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November 10, 2011

So moving along to the next patch. As I said before, it’s going to be Serena + other misc areas. Namely; Slave Market, the Eastern Ryokan and the Goblin Bride Event. Updating from 8/20 to 10-25 also introduced a lot more stuff in Hot Spring Town for Serena (and some for Nanako). Hit the “more” button for the full list of MAP files that will have more stuff to them, as well as their line sizes. Areas written in English without any stars by them mean that’s how many new lines are in those areas. Most of them are for Serena’s stuff.

The next patch will be roughly 1/4 of what the Capital one was. The ?’s are what they’re listed as in the official MAP list. I guess they haven’t formally named the areas yet.

18    ●ID0084:洞窟1F《ゴブリンケイブ》
17    ●ID0232:洞窟5F《ゴブリンケイブ》
23       ID0267:Goblin’s Nest (Goblin cave)
37     ID0434:ゴブリンの家《ゴブリンケイブ(南西の洞窟)》
45     ID0435:ゴブリンの玉座《ゴブリンケイブ(南西の洞窟)》
29     ID441: ?
301     ID443: ?
52     ID444: ?
46     ID445: ?
154     ID449: ?
68     ID450: ?
96     ID451: ?

Total Lines: 886

Slave Market
294    ▲ID0123:奴隷市場《奴隷市場》
92    ▲ID0124:奴隷市場(ななこver)《奴隷市場》
79    ▲ID0125:奴隷ED《奴隷市場》

Total Lines: 465

Eastern Ryokan
219     ID0187:金峰楼《金峰楼》

Serena + Updated Hot Spring Town
600      Commoneventdata
134     ID0009:Bar (Spa Town)
278    ●ID0028:Small Room 2 (Mino Cave)
51     ID0031:Goblin Extermination Defeat (North Spa Town)
10    ●ID0032:Mino’s Room (Mino cave)
219     ID0033:Mino’s Room (Defeat) (Mino cave)***
94     ID0042:Public Toilets (Spa Town)
43     ID0122:Slum (Capital)
38     ID0189:Guild Underground FrmrHsptl(Spa Town)***
19     ID0211:Hotel 2f (Henry) (Spa Town)***
34     ID0334:Innkeeper’s Room (Birth) (Spa Town)***

Total Lines: 1520

Overall Total: 3090

From → Information, VH

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Glad to hear it, was playing a little bit of serena earlier and its still really buggy, but some of the animation is in there. Is it planned to have a scene for every H-scene both nanako/serena?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I would imagine they plan to have it for most, but I have the feeling they will probably get sick of having to redraw the art for both

  2. Anonypoose permalink

    Answered my goblin bride question. Just wondering, I saw some sprites of Ashley, eirika, lin/rin and loli mage getting fucked in the charset, Im having fun watching them get fucking silently in my rpgmaker 2000 but I wanted to know if they are shown getting fucking anywhere in the game already, unless those sprites are just there for future releases?!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Go to debug mode. Go to the stairs just opposite the Inn in onsen town, talk to the squid. pick the first option. It lets you pick the characters then to play as them, including rin, ashley erika and the mage

  3. Claws61821 permalink

    Well, you can always use the Debug Squid to have those characters switch places with Nanako – other than that, I have yet to even find any of the characters in the main game (as Nanako) besides Handen, Rin and maybe Eirika, or a way to get party members attacked in the wild. Of course, I’m sure someone will soon commense solving both of those mysteries in detail in reply to this, and equally sure there are many here who wish they could already drag all of the loli characters back to Orc Town.

    • Claws61821 permalink

      Sorry, I meant ‘Goblin Nest.’ Honestly, unless I’m just geographically confused from apparent vagaries, that place seems to have a different name every time it’s mentioned here.

      • Anonymoosepoose permalink

        What debug squid?

        • Claws61821 permalink

          Start the game in debug mode. You’ll spawn either in a field of sprites or in Onsen Town; in the first case go up the stairs bottom-left, then go down the stairs to the left; in the latter case, just go left and down the stairs. You’ll be in another field of sprites, and one near the stairs will be a green squid which will offer to replace Nanako with another character. The loli mage you mentioned is, I believe, エルメイル (Erumeiru) on the second page and will be labelled ‘Youjyo’ (not bothering with the kana because my IME hates the textbox) in the menu and diary, iIrc.

          • Anonyfish permalink

            So wait, that means when I change char, their sex animations will play?!

          • Claws61821 permalink

            Yes, Fish; that’s what that means…when they’re available and coded properly.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You get animations with Ashely if you fail during the bandit quest.

  4. fapfag permalink

    Magnificent Rogue strikes again! Nanako loves you!

  5. Take your time on the next patch and try to make it a significant update (like a whole area for Serena) than just releasing pieces.

    • Anonymous permalink

      As much I want a new patch I agree. If you were to release a new patch in less than a week then you’ll just tire yourself out. I’m glad you’re doing the misc areas (will this include any debug events?). I think your next major patch should be the city where you fight the Wyvern from accepting the last quest in the Capital, Aizen I think. It’s probably where most people will go next after Capital City.

      • Aizen is only 900 lines though. A lot of the other areas, barring the Orc Country, are all less than 1000 lines a piece. I figured I’d bundle in multiple areas for each place until getting to the Orc Country. If people are using the patching program, “releasing a patch” for me is just uploading a 2 mb zip file. It takes very little effort on my part.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Yeah, I’m all for releasing patches whenever you want.

          On another note, will you be updating the game version again? This release is more buggy than the last. Plus there’s a few lines that got missed between vesions. Though I’m guessing it would be hard to tell when the optimal time to upgrade would be. (I heard there was a new update out, but I don’t know how often they normally update) Which leads to another question. Do you follow the Japanese development or have any contact with the developers? As always, Thanks for you work.

          • I haven’t decided yet. It’s slightly annoying to have to recheck missed/changed lines if I update versions, and it’s especially annoying for everyone else to have to re-download a new version and transfer saves, etc… I updated to a newer version because of bugs with the last version, but newer bugs were introduced (arguably worse than the old ones, too). If I update to a newer one again, the risk is that there would be even more bugs. There’s usually an update every few days.

            I read their BBS on occasion, but I don’t keep in contact with any of them.

          • /d/mod permalink

            Rouge, do NOT update past 11/7 versions yet, the capital is undergoing some major renovations along with the storyline, although your patch still works for the most part.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Just wanted to tell you that there’s a typo when the doctor examines the corpse of the crime scene

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Question (I don’t know where to ask): Is MGQ1 ver1.10 going to be translated?

    • He just officially put it out today… It wouldn’t take long to actually translate the changed parts. The issue is trying to merge the small amounts of changes into the English one… I’m not quite sure how to go about this yet. If I think of a good method, I will.

  8. fapfag permalink

    Hai Rogue, me again, lol.

    Want to tell you about the brothel in capital, Nanako can work there as whore, but the owner dialogue is messed up. The owner saying like Nanako already a regular there but it’s the first time Nanako come actually. Examples like owner saying, “you already know the rules right? go out there”, but i never read any dialogues about him explaining the rules to Nanako before.

    • bighawk permalink

      That’s… bizarre, I didn’t have any such problem with it. When I went, Nanako was treated like the first timer she was.

      • fapfag permalink

        Really? How come my first time coming is different… weird… but it’s not affecting the gameplay so i guess it’s fine.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    A true bro.

    Good luck on your endeavors.

  10. fapfag permalink

    Rogue, another question, i found this after i change Nanako title into succubus and finishing Mel’s quest to learn the seductive dance skill.

    When i opened the secret diary and went to see the title section, suddenly the game crash with message “Unsupported PNG Image” and the game closed. This not happen when Nanako still a martial artist, i can still see her title dog’s mother – with child that time. Now i can’t see the title section anymore since it always crashing the game.

    Any details on this? :(

    • /d/mod permalink

      either one of your pictures is corrupted, or I didn’t make one of my png files 255 colors. try applying the pictures again.

      • fapfag permalink

        Which “pictures” you mean?

        • Claws61821 permalink

          The pictures in the \Panorama\, \Picture\ and \各種ドキュメント他\ directories, mostly, thought there are plenty of others that could be at fault. I don’t feel like looking right now, myself, to try to figure out where the Titles are kept.

          • fapfag permalink

            Erm, no, what i mean is, which picture folder must i use? Untranslated ones or already translated from using habisain tool?

        • /d/mod permalink

          you should only have one folder in your VH project named “Picture”. Habisan tool doesn’t patch the picture so you need to copy the pictures provided in the patch into the VH folder preserving the directory structure. Make sure the image names copied correctly as well.

          • /d/mod permalink

            nope, this one’s my fault. The image titled “称号「淫魔」” was incorrectly saved as a 32bit image instead of as a 255 color image as it should have been. I’ll fix it for Rouge on the next patch. You can put the original Japanese one in for now to fix it.

  11. deadgirl permalink

    Right on!! I can’t wait till then, keep up the good work!!

  12. kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

    There’s a bug ingame causing the character not being able to change equipment. I don’t know what exactly caused it but whenever i want to change equipment no matter where im located i get message “U’re not allowed to change equipment here” or something similar. Any1 else had problem like this?

    • That’s the ARPG equipment restriction mentioned at the start of the game. Inspect the goddess statue in hot spring town to change it. The default doesn’t allow you to re-equip or change items in the field. It should allow you to do it in the city though…

      • kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

        I don’t think thats it… I went to the statue and tried both options and still couldnt change equipment.

        • Weird, seems like a variable got messed up somewhere and it always thinks you’re in the “unable to change equipment” state. Did you accidentally talk to those variable changing debug merchants in hot spring town?

          • kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

            Nope , It happened somewhere in Citadel but how, when or where i really dont know. I just noticed i was missing some gear and wanted to change it inside inn and i got that message ” you cant change” then i was like wtf… tried going to hotspring and different places but its always the same…..

            I did trigger inside public office ( inside rins office ) that box i dont even know what its for….

          • /d/mod permalink

            yeah, it’s another switch. you’ll need to trigger another event where you take your clothes off, like a bath.

  13. X-Calibar permalink

    I think I’m probably near the end of the Spa City’s quests… (Does it have a name?!)
    Lovin’ the translation! Can’t thank you enough xD

    I was wondering when you finally reach 100% translation for your current VH version, do you want an editor or something to double check text? I noticed some issues here and there, mismatched names, a few wording/spelling/line issues and such…

    • The end of the storyline quests for hot spring/spa/onsen town doesn’t have an official quest name, but I’d call it the Ashley Rescue arc, or something. I’ll look at editing once I’m caught up. Until then, it’s not something I really want to concern myself with.

      • /d/mod permalink

        the variable that controls the progression though it is called “盗賊団フラグ” in the code lol

      • X-Calibar permalink

        I’m getting near the end of all the capital quests content… Just wanted to add… YOU ARE THE MAN! :D

        btw, is there a way to raise charm without cheating? (witch’s book or debug)
        Seems like every day charm goes up or down randomly?

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone happen to know where to start with Serena’s heirloom quest? It talks about visiting the commercial district, which I assume is to the top-right of the inn, but there doesn’t seem to be any event when talking to anyone.

    • Claws61821 permalink

      You need to go to the Bank in the Commercial District. From the Adventurers’ Guild, go: East, North, North, West, North, North. You can’t miss it.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    There’s one area that has remained untranslated in the guild: the slate on the right hand side.

    • Is that the ranking chart? I have a low priority on non-necessary images since they have a high time-investment for low return. I’ll do it at some point…

      • /d/mod permalink

        somebody posted those images translated on an earlier blog post

      • X-Calibar permalink

        Here are the missing guild list images :

        I just matched up the Japanese image with the pre-existing translated image, and lined them up as best I could, after testing in-game. However, after really playing the game, I noticed the names aren’t always right…
        Hanten in the game is translated Hang Ten on the image ^^;

        I’ll fix or do some images if you give me a translation~ (game over screen/title screen for instance)

  16. Anonymous permalink

    This game is awesome.
    Thank you very much for translating it!

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rogue. Not sure if you already have this link in your possession but it is Monster Girl Quest related. It’s in all Japanese so I’m having a tough time with it. Google translate helps a bit but not much. Maybe you will find some use for it. Also for everyone else it gives you a sneak peak of some of the monsters coming out next as well.

    Also. This next link shows other stuff related to the people that made it (I think…seems like it anyway)

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks man for your awesome job :)

  19. deadgirl permalink

    Hey rogue i’m back baby lol, i was just wondering if you had a time frame yet??

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