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MGQ2 Japanese Release Date

December 16, 2011

Short post before I head off to work – Torotoro just posted that it’s going on sale December 17th (also that he’s surprised at the short notice). Remember, Japan is 12 hours ahead of us, so that means it could show up at any time in 2 and a half hours from now or so.

So basically, keep your eyes out for it, because it might show up any time.

  1. Mad Scientist permalink

    It appears I arrived early. Oh well.

  2. Anonymous permalink


  3. Cyrus permalink

    My weekend has just been made, fuck yes.

    ..hopefully I can keep occupied until it shows up on MU or something.

  4. Anonymous permalink


  5. Anonymous permalink


  6. Anonymous permalink


  7. james123 permalink

    nice nice :D

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Hora Hora…

  9. Anonymous permalink

    We still have to wait for it to get translated tho ^^

    • Anonymous permalink

      Even still it’s good news to hear it’s coming out. The sooner the game is out after all the sooner the translation work can begin. Of course I’m waiting for the full patch, but good to know we’re one step closer to getting to play this.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Translation? Who cares! Blind run first, and then we’ll see what happened.

    Or just use AGTH or something.

  11. Wrandral permalink

    AWWWWW YEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Yawn, not interested. Waiting for Rogue to do his magic. After all, the story is the most interesting part of MGQ.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    what’s this game?
    …looks pretty much the same with monster girl quest style (raped by monster girls)

  14. Anonymous permalink

    You mean that fluffy tails are the most interesting part of MGQ, right?

    • Anonymous permalink

      You mean the Wierd-Female-Tentacle monsters + context ofcourse are the most interestin part of MGQ right?

  15. LoveMonsterGirl permalink

    this game
    looks pretty much the same with monster girl quest (raped by monster girl)

    • LoveMonsterGirl permalink

      sorry double posting…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yes, I’ve also stumbled upon it today, it looks like a propper rip-off. However, it might be good for us, I don’t know bout you guys but I enjoy femdom/monster stuff and there has been WAAAAAY to less content these past years.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Weird that some of it is in English, but everything else is not.

      • Monti permalink

        Wouldn’t be that hard to translate it if their is a document with the text of the game, it’s in kanji so would just have that translated into english and then re-word it into how someone would say it in english, Because in kanji, something that says
        when translated it says
        After dinner a little late. Saniria room in the inn at.

        But someone that spoke english would not say that, and it would be abit confusing, instead we would say “Alittle later after dinner, Saniria was in the room of the inn she was at.”

        PLus I guess we have another game to hunt for, hopefully someone will buy and translate it.

        • Squintz permalink

          anyone find a good link yet?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Torrent for that other game (not MGQ2):

            [18禁ゲーム][111230] [ディーゼルマイン] 犯され勇者~凛々しく世界を救うハズだったボク…~ [735.34 MB]

          • Squintz permalink

            just played the demo. it was pretty good. hopefully someone translates this

        • Anonymous permalink

          It’s a little harder to translate than that. From your example, San Ilia is a place, not a person, and neither of those phrases are sentences, just exposition setting the scene. It’s more like “WHEN: A little after dinner. WHERE: A room in the San Ilia Inn.”

          Machine translation is also hopelessly bad with casual speech and onomatopoeia, which hentai games are full of.

      • Anonymous permalink

        you ca say that again…I do hope this monster/femdom fetish takes off

    • Anonymous permalink

      Too bad theres no english patch, at least it doesnt seem so

      • Kyon permalink

        If some one can find the full version and get it out to a lot of people, someone is bound to make an English patch eventually. Just keep spreading it around if you can some how get a hold of it

    • Kyon permalink

      since it was just released today [ 12/16/11 ] , I really doubt it is available to download from some other site. I was able to find other games from the same company on Nihonomaru but that specific one will probably not be out for free at least for a while. afterwards I will try to download it and spread it to the far corners of Hentai-fandom forums and all. AGTH is a good way to try to play it but we would all want some things with an actual patch. After the MGQ series is complete, perhaps roguetranslations would take the task of making a patch but I also doubt he/she will do it. Which is why I will do my part to spread it across the world hoping it will be picked up by a good fan.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I played the demo and thought the CG and H-scenes were done well, especially because all the girls have voice acting. The gameplay seemed atrocious though. You fight a monster every step and have to grind like crazy on top of that, plus the battle system isn’t fun. There didn’t seem to be much of a story to it either, but then again it was just a demo. Seems like one of those games that you’ll want to download a 100% save and enjoy the CG mode, skipping the actual “game.”

      It also uses that annoying engine that doesn’t work with applocale, forcing you to be in Japanese windows mode.

      • Monti permalink

        What are you referring to when you say ‘didn’t seem to be much of a story to it either’ If you just played the demo and not part 1 completely then you won’t understand the story, and if you did then keep in mind, it was just one battle, not even 4 minutes of play in the demo, not even a master of writing can tell a story with just that. Battle system is alright, it fits the need of the monsters, to rape. I don’t need to be in Japanese windows mode, as long as I have the Japanese language aviable on my computer, I can be in english windows and it works perfectly.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I think he was referring to that other monster game on dlsite.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Sorry, the mini-review was in reference to “Violated Hero” not MGQ.

  16. Anonymous permalink


  17. Anonymous permalink

    My body is ready.

  18. Creep permalink


  19. Duke Nukem permalink

    Ohhh, that’s going to hurt.

  20. Imoutocon permalink

    Im saving up from restraining any manual labour by my hands for this to be release. Now thats dedication!

    • Monti permalink

      But by typing that, aren’t you then using your hands for manual labour?

  21. yabusa permalink

    My body is ready…..

    but I took an arrow on the knee… >:D

  22. Anonymous permalink


    • Anonymous permalink

      Now if was during april inwhich this game was going to be released, then right now I would have said ‘Win’ but now… No, just no.

  23. Anonymous permalink

    I lurrrrve this game, its proper awesome.
    Monsta girls :P :P :P :P :P :P


    • Anonymous permalink

      You’re so kawaii desu and random xDDD *winks* :3

      • Anonymous permalink

        >So random xDD
        Thanks for the heads up. Oh you guys and your trolling.

    • Monti permalink

      *dances with* l3

  24. Anonymous permalink


  25. Anonymous permalink

    ihihihi XD

    but we still need to wait for the translation :(

  26. Anonymous permalink

    My body is not ready…

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Glorious news! This and Katawa Shoujo have certainly made my day.

  28. Febo permalink

    Although I am super excited for part 2 I am going to wait for RogueTranslator to make a 100 percent translation first. I am totally engrossed with the story and feel that just playing it for the CG would spoil the experience. Also 80 percent of the enjoyment I get out of it comes from the text!

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Forget a translation, AGTH all the way! I’ll play through it again in 3 months.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Excuse me? Is this news for real? Oh happy day! Glorious day!

  31. Kusojijii permalink

    My F5 button is screaming for mercy.

  32. Anonymous permalink


  33. Zabusy permalink

    As he said translation can took up to 3 months , maybe someone go straight and play the game but someone else , like me will wait till full translation .

  34. Anonymous permalink

    Btw does anyone know how Rogue does the translation

    Like: does rogue go from beginning to end or translate the most important things first?

    • Anonymous permalink


    • I go from start to finish, and only do something once you could reach it under normal play.

      So to use MGQ 1 as an example, I did:

      1. Story opening to start of slime.
      2. Profile
      3. Battle menu and text
      4. Slime battle itself
      5. Slime encyclopedia entry
      6. Slime “evaluation meeting”
      7. Back to story
      8. Slime battle

      • Anonymous permalink

        so how would you transfer your previous translation from the trial into the full version? it seems like that might be an issue

      • Dan permalink

        Could you do the encyclopedia last? I bet most people agree that the story/battle translation is far more interesting, cause the encyclopedia usually tells you things you’ll get to hear/see in the according battles anyways.

        • james123 permalink

          yeah , i agree
          i finished first part 3 times
          but didn’t read the enclopedya yet :P

        • I did the encylopedia last for part 1, but that was more due to a limitation on how to get the text to display right. I’m going to do them as I go, because it helps to break up the “variety” of text to translate. It got old after a while doing 63 encyclopedia entries in a row.

  35. Anonymous permalink

    What if this was released on January the 4th.
    Think of the shitstorm, man.

  36. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone know what the volume 1-18 pics on MGQ´s DLsite page means : (to the right of the page)

    seems good anyway :)

    • They’re sort of like voice dramas. They have a couple pictures, and then it’s all voiced through a sound file. Never actually sat/listened to one myself, but it’s the thing Torotoro was doing before the game was made, I believe.

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Well, you can stop mashing f5 now. It’s out. Of course, won’t do you much good at the moment unless you’re able to buy it off JP DL site.

  38. crunchytheklown permalink

    It’s out on english dlsite now. Just downloading it :)

  39. Anonymous permalink

    actually it is also on the english dl site

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Lets show them they have an english fanbase too:)

  41. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, I want to thank you for all the hard work you put into MGQ1 and I am looking forward to your translation of MGQ2 :D

  42. Anonymous permalink

    I would encourage people to buy it but not everyone has cash to spare, so I guess I’ll be the first to ask for a MU link

    • Anonymous permalink

      Or torrent, I honestly don’t have any left over money… Cum on, IT’s XMAS! No one has spare cash.

  43. Anonymous permalink

    IT’S OUT.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That is an incredibly shitty link, and you need to finish school before you get into porn on the internet. Pay extra attention in English class maybe.

    • Anonymous permalink

      wtf are you going on about moron some people were asking where to find the full of that game and i posted the link to where you can find it, next time pull your head out of your ass and think before replyin

  44. Creep permalink

    lol thats not it

  45. Squintz permalink

    33 bucks is totally worth it, and I’m gonna buy it. As soon as rogue translates it. I agree with other posters who say the story really makes the sex scenes much better.

  46. Anonymous permalink



  47. AnonS permalink

    The story is fantastic and honestly the most fun I’ve had playing a traditional JRPG for a long time. It really had an old school feel to it, except even better because there wasn’t any grinding, it was pretty much just boss fights the entire game through.

    I am glad it has the H-scenes even though I don’t care about most of them. It’s a nice hook to draw you in, and then the story keeps you into it afterwards.

    I hope we get more of these types of games, although I rather doubt we’ll get this level. Still the art in the other one looks nice too. I’ll probably just mostly check RogueTranslator’s blog to keep up on these, but just for reference, what other places does everyone hang out on too? I think I got here through hongfire, but I also rarely go onto nihonomaru, and hentai-femdom (probably more time there).

    • Cyrus permalink

      I got here from 4chan and monstergirlunlimited personally.

      Man, /v/ is already having threads with a guy posting screens as he goes through it and another anon translating it as he posts.. hard to avoid spoilers at this rate, and it will only get worse through the weekend I imagine.

      Just waiting for a torrent or rs/mu/etc so I can go through without spoilers.

  48. Just bought it, their website must be taking some extra load because it seems strained. Takes an hour to download. This games worth the investment of $33. Once RT translates it, it’ll be worth as much as a 60 or $100 game.

    Good luck to ya RT :D

  49. Cyrus permalink

    For all you gentlemen, behold!

    Disregard filename, acquires glorious monster rape.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thanks a ton!

      Also lol’d at the filename.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yup, sites are starting to link, the size is indeed 817.62-.63

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thanks man!!! If I had a job and money I would so buy it but I will just have to acquire it the poor mans way lol.

      • You should buy it once you DO aquire said Mulah. These guys deserve a little support to be honest. Some western incentive would help because they lose heaps of sales due to torrents. Look at their Japanese sales for Part 1 = 12,000! That == $400,000 approx

        Whereas our western version of the store is only 200 sales =_= we’re doing it wrong!

  50. Mkmd13 permalink

    Time to say goodbye to VH and hello to the start of MGQ Part 2 translation!!!

  51. Mkmd13 permalink

    Just to add a note* I cant believe this game is almost a terabyte!!! *

    • You’re kidding right, you read the product description? It’s NEARLY 1 gigabyte (817MBs).

      No game in existence is one Terabyte, let alone some small hentai VN…

    • Anonymous permalink


  52. Kwijybo permalink

    Just prchased it from DLsite to show my support for the creators.

  53. Anonymous permalink

    Damnit, I can’t buy it on DLsite (I’m a kind of retard who don’t understand anything to this website), if someone can make a tutorial or something like that to explain us how to buy on this website…

  54. Ulpian permalink

    Please release at least 0-day patch ;) with menus translated.

  55. Anonymous permalink

    €25 or $33? What a steal!

  56. Anonymous permalink

    shit the battles are damn hard without translation.

    anyone figured out how to beat Undine?

    I got 4th heavenly knight (slime queen or whatever) to back down at the cave, but then

    the following boss slime who i think is Undine is just impossible to beat for me…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Haha, I was having the trouble. Got past it but now I’m stuck at this 2nd “Queen like” Bee monster girl… She’s just so ****ing confusing, nothing works AFAIK. It’s the one after the Doll & Mud(?) monster. I so can’t beat this in one sitting. Just too long *yawn*

  57. Anonymous permalink

    To beat Undine, use Gnome, then use Sylph.

  58. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t manage to beat the 4th knight (the slime) in the cave, she just crush me on her second action whatever I do. Any hints ?

  59. zeffy101 permalink

    …I cant understand a single word!!…
    So im waiting for the English translation :D

    Also if ANY of you need the SECOND game of MQG and cannot buy/purchase it for some reason…
    (I found this download source)

    Hope it helps you guys :D

    As for playing the game… you know with that txt line error that you receive sometimes during game play or what not.. If you guys want to remove it this is what you do.

    1. How to get rid of that is you need to set up your language locale uni-code to Japanese language restart comp/laptop and it will run smoothly for you.

    How to set up the uni-code for your OS system browse on google search “how to change uni code for windows xp/windows 7/windows vista etc. etc..”

    Other than that your sweet and set to play!
    Also i got no idea how to set up AGTH or Aggregator translator sorry you might need to google on how to set up those translator programs if you really want to play it with a brief understanding.

    But for mean time… ima go find me some nice juicy hentai monster animes xD

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