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New MGQ2 Images and Poll

December 9, 2011

Torotoro just updated his main page with sample images for Alice and the Four Knights. If you want to see them, go to his main site: . They are in the fifth and sixth links on the left pane. (メインキャラ紹介, メインキャラ紹介2

For the next part of the post, I wanted to do a poll to see what people felt about partial patches. For the first game, I did a 50% and a 75% partial patch. I’m open to doing the same thing again, or changing it up. I would prefer to do some sort of partial patch system, but if most people prefer no partial patch by a big majority, I’ll consider doing it.


The poll is set up as percentage based. Each option, obviously, assumes that there is a 100 full patch. They aren’t hard percentages either… It would be a good stopping point around each percent.


  1. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, I am pretty sure a majority of the people voting for no partial patches are trolls. There is no reason at all to say no to them. Please reconsider leaving it up to something as easily manipulated as a poll.

    • Like I said in the post, it would have to be a majority, and that I would consider it. Majority to me would be 50% or more of the overall, since that personally would be my least desired option.

    • Will permalink

      I voted for “No Partial”, and I’m no troll…I think that playing and getting sucked into the game, to suddenly have to wait longer for the next patch is annoying. I’d rather wait with no partial patches until the full game is completely patched, and then play it without worrying about running into Japanese text. It’s like a tease. I understand that people are eager to play the game, and want a partial patch to keep them busy while they wait for the full game, but what about when you finish the partial patch? Then you’re gonna be let down having to wait for the next one after you just got into playing the game…I know I would…

      • random permalink

        Then just wait for the full patch, period. I do that all the time when I want to play a full game only.

        What you’re saying is that you’re so impulsive, you can’t control yourself.

        • Will permalink

          Pfft–lol, I’m an idiot. Haha, I didn’t think of that. If people want a partial patch, it doesn’t mean I ‘have’ to play it too…good on ya, bro. And yes, I am impulsive…but the funny thing is–if I see that there is a partial patch out, I will likely play it anyway…

  2. Anonymous permalink

    You should do patches by each section if possible, stopping before the next town travel trip, even if it means 4-6 patches. That way people will hopefully be more satisfied and not trying to hound you for the first patch. Godspeed to you.

    • The issue is the “Sections” in the first game were usually only 4 or 5 monsters each. 50% and 75% ended up being really good points in the first game, but I don’t know what would be good points in the second since I haven’t seen the game yet, obviously. I’ll keep that in mind though.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Rather than divide and release on arbitrary intervals based on percentage, I motion it would be best to release a patch for each major arc. Dividing the releases for each city hub (which I remember having 2-4 small quests each) would be for the best. Let the masses writhe and revel and wallow in cliff hangers and anticipation during the time between release as they naturally occur.

    • That’s how the 50/75/100 of the first game naturally fell. The 50% was after the first “Hub” which was the entire first continent (after the prologue). The 75% was after the second hub in the central continent, and the last 25% was the desert.

      I’m guessing the second game will have 3 hubs since there will be no prologue, thus the 33/66 option.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I’m not a troll, i’d rather have the game 100% completed than half completed. I can wait.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Good for you, you can wait while the rest of the crowd get to play as it gets translated. THEN you can play after we’re all done with it.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    I agree with the arc dividing, mainly because I want to play it asap, but it will keep discussing and hype up while we wait for it.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    I wanna vote for partial patching because given the length of your solo translation, I’d just make sense to give the people something to play with whilst they wait for it. :)

    +3 for partial patches

  7. Anonymous permalink

    But why would it matter to you if the game has partial patches if you can wait for it? Why even vote at all if that’s the case?

  8. Anonymous permalink

    100% is better because you can play from star>>>>finish

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hell NAWH! You’d rather wait 4 to 5 months before you can even play a god darn H-game?! Jesus, I envy you, man; Few still have your divinely inspired patience of the gods. For the rest of us, I’d wanna play shit on the day it comes out and every moment after is understandable agony (especially if I know it’s good).

      I agree that 100% is better but you’d be ignoring ALL sense of time and effort. Please go back to your chronochamber where your human body exceeds the reins of time itself.


  9. Anonymous permalink

    You can still play from start to finish in one sitting if you just wait for the full release, nobody is forcing you to download the partial patches, thus there is no real reason not to release them.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    agreed with the above post 100% is better.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    I would enjoy having partial patches. It brings up more opportunities for people to talk about the game, discuss the story and hypothesis what could happen, and even just conversing about who their favourite monster girl is so far. That in itself can be as fun as playing the game.

    With that said I believe the reason for some people not wanting partial patches is not so much that they only want to play it at 100%, but that they could be spoiled while browsing forums or image boards as well as the fact that they would be left out from the very discussions I mentioned earlier.

    Whichever way you decide to do it I doubt people will mind too much, most are probably just happy for the game to get translated at all let alone at the speed you translate at.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    You sir are a monstrous tease. And I thank you for it.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    The ‘No Partial’ option is flawed anyway, unless you will only go with that option should it get 50%+ of the votes, as all other votes are essentially ‘Pro-Partial’. Thanks for translating this as well in any case!

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Rogue,

    Torotoro just made a post on the bbs and I was wondering if you could possibly translate it? It seems like it relates to the release date and another possible delay which has me incredibly worried. I was hoping with your expertise you could provide a more accurate translation/explanation.

    939 :とろとろ:2011/12/09(金) 22:46:38 ID:???0

    940 :とろとろ:2011/12/09(金) 22:50:07 ID:???0

    941 :とろとろ:2011/12/09(金) 22:53:09 ID:???0

    Thank you for your time.

    • Basically what he has been saying all along. The sites that sell the game have some sort of judgment or examination period before going on sale, which is why he hasn’t been able to give a definite date/time (Since it’s based on when the site’s judgment ends). It’s still planned for the middle of this month, but please wait a little while longer for a definite date.

      Then he goes into info about the save data transfer/importing into the second chapter. I’ll need to experiment with the English save data importing to see if it works (or if it will need modifications), so hold off on that aspect for now…

  15. Cyrus permalink

    I also voted for partial with the 33/66 option, however I am fine with 50/75 or just 50/100, just as long as it’s not the first.. having to wait until it’s 100% done would be a bit of a pain. The only real upside I could see for it (personally) would be for me to rush through using googles crappy translate and to see what all monsters/scenes/etc there is, piecing together what I can given characters sprites, music and googles translate and then forgetting some of it by the time the TL is done and having the “it’s almost as if it’s new again feel”, like when you play a game as a kid then re-go through it again, usually starting to remember bits as you go through (in this case the bits being the engrish TL from google)

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same, 1/3 at a time seems the most acceptable to me. Enjoy it faster =D

  16. Monster-Girl Lover permalink

    Did he ever say EXACTLY which optional fights would give bonuses? I ended up being paranoid and have one save with all of the optional fights skipped on Hard mode. It made the Nanabi fight a BITCH, but I managed to finish it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Oh, is *that* what the save file transfer for? I had been wondering what exactly the point of all that was, because it’s not exactly Mass Effect we’re talking about here. Hmm. Maybe I should do that as well.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    I know you get a lot of this, RT, but I just wanted to throw some more praise on the heap. Fantastic job on these translations, and many thanks for your efforts. You’re aces.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone have a translation of the water Knight’s little profile blurb?

  19. Anonymous permalink

    there appears to be a new image for Alice as well on . or has that been there since the update for part 2?? all i know is the second image isnt from the first game

  20. Anonymous permalink

    I am not a troll I know shocking but I don’t want to see a patch until its at 100%, that way it can be more enjoyable and not getting to a point and being like crap cant go on guess I have to wait.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    It’s best if you simply do it in partial patches because you please BOTH sides AND you appeal to the majority. Poll clearly states that it’s 76% against 24% when it comes this… that’s overwhelming consensus!

  22. Anonymous permalink

    I voted for 100% (or would have, if the poll worked for me…). I’m not gonna play it before the final patch anyway, and I’m sure, if there’s a partial patch release, I will be spoilered about some things, even if I try to avoid it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      This. That’s why I also voted for no partial patches. I hate being spoilered, and reading story in parts sucks, like reading part of book and then having month break imo.

      • random permalink

        Just out of interest, how could you be “spoiled” when you’re playing the actual game.

        The very definition of word “spoiler” removes any ability to use it when you’re using the actual product to gain information and not skipping forward.

        • Anonymous permalink

          He’s saying he won’t play a partial game, but others will. Those others will discuss it and he will be spoiled.

          That said, it actually is a ‘story in part’. What will be released soon is Monster Girl Quest PART 2. A partial patch is just a bit further in subdividing.

  23. My comment will be off-topic, sorry about that:

    I’ve played MG and I’m waiting, like many other people, for the second part then I realized that I’ve never thanked you for you work so that’s done: thank you Rogue, for everything, and good luck for translating the second part.

    PS: sorry for my english level, I’m still learning.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t quite understand the people who voted for “No Partial” . If you don’t want a partial patch, just wait till the translation is finished and let the others enjoy the i.e. 50/75 patch.

    Aren’t those new images of the four knights extremely good?! … Can’t wait for the game

  25. Anonymous permalink

    I would say that you should probably leave it up to your discretion as far as appropriate stopping points go, but if this one is going to be longer than the first, there might be a pretty good stopping point at about 1/3 of the way through.

    A quick question. How much does releasing mid points slow you down? If it’s a significant time sink, then I can understand not wanting to release many partial patches, but if it won’t have a real effect on when the final release happens, I would prefer more partial patches.

    As for those worried about spoilers, keep in mind that Rogue’s translation isn’t the only thing that can spoil you. Bilingual players can do that as well.

  26. Kusojijii permalink

    What I think is this… for the people who just want the HCGs, a patch isn’t going to make much difference anyway. For those that want the plot, a partial patch could give them the “fix” they’d crave, and keep their interest alive until the translation is finished. So, partial patches please.

    And also, as far as the new images are concerned: HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGHHHHHHHHHHH.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    My mind and my body are ready.

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Not voting because it really doesn’t really affect me. I usually prefer to wait for fuller patches/releases (both translations and original projects) on H-Games because they aren’t really something that I urgently must have as soon as they becomes available. Though I might occasionally check out in-progress work for the more long-term projects, but I don’t usually check out every individual update.

    Violated Heroine is an example of an exception because it’s got more episodic scenarios than an overarching story. Also I love Violated Heroine. I also loved Monster Girl Quest, but it’s got more of an ongoing and continuous story that I’d rather experience in one go.

    So I’ll just be patient so that I can enjoy the full experience at once, and let the others enjoy their partial patches. :)

  29. Kyon permalink

    As for the patches, due to the votes I would say that around 40 or so percent release the first part and the second part before the very end at around 70. or try to release it at certain arcs of the story. instead of straight up at the points

  30. yabusa permalink

    I’ll just wait for the full release… :)

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue, you are a god among men.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t really care if you do partials, I will just wait for the 100% patch, I don’t want to deal with computer shenanigans much. We have waited a lot for second part, so who cares about one or two months more?

  33. Ilias permalink

    Oh I envy you for the journey u have ahead. Take your time and please do not die of exhaustion!

  34. Wrandral permalink

    It’s funny how everyone’s getting fired up for that lol Rogue just said he will “consider” the option which will come first , in the end it’s up to him so why so much bickering xD.

    Everyone’s talking about the partial patches but as far as i can see no one dared talk about the 4 generals new pictures.
    Ohh boy they are damn hot ^^ and finally sex with tamamo yay ( wonder if she’ll make some tofu jokes again XD). Tricky fight for sure with the last one since she’s some sort of uber-slime though (according to the monster encyclopedia if you catch her core she’s screwed)

    Btw don’t quite remember if they talked about it before but will there be vore again? (and if there is will it be more than in part 1 or less?)

  35. hamguy permalink

    i would hate partial patches, if i could change my vote from no partial patch to at least 75/100 it would be fine. by the time i get to that part it might already be out. and NO people are not trolls for wanting no partial patch, they are people who “can wait” for a good translation.

    • random permalink

      That argument is so flawed, it’s funny. If “you can wait for a good translation”, then what exactly is the problem with partial patches? After all, to quote you, you “can wait”.

  36. Anonymous permalink

    I think 50/75 is the best option. IMO, anything below 50 isn’t worth taking the time and effort to upload.

    And goddamn, I didn’t find Granberia hot at all until that new picture of her.

    • Wrandral permalink

      Right ? Right ? That blowjob is really nice ^^

      The funny thing with Grandberia is that without her armour she looks very feminine and cute xD
      Wonder if she’ll try to rape Lucas as soon as she learns about how he aced the test in the pyramid loool

  37. Malcanthet permalink

    I think I just died at those images posted. I thought it had been released, seriously.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    i am 80% sure the base script/code would be similar to MGQpart1. Now they released the engine to de-crypt the .nsa and .dat files. I think it would be quite quick for the translation to be done. Releasing it at least once before the full game is just so that players could get a glimpse of the game, some may call it spoilers but its a choice they download at their own risk.

    • Well, decrypting the script only takes about 5 minutes, so that was never an issue. Also, I’ll be doing a winmerge for anything identical (Like maybe the combat menu and such). But all in all, that will probably only save a couple hours worth of effort.

      • Wrandral permalink

        well it’s true the menu will be the same except for a few new special moves ( i wonder if luka will lear to use those he could only use when asleep before such as fallen angel dance xD)

  39. Anonymous permalink

    Partial patch can be so annoying, but I don’t hate it ^ ^ 50/75

    *** Thank for your work for MGQ1 so much,. I’m waiting this one too.

  40. Dan permalink

    I’m for a partial patch, because I play on a very slow pace anyways. On the first part, you made the patches faster than I played them =O

  41. Bongo Bongo permalink

    I’d recommend that you create a decent sized synopsis that explains the major plot points and events that occur during the game. That should help tide over the people playing with a machine translator until a proper patch is released.

    Also, can you confirm if we’ll be fighting the heavenly knights for realsies this time?

  42. random permalink

    Am I the only one not seeing the poll? I’d personally vote for arc-based patches, i.e. one for the first arc, one for second, and so on. That way there wouldn’t be any really bad cliffhangers.

  43. Anonymous permalink

    I would prefer no partial only assuming that partial patches would somehow delay a full patch.

    • That could go either way, actually. Each partial patch takes a day (Thus no progress for a day), but in the past when I’m close to the end of what would be the partial, I get that “want to finish” inspiration to do more than I usually do until it’s done.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Then you may officially cast my vote in the “no partials” camp. If it means getting the full patch even a day sooner, I’d rather suffer waiting for the real deal.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Do what you feel like really. I personally will wait for a full patch so I can go through it uninterrupted, but it doesn’t hurt me in any way to have partials coming out.

    Going a bit off topic perhaps, but the first game of this series was.. Actually not that bad, and I absolutely despised the whole corruption thing of the actual encyclopedia.
    Intriguing story, surprisingly interesting characters, and the humor actually does work, and that’s actually saying a lot about the genre we’re talking about.

    I actually am rather interested in the second one, and not afraid to say I might actually like these games a bit more if I ever had/have the option of turning off all the sexual content.

    • Kusojijii permalink

      And YES, ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! You’re the first person I know that has outright stated that.

      By the way… would anyone reading this have the technical know-how to censor the game? If nothing else, that would let me suggest the game to more of my friends.

      • Anonymous permalink

        If it’s only the rape scenes, that could probably be done in an afternoon. There just need a few goto-commands to be replaced. But attacks would need more time, because you’d have to change every single attack manually.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I know this is a radical idea, but perhaps the fights could be skipped altogether as if you basically instantly win. Then it would play more like a conventional visual novel. Most of the fights aren’t really relevant to the plot, so the editing would have to be limited to those that did. The ones I recall having plot relevance are Slime Girl, Slug Girl, Earthworm Girl, the bandits, Granberia, Nanabi, Alma Elma, Page 66537, Kraken, Frederika, Sylph, Chimera Dryad, Lily, and Gnome. Still a bit of work to cover all of those, but it would basically boil down to pasting the plot relevant lines in. I can see what I can do if others are interested. I’d guesstimate I could get it done in about a week if there’s no real snags.

          • hamguy permalink

            what i meant was that everyone who says to release it half translated are people who cant wait for it to be ready.

            its a hentai game. what do you expect? you knew it was one when you downloaded it. so why are you complaining about it?

      • Censor, as in the images? That would be very time consuming and almost impossible. Censoring the game would require re-writing every battle scene, too. They all revolve around sex, man. (Except Granberia and the Dragon Pup, I guess)

        • NekoShell permalink

          I’m not saying the sexual content hurts this game in anyway, but I personally just skipped past about every single story scene that involved sex. *Shrug*

          I am thankful the whole corruption element of the encyclopedia is no where to be found though, except perhaps the Chimera.. Thing, and even then, it’s only one monster.

        • Ilias permalink

          Do not listen to these soulless minions of orthodoxy! The way you do and have done it is the right one.

          • NekoShell permalink

            You know I always thought Ilias was kind of a bitch.

          • Anonymous permalink

            “Do not listen to these soulless minions of orthodoxy! The way you do and have done it is the right one.”

            100% Agree… I mean what the hell? 99% of the people playing this enjoy exactly those parts you want removed… Hope you are just trollin, else just read a summary of the story on a wiki page.

          • Crys Emily permalink

            In fact I’m not trolling.
            Reading a wiki for the story of a game that I find somewhat intriguing completely ruins the point, and takes a lot out of it. Say reading the tropes page for it with spoilers displayed; you don’t get the same impact, nor do you get to laugh at the self-aware humor or see the main characters evolve.
            For once in your life, quit assuming that a person giving their opinion is a troll simply because they don’t like content of a game that others do.

          • Anonymous permalink

            “Most of the fights aren’t really relevant to the plot, so the editing would have to be limited to those that did.”

            I assume this is you, if it’s not my bad. You are asking for RT to put extra effort into it for your own desire, which in turn will hurt the interests of 99% of the people wanting the game as it is and are waiting for normal translation.

            As RT states:
            ” That would be very time consuming and almost impossible.”

            In response to your latest comment:
            “For once in your life, quit assuming that a person giving their opinion is a troll simply because they don’t like content of a game that others do.”

            I was just shocked to see such a selfish request, when you clearly are aware that most people enjoy the game as it is and that you demand extra time from RT for yourself. However, I do think that you were unaware of the time required to modify the game in such a way and I respect the fact that you stopped requesting it afterwards.

            I just had to react to your initial comment as I am very grateful to RT for all the work he’s done so far and maybe overreacted to an “ungrateful” request. That being said, I hope the developers will add a “skip battle” function in the 2nd part just for you ;).

          • Anonymous permalink

            Your assumption is incorrect. If you read my entire post, you’ll note that I said that :

            “I can see what I can do if others are interested. I’d guesstimate I could get it done in about a week if there’s no real snags.”

            I was offering to edit the script MYSELF. I think it might be interesting, and I like to challenge myself. Just to clarify, I wouldn’t be editing the CG, as that is beyond my capabilities, and that WOULD be incredibly time consuming. However, my understanding of the code suggests that it would be relatively simple to allowing skipping of the battles. I can’t make any guarantees, as there might be some unexpected problems (the trickiest part I can think of would be figuring out how to stop the game from letting you cheat by skipping areas where your EXP level isn’t high enough), but I have given an estimate of the time I suspect it would take me.

            The plot would still of course be centered around the human/monster dynamic, so it wouldn’t be a worksafe game. However, I think I could get it to being about PG-13, as it would have nudity and suggestive language, but no explicit sexual content.

            In regards to RT, I am indeed very grateful for his work, and the small change I am offering is insignificant in comparison.

            P.S. It may be prudent to continue this conversation with new comments instead of replies, as it seems I can’t reply directly to you anymore.

          • You could simply remove all calls to the battle scenes, and directly modify Luka’s level for the storyline battles. But everything in the battles revolve around sex (except for Granberia and Dragon Pup), so you would need to re-write the storyline battles, too. Also if you’re skipping all the battles and the storyline H-Scenes, you’re cutting the game down to like a 1 hour game.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I did not read your post, that is indeed true, as said I was overreacting which increases ignorance. Although I can’t understand why you would undertake such a time consuming activity, your ambition for it makes me feel sorry about the way I reacted.

            However I do not, understand how you would like to make it into a PG-13 game, as some battles are, as you already mentioned obligatory to the story… I do not know how you would like to paste the lines simply after the battle without having to add additional CG scenes…

            Oh well, I wish you good luck if you intend on going on with it, you convinced me of your humble intentions.

            P.S. Feel free to use “new comments” if you got anything more to say, else I bid you farewell. :p

  45. zeffy101 permalink

    Just wanna say my opinion here(sorry for shloppy messy writing its dark and its 3am here… xD)
    I think its better if you release the Full Game and not “portions” of it… (which makes MORE work for you into making the portions of the game and also MORE work on the actually fixing the game itself..)

    C’mon your doing this as a favor for us to even translate this game and get it for us here…
    why cant people be patient and wait ffs (for f*ck sake) like for instance normal PC/Console games you wait until their released.. so give these peeps a break… and translating, editing and debugging this stuff aint easy as pie… >.> (Yes i did rant a little im sorry just worked up over how people want portions of it when their getting this for free and also translated too..)

    Keep going RogueTranslations… keep striving coz i absolutely LOVE this game and your hard work here and effort put into this too.
    I really want to enjoy every sucking, breath taking, jumping, gasping and moving moment in this awesome game LOL xD (yea sucking as in what the hentai scenes show you lol xD)

    Please dude just tell everyone to stay put and keep working on it coz i bet you have other thing in real life to do so its gonna be delayed even further … which i dont really want…

    I hope this game really does come out by Xmas (its almost 25 of December soon)
    If it does… this will be the greatest xmas present of all TIME!!!

    Anyway thank you for reading my comment and opinion and i also hope a Part 3 will be mentioned after the second game ends~ :P

    • I appreciate your thoughts and comments, but I myself actually want to put out partial patches. I like reading some of the threads that pop up and people’s reactions, and it gives me smaller, more manageable goals on the overall path. I just wasn’t sure if people liked the whole concept of partial patches, and at what intervals, which was the main reason for the poll.

      • zeffy101 permalink

        Ah okay.

        No problem. :)
        If you want to do that its fine its just i thought people were being selfish and asking for portions of it because they couldn’t wait etc.. but lol

        I don’t mind, if you want to release portions of it do it.
        If you want to release full game intead, do it :P
        Choice is your mate.

        and the people here can wait until these portions or the full game has been released.

        PS *Also can you include a Alice rape scene for us in one of the portions..? Pleeeaaassseee?* xD

        • Aaron permalink

          Dude zeffy101 patience young grasshopper play on and fight Alice and lose on purpose if u want that other wise shut up and let the translator work we don’t need some a-hole trying to rush a perfectly good game.

          Remember rush jobs always equal = bugs, bad writing, bad grammer, bad a-holes like u always bitching about something.

          while slow, accurate and diligent work always = great writing, story, sex scenes, and a way to pass the time fapping without yelling at the computer about bugs and u fapping at a hot scene and getting a error msg.


  46. Anonymous permalink

    I’m actually surprised there is such a positive vote for the partial patches. But after reading can at least understand why some would like them and why it’s useful on your end. Good to have small goals to work towards that makes the whole thing easier to tackle.

    Of course in the end just stuck with my own vote of no partials. Would rather just play through it all instead of having that temptation to play a bit and then waiting again. But if you’d rather release it in parts it’s not going to bother me. Will just have to avoid any discussions about the game as protection against spoilers.

    Anyways I’m looking forward to it. Will send my thanks for a great job done on that day when the full patch comes out :D.

  47. Anonymous permalink

    This mindset of “I won’t start watching until I own the whole boxset” attitude is really confounding… How are you opposed to partial patching when it affects you in no way what so ever?

    By voting ‘No partial patches’, you’re really saying f*** you other demographic & your opinions. You could vote for any of them and get the same result; so why would you shut out the other voters because of your personal playing preferences.

    After all, this is for the RT to decide whether or not he’d want to do partial patches, not what your personal ideal. In other words, don’t be a dick, voting anything BUT the first option, ALSO counts towards a COMPLETE version… So no reason for no partial patches.

    The end ;D

    • Anonymous permalink

      Okay, I WAS wrong. Since the poll was trivial in essense…. NVM, still stand by my statements though.

    • Anonymous permalink

      So you say: “I don’t mind what you vote, as long as you don’t vote what I don’t want you to”?
      You know, people don’t just vote “No partial” to piss all the ones that do want partials off. Some stated their reasons, others may have different reasons, but just saying that any of the decisions is clearly “wrong” defeats the purpose of a poll.

      • NekoShell permalink

        Saying that I’m saying fuck you to others and their opinions for voting for a no partial option is, in itself, being a dick, and wildly presumptuous of why I voted for it.

        If you disagree, fine, but try to be a bit better about it, eh?

        • zeffy101 permalink

          Agreed with you there NekoShell :P

        • Anonymous permalink

          Look I retract most of my points because it’s completely trivial and the developer was going to do partial patches anyway… I didn’t know he was simply probing for preferences when it comes to playing a game.

          I honestly don’t care how you one to play a game, my point was if it were a poll with real consequence, then the ONLY people that’d get buggered would be the people against ‘No Partials.’ You have to agree with that because you’d get a fully translated game no matter what. That was all I was saying, nothing more.

          Also, I’m not saying by voting against partial, that your sentiment was “Fuck the others and their opinions.” No, I’ve seen many valid reasons why people don’t enjoy playing in more episodic fashion. My perspective was just that people wouldn’t want to read, say a Shonen Jump because it doesn’t have complete volumes…

          The only case where this is unbearable, would have to be when morning cartoon programmes divide up the episodes and spread the chapters over the whole 3 hour segment… THAT is annoying!

          • Aaron permalink

            look anon how do we know its u and not someone else thats why u anons are the best trolls out there

  48. Anonymous permalink

    I feel like a kid waiting for christmas.. but im waiting to get raped by monstergirls

  49. Imoutocon permalink

    Anyone knows when the release date for the MGQ2 is?(The raw/original/untranslated one) The site didnt specify.I was hoping sometime in this month.

    • Duke Nukem permalink

      Remember me?

      • Crys Emily permalink

        You sir have just won my internets.

      • Imoutocon permalink

        Nope, i dont remember you. I don’t even play the (“duke nukem forever”)game.

        I hope they include new varieties of ero sound/visual effects for us(eg, sound of slime swirling… and visual effects like fading in-and-out to increase the “realisim” of the game. They can also be used for personal scene creation with the tools of MGQ1v.1.10 monster lab.

        • Anonymous permalink

          There already are visual fading effects. Try to use in a laboratory story:


          Background fades in, Slime fades in, Background fades out.
          Not sure if it’s possible for sprites to fade out.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    To all the people who use argument that you become immersed and then the translation ends.

    You do realize you will get the same thing with one complete patch too? I mean the game is part 2 of 3 after all :P .

    • Imoutocon permalink

      If you really played this game, I dont think you would say such a thing to such an AWESOME game.

    • Crys Emily permalink

      Part 2 ending its story and then waiting for the final part is just a tad bit different than the translation abruptly stopping half-way through.

      It’s annoying to have the English suddenly cut to Japanese because it’s a partial/incomplete patch, and thus why some people like myself wait for a full one.

  51. Anonymous permalink

    I myself would like partial Patches but I was thinking more like partial as in all battle commands translated but Story text Not touched Sorta like a You Can play the game and such with no story text but the fight defend etc.. is done and then a story text patch was what i thought would be cool.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    ‘Patience is a virtue.’ – one of my ideals. Guys we should wait for the 100% patch only. For several reasons:
    1. mr. Rogue translator will have less to do. Because if he has to make a 50% and 75% he will have to deal with more packing in .exe installers, testings, bug fixing etc. and that means DELAY !
    2. he will deal with far less complains such as:
    -Rogue is 50% out yet ?
    -Rogue translator: no.
    – Hey RT is the 75% patch out yet ?
    -Rogue translator: NO!
    -Rogue translator where did you said that the 50 and 75% patches are ?
    -Rogue Translator: NOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!
    -> That means More delay.
    3. When you are done playing one of the patches you’ll just want more More MOOORRREEEE and it will be worse. But when you are done with the 100% patch you’ll be like ‘that was great story. Well let’s wait for totoro to release part 3.’

    I’m not forcing my opinion on anyone. I’m just asking you to think it over.

    • Anonymous permalink


      Because I do not play the whole game in one sitting, I may just complete 1-2 battles stop and replay another day or week. That’s why I appreciate partial patches, last time it worked like this without having to wait at all, so please also consider people like myself who like to take their time and for whom a partial patch means full release. Thank you sir.

      • Crys Emily permalink

        If majority wants partials, then there’s nothing wrong with that, and it doesn’t actually hurt anyone who wants the translator to concentrate on full patches only..

        Simply don’t install the partial if you don’t like them; it’s only a game.

  53. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Hum … I voted no partials but in same time, i want to play the faster i can please …
    In same time, i look at the pictures and our hero will have a good blowjob from Alice … :D
    She look embarrassed.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m usually not the kind of person to do this but… it’s now mid December, gogogogogogo get released already XD

  54. Joe permalink

    Nah, don’t get too excited. It’s in the upcoming release section of the japanese dlsite, and it’s listed for late december… :(

  55. james123 permalink


    i really don’t get why it needs save files from first chapter
    was there any diffrent ending in the first chapter that i didn’t see
    or diffrent kind of powers that you could obtain
    etc … ?

    • Wrandral permalink

      dunno maybe it’s taking into account the choices you made in the first part ( for the fairies or the genie for exemple )

    • Anonymous permalink

      You could get some items frome sidequests (for example Happiness Honey) or from choices (Genie Lamp). Probably most important are the red and yellow orb.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Red and yellow orb, where do these appear?
        Think I’ll just replay the game to get the save thingy I want.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Red Orb: Bandits Sidequest
          Yellow Orb: Pyramid Sidequest

          • james123 permalink

            does it show the items that you obtain anywhere ?

            i remember that i got some kind of orb :P
            but don’t remember how many of them

          • Anonymous permalink

            Right click, then choose Item. Orbs are on the “Valuable” tab.

  56. james123 permalink

    thanks :D

    i have got both orbs and bell
    but not any other item from valuable list -.-

    • james123 permalink

      btw how the accidental ejaculation happesns ?

      • Imoutocon permalink

        When your hp is near to 0 and when a monster uses a technique which is a chained attack and you ejaculated before it completes tis attack, its called accidental ejaculation.

        Example: your hp is 20/550 monster uses super tightening,she drops her waist on you, you receive 25 damage, you ejaculate before it could tighten you up with her insides, that is called accidental ejaculation.What super tightening should have damaged you is = Waist drop – 25 damage > supertightening – 40 damage. But you ejaculated before it could complete its attack.

        I hope that explains it to you.

  57. james123 permalink

    btw i seems that i haven’t got all techniques and my enclopedya haven’t got the last monster

    where is that last monster ?

    • james123 permalink

      that was illias :D

      now i have all records from page 6 :P

  58. Imoutocon permalink

    What i think the MGQ1 save file is, is the data of choices you made in mgq1 like the option to
    -speak truthfully
    -stay silent
    Also the choice to engage monsters in battle, the fight with granberra where she tests your skills(why i say this because the option to display your “meditation” skill is actually optional).
    The choice to ignore illias in the stating of the game and running away from the slime battle might be included too.
    Maybe they just simply port the amount of defeat you accumulated to the next game, (to set the difficulty level?).

  59. Ilias permalink

    It is going to hit the fan tomorrow. Be prepared.

    • james123 permalink

      yeah they site is down

      seems that they are changing it

      • james123 permalink

        it is up again and nothing has changed =/

  60. Anonymous permalink

    if I had to choose I would make a irst patch with just 1or 2 fights…
    something to please our hunger for the game and give us something to evaluate the hapter… the dialoges, the options, how mush attacks and descriptions are in the game…
    Then I would proceed with 1 patch per hub/storyarc to still give us a onstant flow of updates but make them meaningful…

  61. I know this sounds retard but, could you do a small LIL itty bitty patch for us early adopters so we can use the menus without having to remember what’s what every time. Gets annoying aye :S

    Hell, I can live without though. Completely obviously to the monsters motivations and such…

  62. Anon permalink

    I love you, RogueTranslator.

    Waiting for this game to be leaked because I’m poor. Second best thing I can do is obsess over it on your forum. I’d like 33/66 and 100 because I have a feeling it may get leaked relatively soon, and I am fairly certain that the anticipation building up inside of me may actually become crippling at some point.

    This site has helped me out a great deal so far; thank you so much!

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