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MGQ2 Translation Status

December 17, 2011

I start on the translation today, and while I’m not going to update every day, enough people have sent me e-mails asking if I’ve started yet that I figured I should make this initial post. Yes, I started as of today, and no it won’t be done in a week or two (Where are these dates coming from anyway?).

This will be the format I’ll post the translation status updates in:

Line Type: Done / Remaining

Story: 980 / 19600    — 5%

Battles: 2635 / 83,000 — 3.2%

Cities: 660/5229 — 12.6%

Encyclopedia: 0/86 – 0%

Overall: 4275/107829 — 3.9%

Remember, those aren’t “actual” line counts. The battle numbers are about 25~30% of the total for translatable lines, and the story/city scenes are about 75% . So while the actual line counts aren’t accurate, the percentages of completion should be uniform, and are a good indicator of how much has been done.

Also, don’t expect this kind of progress (4% in a day) every day. That’s more than I usually do.


  1. Anonymous permalink

    Damned fast work! I expected you to have done 1-2% if that!

  2. Sam permalink

    A very good update table there. Please keep that one and update it as you continue with your awsome work as it’s easy to fallow your progress through the game. I wish i could help you out, but i don’t understand a word of japaneese and i guess you sort of have to understand it in order to get all the word right. As i’m guessing that some autimatic translators might not work right. I’ll buy the game when the translation is finished as good games deserves support. It increses the chance of them making part 3 in the future too :-)

    • Anonymous permalink

      Dude, you don’t even know English. I don’t think he would take your help on this either way.

      • AnonJohn permalink

        His English is fine.

        • Anonymous permalink

          No, it isn’t.

          • Anonymous permalink

            If you think his englisnt fine that means that you probably didnt understand what he’s sayin…which means….your english isnt fine

          • Finalheaven permalink

            I’m sure the English is fine at a middle-school level. It might need some work on pluralization and a serious case of spell-check. English + Isn’t = Englisnt? WHUT?!

          • kR1pt0 permalink

            Also agree his english isn’t good for this kind of work. He couldn’t even make few sentances right so really doubt he could do translating + he doesn’t even know japanese LOL :)

          • Anonymous permalink

            The whole lot of you have horrible English skills. Shut the hell up.

          • Sam permalink

            Well….sorry then…i was trying to make a nice comment to the translator and english isn’t my native language either…….

          • Finalheaven permalink

            All good. It’s the thought that counts. I was trying to reply to the anon above me.

          • hamguy permalink

            nigga you gon full retard

          • Anonymous permalink

            Nigga Dun you Evah think you can holla at me!

    • Nadleeh permalink

      Don’t worry man. Not all of us are native English-speakers, and not every country has the same level of English teaching in school. These guys are just being jerks or not very objective.

      • Zed permalink

        Seriously. Does RT moderate these posts? These people are just being ass-holes.
        @Sam, your English is understandable, so don’t sweat about what they’re saying. Native speakers of English don’t realize how difficult it actually is, even the ones who know foreign languages. Half of the people criticizing you didn’t use correct grammar themselves.

    • Striker permalink

      Agree about the support factor. I do the same.

  3. anonymais permalink

    Well shit it’s gonna take time like anything but thanks for doing it.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for your work, I would have never learned the joys of getting raped by monster girls without you. Please keep up the great work and I look forward to when it is done.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Holy crap bro you translated 4000+ lines of text in less than one day? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Harontiar permalink

    Thank you very much for translating this game. I will wait patiently.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    U lazy cunt if u do 5 pecrent a day u cn hav it don b4 sopa shuts down ur site hury it up an get this done ur crazy sayin it needs months for just a game of texst and monster tits fukk an all u other commenters stop suking his dick evry time he maeks posts ur pathetic

    • AnonJohn permalink

      See… Now this guy’s English is horrible.

      Even if SOPA does pass (which it won’t), it won’t have any effect on the translation.

      • I know right. It’s like everyone imbues their fears in this fearsome and destructive bill. They’ll say it does anything, so long as it adversely affects them in some minor (or major) way.

        SOPA better not pass though, a dark day in 4chan it would be :P

        • Anonymous permalink

          Should go educate yourself on the issues like sopa and protect ip. This sopa bill in its current form hurts the security of the internet, fragments its framework, hurts economy by forcing companies and or other entities creating jobs, out of america, and among a host of other things, creates precedent for the government to censor any form of online social unrest/protesting et al.

          If you are american, get educated and call your rep to voice your concerns. Stand up for your rights before they take them all away. They will try to vote on it again on this Wednesday.

          If you aren’t american, better hope you live in a country that doesn’t like the states, because I’m sure close allies will follow suit.

          • Anonymous permalink

            We (not-americans) can only congratulate you for choosing that bunch of retards to your goverment. I really hope it won’t pass to senate at 21th.

            Btw If this bill wont get enough votes on wednesday, it will mean that they wlll drop it, or we can see it’s come back in future with some changes?

          • AnonS permalink

            Don’t blame us Americans. We have zero control over our government, which is completely, 100% controlled by the elite rich and corporations. But even hinting at that, they sic the media on you and engage in a calculated shaming and harassment campaign. It’s all nice and good to tell us that we should call our rep and write letters, but when the reps are getting openly paid millions of dollars in lobbying and campaign money, do you honestly think we have a chance?

            Even the dumbest American sheeple was against TARP and raising taxes, but it doesn’t matter, because our lawmakers will do whatever the fuck they want. A growing contingent want to get rid of the Fed (go to the Fed website and read about how they are a government entity that is privately owned but is not private even though they are privately owned (by banks) and pays 6% to the owners and does not have to answer to the government or anybody else….it’s so ridiculous that nobody can read it without laughing, and it’s right out in the open).

            Young Americans are fleeing this country in record numbers. This system is broken and God knows if enough Americans will ever get pissed enough to start a real revolution, because at this point, clearly voicing anger and voting people out of office does nothing. Even if you get voted out of office you already had your term, got campaign and lobbying money, have a lifetime pension (separate from SS), lifetime healthcare, and lifetime raises, plus a nice cushy corporate job because you pandered to the corporations while in office. Oh they also all get rich off of insider trading, which seemed to not bother the general public because the media also refused to make a big deal about it. And then the next guy gets into office and just repeats it anyway.

            So SOPA will pass, no question. More white knights and women will get jobs to bully around everyone else on taxpayer dime, and when they start stamping out pron maybe they will finally piss off enough people.

          • I myself have hopes that SOPA will not pass. When you have the Human Rights Watch coming out publicly against a law, you know it’s not a good law. The biggest issue with SOPA is the near total media blackout about it, because they know if it was to be publicized it would have overwhelming negative public sentiment. But since the news organizations have parent companies that are all copyright goons, they want to keep people in the dark as much as possible.

            If it does pass, 4chan could do an actual effective “raid” for once in their lives. Scour every senator and congressman’s website for any instance of copyright material (You know there’s at least one picture, song or incorrectly cited quote), and issue thousands of SOPA takedown requests.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Thanks for the reply. From what you’re saying I can see that US government is really no different from gov in my country. They don’t give a shit about what people say, and I can only facepalm at their ideas nowadays.

            I apologize if I offended any of you. I got pissed when I read about what exactly is a SOPA. I have no doubt that it will (eventually) have impact on other countries net policy. Not to mention that many (not-americans) internet users will feel its impact immediately.

            You say it will pass… I hope you’re wrong.

          • /d/mod permalink

            >But since the news organizations have parent companies that are all copyright goons, they want to keep people in the dark as much as possible.

            and yet the PBS Newshour did a wonderful debate on the issue. Fight the power, Lerher. Loved explaining it to my parents as “trying to keep the bank robber from finding the bank by removing the street signs”

            I can’t wait until the “phishing epidemic” hits the news and they try and blame it on pirates again, even though it’s because they fragmented DNS with their last law.

          • zhm permalink

            > From what you’re saying I can see that US government is really no different from gov in my country.

            Name a single country where it’s different… On the second thought, though, I have hopes for Sweden or Norway.

        • Michael permalink

          If SOPA passes, 4chan will hack the internet xD

  8. Anonymous permalink -> Not sure if Troll or just retarded

    Go at your own Pace Rogue. We appreciate your work

  9. Anonymous permalink

    You fuckin’ rock SO much! srsly :D

  10. Anonymous permalink

    You are a man among men sir.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    when I get into my first fight scene (Centaur Girl) I get a pop up error. Can I get help please?

    • Anonymous permalink


    • Zabusy permalink

      I had that problem , you must set youto settings to japanese aplocale or how it’s called.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue. I appreciate what you’re doing.
    I wish I could read japanese ._.

    • Never too late to start, gakusei.

      • Monti permalink

        75% of people Betsu no gengo o tameshi, manabu tame ni chien shite iru, girlfriend is obsessed with japanese culture, So I had no choice in the matter. But why go the hard way when their is an easy way?

  13. Anonymous permalink

    >when I get into my first fight scene (Centaur Girl) I get a pop up error. Can I get help please?
    Switch to japanese locale.

    Anyway Rogue, have you even completed the game? If you haven’t, you’re seriously the best bro anyone could have.

  14. Anonymous permalink


  15. Gab permalink

    You are a living saint man!! A LIVING SAINT!!!!

    wait that doesnt make sense…


    • Monti permalink

      Ugh, when you said
      I thought that said

      Need to lay off of the Naruto >w<

  16. Darkgamer555 permalink

    Thank you for your great work, I rather enjoy playing the MG series and I couldn’t do it without your help. We the internet should give you something for your hard work but yet I rather have nothing on hand then simple words.

    -I want you to have a great day and I will keep checking in your progress! I may even work on a project of my own.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    this is super awesome, i really love all the work you put in for us japanese game fans. work which is pretty impressive if i do say so.

  18. gallza permalink

    do u best bro… cheer on u

  19. Anonymous permalink

    This was brought up in the other thread but not answered:

    Seriously… how do you import an end game save from the first chapter?

    I copied over the four default files in the save folder and ran the arc update and the encyclopedia and stats look fine but it continuously tries to start a new game at the very beginning of chapter 1 instead of the second chapter.

    Copying over an old save from just before the final fight doesn’t work either, as loading that results in quite a number of wrong flags (despite being just before the Gnome fight, the save thinks I haven’t done the pyramid or entered the Gnome area and I don’t have access to Slyph).

  20. Jason permalink

    It hasn’t even been a day since it got released and the train’s already rollin’ at 4%.
    and I doubt Rogue has even finished playing it through.

    You go above and beyond man – legendary. Thanks for the hard work.

  21. Dargoth permalink

    I didn’t expect you to start on it until after New Years so any work done before then is gravy imo. Your work ethic is commendable.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Seeing your progress already has given me the willpower I need to wait until you’re done to actually play the game. I played through a bit with ChiiTrans telling me what was going on, and I had no problem making my way through the game, but tbh, half the fun of the game (besides beating my meat to monster girls) is the adorable story and it just isn’t the same otherwise.

    “I beat a pan!”

    Anyways, I’m not rushing you, take your time. But I’m definitely glad to see how much progress you’ve made already.

  23. Anonymous permalink

    I was jsut wondering, does Illias get mad again after so many evaluations? Is it like 100 evaluations because I’ve got about 80 now and still nothing… Any comment would be interesting.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You fuck her after you kill[spoiler][/spoiler]

      • Anonymous permalink

        kill what? I want to fuck that sadistic suka!

        • Anonymous permalink

          It’s a pretty big spoiler. Chances are you’ll accidently do it, and if you don’t, you’ll know you didn’t.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Guess I will have to continue to 100 evaluations

          • Anonymous permalink

            Holy mother of Michael Jackson! That’ll be one hell of a decision…

            Thanks to tvtropes I know who you must be killed… but can I really bring myself to do that?

  24. Creep permalink

    any tips on the heavenly knight slime girl fight ?

    • Creep permalink

      in the castle i mean

      • not sure if it is the really right way to do it but with some same and load u can beat her like this:
        undine–>heal–>demon decapitation–>fire spirit(replenish ur sp)–>1sp new skill(remove the fire spirit)–>start again
        the problem of this and the reason that made me use save and load is that occasionally she use more powerfull attack

  25. Anonymous permalink

    how do you import save data?

  26. Anonymous permalink

    I love you so much.

  27. Seyser Koze permalink

    The game already has a bugfix patch. Would that force you to go back and do anything over?

    • Anonymous permalink

      First chapter also has new patch 1.11. Do you plan to translate it?

      • Ulpian permalink

        Since you can import Part 1 into Part 2, Part 1 is dead. Better translate Part two with support for Part 1, so we’ll have one game (two parts combined) in english.

  28. Ambition permalink

    You are a machine and we love you! Hell, if you just do 2% a day it’s less than 2 months! We are very thankful for your hard work. Make sure to take fun breaks too! <3

  29. Anonymous permalink

    4000 lines in one day is pretty awesome, remember to take breaks too xD

  30. Brad Mason permalink

    Just wanted to say Rogue what you are doing is purely amazing. To be fair, the game is great, but i find it extremely difficult to play if i don’t know what’s actually going on. The fact that you are translating the whole game for everyone, and you expect nothing in return is honestly godly. If i had the funds i would seriously donate some money to ya because you are just amazing. Take your time with the translation. 4,000 words in one day is a lot haha, I’m glad to wait however long it takes to get the full experience :) Again you are a saint haha.

  31. Brad Mason permalink

    Or is it 4,000 lines? 0_o haha well 4% is a lot so don’t overdo yourself :P

  32. Anonymous permalink

    are you going tomaea patch per storyarc?

    like…. before colisseum
    after colisseum
    after orochi

    btw I can’t wait to see the city of succubi translated.
    I’m playing with agth and is awesome.

    • Michael permalink

      The city of succubi is partially translated in the demo :P

      imo, that part was of the best of the game… I won’t tell why, nothing related wit hthe multiple ways to lose *cough*

  33. Anonymous permalink

    Good Job ^___^

  34. crunchytheklown permalink

    how dare you refuse to take my money sir. how dare you! lol… k so I have no life and I’m finished already. it was so awesome. I can’t wait to find out what’s really going on storywise, but from what the crappy machine translator tells me, I’ve picked up a bit of it. so epic!!! thank you so much for translating these games, rogue. you deserve all the ass kissing in the world!!! get those cheeks ready, here I come!!!!!

  35. Anonymous permalink

    Just finished the game and damn… I really liked it, at first story was kinda sloppy but it got really good with time (too bad I didn’t understand everything with Translation Aggregator) I was pleased that (imo) 2nd part was harder than first one… and what I can say, Alice was right, Luka + 4 spirits = demigod mode ;]

    Oh and I want a spoiler button here coz I want to share some my thoughs about story! :D

    • Anonymous permalink

      Oh I forgot to add. Keep it up rouge. Good luck with work, I’m your fanboy :D

      Btw I was suprised that you went straight to translating it, I hope you will enjoy the story despite working on it :)

  36. Anonymous permalink

    >nearly 4% complete
    >released yesterday
    I’m not sure if my body will be ready for this…

  37. Samir permalink

    You rock!

  38. Anonymous permalink

    you’re the best, awsome among the awsome, and god among the gods.
    I even tryed to learn japanese for the first game but it was a lil bit too much.
    Really looking forward to see ur work and as other said dont overwork yourself

  39. Anonymous permalink

    You’re awesome, Rogue! Keep up the good work! I’m SO looking forward to it! I love this game! Can’t wait for the full patch! ;D

  40. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Oh man !
    Already that ? And despite that, if you do like only 1 or 2% by day, it’s will be finished in Two months or three !

  41. AnonS permalink

    If he finishes half in a month and a half I’d say that’s crazy fast and I would be extremely thrilled.

    For my own personal selfish reasons I hope it can be finished right at the end of February or the beginning of March, as I won’t have computer access for a few months after that. But I’m sure this website will still be up so it doesn’t matter too much, plus if I’m super lucky, by the next of next year when I have access again maybe part 3 will be done too.

  42. Zabusy permalink

    In succubi village I can’t beat the twin succubi boss or enemy. Any tips on it? I can’t even beat half of their life .

  43. Goshu permalink

    I’m impressed by your speed. Thanks for your work

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you.. keep up the good work!

  45. Creep permalink

    gg i love Alice *hinnnngg*

  46. james123 permalink

    guys , is this the end of story , or is there another part ?

    • Anonymous permalink

      theres another part but need to wait until next year i think.

      • Creep permalink

        *head bangs a wall* gatta wait for english to read it now XD

  47. Anonymous permalink

    Seeing as how you are just starting to translate this, I believe that this is a very important question to ask.
    What is your favorite hat?

  48. Anonymous permalink

    Twin succuby are pretty hard.. one of the hardest fights in the game.
    I beated them by having both sylph and gnome active and a ton of luck.

    After the move where she suck away sp from you you have to guard or she will do a ton of damage.
    For the rest of the battle … attack, heal … keep the elementals up and hope that sylph deflect enough hits …

    I tried the same strategy like 10 times and finally I managed to take them down .. but despite using the same strategy over and over all the other times I was defeated.
    To me it really comes down on how many hits are effectively deflected by sylph

  49. Anonymous permalink

    27 hours and I completed it with ChiiTrans, now I can’t wait for the proper translations.

  50. Brad Mason permalink

    Does anyone know the AGTH code for the game?? Or if not, then does anyone know how to use chiitrans?? lol

  51. Anonymous permalink

    How the hell do you get past Granberia?

    • Anonymous permalink

      gnome -> sylph -> fire spirit -> 4 sp attack -> undine -> undine -> gnome -> sylph -> fire spirit ->4 sp attacks until ultimate move of granberia then the 1 sp which reflects the dmg = win

      • Wat permalink

        Im in a earlier stage I guess after I kill that fire girl thing and im with guranberia (if i lose she sucks my dick) and im supposed to do something with water girl but i have no idea how to do stuff since its in japanese ;_;

        Any leads?

        (Also not that other guy)

        • Wat permalink

          Post 2 sorry idk how to edit, aditional info=

          so i use the translator and this is what it says “Show Tsutomu you learned! ”


          • Anonymous permalink

            1st round use Undine
            2nd round auto-attack
            3rd round auto-attack
            4th round 4 sp move

  52. Thanks for your hard work ^.^ keep it up :) and thanks for translating the game, much appreciated.

  53. Anonymous permalink

    Any chance you could throw together an interface patch?

  54. Anonymous permalink

    How do you beat the second heavenly knight slime fight?

    • Creep permalink

      save and load u can beat her like this:
      undine–>2nd time heal–>demon decapitation–>fire spirit(replenish ur sp)–>1sp new skill(remove the fire spirit)–>start again
      the problem of this and the reason that made me use save and load is that occasionally she use more powerfull attack

      • Anonymous permalink

        Doesn’t work, everytime she just keeps binding me everytime I use fire spirit.

        • Creep permalink

          use the 1 sp to get rid of fire spirit then use undine then heal demon decapitation

          fire to replenish rinse repeat save after healing cause her attacks are random

    • Creep permalink

      in the cave use gnome and keep surviving intill heath is low then u can mix slyph with gnome it was random though

    • Anonymous permalink

      pratically it isn’t a really special fight u just need to use sylph+gnome and keep ur healt over half coz she has one attack that deals 800 dmg.
      moreover she has 2 binding attack, one can be avoided with struggling and the other with attacking so is she binds u save and see witch one u needed to do

  55. Davion N permalink

    Please, I need some help. I know that many may not reply to this, but please help me!

    when I play the game (Ubuntu 10.04), all the text is slightly scrambled. Some of the letters will be witched, and sometimes they will “blend” together, all glitchy.

    Please help me! I’ll give you my heart and soul! Also, RogueTranslator: Thanks for all of the hard work. I love Monster Girl Quest, but playing it is almost impossible due to this…I appreciate any, and all, answers. Thank you!

    • Creep permalink

      assumin u mean monster quest part 2 use this

      its a better copy

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh! Sorry. I mean Monster Quest 1. I should have started that, argh…My fault. Thanks though!!

    • Kusojijii permalink

      I have the exact same problem. I thought maybe it was an issue of Japanese locale, but that wasn’t the case. I think there’s a font we’re missing… RT, help us out here!

      • That does sound like a font issue. I’ve never run the game on ubuntu, so I don’t know what you would need to do to fix it, sorry.

        • Davion N permalink

          Cool, that’s fine. Thanks for the help :P. I had installed most fonts, but…

          May I please know what English font you use for your text? I may just not have it. If not, that’s cool, don’t want to keep you from translating Monster Quest 2!

  56. Dan permalink

    If you do even 2% a day from now on, the english translation would finish in february.

  57. Anonymous permalink

    Here is my savegamelink with all rape scenes:
    But there is still one ???? in my encyclopedia anyone knows who that is and how to get her?
    After Gnome and before Alice (2).

  58. Anonymous permalink

    It is times like this I wish I took Japanese instead of German.

  59. Brad Mason permalink

    Anonymous: Is that a save for part 1 or part 2?

  60. Brad Mason permalink

    Sweet, you animal :P haha

  61. Anonymous permalink

    Sage for furshit. Yiff in hell

  62. Anonymous permalink

    Is there anything us normal people can do to help? Or does Batman work alone?

  63. carrots permalink

    come on!
    he only has 109 sell!?
    im 1 of those 109 and im from 3rd world country!(ph)
    give it to creator as christmas gift!

    btw, alice is cute when luka gave her a ribbon for her tail~

  64. Anonymous permalink

    You > God

  65. wildhawk permalink

    can anyone tell me how to beat alice i cant figure it out is it a straight out fight or do you have to do somthing special

    • wildhawk permalink

      never mind fought it out so the harder question how do you unlock llias

      • Creep permalink

        !!!! FINISH HER !!!!! Fatality ……. oppss lawl

        • wildhawk permalink

          ok which way do i just hit her, use one of the sp moves or the 1sp counter

          • Creep permalink

            just hit her after her heath is gone of course save first

  66. wildhawk permalink

    ok did it but when i reach the two options i eather reastar the game or restart the fight am i doing somthing wrong

  67. wildhawk permalink

    ok heres a real problem i took my englush glov save and put it in the japanese part two and the second last opiton was blacked out and all my ecoclopida was wiped out

  68. derp permalink

    I am already preparing my penis.

    I just wanted you to know.

  69. Anonymous permalink


    • Creep permalink

      he has enough organs

      • Roy permalink

        Krogans have enough organs. I kinda doubt Rogue is a Krogan. More like a Salarian or Turian. Maybe Quarian?


  70. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, RT.
    I appreciate the work you’re doing.

  71. Anonymous permalink

    appreciate the work

  72. Roy permalink

    Oi, don’t know how much it helps, but someone on ULMF (Here: ) posted a full machine translation. Here’s their link, or you can just go to the thread and click it yourself if you don’t trust me.

    In their Readme they credited Rogue as being quite helpful. Again, it’s just a machine translation, and it’s really not very good. But the way I figure it, chances are it’s a step between the Japanese and the English, and might be a bit easier to work off of, whether you’re playing or translating. I’ve gone up to the arena match with Alma Elma (Lost to her, you decide if that’s good or bad ;) ) and can confirm it works. Again, machine translation, not great, but it works. Apologies if this is completely worthless, and you’re welcome if this is a major thing of awesomesauce.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Better than hurting your eyes looking at a separate script with Chiitrans.

    • zeffy101 permalink

      Thanks so much Roy for the English british novel translation xD hahha sorry but it feels like im playing runescape with that english translation but tis better than reading Japanese and NOT understanding a single word i thank u heaps dude i ow you one dude :D

      YOU ROCK!!

      • Roy permalink

        Keep in mind, I’m not the one who made this, I just saw it and figured you guys would like to have it. Still can’t wait for Rogue’s Version, I have no doubt it’ll blow the machine one out of the water.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I tried this, and it broke the Monsterpedia. Rape replay scenes from alice 2 and 3 would not work.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Reminds me of “Backstroke of the West” translation for Star Wars episode 3. Excellent.

  73. Anonymous permalink

    I shall build a shrine in your honor.

  74. H-Fan permalink

    Firstly, son of a bitch. So many spoilers on the comments section… ;_;

    Secondly, thank you so much for all the work you’ve put in the game Rogue! I played the first one a while back and then when #2 came out I decided to support torotoro and bought the game. Can’t wait for the translation to come out! :) :) :) :)

    Thanks for all your hard work and I’m sure we will all be eagerly anticipating your English patch.

    Also is it just me or does Alice have a very “Lilith” (read the myth) persona?

  75. jon permalink

    i can`t wait wow this is really cool nice work man you the best iam wait for your first patch thx

  76. Anonymous permalink

    when i have kids i hope they play this :3

    and anyone know how to beat the water spirit

  77. Roy permalink

    Use Gnome, then survive until she makes a mention of using both spirits at once. Use Slyph, and BAM! You win, and you can use both at once now.

    If you’re using a moonspeak (japanese) version, consider checking out the link I posted a little while ago in a comment. It’s an english machine translation. Not great, but it works. Mostly.

    And you will be a wonderful parent.

  78. Anonymous permalink

    if you want part 3 coming out quickly, you should buy the game and donate to rouge translator

  79. Anonymous permalink

    now what does the water spirit do

  80. Anonymous permalink

    We Love You!!! Keep up the Great work!!!

  81. Anonymous permalink

    Probably spoiler
    even if it was with some awful machine translation the bad ending in which u kill alice is the saddest thing ever. For me it was even sadder than ace’s or jiraiya’s death, something like “omfg what did i just do… noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”

    • yabusa permalink

      I hate you becuz of that… >_<

    • Anonymous permalink

      please die in a fire with AIDS

      • Frau Farbissina permalink

        Lies, ALL LIES! There can be no such thing, because it would exclude the possibility of a third part (now don’t say that I’ve been misinformed about the series of MGQ have three parts). If it cannot be helped I will have to threaten Torotoro with a giant “Laser”.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I’m ready to cry if Alice dies… It would be worse than when L died DX OR ITACHI!

        • Anonymous permalink

          There’s 3 endings and only 1 of them isn’t a “Bad end, GAME OVER!”

          • Anonymous permalink

            umh i actually think that 2 of them can be considered good ending one in absolute way the other depending on point of view :P

          • Anonymous permalink

            There are 3? I only found 2. Kill Alice and be taken by Illias or don’t kill Alice and Illias descends with her army. What’s the third one?

          • Anonymous permalink

            u can loose to alice i would consider that an ending too^^

  82. Kyon permalink

    this was informative and confusing, the ‘holy shit’ moment was achieved when you posted this. i thought for a minute that you got so much done already.

  83. I’m conflicted, I love Alice but I’m a completionist, what do anon?

    • zhm permalink

      I couldn’t manage to kill Alice as well, so I asked my mom to do this for me. Try this.

    • Kyon permalink

      but we can’t kill monsters, the guy is a pacifist and his sword only seals their power

  84. Anonymous permalink

    Hopefully it’s not true or just a bad choice somewhere in the story that leads to a dead end like in the first part where you can choose to leave Alice alone at the start.

  85. Anonymous permalink

    idd it is if u read carefully my post i said “bad ending” the real end is the one in which u spare her life

    • Anonymous permalink

      yet, even if i knew it was a “bad ending” it made me feel so sad :.( (*sob*)
      Even the thought of that happening is unberable to me

  86. Anonymous permalink

    How does he kill her btw? Considering his sword only seals, he’d have to choke her to death or something.

    • Anonymous permalink

      if i got it right from the machine translation she ask u to use a real sword when fighting her

      • Anonymous permalink

        Quite amazing that he’s able to actually take her down though, unless she held back, which could make sense I guess. Kinda makes you wonder what the third part will revolve around (if there’s still one planned that is. Does anyone know if part 2 ends in cliffhanger?) with him being so strong now. I guess those coloured stones they found will come into play and reveal something about Luka. Hint: Wings.

        • Anonymous permalink

          probably spoiler(really dont read it if u dont like spoilers)
          always from the bad machine translation :P
          if i got it right luka already used the stone to get to hellgondo continent(really didny read all that part it was too long to read without a proper translation).
          The thrid part (thing that i immagine since 1st game when alice showed up and ilias didnt) will be a fight against ilias forces(u can understand this even without translation by watching at what happen in the true end when u spare alice’s life)

        • Anonymous permalink

          and i dont think alice held back when fighting u coz after defeating the 4 knights u master all the spirit and become crazly strong(on normal difficulty u deflect almost all of alice’s attack)

          • Anonymous permalink

            I guess it’s pretty much confirmed that the final boss is going to be Ilias, but I really hope Torotoro puts in a choice along the lines of ‘Take ‘super sword of awesome and challange Ilias. Result: have sex with Alice’ and a ‘Take ‘super sword of.. Oh look, a butterfly!’ Result: Raped to death by Ilias and Alice at the same time.

  87. AnonS permalink

    Haha nice, part 3 will be getting raped by angels. This reminds me a lot of some game I played years ago, Viper GTS or something similar to that.

  88. Anonymous permalink

    Well if you finish part 2 you have a clear idea of what to expect in part 3.
    Wich opens up some questions about the third chapter.

    I’m not strongly against watching what seems to be the next “kind” of enemy rape Luka’s brains out…
    But at the same times seems on the paper a lot less interesting compared to what we had to face in the first 2 chapters (expecially this one… AMAZING monsters)

    I do love monstergirls .. expecially succubi… It gives the whole “killing with sex” a genuine aura of threath plus the “sex with evil sex demon Vibe” that’s something I really easily fall for..

    Monster wise I don’t see how can he do better than what he already did here

    Well .. time will tell…

    I avoided any clear spoiler but … quite frankly…. even since MGQ part 1 you knew it was all going to this

    • Ilias permalink

      MGQ part 3 without Alice would truly suck. I need my horahora

      • Anonymous permalink

        There’s 3 endings in part 2 and only 1 of them isn’t a Bad End / Game Over / Can’t Continue to Part 3 so Retry.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Part 2 has 3 endings, and only 1 of them doesn’t result in a “Sorry, Bad End and Game Over, retry for the right option.”

  89. Anonymous permalink

    3 endings?

    1- Kill alice
    2 – spare alice

    whats the third and when does the deciding factor come? At the very end or before the end? Does it just say ‘kill alice or don’t kill alice?’

    • Anonymous permalink

      u can loose to alice and get endlessly raped by her not a soo bad ending :P

    • Anonymous permalink

      1. Kill Alice which makes you Ilias’s sex toy forever.
      2. Lose to Alice, have intercourse in monster form, end journey.
      3. Spare Alice, then Ilias barges in.

      I haven’t been to the end myself (kept restarting over), but this is the wording from people who have reached the end. Idk about the “deciding factor” but it may appear as the rape game over windows before you get Evaluations and Retry. I’m pretty sure getting raped and being enslaved forever (1 and 2) won’t continue the game in part two.

      • Finalheaven permalink

        You are correct. The third outcome continues the story a bit further.

        To get Outcome 3:
        After getting Alice’s health to nothing, she will start to talk about enjoying her travels with Luka , etc. (The cue here is that the music will change.) After a good amount of conversation is done, you should be able to choose the battle options again. You have to not damage her for a few turns. The end conversation should pop up between Luka and Alice soon enough.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Just thinking about this outcome makes me sad:(

          • Finalheaven permalink

            Yeah, I found it depressing when reading when it happened. No sunshine and rainbows at the end, that’s for sure….. OR IS IT?!

  90. Anonymous permalink

    Ok I really drunk now so sorry for my bad english. Anyway rog plz do something about the spoils coz they are ruining fun for those who haven’t played it yet.
    So staright to the point:
    I can’t wait for full english translation because I haven’t read rape scenes yet (I skipped them) when going through story, and can’t wait for 3rd part :D

    Rog take your time when playing this game and enjoy the story! Srsy!

  91. ChaoticNemisis permalink

    I would LOVE to help you translate this, but I Will be going to japan for the next 3 weeks, and I won’t have access to a computer. I have a family trial to undertake.

    • A family… trial?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ninja stuff I guess. Catching an arrow while riding a shark, stuff like that.

        • I never got to do that stuff when I lived with a family there ;(

          • Anonymous permalink

            It reminds me of that Karate Kid movie where Mr. Miyagi catches an arrow at a buddhist monastery. I think it was one of the sequels to the originals.

            Good old Morita.. RIP:(

          • ChaoticNemisis permalink

            It’s not so ninja like. I practice Martial Arts, and my “Family Trial”, as they call it, involves surviving in the wilderness with nothing but my sword and clothes for 3 weeks. I am currently sending this to you from my mobile at the airport.

          • AnonS permalink

            Haha you are an anime character! I think they did that in Kenichi.

          • ChaoticNemisis permalink

            They did do something like that in Kenichi, but He was attacked by his master.

            I’m all alone. Anyway, i’m leaving in an hour. It’s 9:00 now.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Gotta love those “I would help….. but….”

      • ChaoticNemisis permalink

        Yea. I kinda thought I would put that out there. If it’s not finished when I get back, i’ll help to put the finishing touches up. All depending on how quick the translations come along. Even if I helped, i could only do so much, as otherwise you’d have 2 slightly different translations put together. The one thing i’d majorly change in MGQ 1 would be to not use the word honeypot so much.

  92. Anonymous permalink


  93. >Encyclopedia: 0/86 – 0%


  94. Malhavoc permalink

    You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. If you accept money for your work let me know where to throw it at you! If not, then accept my deepest thanks and well wishes.

  95. Anonymous permalink

    Just letting you know you’re awesome but you knew that.

  96. Anonymous permalink

    Bought MGQ2. Can’t wait for the translation. Many thanks for MGQ1.

  97. snoopaloop permalink

    Ty for your hard work RT! Really looking forward to this.

  98. Orannis permalink

    Major props for doing this dude. I love finding eroges that actually have a good story underneath the ridiculous hentai overlay. XD Been waiting for this since I finished part 1.

  99. zeffy101 permalink

    Uhm anyone know how to defeat Sara that succubus looking vampire tattoo’d short purple haired girl?

    Iv tried using Gnome/Sylph together to avoid that struggle attack because its instant death if u dont use gnome on if she uses that.
    But she attacks you heaps and uses always 3 attacks against you… i keep dying to her anyone gotten past this bitch of a monster?

    I keep running out of SP for Meditation for HP regen and to keep using gnome/sylph on me… O.O

  100. Douchebag Critique permalink

    Sounds like you would benefit from doing one section in at a time.
    Safe in the knowledge that you never have to go back to said segment it would make it easier for you, at least, that’s how i see it.
    Whatever you decide, good work as always.

  101. zeffy101 permalink

    meh nvm i used a chest engine xD HAHAHA couldnt get passed it made me very >:( and also that ending where you decide to kill/not to kill alice Can anyone upload a brief summary of the ending so i know whats happening? and i hope a part 3 comes out because i think Luka is going to go kill Lillas now well thats my gut feeling from seeing this and she is making an army against us? or am i reading it wrong?

    Anyway man that kill alice scene really killed me inside… like she was so funny cute and erotic and was your teacher and they add a kill her off option… man that sucked..

    But seriously im crossing my fingers for a third game where we defeat Lillas and have a family ending with alice or a marriage ending with alice for a change..

    I also cant wait to play this game with PROPER translation then i can re-play it again and also know the story. Seriously japan should so make this game into an anime series :P
    I know its eechi/hentai and all but like its just so awesome!!

    • Anonymous permalink

      The only sex scenes Luka would be getting then would be from Alice, Meia, and Sara and other canon scenes. Rapes by monsters he fights won’t count, because if you go backwards and defeat the monsters, it never happened. The only way sex scenes from all monsters could appear as canon would be Ilias resurrecting Luka by turning back time in the Evaluations. But that’d eat up a lot of time, to fight, get raped, then fight again. If it were made into an anime, boobs and vaginas would probably be censored/covered, and sex scenes would be removed. In scenes where Alice rapes Luka (well its not truly rape), it could be replaced by touching scenes where they get closer as a couple. w/o sex though, it’s just an ecchi anime with action/adventure/comedy/romance. Nonetheless, it’d still be a powerful advertisement tool. In the game, generally there are some odd monsters which stand between arcs, like the Centaur, or the Minotaurus. Those can be completely left out of the anime, as they don’t serve a true purpose other than more xp and testing skills.

      • ChaoticNemisis permalink

        I think the lamia and minotaurous in MGQ 1 would be in the anime/movie/animation, as they are interesting, and well known “monsters”, and there needs to be filler for the travel time betweeen arcs.

  102. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone have tips on the Beelzebub (?) girls on the pirate ship? It’s these 3 fly looking girls who attack together…They have a ton of hp and I can’t sustain gnome/sylph/meditate nearly long enough to win (I think I’ve gotten them to about 2/3 at best).

    I’ve tried using salamander, undine, and just trying to last as long as possible for an auto-win you usually see on “impossible” battles but to no avail.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Somewhat luck based but just use Gnome/Sylph/Meditate. Towards the end of your first gnome/Sylph cycle just save SP even if your hp is getting low and just use Undine. Then attack normally (hopefully you have 6-7 turns of it), you should get them low enough to “auto-win” the fight.

  103. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    I’ve noticed that Rogue Translator has been referred to as a “Saint” several times, but given Ilias’ true nature, make being a saint a bad thing?

  104. Anonymous permalink

    I like the game but dont like the creator ideas, i alredy readed the entire original MONSTER GIRL ENCYCLOPEDIA and I myself know a lot about monsters, in the start of the first part he said that “MEDUSA” was an insect based monster, but, every little child know that Medusa is a Lamia like creature with snakes as hair, and there is only one Medusa, since she’s the Queen of the GORGONS, the game creator made some totaly infidel and non-existant monsters, i sure let me angry, just a little, because I realy know about monster and monster girl twisted a little my knowledge XD and about one of the first comments, Yeas, hes english is quite horrible, hem ay have inproved by now but, im from “BRASIL” (in Brasil it isnt with Z people) and I learned my english alone, let us say I didnt learned but aquired it, by playing lots of Age Of Empires II when I was 6-8 years old, and know im 14 I can speak just like a true Norht American! Better than learning, is learning alone! Now im trying to learn japanese, since I started watching anime, I watch subbed so im better speaking Japanese that writing, since its completly diferent XD
    And rogue, PLEASE, I HOPE YOU FINISH THIS AT LIGHTNING SPEED (oops, forgot where was Caps), I would love to play this in english! Im rooting for you!

    • KeimaAyasaki permalink

      Anon said:
      I can speak just likea true Norht American! Better than learning, is learning alone! Blah blah learning japanese

      WTF. Learn proper English before you diss others about not learning English. Learning Japanese? Finish English first.

  105. Anonymous permalink

    My god the conversation on English is still going …………………
    ( knows both japanese and english only has trouble with hiragana and katakana)_ Magiester

  106. Mitchell permalink

    Thanks for working on this for everyone :) If i knew Japanese i would gladly offer my assistance but sadly :(

    Patience is a Virtue people. Please have some won’t you?

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