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VH Capital Patch Date + Info

November 3, 2011

I’m planning on putting out the patch on 11/09, at around 6~7PM EST. As I said before, it’s now based on the 10/25 version which can be downloaded here if you wish to download it beforehand. Type in the captcha in the smaller box if it prompts for one. After that, click the two blue links.

To transfer save files after the patch, you just need to move the SaveXX.lsd files from the old version to the new one.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Hey that’s my friend’s birthday.

    A little premature but thanks for the patch.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Marking my calendar.

  3. deadgirl permalink

    Really no lies?? You promise?? Sweet and 2 more days after that Skyrim comes out….

  4. lalalallala permalink

    I’m completely lost at that page

    • deadgirl permalink

      Use Google Chrome to translate and the password is VH, and then just push the little icon button below that and download it…

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Fantastic news! Really appreciate your work.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Damn, I have trip at 10-14… Nanako will have to wait another few days, oh poor me. But well that will only spice up the upcoming patch. :)

    Thank you Rog for your hard work.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Alright, gonna try to finish MQ 1 before then :)

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Discovered that game not too long ago and really enjoy it. Thanks for the great work translating it, Rogue. ^^

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Great news, looking forward to it.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Yay! Just when I finished all that is translated. I want your babies (for my collection from VH of course)

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Once again, thanks for your amazing, speedy translations.

    I’ve asked before but never got a reply that I saw: Is there some way we can make donations to you as thanks for your great good ongoing work?

    I don’t see a paypal button anywhere on your site; you might want to consider setting one up if enough of us show interest in supporting your efforts. I’d certainly love to!

    • I appreciate the offers I’ve gotten from people to donate, but I’m not going to take donations for various reasons.

      • flaiv permalink

        Not that I have the money to donate, and I also love your work, but why won’t you accept the free money?
        I’m just curious, cause if it were me I think I’d gadly accept it =P

        • Wrandral permalink

          Maybe he’s just doing it for the fun ( challenge or whatever you see fit ) and don’t wanna be pressured by donations since ( pure guess on my part) he may also be doing it for himself ( training and fed up of waiting for someone else to translate)

          Who knows the reason may be simpler but the fact is he doesn’t wish for donations so i’ll offer Rogue my eternal thanks for his work on MQ and hope he’ll be pleased with them ^^

          Talking about MQ : awww when is the release date for part 2 coming ? I’m going mad with all that waiting

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Wow you are amazing, thank you for all the hard work.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    hey is there a new version of serena for hotsprings coss wen you use her in there she turns into nanoko and the picture animation is also from nanoko. So will she have her own animation and pictures for these kinda events?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Read the posts roguedude made prior to this one.

      He mentions that the latest VH official update contains extra content and fixes for Serena in onsen town, amongst other things.

      I’m pretty sure he also said he’s already done those new serena translations in onsen town, too.

      • The new Serena scenes in the 10/25 update are not part of the Capital patch Two of them (The restroom rape and the goblin lose end) were already a part of the first patch. They will be a part of the patch AFTER the Capital, which will Include Serena’s events + common dialogue, the eastern inn, the slave market, and the goblin bride quest line.

  14. Blake81 permalink

    Boy, you sure are fast, RT! Thanks for the ETA! Only five days to go……

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Man this is a hell of a week coming up for releases. Really looking forward to this, thanks for all the work you have put into this.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    With the capital release patch, translation of VH will be around… 50%?
    The rest being unfinished areas here and there?

    As for the upcoming release…. my thoughts on the matter : LOVE <3

    • A little over 50%. The other areas have their share of completed and uncompleted events. The Orc Kingdom is just about as big as Hot Spring Town/Capital, and makes up about 25% of what’s left. The other areas are all smaller.

  17. Blake81 permalink

    Btw RT, do you have some sort of “changelog´´ that tell what changes were made since the previous(patched)version of VH? I already DL’d 10/25 and there are quite a bit of changes.

    • They make a lot of various changes to sprites/graphics. Right now my “changelog” has just been that list of scenes I post on the info updates that show the areas that are translated. Once I get to the next patch that includes having to go back to the first town for Serena’s scenes, I’ll make a list of the new scenes… But I’m not going to make a list of all the graphical changes or bug fixes, etc…

      • Blake81 permalink

        And isn’t there a changelog coming from the VH Dev team itself? I though that there was one with the readme file, but there wasn’t any.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Dude, what do you do to stay motivated and release these patches so fast? I can never finish any of my projects…

    • I like actually doing it, so it isn’t a question of motivation really. If I don’t feel like working on it, I just don’t work on it.

  19. fapfag permalink

    Great work sir! My cock is ready for more Nanako! ^w^

    • kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

      SICKO ! ˘˘


    • Anonymous permalink

      You know, i thought i read clock, but it was infact cock.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You know, I thought I read what you said as infant cock, but it was infact infact cock :p

    • fapfag permalink

      I’m not feeling sick sir, my cock is healthy. And this game totally hentai and my nanako already gave birth to every monster baby, dog, and people.

      • kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

        sicko = A mentally ill person.
        sicko in slang = A deranged, psychotic, or morbidly obsessed person.

        • fapfag permalink

          Lol thank you, i guess you could call me that since i fap to this game a lot. (・∀・)

  20. max5678 permalink

    good job, you are even faster than company like g-collections!

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Said it before and i’ll say it again, Thank you so much for this, it’s really appreciated. VH is a great game but reading the borked Google translations , while better than nothing, is awful compared to your patch, thank you :D

  22. Kairae permalink

    Sorry to have to tell you this but it seems that the page you have put up the URL for is no longer available. As such im going to ask if you are planning to add another download link when you put out your english pach on the 9th?

    • The last one went down for a little bit, too. That’s why I put up the link early, hoping to give people more of a chance to get it from the site so it wouldn’t crash it all at once. Hopefully it will be back up in a little while.

      EDIT: It almost seems like their entire site is slow or not working, not just that one link. They might be going through something totally unrelated to that VH version.

      • Anonymous permalink

        following your link directly leads to an expired capcha, so you have to refresh the page for a new one. That may have been the error.

        • Anonymous permalink

          You can also get the error when accesing site with google translator. Self proved.

  23. deadgirl permalink

    Oh man I am really impatient girl i can’t wait any longer >.<

  24. Juuuuub permalink

    After you’re all done with VH and waiting for part 2 of MQ to be out, can I interest you in a game you might want to translate? please? … OK, so i really want to play this in english and am hoping that you can work you awesome magic on this game too, but i think you’d have fun with it too… please?

    • Juuuuub permalink

      all done with the current version at least *

    • I already know what I’m doing for the next year, so no suggestions, sorry!

      But I did take a look at the vndb for that page, and I can tell you I would never do that. It looks like the engine would be way too complicated without a team, and the amount of image editing seems like it would be insane.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  26. fapfag permalink

    Hai rogue, i’ve downloaded your latest patch, how i apply it?

    I tried overwriting whole data of your old VH patch but not succeed, instead when i clicked RPG_RT.exe a message in japanese alphabets comes out. I don’t know what it said since i can’t read them. Then i tried extract your patch in different directory(not overwriting your old patch) but it gave same result, a message in japan comes out, same message.

    Please give me your blessing o great Rogue….

    • My latest one / overwrote my old one? Not sure I follow, I’ve only put out one patch… The directions for my first patch are on the page for it on this site.

      • fapfag permalink

        Eh? you mean this one, is not the capital city patch?

        • Claws61821 permalink

          Dude…that’s an updated revision of the game itself. Rogue is only providing text-translation patches you apply yourself with Habisain’s RMTranslator tool. Up until now, Rogue has been using a revision from August to write his patches, but he decided last week to use the revision at that link to write slightly more current patches. The key segment of the notice above, which you seem to have skimmed past by accident, is where he states that his Capitol City Translation Patch will only be released WED, NOV. 09 BETWEEN 18:00 AND 19:00 GMT-05:00

          When that comes out, download a FRESH COPY of the NEW REVISION from the ABOVE LINK, extract the contents into your RMTranslator folder (downloading and extracting that first, if necessary), download the NEW PATCH also into the RMTranslator folder (extraction optional) and run the tool in Japanese Application or System Locale.

          Does that help, or do you need further explanation?

          • fapfag permalink

            Oh lol, seems like i had big misunderstanding. Hahaha, thanks for the details sir.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Having a problem with VH; for some reason monsters aren’t taking damage when I hit them. Anyway to solve this without starting a new game?

  28. fapfag permalink

    11/08, one more day! My cock barely patience for new Nanako adventure! (≧▽≦)

  29. kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

    I got one question. I was planning on playing the game with Nanako having high purity but im wondering if theres any point playing like that since i dont know if there are any special events in game that require Nanako to have high purity? From my experience most of content in game require Nanako to have Dirty or high Dirty which makes me to wonder what happens if you have high purity thruout whole game.

    • Anonymous permalink

      There is one event in the desert town that requires purity of at least 1 I think.
      Not very high but you won’t be able to trigger it if you’re into negative purity (dirty).

      • kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

        So theres no point playing with high purity?

        • Anonymous permalink

          I changes the sex dialogue, as far as I can tell. She wont like sex as much when she is pure, although I don’t know how much desire plays a part in it.

          The escort mission in Spa town is also affected by purity and desire I think.

          There is a point in playing high purity if you want her to be a prude or save up for some climactic sex scene. This game is about sex, and how you want your character to experience it, purity affects that.

        • Anonymous permalink

          That’s why the game called Violated Heroine sir.

        • /d/mod permalink

          There most certainly is a point to keeping purity high. After all good things happen to good people. Like getting true endings and such.

          Also there’s a nun route nobody finished yet.

          • kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

            Challenge accepted …. i decided to keep purity high ^_^ Nun Nanako here i come.

          • kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

            but then again you can always switch between dirty/purity anytime in the game so you could switch to high purity and finish with nun ending.

  30. deadgirl permalink

    I can’t wait till tomorrow yay…..

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Cum cum cum cum cum cum cum…. ヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙

  32. Anonymous permalink

    Comments kinda getting weird day before release…

  33. fapfag permalink

    Rogue do you have plan translating underground town?

  34. Anonymous permalink

    I.. it’s already 11/9 at where i live…. I guess i have to wait for 11/10 then for the release… ;_;

  35. Anonymous permalink

    NOOOO curse you, timezones! :O
    In Europe it’s already past midnight when you release the patch :(

  36. ZerOMKD permalink

    Can’t wait for release. Damm time zones.

  37. Anon permalink

    Question: will i need to download your older patch for this game in order to use the new patch that you are bringing out today?

    • kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

      no you wont i guess… you need only newest game relase that rogue provided in this thread + patch that he should upload today.

    • Nope, the patch will contain all of the old stuff + all the new stuff. All you need is the 10-25-2011 version of VH off their repository (The link in the post).

  38. Anon permalink

    Another Question: Sorry if this has been anwsered before but, do you know if Rogur plans to translate the entire game in the future? or will he jsut be translating some routes of it?

    • kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

      Ofc he plans to translate everything but plans can change.

    • Assuming nothing happens, that’s the plan. But I also plan to give priority to monster girl quest, so I’ll stop working on VH while working on that.

      • kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

        why? :( I have feeling that if you stop this midway you probably wont finish it ever.

        • Anonymous permalink

          No need to be so pessimistic. Rogue’s already shown with his releases that if he says he will deliver, he will deliver. Though it’d be a valid concern with someone with more of a history of flakiness.

      • deadgirl permalink

        noooooo you can’t, you can’t stop……!!!

      • fapfag permalink

        Doesn’t monster girl 2 still beta? I think it’s better if you continue doing VH, at least for underground town part and goblin bride quest. (^_^;)

      • Anonymous permalink

        cheer at your priority :D

  39. Anonymous permalink

    You are Amazing.

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Monster girl quest is a good game if knew how to translate that game would definitely take priority

  41. Anonymous permalink

    Any chance of releasing the patch a bit earlier? I was hoping I could play it today but my timezone disagrees with me. Thanks anyways.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    Countdown is here for those who want to know EST.

    5-6 more hours if we’re on schedule.

  43. Anonymous permalink


  44. Anonymous permalink

    sucks to be yurop now, release time will be ~2am here. coffee, candles, tissues and dragondildoes are already prepared

  45. Anonymous permalink

    Yurop here, will stay up until 2AM. Will play (and most certainly fap) all night if we get the patch on time.

    It’s cool bro. It’s all cool.

    • fapfag permalink

      Damn mate, it’s gonna be morning here. Can’t fap cause school kids swarming everywhere.

      I’m jelly it’s gonna be 2AM in your place.

  46. Anonymous permalink

    Woooottt, just 2 hrs to go now lol

  47. Anonymous permalink

    >mfw I’m 12 hours ahead of EST

  48. Anonymous permalink

    Cant wait… Wont wait any longer :((

    thx 4 your great job

    I want to say that your translation (no real secret) improves the game experience massiv
    Its a shame that such great (and rly crazy) games sometime never be rly playable for us:((

    Keep on the grat work and i will watch your next projects :)

  49. Anonymous permalink

    My body is ready.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Prepare your anuses to be ruined

  51. Jessesan permalink

    Do I have to get all the patches or just the newest one? Sorry, I’m new to this stuff.

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