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VH Status Info 11-18-11

November 18, 2011

Since the last patch, my pace has slowed down a lot. Primary reasons are Skyward Sword and catching up on anime from the last two seasons. Also as I said before, I’m going home for Thanksgiving, so there won’t be any progress thurs-sunday next week. Here’s the list of the MAP files and the line count for the next patch. The common event text was only 2/3 of what I was guessing it would be, so that number was scaled down from the last post.

Since this patch will have events in old areas (Both with Nanako and Serena), I’m keeping a running event list for each added event as I do them.

0/18    ●ID0084:洞窟1F《ゴブリンケイブ》
0/17    ●ID0232:洞窟5F《ゴブリンケイブ》
0/23     ID0267:Goblin’s Nest (Goblin cave)
0/37     ID0434:ゴブリンの家《ゴブリンケイブ(南西の洞窟)》
0/45     ID0435:ゴブリンの玉座《ゴブリンケイブ(南西の洞窟)》
0/29     ID441: ?
0/301     ID443: ?
0/52     ID444: ?
0/46     ID445: ?
0/154     ID449: ?
0/68     ID450: ?
0/96     ID451: ?

Total: 886

Slave Market
0/294    ▲ID0123:奴隷市場《奴隷市場》
0/92    ▲ID0124:奴隷市場(ななこver)《奴隷市場》
0/79    ▲ID0125:奴隷ED《奴隷市場》

Total: 465

Eastern Ryokan
0/219     ID0187:金峰楼《金峰楼》

Serena + Updated Hot Spring Town
377      Commoneventdata***
0/134     ID0009:Bar (Spa Town)
0/278    ●ID0028:Small Room 2 (Mino Cave)
51     ID0031:Goblin Extermination Defeat (North Spa Town)
10    ●ID0032:Mino’s Room (Mino cave)***
0/219     ID0033:Mino’s Room (Defeat) (Mino cave)
94     ID0042:Public Toilets (Spa Town)***
43     ID0122:Slum (Capital)***
38     ID0189:Guild Underground FrmrHsptl(Spa Town)***
19     ID0211:Hotel 2f (Henry) (Spa Town)***
34     ID0334:Innkeeper’s Room (Birth) (Spa Town)***

Total: 666/1297 – 51.4%

Overall Total: 2867

666/2867 – 23.2%

New H Events –
Serena Innkeeper ending
Serena and Henry
Nanako pregnant dungeon
Serena Bathroom
Serena Goblin Defeat

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the heads up. Out of curiosity, what animés are you watching?

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Enjoy TG.

  3. Eats lots of turkey!

  4. Teamamerica permalink

    Skyward Sword is a great reason to do nothing.. I’ll be doing “nothing” all next week :P

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Happy thanksgiving!.

  6. asd permalink

    It’s ok, enjoy yourself and keep up the good work!!

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Thank god he hasn’t discovered Skyrim

  8. deadgirl permalink

    Um what version is 11-11-19 is that the newest one?

    • Anonymous permalink

      As of today (21/11/11) Yes it’s the newest, but they release patches almost every 4 or 5 days and as far as I know the translated patch that Rogue has so graciously made is based off an older version of VH ( 3 versions ago now I think ) and there has been MAJOR changes to the capitol since then, especially in the newest 111119 version, there’s a whole new storyline with a fairy that I believe starts back in the forest just outside onsen town. A lot of the changes in the capitol though are purely cosmetic and if you REALLY want the latest version , go ahead and get it, I can’t say I’ve noticed too many places where japanese text pops up, bar the new story line that is

      • Claws61821 permalink

        I noticed some of the events for the Fairy quest/arc/storyline a couple versions ago, partially translated. From some of the things said in one of them, it actually seems to start in Beach Town/Small Island (which, btw, is apparently Serena’s home).

        • Anonymous permalink

          Oh right, I just presumed the fairy was the same one that’s in the witches basement in the forest in spa town.

          Really? Huh, you learn something new every day, I know that when you play as serena in the capital and if a person doesnt know who you are they’ll talk about your family, but they talk about it as if she lives in an ENTIRELY different region

          • Claws61821 permalink

            Yes, well…I was glancing through a couple of events that I had noticed had alternate dialogue and trying to figure out what the necessary variable related to – the only thing I found in common was a name. Searching through the patch files for that name netted about five results, one mentioning something along the lines of ‘When I first saw her with Beretta on the Small Island I thought she was a child, but she was actually a fairy.’ Then I tried to find her in-game, looking throughout the whole of Beach Town without success, and came across a mansion which looks identical to Serena’s intro scene inside (and where there’s a Crash Error if you go left). Never did figure out what triggers her appearance, but opening RM2k back up showed that she’s supposed to be in the southwestern beach just below the Train Station.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Enjoy these holidays, you’ve defintely earned it.
    btw VH has been great. :D

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Dude, the work has been great so far, thanks again, take as much time as you need!

  11. Somethingawful permalink

    VHゲーム01_111119 released!
    Write vh on the top box to dowload

  12. Anonymous permalink

    I found a way to trigger the Rin ending in the current 111024 but you haven’t translated Map0269 (the best part ;_; ).
    Could you please add that map to the next patch?

    • fapfag permalink

      Oh? this one is interesting. How to trigger Rin’s ending if i may know? already got all the Hinano’s events, but nothing after that. Only h-event including Hinano and new guard captain.

    • Is it possible to reach it without using debug or directly modifying the variables? The whole event was so buggy when I was trying, I didn’t bother. I’m hesitant to invest the time doing it when I have the feeling that it will be changed/edited/re-written and render what I did wasted effort.

      • Anonymous permalink

        No, you need debug mode at least to get past the two guards blocking the entrance at night.
        But besides that you can get it with an unmodified 111024 game.

        I came across one gamebreaking bug (going into Rins office during the day with Rin aroused) that caused the game to go black but that was resolved by simply changing an 8 to a 9.
        But that event is not necessary to progress the Rin ending.

        • Ah, I’ll hold off on it then. They’ve been changing a lot of Hinano’s stuff around.

        • Claws61821 permalink

          Actually, you don’t need the debug at all for the guards; there’s a subtle gap between the lower table and the outer wall that Nanako just fits through and is never guarded. You can also get rid of the black screen by going back into the building (or presumably into any other) soon after it appears.

        • /d/mod permalink

          Hopefully that will all be resolved when they finally FINISH the capital quests. There are no variable requirements for Rin’s H scenes other than the companion flag, and they changed the way the routes work so now Rin’s H scenes can be triggered in the capital while she is in the safe house. If they don’t fix it soon I will lol.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    “already got all the Hinano’s events”
    You already saw Hinano masturbating on Rins desk, in the toilet, on Rins bed and have Hinano spy on Nanako and Rin while they’re doing it?
    If so then all you need to do is use Rins helmet a couple times to increase relationship with Rin and then talk to Rin to trigger the final event.

    • Claws61821 permalink

      Bah; why cheat and use the helmet when you can get the same result by just continuing to repeat your ‘meetings’ with Rin?

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Hi, can someone tell me how to start the goblin bride event? i already have the goblin ball and talked with the blue haired guy that told me to sell it immediatly, then im suppose to talk with Mel but she does not start the event. Im doing something wrong?

    Thanks and sorry for my bad english xD

    • Anonymous permalink

      You need to get killed in the field with the goblin pearl in your inventory.

  15. Monceber permalink

    I’ve got a question regarding walkthrough of the Violated Heroine, and if someone can help me with advice I’d be gratefull.
    So, the thing is about Little Witch (which stays in the Vine House, which is located in Onsen Town) – while playing as Serena, it seems that I can’t get a quest from her. According to wiki, you need to have over 80 hp, and read the book on the shelves. But the thing is, that after reading “There’s another smell here beside the blood” there’s nothing with the book, and Little Witch doesn’t wish to cooperate – dialogue ends with “(weird girl…)”, said by Serena.
    So, the question is if someone knows a solution to this situation, or is that a bug?

    Thanks for your attention.

    • I haven’t tested that event with Serena at all yet, but it’s possible that it just simply isn’t triggerable by her.

      • Claws61821 permalink

        It was triggerable with all the PCs a few versions ago, though I don’t recall the exact requirements. I doubt that’s changed since, unless they suddenly removed it entirely.

        • /d/mod permalink

          they started loading the Max HP variable built into rpg2000, so NANAKO’s HP must be over 80 in order to trigger the event for any character. I can fix it if you’d like.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Hi , i cant get the range attack and i am stuck on the last stage fighting with a little black witch in the undead village on quest called ‘Rescue at the Valley of the Wyvern’. Can someone please tell me how to get range attack so i can hit that little bitch?

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