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VH Capital Patch

November 9, 2011

Broken patch fixed. The corrected version is at

Before you download anything… Make. Sure. You. Read. The. Instructions.

For anyone that hasn’t patched an RPG Maker game before and gotten it to run, it isn’t as straightforward as just extracting and clicking an executable. If you have a previous version of VH installed, I’d recommend doing this in a new folder. Make sure you copy your old save files out of the old folder to copy into the new one.

Second Patch Contents:

The second patch contains everything from the prologue to the last available quest in the Capital. Nanako is the only character whose generic text is translated. Serena’s opening and Capital events are translated (As well as 2 hot spring town ones), but the majority of her character specific events won’t be translated until the next patch. Most Debug content is not translated, with the exception of the debug tool itself for changing stat parameters.


Due to each event having varying text based on Nanako’s stats and pregnancy status, it’s hard to test every line. Some lines may run off screen, or there may even be a line or two I missed translating, or put in the wrong text box. If you see any huge errors like that, please bring them to my attention. Also remember that this game is still constantly in development, so there are bugs beyond my control. Of particular note are:

1. The Capital Brothel, choosing the Strip Show option.

2. After Rin is rescued, the Hinano/Rin stuff is fairly buggy. Nanako’s House is half nonsense since it’s still under construction.

3. Various references by NPCs to things that don’t exist in the game anymore.

How to Install/Run the game:


Before you install: If you have save files from the previous patch, copy them out of the old VH folder and copy them into the new VH_Translated folder that will be created after you follow the rest of the steps. (They’re named SaveXX.lsd).

Step 1: Install Japanese RTP for RPGMaker if you haven’t already. This can be downloaded here: . Run the setup after extracting it, and just keep hitting the Next arrow.

Step 2: Download the 10-25-2011 version VH game off the Japanese site. . Put ‘vh” as the password, and click the button. See the pictures for what you type/click on. If you don’t see the second page, and instead see one with a gray button, wait about a minute, then click on the button.

Step 3: Extract the downloaded game and change the folder name to VH . Make sure that there is no subfolder (That is, if you open up VH you would see all the map files, and not another folder marked VH – something -)

Step 4: Download and extract Habisain’s tool in the same folder that VH is in. . Your folder should look like this after it’s extracted.

Step 5: Download the Patch and extract to the same directory. Patch Location: .

Step 6: Run RPGMaker Trans. Choose the only options available from the dropdown box and hit start. It will take a few minutes to run to completion. If it hangs, that means you either opened a .txt file in the VH_Patch folder, or you may not have renamed the folders right. Or it could be an issue with not having Japanese language support on your computer.

Step 7: Copy the Panorama and Picture folder into the VH_Translated folder. Overwrite all files it prompts. It should prompt for around 200+ files to overwrite. If it doesn’t ask whether you want to overwrite or not, you’re copying them to the wrong folder.

Step 8: Run RPG_RT from the VH_Translated folder and play! If it doesn’t launch, giving an error that has the number ‘2000’ in it, you likely didn’t install the RPGMaker RTP setup at Step 1.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    i love u :)

    keep on the great work :)

    • Anonymous permalink

      The link for the step 2 says the page can’t be found and the link for the step 5 says it has been deleted.

  2. Anonymous permalink


  3. Anonymous permalink

    I will give you my first born

  4. Anonymous permalink

    You’re too good to us!
    The internet has taught me to be skeptical of things that are too nice!

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Take this, my love, my anger, and all of my money .jpg

  6. Anonymous permalink


  7. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much

  8. Anonymous permalink


  9. Anonymous permalink

    The patcher won’t accept the patch.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Similar problem that the patcher won’t accept the patch. The effort is appreciated though, and I’m sure we’ll have a fix soon.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    This is delicious.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah RPG trans says its not a vaild file :(

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Patch doesnt work, just sayajin

  14. Anonymous permalink

    The patcher seems to not recognize your patch

  15. Anonymous permalink

    I think I fixed that problem somehow. I selected make empty patch in rpgmaker_trans, then ran it again afterwords and it found it.

  16. I updated the post with a fixed version. I forgot to include that rpgmakepatch file. Re-download the new one and it should work.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Just put a blank file named RPGMKTRANSPATCH into the VH_patch folder with no file extension and the patcher will accept it, problem solved.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    the patch doesnt seem to work for me

    the patch location drop down doesn’t show anything, and if i try to manually get it by using the other button, its saying “File selected was not detected to be a valid RPGmaker trans patch”

    what do ?

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Create a blank file named RPGMKTRANSPATCH (no file extension) in the VH_patch folder and try patching again, that’ll make the patcher accept it. Happy playing!

  20. Anonymous permalink

    When i open rpgmakertrans. i dont have any options from the dropdown. Im confused. i’ve followed the guide to the best of my ability. but i probably messed up somewhere.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    It says the patch is no longer on mediafire. :(

  22. tahn1s permalink

    The patch is missing the RPGMKTRANSPATCH file, moved the old one over from the first patch.

  23. tahn1s permalink

    NM my post, I hadn’t seen the last few posts while i was typign the message, no way to delete it either.

  24. fapfag permalink

    Hai Rogue, i downloaded this,

    Broken patch fixed. The corrected version is at

    but when i extracted i’m still getting same this error message,

    VH_EngV05.rar: CRC failed in Panorama\魔方陣2.png. The file is corrupt

    any solution for me please?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Don’t worry abuot it, it’s a picture that is never ( as far as I can tell ) used in the game

      • /d/mod permalink

        it’s used during the magic girl boss fight at the end of the Dead Village quest.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the release and hard work, Rogue ^^ Second patch works, but got a crc problem from a file in panorama while extracting the .rar. Had to extract the folder from the previous one. Don’t know if other got same issue.

    • fapfag permalink

      I got same stuff from both version… same crc error message…

  26. Anonymous permalink

    the diary is no longer translated

    • Did you copy the panorama and picture folder into the vh_translated folder?

      • Anonymous permalink

        oops. i didnt. Its fine now. Sorry for the false alrm. Also, thanks so much for all your work.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Extracting the patch says that 魔方陣2 is corrupted.

  28. Don’t know what’s with all the issues with this, but I reuploaded the patch again. Should fix the corrupt issue… Third try is the charm, right?

    • fapfag permalink

      It works Rogue! No more crc error message!

      But where is panorama1.png and panorama2.png?

      • They aren’t used in the Capital, and there’s actually nothing even translated on them, so I just deleted them.

        • fapfag permalink

          I see, i only got crc error message on panorama2.png anyway, panorama1.png can be extracted just fine.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Well i got the game to work just fine. but whenever i open the rpgtranspatcher thingie i get no dropdown options at all. :x

  30. Mirakei permalink

    Whenever i open the rpgtransmaker i get no dropdown options at all. it just says blank. and i’ve extracted every zip into every file for every possible combination. it just wont read it.

    • Claws61821 permalink

      It’s quite likely that you extracted everything into subfolders. Did you try clicking on the two ‘Other’ buttons and browsing through the folders to RPG_RT and RPGMKTRANSPATCH, respectively? Also, make sure that either your computer’s System Locale is in Japanese or you’re running the patch tool through the Japanese setting (bottom option) in AppLocale; you’ll need to do this for most every step involved, actually, including actually playing the game.

      This post dedicated to all newbies willing to skim down this far…and to Mirakei for the above report of difficulty.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Seems to all be working fine, 3rd time was the charm. No corrupt files, and RPGMaker Trans working fine. I think if people are having trouble, they just need to be sure they are getting the most recent version you just put up.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    One again, Thank you Rogue.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    RTP translator not installing.. thought i had japanese language support- apparantly not. This is probally causing the translator to get stuck on Examining Game File Structure for me. Any tips on how to get the japanese language support?

  34. fapfag permalink

    Working fine now Rogue! Thank you so much! Nanako loves you!

  35. Anonymous permalink

    my diary page is still untranslated is there a translated one?

  36. Blake81 permalink

    Hey RT, got the patch working alright. But I noticed a bit of a bug. It seem like you accidentaly forgot to translate the “Nanako clothes got grabbed by X Monster´´ messages, as they appear all in jap, even in the Onsen Town area.

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Well, unfortunately, I can’t download the game off the site. I get two fields, one for a captcha and one for a password, and I tried both. I’m pretty sure the bottom is the password one, but everytime I try I get what I assume is an error message, with (vh) at the end of the top sentence. The url on that page takes me back to the previous page.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    You can just put the picture and panorama folders inside the _patch folder and the images will automatically be replaced in the patched version.

  39. Anonymous permalink

    Just post missed lines here? There’s 2 missed lines during the stallion scene in Onsen public bathrooms. The Tool shop that opens at night in Onsen has 2 extra options under buy that aren’t translated. Buy isn’t translated either, but I think that’s what it is.

  40. Anonymous permalink

    I had a version of this from quite a while back, and every time you were naked and attacked the monster would rape you. In this version, they just kill me instead. How do I get the monster rape going?

    • /d/mod permalink

      if your Charm is >100, they attempt to rape you twice as much. Other than that, only way to make it EASY is get naked.

      • Claws61821 permalink

        Not entirely true, /d/; the Pearl is pretty ‘helpful’ for that, too, though they’ll still attack a fair bit.

        • /d/mod permalink

          but that’s like using an atom bomb on an ant

  41. Anonymous permalink

    Any way to make it run in windowed mode? I have a dual-screen setup, and I prefer running things that way.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nevermind, F4 seems to have done the trick.

      • Claws61821 permalink

        As with any RM2k game, you can then resize that window with F5 (some have three sizes, most have two).

    • Anonymous permalink


  42. Claws61821 permalink

    Okay…in an odd fit of irony, after posting advice here earlier, I now find myself having trouble with this patch. Downloaded both required archives, extracted them into subfolders in the RMTrans directory using 7-zip in AppLocale-Jap and ran the tool via Applocale. All that happened was it blinked once and made a blank .Log file…

    • Is the untranslated VH game you downloaded the base folder? That is, if you open it, you see all of the MAP files and everything?

      • Claws61821 permalink

        It is. I actually tested the same basic copy the other day with your previous patch and Vkozyrev’s machine patch and it worked fine.

        • Claws61821 permalink

          Okay, that’s annoying… I got it working – apparently, for whatever reason, it still wanted me to go in and manually select the RPG_RT file even though the Tool had already recognized it was there. Maybe Habisain overlooked some bug that makes you browse to both files if you browse to either…

  43. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, Rogue. Everything working fine for me! :3

  44. Anonymous permalink

    It seems that if you get impregnated by a slime, the game will crash if you sleep. Anyone else having this issue?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Edit: it seems that if you’re impregnated at all by anything and then sleep, the game crashes. Stuck on a black screen with the music still playing. Kinda sucks.

      • Yeah, I think that was a new bug introduced in this version… Fix some bugs, introduce new ones! Good ol game development.

      • Claws61821 permalink

        I just checked both the current patch and the current version separately – the report is accurate and applies only to this patch.

        • That happened to me once or twice while testing. It seems to be random.

          • Claws61821 permalink

            Perhaps it is random, but facts point to the patch, evidenced in that I ran the exact same process both times from program launch and only the patch produced latency.

          • All the patch does is replace text, it shouldn’t introduce any bugs.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Mine goes black indefinitely if I let it sit there, but if I hit the action button or back button it moves on after about a second. There’s also an untranslated line each morning when you get kicked downstairs from the inn during the last 2-3 turns of pregnancy. Nanoko says it right after appearing down in front of the innkeeper.

          • Weird… I’m starting to think updating to the newest version to solve the bugs with Rin/Hinano after the murder quest may not have been worth these other ones.

          • Anonymous permalink

            When mine gets stuck on the black screen, nothing I do will move things on

          • /d/mod permalink

            it’s a debug message for the amount of breast milk produced.

  45. Anonymous permalink

    The Japanese RTP for RPGMaker in step 1 will not install properly.

    After extracting, running “RPG2000RTP.exe” to install the program always halts at 44% progress, with an error message filled with garbage characters, something about “C:\program files\ASCII\RPG2000\RTP\sound\garbagecharacters\fg1.wav” and “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.”

    I have tried different drives, different directories, and running the installer in applocale. It’s always unsuccessful and the install message are always filled with garbage characters.

    I played the previous patch of VH via a pre-patched installer someone else had fiddled with. It would be great if someone could do that for this one as well, since the essential program isn’t working.

    • Claws61821 permalink

      Do you have the basic RM2k engine installed (is there anything besides the RTP folder found under /Program Files/ASCII/RPG2000/)? If not, you need to delete the RPG2000 directory and attendant subdirectories and install that first. If you’re using Vista or later, you will need to run the installers for RM2k and its Runtime Packages in Compatibility Mode (as well as AppLocale or System Locale Japanese for the JRTP). Make sure when updating the RPT and JRTP that the installer you use doesn’t just extract another installer or archive.

      • Anonymous permalink

        What is “RM2k engine”?

        The RTP thingy that rogue mentioned in his step 1 always stops at 44%, so the directory it was trying to create never finished. There is no ASCII directory in my program files.

        I am running windows XP.

        • Claws61821 permalink

          ‘RM2k engine’ means the actual RPG Maker 2000 program used to, well, MAKE the games. Just about any search for RM2k will bring up at least three sites on the first page of results that host a copy, usually in english these days. Download that and whatever RTP archive(s) may be available on the same website and install the program, then the RTP, in your standard System Locale. That will create a /ASCII/ directory, a /RPG2000/ subdirectory and all the subdirectories related to the latter. Once you’ve done that, use AppLocale or change your System Locale to Japanese and again extract the archive containing your Japanese RTP into the /RTP/ subdirectory of /RPG2000/, making sure the archive extracted the actual package and not another archive, else you’ll have to extract that archive to the same folder.

          That will install RM2k (the engine or IDE, whichever term you prefer) on your computer in both English and Japanese, depending upon which Locale you open it with. Then you can extract the game into either its own folder or one within the /Project/ subdirectory and its RTP_RT executable will be able to locate its requirements, provided it is run in Japanese Locale. Use Habisain’s RPG Maker Translation Patch Tool to run RogueTranslations’ English patch for VH following the directions above, and you should have no more trouble.

  46. Claws61821 permalink

    The in-game menu’s main screen seems to have a slight bug, too – HP and MP are now ‘Body’ and ‘Skill’, and the contents of the corresponding data fields are being drawn to overlap the labels.

    • Claws61821 permalink

      Also, if you end the prologue using either of the routes that involving staying in the car with the chests, you can no longer open the Diary or change equipment.

    • Ahh, that seems to be a side effect of the new script. Any line translated as something gets replicated to any duplicate lines. Unfortunately, the kanji for body was used for both the equipment slot (Body) and HP. So it works in Japanese since the character limit allows it, but not in english.

      • Anonymous permalink

        It’s easy to fix:
        open “RPG_RT_STRINGDATA.txt” in notepad and change Body & Skill to HP & MP:

        # TEXT STRING
        # CONTEXT : stringData/Health (short)
        # ADVICE : 2 char limt

        # END STRING

        # TEXT STRING
        # CONTEXT : stringData/Mana (short)
        # ADVICE : 2 char limt

        # END STRING

        • Yes, I was editing everything in notepad before using something else, so I didn’t even notice it until someone pointed it out.

    • Claws61821 permalink

      In the Capitol Slums, if you go in the back entrance of the first building on the west, there’s a statue that says something is under it. Regardless of whether you choose to take whatever is there, nothing happens. I assume this just isn’t implemented yet?

  47. Anonymous permalink

    Since we’re all posting bugs I found one myself.

    In Capital City in the area with Sara’s house (north of the Doc’s place) if you enter the far right sound house and talk to the little girl the game crashes and gives you a message. As usual I forgot to screencap it. Had the black screen glitch too west of the area entrance, Only happened once but I had noticed if a black screen hangs for too long you just press z and it comes back on.

    • Is this before or after you rescue Sara? And are you on debug mode?

      • Anonymous permalink

        After and on debug mode

        • /d/mod permalink

          your missing a picture file then. let me check it out.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Strangely enough it didn’t happen again and it wasn’t a little girl, it was a little boy.

            It was after I asked the soldier in the same house of I had clay and slime pieces.

          • Claws61821 permalink

            Confirmed; before Sara, no debug. Give the guard the requested Clay and Slime Pieces and talk to the boy. Instant Error Dialog with crash exit.

  48. Anonymous permalink

    Man, you are a saint. We love you (with completely heterosexual brolove, of course). Thanks

    P.S. You may be fed up with it, but may i suggest another game for translation? Anise,
    it’s similiar to VH, but with cg made in 3 custom girl. And it’s free too.

    But anyway, thanks again

  49. Anonymous permalink

    anybody else stuck at the wyvern quest? your supposed to go north from the spaw town but u cant because theres a guard behind a row of blocks or something and u cant go on.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Do all of the quests in the hot spring town first, that will open the path. Alternatively, use the book to warp to aizen.

    • Anonymous permalink

      do all of the quests in the hot spring town to open the path. Alternatively, use the book near the train depot to warp to aizen, then go south to the japanese named place, then go north to the dead village.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the translation.

    Ok, so I am having a bit of trouble. I DLed another version of the RTP2k because I also got the 44% bug. Other than that, I followed instructions perfectly, I think. But in the end I’m getting an error upon starting. It’s not the “You need the 2000 RTP” error. Instead, I flash to black fullscreen for about a second, then on to the smaller standard RPGMaker game window. But at that time, I get one of two errors in Moonspeak; I’m not sure what causes the different error messages at different times. Any suggestions?

    • Claws61821 permalink

      As I asked the previous person – do you have RPG Maker 2000 itself installed? Not the Runtime Package (RTP), not the compiled game (VH) not Rogue’s patch or Habisain’s tool, but the actual program; do you have that installed?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yes, I have RPG Maker 2000 installed, along with the English RTP and the Japanese RTP.

        The problem may be connected to me using Windows 7, but I’m not certain.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Aha! Success! I had failed to correctly install the Japanese RTP.

          • Claws61821 permalink

            Ah, yes – had that problem myself at first. Took me all day to realize the executable archive I used had contained another of the same…hence why I pointed that out above! XD

  51. Anonymous permalink

    This really made my day! XD

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Error report, when doing the wyvern request in the dead village, when you are in the big manor you will have to jump across the gap. You are unable to make this jump if you have a companion, yet the game says you something to the effect of “I can’t make this jump by myself”

    I spent more time than I care to admit trying to figure out that jump before I ditched my party member.

    • That’s bizarre… What’s supposed to happen is the Party Member has a line of dialogue, and then leaves on their own.

      • /d/mod permalink

        for map 337, I don’t see any code to automatically remove your companion at the gap on the left side of the map. It’s just there to make sure you take on the boss solo I assume.

  53. kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

    The merchant in hotspring that works only when its night isnt translated. Buttons in dialog arent english

    • kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

      Minotaur quest – in cave where the key is theres grass block and a sleeping bag. If you go over the grass you get asked something in chinese and nanako switches to other character and just lies naked on the ground( somekind of bug ) and game just freezes.

      • Anonymous permalink

        That’s a problem with the game itself. That’s actually a quest line for Serena, she can be raped a few times by more minotaurs but can choose to give in and will lie there. Unfortunately if you do it with any other character it seems to mess up

      • That’s a serena only event that somehow Nanako is able to trigger. It’s a bug.

  54. Anonymous permalink

    You are God, and your legacy will never be forgotten.

  55. Anonymous permalink

    Damnit, i even set my entire pc into japanmode and it still wouldnt install the RPG2000RTP properly this time. IT crashes at 44%, hnnnngghhh.

  56. anonymous permalink

    Is it normal if every Serena events are showing Nanako scene instead anyway? Or is that something taken care off in a much later game update?

  57. Anonymous permalink

    Hmmm so anyone know how to continue the story? I pretty much did everything in the first town and the areas around it also did the 6 guild quest. where do i need to go next? west are some caves, but you can go very far there. north is totaly blocked and east is blocked too.
    Any tips?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Do i need to have a higher guild rank? im only 16th place.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Have you made the quest at the thieves hideout?

        • Anonymous permalink

          yeah just did it. need to try a lot out to find things in this game, but its a lot of fun. thx :)

    • Once you finish the last hot spring quest, you get ticket to the capital. Go to the Horse Train Vendor guy (South area in Hot Spring Town), and he tells you to inspect the book. Inspect the book, and take the train to the capital.

      • Anonymous permalink

        thx im fighting the bandit boss now but it seems i cant damage him at all even with the new skill/stance. :/

        • Anonymous permalink

          either the fight is bugged for me or i dont understand how to use the skills/stances. it doesnt matter what stance i use nanako always does the same the only diffrence is the message you get when you change a stance. and i just hit the bandit boss/ mage for around 10 minutes and still bothing happens.

          • That’s weird… Did the cutscene for Nanako learning the new skill not trigger? You can only damage him with the special attack of the new stance you learn.

          • Anonymous permalink

            It did trigger after my hp dropped by around 50% but after the cutscene i still cant do any dmg to him. neither are any hit effects shown. im lvl 10 and he hits me for 1-8 dmg. i even tried to reqeuip the namles stance that should hurt him but he keeps hitting me while i seem to miss him or something like that.

          • You can’t hit him with the shift-charge move?

          • Anonymous permalink

            oh wow playing this game for some weeks now and didnt know you had special attacks. xD
            shift helped a lot hit him for 500 dmg.
            Thx a lot for the help and especially for the translation!!!!!

  58. Felgard permalink

    I have combined your translation with a machine translation and im wondering if you would allow me to upload it to mediafire or depositfiles and post it here? (not prepatch)

    • I would prefer you not to, for then I feel I would be flooded with people sending me mistakes and issues that were not part of my stuff.

      • Felgard permalink

        ah okey i’ll save it for my self then anyways thanks for the great work you done sofar

  59. Anonymous permalink

    Damnit RPGmakertrans, you don’t work, at all. Examining game file structure… Yep. The rest works i guess. The pre-translated thing someone linked in a thread gives an error when launching in japanese which doesn’t have 2000 in it. Most of the time it’s something with the RPG_RT.lmt.

  60. Anonymous permalink

    How possible would it be for someone to rip the map files for the areas of the game and upload them all to the wiki? I keep getting lost and the VH wiki could really use some up to date info.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I gues with the new translation Rogue is providing, there will soon be a whole lot of new english players, among them surely someone with sufficiently enough “not having a life” to bring the wiki up to date :D

      • Anonymous permalink

        If I could rip map data, I’d go add those to the Wiki, at least, since there’s a path in the forest that lets you travel between Town and City at will most people don’t seem to know about.

        • /d/mod permalink

          you want a world map?

          • Claws61821 permalink

            I find myself picturing one of those old Prima Guide maps with color-coded arrow-paths telling you how to get where from the Onsen Town… XD

            Huh…now I’m actually kinda tempted to try making that, too…

  61. Anonymous permalink

    How do I remove people from my party in the Capital? I’ve taken a quest that requires me to use the train so I can’t take it to Onsen to get rid of her there.

    • If it’s Rin in your party, talk to her in Nanako’s house (take the magic square outside of the capital) to remove her from the party.

    • Wetzleburg permalink

      Try going to the the guild and talking to you party members. You should have the option to remove them from your party after speaking with them. At least that’s how I remember doing it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        See that’s the problem, Erika isn’t appearing in the Guild. I have no idea where to speak to her.

  62. Wetzleburg permalink

    Oh, nevermind then.

  63. kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

    Are there any events in game that are directly relate to the days you spend playing ingame? For example: – Event that wont trigger if you try speaking to someone/doing something after day 30.

    • Not that I’m aware of.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Taking out a loan from the demon in onsen town initiates a countdown based on ingame days.

      30 days after taking the loan, if you haven’t paid it back, you are captured, enslaved, and gameover’d.

  64. Anonymous permalink

    Hey I have a question… Your second step says to download the 10/25 version and the page you link should have only one password field… But when I copy your link over there is actually a password field on top and a captcha field on the bottom and I think it leads to a newer version of VH cause the version number is 111028 but in your screenshot you’re downloading 110825… Which one is the right one to download? Is the link you gave us for a newer version that we shouldn’t use or is it the correct version?

  65. Anonymous permalink

    Can anyone zip and upload one of their working versions? when i try to open mine in japanese it just gives a japanese error without the 2000 in it ( So i’d love to see if it’s just me being horrible..

  66. /d/mod permalink

    All the bugs mentioned so far are fixed in this version, as well as a few other things nobody has mentioned yet. Please note this is based on the November 5th version, so some things were fixed and probably a few more lines added. Obviously the game is only half translated either way, so you’ll be used to that. Please note this isn’t an official release of any kind, nor is it translated in any way.

    >1. The Capital Brothel, choosing the Strip Show option.

    guessing the standing picture is screwed up for this. I’ll do it next. If there are any other spots besides the final Mel quest with standing pictures that are messed up, let me know, I’ll work on fixing those, but there is no image for the waitress uniform to stack on bote-L as of yet.

    I still can’t reproduce this problem with a black screen that won’t go away when sleeping at the inn pregnant, other than the debug message that takes place during the event. So if that’s still a problem, let me know.

    • fapfag permalink

      How do i use this? Install it again like guide above or just copy and paste over my game right now?

      • /d/mod permalink

        use it like the raw version in the above instructions. patch it as normal, yes.

        slipthrough bug, neat. on it.

    • kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

      I had the black screen with pregnacy also. It happened to me while i was using 1 month skip that can be found next to innkeeper by clicking on the book. Normal inn using ( 1 day sleep ) works just fine ( atleast for me ).

      Theres also a bug with 2nd stallion rape in underground town. After he raped Nanako for the 2nd time she could walk tru walls and all other objects. You couldnt interact with NPC. Tho that happened on the game version that was needed for first patch.

    • Claws61821 permalink

      You need to reup this, /d/; both WinRAR and 7-Zip are reporting errors with either the filenames or the compression method. Furthermore, they’re also showing very interesting previews with regard to the compressed internal filesizes.

      • /d/mod permalink

        oh, you just don’t have enough ram to un7zip it then

        • Claws61821 permalink

          That’s an interesting possibility considering the facts that I have over a gig-and-a-half of RAM free and had no troubles with the unmodified 111105 release…I even tried downloading your file again, with the same results.

          • /d/mod permalink

            1.5GB? that’s not enough for the 256MB dictionary.


            here’s the new version anyways. I’ll translate the titles tomorrow if I get a chance. it’s set to fast this time.

          • Claws61821 permalink

            Thanks for the reup. It worked fine this time.

          • /d/mod permalink

            k, keep sending me those bug reports.

  67. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone know if there is a way to mute the music in VH outside of turning down my computer volume? I don’t mind the music, but it would nice to have the option.

    • /d/mod permalink

      if you have win7 you can change volume by application. bout it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      If you can change the MIDI volume, that should eliminate the music, or turn it down

  68. Anonymous permalink

    Installing via the instructions doesn´t work, the game crashes on opening with a japanese Error message. The previous version works still fine though.

    • Congratulations on not following all the instructions.

      Is 2000 somewhere in that Japanese error message?

  69. Anonymous permalink

    I think the babysitting quest is broke. Freezes up when I enter the house. :S
    Also the shota in Onsen Town seems to have vanished at night. Dang, I’m a sap for straight shotacon stuff.

    • kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

      Just finished all quests with the new version + patch. So far there was only one minor bug ( minotaur quest – character switching in the room with key but i can be avoided if you dont go over the grass. ). All quests and events ( except the goblin bride – didnt do that one ) worked fine for me without any problems.

      Later when i get to capital i’m gonna see if there are any problems there.

      As a recommendation – always save before an event so you can quickly load since many of the bugs are just rare cases that occur 1/50 ppl.

  70. X-Calibar permalink

    The Guild Lists don’t show up translated right? I went ahead and used the existing translation images and created the missing images for you guys :

    Just drop into wherever your VH folder is (it should ask to overwrite Panorama folder).
    …If it was already working for others, then I just wasted some time ^_^;;;

    • kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

      thx always wondered why those images werent translated… it can be done within 5 min if you know the language

  71. fapfag permalink

    Hai Rogue, or anyone else who can help me.

    There’s this NPC in underground church at capital who can change Nanako title into something else, like maiden, lewd, bitch, sex slave.

    If i change my Nanako title from martial artist into something else would it affected any events/quests in game? Or even worse, game-breaking?

    • It changes your stats a little, I believe. Also going to the Succubus that’s there at night and changing her title to Succubus lets you do the gain-Succubus-power quest, and you can then beat monsters by having sex with them. For some reason though, I can’t find where the titles are stored in the MAP files. The other titles besides the normal character’s ones (which are stored in Hero_Data) must be stored somewhere else altogether…

      • fapfag permalink

        If it’s only changing Nanako stats then it’s safe to change her title right? No effect on gameplay?

      • /d/mod permalink

        the titles are set directly on the event. litterally:

        Change Hero Degree: Nanako – 淫魔 Set

        which, interestingly, don’t show up in habisan’s tool. oh boy.

        • Bah, that’s what I was afraid of. I’ll just hold off on them until the end, I guess.

          • fapfag permalink

            I’m confused, really. So changing title can affect gameplay events and quests? Will it be better to not doing it at all and stay on Nanako default title martial artist?

          • /d/mod permalink

            what we’re saying is they don’t do anything, the code handles this stuff. merely cosmetic.

          • fapfag permalink

            But there’s this thing when i changed Nanako title into Succubus.

            Mel from onsen town doesn’t offer to buying any monster baby from Nanako again, instead she’s saying things like “relationship between human and monster, when you keep breaking the taboo you will know the answer.”

            When i loaded my old save before changing title to Succubus and talk to her, she’s still offering buying Nanako monster baby.

            Any details about this?

          • That was the quest I was talking about. All of the titles are cosmetic and meaningless except for the Succubus one. Once you’ve finished all of Mel’s other quests, you can do the quest to learn the Succubus energy drain move from her.

          • fapfag permalink

            Ooh! Good news to me! Then i’ll do it right away the succubus quest. Thanks for the info Rogue!

          • /d/mod permalink

            that’s prolly cause you did it the debug way by talking to the npc in the debug room. Don’t do that, there’s a hidden church in the slums of the capital, and if you go there at night there is a succubus.

  72. Anonymoose permalink

    Are you going to translate the goblin bride event?

  73. kekekeke permalink

    Time to fap!

  74. Anonymous permalink

    K. so i cant get the thieves hideout quest to show up in the spa towns book. I did all 6 of the quests here before it. Isnt that supposed to bring it out? Or did i forget something?

    • It doesn’t show up in the book. Once your level/guild rank is high enough, the Guild Master should tell Nanako about it when she talks to him. Inspect the chart on the wall to the right, then talk to the Guild Master. See if that triggers it.

  75. Anonymous permalink

    I’m currently trying to finish the “Rescue at Wyvern Valley” but I can’t beat the little witch (Blue Hair) that summons the wyverns. It say’s I need a tech. book but I can’t find it. Can anyone help?

    • You need to get the book that allows you to use Shift to charge up your ranged attack in Normal Stance. You can buy it in hot spring town from the medicine vendor.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks for the quick response. I have the book for the shift and used it, I’m assuming that the charge attack is holding down the attack key?

        • There are a few books. One charges a short ranged spin attack (think links spin sword), and the other is holding down shift for a ranged bullet blast move thing.

  76. Anonymous permalink

    Just food for though, but … can’t you just upload the patched game? Not that I’m whining, of course, but waiting for 7zip to extract and then copy is just a pain.
    Or maybe upload the patched game one/two weeks later? Or is this not possible, or is something hindering you? Just sayin’

    Meanwhile, let’s warm up my hands.

    • Part of the conditions of the tool I’m using to extra/modify/reinsert text into RPGMaker states that I can’t upload a pre-patched copy. So that’s why.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ah, ok, didn’t know that, but habisani was saying sth about prepatched games in his blog. Could have figured.

        Good work, good work.

  77. Anonymous permalink

    Question regarding the ‘swamp’ area north of Onsen Town:

    Just as you enter there’s a small decrepit building with a hole in the roof over to the right. Climbing inside you discover a skeleton boss of some sort and a series of several descending caverns. At the bottom is a body of water and you can exit to the left and emerge on a ledge under a bridge. Jumping down and heading south through the water through blue slimes and fish you come to what appears to be a dead end that says “This cave entrance appears to have been artificially collapsed”.

    Is there any way out of this area? The south exit is apparently not an exit (being blocked) the east and west are nothing but water and you cannot return to the northern ledge (and even if you could I don’t seem to recall a way to climb back up through the caverns). Is this just an unfinished area not meant to be entered yet or is there some obvious/hidden exit I’m missing?

  78. Anonymous permalink

    I am stuck in the undead (wyvern quest) village. I jumped over a hole then over a desk but I couldnt get back. Alternatively I used another save but I couldnt find a path to the ‘roof’ which the wiki says.

    Another problem is that when I enter Pierre’s house, he is not there, only his minotaur.

    Please help T.T

  79. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone having issues with the murder quest? Rin got jailed and Nanako was to meet the jail guard at night. I went to the inn to rest but all I get is a black screen next =-=

  80. Anonymous permalink

    Tiny bug here. During the sewer investigation quest in the Capital, when you slay the monster and report back to the official, the first line Nanako says is cut off.

  81. Anonymous permalink

    Not sure if this is a bug with the game itself, but in the quest listing the medical herb collection is labeled with a 500g reward, but when you talk to the guild master, she only says the reward is 300g. The actual reward is 500g.

    Also, during Nanako’s conversation with the doctor upon accepting the quest, Nanako refers to Diggy as “Jiggy”.

    Upon returning to the doctor with the herbs, in one of her lines of conversation, her name is left untranslated.

  82. Anonymous permalink

    After completing the entire murder fiasco and rescuing Rin, when you talk to the doctor with Rin there is an untranslated line

    • Anonymous permalink

      Well, two lines actually. And a bunch of lines that are cut off.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Do you know how to get to the backroom of the bar to save sara so i can save rin later? the two guys just send me away after i tell them i want to work there? do i need more charm?

  83. Anonymous permalink

    Godspeed, it’s working on the first try.

  84. Anonymous permalink

    How do you get to have sex with Rin after you have saved her and all that?

    Currently I can have her in my party and during the daytime she is in Nanako’s house but when I switch to night she disappears. This also makes it difficult when you have used both viagra and the female viagra to get them both horny but when I then talk to her, Nanako says “later ok?” which then doesn’t lead anywhere.

    In the guard office there is the new male guard captain standing around during daytime and only once at night time have I seen Rin lie in her bed but right now she simply disappears from any interaction in the game during night.

    The wikia says something about getting her good ending by listening in on the maid Minano masturbating to Rin in her office, on the toilet and in her bed on the 1st floor in the guard house which I didn’t all get in advance to breaking her out. The last one it mentions is Minano spying on Nanako and Rin when they have sex but that one I obviously can’t get yet.

    So, any wise suggestions or likewise experiences?

    • Sadly, I think that part was temporarily taken out. It looks like they’re adding in another quest inbetween the end of the Murder one and the Hinano/Rin/Nanako storyline. It involves Gerbera and the martial arts tournament. I think once that quest is over and Rin’s position is restored, the other parts will be accessible again.

      • /d/mod permalink

        I can hack it back in but you won’t be able to finish the game.

        • No reason to, any temporary hacks or fixes will just break with the next update. Just have to accept that’s the nature of the game.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I already did the martial arts tournament thing, then Gerbera says something about clearing Rin’s name but she is never returned to her position at the office. Everything seems basically the same as before you meet Gerbera and do her quest. Am I missing something here?

        • If you read her ending lines she says she wants “you guys” (Implying more than just Nanako) to help her with the tournament which “Isn’t implemented yet”. That’s what I think is the final step in the whole thing.

    • Anonymous permalink

      For some reason, Rin always shows up asleep in her room in the second floor of the office at night. Just get Nanako to horny condition and you can have sex with Rin by interacting with her.

      Also, if you have the penis equipped to Rin, then give her viagra, then give yourself female viagra, go to the alley where the scene of the crime happened. Interact with the left box at the north of that area and it should prompt you to have sex with Rin or not.

  85. Anonymous permalink

    Hi, I have a problem. I am in the quest to save Rin. When I am looking for Sara, I went to the pub to be a prostitute. I tried both options by talking to the bouncers, but they aint letting me through. Any idea?

    Wiki only says Go to the room to the west and talk to one of the guards there to start a scene and you well be given 2 choices.

    Work as a prostitute

  86. Anonymous permalink

    How can I fix the font? It is illegible, I remember the first time I installed the game I had the same problem but I don’t remember how I fixed it.

    • Claws61821 permalink

      Google RM2K font, download it and then install it into your \Windows\System32\Fonts\ directory. You might have to reboot afterward for it to reconcile. I think that’s it, but there might have been another step or two – oh, yeah; I think there’s actually supposed to be two fonts you install, but they’re usually packaged together.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Uh, maybe the problem is that I just erased the folder of the former VH instead of uninstalling it. Now I can’t remove it from control panel. I’ll uninstall everything and try again.

  87. Anonymous permalink

    I got it installed and running, but I can’t control the heroine at the start of the game, she keeps running up into a wall. The cursor starts out scrolling up when I start running the game as well, even if I am not touching the keyboard. I can stop the scrolling by hitting down, but I have to select things from the menu by hitting down, Up doesn’t respond at all.

    Is there a way to rebind keys?

    • Claws61821 permalink

      You can certainly try to rebind the keys by adding various common events to the game using the RM2k IDE, making sure to include exclusion commands to block the old keys, but it’s rather too much hassle for little reward. Most likely the issue is caused by a physically stuck key, a loose connection or driver interference (the last generally in the presence of connected game controllers). I suggest you try the following:

      Turn off your computer (do not hibernate or go into standby); this should clear the memory in case the cause lies there.

      Disconnect all peripherals from your computer except the mouse – all peripherals in general if this is a notebook or laptop – and CAREFULLY sweep and vacuum all debris beneath and between the keys of your keyboard.

      Inspect the plug and jack you are using for your keyboard for obvious signs of misalignment, then reconnect it if none are found, pressing gently but firmly until the plug encounters too much resistance to continue.


      Turn your computer back on, boot into Windows and try again, then bitch at me whether it works or not, for being a smug know-it-all or just plain wrong, respectively.

      Have Fun!

      • Anonymous permalink

        I am still having this issue after restart and thorough keyboard cleaning and game controllers unplugging. She still constantly moves up it even does it in the beginning menu.

        • That’s an issue with RPGMaker itself, not VH or your hardware. It gets stuck on a key until you restart your computer. A rare problem, but very annoying.

  88. Anonymous permalink

    You are a legend! Thanks :)

  89. Anonymous permalink

    I still get some strange japanese error ._.

  90. Anonymous permalink

    When I try and run the Translator, I get an error. Earlier, when I was trying to do this for the upteenth time before setting my system to japanese locale (I was using AppLocale for everything), I could run it in english and followed the instructions, but the game would not end up patched. I also would get this error when I ran it in japanese via AppLocale. Now, It wont even run if I try running it in English via AppLocale. Still the same error as far as I can see.
    Here’s my screenshot of it:

  91. Somethingawful permalink

    VHゲーム01_111119 released!
    Write vh on the top box to dowload

  92. Anonymous permalink

    What do I do after the boss fight with Merizando in the Wyvern quest?
    After I beat the boss and take to Michiru, I can’t leave the room.

  93. Anonymous permalink

    I get a Directshow error, how do I solve this?

    • A quick google search says that it might be because it’s trying to launch in fullscreen, or an issue with directx. Try searching for “Rpgmaker direct show error” on google and look through some of the rpgmaker threads. It isn’t an error unique to VH.

  94. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome. Can someone upload this pre-patched like the last release? It would be greatly appreciated. :)

  95. Anonymous permalink

    For some reason I can’t do the murder quest. The guild girl keep saying I need more ability before she give me the quest. What do I need to do?

  96. Anonymous permalink

    Works fine, except that the diary is untranslated

  97. Anonymous permalink

    I’m having some trouble here. I can run it just fine, and everything is in English, but the inputs are all screwy. Alt is confirm, and the movement keys are scattered everywhere. I’m not even sure they stay the same. From a quick test, everything in the row starting with Z opens up the menu. Any help here?

  98. Anonymous permalink

    i am having this problem ho i resolv this?

  99. Anonymous permalink

    excuse me can you tell me the password in this ?
    i don’t konw

    • Use the more recent patch (The most recent post in the VH category) instead. I passworded all the old ones so that people wouldn’t download the old versions by mistake.

  100. Thanks for the great effort, i was waiting for this. Believe it or not, it is highly appreciated.

    Greetings, Anonymous

  101. Anonymous permalink

    you sir are a god among men

  102. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve followed all of the directions to a T, and the RPGTrans program stops moving at “Examining Game Structure.” It doesn’t freeze, or even tell me whether it’s working or not. The bar won’t move. I’m doing all of this with AppLocale in Windows 7 x64. Any ideas?

  103. Anonymous permalink

    Hi, I followed the instructions listed and was able to create the translated folder and move the panaorama and other folder into the translated folder, but now I can’t run the game through applocale. I checked and I’m still able to run the untranslated version just fine. I’m running windows 7 and I get an error message that includes Japanese symbols that I don’t understand, followed by the file path (I tried moving it to C:\ to see if that would help) and then some additional Japanese symbols. Has anyone run into this error before?

  104. Anonymous permalink

    Nevermind, I figured it out.

  105. Serioulsy dudes, a .zip with RTP+translated map included will be better.
    Thanks for your work RogueTranslator anyways.

  106. wat permalink

    “Step 2: Download the 10-25-2011 version VH game off the Japanese site. . Put ‘vh” as the password, and click the button”

    I’ve tried this captcha over and over, it claims

    “Incorrect input or selected alphanumeric authentication. (Vh) back to the input screen”

    In other words it looks like they changed the keyword or something else is wrong. As far as I can tell there’s no other way to get this exact version. Can’t it just be mirrored on mediafire or something?

    I managed to get 120104, followed these steps to the letter, translated game is still showing up in japanese.

    • Vkun permalink

      Ah, I was re-reading the comments and noticed you have the same problem as me.
      Is your trans thing also not picking up the patch automatically, as claimed by the step by step tutorial?
      I’m not sure when you posted this, there don’t seem to be any time codes on these comments.
      Lets hope someone will know the solution to our problem and delivers it to us soon.

  107. Anonymous permalink

    sorry im a noob at at this but. do i need to download rpg game maker and if i do can some one tell me where i can find possible free version? thank you

  108. Evan permalink

    I don’t understand.
    I’m certain I followed all the instructions, and still I get an error. the error happens after I start the game. I chose nanako, and the normal game, and then it fades to black and then crashes.
    I have a screenshot, and would like to send it to you via e-mail.
    could you contact me here or via my email to help me fix this?

  109. Anonymous permalink

    I’m having an issue with the translator. I’ve installed an earlier VH translation you’ve done using it before, but now it just hangs at “Examining game file structure”. When I look at the log it creates, this is in the log over and over:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:\Python26\lib\multiprocessing\”, line 69, in worker
    File “”, line 5697, in getJobs
    File “”, line 5420, in patchingPart1
    File “C:\Python26\lib\”, line 54, in getmtime
    WindowsError: [Error 123] The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect: ‘C:\\Users\\name\\Desktop\\New folder\\VH\\?read_me?.txt’

    Has anybody else got this?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nevermind, I forgot to run the patcher itself with applocale. Problem Solved.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Forgot to use applocale on the patcher, problem solved.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I am using applocale on the patcher, and I am having this same problem. Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

  110. CyberSurfer permalink

    I’m getting an error I can’t even make sense of.


    That is what it says….. I don’t even know whats wrong.

  111. CyberSurfer permalink

    Great…. Now I have another error.

    RPG Trans

    Cannot get zipimporter instance

  112. Anonymous permalink

    The patcher is stuck at examining game structure. I am running the patcher in applocale. I hope someone will tell me how to fix this, but I’m not too hopeful, seeing as several people have asked the same question, and been promptly fucking ignored.

  113. Anonymous permalink

    the rtp maker doesnt complete, error at 44%

  114. Anonymous permalink

    what’s the pass..

  115. For those who have a problem with RPGMaker Trans, try the older 1.91 version.
    Because the newer version 1.95a never worked for me.

    Sadly the older version gives this error message:
    “This version of RPGMaker Trans has expired. Please obtain a new
    version from”

    Changing my system date back to 2010 fixed this this.

    Check your directories/files permissions too.

  116. Vkun permalink

    I’ve got a nice one, I downloaded the latest (as far as I could tell) patch and RPGmakerTrans.
    Did everything in the tutorial, got the same thing as most people (empty drop down menu)
    I could however patch by finding the patch manually. This however did, absolutely, nothing…
    After the patch completed successfully, I tried the game and everything was in japanese.

    An unreliable patch I tried earlier did translate the main menu and first few lines of text, but made the game crash after some event was triggered (Possibly a version issue?)

    Anyways, if anyone could tell me what kind of problem would negate the entire translation, I think it will work somehow. My computer is set on japanese (don’t need applocale anymore :P)

  117. Anonymous permalink

    what is the password to the new dl link

  118. Anonymous permalink

    Ooooo noooo,what the password?

  119. Jack permalink

    Ye, Password please. And this is for Violated Heroine right? A full english patch right.

  120. Onera permalink

    I am doing it again and again, dosn’t work… maybe because I am using Windows 8? The game is still on japanese, the only thing bothering me is… on the Trans I have to click empty patch, or the Start button is blank…

  121. Onera permalink

    On step 7 the filed for overwriting are 5000+… what I am doing wrong?

  122. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t seem to get this to work I tried following the steps I’ve been able to install the rpgmaker and I’ve been able to run a prepatched version but I can’t seem to get it to work with just me doing it, I was woundering if you could post a prepatched version of the game so everyone even if they can’t follow those instructions. and theprepatched version THat I use doesn’t work completely, such as the east gate is always closed. anyway any help would be much appreciated

  123. Anonymous permalink

    My game is still in Japanese, and I’m certain I did everything right. Renamed the folder “VH”, put it an a folder, extracted Habasian, extracted the newest patch, ran the patch and selected the only thing available from the dropdown, and copied Pictures and Panorama to VH_translated. I run the program in VH_translated and the game works no problem, no crashed or anything. The problem is no English.

  124. Anonymous permalink

    For those (like me) who had the game still in japanese… don’t do as he say and copy the patch folder content INTO the main folder, instead, copy it the entire VH_patch folder. If you don’t, and create the patch folder (which I did) the patcher just make a dud and rewrite the game in japanese. It worked for me afterwards.
    Also don’t forget to launch both the patcher and the game in japanese.

  125. Anonymous permalink

    About the whole Rin/Nanako/Maid thing i got all 4 of the maids scenes (desk masturbate, toilet, bed, and peeping) i also got to rank 3 in arena and was told by gerbea that tournment was a work in progress. and rins name was cleared agmonst the guard but not the populace so she is back in the office. The thing i want to know is why is her helmet not on the desk in debug mode anymore? Did they take it out while they were updating or what?

    • Anonymous permalink

      From what i have read the helmet is used to raise her affection for you. Is there a way to do this without the helmet and please if you say the sex thing i would like to tell you that i tried it that way at different times with nanako only in horny state as well as both and just to clarify how often i did this nanako got pregnanat 4 times while i tried this

  126. Anonymous permalink

    Can anyone help me? When I try to follow all the steps the game is in Japanese. It launches without a problem though. What am i doing wrong?

    • Bob Bobertson permalink

      Are you launching the game with RPG_RT.exe in the VH_translated folder?

  127. Anonymous permalink

    I have no idea what i am doing wrong tried most combinations with little tweaks yet the game is still in japanese… Was looking forward to this :(

  128. Anonymous permalink

    The start is all japanese but when i get to play it turns english. Is there any important selection at the beginning?

    • Bob Bobertson permalink

      If by “the start” you mean where you select which character if so then yes, thats meant (as in it hasn’t been translated yet) to be in Japanese. A lot of random NPC dialogue like non-important villagers, guards, etc is in Japanese too. Merchants, important plot characters, quest givers and the like are translated though. It’s playable (and enjoyable!) but a lot of the extra fluff is still Japanese.

  129. Anonymous permalink

    Hi friends, what is the password to download the patch

    • Bob Bobertson permalink

      Which patch is this? For the patches off the VH wiki try either vh or nanako. Not sure about this one.

  130. Kaz permalink

    Password for mediafire please.

  131. ThePervert permalink

    dude i would like the password and or something to help with this……fix now please

    • jason johnson permalink

      just use the latest patch the one at the top of the vh list the translator put passwords on the old files so people wouldent download them by mistake

  132. jason johnson permalink

    i am so deeply happy i can understand now just the basics would have been enough for me to play this incredibly fun game i mean ive playing it for ages without being to understand a single word and activating things without a clue what they would do lol

  133. Anonymous permalink

    I’m stuck at step one. I downloaded the rpg maker 2000 from Don Miguel. I tried to run the rtp and it still gets to 44% and flashes an error message. I do not know what I’m doing wrong, and have read the two posts which tell me what to do. Please help

  134. Anonymous permalink

    Hey whats the password for mediafire

  135. Anonymous permalink

    PASSWORD WHAT IS IT?????????

  136. Administrator permalink

    Is anyone going to respond to the “What is the password?” question?

    Thank you

  137. john permalink

    as anyone home O_o the patch is dead

  138. Anonymous permalink

    Mort :(

  139. Anonymous permalink

    So I’m in the Capital but I can’t seem to find the guard’s office, can anyone tell me where it is please?

  140. Anonymous permalink

    The link for step 2 is gone.

  141. the link for the game is gone T^T please can anyone help?
    i really wanna to play this game!!! im interested in it…

  142. i actually nvr played this game b4 when i first saw it i thought i wanna to try then….. i try to find the link and none of them are working i even had rpg maker 2000 rtp installed

  143. Anonymous permalink

    2nd step link still broken :c

  144. GeraldDacle permalink

    Kozinak polka
    Вопросы и ответы

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