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VH Status Info 12-5-2011

December 5, 2011

The RMA process for this power supply is going painfully slow, it’s obvious that their process is designed to be so cumbersome as to get people to give up. I don’t see myself getting it replaced for at least two weeks, so I bought a hard drive enclosure to get at my stuff in the meantime.

I got the stuff set up on my laptop now, so as of today I started working on VH again. I’ve said it before, but after this patch is out, then it’s on hold until MGQ2 is finished. I’ll combine the stuff I’m doing now with the stuff I did last week once I get the enclosure.

In other news:

1. The first English fan-made scene has been made! It’s by Jason, and was posted in the comments section of the last post. So yes, even YOU can make a scene! To make his work;

a. Make a folder in mon_labo called “Jason”

b. Modify list.ini to change monster_num to be =14

c. add 13=Jason to the end of list.ini

d. Save the story.ini from his mediafire into the “Jason” folder created in a.

e. Copy ” black.bmp ” from the Slime folder to the Jason folder.

If a lot of people make scenes, I can compile them into a single patch and post them, if they want. Remember, you can use existing CGs or have custom ones.

2. Yes, it IS possible to beat the Nekomata in the fight against Luka. There is no ending/losing scene yet, though.

3. Hit ‘More’ for the updated map list for VH. I was only able to finish the Slave Market before my power supply went, so that’s all that has changed.


18    ●ID0084:Cave1F(Goblin Cave)***
17    ●ID0232:Cave5f(Goblin cave)***
0/23     ID0267:Goblin’s Nest (Goblin cave)
37     ID0434:Goblin’s House (Goblin cave) (Southwest Cave)***
45     ID0435:Goblin Throne (Goblin cave) (Southwest cave)***
0/29     ID441: ?
0/301     ID443: ?
0/52     ID444: ?
0/46     ID445: ?
0/154     ID449: ?
0/68     ID450: ?
0/96     ID451: ?

Total: 886

Slave Market
294    ▲ID0123:Slave Market (Slave Market)
92    ▲ID0124 Slave Market(Nanako Version) (Slave Market)
79    ▲ID0125:Slave ED (Slave Market)***

Total: 465
465/465 – 100%

Eastern Ryokan
0/219     ID0187:金峰楼《金峰楼》

Serena + Updated Hot Spring Town
377      Commoneventdata***
134     ID0009:Bar (Spa Town)***
278    ●ID0028:Small Room 2 (Mino Cave)***
51     ID0031:Goblin Extermination Defeat (North Spa Town)***
10    ●ID0032:Mino’s Room (Mino cave)***
219     ID0033:Mino’s Room (Defeat) (Mino cave)***
94     ID0042:Public Toilets (Spa Town)***
43     ID0122:Slum (Capital)***
38     ID0189:Guild Underground FrmrHsptl(Spa Town)***
19     ID0211:Hotel 2f (Henry) (Spa Town)***
34     ID0334:Innkeeper’s Room (Birth) (Spa Town)***

Total: 1297/1297 – 100%

Overall Total: 2867

1878/2867 – 65.5

  1. Anonymous permalink

    You sir are amazing I shit you not

  2. Jason permalink

    Thanks so much for the feature RT!
    I really hope that my scenario will inspire some good english fan work out there.
    -and as always, your work has 100% of my support.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Now that I think about it, which version of VH are you translating?
    On the Scratchpad Wiki for VH post an 11/12/06 version.

    • 10-25-2011 at the moment.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I wouldn’t really worry about using the newest version, they haven’t really added anything new in terms of h-content, though they have changed the Capital a HUGE amount. They also Fixed Serena’s doll not updating her clothes. But other than that you could probably stick with a newer version and not come across too many untranslated bits.

      Of course by that same logic you won’t REALLY be missing much by going back to the older version either

  4. Mkmd13 permalink

    Question! I want to make a fan made thing as well for MGQ but I have no clue where to start. Is there a good place to learn how to make one? Or is it easy enough to explain in a comment?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I recommend looking at the already done scenarios (the scenario.txt files, ini files get created by the tool). It’s not too complicated.

      • Yeah, just look at the already created ones to get a feel for the syntax. There are three files in the mon_labo\tool folder that list all of the BGMs / sound effects / CGs that are in the game already, if you want to use those.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Just curious, ID443 is the 6 Ashley scenes in the Training Room and ID449 is the 2 Rin ones in the same place right? Or do they use the same map?

  6. Ilias permalink

    Dear Rogue Translator,

    please take it easy the following days. Build up some stamina and when the time comes, be strong and resist the temptation to give in.

    Take care.

    • Haha, I’ve been taking it easy the past couple weeks, what with going home for thanksgiving followed up by the power supply breaking. Kinda sucks that 1/5 the amount is taking me the same amount of time, but oh well such is life.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    … Never trust the RMA

    • /d/mod permalink

      yeah, hope your RMA works, but I’d just pony up and buy a new one if I were you.

      • It’s the principle of the thing at this point. They’ve made it difficult for no reason, so they’re going to damn well send me a replacement.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Would it be possible to release what youve already got done so far? i really want to see the new serena stuff

  9. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Thanks a lot for the MGQ patch.
    And for VH, want to know, it’s a good game or not ? :p

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s horrible. RT translated it just to show everyone how an awful game it is.

      • Anonymous permalink

        … You cant be sarcastic in text..

        • Anonymous permalink

          Well, you can…you just need to be more dramatic or obvious to get it across.

    • CrossX7 permalink

      Maybe you should just try it out since we all have different opinions on things. As for me, I like it.

  10. Deadgirl permalink

    Sweet i can’t wait till then… Keep up the good work Rogue!!

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Heys! Btw what is VH? And what kind of game is it? If its a game o0

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Just wanted to say thanks a bunch again, kinda sad that VH will be on hold after this as I’m not 100% interested in MGQ but honestly at the pace you work at I don’t think I’ll be missing it long, just hope you don’t loose interest in it :P

    Thanks again though

  13. Anonymous permalink


    Goddamn it, played too much speehs meehrins. Good luck rogue.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Anybody know how to get the dangerous swimsuit, I can’t find it no matter how hard I try.

    I only know how to have it on in the bath house, other than that I can’t find it to keep.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    I have a question about MGQ, since this is the most recent post I felt that you would most likely look here, How would I get the other scenes that you did not translate, like Alice’s Scary Night, Im looking everywhere and cannot find them.

      • Anonymous permalink

        What is the…download password and when I do download it, how would I get it from japanese to english, just go to font and switch to an english form of writing?

        • Anonymous permalink

          The download password is もんむす . Just copy paste that into the password field, hit enter, then scroll down and click the button again when the page reloads. They’re all in Japanese though; changing the font doesn’t magically translate them into English. :P

          • ShiroiRyu permalink

            We just can hope for that …
            A Alice scenario is always good. :D

  16. Brent permalink

    Ilias should be the final boss and raep Luka. Make him divine XD.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    thank for the great work
    but i’m facing a problem
    the words won’t display proplerly….
    i’m in japanese localtion and I have the font MS明朝
    what am i missing?

  18. someone123 permalink

    in the northern part in the pyramid and witch hunt village the games pauses when entering the first battle and show unreadable text and it says. 099.txtline:16649
    is there something i have wrong?

    • Can you take a screencap?

      • someone123 permalink

        this is the picture

      • someone123 permalink

        sorry i places wrong picture =3

        • I can’t read the error since you aren’t using japanese language support.

          So it’s either crashing:
          1. Because you don’t have arc2 / arc3.nsa in your folder from the patch.
          2. Don’t have japanese language support enabled.

          I’m going to guess that right now it’s due to #1. Redownload the patch and make sure you have both arc1 and arc2.nsa in the folder.

          • someone123 permalink

            ok i got to work thanx =3 keep up the good work

  19. raza permalink

    I love stumbling upon great works like this do you think you’ll be finished translating it before the end of summer this year?

    • raza permalink

      problably shoulda put that in the most recent updates lol

  20. Demonwise permalink

    You sir, are a genius sir. This is the greatest thing to happen since little baby Jesus and the invention of Chedder cheese!

  21. Anonymous permalink

    is the chapter one patch up anywhere or has it been abandoned?

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