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VH Misc and Serena Patch

December 10, 2011

Well, it took a lot longer than originally planned, but the Misc Patch is done. As I posted before, it’s about half Serena and half other areas. Some of the Serena stuff is pretty glitchy (Especially the Minotaur stuff), so be careful with that. Also, make sure you’re NOT in a party if you’re going down the Goblin Bride route, or you’ll get stuck trying to leave the cave for the first time.

To use the patch, just use the instructions for the last patch, only use the new patch off of mediafire instead. The pictures/panorama folder should get copied over to the new directory automatically. If you still have the base VH / VH_patch / VH_translated three folders, you can just unrar the new patch to overwrite the old map.txt files in VH_Patch, and run the RPGTrans program.


Back up your saves in the vh_translated folder!  (Save01.sav, Save02.sav, etc…). If you re-run rpgtrans it could overwrite your old saves. If you back them up and copy them back in afterwords, there will be no risk of losing your saves.

Click the “More” button for the list of map files, and some of the older scenes that now have Serena versions. Remember, most scenes in the game have four slightly different versions: Pure, Dirty, Pure Pregnant, Dirty Pregnant.

18    ●ID0084:Cave1F(Goblin Cave)***
17    ●ID0232:Cave5f(Goblin cave)***
23     ID0267:Goblin’s Nest (Goblin cave)***
37     ID0434:Goblin’s House (Goblin cave) (Southwest Cave)***
45     ID0435:Goblin Throne (Goblin cave) (Southwest cave)***
29     ID441: Betrayed (Goblin Cave)***
301     ID443: Training Room (Goblin Cave)***
52     ID444: Rin’s Room(Goblin Cave)***
46     ID445: Ashley’s Room (Goblin Cave)***
154     ID449: Serena Goblin Loss(Goblin Loss)***
68     ID450: Birth(Goblin Cave)***
96     ID451: Hallway?(Goblin Cave)***

Total: 886
886/886 – 100%

Slave Market
294    ▲ID0123:Slave Market (Slave Market)***
92    ▲ID0124:Slave Market (Nanako version) (Slave Market)***
79    ▲ID0125:Slave ED (Slave Market)***

Total: 465
465/465 – 100%

Eastern Ryokan
219     ID0187:Ryokan (Ryokan)***

219/219 – 100%

Serena + Updated Hot Spring Town
377      Commoneventdata***
134     ID0009:Bar (Spa Town)***
278    ●ID0028:Small Room 2 (Mino Cave)***
51     ID0031:Goblin Extermination Defeat (North Spa Town)***
10    ●ID0032:Mino’s Room (Mino cave)***
219     ID0033:Mino’s Room (Defeat) (Mino cave)***
94     ID0042:Public Toilets (Spa Town)***
43     ID0122:Slum (Capital)***
38     ID0189:Guild Underground FrmrHsptl(Spa Town)***
19     ID0211:Hotel 2f (Henry) (Spa Town)***
34     ID0334:Innkeeper’s Room (Birth) (Spa Town)***

Total: 1297/1297 – 100%

Overall Total: 2867

2867/2867 – 100%

New H Events –
Serena Innkeeper ending
Serena and Henry
Nanako pregnant dungeon
Serena Bathroom
Serena Goblin Defeat (Four versions)
Serena Minotaur Defeat
Serena Waitress

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  1. Cyln permalink

    Wow great, thanks!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Yay, is this based on the content found for the capital patch (111025)?

  3. Anonymous permalink


  4. Anonymous permalink

    I can always rely on RT to make my Saturday night worthwhile.

    I now have to make the decision on whether to play this all night or watch the VGAs

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Holy crap! this was much faster than I expected, you REALLY just amazing for this, much thanks

  6. Anonymous permalink

    .. Dont know about you guys, but having problem with transferring my old save to the new game. Every time i load, i see some error in japanese. File is not corrupted. Can easily copy it back into its old version and there it works like a charm. Is there any other file then the .lsd (the save files) that you need to copy?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Was the save file from the original Japanese version? I’m no expert but I would beleive there would be problems with that.

  7. /d/mod permalink

    >Remember, most scenes in the game have four slightly different versions: Pure, Dirty, Pure Pregnant, Dirty Pregnant.

    Also sometimes pure horny and dirty horny

    The capital patch is finished as of the 12/06/11 version. I’m happy to report the patch still works fine for the new capital layout, you’ll just need to translate some more useless NPCs later. It also fixes the bugs with the minotaur quest and Serena. Unfortunately, nobody has fixed the bug in the hot spring town bath house event, yet. Therefore:

    Here’s the untranslated map that will fix that issue. Again.

    I’ll look into fixing the Goblin Bride bug. Does it occur when you lose to the goblin while holding the pearl in a party and the event is triggered?

    • It happens when you leave the cave, and it tries to trigger the event with whomever your current party member is.

      • /d/mod permalink

        Sorry, I’m still trying to decide if this is a bug or a feature. When you’re on the Goblin route you automatically try to take Rin and Ashley hostage.

        Does the event continue as normal? Or does it break halfway through?

        • If you have anyone in your party when first being defeated by the Goblin and holding the pearl (Thus starting the Goblin Bride route), when you try to leave the cave for the first time, Nanako will freeze, and the game won’t allow any input. It effectively locks you into the cave with no escape.

          • /d/mod permalink

            I cannot reproduce it in the latest version. They seemed to have changed the map layout during the goblin route, however. I remember you used to go back into the 1F of the goblin dungeon when you left your room, but that has been fixed since the goblin village was complete.

            Any other game breaking bugs?

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Yay moar VH. So what percentage of the game is translated with this?

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Nice work rogue.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Quick question, is this patch supposed to translate all of Serena’s Onsen town?

  11. Anonymous permalink

    What game are you guys talking about?

  12. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t find the supposed goblin quest giver after becoming a goblin bride. Is there something to do first before he appears?

    • You go to a cave in the south west, beat a goblin and get the goblin pearl. After that, if you ever lose while it’s in your possession (Talk to the blue haired goblin love / Mel the witch to learn more) then you’re taken to the Goblin’s lair and turned into their bride. There’s more info on the VH wiki.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I did all that. But the goblin that is supposed to be here to give capture misions isn’t here like the wiki said.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I’m the one who put the info about the goblin questgiver on the wiki, but it’s 2 updates old by now so the placement might have changed. I’ll note it on the wiki if someone else has
          n’t already.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Can anyone upload the patch on megaupload, my computer cannot download from mediafire. Thank you very much

  14. Jack permalink

    Can someone make a pre-patched version? would appreciate it, thank you.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That should work for ya. Enjoy.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I already posted this once, but my internet is being screwy, so sorry if double. Anyway:

      • Ren permalink

        You should not make prepatched versions. It’s not hard to patch it yourself.

        • Claws61821 permalink

          Not to mention that Rogue has specifically asked us all not to due his own and Habisain’s (the patch tool’s creator) preferences and paranoia regarding the subject. If you feel you absolutely MUST make a pre-patched version for somebody SPECIFIC, then share it with that person via private linking, direct transfer, disc copy or usb drive. Stop risking it all for the rest of us by publically posting pre-patched copies, PLEASE.

          • Anonymous permalink

            My bad, I’ll be mindful of this in the future.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thank man, and i would have no trouble visiting Habisains website and downloading his tool if he did not try to force this upon us, for ad money i heard.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Would you translate RyonaRPG in the future?

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Has the event with the hot spring to the east (the one where you can accept a mission to catch a pervert) been translated?

  17. Anonymous permalink

    By the way, the latest version consists of new and larger maps of most areas, relocation of some maps in the game and additional H-events. ver.111206. If i am not wrong, some of the text prior to the mapchange was changed abit.

    • Anonymous permalink

      From the comment above, i am not sure if this affects the already translated files. Could it affect the entire VH translation project, pushing it back to scratch? Or you could just copy paste the already translated text to the appropriate lines in the datafile?

      • I’ve already checked to see what it does, and it isn’t much. It’s really no big deal in terms of text translation efforts go.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    So, it’ll be the middle of next year for more VH? There should be quite a few updates by then. Good for the player, maybe not so much for the translator. Thanks for your work as always!

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Can anyone tell me what game this is for and where it can be downloaded? I need another CG game to entertain myself with until MGQ2 comes out. Thanks.

  20. End permalink

    Has Anyone know how to fix serena eye bug. They put nanako eye into serena.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I dont think there is a fix for that yet, its mostly due to activating an event that hasnt been specified for Serena properly yet, so it will just run Nanako’s eyes if Serena doesn’t have the availuble reaction

    • /d/mod permalink

      it’s called events that are only for Nanako at the moment and haven’t been adapted for Serena’s expressions. The standing picture common event loads based on the hero variable, but the expressions are still character specific, since each has different sets. It’s not a bug, it’s just not written into the script what her expression is yet.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Mostly just curious, but would it be possible to put a picture into a given character/thing’s set with a specific filename so that things like this (sprites, facial expressions, changing equipment…) would trigger those graphics instead..?

        • If you mean replacing current images with custom images, sure it’s easily done. But there are hundreds of images. Just a standing pose is composed of like 6 or 7 different images on top of each other.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Oh… Oh wait, I wasn’t paying attention when I wrote that. There was a second half to that.

            The second thing I am wondering is whether or not it might be possible to make an image for a scene that isn’t fully implemented, which I’m guessing from the way you worded that post (and also just what you said about the image files) is either very difficult, impossible, and/or you do not know.

            I was just thinking if the code is written the way I thought it sounded, it might be possible to just insert some images into those scenes that weren’t fully implemented for them yet…
            Like, for example, say the character is wearing a specific pair of character non-specific glasses.. The game would try to get that pair of glasses, fail, and bring up another character’s image for that…

            But I suppose that would depend on a lot of different factors.
            In fact in hindsight, I don’t think that makes much sense.. I dunno. I guess the instances where it would be possible would be more limited if it is any way.

            I believe I’m going insane from this, so I’ll just… stop thinking about it now.

  21. Claws61821 permalink

    What still confuses me is how, every few releases of the game, I’ll download an update that WinRAR keeps deciding has multiple versions of files of different size…

    Oh, btw, if anyone is interested in helping and not yet aware, we’ve started a running changelog on the wiki for VH in general. Feel free to donate your time to this if you’re so inclined.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    The picture bug where the eyes overshot the face for serena is due to the incomplete work of the original game. Even now, the game is still not 100% completed. There will also be some error about the name as sometimes when you play as serena, they/you call you/yourself nanako.

    P.s. does anyone knows how to initiate the Finding the murderer quest? I killed the slime king but the guild leader kept on saying that i need to be more skilled, i used cheats to get me to level 50 and learnt all skills but the guild leader still says the same thing to me.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It happens to me too, no matter what I do she doesn’t let me take the quest.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You need to go back to the original guild in the hotsprings and use the second book; when the options come up the first one gives you a level. The second one gives you a level of guild rank. Get your rank up to level 5 or 6 and then talk with the guild master in the city; don’t pick out the job from the book there. Just talk to her and she’ll offer it to you on her own.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Ok, tried it, seems like I can only take the quest at Rank 15, no more no less. If I go higher than that it’s impossible to take it. By the way she doesn’t offer the quest on her own, I pick the job from the book, talk to her, and she says the same “too much for me whatever”, but this time it gives me an option to take it anyway.
          I don’t know if it would be possible to take the quest in a no-debug game, so I guess the best solution for this is downloading a newer version.

  23. fapfag permalink

    Rogue you did it again! Thanks for the great job sir! XD

    Time to fap like slut again!!

  24. Anonypoose permalink

    Okkk, I got to the part where after I finished the goblin quest, I cant get erika or the little mage to be wives? D: I was looking forward to erika! and what about ashley? how do I recruit her?!

  25. grimgammer permalink

    About goblin bride event when i go to the south and see the path it pops up an error meesage and shuts down the entire game. Know any thing kus i’d like to see that event

    • Claws61821 permalink

      It’s not along the path to the south of Onsen Town. Go out the west gate and continue west until you can go south, then go east on the next screen just before the river/stream.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone knows how to take Ashley to the goblins cave? I cant find a way to do it.

  27. How exactly does one do the Wyvern rescue quest?

  28. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve been wondering how to get Ashley to begin with. When it’s mentioned to talk to Mel about sealing her magic, Mel doesn’t say anything about it. I couldn’t even get her to talk about buying the pearl from me in the first place. Is there something you have to do before she will talk about the pearl? (I did talk to the guy with blue hair in the hot spring town when he mentions Mel, but she won’t talk.)

  29. Ryan Cairns permalink

    how come in the pre-patched one we can play as Rin, Ashley and Erika as well if only they had there own sprites for sex instead of it always being Nanako this game would be epic. Also is there any new endings.

  30. Never mind, I figured it out.

  31. AngryAnon permalink

    Pre-patch was any of the Slave Market (aside from the guild job where you dropped off that little kid) translated?

    • The only part that was translated in the slave market was dropping off the kid, and the scene between the kid and the slave market owner before this patch.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    I know you’re going to put this project off for a while until MGQ2 is translated but what will you translate next in VH when you start again?

    • The current version is buggy, so the first thing will be to update all the areas already done to a more current version. After that, I don’t know. Anything but the Orc Kingdom is a possibility.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Lets hope you don’t get unlucky and pick another buggy version when the time comes.

      • AngryAnon permalink

        Are the people who made VH still updating and adding new content to it or are you the only one doing this?

        • Claws61821 permalink

          In the past few weeks they’ve completely reconfigured the layout of the Capitol and added a screen south of Onsen, along with who knows what other changes. I’m pretty sure they’re still active. For more information either rtfw at or pull out your J-E dictionary and convince Rogue and /d/ to share with us the link to the VH creators’ BBS.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone here has a save with Ashley just done being captured? Seems like they quest-giver for capturing more goblin brides has been removed.

  34. Anonymous permalink

    I’m stuck with Serena at the beginning. I keep doing quests and such, but no matter how many times I go back to the silver haired informant in the slums all I get is no new information a noble treasure hunting group plot that I am informed has not been created. How does one advance the plot from there?

    • Imoutocon permalink

      It has not been implemented for the version rougetranslator was using.

      as of the lasted working link with the password of “vh” VHgame_111206.7z there is an additional even story which will lead to serena getting raped in the ass when she stayed in the brothel that specialized in only children. There is also an additional map above the trading district which lead to the noble’s area for u to continue the search for the treasure(Im stuck here).

      It is sad though, now that vhgame prior to VHgame_111206.7z uses another password, so we cannot access that file unless someone found the password to unlocking it.

      • Claws61821 permalink

        When you say ‘working link’, do you mean that the 111211 page itself is down, or just that you’re having trouble with the file during or after download? If it’s the latter, I’ve noticed that this one is another that seems to have path issues (thanks, btw; I wouldn’t have found that mentioned if I hadn’t been searching the Edit History for the Setup page for alternative passwords for you), so try extracting to a lower subdirectory to make sure. Also remember that the password entry is case sensitive and the password is lowercase – you may have been entering ‘VH’ either by holding Shift or by unwittingly having Caps-Lock active; if that still doesn’t work, try ‘karikari’. Was there an older version in specific that you tried which wouldn’t accept ‘vh’, and are you sure you weren’t mistaking the password entry for the Captcha entry?

        • Imoutocon permalink

          It seems te password vh was back again for the version 111211, i was not sure why i could not get that file before. I am 100% sure i entered the tight captcha and “vh” as the password without caps. The error i received back then was the keyword error, not captcha. Thank god its back to “vh” for now and i hope it will never change(for the password of course).

          i only tried the 111211 version and not yet the 111208 version. Which the password “vh” worked for it.

          P.s. When they said i entered the wrong password(“vh”) before, i tried out alot of other different passwords like (VH,vhgame,*leaving it blank*,Vh,vH,vh(game in katakana)).

  35. Ryan Cairns permalink

    Will we be able to play as other characters at some point other than Nanako and Serena, also I’ve noticed when playing as Serena when you talk sometimes it still says Nanako as your name.

    • They’ve been adding some stuff for the other characters slowly over the year, so maybe at some point. There isn’t much that’s unique to other characters, though.

      Any event that has only been written for Nanako will switch to her facial features/name, like you witnessed. It isn’t a bug necessarily, it just means an event wasn’t created for that character yet so it’s using the default (Nanako).

  36. Anonymous permalink

    Nice! Thanks for the update

  37. X-Calibar permalink

    So awesome.
    Your translations of VH is muchhhh appreciated!!

    I guess I should check out MGQ after I finish this new stuff~

  38. Anonymous permalink

    Epic work Rogue.
    Can anyone tell me how to remove a party member? Driving me crazy that once I get one there are quests I can’t do. I’ve tried everything! But no doubt it’s staring me right in the face. Me not good at smart.

    • Anonymous permalink

      If it’s Rin then you have to talk to her while at the house the little maid shows you at the end of the murder quest.
      The Erika and Ashley are added and removed as part of the main quest.
      Later there will be one place where you can go to manage your party members.

      • Anonymous permalink

        What about the guy you get at the Onsen town guild house? I always end up with him when playing as Nanako.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Well you can take him out of your party by talking to him while he is inside the guild.
          But after you beat the boss at the end of the quest line there the he disappears from the guild, if you somehow still have him in your party at this point I don’t think it’s possible to get rid of him. I don’t think they considered such a possibility.

  39. kR1pt0 permalink

    Hey rogue…. I just buyed that pretty warrior may cry but on stage 4 the hound mobs just keeps getting hp when i hit him??! Is that a bug? I tried every type of monster but he just keeps getting hp….. last time i played that stage he had 450% hp….. i tired ogre, lilith , slime , skeleten different lvls … i killed all the other mobs , captured the knight and priest and hes the only one left….

  40. kR1pt0 permalink

    ahahahaha buh .. i posted on the wrong site :P ^^ thought you posted on your blog that game but it was some other blog .. sry

    • Imoutocon permalink

      Wait, what!?!?!? rougetranslator has another site/blog????
      This i got to see. Mind giving us the link here? =D

  41. Ulpian permalink

    111211 is damaged. 7z archive handled japan fonts corretly, but now there is a zip archive and names are messed. RPG trans hangs. Useless version.

    • AngryAnon permalink

      I haven’t had any problems with this or even with the saves. I always back up everything before I place a patch but I’ve never had any problems with my saves deleting. Not I’m not sure why your 7zip is messing up.

      By the way, this patch didn’t need unzipping, it’s not a 7z file it’s a uncompressed file. Just download, copy and paste in your folder.

  42. Imoutocon permalink

    I wished they included a change log somewhere so that we know what has changed over the versions.

  43. Anonymous permalink

    Has anyone at all been able to access the Goblin Bride scenes with Rin and Ashley?

    • I have, in the 10-25 version. Ashley is mostly unimplemented though. She skips from scene 1 of 6 to 5/6 of 6. They added another 100 lines or so for each of them by the December updates, though.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I see. Any chance you have saves with girls captured so we can actually see those scenes too? It seems pretty clear now that they removed the quest giver for thoses in this version.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    If the noble area quest isn’t implemented than does Sarena just not have a linear plot yet? Nanako was kind of a no brainer, do each quest and then a special event happens. But things seem directionless right off the bat with Sarena. Should I just complete all of Nanako’s quests?

  45. Zoid permalink

    Where it can be downloaded? :O
    need play something while waiting for delicious fluffy tail :D

  46. Roster permalink

    Seriously though I got the sealing pill but now what? I saved ashley from deh boss and all erika says is she’ll take care of ashley over and over again. I noticed no one answers any questions about it for some reason. So please tell me, this is what I’ve waited for ever since I learned you can watch her getting fucked D:.

  47. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for your hard work Rogue.
    btw, I have a question about Ashley. How can I get her to join my party after the bandit main quest? y’know, the one where she ends up bedridden all day?

  48. It's still Roster permalink

    Bump ^

  49. Im sorry but it's roster again. permalink

    Bump -.- why wont anyone say anything ;-;

  50. sonnar permalink

    i am having a bug where during the Minotaurs event with Serena if you give up the Minotaur will try to run up to Serena but gets stuck infront of the pond and never reaching her , any idea how to fix this?

  51. Anonymous permalink

    Has anyone else been getting an error in the capital after this patch? When I try to move to the area with the public office and doctor, I get an error message and the game closes.

  52. light yagami permalink

    you are phenomenal, pls translate serena’s plot a bit more if you have time

    thx a lot for the hard work

  53. Anonymous permalink

    I’m getting a problem when I start the game. The start menu is scrolling like crazy, and I can stop it by pressing the down key, but i can’t use any key but Down and the player char is constantly walking to the left or up.

    I’ve tried restarting my computer, repatching, etc. Nothing helps.

  54. Anonymous permalink

    Could anyone perhaps upload a fully patched version of the game? As with the earlier patches, the process is halted by rpg_trans failing to function at all for no apparent reason (“The application failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.” No, reinstalling does not fix this problem. Yes, I have Japanese support installed and active.).

    So. Fully patched binary, pretty please?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Just to be clear: the Japanese and translated binaries work just fine for me.

  55. Anonymous permalink

    Having a bit of trouble on “Step 6: Run RPGMaker Trans. Choose the only options available from the dropdown box and hit start. It will take a few minutes to run to completion. If it hangs, that means you either opened a .txt file in the VH_Patch folder, or you may not have renamed the folders right. Or it could be an issue with not having Japanese language support on your computer.”

    Murkey question but a while back I had to set my computer to support the japanese lang. to play Sengoku rance; I also used MicrosoftAppLocale and Sengoku Rance (still) plays. But during the patching of the RPGMaker Trans it hangs at the dead beginning. Also I made a empty folder (Named it GameVH) and tossed the properly named “VH” in there. And no .txt file is opened. Help?

  56. Anonymous permalink

    well the patch doesn’t seem t work with 2011.12.25 properly

    • Anonymous permalink

      The patch is only for 2011.10.25 version, you are two months ahead.

      • Anonymous permalink

        you’re right but i wondered that the patch works with 2011.12.23,

        i have the problem that the game won’t start if i apply this patch on 2011.12.25

        Anyways thx for the hard work Rogue Translator Team :) and happy new year

  57. Sajuuk permalink

    good to know u are also working on VH i do have one problem whit the game
    it seems the blockade dus not vanish notrh from spa town.
    also i seem to have a problem thet my Honor (reputation) repains on 1 no matter how many quets i do, if any one is expirincing the same problems plz let me know…
    ps sorry i say it in here as i dont know where else to ask

    and rogue translator good work whit all the games u are translating
    u are truly my hero

  58. two things:

    1. The local ranking list on guild buildings are still in full japanese. I think it’s just a simple matter of editing some pngs in panorama/picture – I’d do it myself but I can’t read jp.

    2. If you try to change to the “title” page in the dairy after getting certain titles (I think it happens after you switch to succubus title) the game will give an “Invalid png” error and then crash. Does it perhaps have something to do with the png files getting replaced?

  59. Anonymous permalink

    hello, thanks to rogue for his great work.
    i have a question about sex levels for nanako:his stats are intercourse 662, cum inside 444, cum outside 238, sensitivity high, vagina spread, anus spread so all sex levels are 0. is it a bug or not.
    Sorry for my english.

  60. Anon permalink

    I can’t run RTP. It runs through the installer, but then stops at 44 percent, saying that there is an extension wrong.

    I have my RPG Maker folder on a different drive, but it works fine otherwise.

    • Anon permalink

      anon again:

      IT may be because i’m running RPG Xp instead of 2000, but I haven’t had a problem with it so far. Am I still doing something wrong?

  61. Anonymous permalink

    Im having problems with the patching process, ive read all the instructions and it still wont work. Im using the patcher from and all ti does is hang. Im in japanese locale and everything i have no idea whats going wrong anymore. Please help

  62. Anonymous permalink

    I got a question, Im using the patcher and all it does is hang on me. I read all the instructions and tried everything it suggest, japanese locale and all. All it does is freeze up at the start for me and doesnt do anything at that point. I have followed all the instructions and at this point im not sure what im doing wrong. Send me some help pls?

  63. Chronos permalink

    Can i get some help with this game. I followed all the instructions for installing this game and patching it. But it just wont work for me for some reason. When i use the patcher from habisan it just stalls out at examine game file structure and does nothing from that point on. Can someone help me out here?

    • Chronos permalink

      I FINALLY figured out what went wrong. I think the patcher doesnt recognize the new file that the RPG2k makes. It doesnt recognize the ASCII folder, so i tried moving the RPG2K folder(i also renamed it so it matched the path on the patcher) and moved it into my desktop and now the patcher is running properly. Im not sure whats wrong but if you gusy want to try that out try it and see if it works.

  64. deadgirl permalink

    I miss Vh already please pick it up again soon….

  65. Blahperson permalink

    Thanks for making this translation.
    Hope you haven’t given up on it, because its greatly appreciated.

  66. problem permalink

    can someone help me? i’m stucked at the thieve’s hide out quest in onsen town (first town)…
    after i finished the first part of the quest (ashley saved me) erika found me and i went back to onsen town, after that for 2 days nanako trained in the river. then, after that, when i woke up from the inn, i’ve followed the wiki for the quest but then, when i talked to the guildmaster, the scouts didn’t appear like they should. i tried completing another quest and slept at the inn again and again… after many days, the event for the scouts to appear still couldn’t continue… help please =[ i’m stucked for a long time.

    • Guy permalink

      You need to complete all the quests to trigger the scene.

  67. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for replying, but there are two unimplemented quests and 1 japanese quest that i haven’t complete but it says i completed it. :[

  68. Rogue Fan permalink

    i cant seem to get the rpg game thing to work even when i use appolocale can someone pack thier installed version into a rar file to download so i can just use that to play it (Y_Y) or if there is an alternative way to get VH to work without it then please reply since im always checking.

  69. Rogue Fan permalink

    i just discovered that you can play this game properly with the english version of RPG maker when you rename all of the japanese files into their proper english counterpart to play it! XP

  70. Anonymous permalink

    the patch are acumulative ?? i mean should i just download this third patch o i need to download the 2 that came before ?? sorry bad english

  71. Aeon permalink

    Aye, as with Roster, am also having problem with Erika telling me that she’ll take care of Ashley and then getting turned away automatically afterwards. It’s kind of annoying not knowing what to do at this point to get them able to join your party again and makes one rage like a monkey.

    Also, I have noticed a bug in which if you get the sex fighting skill (Seductive Dance?) from the girl with blue hair and a yellow hat in the debug room and then try to go into the “Titles” page of your “secret journal,” the game will crash with the error “unsupported png file…” or something like it. It might have something to do with the succubus or half succubus title but I’m only speaking from assumption.

    • Once Erika says she’ll take care of Ashley, you can’t get her back in your party for a long time. The titles thing has been buggy for a while. Also anything you do in the debug mode increases the chances of errors by 10000%.

  72. Anonymous permalink

    any idea to when a patch well be out on VH ver 120128? or well this patch well work with it as well?

  73. Hey. I came across this site accidentally while searching for Thief & Sword’s patch.
    This game is awesome!
    You have my gratitute for translating this.

  74. thedoc permalink

    So are there any news about a new patch? v120213 has brought a lot of new dialogue lines that now pop up between the translated bits.

    • Anonymous permalink

      ya am still waiting for the new patch as well, this patch is going out of date fast, but i do thank the people who are translated this game so far and i do hope that keep up the great work

  75. StrikerGTR permalink

    I will work Translation for Newest patch with VH Eng 0.6 to VH01 Ver 120225
    and it progress by 10/100 % i want team up with someone need to Translation
    with me for overall speed if u cannot? know how to Translation i will teach u
    from first step who want Replay me

  76. StrikerGTR permalink

    if u interesting go here

  77. StrikerGTR permalink

    Train 100%
    Spatown Outside 100%
    Spatown Inn 100% + debug 100%

  78. adam permalink

    how do we download your patch file..

  79. Drew permalink

    Would anyone be willing to send me a pre-patched version? i cannot seem to figure out how to get this game to work..

  80. adam permalink

    I guess Rogue gave up on this one two, it’s sad to see this game go unfinished…
    I hope somebody will finish this soon…

  81. StrikerGTR permalink

    PS. patch with 0.6 first and patch this patch after

  82. adam permalink

    Good Job thanks for taking over VH, it was needed and you were called upon lol…

  83. StrikerGTR permalink

    @adam that right i hope not long i will finish this and hope that import for everyone need ^^

  84. adam permalink

    Well cool looking forward to your trans can’t wait…

  85. Anonymous permalink

    how does one download the game?

  86. Anonymous permalink

    anyone have any clue how to edit the saves? i.e. more money lvls etc.? ive looked EVERY where

    • Imoutocon permalink

      debug mode does everything given that you receive the debugging tool when ur in that mode.

    • nyak permalink

      it says 12/03/09, meh, i will download it anyway..

  87. Anonymous permalink

    how do i download VH i dont understand, your website is really hard to understand and use… thanks for the translate but please make it easier.. i cant find download link anywherE!

  88. For whatever reason, it won’t let me enter the in. Every time I try, the game crashes. Is there a way to fix this?

  89. Adam permalink

    Hey how is your patch coming?? just wondering if you are still working on it??

  90. karikitty permalink

    I’d personally prefer a complete version of the release you are working on, once it’s done it’ll be easier to use it as a jumping off point for later editions.
    Of course, it’s your trans.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I dunno, the old release the patch is for is very incomplete.
      There’s so much that’s changed, added and even removed in later releases, on top of the fact that it’s still very buggy and many of the different quests/storylines are still incomplete and just ends halfway-way though.
      I don’t see how translating stuff that’s almost guaranteed to change will make translating later versions easier.
      Then again, I’m not a mod creator nor a translator.

      • Adam permalink

        yup so true wish ppl would stay up to date and carry over the translated maps…
        but thats hard work…

  91. Adam permalink

    And i guess StrikerGTR is maybe still working on it don’t know…
    Maybe he gave up to!! Hope not…

  92. Anonymous permalink

    Hi , i cant get the range attack and i am stuck on the last stage fighting with a little black witch in the undead village on quest called ‘Rescue at the Valley of the Wyvern’. Can someone please tell me how to get range attack so i can hit that little bitch?

    • Anonymous permalink

      The natural stance should let you shoot your hadouken thing.
      I believe you need a special book to unlock it, but I’m unsure which one it is.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Natural stance is not letting me shoot anything out. And there are 4 books sold at the onsen town but none of them works. I am really getting annoying cuz i am stuck at that last stage trying to kill that little black witch. But my attacks simply dun reach to her ! :((

        • RckStan permalink

          Its really annoying how nobody can give a simple answer, i was stuck at that for a long time, until now, use book 1 and 2, then change to natural stance, there will be a new bar below the exp, that means it works now, charge using shift, hope that helps

  93. strikergtr permalink

    Im comeback and dont worry i update soon and post in this 555

  94. exarion permalink


    the real one wrote the gtr and the s in capitals >>>StrikerGTR
    and he/her had an avatar picture

  95. Terumi permalink

    I need help, when I try to start the game it loads up but then goes to a black screen and shows an error message I can’t read it though because it’s in Japanese. someone please try and help me

  96. PerUlv permalink

    First thing first, thank you for all your hard work, Rogue! I hope you’re enjoying spring and taking some well earned time off.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the VH translation project continued. MGQ is kewl and all, but personally I’m more interested in this game. When do you think you’ll pick it up again?

  97. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone knows how the baby disposal works?

  98. Anonymous permalink

    well, if you have a human baby, you can give him to the church, to be specific talk with the sister right to the priest

  99. Anonymous permalink

    Umm,when will the next patch released ?
    Thus,VH’s out a nicer version,how about an eng patch for the new version ?

  100. Anonymous permalink

    Rouge stated on 5th April that after a break he are going to update vh.

    So just be patient; the vh translation is not dead

  101. Anonymous permalink

    vh > mgq 1 + 2

  102. sajuuk permalink

    i would like it when VH gets fully translated as far as i know rogue is the only translator who has plans on working on it, so hope to hear someting about it soon

  103. Anonymous permalink

    I found a way to see Ashley’s Goblin Bride content.

    To get Ashley in a way that works in-game:
    – Warp to Guruhasuta
    -Talk to the guy in the corner. He seems to bring out every party member for you to take.
    -Talk to Ashley, select first option.
    -Go to Goblin dungeon.

    Of course, you still need to have done the stuff prior to this first.

  104. Anonymoustu permalink

    when will the next translation for the new update of ver_12.06.22

  105. Railtracer permalink

    After I extract the patch download with winzip there is no panorama or pictures folder, nor a VH_patch I have to create it my self is this correct? Sorry first time trying this and the game. Nothing bad other than that all is working

  106. strikergtr permalink

    sorry for long time i will alive again this program is now 2012 / 07 and chage much map but sum tran is work not all i need to get on it again XD but i want team or group to take work of this
    this game is work by map file and will tran in that too u can see in VH folder is 500 more map but
    not huge only map have H scene it big and if we ? or all of you want to play in ENG together
    please create our home webboard or aka community to start this big project
    i see it hard to finish by one man but if we work one man own one map it easy
    and after this we share for all ^^ not for money but that for everyone. :)

    PS. after we have community i promise i tech how to translation and recompile and play
    i hope for feedback please email me

  107. strikergtr permalink

    Here Proof of Project start

  108. strikergtr permalink

    image url [ ]

  109. strikergtr permalink

    OK little for now patch 0.6 + All new ENG Character Creater
    (new function of 2012/07) and now i want to sleep TT^TT nobody help
    but it of i can do it Here v
    not install other it already patch and + update from me ^^
    i hope it happy start

  110. Hey everyone the patch 0.8 is incomming soon it has tran first city
    ingame Diary** (from Rogue 0.6) status with mix my tran and edit photo to english it have arrive soon stay tune

    see update pic here

  111. wha TT^TT not who have interest this anymore?

  112. Anonymous permalink

    hey strikegtr is your patch compatible with rogue patch? when i port my save from rogue patch some item in my inventory left blank and some text in secret diary like virginity is not translated like rogue patch. good job on the translation and im sure many like me are waiting to see this game translated 100%. you should ask rogue for cooperation. cheers

  113. I see your problem and Here 0.8 is came out
    [Update log 0.8 ]
    Outdoor Spa town (first city) 100% complete
    Character edit all complete (Blood Type date of birth)
    Rogue 0.6 fix in Girl Diary Now Fix !!
    Starter Item some JP From 0.6 Now fix !!
    Can’t Tran Nanako Job in game menu
    Guild quest all in Spa town tran (65%)
    Outside around Spa town tran (40%)
    New item From Ghost town and other (0%)
    – don’t forget Like my page of feedback in here

    PS. All credit of this Eng Project i give to Rogue Translation
    Have fun Striker Gtr

    0.8 Is here v

  114. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for the new update strikegtr!

  115. Derps McGee permalink

    Is anyone else having the problem I’m having?
    I’m playing with Serena, and I can’t complete the “Bitch” title accomplishment because the Underground Town dog won’t start an H-scene choice prompt. Whenever I interact with it, it just gives the barking SFX.

  116. Serena i see it have some problem too at underground town dog u need to unlock Minotarus quest in spa town u will lost in quest and hero save u after it go to rich man room talk and have sex with his dog and all dog are unlock ok ?

    • Derps McGee permalink

      No…still doesn’t work. I tried your suggestion. Bug is still there; the Underground Town dog still only barks at Serena and no sex. I’m playing in debug mode, but I think it will be the same even in normal mode.

      Can you offer any other help?

  117. thank for feedback and In game Char Creation i will tran in ENG all of that i see bug Bitch an need to fix it ?
    but i don’t know it bug by me ? or Original game bug ?? some one test origin for me if it has by original
    i will fix as i can but if if cause by my patch i will fix now thankyou

    And if u need tran at u mission feedback me i will put it on top of my work Thank all
    Striker GTR
    i will fix as i can but if if cause by my patch i will fix now thankyou

    And if u need tran at u mission feedback me i will put it on top of my work Thank all
    Striker GTR

  118. Hey Character creation for your cute Serena is finish rightnow.
    Cheer (@w@) i hope it help for new start
    arr i name it VH 01 Eng Patch 0.8S wait very soon i start
    upload to you.

  119. Here
    [update log]
    Fix some little in Spatown
    In start Serena Char Create it now 100% as Nanako

  120. OK Here that I have something I need tell u all I see VH 01 has Public 2 Hero or 3 Ashely well but in code i see 5 ID include Nana (Nanako’s child) but it much code for tran ok I will ask u u need me tran
    Nanako Or Serena First ?
    if I tran one hero it easy for me alot

    • Guy permalink

      Are you using TranlatorParser to translate the game, it extracts, translate and inserts all the text. It can help you greatly.

  121. it warnning from Hongfire forum sorry for now but i will stop this project thankyou
    Sorry everyone but VH owner not need tran version Thankyou for all advice and good time
    in other word Good bye ^^

  122. Guy permalink

    You only need to upload the patch, not the entire game. In other words only the txt files like habisain allways said.

  123. Anonymous permalink

    if you can e-mail me, that would be better but in onsen town there is a sign on the right of the south entrance where you start and you can pick up amira. its sounds all good and all, especially since she gives you dmg defence and experience gain bonus’. but the problem is it seems like just getting he advances or changes the story. some sort of war seems to have happened and ashley is injured in the basement of the onsen town guild (you get ashley quite a way later than lvl 1 onsen town) yet this all has already happened. so i just wanna ask, (since nothing is translated) is this a story skip which i shouldnt get to play the game properly or is it just a secret im not quite understanding.

  124. Anonymous permalink

    @strikegtr what warning? i cant get in hongfire because my isp banned it so i dont know. if its about uploading the pre-patched game then you just need to upload the patch only

  125. I understand situation and clear at all I upload only patch and u know how to use
    right ?

  126. sorry for misunderstand guy but I have a good news
    I will continue project VH by patch TXT!!!

  127. Anonymous permalink

    lol rogue already gave us the instruction to patch it and thanks for continuing the project!

  128. Anonymous permalink

    thx for the great work; I’d really appreciate a patch, also because 02-07-12 sucks since Serena’s hit detection is horrible, with a patch we could deceide by ourselves which version we use

  129. ok i made it soon as possible

  130. Anonymous permalink

    thank you so much striker. i was kinda confused about the first 0.8 patch xD
    really appreciate your work. id just about given up on the game being completely translated

  131. don’t worry it not complete at fast I need more stuff for work speed up if u need update follow this blog if it any movement u can see in here

    I need to ask u some thing ?? in all of u
    I tran it in txt (not patch ) i put dialog in it
    but dialog is not good tran but it Eng by google and ++fix some by me
    but if i upload here and can some 1 get it and fix it to good look eng and upload in here for me?
    i will put it in patch and u all and me we get a good patch togather
    i ask u about it good idea ?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Worth a shot

    • Anonymous permalink

      @strikegtr just saying that kR1pt0n1t3 from hongfire will try to fix your english. why dont you contact him?

  132. Anonymous permalink

    In 14-07-12 you can play as Nana, the daughter of Nanako and Bellepher, pretty cute chick ^^

  133. Anon permalink

    Strikergtr, do you know how to fix the problem where you can’t have Serena have sex with the Underground Town dog? I am playing on your VH 0.8s patch.

    Even WITHOUT the translation patch, Serena won’t have sex with the Underground Town dog. It only works with Nanako.

  134. Railtracer permalink

    Not a problem, She just can’t until future updates.

  135. Black Dynomite! permalink

    get Cx-freeze pthon error in main script when ptching

  136. adam permalink

    great to have you back and still working on this project, we know it’s hard work…

  137. Anonymous permalink

    how do you level up fast in this game? debug doesnt have any option to change level

  138. Anonymous permalink

    anyone got the 120716 patch the quest thieve hideout guild master refuse to trigger the next scenario after i complete this part taken from wiki lab (Sleep at the inn and watch another scene with Nanako standing in water (she should be practicing some attack; the screen will flash). Afterwards when you return to your room Erika will be there waiting for you.). someone mention that have to complete all quest but there seem to be some additional quests they just add. already did the merchant escort train quest tho.

  139. A bored Zoroark permalink

    hey man thanks for your job, btw your patch works in the lastes VH version? cause i have this one “VHゲーム01_120722a” and its not working can ya help me with that?

  140. Anonymous permalink

    strikegtr thnx for continuing the project. i’v been checking here and on fb for updates status on .9 version to see if its rdy. I’m and probably a lot of people are unable to to make comments on there on fb but probably check the status regurlarly like i do. Again thnx for moving forward with the project and eagerly waiting for the next update.

  141. Anonymous permalink

    yet another translator mia lol. Guess strikegtr took a vacation

  142. Jessesan permalink

    Okay, I just started and I tried fighting the goblins, but lost got aped and apparently died, then suddenly the game crashed and now it won’t come back on. Any idea what happened?

  143. Anonymous permalink

    I need some help here. After clearing every scouting position i leave a room and a scene occurs but the game is stuck with black screen after that, I waited nothing happened, and the game did not crash as i tried this several times.

  144. Zadon permalink

    Are we supposed to have Rogue’s translations with Strike’s. I havent looked at Rogues recently but i think for some reason there was some things translated that are not when only using Strike’s. Am I wrong?

  145. Daniel permalink

    @strikergtr what versio need the patch VH 8S ? i have the 1111024 -_- all versio is 404no fount

  146. Anonymous permalink

    how install the patch Vh 0.8s? what need

  147. Anonymous permalink


    My game is blinking. Is there any solution for that? Win 7 64 bit. Sry if my grammar isn’t good.

  148. Hy, I´ve got a problem with the Quest where you have to save Rin. Everything worked fine until I had to go to Rins Maid (after breaking into the Prison with the Guard and the Hotel scene). The dialogue with the Maids starts shows up and then i should go to the big building one screen further north and talk to Sara´s Mama but she just keeps telling me that there´s nothing there. Can anyone tell me what I can do to make it work?

  149. Anonymous permalink

    fuck you, strikergt. and you too rogue translations. i know how hard it is to translate non-linear stories as you dont know if the chat codes for more than one thing or not but are you FUCKING SERIOUS? you were so close. you made everyone wait so long and than when you were about an inch from finishing, you stopped. so fuck you.

    • Deadgirl permalink

      wow don’t be so upset they tried..
      maybe they are just waiting for the developer to finish making the game so when rogue or striker gets back, all they have to do is translate and then your good to go..
      i still have faith in rogue..

  150. jason johnson permalink

    every time i try to enter the onsen town inn it crashes whats up

  151. Anonymous permalink

    I’m having trouble with step one. I downloaded rpg maker 2000 from Don Miguel (his version) and no matter how i try to run the rtp tool it gets to 44 percent and freezes. I am running windows 7 with the hongfire app local

  152. Anonymous permalink

    I’m trying to get the download to work. I’m stuck on step one of the install process. I have rpgmaker 2k from Don Miguel. Yet when i try to install the rtp i get an error at 44%. I’m running windows seven with the app local from hongfire.

  153. Anonymous permalink

    Has the introduction of choosing a character etc. been translated yet into a patch? or is it just for the capital?

  154. LuckyStars permalink

    By the way guys.. I got problem here if you can help. First: How do you check what version you have? And what is the password coz I dont know so I cant download it!!! Please help me here!

  155. Anonymous permalink

    please can anyone upload the game coz all the links r dead
    please i love this game

  156. Anonymous permalink

    Any chance for a reupload?

  157. Kaz permalink

    Could you please reupload the patch? The link is down.

    thx in advance.

  158. john permalink

    the patch is gone!

  159. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah, it’d be nice if you could find an alternative source for downloading your files, Rogue… Mediafire ALWAYS gets rid of your shit within such a short amount of time. Anyway, I can’t find the most recent patch ANYWHERE on the net, so if someone would be so kind as to put up a fresh link, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

  160. Anonymous permalink

    can you post the patch download link again, the link already invalid

  161. Nova permalink

    Anyways someone can upload the newest patch once again. Want to get back into this but none of the links are working.

  162. Slashe permalink

    hi wanted to ask if the project is still good because i have dowlnload a prepatch when a older version the debug is translated and i don’t understand “TORTOISE SVN”

  163. Found a set of Dior trainers last week as I was out shopping along with my
    young daughter, obviously she had to have them. I couldn’t believe how much they cost
    though, in excess of £300! I’m surprised any mother would
    be ready to spend that much

  164. Anonymous permalink

    hey guys I need help on the final boss battle in the wyvern quest, i have been going at it for like an hour and have made no progress, what am i supposed to do?

  165. Hi there everyone, it’s my first go to see at this web page,
    and post is in fact fruitful for me, keep up posting these types of

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