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Bad news

November 29, 2011

So, bad news; The power supply on my desktop just went out for no reason. All the stuff for VH is on that computer, so I can’t get to it (Without buying something to attach the HD to my laptop, which I’m not going to do).  The script and everything I’m using is a little more involved than just using wordpad, so that will be on hold until I get a replacement power supply (Just put in an RMA request. Damn thing only lasted a year and a few months, sucks).

But with bad news comes good news, I guess. The “bonus” thing I was talking about was something I was doing when I wanted a change of pace from VH, but now I’ll just work on nothing but that until I get the replacement power supply in. So that will probably show its head a week and a half earlier than expected.


I back up my stuff on an external HD every so often, so nothing is lost of course.

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  1. AngryAnon permalink

    Jesus. Someone get this man a new power supply.

  2. Anonymous permalink


  3. Feldercarb permalink

    Thanks for your hard work, RT. And thanks for letting us know what’s up.

  4. Anonymous permalink


    fuck monster girl

  5. Anonymous permalink

    You scared me for a moment. I thought you were about to say “I lost all the file and most start fresh!”
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    I know you said you don’t want to buy anything but I do recommend you get a caddy/enclosure for your hard drive(s) just in case.

    Mine has saved my data a few times.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    damn , someone please give my savior here a new fresh power supply ,

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Hell for latest releases ;D wink wink I would hook you up ? Set a donation ? To hell with RMA wait time

  9. Anonymous permalink

    You sir rogue are the most hardcore badass computer hacker pro/translator wizzard around kudos to your balls of steel

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Depending on what the bonus project is, that could actually be good news for me, since I’m not interested in VH.

  11. Kyon permalink

    what kind of desktop do you use?

    • No specific type, something I assembled from various parts off newegg.

      • /d/mod permalink

        out of curiosity, what’s the brand?

      • Kyon permalink

        I remember when I used to assemble a desktop from various parts. The power supply is always the biggest problem with any assembled desktop. The desktop I have right now has been running with no power supply errors for five years now. The only problem is that I have upgraded to a faster running laptop

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Aw that sucks, hope everything goes right in the end. I was like “oh shit, he lost everything” but that’s good to know that you didn’t :p

  13. Mkmd13 permalink

    Yea im with the Anonymous guy above. I dont really care for VH so this could be good news for me as well. I so hope the bonus project is Succubus Quest!!!

  14. Have permalink

    … Can it be the secound half of T&S? Could be.. Probably… Good to hear nothing was lost anyway :)

    Keep up the good work

  15. Anonymous permalink

    You almost gave me a heart attack with that title and first sentence.


  16. Anonymous permalink

    Whoever said Succubus Quest, I agree with that. That totally should happen.

    • I thought Succubus Quest was already being translated by someone on the monstergirlunlimited forum?

      • Mkmd13 permalink

        The project fell flat on its face. I have asked him/her where the translation patch is or how far he/she is and what he/she told me was to stop asking about it. So im just guessing he/she gave up on it.

        But you always seem to see every translation through to the end so thats why im hoping you would be translating it next :D

      • Blake81 permalink

        If you mean THAT patch, it has been dead for a looooong time, and it doesn’t seem like it will ever go alive again.

        Also RT, had you made any hardware upgrade to your PC lately? Like a new Vcard or something similar? If that’s so then I’d recommend you to buy a Power Supply with a higher Wattage. Long time ago I lost 3 Power Supplies in les than two months ‘cuz my Vcard was killing them.

        • Nope, no upgrades since I first assembled it. I bought a higher wattage PSU than I needed just so that I could upgrade other stuff down the line and not have to worry about it, too.

  17. Cio permalink

    Always hope for Succubus Quest being translated, so i’m in the same boat with Mkmd13 :D But still, it’s up to RT, and i will be glad whatever game he wants to translate :P

  18. Anonymous permalink

    +1 for SQ as well, now i really wanna know what the new project is.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    You should set up a donation box, PayPal or something. Many of us are willing to cough up a bit to see you through. Maybe you will get lucky and get a fat donation a person…Wink, wink, nudge nudge.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Have you considered putting all your work-in-progress stuff on Dropbox? It’s what I do, it’s saved my ass countless times. Good luck with your new PSU!

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue have you got an email? You should be financially compensated for your work.

  22. Ulpian permalink

    Latest VH has Capital CIty redesigned (building layout) !

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, I just wanna say, if you were gay, I’d suck your cock.

  24. Mkmd13 permalink

    I think I read somewhere that he doesnt accept donations because it makes it feel like work to him instead of just a fun thing to do on his time off.

    • There are multiple reasons I don’t accept them, of which that is one… Unless I lose my job, I’ll never ask for them either.

      • Anonymous permalink

        True however helping upgrades for you tower is nice ;D

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