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MGQ2 More Stuff

December 22, 2011

Few more things:

1. I updated the patch again to version 2.02, the most recent one. A lot of bug fixes all over the place, apparently.

2.Thanks to the efforts of SomeLoliCatgirl, who made the word wrap fix for part 1, the new executable has been updated for part 2. That means word wrap will be working right from the start!

3. I counted the lines for the Encyclopedia, and added them in.

4. I’m leaving tomorrow to go to my parents house for a few days for el christmaso.

Line Type: Done / Remaining

Story: 2734/ 19600    — 13.5%

Battles: 7912 / 83,000 — 9.5%

Cities: 1091/5229 — 20.7%

Encyclopedia: 0/1450 – 0%

Overall: 11737/109279 — 10.7%

  1. AnonS permalink

    Less than a week and over 10%? That’s crazy! I expect this pace will drop off going forward, but it’s nice to see so much progress so quickly nonetheless. Happy Holidays.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    As much as I want to play this translated, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself Rogue. Keep the good work up man, and happy holidays =)

  3. Anonymous permalink

    … Take your time.. You have done MUCH this past week. Just take your time and relax. Don’t worn yourself out; and you will do if you don’t STOP TRANSLATING 24/7. Seriously, if you rush this too fast, it will probably never be done, and we wouldn’t want to see that, would we?

  4. Anonymous permalink

    You have done more then 2000 lines á day. Dont rush this ok? we dont want this to end like 90 % of all the VH translation project out there

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for your hard work Rogue Translator. (bow)
    Merry Christmas to all of you :)

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Where to download the patch?

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Where can i download the patch?

  8. Agion permalink

    amazing work, dude
    happy christmas and a good start into the new year

  9. Anonymous permalink

    10% is more than enough to earn you a Merry christmas and a happy new year, man. stay safe and stay jolly, and thanks for the hard work.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    so are you going to try and let other work on the patch with you, or are you going solo?

    • No, I’m doing it because I like doing it, not because I want it to come out super fast. Because of that, I’d prefer to stay solo. Dealing with other people (except personal friends, who wouldn’t want to anyway) just gets annoying.

      • Agion permalink

        when its done, ya going to provide a link for the download, right?
        took me ages to find the real translated version, i ended up always getting the jap version XD
        anyway, happy christmas and a happy new year too

  11. Anonymous permalink

    great job with the translation! xD

    you have many fans who appreciate your work – keep it up!

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Please don’t overwork yourself, take it easy and do it a bit at a time. I’m happy you really are doing this so fast but your doing it for free and I can imagine it can be quite taxing on you…

  13. Maxtazac permalink

    Thanks for your work, enjoy your holidays with your family, you deserve it a lot!

  14. Anonymous permalink

    I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate all the work you’re putting into this. Good job man!

  15. The Noble Shade permalink

    Y’know, I was going to wait for the full patch to buy the game (like I did with the last one), but this one is looking so awesome, I might just get when your first patch is available.
    You’re a really awesome guy for doing this,Rogue. I’ve you don’t except donations, so is there anything I or others can do to show our gratitude? Other than actually buying the game, of course.

  16. Odyn permalink

    enjoy your holidays!
    ur awesome ;)
    merry christmas to you and your family, go and party hard ;D

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Madness. Unadulterated madness. You are a godmachine amongst men for progressing so fast.

    I gotta ask cause I’m wondering if it’s similar… when you translate do you just kind of get in a zen state where you hammer things out without time seeming to pass?

    • Not really no. I’ll do some, then play a game or something, do some more, go over to a friends house for a while, etc… So it’s not like I fully concentrate on it for a long time in a row.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    I cant stress it enough how much Rogue ROCKS!

  19. redpanther permalink

    Thank you for all of your hard works and happy holidays!

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Double digits already! I just passed the succubus village in my chiitrans playthrough. I more or less know whats going on, but any like serious dialogue I end up having to basically skip. And there’s quite a few long expositions here and there, so I’m looking forward to reading it. Looks like some good backstory on Alice and such.

  21. Ilias permalink

    This kind of progress is to be expected since I bought RogueTranslator a motivational whip.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    over 10% already!? god damn, rogue. ur too amazing

  23. Will permalink

    I just have a little inquiry about the text…I know from playing your first patch that the sentences cut off in the middle of a word when the line gets too long and it needs to continue the sentence in the following line…is there any way that you can fix that for the second chapter? It’s truly not that big of a deal, but I do get a bit annoyed by this. If it’s too much trouble, then don’t bother–I just thought I’d give you as well as the other fans my opinion on this matter…in case the way I described it above was unclear, what I’m talking about looks a little like this example –

    “Sally sells seashells down by the seash

    Just an example…

    • Anonymous permalink

      actually id like to hear rogues opinion on that too. he probably has a good reason and its better for him not to waste his time on something so trivial but i wudnt mind hearing his thoughts on it lol

    • Anonymous permalink

      That’s called “word wrapping”, and it’s exactly what SomeLoliCatGirl fixed, per RT’s post up there.

      • Yeah, it’s an issue with the wordwrap. SomeLoliCatgirls executable fixed this (See the trial for part 2, where I was using it from the start so there aren’t any issues). He updated the executable modification to work with the new version, so that should be all set.

        • Will permalink

          Awesome–thanks for letting me know. It was truly the only real issue I had with the patch, and it was a tiny one at that lol. Keep up the good work, Rogue, and thanks to SomeLoliCatGirl for fixing the issue. Love everyone who helps out on this.

  24. Kusojijii permalink

    BTW… do you find yourself working better with deadlines or not? I find myself much more productive when I’ve set daily goals (e.g. “four pages a day”) than anything else.

    • No, I’m doing this for fun. Setting deadlines makes it seem like something I have to accomplish “or else”.

      • Kanosint permalink

        But… But… There is an ‘or else’ :3 We’d all cryyyy for every day without Monstergirls raping us X3

        On a different note… Is Nanabi back for sexonds? If so, anyone got a teaser? ^^;

      • Kusojijii permalink

        I see; so you take pleasure in the process itself. As for myself, the main joy comes from the result rather than the process, so I work much better with self-imposed deadlines. Plus, I’m hard to motivate…

  25. Monti permalink

    Have a merry christmas RT and too everyone else I hope you happy holidays.

  26. yabusa permalink

    Great~! \m/

    got nothing to say w/ it… xDD

  27. Ilias permalink

    Harpy hollidays from this spot of the earth, too!

  28. Anonymous permalink

    That’s fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hearing you are over 10% alreaedy is a good birthday present for me^^
    Enjoy your holidays and merry christmas

  29. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for all the hard work you put into this

    i am sure i speak for many of us when i say our penis’s thank you

  30. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Good holidays for you. :)
    And good job for already 10%.

  31. Manpance permalink

    I first got MGQ for the porn. Now I’m in it for the game itself. And the only one to thank for that is you. You’re amazing, happy holidays and keep up the good work!

  32. Anonymous permalink

    amazing work man, but i agree with a lot of the other people here haha. you don’t have to rush it, make sure you enjoy the game yourself! happy holidays good sir =D

  33. Finalheaven permalink

    Oh, man. Another patch already? I combined your patch for the first game and quick machine translation on the second game to play through it. I was doing some random translation work on the side for fun on the later battles, my favorite ones(after your next patch release point), and the lack of word wrap annoys me, but this looks like it would make things much more convenient.

    Now with the patch, I wanna go back and see what they did to the script to fix the problems, but it also annoys me that I have to look for it in the huge script file. If you don’t mind me asking, RogueTranslator, what program do you use to edit the file? I’m doing the work on wordpad and its annoying to load up 7.5 MBs of script to edit and scroll around.

    • Notepad++, and I compare with winmerge.

      I use winmerge to look at the two versions (Say MGQ2 V2.0 compared with MGQ2 V2.2). I look for the line differences, then go to my version and add them in manually wherever they fall. Has taken about an hour per patch. Updating MGQ part 1 to 1.10 took a few hours, though.

      • I like slime girls permalink

        Why don’t you just use the compare plug-in for notepad++?

  34. Finalheaven permalink

    Very nice… Winmerge will make things go much more smoothly for me.

    1 to 1.10 for the first title had a decent amount of changes and the custom story edit mode they added. At the rate you are going, I may just figure out how nscript works and make some custom battles or something. My Japanese is pretty weak, so I end up relying on Translation Aggregator and fixing up the grammar and making the sentences sound more coherent. You are probably breezing through it.

    Anyways, thanks for the help and happy holidays to you, good sir.

  35. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome work. Happy holidays pal and may the monster of your choice visit you in your dreams and make your night-merry. =)

  36. Anonymous permalink

    oh and i figured out how to save at any point in the game with the enlgish patch, when you click on the save slot and the window where you can change the text pops up press escape.

  37. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Since I cant send you cookies, Rogue -I will put some aside and eat them later separately.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    Have a Merry Christmas, Rogue!

  39. hamguy permalink

    Rouge is a pretty cool guy. works alone and gets shit done.

    • Monti permalink

      Just Like L :3

      -remembers his death-

  40. Anonymous permalink

    10% already.. Your original post made me feel that you’d get about 10% done in few weeks time, but it’s only been about 5-6 days. Well bloody done RT, hope you have a great Christmas and can’t wait till this is done :)

  41. Imoutocon permalink

    Hey RT, are you santa? If you are, you know what i want for christmas. =D
    Lol.(If you are not, im guessing you already know what i wanted for christmas.)

  42. Anon permalink

    10% in 5… that’s a little less than 2 months for 100% with no breaks… so my guess is 2 1/2! I am so pumped! (hee)

    Mewwy Chwistmas RT<3

    • Nope, don’t allow any guess less than 3 months. I have other things I have to do for work that will slow things down.

  43. NotSoSerious permalink

    Guys, you’d do yourselves a favor by downloading the raw version of the game online via torrent. Just use a search engine by typing “monmosu quest 2” or “monster girl quest 2” and clicking ones from piratebay or isohunt. Or better yet you can buy the official version and wait for the translation. anyways, kudos to RT and happy holidays!

    • Finalheaven permalink

      Guys, do yourself a favor and just buy the game. This game deserves your money if you are browsing this much for a translation patch. Promoting piracy is not the right way to show support for this game, especially for the people who translate visual novels such as this.

      I attained the first game via unsavory means. After playing it, I realized that these people definitely deserved my money. I went to DLsite and bought the first game and waited till the second game came out to purchase it, too.

      • Manpance permalink

        Not everyone has the cash for it.
        I have a budget of 6$ every month.

        • Zabusy permalink

          Me 10$ every week lol

          • Finalheaven permalink

            Ouch… Well, considering your circumstances, go ahead and get it somewhere. Have fun. :)

      • AnonS permalink

        It’s always best to support these devs where we can, but for some people it really isn’t an option for them. Those of us that are doing a bit better will try and cover for the rest of you guys, but the more of us that get these games the more likely they are to develop more of them, and then we all win.

      • Richard permalink

        For most cases its a game that attracts teens everywhere, can you imagine a guy going up to hes mom and saying “Mother, i need your credit card to buy an erotic visual novel.”? It’d be damn hilarious but he’d probably get a slap in the face.
        Unless hes Japanese.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up the great work rouge, don’t wear yourself out at this pace though.

    Btw, you working on this patch is the only thing i want for xmas :3

    • Zabusy permalink

      Dude I I know everyone is waiting for game but , ya know … GETALIFE

  45. Madness permalink

    Doing great – I have played the game under machine translation but it is not the same as the great translation you did on chapter 1. Looking forwards to a proper translation. Thank you kindly for going to the effort in doing this.

  46. Zed permalink

    Rogue, would you be interested in having someone do minor editing for you in their spare time? I’m only talking about the English parts, I have only a little knowledge of Japanese, but if you want someone to look through the translations and correct the errors that word programs do not catch, then email me, I would be happy to do it.

  47. Anonymous permalink


  48. Anonymous permalink

    You are THE BEST! Seriously, I can’t believe these games are actually being translated, it’s so awesome. I played the first one using agth (before you translated it) and it just can’t compare to a proper translation. I also pirated the first one.

    This time I will not make the same mistakes though. I will wait until the translation is finished before I play the game, and I will also purchase it.

    And once again, I really appreciate that you are taking the time to translate this game.

  49. Anonymous permalink

    RT is the only translator I know that consistently beats his own ambitious predictions. Not trying to jinx you, but incredible progress so far, and you were just as awesome about part 1. And after playing through part 2, I know how ridiculously huge it is, almost twice the size of part 1.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    As ToroToro said, they are already working on part 3, it’s expected to take a year or so. Be patient everyone.

  51. Puffy Vulva permalink

    You’re awesome and we should all be grateful for your work. Merry Solstice.

  52. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Want to know about buying the game : When you buy it, will you have a “box version” ? Or it’s only downloading ?
    And, in Europe, it’s good or not ?

    • Kusojijii permalink

      Oh, are you interested in paying trans-atlantic shipping fees? Because I wasn’t… I bought both games so far, both download-only.

      There’s no area restriction. Once you have it, you can play it wherever you are (Unlike Ren’ai Kateikyoushi Rurumi, grrr…)

      Lastly let me copy the appropriate section of the main site:
      “Currently, there are no plans for a hardware edition. If a hardware edition is ever released, it will only be after all 3 games are out.”

  53. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Hey RogueTranslator, after the Violated Heroin, now, you have the Violated Hero. :D
    If you are interessed after finish Monmusu Quest 2 and VH. ^^

    • yabusa permalink

      it looks like MGQ2 but upgraded version… :P

    • Anonymous permalink

      Even the Slime Girl looks like Erubetie. CG galleries are up on
      But as far as I know of, there’s no full free download links.

    • james123 permalink

      i downloaded it fully

      the game doesn’t seems that good

      it is a normal game nothing special

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh, where did you download it? Even if it doesn’t have the same luster as MGQ, I’ll still play it anyways to kill time.

      • Finalheaven permalink

        I finished the game already, and it sucks. The story isn’t even remotely interesting and the characters seem pretty drab and they come and go fairly quickly. The only thing it has going for it is that the CGs is consistent – same artist, etc.

        To me, this game seems like it was just made in a rush to ride on the coat tails of monmusu quest that was made popular by ToroToro and steal some of their sales. The game was released just before the release of Monster Quest 2 as well.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Ah. Nvm to downloading it then.

        • Dargoth permalink

          The CGs are good and so is the voice acting. The game itself is horrible and the story sucks, but honestly, it’s a hentai game so those things aren’t that important. I’d actually like to translate the game (it’s pretty short), but can’t figure out how to encrypt a patch to work with it. Apparently most kirikiri engine games have very simple encryption, but after a few hours comparing files in a hex editor and reading the decoder in assembly, this one is beyond me.

          • Anonymous permalink

            A lot of people rather enjoy the story in MGQ, and I’d say that’s the element that brought such a niche fetish of monster girls to a much wider audience.

  54. Anonymous permalink

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  55. Imoutocon permalink

    Needs more lolis and flat chests in my opinion.

  56. Anonymous permalink

    Totally merry chirstmas bros

  57. Anonymous permalink

    ToroToro updated his page with pics of monsters from 3 part.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thx for info. They look delicious, :D

    • ScarletRose/Serpentcross permalink


      oh right i did forget about the Lilias worshipping lamia, and the angel with snakes was already in the site …
      Actually I’m relieved to know there are gonna be monsters in part 3 and not just angels.
      To be honest the idea of a “reformed” succubus is a bit of a stretch and will probably take away all the beauty of it but … i’d love to se more succubi action.
      Now that I think of it…
      Isn’t luka a true ally of the monsters now and free from lilias rules?
      Doesn’t that means he could tecnically party with all his newfound allies how much as he wanted?
      I would totally be the human race ambassador into the succubus village.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Basically here will be the enemies in part 3. Ilias and her angel army. Prometheus the labcoat lady who made the Anti-Knight Mechas. Those Mechas are basically better and stronger versions of the 4 Heavenly Knights. Black Alice is a partner to Ilias. She is the leader of the “MG rebellion.” Many MG’s are getting sick of the oppression while Alice does little to help. So they turn to Black Alice, who promises a new world for them. Also, Prometheus created artificial spirits just like Luka’s spirits. And those spirits will be given to the Black Alice MG’s thus allowing us to have normal monsters that still can fight. The Machine English translation is rough, but Ilias could possibly be planning on destroying both monsters and humanity. At this rate, the only way Luka can keep up is pushing his spirits beyond their mastered lvl, perfecting Quadruple Giga so it’s practical, and being able to control his Fallen Angel mode. All of the defensive and attack skills Luka’s learned are becoming more and more like his Fallen Angel mode. Luka would have no problem using Quadruple Giga if he added Fallen Angel Dance (the beastly avoids). And, at this rate, Luka can have a harem of Alice and 4 Heavenly Knights. For MG’s, love and sex can sometimes be different, so he could get married to one, but still have sex with all.

        • Anonymous permalink


          I like this harem end idea. Never enough of Alma Elma and Erubiete for me (can’t say I wrote her name right).Also, just like other anon I’m happy that we still get some MG despite angels arc.
          In my opinion in part 3 our final destination will be Illias continent, our hometown and that elf village. I wonder whom will we meet on evaluaions, Alice?

          • Dan permalink

            On Evaluaions, there still might be Ilias, but mocking you because you suck.

  58. Anonymous permalink

    Enjoy your holidays, bro. You well deserved it.

  59. Anonymous permalink

    Man ur amazing , ur translating is Soooo Fast and have a nice holiday

  60. Anonymous permalink

    There seems to be a problem where Luka’s level will drop at some point in the game. I’ve lost 1 or 2 levels. Anyone have a solution?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Fight the Mandragora and Mimic instead of abstaining. Unlike enemies like the Fairies or Genie, you won’t get an item that gives you bonus xp.

      • Anonymous permalink

        That’s not the problem. I was level 33 before one battle and I lost because of a careless mistake. When I repeated the battle, my level had dropped to 30. Anyone else have this problem?

        • Anonymous permalink

          yes i had same problem, managed somehow to drop my level to 5 during the water spirit :). (had no idea how to beat her.) So i just started saving before fighting the monsters and loaded if i lost.

  61. Anonymous permalink

    Came here just to wish you a very merry Christmas!

  62. ShiroiRyu permalink

    “Currently, there are no plans for a hardware edition. If a hardware edition is ever released, it will only be after all 3 games are out.”


    Good news anyways !
    A full version of the game will be fun.
    And ok, if it’s just “download”, it’s good too. Just need to be a member and others things.
    For Violated Hero, the CG are pretty good but when i saw the numbers, i knew the game will not be that good. :s
    But hey … If that don’t take so much time, we can hope. ^^ (and yes, i think they tried to have the sales of MQ2 on this one)

  63. Anonymous permalink

    Oh wow.

    Thank you, brahski. Please finish the translation. I don’t understand Japanese at all. Haha.

  64. Anonymous permalink

    Honestly people, if you’re being productive translating for an hour it’s not too tough to bang out this much work. Just tedious.

    So I commend you on your “work” ethic, keep at it! Making excellent time.

  65. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much for translating this!

  66. wildhawk permalink

    i have a quick question i know it probably wont happen but who would want these games to be in 3d like an illusion game i know i would that would be awsome

    • Anonymous permalink

      we just have to hope someone would start making these kind of games in 3d :)

  67. frzangel permalink

    I just loved the translation quality of the first part. Thank you for your work. I appreciate that very much. And really you don’t have to rush I don’t mind if I have to wait 1-2 months for your great translation.

  68. wildhawk permalink

    i dont know if they have a suggestion box or anything like that but dose anyone know a way to give the creators ideas about the game like going animated 3d iv never realy looked and google translate only can do so much

  69. Squintz permalink

    so is there a good place to find stories for the Lab in part 1 while we wait? Ive seen a few on /d

  70. AnonJohn permalink

    This type of game would not be good in 3D.

  71. wildhawk permalink

    i dont see why not or at least animated would be nice

  72. Imoutocon permalink

    I would prefer it be 2d-animated. most likely a cutscene for each attack or rape scene.

  73. Malik Reggi permalink

    you are doing a great job so let me thank you for that I have a question if i may, you may have been asked this before but you have such a knack for translation, were you brought up multilingual or is it something you learned later on?

  74. hamguy permalink

    hey rouge it looks like you are doing a ton of work fast. i was wondering, wouldn’t it be faster if you focused on one part first instead of trying to do multiple parts? great job by the way!

  75. Anon permalink

    Hey Rogue, I realize you put a lot of time into this, and that the majority of those who comment on your blog are complete morons. Hamguy is a great example.. I can empathize with you.

    Take it easy, La Rouge

    • hamguy permalink

      hey anon, go back to reddit you stupid faggot. you had no reason to talk to me like that and you obviously didn’t take the time or perhaps don’t have the brain capacity to understand my words.
      if rouge worked as much as he did on one section at a time. it would be done at a quicker pace. would you talk to me like that if it wasn’t in front of a computer screen? you act like some child.

      • Working on one section at a time wouldn’t be faster. Everything is all in the same script file, so “switching sections” just requires moving the scroll bar a little bit.

        Also even if it was faster, focusing on only one thing for too long gets boring.

  76. Anon permalink

    You’re a hero, Rogue.

  77. Anonymous permalink

    Hey man. Just wanted to say that I just got MGQ Part 1 and translated it with your awesome english patch. The game was an absolute blast to play to say the least! ^^ My fave girls to surrender to have to be kitsune and the harpies.

    You are an unbaptised hero yourself you know Rogue. Of an entirely different kind. Unbaptised as in, you are not some kind of official company, and a Hero too. What makes you a hero? The fact that you can do something that no one else can do. If anyone else can, they wont. And thas what makes you a hero Rogue. Our shining light in an abyss of japanese kanji.

  78. Anonymous permalink

    The anon right above me put what I could ever say into a succinct but beautiful metaphor.

    This game was yet another great title that would have passed us by if it weren’t for your hard effort (not to mention ungodly speed). So while you’ve received your fair share of thank yous from your other fans, I’d like to think one more from me won’t hurt.

    Say, are you sure about this “no donation” thing? Because I’d give you all the money I have in my wallet. Like, right now if you wanted me to.

  79. Imoutocon permalink

    I guess rougetranslations knows about the side effects of accepting donations as he need to seek the creators of the games and give a certain percentage of this earnings to them(This would be tedious and he might lose alot of money if the game is not selling well enough). Otherwise he might be violating certain rules and copyright infringements for accepting donations.

    These are just my thoughts, they are not solid facts.

    • AnonS permalink

      What is the point of making a post like this when you have no idea what you’re writing about? I don’t know what Rogue’s reasons are, but they definitely have nothing to do with what you think they are.

      • Imoutocon permalink

        Sorry if i struck a nerve of yours, im just stating this to clarify why Rougetranslation’s is not currently accepting any donations.
        I used examples of why they might not accept any donations to get their attention and for them to set things straight from then on.
        It seems like my message got your attention first.

  80. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for translating this great game i look forward to playing part 2 i LOVE the story this game has keep up the good work.

  81. Mkmd13 permalink

    I have a question Rogue, since part 1 is combined with part 2, will the patch you put out for part 2 contain the english translation of part 1 as well?

  82. james123 permalink

    hey rogue :)

    good work man

    hopefully your next project will be thief& troll :P

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