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MGQ1 Patch Tomorrow

December 1, 2011

So like I said before, I’d able to put this “bonus” patch out earlier than I thought due to the power supply issue. So what’s in it? I had already said I’d do the 1.10 patch for MGQ, so that’s part of it. The bigger part is the “Monster Laboratory” addition to MGQ1. The “Monster Laboratory” was an add-on by some fans of the game to add in additional scenes/scenarios. There are around 16 or so made, and I translated the 13 I liked.

There is one scene for: Kitsune, All four bandits, dragon pup, chrome, lamia, harpy, goblin girl, and slime girl. Then there are three scenes for vampire girl, and two for Nekomata, a new girl. All the CGs used are the same as appeared in the game, except for the Nekomata who comes with new CGs. All the scenes are from Luka’s perspective, except for three.

The 1.10 patch has all of the bug fixes for the game, that new scene before the suck vore fight (very short), and a counter for every single attack in the game. The counter keeps track of exactly how many times you get hit by a certain attack, and how many times it brought Luka to orgasm. It isn’t retroactive, of course.

As for when it will be out tomorrow: Sometime in the evening tomorrow (Eastern standard time).

  1. Anonymous permalink

    You are my hero.

  2. Cio permalink

    Great! I’m looking forward for the Vampire Girl…

    Thanks RT…

  3. Anonymous permalink

    all of /v/ faps in unison

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Hahaha oh wo-… what? I’m looking forward to that.
    To the person above me: Please go back to /v/.

  5. fapfag permalink

    Bonus patch? But i even don’t have the Monster Laboratory add-on. :(

    Where can i get it?

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Pretty sure the add-on is going to be linked when they post the patch, since they’re translating it and all.

  7. Anonymous permalink


  8. Anonymous permalink

    You are great rogue. Thanks :D

  9. Mkmd13 permalink

    I remember playing these patches before in Japanese. The only thing that I didnt like about them is that there were no battles in them.

  10. Monti permalink

    And just when I thought ‘Nothing exciting is going to happen tomorrow’ Thanks for changing my mind, but their are 16, which ones did you translate, and I heard about Nekomata, she is the one of the 4 Heavenly Knights, or the only one that Luka has not encountered yet.

    • Anonymous permalink

      She isn’t one of heavenly knights. 4th is Slime (Queen I think can’t use google on images)

      • Monti permalink

        Ah yes, that is what I was referring to, a character with the wrong name, the slime creature you’re thinking of is Erubetie. I can’t read the style of writing on the site you gave to me, so if the information I gave, you already now then Im sorry. But thank you for the site.

    • The ones I did I listed on the post. The Nekomata has a battle with Luka in one of hers.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Damn, Im going to other city for a week tomorrow….(no internet)

  12. Kusojijii permalink

    I recently updated my operating system, and now when I try to run the game the text shows up very, very tightly packed together, and lots of letters are missing. I’ll install the 1.10 patch and see if it fixes the problem… if not, any ideas on what I could do?

    (I’m running Ubuntu, ftr)

  13. Anonymous permalink

    I think it’s a problem with WINE. I’ve had success with onscripter-en after applying the patch SomeLoliCatgirl made for it.

    You’ll have to compile from source. If you don’t know how, I can try to help. If you are on a 64 bit build, I already have the binary I’m using, and I think i’ve already built it into a .deb package.

  14. Kusojijii permalink

    Sooo, turns out that I can’t use the word-wrapping patch because it’s not compatible with patch 1.1. So, any other ideas about what I can do?

    • Sadly, no… The word wrap patch was made by modifying the executable. The 1.1 patch uses an updated version of nScripter, thus a new executable. SomeLoliCatgirl from the Hongfire forums would have to re-make it, if he feels so inclined.

      • Kusojijii permalink

        The oddest thing is that it worked just fine before I updated my machine…

        …Bah. I was going to install Windows at some point anyway.

      • Kusojijii permalink

        (To re-iterate just in case you missed it: I’m not interested in the words getting wrapped; I’m interested in the text showing up correctly. Currently, they’re so jumbled that “Mount” looks like “Murt”.)

        • Wait, what? Are you talking about overlapping text? In that case, it means you don’t have the correct font installed, or aren’t running with japanese locale correctly.

          • Kusojijii permalink

            Turns out that I hadn’t installed Japanese fonts on my PC… but the text STILL overlaps. What’s the correct font, then?

  15. Solstice permalink

    I… cant figure out how to use the patch with the game….
    I got the game (paid) from where you said to get it… managed to find the 1.1 patch. got it
    Now what? I can open the game fine…. its just jappy.

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