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VH Status Info 11-23-2011

November 23, 2011

Same dealio as before. Stars mean everything’s done for that map file, etc… I’m traveling for Thanksgiving, so nothing will be done from Thursday to Sunday.

Also, there will be a bonus in early December. What is it? You’ll just have to wait!

18    ●ID0084:Cave1F(Goblin Cave)***
17    ●ID0232:Cave5f(Goblin cave)***
0/23     ID0267:Goblin’s Nest (Goblin cave)
37     ID0434:Goblin’s House (Goblin cave) (Southwest Cave)***
45     ID0435:Goblin Throne (Goblin cave) (Southwest cave)***
0/29     ID441: ?
0/301     ID443: ?
0/52     ID444: ?
0/46     ID445: ?
0/154     ID449: ?
0/68     ID450: ?
0/96     ID451: ?

Total: 886

Slave Market
0/294    ▲ID0123:奴隷市場《奴隷市場》
0/92    ▲ID0124:奴隷市場(ななこver)《奴隷市場》
79    ▲ID0125:Slave ED (Slave Market)***

Total: 465

Eastern Ryokan
0/219     ID0187:金峰楼《金峰楼》

Serena + Updated Hot Spring Town
377      Commoneventdata***
134     ID0009:Bar (Spa Town)***
278    ●ID0028:Small Room 2 (Mino Cave)***
51     ID0031:Goblin Extermination Defeat (North Spa Town)***
10    ●ID0032:Mino’s Room (Mino cave)***
219     ID0033:Mino’s Room (Defeat) (Mino cave)***
94     ID0042:Public Toilets (Spa Town)***
43     ID0122:Slum (Capital)***
38     ID0189:Guild Underground FrmrHsptl(Spa Town)***
19     ID0211:Hotel 2f (Henry) (Spa Town)***
34     ID0334:Innkeeper’s Room (Birth) (Spa Town)***

Total: 1297/1297 – 100%

Overall Total: 2867

1492/2867 – 52%

New H events in old areas –
Serena Innkeeper ending
Serena and Henry
Nanako pregnant dungeon
Serena Bathroom
Serena Goblin Defeat
Serena Minotaur Defeat
Serena Waitress

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  1. Mkmd13 permalink

    Yea the bonus should be MGQ Part 2 translation!!! lol

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Sweet. It should be enough to entertain me for a while. My thanks to you RougeTranslator.

  3. Anonybro permalink

    Thanks for all your hard work till now! Enjoy thanksgiving and happy thanksgiving to yah. Im very thankful u took up translating this.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I shoot it is 1.10 version translation patch for first one.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Sweeeet :D Thanks a bunch for this!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    If it’s the second charecter in Thief and Sword, i’m going to be a happy dude.
    Thanks for your hard work irregardless, Rogue.

  7. Kyon permalink

    Are you going to make a full VH that is already patched?

  8. asd permalink

    KEEP IT UP!!!!!! DONT GIVE UP MAN!!!!!

  9. Mkmd13 permalink

    Or will the bonus be a translation of Succubus Quest??? Oh please be a translation of Succubus Quest!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Isn’t that quest already translated?

      • Mkmd13 permalink

        If it is, I have not seen it. Do you have a Succubus Quest already translated?

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Im guessing it be on of the other monster girls game that is out now lol lamia girl or flower girl lol

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Nice, keep the good work!

  12. fapfag permalink

    Se!re!na!, Se!re!na!, loli pregnant is the best!

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Do your translation work normally on version 111129? I heard there were scenes from older versions taken out of the game or changed

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Just want to add my voice to the people cheering you on. Amazing work.
    Looking forward to the translated slave market.

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