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MGQ1 Version 1.1

December 2, 2011

This patch is the full patch to bring any version of MGQ up to 1.1, plus the monster laboratory. Just extract it into your Monmusu directory, and overwrite every file. The nScripter version was upgraded, and it’s necessary to use the new launcher, so the old English word-wrapping executable sadly does not work…

Some of the file paths are in Japanese, so you may need to be in Japanese locale or run winzip/7zip in applocale for them to extract correctly.

Patch Location

Changes in the patch

The major changes in V1.10 are:

1. Introduction of the Monster Laboratory

— The Monster Laboratory is an easy way to add additional scenes to the game. I translated 13 scenes that were made by other fans of the game. If you look at the syntax in the example scenes, and the list_bgm, list_chara, list_se text files, you can add your own, too. Just type up the scene in the same syntax and use the mon_labo_convert.exe inside the same folder. Then add the folder name you created to list.ini (and increase the monster_num entry accordingly), and it will show up in the monster laboratory screen.

To access the Monster Laboratory screen in-game, choose “extras” from the title screen.

2. Skill Counts

— Every monster skill in the game now has a counter that shows how many times it was used against Luka, and how many times each brought him to orgasm. To access the count, click on the skill name in the Encyclopedia. This isn’t retroactive, so all entries will only start with “1” if you’re loading an old save.

3. Bug fixes

— Lots of them, everywhere

4. Name Changes

— The name changes I had mentioned before. Notably, Arumaeruma -> Alma Elma .

5. Two new scenes

— There’s a small scene before the Suck Vore fight, and additional lines for an “Accidental Ejaculation” for the Goblin Girl.

6. CG Changes

— Small, almost not noticeable, changes to Sara’s CGs. Basically, Luka gets nerfed.

7. Field2

— Field2, the famous Touhou music entry, was changed a little bit. The old Field2 is still in the bgm folder.

8. Encyclopedia Re-Fights

— When you re-fight from the encyclopedia, you can now choose “Evaluation” or “Re-fight” as an option, instead of automatically being sent back.

I believe that’s about it… If there are any issues, post them and I’ll fix them and re-post the patch.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Much obliged, RT. You’re already a hero to our particular kink community, and with this you surpass (roughly) Achilles status. The translation of the mon labo stuff was above and beyond.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, RT. You truly are a gift from Ilias

  3. Anonymous permalink

    im getting a error saying “NSA moonspeak bg\bg047.bmp 099.txt line:100883 add sub 5 sub 2 add sub 5 bmp bs sub 5

    • Where, and doing what?

      • Anonymous permalink

        I really hope you reply to this soon. i just played the second game but i never played the first and the 1.1 patch from mediafire no longer works it was removed so if its not to much trouble it would be super awesome if you could reupload it or something. thanks again

  4. Anonymous permalink

    nvm i fixed it i guess i had a bad copy of the game dled it again and it works now

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, RT, you are the best. I can’t access the Monster Laboratory though, when I click it from the Extras menu all I see is the background picture and “Choose which scene you wish to play…” but there is nothing for me to select. I tried clicking randomly around the page, and at one point I got something, but afterwards I was sent to a black screen where all the text was just blank.

    • Do you have the mon_labo folder in your monmusu directory? If so, do the filenames appear in Japanese, or in random glitchy symbols?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yes I do, and they appear in Japanese

        • What about the list.ini file? If you open that, does it look normal?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Ah that one has a bunch of weird characters >.<. How do I fix that?

          • You can either try re-extracting with applocale or something, or manually change each entry to be the same as the folder names.

  6. Cio permalink

    Just drop here to say Thank you RT :)

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Patch doesn’t work for me. I get to the screen where it asks me to select a screen. Only thing is it only lets me choose between 1 and 2. And even then it won’t let me actually do anything. Just cycle between 1 and 2

    • You might have the same problem as the other guy, with the incorrect list.ini file. Might need to re-extract using applocale.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    I got it to work the first time running winRAR with Applocale. Still had two files in japanese after I extracted the patch but it worked anyway. Files were 体験版からのデータ引き継ぎ(ゲーム初起動前に読んで下さい!) and 解説書 , whatever those mean. I can’t read moon runes.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Stopped being lazy and plugged them into google, 体験版からのデータ引き継ぎ(ゲーム初起動前に読んで下さい!) means Takeover data from a trial (please read first before starting the game!) and 解説書 means References. Hope this helps.

    • Oh, those are just text files from the creator with various info… They were actually part of the original game, not from any patch.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Stopped being lazy and plugged them into Google. 解説書 means References and 体験版からのデータ引き継ぎ(ゲーム初起動前に読んで下さい!) means Takeover data from a trial (please read first before starting the game!). Hope that helps.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    I’m sure this is a moronic question, but what exactly counts as an “accidental” ejaculation?

    • When a girl has a “super move” or something, it usually has a turn to prepare (Like insertion first or something) that usually does some damage. If that damage beats Luka, that’s what’s called an “accidental” ejaculation. They usually have special text that goes along with them.

      • Anonymous permalink

        i feel like I missed out a portion of the game because of this. Are there a LOT of accidental ejaculations in the game? :( Can you please point me out to the encounters that include this? THANKS a lot man, I really mean it.

        • I’m not going to go through the script, but I would guess around half of the monsters have one, or so. None of them have unique CGs attached, it’s just a couple extra lines.

          Basically, any monster that has a super move that requires a wind-up or insertion has it. So take the first monster, Slime Girl, as an example. Her “super move” is “Slime Heaven”. When using that, she first does the wind-up or whatever of “Slime Absorb” that deals 3 damage before she can use it. If that 3 damage beats Luka, it counts as an “accidental” ejaculation. She has a couple lines of surprise, then it continues as normal.

  11. Phosgene permalink

    Hello, could you tell my how to extract the contents from the .nsa files?

  12. Monster-Girl Lover permalink

    Hey there Rogue Translator, I was just wondering if you have any plans to translate any of the other scenarios, I have a feeling that fans would probably like the Petite Lamia Massage one as well as the Tentacle/Worm Villager one. The Beegirl one and the Alice’s Scary Night one are okay, but not as good as the first two IMO. Just a thought, I’m likely to try figuring out how you did this and try translating them myself if you’re not going too. I’m just not nearly as good as you at the whole translation thing.

    • I didn’t like those as much, so I really didn’t feel the want to. Of course, you’re free to do them if you want. All you have to do is include a patch with the additional folders and modified list.ini and it will work.

      • Monster-Girl Lover permalink

        Thanks, I’ll do that. Just to ask, you use normal text for the .ini file, correct? I’m just asking since I dunno if you had to do some trick to get the text to behave properly or something.

    • Old news I know, but where are the mods MGL mentioned? Can’t seem to find anything on google and the like… :(

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks RT!

  14. Anonymous permalink

    I really wish you accepted donations.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    How well did this sell? Didn’t expect fans to create add-ons for the game, let alone you translate them. Thanks a bunch!

    • It sold very well in Japan (Highest selling doujin game on DLsite and some others), and pretty bad on the english dlsite.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    You are a hero among men RT.

    Just a reminder: if you ever decide to take donations. you have my wallet.

  17. Any-on permalink

    Okay, Im abit confused here I extracted everything and when I try and open it, I put what I extracted into the folder that I put everything I extracted the whole game in the first time. But I get ‘NSA’ a bunch of lettering which I cant understand, then it says bg\bg001.bmp followed by more strange lettering, below that is 099.txt line:81603 then below that is

    Isp 107, “:a;system\logo.bmp”,79,100
    bg “bg\bg001.bmp”


    • You probably need to extract it in applocale with the japanese setting.

      • Any-on permalink

        Still not working. :c I have applocale and Japanese settings. But still I get the same thing.

        • Re-download the patch. I changed the folders/list.ini to english and reuploaded it to get around that problem people were having.

  18. Mkmd13 permalink

    Thanks again RT!

    I have got to say that the Neko one is the best one out of them all since it actually let you battle against her and the second Neko one seems like its going to spawn a story off of it (Which would be amazing!!!)

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Rouge Sir you made my day. I though that I will need wait to tomorrow to see new patch (because of time difference), but no :D Very pleasant suprise, thank you. Keep on rocking man ;)

  20. Megatron permalink

    Somebody Help ???
    I Extract it with AppLocale like u see in the tap but overwrite all but when i run it … it’s like normal and when i go extra and mon_lab it’s open open this , it let me choose no 1 and 2 and i have no another button like next…ok or something like that , anybody help?

  21. Anonymous permalink

    I still cant get monster lab to work. Its still blank. even if i fix the text in the list file and extract the patch with applocale. When i save the list.ini it says something about a unicode. i tried saving the list with all the codings and it didnt do anything. Im sad now :`(

    • Megatron permalink

      i too bro :(

      • Anonymous permalink

        Did the normal game work before you tried the patch?

      • Try renaming the folders in mon_labo to something in english, then changing the entries in the list.ini to be their exact english match. That may work, I’m not sure though.

  22. Megatron permalink

    it worked too after i aplied the patch all fine , but just the lab add on doesn’t work i stuck at the pick up scene screen :/ like in the image up

  23. yabusa permalink

    Thanks RT! =w=b

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Yea everything works fine exept that the monster lab wont show any scenes. I tried downloading it again without any luck. Patching with and without applocale. fixed the list.ini several times with all the diffrent codings. Nothing works T_T

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Which 13 scenes were translated?

    I just hope a Tiny Lamia one is among those.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    omg haha i figured it out. Im so stupid. I changed the name in the list to the folder names but while doing so i removed the 1=, 2=, 3=, etc so it didnt work. Im so blind sometimes :D

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Yeeaahh, I was wondering what was up with Luka’s penis in the Sara cg. Take a screenshot from before the patch and compare it with the new one for lolz. Oh, and BTW…

    You’re freakin’ amazing, dude!

  28. Anonymous permalink

    uhm, i mean names from the folders to the list, and by doing so i deleted the 1=,2=,3=, etc. I cant write sometimes…… Btw thanks to Megatron, i figured it out when i looked at you screenshot =) *thumbs up*

  29. Megatron permalink

    Yeaah ! It’s working . Thank u RT so much , everybody who have problem’s whit the patch just copy this in u MGQ folder and it should working all 13 add-on’s.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Ah yes, I just finished installing the patch and I seem to have found a bug. The music will cycle through a segment for 2 seconds until I make a mouse click. Be it title screen or gameplay, it will continue to be a broken record. I’ve never had this problem before, any suggestions?

    • I’ve had that problem when CTRLing rapidly through text… Wasn’t able to duplicate it consistently though. Are you able to duplicate it every time?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Hmm, it started happening every time I start the game since I applied the patch. I do notice my cpu is maxed, but I wouldn’t think just a data file patch would actually increase the cycles on my chip. It doesn’t matter too much though. The gold shines through mute.

        • The Noble Shade permalink

          Yeah, the audio is messed up now. Sound effects, voice clips, and the music consistently stutter into 2 second loops.

  31. Mirene permalink

    Hey, this might pique someone’s interest, it plays kinda similar to MGQ

  32. Anonymous permalink

    Are there instructions on how to script battles in the laboratory anywhere?

    • Battles themselves? No. You can’t do battles outside of the nscript.dat file. First, decompile it with the tools on , and look at some of the battles already in there. You can get a feel for how they’re separated into different areas, how different attacks call each other, etc… Once you make a battle inside the script file, you can then call it from the mon_labo folder scene (See the Luka vs. Nekomata one for an example of that).

      • Anonymous permalink

        So you have to change the nscript.dat every time you add a battle? Well, I guess that explains why there are no battles in the bonus scenarios. Also, exchanging your nscript.dat every time you want to play a different scenario would be a bother to the player… The code on the other hand doesn’t look too complicated.

        • There is a battle in the bonus scenarios, actually. It’s Luka against the nekomata. If people make something good, I’d be glad to add them all together and post them on this site. Look at the end of the script, you’ll see the nekomata fight that was added.

  33. Megatron permalink

    Sry for the stupid question but … are there cheats to beaten this game xDD a just can’t beat this fu**** cat girl :s i try everything … every skill but not :/ can u even beat she ???

    • Nope, no cheats. There is a very subtle hint in the text though…

    • Arry permalink

      Hit her when she’s otherwise occupied.

    • AnonJohn permalink

      You can’t beat her…

        • AnonJohn permalink

          The Nekomata? You can’t even hit her… She stops you your sword and throws it into a bush if you attack her while she is on top of you.

          • Yep… Read the text right before that really carefully, see if it gives you an idea.

          • AnonJohn permalink

            “But if she’s this close to me, maybe I can hit her…?”
            “Even though she’s staring right at me… Could this be my chance!?”

            The only clue I’m seeing is to attack her while she has you pinned down, but If you attack her like that she knocks your sword out of your hand and proceeds to rape you.
            Any skills you use on her misses and she says “That was dangerous”

          • There’s a way for her not to be staring at him…

          • AnonJohn permalink

            You can struggle and heal youself, but that only prolongs the inevitable…

          • AnonJohn permalink

            Ah!!! Ok I get it now.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Read backwards (or ignore it, if you want to figure it out yourself):

      .etar edave hgih lausunu na sah llits ehs hguoht ,yllamron reh elttab nac uoy taht retfA .reh kcatta neht dna ecno tiaW ot esoohc ,nwod uoy sworht ehs nehW

  34. Monti permalink

    I’m having the same problem as Any-on, I unzipped everything and it is all in english, when I click on Mon_que.exe in Applocate with Japanese settings, it asks for a language and I oput english, I press next and when the window pops up, I get the exact same thing as Any-on.

  35. Kanosint permalink

    Hey… I have trouble with my saves… Which is quite annoying after having a full 100% save (all achievements ‘n all that) before the patch, yet I still want to play with the new gals and the updates… Anything you chaps recommend?

  36. Anonymous permalink

    PLEASE TAKE MY DAMN MONEY I WANT TO DONATE TO HELP YOU, and thanks much for this new bit, its a great way to keep from going insane while waiting on the new game.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Gonna assume he can’t take money, because he’d be profiting off of a game he didn’t make and is translating without the consent of the developer.

  37. Anonymous permalink

    So… Do you think you can elaborate about “evaluation” vs “going back”; I can’t find a difference in fighting from the encyclopedia.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    Where did this catgirl come from? Is this like an extra from the publisher or was the entire CG an add-on by a fan?

  39. Anonymous permalink

    My big question is how do you add custom CGs like they did with the Neko? The custom battle scripts look (relatively) easy enough, and the basic story scripting even easier. Doesn’t do much good without being able to add your own CGs (or ones obtained from a booru).

    • Look at the story.txt inside the Marco folder in mon_labo. It has all the neko CGs that were just for that story. Or the Kitsune/Slime ones with custom sounds/music.

      OR you can use the insani nscripter dev tools I linked somewhere else in these comments, and pack up your stuff into a .nsa file and include them. If you look in the monmusu folder, you’ll see arc.nsa arc1.nsa arc2.nsa. Just add your stuff to an arc (Using the tools mentioned before), and name it arc3.nsa.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks Rogue,…I was looking at the Neko folder and trying to figure it out. Didn’t even notice the Marco folder. I wonder if I’m up to something like this?????

  40. Anonymous permalink

    First of all, thank you for your awesome work in translating all these great games for free. You do an amazing job. Now, on to my issue.
    Is it possible to upload the patch to somewhere instead of mediafire? I recently had to move and am currently staying in an extended stay hotel and the internet here blocks file sharing sites like that. I’ve tried using proxies, and while other blocked sites load fine, mediafire doesn’t load correctly. I’ve used several different proxies with the same result.
    I really enjoy playing the game and am quite excited about this patch. Keep up the good work and thank you for your time.

    • I use mediafire since it doesn’t have captchas or wait times, or any of that annoying crap on other sites. I can upload it somewhere else for you, but I don’t really want to get into the habit of uploading to multiple sites.

      • Anonymous permalink

        If you could do so, that would be great. While I haven’t had any luck yet, I’ll continue to look for workarounds for your future releases. Thanks again.

      • Anonymous permalink

        mediafire isn’t on the list although I’m sure it was there but this site allows you to upload a file on a bunch of other file hosts. The folks at Hongfire use it a lot too.

        Although out of all the file hosts out there, mediafire is the one I like the most.

  41. Anonymous permalink

    Hey RT, how do you select evaluation or refight in the encyclopedia? When I choose to battle again it immediately goes to the storyline battle? Am I doing something wrong? I don’t get any option or prompt about evaluation or anything. Also, thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into translating this game.

    • If you lose a fight after re-fighting from the encyclopedia, it gives you three options: Re-fight, evaluation, and back to encyclopedia. That’s where you can choose evaluation.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Doh! Thanks for pointing out the obvious. You rock.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    So I was just looking around seeing what changes you made and when I checked special configurations there was a new option; Additional Scene Cut which could be turned on or off. The default setting is off; but what does it do when turned on? Does anyone know?

  43. Juni221 permalink

    Pardon me for asking a stupid question, but you say to overwrite everything. Will that get rid of my saves?

    • Megatron permalink


      • Juni221 permalink

        Again, stupid question, but where exactly is the directory? I tried putting the files in the folder that already has the programs and stuff, but it didn’t overwrite anything. Did I do something wrong?

        • Juni221 permalink

          Please tell me, I’d prefer not to fuck everything trying to figure it out on my own.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Hmmm … the Jellyfish encounter seems to have lost the ability to request “Predation”. Was this intentional?

  45. Anonymous permalink

    Works like a charm, I wish, I could kiss your mind, Rogue!

  46. Kaeiz permalink

    some of the scene killed my heart especially the loli vamp part~
    thanks for translating!

  47. Jason permalink

    Figured I would start the fan-work effort;

    I made a scenario using the new Monster Lab tool. It took a while to make but the tool is actually very easy to use, it’s great. I was able to put this together just by studying the syntax of one of the given 13 scenarios.

    It features “Alma Elma” the succubus, one of my personal favorites.
    The story is called “Jason’s Special Adventure.” ‘Cause I’m orginal.

    DL it here:

    ***It requires the “black” bitmap image found in the “Slime” folder under the “mon_labo” directory.
    So the easy way to be able to play it is to just download the “story” file from mediafire link and copy it into the Slime folder which will overwrite it. Then you can play it by selecting it from the in-game menu.***

    Or you could create your own folder for it and have it added to the list of scenarios by editing the “list” configuration; the folder just needs to have that story file and the black bitmap file in it.

    If it gets any good reception I may make more or something…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Really can’t say you’re original because you named the title ‘Jason’s Special Adventure’ when it’s clearly obvious where you got the name of the character from. Not trying to hate on you, just saying.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You may want to recalibrate your sarcasm detector, as it’s clear that Jason wasn’t serious about his originality.

    • Anonymous permalink

      “ExCaliBAaaaaaaAAAAAaaaHHHHHHH!!!!” All of my lolz. Thanks for your effort.

  48. Anonymous permalink

    just wanted to say thanks!!! can’t wait for part 2… gonna try and make some fan stuff until then. i’ve mostly got the hang of it, i just can’t figure out why the game doesn’t like some sound effects…

  49. Anonymous permalink

    A technical question: Is there a way to force a line break without starting a new page when you create a game in the laboratory? (Example from main game:
    Oh brave Luka…”
    In the main game it’s solved with an @ at the end of the line, but in the laboratory it doesn’t seem to work the same way.

    • Sadly, no. The way nscripter handles English characters in strings doesn’t allow the @ to be used like in the normal script.

  50. Awesome!


  51. Malcanthet permalink

    Weird, I’m playing the Nekomata encounter, and every time I lose to her, it says the scene is unfinished and reverts to the Monster Laboratory. Is this intentionally unfinished or is it a bug?

  52. Squintz permalink

    lol Thanks a lot Jason. That wasn’t sexy for me at all, but I did bust a nut laughing. Good work. She’s my favorite character, so I hope she has an oral scene in the next game

  53. Kusojijii permalink

    OK, now who’s going to make the encounter with Torotoro being attacked by a Raptor Girl?

    (BTW, RogueTranslator, I still giggle whenever I read this phrase. Thank you.)

  54. Anonymous permalink

    I noticed in the Records section of the Monsterpedia it has ‘Took Arumaeruma’s Tail Drain Attack’. I assume either you forgot to change it, or I somehow screwed up when overwrote the files.

    • Ah, I did indeed forget. I did a search all to replace the names, not sure how that one was missed.

      • Monti permalink

        Perhaps the fact that the ones you changed were named ‘Arumaeruma’ when this one is named ‘Arumaeruma’s’ I know usually that happens, the computer tells a difference between the two names just because of that ‘s at the end.

  55. Empusa permalink

    Any idea when the save problem will be fixed? I’m worried I won’t be able to carry over my data when the full version of Part 2 comes out.

    • If you manually copy your save data from part 1 over to the Trial in part 2, it retains all the stats correctly. I don’t think there will be any issue with save transfers, myself.

      The issue with saving itself is an issue with the text attached to it, not anything with the file itself.

  56. Anonymous permalink

    i cant use it D: my antivirus blocks it D: is there a virus in it /?

    • Monti permalink

      Antivirus usually blocks something because something about it can’t be recognized. A virus is like a spring trap, as soon as you open it, it will be activated, Anti-virus cannot actually see if their is a virus in it, because that would mean it would have opened it, activating said virus. The game has software, etc. That the anti-virus cannot recognized therefore it ‘assumes’ their must be a virus in it, their should be an option asking you if you are sure you want to download, their is also an option for how strict you want the ant-virus to be, from High, Medium-High, Medium, or no protection at all, try setting the option down a level and then download, if that doesn’t work. Close out any open sites when you are downloading, disable your anti-virus and then when you have it, immediatly re-activate your anti-virus.

  57. Dan permalink

    The catgirl story wont start for me. Tried redownloading and changing locale. All I get when I try to start the story is this:

  58. Dan permalink

    Similar errors with half of the others storys. Strangly the scenes with the loli bandits (except vampire girl after 2) and kitsune marriage work without problems.

  59. Luis permalink

    the only problem (if it even is one)
    is during the scenes with the young bandits
    there is no music there are sound affects (actually one only has the ejac sound)
    other than that

    Thank you Rouge
    i played and am going to replay this game when part two is translated and done so i can play them together

    i just love the game and just,
    i love it is the best RP when i am not paying attention that it is also a rape simulator
    so yeah thanks

  60. Anonymous permalink

    everything works great, checked them all.
    p.s even with help from this thread i got stuck fighting that DAMN cat about 20 times,
    tried out jasons story and its jokes, makes me wonder if with custom image’s the story could work, now that i think about it yes since that DAMN cat wasn’t in the original.
    makes me feel like making one too!
    p.s.s- one k one error with the lab, nothing difficult but after winning against the cat, which i did last, when i wanted to return to the extra’s menu i would be placed back into the fight with however much(poh so little) health with the cat at zero hp. nothing big. just hit return to get out of battle and esc to leave the menu.
    MQ2 is going to be butter

  61. Anonymous permalink

    The patch works for me and it’s not a big deal but when I look into the records the “Most monster defeated by” line of text seems to overwrite the line that says that I recieved Alma Elma’s tail drain. Is there any way to fix that like re-downloadind the patch and replace the files I have or do I have to wait for another patch? Thank you for all your hard work on the game.

    • I’m not getting that error… Under what circumstances is it happening?

      • Anonymous permalink

        When I go to extra’s, then click on records I scroll over then at first shows “how many times raped by monsters” then I keep on scrolling then it say’s “most monster defeated by” instead of the line that say that I recieved Alma Elma’s attack

      • Anonymous permalink

        Never mind, I just started a new game and recieved the attack from her in story mode. The line showed up and no problems except that the name is still the same from the previous patch. Thank you again for your hard work.

  62. Dan permalink

    I’m such a derp… I was patching the trial, not the main game. That’s why it didn’t work.

  63. Anonymous permalink

    I still have that problem where the line where I recieved Alma Elma’s attack gets overwritten but I found out why it happens. When I earn the attack in either story mode or recollection mode theres no problem, but then when I view it again in recollection mode whether through battle or rape video it overwrites the line. Is there anyway to fix it or is it a problem that can be resolved in a future patch? Thanks you asalways for your hard work.

  64. Anonymous permalink

    I had some problems under linux, but managed to make it work somehow. I really like the game. Thanks for all the hard work translating it.

  65. Anonoymous permalink

    Um, I don’t know if it’s my problem but when I go to the mediafire link for the patch it just says “Preparing download…” and never change.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It is working for me. Try disabling your ad-blocks, if you have any.

  66. NetSage permalink

    Starting to wonder if I have a bad install or what. But, the game is crashing on me when the dragon pup uses the intense flame skill.

    • Never heard of a crash there… Can’t help you there, sorry!

      • NetSage permalink

        I was afraid of that. Thanks for the reply though and the great work :).

        • If you tell me the exact line in the script it’s happening at (Like, what was the last text that showed up) I’ll look to see what could be it, though.

          • NetSage permalink

            Well I re-downloaded it and re-applied your patch and it went fine this time. Sorry to bother you I guess :/. But, thanks again for your work.

  67. Anonymous permalink

    how do you work the monster lab becuse every time i open it it auto closes

  68. Anonymous permalink

    Every time I try to load conversion data or save transfer, ilias says she’s gonna do it and then it hangs at that text box, right there, nothing else happens. The game just sits there forever. I’m running in applocale and I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong… It doesn’t look like anyone else here is having this problem…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Even worse, I cannot actually continue anything by clicking. My virus scanner is off and I’m using applocale. I cannot advance any text with keyboard or mouse and I do not know why,

  69. Fanservicefan permalink

    Anyone have any idea how to add music to your Monster Laboratory creations? Or specific sprites for that matter (I know there’s a list but knowing which pic corresponds to which name would help a lot)?

  70. Anonymous permalink

    I have no idea what Im doing here the trail version of MGQ 2 works just fine but Part won’t go pass Iilus beginning and when i put the patch with it the game doesn’t go pass the title screen

  71. So Mediafire took down the patch you had linked. mind reuploading?

  72. hora hora permalink

    Yeah pls reupload it…..such a horrible movement from mediafire. :(

  73. Yuu_Narukami permalink

    Where I can DL “arc.nsa” only from MGQ1 ?
    Many thx

  74. Yuu_Narukami permalink

    Oh, I got it, thx

  75. hora hora permalink

    If i try to download the patch from i see just a empty website after clicking the download button. :( I use firefox…any ideas? :(

  76. hora hora permalink

    I hate my firewall…..she blocks it and now after i realize that…it works. So nevermind and very much thanks for reuploading. :3

  77. Kks permalink

    File is down :c

  78. Jeff permalink

    ok, I beat the game (thank you for a high quality english patch, by the way) and now all the side stories (except the squid girl) have completely VANISHED! what do I do to fix this?

  79. Jeff permalink

    sorry. typed in wrong section. meant for part 2, my bad

  80. Anonymous permalink

    hey, Dark, all slots full. Please try rapidshare (I know its bad but its reliable) or something like that. And yeah, the mediafire link is down.

  81. Rapidshare sucks huge balls. They make the downloads for stander users take forever. Comparison to mediafire: 6 mins to download a 199 mb download. Rapidshare: 1 hour to download a 199 mb download.

  82. Anonymous permalink

    The patch has been deleted. Reupload?

  83. Kaiser permalink

    This patch here has been removed from mediafire. Could you please reupload the patch?

  84. Anonymous permalink

    Can someone else please throw up a link to the file.
    The one dark did always says “All download slots for this file are currently filled. Please try again momentarily.”.

  85. Anonymous permalink

    can you put another links please mediafire removed that one

  86. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, anonymous re-uploader!

  87. William permalink

    Yeah, thanks man.
    You’re a life saver.

    …Although I doubt you’ll ever read this.

  88. Celebrim0r permalink

    Is there any chance to recieve the tools necessary to translate the game, i would like to try to translate MGQ1&2 into german Language.

  89. Vin Harek permalink

    It would seem your link no longer works.
    Same goes for your first patch as well.
    I’m…. “sniff”…. betrayed?

  90. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah, what happened to this patch? The download link doesn’t work; it just gives the message:

    “Invalid or Deleted File.
    The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.

    Still have questions, or think we’ve made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.”

  91. Anonymous permalink

    The links towards the English patch on mediafile has been deleted, this is posing a problem.

  92. Anonymous permalink

    The link is dead! PLEASE! FIX!

  93. Anonymous permalink

    Also, same poster as the last one here, NEVER use mediafire. It’s getting terribly unreliable as of late. Try dropbox.

  94. Anonymous permalink
    guys if u look up ull find it in the comments…

  95. Anonymous permalink

    credit to Cabo Btw

  96. Jason permalink


    Listen I tried to download the patch but it´s dissapeared, could you please reupload again please?

  97. Anonymous permalink

    Patch was removed. I know you are already taking a break after part 3 but if you could reupload that would be great.

  98. Anonymous permalink

    If anyone has this patch still and could put up a mirror in the comments here that would be great!

  99. Oh yeah dottor Mozzi is the best dector

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