

        As an example, try triggering the men in the hot spring town to attack you in the bath house, let one of them push you down, then escape. Now try attacking them again. Notice anything wrong?

        if only this was the ONLY recently introduced bug…

  4. Anonymous permalink

    You scared the shit out of me, making me think you’re going to take much longer. A true halloween fright.

    What does this mean for Onsen Town? I heard there were a lot of updates for that in between the 20th August release and when you released your first patch. Can we expect an ETA on when the Capital City patch comes out? Waiting for a UI translation for Custom AIDroid and Wakaeri’s release along with a VH patch is really quite agonizing.

    • It doesn’t mean anything for Onsen Town at the moment, really. What it does mean is that the next patch (that I talked about in my last “info” post) will contain even more Serena stuff (in hot spring town) than there would have been originally. 90% of the stuff added there is for Serena. There was an event for the garrison force imprisonment/rape event if nanako was pregnant that was added too (which I just did since it was only 50 lines).

      It also looks like there was a huge update to the minotaur cave quest, which I haven’t looked at yet. Not sure if it’s just Serena, or if it’s an entire “after the loss” scenario.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You’re evading one question. ETA? A simple “fuck off I don’t know” will even suffice.

        • I don’t know. I give ETAs when I know them. If I don’t give them, I don’t know them.

          • Anonymous permalink

            OK then.

            Out of interest what new things have been added in the new version you’re working on besides the updates you’ve mentioned?

          • The reason for no ETAs, by the way, is that my list is going off the MAP list that’s maintained in the game. Unfortunately, a lot of the maps are listed as -blank- or incorrectly marked. Or events happen in other maps that I didn’t realize.

            For example, when I first calculated the Capital line numbers, it was~ 9k. It’s now up to ~11000.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Jesus dude, why dont you just wait for the patch? he’ll list whats been translated. Hes already listed what he plans to translate, how do you expect him to tell you any more?

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Ur the boss! Gl hf

  7. Anonymous permalink

    I feel weird being in the apparent minority when I can honestly say that I’d rather have the most recently updated version of VH translated, regardless of how much extra time it would take.

    It’s cool to see it won’t actually take much longer, but even if it did that wouldn’t bother me at all.

    Why are the rest of you guys in such a rush that you don’t seem to care about additional gameplay and increased quality?

  8. kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

    Nice. Just hope when you do release the patch u’ll also point us to the download for the right version of the game.

    As usual thx for investing your time in this and hope you dont get sick or die :P

  9. Anonymous permalink

    To be honest, I was glad when I read about new version yesterday. And now I even more happy to hear that changing version won’t make big difference in release date of upcoming patch. But still don’t overwork yourself, I’m cheering for you.

    Btw, is there any news about MGQ more specific release date?

  10. deadgirl permalink

    Well I’m sad and happy at the same time, but i love your work and i will wait for it even through I’ll cry just a little bit >.<

    • deadgirl permalink

      Oops misspelled though my bad, but still looking forward to it….

  11. deadgirl permalink

    Hey Rogue!! Your first (VH patch link) seems to be broken can you fix that?

  12. Anonymous permalink

    I haven’t played VH since Serena was added. Does anyone prefer Serena over Nanako?
    Oh… and looking forward to this!!!2!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Both girls have their Pros and Cons

      Nanako is more ‘developed’ and has more events. Her art gallery is also nearer completion, and she has a more ‘common’ personality. She’s the Farmgirl Next Door.

      Serena is more petite and provides intriguing twists on many of the events. Her start position within the Capitol allows easier and more immediate access to certain events and to the Doctor, and she is quite precocious in many ways. She’s the Loli Tsuntsun-hime (although I may be mistaken due narrow exposure).

    • Anonymous permalink

      Serena isn’t completely implemented, so its kinda annoying playing as her, and all the sudden she turns into Nanako or her eyes jump around all over the place.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much for all your hard work!. Please take your time and don’t overstress yourself.

  14. Blake81 permalink

    Question! Will you give out a link to the newer version of VH just like you did in the first patch?

  15. flaiv permalink

    I just wanted to say that I love your work and only recently I have been able to play this apparently kind-of-old game thanks to your awesome translation.


    I know you don’t handle the bugs corrections but I found a weird one. Since another guy mentioned he fixed some I’ll tell you anyway. In your first post you mentioned some bug about cloned characters and it might be something similar…

    With Nanako, after you discover the secret place on the hotspring bath (where everyone is fucking) something I did triggered all the people there to show as nanako’s sprites being fucked by different monsters, except for the guy who can have sex with you. After talking to him, that blue chat screen would never go down and stop showing again, even after I exited the place it would still show a “blank” (no text) blue chat screen.

    This game rocks but it’s just sad so see that there are still SO many bugs in it =\

    Keep it up! Also I don’t care how long it takes for the next patch, I’m 100% with what this anon said
    >”I feel weird being in the apparent minority when I can honestly say that I’d rather have the most recently updated version of VH translated, regardless of how much extra time it would take.”

    • Bugs are fixable by using the actual RPG maker thing to fix them. I’m not bothering with that, though. The game is, of course, constantly in development… So there are a lot of bugs. It’s not really an old game, it’s just being made on an old engine. I’m not going to fix any errors in the game besides text issues, because it would be kind of wasted effort with every new patch they make. It’s a fun game with a lot to do, with more always being added… But the tradeoff is having to deal with the bugs and other issues that come with it.

  16. A person who has been waiting for a good game for years and dosen't mind waiting a few more months permalink

    Don’t freak out and feel like you have to rush or hurry the next patch in any way possible. I am realtively new to this game so i have no expectations for update speed. You are just one person and not a hundred man team of translators that could get this done in a coupls weeks. I have some language conversion experience and i understand how long it takes to make a quality translation. Just take your time to make a good quality patch and not hurry at all because apparently a lot of us need to learn the childhood skill of patience again.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    I strongly support updating to new patches if it doesn’t slow you down too much. Improved gameplay + good translation is the ideal. Can’t wait for the capital patch though.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    is the new version compatible with saves from the old one?

    • I’ve had no issues with any of my saves.

      • Blake81 permalink

        IMHO, I would advise agains using older saves. Not because of the patch, but because of the new version of VH. Corruption related crashes might not pop out immediatly, maybe they will show up where you less expect them.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks. You are the best! Keep up the goo work :D

  20. Blake81 permalink

    Question! In this patch will you also translate those places near Onsen Town such as that Inn farther east or Dead Village?

    • Dead village is the final (implemented) quest of the Capital, so it will be a part of it.

      The inn to the east will be part of the next patch.

      • Blake81 permalink

        OK. Also, I just found that there is an item inside the vase at Nanako’s room at Onsen Town Inn, but the whole sequence is untranslated.

        • It’s the debug tool. I ignored most things with debugging

          • Blake81 permalink

            Ah, so that’s where I got it. The tool is mostly translated, and works well for finding untranslated lines.

          • Yeah, I translated the parts of it that people searching for scenes would care about.

          • flaiv permalink

            You say you ignored those debug stuff, but are you going to do them sometime in the future? Please =]

          • I won’t do the debug areas, but I’ve been doing the scene alteration debugs (Like to reset and modify variables for specific scenes). You really don’t need the debug areas unless you’re going to actually make something for the game.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    The new stuff in the minotaur cave seems to be an alternate thing if you’re defeated by the minos.
    You can choose to either be rescued or captured.
    If you choose to be captured you wake up naked in a cave and every 5 seconds a mino stops by for sexy time.
    You can choose to either spread your legs on the grass willingly, wait and get taken by force or go down the hole in the ground to escape (where you have to fight like 10 slimes naked).

    Also what is your line count at?
    If you have kept up the pace you had between 21st and 27th then you’ll be almost done by this weekend! Not that I’m getting impatient or anything (thought I really am).

    • The brothel was mislabeled, and I completely missed it in my linecount. So that brings the total lines in the Capital up to 11451. But I don’t think the VH Clan event (Where Sara offers to act as a liaison for your companions) is triggerable, so that would be 400 less lines.

      So right now it’s at 9612/11050 , but that may rise or fall. The constantly changing line counts are why I don’t give an eta.

      And yeah, the changes in hot spring town from 8/20 to 10/25 where the mino events you mentioned, support for Serena for a few events, the weeklong dungeon rape has alternate scenes if Nanako’s pregnant, and the northern goblin extermination quest has expanded scenes for Serena at least. Not sure if there’s more for nanako too with the goblins, I didn’t check too closely.

  22. deadgirl permalink

    Oh wow sounds like it’s coming together i can’t wait!! I’m so excited yay….

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Question: Is that Inn to the east of the first town part in the next translation patch or left for another patch?

    I’ve always wondered what’s in that inn,

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up the good work. I’ve been the most interested in this game since you started working over the trans. I’ve tried to take my own stab at translating the DB/later text and, honestly, I can’t say id do the same for some strangers. lol A lot of people don’t seem to take into account this is an ongoing thing and there will be events/conditions beyond your control, especially considering the platform is so outdated and niche. Don’t work too hard though! Best of luck, and thank you!

    • deadgirl permalink

      Hey geez don’t try to demotivate him you got to tell him he can do it!! No matter what it is he can do it damn it >.<

      • Anonymous permalink

        ^ what a fag

        Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next patch.

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