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MGQ2 Final Update of 2011

December 29, 2011

Final update of the year 2011!  I’ll probably do two more updates in early January, but then I have a business trip that will take a little over two weeks. So for those who were calculating my progress and estimating I would be done in half the time I stated… Sorry, I said 3 months at bare minimum because I know my own schedule.

Line Type: Done / Remaining

City     – 1841/5229            – 35.2%
Story    – 4643/19600        – 23.7%
Battle    – 16534/83000        – 19.9%
Ency    – 107/1450             – 7.4%
Total     – 23125/109279        – 21.1%



Also, someone started a blog site to host/post Monster Laboratory scenes made with the addon from the first game (Part of the 1.10 patch). Check out the site here: There are already a few scenarios on it made by people from 4chan’s /d/ board.

  1. I’ll just sit here and quietly pray for a 25% patch :P

    • The first patch is actually probably going to be in the low to mid 30% area. I liked the idea of doing a partial patch after each quest “hub” area, and that’s about where it falls after the Undine fight.

      • Zed permalink

        Rogue, would you be interested in having someone do minor editing for you in their spare time? I’m only talking about the English parts, since I have only a little knowledge of Japanese, but if you want someone to look through the translations and correct the errors that word programs do not catch, then email me, as I would be happy to do it.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Rogue works alone, bro.

        • riffraff permalink

          Yeah Zed, bugger off! :P Good work Rogue btw. Hope this sequel is as good as the first one or even better.

  2. Febo permalink

    Please keep up the good work! 3 months lands right around my birthday so I will be looking forward to it. How are you enjoying the storyline so far? Also is part 2 the end of the series or will we need to wait for part 3?

    • Anonymous permalink

      The Japanese title ends with “middle part” so there will be a part 3.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve finished the first chapter of MGQ with your awesome English patch~it was an amazing experience!!
    I will look forward to your patch for part 2 of this great game~(I really like the story:P)
    Just take your time…and thanks a lot for your beautiful work!!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I was just about to beg you to do a partial patch right before you leave on the business trip, but it seems like you had that idea too?

    Also you are doubleamazing. Just letting you know that.

  5. Bix permalink

    Fuck yeah, man. Keep up the good work. Nobody else would have a total of 20% this quick. If you can keep it up at this pace, you might be done within two months. Excellent.

  6. Bix permalink

    Aaaand now I feel like a dumbass after reading the entirety of your post.

    Still, 3 months is a hell of a good deal.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Wow never expected you to have done this much already. Thanks heaps and keep up the good work.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Holy crap, ~10% in a week?

    Thanks for your effort Rogue! You should take a nice break.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Low to mid 30% first patch expected.
    Roughly two-three weeks since beginning of translation.
    20 % currently.
    So that means we’ll be seeing our first patch in about two weeks!
    The anticipation is KILLING ME.


  10. Looking forward to it.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    You are the man

  12. Anonymous permalink

    God damn Rouge. You are seriously a hero of the internet.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks man!

  14. NotSoSerious permalink

    You have earned the my respect several lifetimes over!!! YOU. ARE. AWESOME!!!!

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Ditto, ditto, ditto. Keep up the good work. I wait for your continuation VH.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    I am excite.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    damn 21% already, rogue is putting in some work!

  18. hamguy permalink

    AMAZING WORK ROUGE! dont stress yourself :)

  19. Anonymous permalink

    You’re my hero Rogue, one day I’m going to learn Japanese and give back o the community like you are.

  20. Manpance permalink

    Jesus you work fast.
    Very impressive!
    Keep going at whatever pace you want, you’re still working faster than most translators out there.
    “Month 5 progress report: translated 51/102609 lines today!”

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Have to say, I’m amazed with your progress.
    Please, keep up the good work! Have a happy new year!

  22. Anon permalink

    You are a god amongst men, rogue.

  23. Anonymous permalink

    although it seems to be your interest , please accept my appreciation :)
    without you i wont know such a good game.

  24. Sajuuk permalink

    i am impressed u can work so fast as u can, keep up the good work i am realy looking fowared on playing mgq2

  25. Anonymous permalink

    awesome thank you

  26. Anonymous permalink

    This will be an happy new year^^. Thx u rogue

  27. Rogue used hyper-speed translations! Part 2 took 11,383 damage!
    Part 2: Uah…at this rate, I’ll come in three months…

    • Cyln permalink

      Hahahaha This actually made me laugh, thanks for the lol :).

  28. Dan permalink

    Your fast work puts the production time of the game to shame Rogue.

  29. Raizu permalink

    thank you for your hardwork Rogue team :)

    I’ll looking forward for your next update~

  30. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Wowowow …
    So already 21% … So like in one week, we have the partial patch ?
    Want to know : Despite the partial patch, if i take the game and after, i wait for the next patch, that will erase my save or not ?

    • As long as you only save at the final “Safe save location” it won’t be a problem.

      • ShiroiRyu permalink

        The safe save location, it’s like the same from part 1 ? Like before a fight ?

        • Yes, same thing. Before choices, before and after fights, before walking around a city, and scene changes in the middle of long story sequences.

  31. Rederious permalink

    I have been waiting for this for a while, and the rate your doing the translation is amazing. Thanks for all your hard work. On another note, who thinks Tamamo is cute as hell.

    • Tamamo is good, but Chrome is best. I was sad to not see chrome in part 2…

      • yabusa permalink

        surprisingly you like the undead loli… xDD

      • Flaris permalink

        Well Chrome certainly was cute. Though I’m kind of with Rederious since Tamamo really is cute as hell.

        Give these games one thing, lot of favourites :).

        Anyways just amazing how fast you can work. Think a few months is just fine by most. Just thanks for doing it.

  32. AnonS permalink

    I guess the partial patch will be here in less than a month at this rate. Hopefully Part 3 is released and translated before the world ends next year.

  33. ShiroKuro permalink

    I love you :D

    (No homo)

  34. Anonymous permalink

    <3 you baby
    ~ your hot friend

  35. May your babies have babies who are even 1/4 as good as you and the world will be a better place for it.

  36. Anonymous permalink

    nice work man i looking forward to your work i will waiting for your patch thx man

  37. jon permalink

    nice work man i will waiting for your patch thx man for your hard work

  38. Anonymous permalink

    Just wondering, where is the download link?

  39. Anonymous permalink

    You’re doing a great job!
    Keep it this way and happy new year!!!

  40. Oh my. Thanks a lot for the link, RT! I guess I’ll have to start updating the blog with new tutorials a little earlier than I planned..

  41. Anonymous permalink

    Just wanna say thank you.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    Happy New Year dude.

  43. Kanosint permalink

    And I’m still curious about Nanabi <3 I'd love to make many little kitsunes with her X3

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, why are you so good to be true?

  45. james123 permalink

    vamppire girl FTW :D

    btw rogue , hopefully that next game you will work on is Thief & Troll :P

    thanks for your hard work

  46. I like slime girls permalink

    >Implying you won’t start translating during your trip
    You know you won’t resist it

    • I’m not dumb enough to bring anything of questionable basis through customs (My travel is all international). The laptop I use for travel is completely clean of anything even remotely objectionable.

      • Ilias permalink

        Have a safe trip.

      • BloodNite permalink

        do they check hard-drives for international trips? ive flown a lot but just within the country

        • Many countries do, yes.
          EDIT: Including the US.

          • Anonymous permalink

            wait what… im curious…. how exactly do they search your HDD for anything ‘suspicious’…?

          • Cursory inspections of previous files opened. If they’re thorough, they have forensic toolkits that they plug in via usb that do quick keyword searches. If it’s a country that would love to arrest an american, they’ll do thorough searches or even image your hard drive on entering the country and search it for something to arrest you with when you try to exit.

            Also some of them look for encrypted data and use the existence of it itself to probe deeper / detain you, using the reasoning that the existence of the encrypted data itself is proof you have something illegal. If you travel a lot (like I do), the best solution is to just have a clean laptop.

          • Dan permalink

            Have you ever gotten into trouble due to that? Just curious.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Do you mind saying which countries are troublesome, or if that’s a problem for you, which countries are pretty relaxed about it?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Just wondering, what IS your job?

      • I like slime girls permalink

        ( ꒪Д꒪)

  47. Hertzez permalink

    So, the first patch is around the Undine part, can you please translate a bit more after that? At least until the Succubus Village Quest is finished?

    • No, I’ll do a patch after each hub area.

      • hertzez permalink

        Hmm? Does that mean we’re going to get Succubus Village translated at the first patch or not? Sorry for bothering you, just need confirmation.

        • Jos permalink

          This means that the first patch will include Undine Area. No Succubus will be later.

        • I like slime girls permalink

          No, truth is you don’t need confirmation. You could just wait until it was released and see.

  48. Anonymous permalink

    rogue are you a programming god or something?

  49. Anonymous permalink


  50. Anonymous permalink

    Patch soon fellow Stalker

  51. Manpance permalink

    Any plans for projects after this and VH?
    ’cause boy do I have a suggestion.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Bruce Wayne during the day, Bat.. RogueTranslator during the night..

  53. random permalink

    Over 70 comments on a single post already. Happy new year, demon girl fuckers! :D

  54. Anonymous permalink

    Uhh..might be a little impolite of me but…When is the first 25% patch going to be released?…I really just can’t wait since I’ve been seeing a lot spoilers which are giving me more and more excitement Owo….xD….

    • BloodNite permalink

      he’ll release the first patch some time at the end of the month he just said hes going on a 2 week trip without the game data so unless hes going to have someone email him the parts we wont see much till later in the month

      • Anonymous permalink

        Sooo much close…only 4%….left….xD….

      • scarletrose/serpentcross permalink

        the way i unerstood the post he is going to make a couple of updates in early january and THEN go on a 3 week trip.
        I think is entirely possiblehe will release the first part in those early january updates since he’s willing to do a 25-30% patch…
        Of course if he doesn’t make it in time no problem…
        but if he does I plan to replay the whole game from part 1 to the newly translated partial part 2 to have a full translation up to date while I wait for the next translation

        • Anonymous permalink

          Wow!…Your doing the same thing I am xP….But right now I’m complying monsters data from part 2 while playing in Japanese…In other words like a walk through where I can know what to do and how to defeat monsters without trails and errors and which choice to take when the translated part is released…Like:
          1:Centaur Girl:(i)Thunder Thrust
          (iv)Build up to 4 or 5 SP
          and so on….It’s pretty fun since this can help you get on with the story without messing up much x3…

    • random permalink

      Never. Few news posts down…

      [quote]As such, I’ll be doing partial patches for Part 2, initially aiming for somewhere around 50% to be a good point for the first one. If there’s a better stopping point (Such as the end of a story arc) a little bit less than 50%, then I’ll use that point instead.[/quote]

  55. Does anyone know of any other visual novels or anything else ,even just pictures that contain monster girls or anything similar

    • Testamentus permalink

      Well.. Generations of War: Agarest has something in that direction, but there mostly just girls
      with few animal attributes..
      But for Visual Novels… there are some Catgirl-games
      but i don’t know of beasts like MGQ.. (especially if you are interested in the more beast-like ones)

    • AnonJohn permalink

      Wanko to Kurasou has dog and catgirls.

      • thx guys

        yeah i prefer the more beastlike creatures..the weird ones. found some interesting pics in a gallery site (firsst result when i type “E hentai” in google) , just search for monster girl..or spider or smthn…

        • kanisere permalink

          also found this…Same developers from monster girl quest..sweeet..

          • kanisere permalink

            after almost an hour of translating sentence by sentence in a japanese site i just found out i cant register a visa issued outside of japan and thus cant buy any of this ='(

          • Anonymous permalink

            Two things, A: they are available on english DL site, which will take your foreign credit card

            B: Most of Toro’s works (The “Whispers of the immoral girl” series and a few other things) will be of relatively little enjoyment you lack Japanese language skills. They’re audio drama’s basically, like long MP3s of dirty talk. Most of them are like extended loss scenes of MGQ, which is awesome, but it won’t really be worth it if you can’t understand it. They all do have bonus CGs included, but there’s very few, (literally, like around 3-6 images in each) so it’s not worth the price tag if you just want the pics.

          • Anonymous permalink

            yeah its a real shame that i dont any japanese. Because mgq is awesome because of the context. I’m just tryin to fill in the void until full translation comes out i guess. Thanks to Rogue that is. Dont know what i would do without this dude. I’d probably learn japanese

  56. Wow, already 21% you are the god this planet needs

  57. Nicrosis permalink

    I want MGQ2 Uncensored !!!
    Please tell me it have uncensored version available.

  58. Dear Guest permalink

    The censorship-issue is referred to at the MGQ-Thread on Basically, each and every one of the censored pics would have to be redrawn…

    On related news – ROGUE YOU ROCK!

  59. H-Fan permalink


    Hey did anyone else think Alice was pretty weak as a final boss? =/

    • FInalheaven permalink

      I’m pretty sure she was holding back on him considering her abilities in other battles.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Definitely. And if they were fighting with no holding back, they would have all ganged on Luka using their most powerful skills simultaneously before Luka could even summon the spirits.

  60. Irenicus permalink

    [spoiler] [spoiler] [spoiler]

    I don’t think she was weak, as the battle heavily depended on luck, that is, if you play on hard mode.I had all spirits active at all times, and still couldn’t dodge that many attacks.I remember eating her spells sometimes 2 times in a row, or even 3.Even her mystic eyes sometimes bypassed the wind protection.I had some good laughs at watching Luka running off to and burying his face in Alice boobs.

    I also don’t think she holded back, except at the start of battle, to allow him to get at least 3 spirits up.Remember the 2 requirements for someone to be able to marry Alice?To be stronger than her, and to want to marry her.With this battle, half the requirements would be cleared.And also by the end of part 2 Luka needs to be stronger that even the Maou, to be able to face whats coming on part 3…it might have looked like her abilities might have been more weak on the final battle, than when she fought before, but i believe its the opposite…Luka just had an extreme power jump in attacks abilities, dmg resistance and dodges abilities by combining all 4 lv3 spirits at the same time, that made her look that she got weaker or was holding back.If you can actually read japanese, the first time i read the description on the lv3 spirits skills i was like “OMFG i can use all this at the SAME time?”…that just how awesome all effects combined are…they pwn everything now.

    Really looking forward to part 3 of the game,since part 2 ended in a HUGE cliffhanger.It’s going to be a painful wait.

    [spoiler end] [spoiler end] [spoiler end]

  61. Anonymous permalink

    Found a crash during Lencubus fight.

    If you request her Life Killing Vagina attack the game will crash after it ends.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Whoops I am not sure how I posted this here, also I didn’t notice someone else already posted this, I am not good at computer.

  62. Firstandlastpost permalink

    Thank you for completing it all the way trough, arigato.

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