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MGQ2 Out

December 17, 2011

As I’m sure many of you already noticed, MGQ2 was released earlier today. You can buy it off the English DLsite at .

Of interesting note:

1. The English save file imports just fine.

2. If you have MGQ Part 1, you can copy over arc.nsa (and replace the arc.nsa in the MGQ2 folder) and enable Part 1 mode, which combines Part 1 and Part 2 into a single game.

I’ve already copied over Part 1’s story and battle scripts, along with the menus and generic skill / combat text. Starting tomorrow I’ll actually be starting on Part 2’s script. As for the partial patches, the poll indicated most wanted partial patch, and skewed toward the 50/75 range. As such, I’ll be doing partial patches for Part 2, initially aiming for somewhere around 50% to be a good point for the first one. If there’s a better stopping point (Such as the end of a story arc) a little bit less than 50%, then I’ll use that point instead.
Also, no, there won’t be any “menu” or “skill” patches. The menus in battle are the same as they are in the first game, sans the new skills. If the new summons (Gnome, Undine, etc…) work the same way as Sylph did, then they will have their own sections inside each battle, and skipping around doing them first would be annoying and a waste of time.

For a rough line Count:*

Story: 19600 (Compared to 19500 in Part 1)

Battle: 83,000 (Compared to 56,300 in Part 1)

*Remember, these lines include non-translated lines too. Such as damage calculations and character/skill names. The actual number of lines is probably 40 to 35% of them, maybe around 40,000 or so.

  1. Anonymous permalink

    So the second game is more battle-centered? Then I hope they improved the system. Always doing “Sylph, Attack, Attack, Attack, Heal, Repeat” gets boring after some time.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t think people play this game for the combat system

  2. Tomblie permalink

    I can’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait! God’s speed

  3. Anonymous permalink

    We deeply appreciate the work you are doing Rogue. Godspeed.

  4. anonymous permalink

    game crashes for me at start of first battle theres some dialouge and just when fight is about to start some error message you have to click ok and game shuts down

  5. Anonymous permalink

    This time, I will buy the game from the english dlsite, to support the developers.
    Another thought: can’t you add a paypal donation “thing” to your site. I’m pretty sure some people would gladly donate some money to you and your hard work. At least I would…

  6. Anonymous permalink

    If you are like the fourth poster and your game is crashing at the start it is because you either need to be in Japanese locale or just do what I do, use AppLocale to run the game.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Cheers RT, don’t let people annoy you, take your time.

  8. Zabusy permalink

    Ugh must wait for translation !!! Wish you Godspeed !

  9. Anonymous permalink

    If you have the money buy it to support the developers

  10. Anonymous permalink

    how far in is Alma Elma?

  11. Anonymous permalink

    I bought this game and you the broest of the the bros are most excellent i thank you for your work

  12. ShiroiRyu permalink

    One question : The beginning of the Part 2, it’s with the best level we can have from part 1 ?
    In same time, the level editor they speak about in DLSite, it’s like the ones we have from some weeks ago ?
    For the menu and skills, i don’t understand : what patch you wanted to do ?
    If it’s the same, it’s ok no ?
    Anyways, have to wait. *_*

  13. yabusa permalink

    My body is REEEEEALY ready… >:D

  14. anonymous permalink

    yup worked with applocale thanks, kinda boring when you dont understand though dialouge is like 50% of the game for me :p

  15. Cyrus permalink

    Just the arc.nsa and not the other arc nsas? Also what exactly do you do after that to get it working? And does it work if I’ve already gotten up to undine? (Kind of started bumrushing the second I got my hands on it, and then didn’t see your post until now)

    I hope I didn’t miss anything by not importing during the first part..

  16. Anonymous permalink

    I do not know if anyone else has this problem or if they haven’t gotten this far, when I fight Undine I use Gnome, then I use guard, then I use Slyph. After I use Slyph I guess Undine tries to attack or something and it crashes my game every time. Also for the previous guy, Alma Elma is close to the beginning of the game and I love her scene.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Hm, I had planed to redo Part 1 once Patch 1.10 is out but didn’t have time yet. Now I’ll wait for the translation of Part 2 and use Double Mode.

  18. EThan permalink

    I know that at the end of part 1 you can create a endgame save, but how exactly do I import my save file from part 1 to part 2 ?

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Can’t wait, I hope you something good pays you back in your life. You deserve it!

  20. Anonymous permalink

    I was about to shout it arround that Monmosu quest 2 is out !

    Now, when we’ll have at least a bit of english menu buttons and such ?

    Anyway, thank you for everything you do Rogue !

  21. Anonymous permalink

    I am tryin to buy it but for some reason it wont accept my visa..And ive tryied 2 different ones. Is there somewhere i can go to just donate some cash through paypal or smthn and just download it free?

    Hail Rogue Translator!

  22. Ulpian permalink

    Anyone knows how to defeat Granberia on the end of game?

  23. Michael permalink

    I was about to shout arround that it just arrived, I haven’t checked it in a while and today I see “full release ” :D

    The buy link posted here doesn’t work, it says “product not found”, is it gone so fast ? or maybe getting patched ?
    Did somebody already bought it that can send it for testings, or I rlly have to wait, again >_>

  24. Samir permalink

    To those how can’t get the link to work:
    You have to copypaste the link to the browser, it won’t redirect properly otherwise.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    what language to select in applocale?

    • Anonymous permalink

      The very last option

      • Anonymous permalink

        it’s still in japanese for me do I have to change any other settings?

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah ! I waited it for months ~ ^___^

  27. Reffy permalink


    What does a 50% translation mean? Do you focus on the battles, or on the story or a bit of everything?

  28. Laura permalink

    Could someone explain how to import the savegame file ?
    I would like to start this game with all the items I got from the first one.

    I already tried to copy and paste the “glova, kidoku.dat, NScrflog.dat and NScrllog.dat” files from the first game to the second game, but with that I only got the complete monsterpedia of the first game ( though I couldn’t read any of it cause it was shaded grey).

  29. Anon permalink

    So I’ve got a concern, and I apologise if it’s already been covered in an earlier post.

    I download and installed the 1.10 patch, over my already completed game. I then loaded my last save and overwrote the old import save with the new 1.10 import save. Is this a problem and will I need to do anything special to import it over, or will it work as normal?

  30. Imoutocon permalink
    //they are the same

    I cant download from a site that dosent allow parrellel downloads =( even though I am not downloading anything.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Let’s say I wanted to take the script, and machine translate all of it so that people can play through that while waiting for the real translation… how would I do that?

    • I would say not to do it, because I was speaking to someone a few days ago that had a parser that could do it much much faster than you could by hand. He might show up soon.

  32. Finalheaven permalink

    I visited this site just to thank you for the english translation patch for the first game. I just started playing Monster Quest as of yesterday and I am thoroughly enjoying it thanks to your excellent work. I liked the first game so much that I ended up buying the second game early just to support the developers.

    Anyways, keep up the great work you been doing and don’t hesitate to ask for fan support when needed. You have all our gratitude for this.

  33. Malcanthet permalink

    Hnnnngh it’s out. D:

  34. Imoutocon permalink

    Could anyone be kind enough to split this file and upload them to mediafire? Or better still, not split it up if media fire allows large uploads.

  35. Ulpian permalink

    I’m waiting for machine translation as temporary solution :)

    Also, @RogueTranslator, do you plan releasing current, unfinished, translation of VH? Since you will abandon VH for months, maybe release what you have done so far.

  36. Anonymous permalink

    does someone know how to defeat granberia

  37. Ulpian permalink


    [spoiler]To defeat Granberia you need to lauch all 4 elements and then attack. Order of launching is important IIRC.[/spoiler]


    • Anonymous permalink

      still can’t beat granberia

      • Anonymous permalink

        undine> attack a turn or two > 4sp sword move

        you lose and move on

      • Anonymous permalink

        gnome -> sylph -> fire spirit -> 4 sp attack -> undine -> undine -> gnome -> sylph -> fire spirit ->4sp attacks until ultimate move of granberia then the 1 sp which reflects the dmg = win

        • Anonymous permalink

          is it a bug if i can’t use fire spirit? i can use the gnome and sylph and undine, which eats all of my sp?

          • Anonymous permalink

            using undine for the first time after using 4 sp attack will result in canceling undine the second time you use undine you gain full hp & sp + no more loss of sp pro round

  38. Ulpian permalink

    Debugging/Cheating advice:


    You can cheat:
    Your HP current amount
    Enemy HP current amount
    Special Attack slots count and current amount
    You can cheat XP as well, but I don’t recommend that. You will have SO MUCH hp, that when you want to loose, lowering your HP to 0 will take ages.

    – adressess will be same for the whole game, which means, that adress of Granberia HP is the same as for example Alma Elma HP. Same for your HP and slots.
    – after restarting game adressess will be different.

    Quick guide:
    1. Lauch cheatengine and mon_que.exe
    2. Start fight with monster.
    3. New scan, EXACT your hp/EXACT amount of slots/unknown initial value [for enemy hp, enemy HP is in encyclopedia IIRC]
    4. loose some hp/use slots/deal damage
    5. EXACT your hp/EXACT current amount of slots/Decreased value by… [you see how much damage you dealt, so this is value to enter] – NEXT SCAN
    6. Add adress and change value.
    7. You can freezee [checkbox] your HP at 10000, slots at 20, enemy HP at 1 which will cause one-hit kill.
    NOTE: few montsters are defeated NOT after lowering HP to 0, but after event occurs.

    Cheatengine does not work so easy for RPGMAKER games ;-( If anyone know how to cheat in such games using Cheatengine, please tell us :)

    • Anonymous permalink

      Cheating in RPGmaker is easy, there are programs out there for editing save files and even ones that can decompile the game, which allows for editing of the code. Cheatengine might not work but there are alternatives.

  39. Anonymous permalink


  40. Anonymous permalink

    I feel very stupid for asking this but I am in no situation where I can buy it, so you’re going to translate it and then we can get it for free? <:3

  41. Creep permalink

    how do i beat the succubus w/e her name is in the arena

    • Creep permalink


      • Zyon permalink

        Any idea how to unlock the other scene ?

        • Creep permalink

          you can just request it if she beats you normaaly you get the internal SMEXY lol

  42. Zyon permalink

    I’m stuck on the water spirit…How do you defeat her? I treid everything i’ve been suck on her for 2 hours now…

  43. Anonymous permalink

    Some of us or hoping for a free download, We can’t afford to actually buy it since we have money situations. Yes he translates it however will he download what he trnalsates to say megaupload so that way we can get it for free basically.

    • Scar permalink

      Stop being so freaking cheap. This guy only translates the game, alas the translations will be available as a patch or a “mod” if you may. Naturally the work he uploads are not bundled with the game itself…


      • Monti permalink

        I don’t believe he is being cheap scar, He is only worried about finaces. Im in a similar situation but if I must buy it off of the dl site, then by all means I will. You shouldn’t call someone cheap in the current situation the economy he is in may be, I live in the States and their are absolutely no jobs and its pretty much a disaster.

  44. Nagash permalink

    Can someone tell me how to beat Undine I’ve lost around 10 times to her already.

    • Zyon permalink

      Are you reffering to the blue slime mermaid ?

    • Anonymous permalink

      just use gnome at the beginning then keep your sp up by auto-attacking & heal yourself when necessary and when she doesn’t attack you summon slyph and the battle is over

      • zeffy101 permalink

        Thanks for the advice dude it worked its when you see a longer wall of speech then use sylph and ull be able to use both Gnome and Sylph at same time which auto wins u the battle :P

        • H-Fan permalink

          There is a bug in this fight. If you have the mode set to Hard, you can never summon slyph and gnome together. The option never appears. I replayed it roughly 30 + times on hard mode knowing what needed to be done and it never showed up.

  45. Anonymous permalink

    To beat Undine, summon Gnome first turn and keep surviving until you get to a point where the text box says something different, and then summon Sylph. If done correctly you should have both Sylph and Gnome’s power on at the same time, and you autowin.

    It took me a few times to get the timing right, but damned moonspeak don’t help anybody.

    P.S. For the rest of the game you can use Gnome & Sylph at the same time, which makes some near impossible fights a cake walk.

  46. Monti permalink

    Considering the fact that he was able to do evertything he did with Part 1, I don’t doubt he will do the same with Part 2. he will probably release a patch in mega upload, if we have to buy it off of the dl site then I will but knowing if we have the opportunity of not having to pay for it, I have college to worry about so knowing I don’t have to spend money on this, Will truly be a birthday present for me, which is in 3 days.

    P.S I hope everyone has happy holidays.

  47. Creep permalink

    i keep loseing to a mussroom girl in the lvl 30 forest she the one with with flower girls and some worm girl any help ?

    • Creep permalink

      *sigh* nvm just use slyph wind guard and recover i just got lucky good luck

  48. Monti permalink

    Unfortunatly, I have a strict rule against paying with a credit card, when you live in the states, it’s wise to pay only with cash. So I guess I would not be able to actually buy the game off of DL site. Sigh, Oh well. I guess RT has some idea for those who can’t buy the game and ‘survive’ off of his patches.

  49. Anonymous permalink

    I love you.

  50. Ilias permalink

    You know I would totally like to road a doujin/manga on this story. I know there is plenty of reverse-rape stuff out there – the story of MGQ alone would qualify for a great manga series.

    Also, I will not touch the game intil Rogue is done with it. Take it easy and do not fap yourself to death.

  51. Anonymous permalink

    Well I’ll be fingerlicked… ToroToro made $180,000 USD in ONE day… is that like a record or something for a hentai VN? I want to know because that’s astonishing!


  52. Ulpian permalink

    Hi guys, please help me making 100% savegame.
    Here is 99% one:
    I can’t get scenes (we know that these scenes are missing through encylopedia only!) about 3 characters:
    – cerberus (arena)
    – Alma Elma (arena)
    – small girl with huge breast (8th counting from the end of the list)
    – maybe more?

    So, if anyone could help, please do missing scenes and share savegame.

  53. anonymous fan from .de permalink

    Thanks for your hard work, dude!

  54. Anonymous permalink

    can someone explain within uman comprhension how to defeat granberia when u fight her right after the flame spirit?

  55. can someone explain me how to beat granberia in the first encounter after i defeat the fire spirit?
    i think is something releated to the use of undine, but everytime i do that whatever i do she get me with a flaming chaos star

    • Anonymous permalink

      1st round use Undine
      2nd round auto-attack
      3rd round auto-attack
      4th round 4 sp move

  56. Anonymous permalink

    When fighting Granberia, you have to use your chaos star on the same turn she uses hers.

  57. Anonymous permalink

    The endgame save or whatever from the first game isn’t required, right? My computer crashed so I lost it, but it’s not like I can’t just play through the first again if that’s the case.

    • AnonS permalink

      As far as I can tell, that save is utterly useless. The way this game seems to work there really isn’t a variation between games. You can fight two extra monsters but your gear is going to be the same and at most maybe you have a little bit more exp but probably not even a higher level. The “wrong” choices or losing generally leads to a game over after all.

      I did not load a save when I tried this out. But without a translation, I don’t have too much of a reason to play the game as it is. I’m just going to wait on Rogue to get to 50% as he said.

      • Just looking at the items, the only important “optional” items from part 1 seem to be the Fairy Acorn and the Genie’s Lamp. They both turn into (or trade, I don’t know) another item. I’m going through the game for the first time as I translate it, so I’m only at the point right after Alraune.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I may be wrong, but I THINK, an item from part one lets you avoid a fight with the Nekomata. I remember meeting her and from what Japanese I can understand she’s hungry, and I belive the option to avoid the fight is to give her food, which seems to be a sea anemone of all things. and the option that starts it is something like “I can’t”. In part one there’s a mermaid who’s selling god-awful seafood, and I believe that is were I got the random sea anemone that I fed to the cat. I assume you can miss the item by not talking to everyone at the port.

          If you give the Nekomata the fish, she’ll give you her bell in return. That may or may not have a use later. I’ll have a better idea when the translation gets done.

  58. Anonymous permalink

    We all love you. Thanks for setting aside your time to do this =D

  59. Malcanthet permalink

    I have a question about combining the two games, It might be here somewhere but I think I missed it. I have the Japanese version of part 2 obviously and Rogue’s part 1 translated version — how do I squish em together? Do I just copy the game into part 1’s folder and overwrite everything?

  60. Malcanthet permalink

    Basically Rogue said that the command boxes will copy over but I dont want to eff it up

    • Malcanthet permalink

      I’m a derp. Anyhow, Rogue, do you think you could plop down translated english menus for those of us who want to try and battle with the script and such while we wait for your superior translation?

      • Jason permalink

        If you played the first part of the series you should already have the skill/menu locations memorized. They should be the least of your troubles.

        I’m going to be waiting for at least the 50% patch so I can get the full experiance when playing it and not have to complain to everyone here about what to do.

        From what I hear this game sounds great so far, all the best in translation effort RT.

  61. Anonymous permalink

    Ok so after playing it through with atlas…


    Is it just me who got an impression that the last fight before the “showdown” is ultima weapon from FFVI XD?

    Also did anyone doubt that god is evil after massive foreshadowing in chapter one?

  62. Michael permalink

    So.. I found 2 different endings to this.. but I wonder…what’ll be in teh 3rd part ? This game is said as a trilogy… so in the case you choose NOT to launch the ultimate attack (of 50 k damage) and kill Alice (what I painfully did the first time but on second time I took another option after defeating her ^^ ), it continues with our future together, families, kids, etc?

    I hope the “trilogy” part isn’t a mistake -_-” :D

    but it was damn great and nicely complicated to get it done, now, I only have to wait for the translation so I understand something from what happened :D


    • Anonymous permalink

      If you get the true ending of the game then a sequel is pretty self evident. Shit goes down.

    • Anonymous permalink

      As many of us have already guessed, Goddess Illias doesn’t seem all good.

      Everything will be clear after translation of 2nd is done.

      Whether you choose to kill Alice or not (but is she REALLY dead? the sword only SEALS not KILL)

      Luka will be busy fighting against Illias’s so-called “angels” and mysterious human scientist and her

      own “minions” (like Lily and witch hunt village from chp 1).

      I also believe Luka’s mysterious origin of birth has not yet been revealed and hadn’t seen his

      non-demonic moves like Daystar, Fallen Angel Dance, etc at chp 2. Thus Luka will travel back to

      Elf village at his home island and investigate, find more about his mother.

      I really wish I learned Japanese… I can’t hardly wait 3 months…

  63. Michael permalink

    PS: Rogue, could you make things easier for the rest of the ppl and release a translation (only) of the buttons and menus of the game ? That’ll make combining parts and understanding what each attack means, easier… and it doesn’t take so much time ( I think) .

  64. Alex permalink

    Can you release interface translation for MQ2 first? thanks

  65. Anonymous permalink

    anyone know how to beat slime queen? its the one that does like 2000 damage on the second turn regardless of the first turn

    • Nagash permalink

      Use Gnome, then on the next turn defend, then a event should come in which Undine will appear and starts a new encounter.

  66. Nanie permalink

    I totally play this game for the combat system as well, it is fun. :D

    Keep it up, you can do it!

  67. Creep permalink

    how do you beat the dragon girl in the sky

    • Anonymous permalink

      attack up to 4 times basically then use undine and keep basic attacking her till she’s dead then use demon deacpitation

  68. Creep permalink

    any tips with the venus fly trap dead girl ? on levl 55 island

    • Anonymous permalink

      Use gnome at first turn and every time her ability wears off. If she captures you on the right, hit her twice and your free. If she captures you anywhere else, struggle. Should only take twice with Gnome’s ability in tact. Don’t use special moves, save up the SP for healing and summoning Gnome. Also, every time you hear a weird noise and nothing happens, gaurd. It’s a special attack where she captures you and you are entranced. Keep it up and you should win. I had a hard time at first too.

      Also, can anyone tell me how to beat Alma Elma (3)? I assume you have to use the super combo involving all 4 spirits but I dunno how to use it right.

      • Creep permalink

        manage to make some progress on her keep useing wind gaurd an recover than use udina slime girl

      • Creep permalink

        manage to get some where with gnome a slyphy mix than bam she regens (aauugghhh)

  69. Anonymous permalink

    thanks alot for your work!
    just curious, how long would the 50% translation take?
    im deciding whether to use my broken japanese and buy the game now
    or wait for your brilliant translation


  70. wildhawk permalink

    dose anyone know how to beat the water element girl i cant figuere out how to beat her

    • Creep permalink

      To beat Undine, summon Gnome first turn and keep surviving until you get to a point where the text box says something different, and then summon Sylph. If done correctly you should have both Sylph and Gnome’s power on at the same time, and you autowin.

      It took me a few times to get the timing right, but damned moonspeak don’t help anybody.

      P.S. For the rest of the game you can use Gnome & Sylph at the same time, which makes some near impossible fights a cake walk.

      PS try both when heath is low it was random for me though

      • wildhawk permalink

        thanks for the tip also funny about the moonspeak iv only herd that joke from naruto abriged is it a meme or somthing

  71. Creep permalink

    how do you beat the monster freak inside the castle that the nine tailed heavenly knight is next too

    • Anonymous permalink

      use gnome and slyphie get it low by just basic attacking or using 2 points if you’re about to cap out on sp. When it’s low use fire spirit and 4 sp move

  72. Anonymous permalink

    I know that you refuse money for the translating. So I guess that all I can really give you is my everlasting thanks for doing this for the greater internet pervert populace.

  73. Mkmd13 permalink

    Hey I cant transfer over my save file from Part 1 to part 2. I keep on getting this error:
    Chara\slime_st01.bmp 099.txt line:190341 with some japanese txt mixed in with it.

    Can anyone help me out?

    • Anonymous permalink

      You need to transfer the Arc.nsa file from part 1’s folder to part 2’s folder, and that only. Not Arc1 or Arc 2. You’ll be overwriting the already present Arc.nsa in part 2. Also, in the respective save folders, you repeat the same thing with the gloval.sav stuff. But remember to place the part 1’s gloval.sav in the part 2’s save folder. Go to options menu, pick the second to last option (last one is all the way at the bottom), and when Ilias asks you for the choices in Japanese, pick the one on top. It should be fine. Check your encyclopedia pages 1-3 for the correct MG pages. Also, when you open the game, don’t do it the regular way. Have Japanese language stuff in your computer, and also when you right click, choose Run with Japanese Locale instead of simply Open. If you don’t know how to get the Jap Locale, google it.

      • zeffy101 permalink

        I copyed my arc.nsa file from part 1 game into part 2
        i copyed my gloval.sav file into part 2 save folder
        But in my encyclopedia it shows me a bunch of question marks on each monster name from the first few pages then shows japanese names of the second part game of monsters which i got that save file from one of the download links from here.

        In my save folder on Part 2 game it shows (part 2 game file save) and gloval.sav(2) which is my part 1 save file.

        Is this correct?

        • zeffy101 permalink

          nvm i fixed it i got all of my part 1 saved encyclopedia stuff in part 2 game folder now.

          But my only question is how do you import your part 2 save game file into part 2 game folder? i copy/pasted one of the Part 2 saves from here and it doesnt show anything O.o only gives me ??? on the rest of the pages from 3 or 4 – 6.

  74. Anonymous permalink

    RogueTranslator!!!, please read this. Even without the translation is it possible you could help me with my crash problem? I believe it is a video problem like I had with Part 1 at the Kraken fight. You released a no video script patch or something like that to fix it and I believe I am having the same problem on the Undine fight in Part 2. After I use Gnome and guard it doesn’t matter what my 3rd move is because whatever Undine does after I choose crashes my game. Could you possible give me a fix for this problem or tell me how to fix it? Thank you very much.

    • I’m not sure what it would be. If it’s a movie file (The issue with the last game), you would need to decompile the script and take out the call to the movie. Some other people fixed the issue without doing that, but I’m not sure how.

  75. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know how to beat Granberia the 2nd time in the castle? I can see there’s some kind of order needed with the elemental spirits but so far I only get up to Undine saying something before hitting a wall on how to actually hit Granberia and defeat her.

  76. yabusa permalink

    too many spoilers!… D:<

  77. Michael permalink

    GUYS, who has a QUESTION or PROBLEM in the game, READ ABOVE ! Others already asked it.

    The way to beat GRANBERIA, AIR DRAGONS, FLY TRAP GIRL(or whatever), WATER ELEMENT Guardian/Queen, Water Element spirit, etc etc are ALREADY solved above.

    You can even find a cracked/free download of the game here… Rogue should delete those , it’s counter productive :D

  78. Anonymous permalink

    My body is ready to surrender to as many enemies as possible. BRING IT ON!!!!

  79. My body is ready to surrender to as many enemies as possible. BRING IT ON!!!!!

  80. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve been reading through all of the post since the game was launched, the first question about beating Granberia was for the first encounter in the fire cave. That was answered yes but my questions is about the 2nd encounter.

  81. Nagash permalink

    How do I beat the leader of the Kitsunes, the one with 9 tails, monster knight of earth. Probably something obvious, but it’s not obvious enough for me.

  82. Anonymous permalink

    How do you defeat Tamamo in the castle?

  83. Anonymous permalink

    I have finished the game, sans terrible invincible chimera plant. What is going on with the ending >.< ? I cant tell what's happening or the text commands that end the game. Anyone know what they say yet?

  84. zeffy101 permalink

    Not trying to be an ass here but for the first game we could get it for free so..
    is anyone able to make it into a download for us if we cannot pay?

    If not ill try and figure a way to buy it.

    Also another question i got is…
    from that game buying site, do they ship the game to you or do you get a download link and get it that way?

    So if i buy it off there it will be in Japanese but ill have to wait for its translation here right?
    just trying to understand whats going on.

    Tell you one thing…
    reading it all in Japanese is gonna be a pain coz i wont understand any of it… O.O

    • Anonymous permalink
      The link to part 2, but it’s raw.
      You should still buy it anyways to support Toro Toro Resistance.
      DLsite has a Japanese and English site, which both sell the Japanese version of the game. Like the name implies, you buy via credit card (but can’t pay by Paypal) and you can download it off the site. Rogue will give out the English translation in a patch which is free of course. Rogue doesn’t work for Toro Toro.

      Also, try using the ITH and Translation Aggregator combo (you need both simultaneously). You download it somewhere, just google them. It basically picks up the processes and text of MGQ or any game like a visual novel that has text, and it uses Google Translate to do a really rough but still understandable translation in a mini window. Start a fight, Surrender, Evaluation, read Ilias’s advice, end Evaluation, fight, win, repeat for every fight. If you want to understand the storyline or text in scenes, you can get a rough overview with this, but Rogue’s much better than Google Translate.
      If you want buddies to talk to.

      • zeffy101 permalink

        That link is dead… i think..
        (Want to try uploading it to MediaFire?)

        Also is that the trial version of the second game?
        because i already have downloaded that one if you were talking about that.

        I dont mind buying the game but i can only use PayPal to get this game from that DL website.
        I dont have/own a credit card and i dont want to get out of my way of sorting out a credit/debit card at the bank and then buy just this game.

        (reason i dont use credit cards is because they charge you alot of money for it and i dont have a proper job at the moment)

        (i think PayPal works on the DL website but im not 100% sure on that though)

        uhm.. (if its okay with you) could i download the second game from you or anyone else?
        if not ill need to wait a few days for my PayPal to get some money into it since i transfer my funds from my bank account to my PayPal and it takes like a week or so to transfer it…
        (I dont mind helping that Toro-Toro resistance group thing)

        It would help me alot though if i did get it for free just in case i send the money and they don’t accept PayPal or something..

        Also another question i got to ask you is how do you like.. set-up those programs that give you a brief understanding of the game that translates it through google translator?
        I just want to know how to run those programs and how to set them up.

        I am abit picky here yea i really do want to play the game alot but i dont mind reading it with those programs just to understand slightly about whats happening.
        Thats good enough for me.

        My only concern is purchasing the game itself… or downloading it from somewhere if anyone is able to.

        Yea sure thing! ill gladly join that forum! :D
        I really appreciate it mate, Thank you so much for the info :)
        Ill chat more on that forum link that you sent me.
        I dont want to flood this one with walls of text O,O

        Thanks again!

        • zeffy101 permalink

          Well i found another download link source but im not sure if this download is corrupt or if the game was corrupt or if it can be fixed..

          I was using the encyclopedia book with the saved game file download links on here and i used that to watch one of the monster rape scenes and on one of the Alice rape scenes i get this error. always happens halfway through the dialogue of the scene.

          Picture link:

          Does anyone know if this is a game related issue or if its a text font non supportive type thing? Im using win7 home premium Australian OS language.

          I just want to know if i downloaded a corrupt copy of this game or if the game will be fixed once the patch / translation is out.

          Please let me know about this thanks!

          • Qwert permalink

            Whats the link you used?

          • zeffy101 permalink

            to Qwert,

            Dont worry i fixxed the problem i found the solution after searching a few hours xD

            It was my locale Uni-Code which fixed those errors.
            If you dont set up Japanese unicode then you receive that during gameplay.

            Other than that if you want the download link, here it is :)

          • Qwert permalink

            You, sir are a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks allot.

          • zeffy101 permalink

            Also people if you want a.. (sort of) understandable english patch..
            here it is, i did not make this someone else did and im not sure if Rogue did this one (i think he did do something with this patch).. anyway use this to help you play the game etc if you dont understand Japanese guys :P


            I wouldnt recommend reading the dialogue with this patch since its a tad bit weird its like old English mixed with gibberish so i mainly used this patch to just kill/battle the monsters and see how the story was ends etc..

  85. Anonymous permalink

    Looks like your answers (the download and the machine translated english patch) are up here. Also, GL reading the Monstergirl Unlimited Forum – Monster Girl Quest Discussion Thread!

  86. The Perv permalink

    Hehehehehe, thanks bro! Time to cue the tissues, lotion/lube, and nose bleeds. =)

  87. Fanservicefan permalink

    First of all, about time I found the translator’s blog. Secondly, despite playing the first chapter months ago I would like to say THANK YOU!! Thirdly, I’m glad that you can play both chapters from the second one via that arc.nsa thing but I have a question about that. Upon replacing one .nsa file with the other and selecting the first chapter via MGQ2, will the first chapter still be in English?

    • Nope, it won’t be. The text is stored in the nscript.dat, not the arc file.

      • Fanservicefan permalink

        Well crap. Either I recap now with part one or wait it out until you reach the halfway point. I take it the nscript.dat won’t do anything if I switch that?

  88. Monti permalink

    I always found it strange…. Many of us live in America, United states… well I do…. and we are held to being extremely diverse, and yet…. none of us or most of us can’t read kanji or any language besides english.., it’s like having every book in existence in your disposal and not bother reading them…. it’s quite sad actually….

    • I attribute that more to the isolation from other foreign language countries. The only nearby country of a foreign language (Some parts of Canada speaking french not included) is Mexico. The vast majority of people in the US live hundreds of miles away from Mexico, so Spanish is still an alien concept to many.

      But with people in Europe, multiple different languages are all around you, and not too far of a drive (or train ride) away. Language courses there are very cheap, and there are plenty of skilled teachers and native speakers all around. Trying to get language courses in the US for anything besides spanish can be highly expensive, with very variable skill levels of the teachers. Add to the fact that the global economy essentially runs on English, and there’s not much reason…

  89. I have had a lot of trouble trying to port my endgame save from part 1 and to try to make sure less people have trouble with it Heres how I did it.
    To port over an endgame save from MGQ1 to MGQ2 you must copy the gloval.sav from part 1 and just that alone to the save folder of part 2. Then, you go to the EXTRA menu(the option before last on the title screen), now look for the two options with a large space between them. The options kind of form an unfinshed rectangle. i.e. ——– Click the option above the one were the space begins.


    i.e. clickme


    When given the choice by Ilias choose the bottom one and you should start part 2 with whatever you had at the end of part 1, the top one sends you back to the title screen(at least that what it did for me).

    It seems that the game only needs to be ran in a Japanese Local if its untranslated(I think), as I can’t start the first fight of part 2 but I finshed part 1 a couple of times already.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m having difficulties with importing the first game to the second.I tried a lot of the suggestion but it still diesn’t work…

  90. Anonymous permalink

    I GREATLY appreciate the work you’re doing to translate this for us. I only wish my finacial situation was better and I could actually donate something for you’re troubles.
    While I agree I don’t play it for the battle system and at first it was just for the uniqueness of the pervert nature of it I’ll have to say the story is whats got me hooked now. Seeing Alice, a strong-willed over-powering personality reduced to a wimping child at the mere mention of ghost was precious. My applause to the original story teller for his story telling.
    I had one question but I think I read the posts before ask something already covered.
    Either way again thank you for all your hard work.

  91. Anonymous permalink

    I am not able to use Sylph at all. Has anyone else encountered this?

  92. Anonymous permalink

    same here

  93. Guts permalink

    Could someone help me out please! After looking through the forum I found no1 else with this problem (I just guess I’m special).
    Every time I use the special move of Gnome, Salamander or Udrin I get this error message:
    For some reason it doesn’t do it with Sylph!!
    I can’t actually proceed with the game because it just closes it after the move has been done,
    thanks in advance

  94. Anonymous permalink

    I was hoping for a bit of help. I was fighting Tamamo in the Monsterlords Castle and the power cut off. I restarted my computer, started up MGQ2, went to load my last save, and there was nothing there. None of my previous saves. I checked the “Save” folder and they’re still there, they just don’t show up in the actual game menus. There isn’t any auto-safe data as well.

    If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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