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MGQ2 33% Patch Info/Date

January 3, 2012

Patch Date: 1/6/2012 between 6 and 7pm EST.

Patch Contents: Roughly 33% of the game. Contains everything from the start of the game to the end of the first area, after Undine.

– 27 Battles

– 38 H-Scenes

– Text wise, it’s equivalent to right after the Library in part 1 in terms of length, about 50% through Part 1.

– Part 2 also has the script for Part 1. If you copy the arc.nsa file into part 2’s folder and combine them via the in-game menu, Part 1 and Part 2 will join together.

– Also has the Lencubus battle translated (Not reflected in current line count, so the current total is 2.5% lower than it actually is). Lencubus is the fight from the trial.

Line Type: Done / Remaining

City:     2386/5229             – 45.6%
Story:  5900/19600           – 30%
Battle: 26289/83000         – 31.7%
Ency:   107/1450                  – 7.4%
Total     – 34682/109279  – 31.7%

Why 33% and not 50%? – 50% would have landed right in the middle of the second area’s story, and wouldn’t have been a good stopping point. The end of the first area makes a good place to stop, in my opinion.

EDIT:  ||

Remember everyone… If you put your mind to do something, you can do it!

  1. Lenfried permalink

    Thanks for your work.

  2. Dargoth permalink

    Thanks again for the translation effort. This is going much faster than I hoped!

    While you’re away on business later this month I hope to have an English translation for 犯され勇者~凛々しく世界を救うハズだったボク finished. I think people who like MGQ will like that game too (at least I do), although it’s much shorter and the story is paper thin.

    • Oh cool, when did you start on that?

      • Dargoth permalink

        A couple days ago after someone at Hongfire helped me with my encryption problem.. It’s only 14 H-scenes and barely any story so I’m around 15% already.

        • Ah, cool. Just read the thread; Didn’t realize the game was made in Kirikiri. That’s what thief and sword was in (The thing I did after MGQ, though I only did one route). If you want to see some creative programming, decompile the MGQ script. You know your engine wasn’t designed for a battle system when you have to include 202 separate images for a life gauge. Two images for every percent of health, and special ones for 0 / full. I just imagine Torotoro with some giant flowchart next to his computer that maps out how the battles go.

          But anyway, if you want me to make a post or link to your page/site (if you make one) at some point, just post on here or send me an e-mail. I’m sure the overwhelming majority of people that check this site would be interested in your work.

          • Anonymous permalink

            “I just imagine Torotoro with some giant flowchart next to his computer that maps out how the battles go.”

            That would probably lead to some serious headache. Check the last spoiler of the first post in

          • Anonymous permalink

            Oh god. Just looking at that is painful, let alone designing it and bugfixing.

    • Tomblie permalink

      Do you have a website, Dargoth?

    • ShiroiRyu permalink

      Oh … About this, it’s not the game i speak about like in previous article ?
      With dragon-girl and a lot of paizuri ? (With a hot blond big breasted elf girl)
      It’s a RPG no ?
      So you began to translate this ? Good luck and i hope you will finish this ! (Will try to speak on hongfire !)

      For Kadawa Shoujo, it’s a good game ? A Hentai one ? The last H-Game before MGQ i played was Tears to Tiara so … :s
      In same time, i will have to take the second game.
      One question : Despite that will be in two differents folders, i can play part 1 with the part 2 game. But if i erase the folder with part 1 game, that will bugging ?

    • Susebron permalink

      Aha, found it. For those of us completely unable to understand japanese(I’m making the attempt to learn, but that’s going to take a LONG time…), I found the post you’re talking about finally..

      The topic is “Violated Hero-I wanted to Chivalrously save the World” on the Hongfire forums. Thanks for posting the game Dargoth, I found a download of it and I’m going to wait patiently for the translation.


      Also, many thanks to RogueTranslator for doing all this work on Part 1 and Part 2 of MGQ, you’re a god among men for this.

      One question though, will you be combining the part 1 and part 2 patches for us to use? I’m asking this because when I took arc.nsa and placed it in part 2 and used the tool to combine(Fourth option->Last option from the title screen for those of you wondering), part 1 when run via part 2 was all japanese when I started the game. Seeing as how I don’t know any japanese and your explanation was rather brief, I’m wondering if there’s something else we can do to copy over the part 1 translation or if you’ll be including it when you’re finished with part 2.

      • Yes, I merged the part 1 english script into part 2. There will be a readme included with the patch that gives instructions on how to both combine part 1 and part 2, as well as how to carry over your save from part 1 into part 2.

      • Kyon permalink

        Violated Hero – I wanted to Chivalrously save the world is also known as [Dieselmine] Okasare Yuusha ~ Ririshiku Sekai wo Sukuu Hazu datta Boku

        It is a lot easier to find info using the romanji version of the name, that is also how I found where to download it

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Damn mate, you seriously get my upper respect. Not only do you translate really good, you don’t even ask anything for it.
    Respect man.

  4. jon permalink

    nice work man i looking forward iam very happy you did a great job thx man

  5. Lunar permalink

    Patch Date: 1/6/2011 between 6 and 7pm EST

    2011, eh? i wish i woulda known XD

    im sure i’ll be dating things 2011 for a while still too :D

  6. Anonymous permalink

    F A S T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thx u very much rogue

  7. Tomblie permalink


    Just made my week

  8. Encrypted12345 permalink

    Thank you. This will help make the wait for Katawa Shoujo a lot more barable.

    • Anonymous permalink

      This will be out AFTER Katawa Shoujo.

      • AnonJohn permalink

        Right. Katawa Shoujo is being released tomorrow. (on the 4th)

        • Sirk permalink

          Knowing 4LS they probably will be like NOPE and end up missing the deadline.

          • AnonJohn permalink

            Doubt it.

          • AnonJohn permalink

            Oh wow! Katawa Shoujo is actually out now!

  9. herbmode permalink

    I would smoke you out so fat irl if we ever met rogue. jus sayin.

  10. NetSage permalink

    At this rate you’ll finish the translation right about when I finish the first game :D.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Does this mean you’re going to release a 66% patch in the future instead of a 75% patch?

  12. I saw this post and cheered with joy, then I saw the date, and cheered with joy.

    I’m not sure if you have people bugtesting, but if you need any more, I’d be happy to help.

    • I’m only changing the text, none of the code. Any bugs in the original game will be present here… I just edit things myself then ctrl through the scenes a bunch of times making sure there aren’t any crashes. A few people e-mail me with grammar/spelling issues too, that I fix for the next patch (Though I messed up and forgot to include some in the last patch for MGQ Part 1). Thanks for the offer though! Love your game, by the way.

      • Fair enough. I’ll try and record any typos I find to send to you once it hits. Keep up the excellent work – I’ve held off on playing this till I can do it in engrish.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    I copied the arc.nsa over and no matter which option I choose it doesn’t change anything. Can you give a detailed description of how to do that?

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Only two more days… I love you!

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Crom bless you Rogue, thank you for all your work.

  16. Zabusa permalink

    Nice update, your working really fast i cant believe it.

    Thanks for the translation Rogue.

    • Zabusy permalink

      NOW THATS WHAT I CALL NAMESTEALER. And dont reply that I stole the name if u dont believe check my youtube join date , its same name as I have here.

  17. Thanks for the update and your hard work :P keep up ur good work and thanks for making the translation possible :)

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Oh wow awesome. Thanks heaps! Also great work Dargoth I was hoping someone would translate that game.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    And I used to believe there were no gods…

    Thx RT for the translation and restoring my faith!!!

  20. Anonymous permalink

    So quick question are we gonna have to buy the game than transfer a file that edits all the text to english or whats the deal?

  21. thank you for your great effort rogue-san

    you really awesome n freaking fast!

    Like this ;)

  22. Anonymous permalink

    “Remember everyone… If you put your mind to do something, you can do it!”

    You mean I could go to the Moon? Oh wait, no more NASA funding.
    You mean I can bend space and time? Ah damn, I’m not a god (yet).
    You mean it’s possible to be imprisoned indefinitely without due process?

    Go, go, go America… Go “team”, go. *sigh*

  23. Brad Mason permalink

    Erm, this may be a stupid question :P but by 1/6/2012 do you mean the 6th January or the 1st of June? lol I’m terrible with dates

  24. yabusa permalink

    This made my Day… >:D

  25. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Hum … To be sure : I have the game now.
    I copied the arc.nsa, arc1.nsa and arc2.nsa.
    I did a goob thing or not ? And with that, i will have the object from the first part ?

  26. Anon permalink

    Thanks, Rogue.

  27. Tepanyakigo permalink

    Sorry, where is the links for the patch? Please tell me, I’m very sorry for bothering though
    By the way, thank you very much for your hard work sir!

  28. Ilias permalink

    But, but… I have to learn for the exams ;_;

  29. james123 permalink

    yeah , bad timing rogue :(
    many of peoples here are in middle of their exams :( ;(

    • That’s odd… I thought most people had exams before the winter break, which usually fell around Christmas/New Years?

      Either way I don’t care, since I graduated from college two years ago. Your suffering tastes delicious.

      • Monti permalink

        I know in New York in other schools, Exams are giving in December/January. But in High School. Not in College. PLus hey, you get to rid yourself of some stress before and after the exam, so lighten up, better now than later.

      • Lunar permalink

        ^ yeah rogue you’re right for college ive been out since December 10th and dont start until monday

  30. Sajuuk permalink

    well maybe u can play during your exams, to take the strain from your brains…

    and nice to hear the patch is out soon cant wait to play the first part..
    thanks RT

    • Ilias permalink

      As Rogue said, I just should put my mind to it and it will work! Looking forward to hearing “hora hora” again.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Can’t resist monster girl temptation…

    Must resist…


  32. gorgle permalink

    Goddang you work fast, Keep up the good work m8.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    is the patch downloadable or is this just for info

  34. I like slime girls permalink

    >Implying KS is good.

    But I can’t wait for MGQ2

  35. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you a lot, love your work! I’m also impressed you work that fast, cheers!

  36. Awesome! Already at a third!

  37. AnonS permalink

    I have a question on combining the games.

    If we have a Part 2 save file, what happens to that? I unlocked a lot of the monsterpedia playing through it with the machine translation. I have almost everything unlocked from the first game. As far as I can tell it uses gloval.sav for each one but I don’t see a different file to use.

    After we combine it do we just erase the first game?

    I mean I don’t mind replaying the entire game or anything, but it seems a waste of work.

    • You mean if you played through the japanese part 2?

      The gloval.sav (So named I’m guessing for: Global Variables) stores your records, “achievements” and encyclopedia unlocks. This file works perfectly regardless if it came from the English version or the Japanese version. So all your encyclopedia stuff will be saved if you apply the english patch over the japanese one. HOWEVER, the other save files (The ones you use to load into the story via the “load” button) will almost 99.999% of the time not work. They will load instead at a seemingly random place in the script.

      In Summary: Records, achievements, encyclopedia status will be retained. Loading into the story itself will not work.

      • AnonS permalink

        I mean the Part 1 entries. When I combine the games, does it carry over the stuff from Part 1 into my Part 2 game? And then if it does, does it overwrite my existing part 2 save. I don’t mean applying the patch, I assume the patch would not do anything, but more about the saves playing nice with each other.

        Meaning do my encyclopedias combine for a new bigger encyclopedia.

        I have not yet combined the game. I just copied over the arc file as you mentioned, and I’m waiting for the patch translation after which I’ll combine it in game, as I assume you translated the menus so I can wait 2 days to just pick that option. It probably does it automatically so my question is pointless, but I was curious and didn’t want to screw it up just in case.

        • Yes, part 2 can inherit Part 1’s save file (Through an in-game menu). It inherits the gloval.sav file… So yes, it will overwrite any other gloval.sav file you had in part 2.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    While i greatly appreciate the patch rogue I think your getting off on torturing us For 2 days and seeing all the people cry! you could have just waited till the 6th and posted but no you had to have your sadist torture fun! damn you P:) At least now we know why you translate this! its fun to torture your fans

  39. Anonymous permalink

    With Katawa Shoujo out and now this? The gods have blessed me early this year. Thank you for all your hard work Rogue!

  40. Anonymous permalink

    lol @ the edit.

  41. great job – there are a whole lot of us waiting with great anticipation!

    your work is very much appreciated.

  42. ScarletRose/Serpentcross permalink

    Do you plan another patch between the 33% and 100%? If yes to what point?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m not saying I can read Rogues mind but he seems to be doing this by arcs so I’d say the next update will be after salamander but before the final island

  43. silverwolf permalink

    where i can download mgq?

  44. anonymous permalink

    Wow, you are amazing. you have been able to pull off 33% in less then 2 months or so. you started this project around december 17, and now, (it saying 1/6/12 but my clock says 1/4/12) you are able to pull off a 33%. i have seen teams of people struggling to pull off 25% in 4 months. i may be misconsidering the sizes of the two games im thinking of, but it is amazing at you speed and quality of your work. and you dont even ask for anything in return. keep up the great works. :)

  45. Anonymous permalink

    It hasn’t even been a month since the start of this project, even.

    Mighty imprecious, Rogueman.

  46. malik regis permalink

    thanks for the awesome birthday present keep up the good work i appreciate it very much

  47. The Noble Shade permalink

    Hey, I just purchased the game, and decided to test it out a bit before your patch.
    It still has that problem where the audio skips like a record player. What is up with that?

    • Never had that issue before…

      • The Noble Shade permalink

        It was commented on by another user after you gave us the 1.1 patch for MGQ1. This issue didn’t pop up until after that update.
        I remember you saying that you tried to replicate the issue by ctrl-ing through the text, but that’s not when the issue pops up. What happens is that when I’m trying to read the text, the audio will skip and repeat itself in 2 second loops until a mouse click; it happens with the music, SFX, and even the voice clips.

  48. Hakurei Kai permalink

    Woah ,it just been a few weeks and already about 30%,you are really fast ^^ thank you for your hard work

  49. Wait, Rouge, it’s a total of 100k+ lines? Damn. I’m assuming a lot of that is trivial dialogue, am I right?

    • (Trivial Dialogue meaning dialogue from town scenes and combat yells)

      • I like slime girls permalink

        100k lines doesn’t really mean a whole lot. It depends on what you consider a line, and what type of lines.
        Specially if “Hora Hora” can count as a line.
        The most accurate approximation for lenght of the script would probably be, the amount of time needed to clear the game.
        MGQ1 was kinda short. This seems to be longer, but probably around… 20hs? by the usual standards. And most of those are battle scenes.

        Not to say I don’t love rogue. Even if all the lines were easy, he’s still translating a lot.

        • As I put in the first post that had the progress in it, the line count isn’t actually a line count for translatable lines, but a count of ALL lines between point A and point B. The real number is actually like 35~40% of that number. So the line numbers aren’t accurate, but the percentage of completion is.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Wow that was incredibly fast, I thought it would be longer than this for the first one to come out. Thanks for spending your time translating.

  51. Anonymous permalink

    GODDAMNIT Rogue, stop being so awesome.

  52. Woah Rogue you’re fast as a bullet, at this pace you’ll have the translation complete in no time, you’re the best, keep it up

  53. Anonymous permalink

    rogue, the option to have my babies still applies.

  54. :( wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere is the patch :(

  55. redpanther permalink

    Katawa Shoujo and 1/3 patch of Monmusu2? Man I love this new year already!

  56. Anonymous permalink

    Dayum, you’re fast as a motherfucker. Not that I’m complaining though, can’t wait for some more monster girls.

  57. Michael permalink

    Oh noes !!

    We got the Ilias ( ilias) on here !!

    Somebody help free us from the evil Ilias !!!!

    • Ilias permalink

      I am tsundere for Alice. Also I had Rogue change the ending so that Luka dies and I get the tail.

  58. DanDan permalink

    Where’s the downloads, can’t find them on the sites in the edit

  59. Anonymous permalink

    My body is ready

  60. Cole permalink

    omg i cant wait for 7pm <3

  61. rei permalink

    Um will you be including a actual version of the game or will it just be a patch that we need to apply to add into the game ?

  62. silverwolf permalink

    can someone may put here the link to download the game? please

  63. Anonymous permalink

    Im with Rei do we need the Jap version of the game then patch it through that? r will u be giving a link to a english version of it

  64. Zabusy permalink

    Wow 2 person with very similar name as mine ruined my day because that proofs that many person dont have creativity. But enough with bullshit , keep it up rogue i look for next updates . Btw if your already 33% that means by the end of February game must be translated compleatly … Ha, I just hope for that. Have a good business trip sir.

    • Dan permalink

      Talk about creativity, having your name from a naruto character…

  65. hertzez permalink

    It’s already 6 in my timeline hahahahaha….

  66. Lunar permalink

    for the people that dont have the game already tis a very fast download from well known sites…. just sayin, i downloaded it in like 10 mins or less, now i just need that patch…

  67. Anonymous permalink

    10 to 11 hours left..I think OuO….

  68. Anonymous permalink

    For those who do not OWN the game yet BUY it support totoro! you damned pirates so we get a even better mq3! when it comes out!

    • Samir permalink

      I purchased them both. Btw where are the sales figures?

  69. kanisere permalink


  70. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    I am tranquil as a forest, but within I am on fire!

    • Brad Mason permalink

      That wouldn’t happen to be lyrics from Disney’s Mulan “I’ll make a man out of you” is it? xD haha

      • Douglas Reinholm permalink

        The songs in Mulan are the “Girl” in “Monstergirl”!

  71. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue we love you! Now don’t make us wait, awww

  72. Anonymous permalink

    rogue translator get off your fucking fat ass and translate this game you fat fuck i could of did this in like 30 mins all it is text

    • Anonymous permalink

      then go do it yourself?

    • Brad Mason permalink

      If you could do it yourself in 30 minutes why have you decided to wait for someone else to do it? Surely you could already be playing a translated version. If anyone’s a fat fuck my friend, it’s you.

    • 30 MIN MY ASS permalink


      • Anonymous permalink

        Idiot, that’s the only thing I can say.
        Please leave, thank you

        • Anonymous permalink

          Stop feeding the troll. Are you guys new to the internet?

  73. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Oh … One question : They speak about a 2.02 version.
    What is the change ?

  74. Dear Guest permalink

    Alright!! Just about three more hours… I hope.
    Time to clean up the apartment and change the sheets :P

  75. Anonymous permalink

    I’m crying tears of joy right now….I bow to you and worship you good sir. Please keep up the kick ass work.

  76. Anonymous permalink

    just came back from my vacation, and mgq waiting for me :) love you rogue

  77. Anonymous permalink

    Nearly time. You’ve translated a good chunk, especially in such a short time. Very excited

  78. Anonymous permalink

    Well, just wanted to say thank you Rague.
    It’s always notable when someone does something for free just so others can enjoy it.

    Greetings from Germany.

  79. Anonymous permalink

    Well, just wanted to say thank you Rogue.
    It’s always notable when someone does something for free just so others can enjoy it.

    Greetings from Italy.

  80. Anonymous permalink

    Well, just wanted to say thank you Rogue.
    It’s always notable when someone does something for free just so others can enjoy it.

    Greetings from Cyprus.

  81. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks from italy.

  82. Inner Universe permalink

    This made my weekend. Nothing better than enjoying a couple of cool beers and vicariously being raped by entire ecosystems of monster girls.

    • Mkmd13 permalink

      Substitute beer for Jager and Im with you on that one!

  83. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks from Russia!

  84. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks from Brazil!

  85. I like slime girls permalink

    Thanks from Thankland!
    Thanks from Gensokyou!
    Thanks fr– what? what do you mean you don’t give a shit where I’m from?

    – I’m so bored and I wan’t the patch ;_; –

  86. Anonymous permalink

    Well, waiting is killing me.

    Also, thanks from Poland.

  87. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks from Canada!

  88. cthulhudpc permalink

    Rouge, I do believe you are my favorite person of all time ever. Thanks from Ohio

  89. rei permalink

    Could someone possibly link a Download of this game?

  90. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks from Finland!

  91. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks from Poland!

  92. Anonymous permalink

    The wait is killing me!
    My body is ready!

  93. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks from the U.S.A.

  94. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for this :D

  95. johanridder permalink

    sry rogue, i have a problem, when i finish battle undine, when goin to the gold country (somethin like that) the text starts to change to japanese and it crashes when alice is talking and a window pops up sayin: (0.99 txt line: 25759) translates the the lines and when i click on “ok” its stops! (sry for bad english) help me with that please :( (in a battle with the succubus in colisseum too)

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