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MGQ2 33% Partial Patch

January 6, 2012

If there are any crashing issues, I’ll update this post with a fixed patch… So check back here if you crash somewhere.

Crash Fixes:

Fix #1: Fixed logo and crash after leech girl.

Fix #2: Fixed crash during one of Alma Elma’s moves.

Game Information

VNDB Page:

How to acquire the game . It’s made by a small group that commissions artwork. That means additional sales should lead to more commissions, for a higher quality game! If you aren’t going to buy it anyway, then you should easily be able to find a less legitimate version on your own.

Patch Location

How to Install

Unrar the contents of the .rar to your game directory (It’s the directory that contains mon_que.exe). Overwrite all files it asks to overwrite. Depending on where you downloaded the game itself from, it may have already been pre-patched.

Issues with the Patch

  1. Saving – Due to the way nScripter handles saving, you can only save at specific points in the game. Only save when you see “Save Location”, and don’t change the comment text. I know you can save it anywhere by crashing the game, but that can corrupt your save file.
  2. Text Display – During some HP draining moves, the text may not display right.

Common Issues/Questions

I crash very quickly at the start of the game!

You need to run the game in Japanese locale. Either set your computer to it, or use a program called Applocale. (Search google for instructions).

The text is all compacted together, and nearly unreadable!

You need East Asian Language packs for the font used in the game. Search Google for East Asian Language Pack for how to install it.

How do I combine Part 1 and Part 2?

To combine Part 1 with Part 2, copy the “arc.nsa” file from your MGQ Part 1 folder. Paste this arc.nsa file into Part 2’s folder, choosing “Yes” to overwrite the current file. ONLY arc.nsa, not any other nsa files. Then launch the game, go to the extra menu, and choose “Part 1 Conversion”.

How do I import my save from Part 1?

Go to your part 1 directory, to the \save folder. Inside this folder, you need to copy “gloval.sav”. Paste this “gloval.sav” file into Part 2’s \save folder. After that, go to the “Extra” menu and choose “Part 1 SaveImport”. It will import the save file and start you on part 2. Do not do this unless you chose to create cleared save data at the end of part 1.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to all those who’ve helped by pointing out mistakes and by editing images or hacking the executable (SomeLoliCatgirl, Xilium, Zinny, The guy who sends me comprehensive mistakes via e-mail)!

Contact Me

Either post here or send me an e-mail at .

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    mother of god

    • Anonymous permalink

      my thoughts exactly

    • Michael permalink

      Will the Mother of God be happy that who knows how many thousands will waste their children for this ? Instead of giving it to her… xD If 400 commented… 4000 downloaded it lol

  2. Kvball permalink

    … You released this 1 minute over.. Thank you i guess. Now there is no need to lurk 4chan for 1 hour

  3. Anonymous permalink

    <3 thankee

  4. Shankara permalink

    Thanks a lot !

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Sweet Jesus…

  7. Kanosint permalink

    Aaah <3 This'll be fun <3

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Great job rogue!!!

  9. Anonymous permalink

    thank you

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  12. ShiroiRyu permalink

    This night will be my night.
    Thanks a lot.

  13. Manpance permalink

    I’m surprised at the price of MGQ2, though. I was saving up to buy it for when the 100% patch hit but daaamn. Gonna take me a while to save up that much. Anyhow, you have done well. Keep it up.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can find downloads online, but buy it anyways to support ToroToro. Or buy their other works if you want to dl the game while supporting Torotoro and looking at the other series.

    • Anonymous permalink

      What $34 is high? its half the cost of a PS3 game, and unlike some unknown publishers this will be a good one

  14. Jos permalink

    Cheers dude for not letting us down. You keep your word, punctual and are able to cope with all the people annoying you. A toast on you.

  15. Inner Universe permalink




  16. Zed permalink

    Well, it’s about damn time, you posted this patch almost a year later than the ETA in the last post :P. But seriously, you’re awesome and this made my day. College registration can wait, porn comes first.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    AND IT BEGINSsss!!!

    THANK YOU!!!

  18. Manpance permalink

    Hm. I can’t quite locate the “less legitimate version” as it were. Does the trial go as far as the translation?

    • Manpance permalink

      Woop nevermind I’ve located one. Hopefully I won’t have to be pirating scum by the time the full patch is out.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    what is the point of porting saves from part 1? do you get additional conversations/scenes or alternate story paths?

    • You retain all your records and the completed encyclopedia to view past scenes. You also retain any “optional” items you got in part 1.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Does doing this remove your encyclopedia entries from part 2?

  20. Praise Ilias! Praise Alice! A translation!

    Thank you!

  21. Anonymous permalink


  22. I like slime girls permalink

    Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck


    • I like slime girls permalink

      NO! God dammit why did I not backup the savefile for the first one when I formatted my PC!
      Now I have to search and download some file ;_;

      • Cole permalink

        or just play the first one

        • Not everyone likes replaying things they’ve already beaten. I would also be interested in that file if you find it.
          Even though I’m already almost to the end of the translated part T.T

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you!

  24. jon permalink

    thx man you the best nice work

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks alot, this is gonna be one nice weekend.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Regarding that monster laboratory add-on on MGQ1 …will it work on MGQ2?
    Or do I need to keep my old mgq1 folder there for that?

  27. darkova permalink

    just to be sure monster data from the encyclopedia is stored in gloval.sav not arc.nsa right?

  28. BookMaker permalink

    Yo, Rogue. The title screen still says “Part 1” instead of “Part 2”.

  29. Anonymous permalink


  30. Anonymous permalink

    Truly a gentleman and a scholar.

  31. ShiroiRyu permalink

    One question : Why the title is Monster Girl Quest : Part 1 ? :p

    • Oops, forgot to change the logo. Uhg.

      • ShiroiRyu permalink

        I don’t think it’s that important for the moment.
        Just say it and change it for the 66% patch. :)

        • azziz permalink

          everyone seem to be doing just fine so why i alone when i copy your link( to be able to download all i get is “invalid or deleted file”?
          can you please explaint it in a way even an idiot like me could understand(i’m frenchy and don’t know english very wel+i suck at computer,internet and there’s plenty of eroge i doawnladed but was never able to play-like tasogare no sinsemilla or mashiroiro symphonie-no matter how many time i tried but i really like this game and already played the first part so i hope you will be able/willing to help me.

  32. meloxicam permalink

    There’s a spelling mistake after you defeat the twin frogs alice says “forgo” instead of forgot.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    For some reason when i import the save from the first game i lost the progress i had, the save file is still there however i cant get it to work, what do i do?

  34. rei permalink

    Rouge question ok i got the game but when i go to extract the files my anti virus removes the exe file any idea on why or how to fix

    • It’s because the word wrap fix directly modifies the executable in a “suspicious” way to some AV that’s set to high detection levels. If you can’t safelist it, then just use the original .exe . There won’t be any wordwrap, though.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Which AV are you using? I’m using Kaspersky here and no signs of a virus in the patch.

      You could always ignore/make an exception.

      • rei permalink

        norton -.-

      • rei permalink

        well i dunno how to ignor it just auto deletes it

        • Jake permalink

          Right click Norton in the tool section of taskbar (if it isn’t there, click the drop down arrow) and select “Disable Anti-Virus auto-protect”, it will allow you to do times such as 10 mins – 24hr.

  35. Dart-Lobrik permalink

    My body is ready

  36. Anonymous permalink

    I followed the read me to the word and I crash right before the game starts after the telling of the previous events…

    • ShiroiRyu permalink

      Have the same problem but it’s was because i cut and paste the bad files.
      Try to reinstall the game.
      And if not that, just look if it’s a problem of japanese font.

  37. Brad Mason permalink

    You tank rogue, you absolute tank! You have made my year haha well until the full patch is out, then you’ll have made my life :P haha wishing you the best for 2012 :)

  38. Anonymous permalink

    I apply the patch (ie. Copy+Paste errything over) but when I hit New Game it crashes on Choose Difficulty.
    I’m running it using AppLocale
    What am I doing wrong?

  39. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for the patch rouge. However the game crashes after the leechgirl during the conversation with alice about the former monsterlord.

    • Crud, I was afraid of that… You might have to use the old executable to get past that point. It may be an issue in random parts in Part 1…

  40. cthulhudpc permalink

    Thanks Rogue!!

    Only one thing I have a problem with is it won’t let me import save from part 1. I copied the gloval to the save file in part 2 but it won’t give me the option to import it.

  41. Anonymous permalink

    I was playing through the combined game using this patch, but during an early scene (the campfire scene just after the leech girl) the game crashes. I’m going to reinstall the game, see if that fixes it.

    I have little doubt that after I get past this part, my gratitude will be as unending as everyone who posted above.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    Currently getting this error during the Alma Elma encounter.

    Any ideas?

    • Anonymous permalink

      yeah it happens when she uses her succubus arts attack

  43. Anonymous permalink

    $34? Hell no! The game is like 3 hours long, at best. If you’re going to charge that much, the game should be about 10-12 hours long if it has no staying power like replay-ability or multiplayer.

    • anon permalink

      3 hours long, at best? Maybe if you didn’t bother to read any of the text, yeah.

      No staying power? boy u stupid

    • Anonymous permalink

      Multiplayer……. Just… wow …

      • Looks like someone wandered in from /v/ this is babies-mode trolling technique.

  44. Stealth permalink

    I’m getting an error in the fight with Alma Elma in the Colosseum when surrendering and being completely drained of HP.

    Here’s a picture:

    • Anonymous permalink

      I am getting this as well, only for the one ending though, if I lose with the wind it works fine.

    • Ookamisuke permalink

      Figured for research purposes….I’m getting it too. Thanks for the fix. *Downloads patch later, continues on*

  45. Anonymous permalink

    ^ I get the same error at Alma Elma
    Any way to fix it myself?

  46. The Dark Master permalink

    $34 for one part? Hell no! Each one is like 3 hours at best, if they’re going to charge that much, it should be for all three…

  47. rei permalink

    for some reason i cant install app local and when ii try and run it i get this error

    • rei permalink

      can anyone help me please D:

      • You get that error because you aren’t in japanese language settings or aren’t using applocale. If you can’t do either of those two things, then you’re stuck…

        • rei permalink

          well i try to install app local but it gives me a error saying one of the items could not be instaled

        • rei permalink

          how would i set my computer to japanese

          • Anonymous permalink

            rei, use google.


  48. Anonymous permalink

    Circa 3 minutes?

    • Anonymous permalink

      He can’t, or ToroToro can shut him down for making a profit off their game.

      • Dan permalink

        They could anyways. They could blame him for not being able to make profit out of an english localization because he’s giving out one for free.

      • Which would be pretty ignorant of them, since I wouldn’t have even bought the second game if rogue had never translated the first.

  49. Tomblie permalink


  50. Anonymous permalink

    For some reason I cant use the Sylph during the Alraune encounter. It just goes back to the previous skill page. I can use Gnome and other skills aswell, but not Sylph. It appears that this problem is only in this encounter.

    • Not getting that issue myself…

      • Aaron permalink

        I am as well mate I am having a hard time getting sylph to pop out now and it was working fine when I was play part 1 yesterday w/o the update on part 2 English patch might want to look into that I don’t understand the layout whatsoever.

        please reply to this if u know how to fix this please thanks.

        Also when I downloaded the patch when I was playing part one I couldn’t use sylph what so ever it made my game play like hell please someone seriously fix this thanks I would hate to restart all through the game play again >.<

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m getting the same issue with sylph too

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m also having this issue. Do you need Sylph to block that trance attack, or can you beat Alraune without it?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Nevermind, I’m an idiot. I just had to put the difficulty to normal and then it’s trivial.

    • Kvball permalink

      Having the same problem. Tried to patch it with the latest (2.2 i think) from the developers site but that didn’t change a thing. Think its either a bad copy or a bug thats not fixed. Will try to redownload my copy and see if that will help

    • Anonymous permalink

      i’ve the same issue

  51. Anonymous permalink

    Every single time I start the game up, I get this error.

    Any ideas?

    • You must have deleted or modified an arc.nsa file somewhere that you shouldn’t have. There should be four in your directory:

      arc.nsa – EITHER 168,128kb OR 692,203kb
      arc1.nsa – 861,980kb
      arc2.nsa – 9,034kb
      arc3.nsa – 276kb

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ah yes. My arc, arc 2 and arc 3 files are fine…but my arc 1 is only 12,017 kb, how do I go about fixing this?

        • You need to redownload/install the game. Arc1 contains all the images from part 2. You must have copied Part 1’s arc1.nsa over Part 2’s.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Alright, I’ll try that. Thanks.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Is the part 2 patch supposed to have the arc file in it? I’ve re-done everything multiple times now, and I’m still getting the same error. I still have the incorrect arc 1.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Not the same person but, part 2 doesn’t seem to have an arc1.nsa file for me..

  52. Xilium permalink

    You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you.

  53. ImboredxD permalink

    The game will crash when you fight Alma Elma in the Colosseum. More specifically, it crashes when she uses her Succubus Art.

  54. Masterbait permalink

    this may sound silly but


    and good on you mate, I actually finished part 2 as I understand moonrunes a teeny tiny bit, but i want to use your knowledge of moonrunes to see what I missed

    • I put a password on the versions that have issues with them. The one on the post now is the one you want.

      • Masterbait permalink

        oh I see thanks, cheers

        is it too much to ask for an estimate time for the full translation?

  55. Anonymous permalink

    For some reason after applying the patch the battle music wont play anymore, the sound effects are still there as is the regular bgm, any idea?

  56. thisismegivingahora permalink

    I know its early but

    when is the third game coming out then?

  57. anonymous permalink

    saw a poster a bit above who had the same problem as i’m having, wondering how they fixed it:

    copied the gloval.sav file from part 1 and pasted into the save folder for part 2.

    loaded up the game, went to extras, but the “part 1 save import” button isn’t working. it doesn’t highlight when i go over it and nothing happens when i click on it.

    what do?

  58. thank you for all the hard work – you’ve made my night xD

  59. Aaron permalink

    Anyone having problems of activating sylph in both parts when u place MGQ2 with MGQ1 cuz am having a problem with both at the beginning of the game it says I have sylph and Gnome when I know clearly I didn’t get them.

    Also later when I actually get sylph I cant seem to use her power besides using it on that giant ass bitch of a plant Hybrid then after that I can use Sylph anymore and just Gnome which is annoying in its own right now.

    But let me tell u I was not experiencing any of this till I actually placed the patch of MGQ2 in the MGQ1 and MGQ2 and now I dont know what is what anymore so can we please have help on this?


    btw I do appreciate the patch I really do so please don’t misunderstand what am saying.

    Also please reply if u have any idea on how to fix this problem

    • Aaron permalink

      ok what I meant to say after Hybrid is I cant use Sylph anymore sorry for the misunderstanding

      • Kvball permalink

        Had the same problem. This is just a wild guess but i think you need to transfer the global save too if you want to play with an old save.
        Anyway, it will work just fine if you start over. With the skip button it doesn’t take too long.

    • Are you saying you copied over the gloval.sav file into Part 2 when you haven’t finished Part 1? If you didn’t finish part 1 and create the carry-over data, then it probably won’t work.

      • Solerum permalink

        I’m also having that issue -__- I have finished part 1, or do you get another save point after the credits or something?

      • Solerum permalink

        Okay, I found what was necking me, I needed to go to extra and then “Import save 1” The first time I looked into extra’s this option wasen’t available to me, probaly because I saved after Gnome and not at the Godess. Then I just copied my save after Gnome to monsuquest 2 and started playing from there, which works, just without Sylph -.-

        Now i properly imported from “Import save 1” and Sylph works. Thanks for the patch :D

  60. ShiroiRyu permalink

    The part with our succubus heavenly knight is good.
    Wanted to say it, i fought versus her and no problem actually.

  61. Will permalink

    Ugh…I know I said that I didn’t really want to play it until the full game comes out, but I’m too excited! Well, fellow visual novel lovers…I’m off to get raped by monster chicks…pray that I get captured and never allowed to leave…their vaginas…

  62. wildhawk permalink

    the game crashes the thrid or foruth time the lencubus take your power

  63. Anonymous permalink

    My Monster Encyclopeida is not saving my Part II monsters in it, and I have to keep importing my Enclopedia from part I each time I start the game as it’s not saving…Help?

  64. BookMaker permalink

    A crash found when you’re fighting against Kunoichi Elf(after you defeated the samurai one).

  65. Anonymous permalink

    I *really* want to fuck the Queen.

    • random permalink

      Wrong game. In this game, Queen will fuck *you*.

      If she feels like it that is.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I was deeply disappointed when Noah Queen gave Luka only a shitty gem… Sara and Mermaid knew how to thank Luka better than the queen!!!

  66. Anonymous permalink

    Eh, you patch seems to kill the ability to skip strait to chapter two when starting a new game if part one and two are fused.(note, they were fused before loading the patch) Luckily my “I just beat Gnome” save is backed up, loading that is fine.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Ah, exept my inventory’s been emptied out. Is it normal for everything to disapear between parts. I’m pretty sure I kept all my stuff when I played it in Japanese…

      • Anonymous permalink

        Also, even though I have the iron sword, it still seals things like the angel halo. Kinda funny.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Ok, I figured it out. That glitch happens if you try to load a part one save through the normal load window after patching. I just re-installed a fresh copy, and merged/imported pt 1 save all over again. (The option for importing a part one save seems to be greyed out after already doing it once.)

    • That’s actually by design. If you link the games, New Game starts you at the beginning of part 1. To start from Part 2’s point, you need to choose “importsave”.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh, then that must be that way in a newer patch. When I first played, it asked me if I wanted to play from the beginning of part one or part two. Unless I somehow completely made up that memory…

        I wouldn’t put it past myself.

  67. imercenary permalink


    I’ll still wait for the 100% patch though, I can’t stand reading portions of a story :/

  68. herbmode permalink

    Rogue. I love you man

  69. Anonymous permalink

    Game keeps crashing for me right after gnome entering the first new area.

  70. Anonymous permalink

    Game crashes when you lose to the Nekomata by titjob, dunno about other methods. (she appears after the snow-faint after the colosseum). It isn’t too far in the game so shouldn’t be too hard to find but I can get a screenshot if you need I suppose. My guess is the text just doesnt fit but I don’t know a thing about coding stuff so :D… AND THANK YOU FOR THIS BTW. Have had your page bookmarked for a while now lmao

    • I fixed it, thanks… It’s not too critical, so I’ll wait to update the main page again unless someone finds something else game stopping.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Just a note. I got a crash after getting finshed with her paw job.

  71. anonymous permalink

    game crashes for me if you lose to alma elma in the arena aswell.

  72. Cthulhu permalink

    BRILLIANT I say! when i finished 1 and realized part 2 hadn’t even been released yet, i thought it would be years before someone translated it, but i come back a month after i find out of part 2’s release and the patch is 33% done. Most Excellent.

  73. John permalink

    For some reason I cannot access the pedia entries from part 1 even though I’ve imported my save and merged both parts. The entries appear in japanese and are greyed out.

  74. Anonymous permalink

    Can anyone tell me what I’m missing exactly? I’m sure I’m missing a bg file, but there’s not really a “bg” file at all, at least for me. Here’s what I got:

    • You overwrote arc1.nsa somehow. It needs to be the 861mb file.

      • Anonymous permalink

        But I have the same problem, and I’ve done several fresh and clean installs of the base game now.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I just replaced my current arc1.nsa with the MGQ1 arc1.nsa, but for some reason, I end up with the same problem.

        • That’s your problem: You can ONLY copy over arc.nsa. Not any other files. You have to redownload the game to get that arc1.nsa back.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I checked by redownloading the MQ2, but the arc1.nsa seems to be missing for me, so that’s why when I combined MQ1 and MQ2, I used the arc1.nsa from MQ1 because I couldn’t find the arc1.nsa on the MQ2 download.

  75. Anonymous permalink

    I keep getting this near the beginning of part 2

    • You need japanese language settings enabled, or run the game with applocale.

      • Anonymous permalink

        okay, I have it now set it to Japanese Locale, but it still gets stuck there. ):

        • Anonymous permalink

          I have now even tried to use the AppLocale deal and it too runs into the same error!

          Why me? I just want to playyyyy

          • Anonymous permalink

            This is a patch, not the full game. I suggest you find another site to download the entire MQ2 game. In the MQ2 game, you’ll find an “arc1.nav”. Place that in your MQ2 patch that you downloaded here. Hope that makes sense.

  76. DanDan permalink

    It keeps crashing after I go about 10-11 panels, even without the english patch on, anyone have a clue as to what’s happening?

  77. NotSoSerious permalink

    Heres a serious patch issue: Y R AWESOME!!!

  78. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for all your hard work, sir!

  79. Anonymous permalink

    For some reason sound effects are disabled after adding the patch…. Volume is up and everything…

  80. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much!

  81. Anonymous permalink

    Looked at the comments above, and that same “arc1.nav” is a problem for me. Right now, my MQ 2 is running on the old arc1 file. Is the 33% patch supposed to also have the arc1.nav file, because I can’t find it when I download / re-download it?

  82. Anonymous permalink

    Wow, thanks man!!! :DD

  83. Anonymous permalink

    Found a way to save anytime all you do is hit save dont change any of the text and when the cant do it error message comes up hit alt and f4 button did this twice it work pc windows dont have mac

    • Anonymous permalink

      basicly you press alt f4 were you click right?

    • Kvball permalink

      … OR you could just press esc when it tells you to name the save file.. *shigh* How stupid do you think people are?
      No, but seriously, this will work. You can load the file and haven’t had any corrupt data so far

  84. Anonymous permalink

    Nicely done, luckily when these patches are released I don’t get regional errors ^^

  85. Anonymous permalink

    basicly you hit alt f4 then it save where you click right

  86. Anonymous permalink

    Today was my birthday and this is the best gift that you could ever give me. Thank you so much.

  87. Anonymous permalink

    Unfortunate Lamia appears!

    “That`s the end of the first patch.”

    I won’t lie, I chuckled at that.

  88. Febo permalink

    Much love Rogue! I am going to try to resist getting MGQ2 until the 100 percent patch but it’s very good to know things are moving along!

  89. Anonymous permalink

    The translation patch work flawlessly. Thank you, Rogue. You are a God among men.

  90. Anonymous permalink

    just spent the whole day reading and fapping to it.

    can’t think of a better way to spend a day.

    rogue for president 2012!

  91. Anonymous permalink

    For anyone who can’t get Part I’s monsters to appear in the Monsterpedia of Part II, try shutting the game down and converting the arc.nsa file again. It didn’t fully work the first time for me.

    Also, thanks a ton for this patch!

  92. Anonymous permalink

    I think I merged Part 1 and Part 2 correctly, and I had no problem importing my clear save, but for some reason my Monsterpedia entries from Part 1 are still question marks…

    Any idea why this is? It’s seems like it should have all the previous entries I had in Part 1!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Did you read the Anon above you? He seemed to have the same problem.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I read it. The only problem lies that I can’t exactly convert Part 1 and 2 again. The option doesn’t appear twice.

  93. Monster-Girl Lover permalink

    Game crashes if the Kunoichi Elf defeats you with her Mouth Skill: Devour move, happens RIGHT after the ejaculation.

  94. anonymous permalink

    just an update game crash on losing to alme elma only happens if you lose by “succubus arts” move not any of the other moves.

  95. Anonymous permalink

    I came buckets, nuff said.

  96. Madea Inaba permalink

    I can’t load saves. When I go into the loading menu, none of the buttons work except for the close-window button.

    I installed the game, applied the patch as directed, and started to go through the game. When I saved and reopened the window, I couldn’t load at all. Reinstalling didn’t work either, and it still wouldn’t load.

  97. Thanks Rogue.

  98. Rogue is da man ;)

    thanks for the team also that helped him too

  99. Susebron permalink

    Typo at the Fox shrine in Yamatai village

    Says “ubringing” instead of upbringing.

    If I find any more I’ll leave more comments.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Another typo coronoation instead of coronation when Noah Queen tells about Queen`s Cup.

  100. Anonymous permalink

    Game seems to crash after the patch finishes trying to keep going.

  101. Lowlightt permalink

    Game seems to crash after the patch ends getting a line error anyone have a workaround?

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Never mind ran the game with applocal and it fixed the error.

  102. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you based translator.

  103. Cyln permalink

    I know, its a little mistake, not rly a mistake but in Lencubus Encyclopedia entry are some words written with a second capital letter.
    Two in total, the second “LEncubus” and the first “LEvel drain”.

    Thank you for your great great work, we really appreciate it, and backup u as good as we can.

    U my dear sir, are a hero.

  104. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    In commemoration of Rogues effort I shall plant a thousand cherry trees today! Cheers.

  105. Cyln permalink

    Can someone tell me why i can’t use Sylph?
    It always go back to the skill menu when i try to activate it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Dude try extracting eveythin again..somethin must’ve gone wrong

      • Cyln permalink

        No. i was just stupid.
        It worked in the fight with Alma Elma, and afterwards flawlessly.

        Rouge, cookies for you.

  106. Cthulhu permalink

    Excellent work but short lived unfortunately. At least it wont be as bad as waiting for Fate/Hollow full patch…

  107. Tisaric permalink

    Rogue and Torotoro have made what would’ve been an already good day amazing.

    Thanks for your time man, as weird as it sounds, you deserve some good karma for this.

  108. Anonymous permalink

    getting a crash after letting the lencubus take your power 3 times

    besides that it’s great so far, thanks!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yea I’ve been getting the same problem as well.

  109. Anonymous permalink

    The music is looping and sometimes becomes normal, but loops again. Someone having this problem?

  110. rath permalink

    Finaly, I finish your 33% partial patch. I will wait for your next patch.
    thank you.

  111. Sebastian permalink

    It crashed for me when Alma Elma tried to rape me

  112. rath permalink

    @sebastian: try download patch again. extract and copy it @ your game folder.

  113. Anonymous permalink

    Obviously not a big deal but I just noticed one spelling error so far during the Centaur rape scene in the beginning of Part 2, at some point during the rape it says “despire” and it talks about multiple orgasms or something and I think the word should be corrected to “despite”.

  114. Anonymous permalink

    I keep getting the same error when fighting the centaur girl and me trying to use Gnome.
    I already checked for my arn.nsa files all seem to be okey and so is my system folder with 388 files.
    Anyone knows how to fix this?

  115. Anonymous permalink

    Translation and the game is awesome so far. Keep on truckin’.

  116. Anonymous permalink

    I cant use sylph during alraune encounter

  117. Raymund permalink

    Hey guys, so I got the latest patch but got the following error:

    I’ve seen it mentioned twice before but I have already been running in Japanese locale(although the previous version didn’t require it)

    The thing that I did notice is that I have 4 arc files from which the arc1 file is presumably too small(according to rogue)

    arc (692.203 kb)
    arc1 (12.017 kb)
    arc2 (9.034 kb)
    arc3 (276 kb)

    So the arc1 file is apparently supposed to be much larger although I tried reinstalling part 1 and part 2 but at no point in time did the arc file change in size, if so not by that amount.

    So any help I could get would be great.

    • Anonymous permalink

      arc1 file is suppose to be 861,980 kb. if reinstalling part 2 does not get you that much then you might have to re-download the game.

      • Raymund permalink

        So I just downloaded the patch again however when opening it with winrar there appears to be no arc1 file at all.

        • Anonymous permalink

          re-download part 2 of the game not the patch, you need the arc1 that is in part 2 of the game.

          • Raymund permalink

            I am referring to part 2

          • Raymund permalink

            All right I found the problem, I had misunderstood the part where I needed the full part 2 game first and then patch it with this patch. I hope this will also help the other people who had the same problem.

          • Anonymous permalink

            So I download part 2, put it into part 1’s folder, download the patch, THEN put part 1 into the same folder, overwriting everything? Where do I get a copy of part 2?

          • Anonymous permalink

            you have part 1 and part 2 of the game, first you copy only arc.nsa from part 1 into part 2, this will make part 2 a game with both part 1 and part 2. second you move everything from patch into the part 2 folder with all the arc files, and overwrite/merge if necessary. both first and second can be done in any order.

          • Jackie permalink

            So if part 2 of the game is not the patch. Where do I go and download part 2 of the game.

          • Anonymous permalink

            this whole game has 3 parts, part 1 and 2 is out, part 1 is fully translated while part 2 is 33% translated. you wont get the download link here, only the translation patch, so you either find the download yourself or buy it from the makers.

          • Jackie permalink

            Oh alright thank you for the information.

  118. Bug: Alma Elma’s “Succubus Arts” technique causes a crash.

    • Cyln permalink

      No, maybe u have a broken one.
      It works flawlessly for me.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Download again the patch, it’s fixed now.

  119. This is great, thanks Rogue!

  120. Anonymous permalink

    possible bug (?) : in the monsterpedia, in the entry for the goblin girl, when you click data it only shows one of her attacks. It works ok if you recall the fight, and you can request any of her attacks though… This problem might have been there before, I don’t know, I’m just nooticing it now.

    • Dargoth permalink

      it’s always been that way, perhaps because she doesn’t use any of the other attacks unless you’re playing on hard.

  121. Kyon permalink

    I can’t beat undine no matter how hard I try. what do I have to do to win? I dont understand the evaluations

    • Kyon permalink

      nevermind, after tirelessly playing. I was able to survive long enough for her to say that i have to use both spirits and still have the amount of sp necessary to use slyph

  122. Bill permalink

    Should some of the item space in the menu be blank?

    • You missed some items I think, that or you used(Fairy Acorn and Nekotama Bell combines into the Jewl of Friendship, which is done by Tamomo and the Grilled Sea Anemone can be given to the Nekotama to get the bell), battle only has three items(I’ve only gone to the ned of the patch and I have’nt goten any new battle items) and as for the Valuables, I guess so.

  123. Anonymous permalink

    I came here to complain about the Leech Girl crash, just to see it’s already fixed. Awesome.

  124. Anonymous permalink

    I love you dude, the words can not explain how much, thank you :`D

    (no homo)

  125. Timerift0 permalink

    thank you for your hard work possible typo here

    Uploaded with

  126. rei permalink

    OK great news i got it working but for some reason rouge your game wouldnt run i had to go and find it and then download a torrent but still GREAT WORK :D

    • All Rouge does is offer an English patch. The exe that is downloaded is part of the patch.

  127. Anonymous permalink

    For some reason, it won’t save. When I exit out of the program, all saves are deleted. I can still access the loads from the title screen, but they are deleted after I close it out. I’ve re-installed the game thrice. Can anyone help?

  128. BloodNite permalink

    has anyone noticed that when you clear a area you can go back to it and talk to people/monsters about the aftermath..even got to see some monster girls you dont fight but are only see able after you cleared the area

  129. Mkmd13 permalink

    So I have a question rogue, how come you spell cum “come” instead of “cum”?

    • Personal preference. I think “cum” sounds more obscene and harsh than “come”, so Luka obviously would never say “cum”. I don’t want to alternate between usages, so I stick with “come”. Both usages are slang to begin with, of course.

  130. jwg9357 permalink

    hey rouge first let me say im a huge fan of your work but i seem to be having a problem with the kunoichi elf’s breast skill pressure attack crashing the game. and was just wondering if it was due to the patch or if it is just the EXE. file i have. ty for your hard work ^^

  131. ShiroiRyu permalink

    I’m sad … I have already finished this part. :'(
    And i want more and more !
    We have two more pages of monsters. *___*
    The Cerberus girl is scary i think.

  132. Anonymous permalink

    im at the volcano stage and im currently crashing whenever i try to use earth shattering blow even when i have gnome up

  133. jwg9357 permalink

    never mind it appears to be my exe file

  134. Zabusy permalink

    I am afraid i can’t buy the version so it’s torrent right now , is there any faster , megauload , rapidshare or any links like that? D: I don’t want to lose this night.

    • Zabusy permalink

      EDIT :
      I can’t buy it becuase i already spent money on Japanese version.

      • Anonymous permalink

        if you already have the japanese version you can just use that. You don’t have to download it again. this is just a patch, not the game itself.

  135. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone know if there’s some way to check if a monster has more than one h-scene apart from losing to every move? It’s a bit of a waste of time on the ones with tons of moves like Dullahan…

    • Anonymous permalink

      When you look in the encyclopedia for the H-scenes you can see which you have and which you don’t. Also, when you Request, you can see greyed out skills that haven’t been used on you yet. Fiddle around with your spirits or have none on at all, and see if you encounter new skills.

    • Anonymous permalink

      if ypu have already beaten her you can just check her entry in the monsterpedia (in extras, while not playing the story). click “recall”, if it has more than one scene it will show “rape scene 1” , “rape scene 2”, etc

  136. Anonymous permalink

    Nobody having the audio looping issue? Is driving me nuts. I want to fix it ;_;

  137. Chaos permalink

    Ok, I’ve reinstalled the game and patch atleast five times. Follow your instructions to the point and yet for some reason I have to combine Part 1 and 2 every time I start the game up as it does not save them together. That and also for some reason my Part II Encyclopedia will NOT save any anything at all. Some help please?

    • Aaron permalink

      dude just go and play on MGQ 2 seriously it picks up right when u left really theirs no need to redo it unless theirs a evaluation at the end of the game on what u do?

      if so I prefer not to know really is kinda pointless u are either a lvl 24, 25, or lvl 26 by the end of the game and when u start the MGQ2 u are lvl 25 regardless so theirs no point really.

      But if u want to know try to use a different patch from

      So far they only have MGQ1 and not MGQ2 atm but they have the patch for MGQ1 and to me that is good enough just experiment with the loads keep the .rar files up mate both MGQ1 @ 2 so u can get a feel on what to do.

      Well anyway mine works fine and am alright with my setup so i really don’t care how this will effect me but u probable do so good luck.

  138. Anonymous permalink

    Btw, Rogue, you SHOULD REALLY MENTION about how everyone should make many copies of the MGQ folders just in case they mess up. It works wonders and it’s easy to copy and paste the folder and change it’s name.

    • Aaron permalink

      ahhhh the incredible use of ctrl+Z really is a life savor u know it undos anything u missed up on as long as ur still in the folder when u use it when outside and click on a new folder it wont work as well.

  139. Aaron permalink

    When can we expect the next patch Rouge i am already looking forward to it any idea when?

  140. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    I am in heat!

  141. Anonymous permalink

    Question: Can you actually beat Alma in the Colosseum? Ilias says something like you can’t be her conventionally but if you can keep her talking you might be able to cheap shot her but that never seems to work out for me.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You have to use Slyph until she runs out (after 4 turns instead of 8 turns because Alma Elma is really wearing her down) then use her again. Attack, and then Alma Elma surrenders after seeing how Luka’s wind became violent and their attacks wouldn’t be able to touch each other. Spend sp on Slyph and Meditate. Also, try to build your sp to 5 at max. In the worst case scenario, you’ll be able Meditate and reuse Sylph one after another. Generally, through part 2, it’s a wise idea to keep your sp to the max rather than keeping it on the bare minimum of 2 or 3 sp for resummon/heal. Don’t forget that you can right click to see your new max sp in the character menu.

    • Solerum permalink

      Half the fun is trying to figure it out yourself -.-

  142. Raymund permalink

    So I ran into a previously mentioned problem concerning the alraune and not having the ability to use sylph. This wouldn’t bother me so much if it didn’t feel rather impossible to beat her without sylph. Does anyone either have pointers on beating her or fixing this problem? I’m fairly certain sylph works fine on the rest of the encounters.


    • I can’t reproduce this issue, but it seems common… How did you first load into the game? Did you load an old save, or start through New Game, or start through “Part 1 SaveImport”?

    • Aaron permalink

      yeah I got one ditch the load game u are using and start a new one from MGQ2 that will fix it if not i have no idea

  143. Anonymous permalink

    I’m not getting any errors since switching to the new patch, but… why does the monsterpedia not have any entries from Part 1? There’s just some Jap text there instead.

    • Aaron permalink

      does it really matter? although I can see it is quite annoying

      • Anonymous permalink

        I actually figured out that I hadn’t done the Part 1 Conversion Option, which adds in that data. Still…I suppose that the music selection button unlocks with the ending of the game.

  144. Anonymous permalink

    I’m having trouble with Sylph as well. I’m also having trouble with the gloval.sav. For some reason, the game won’t allow me to merge it, so I start my previous files without all my items. How do I fix this?

  145. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone know how to defeat centipede girl? Even when using gnome, I can’t keep healing because of the 70 or 80 damage from the centipede girl basically every turn. O.o

  146. Anonymous permalink

    So just to check on part 1’s items, is there supposed to be an empty spot after Grilled Sea Anemone, or did I miss an item?

    • Did you apologize to the fairy that was steped on? If you do/did you get/should’ve goten the Fairy Acorn item. It allows you to get the experiance from the battle without having to fight, as does the Geni’es Lamp. The last three items from the Grilled Sea Anemone(in order) are the Fairy Acorn, the basket of scorpions and the Genie’s Lamp.

  147. Anonymous permalink

    Getting an error with Alma Elma’s succubus arts which goes like

    099.txt line:101260

    |>Still locked between her thighs, Alma Elma tightens her legs together! @
    >>Overcome by too many different stimulations, Luka’s body convulses! \

  148. I like slime girls permalink

    So this is just an idea. Maybe I’ll be the only one who’d like it but…
    What do you think about translating first the whole game, but only the story (meaning, no sex scenes). And then release the sex scenes. Maybe I’m just being selfish since, even though I like the CGs, I kinda want to read the story; but I do think it’s a good idea, would probably speed up the process quite a bit.
    It’s not like the sex dialogue is THAT good, and you can still *see* the sex scenes.

    Anyway… just thought I’d say that

      • I like slime girls permalink

        Well, that’s a shame.
        Wouldn’t be that much of a difference anyway.

        • Doing too much of one thing gets boring and tedious. Altering the story/city/encyclopedia/battle text keeps it a lot more interesting… So it would be a huge difference for me.

          • Anonymous permalink

            That reminds me, do you happen to fap during your translation time here and there?

    • hamguy permalink

      >go into game
      >special config
      >skip h-scenes on

      • I like slime girls permalink

        You know, I’d normally just ignore you, but I can’t ignore this retardness.
        I was thinking about how to get the game translated faster. Not complaining about the H scenes.

        • hamguy permalink

          you are calling me retarded for trying to help you. he works on his time its not like he’s getting paid on how quick he does it. he said its a hobby.

  149. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t seem to play it even with AppLocale or changing it to Japanese manually. What am I suppose to do now?

    • I like slime girls permalink

      You could try giving out more information? What does “I can’t seem to play it” means? For all I know you could be yelling at your computer “Game, Open!”.
      Is it freezing inmediately when you double click the exe? is it freezing later? Is it showing an error message? Where did you download it from? did you link the two parts together (or at least copied the file, in case the game doesn’t open)? Did you import the save file? Have you ever played other Visual Novels on that PC?

      I don’t know.. if you want someone to help you, you should try to provide useful information.

  150. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue, when I grow up I want to be just like you.
    Enjoy your trip.

  151. LolNames permalink

    Erm, i dont feel like reading through all the comments, and i know it isnt THAT big a deal but i think i should atleast mention it. When you head up to the shrine of the fox and the kitsune talks about Alice theres a type when she says “Upbringing”, it said “ubringing” instead.

  152. Anonymous permalink

    You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.

  153. Anonymous permalink


    Indeed as many already pointed out, game crashes right after kunoichi elf uses her “Mouth skill:Devour” to finish Luka off.

    The log says: 0.99 txt line: 104971
    >Unable to take any longer, Luka comes ……

    Newest v0.3 patch was applied.

    Samurai elf doesn’t have to be taken out. If Luka is defeated by Mouth Skil: Devour, game crashes.
    You can simply request that to witness the crash.

    By the way, thx a lot for translation, Rogue!!!

  154. Anonymous permalink


  155. Anonymous permalink

    which items you can get from part 2?

  156. Anonymous permalink

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. Anonymous permalink

    Just wanted to let you know the game crashes when you lose to the cursed doll in the haunted mansion.

    • Thanks, I fixed it. It will be fixed in the next patch that’s put up. If you want to play the scene in the meantime, use the old executable. (mon_que_NOwordwrap.exe)

  158. Anonymous permalink

    How did you managed to beat Queen Bee Girl? I’m fighting with her for about 2 hours and still losing… I got tired of being raped…

    • Aaron permalink

      use slyph and Gnome or interchange them u have to base the use of which element to according with the enemy u are facing so in the case of Queen bee u have to save ur SP’s and use them for health and when she is almost dead gather 4 SP’s and attack her with the 4sp attack (forgot the name).

      To answer what I mean by the element according to the enemy is basically like this. For the plant flower girl u meet before u head to the forest u needed slyph to blow away the gas and Gnome for the centaur woman so u can get her off of u. Size up ur enemy take a guess if the element u are using is good enough for the enemy but for Queen Bee I used Sylph and when I lost i redid the battle and read line by line so I know what I missed and used the element appropriate to counteract her move.

      Don’t know if this helped but here u go Anon

      • Anonymous permalink

        I am doing it, but still losing. Anyway, thanks for sharing your tactics with me.

        I think that it depends on luck, I almost won ;) So… I’m gonna keep trying.

        • I like slime girls permalink

          Juts use gnome and attack atack attack. Never Heal unless you have LESS than half your HP. Seize your chances, if you think a monster is close to be killed, you can aim for a hit-or-miss chance with a skill. What I mean is, if you have 3SP and 100 HP. normally you’d heal, but if the monsters HP is low enough you can try to attack + 4sp skill.

    • Chattern permalink

      Well, um… It’s kinda… Well, simply put switch to Normal if you’re trying on Hard. At least that’s what I was forced to do. And, my friends… Thats the ONLY monstergirl in both parts so far that I did not handle on Hard. Because it’s just seems either impossible, or VERY VERY excruciating in terms of try-again-wait-for-long-enough-luck-succession tactics.

      And I tried all on Hard with her… Gnome, Sylf, Gnome and Sylf… But Luka still orgasmed in the end, no matter what I tried, with her still being on 35-60% health.

      Otherwise she’s quite regular on Normal.

  159. Anonymous permalink

    hey,how comes summoning sylph doesnt work for me in part 2?!

    • Aaron permalink

      start a new game in part 2 it will fix the problem

  160. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    It worked for me out of the box, excellent!
    You should put that in your CV.

  161. simon permalink

    is there a japanese walkthrough for part 2 of the game?

  162. Daniel permalink

    tl;dr: I get an error when fighting the centaur chick at the start, if I use Gnome I get this:
    I’ve had a dozen errors and done everything I know of correctly up till this point (Run in Japanese local, copied the save and arc.nsa files from the right folders, put them in the right places, used a save from a complete game 1, replaced all the files the patch wanted to, nothing works! You give me help, me love you long time :3

    Long version:
    OK, so I’m having an error, and I’ve seen several other people with this, but the replies they got didn’t work for me, or were things I’d already done, if they got replies at all. I finished Monster Girl Quest 1 and saved when Ilias offered to, after defeating Gnome. I didn’t actually see any changed in the pictures you get next to your saves in the “Load” menu, but I figured it must have worked as it said it’d saved sucessfully.

    Anyway, I coppied my gloval.sav file and my arc.nsa file from the completed first game into a seperate folder, along with the arc1.nsa file from the full Japanese version of the game (Which I havn’t played, or even started up, I can’t read Japanese and don’t want to spoil the game by stumbling through it) which I heard contains all the pictures for the second game.

    I unziped the rar file for the 33% patch into a copy of my complete Game 1 folder (In case something goes wrong, want a backup), replaced all the files it wanted me to, then I put the three files I copied earlier (gloval.sav, arc.nsa and arc1.nsa) back into the correct places in my now patched game folder.

    I started up the game, went into extras, did the part 1 conversion (Which worked, as my Wiki has been updated with all the game 1 girls), then imported my save from game 1 and started playing. Now, I’d had a number of errors – Because origionally I ahdn’t ran it in Japanese Local, or copied the correct arc1.nsa file, or I ahdn’t copied my save file, a huge number of errors! But each time, I found the way to fix it, and I went on trying to play.

    Finally, I’ve hit an error I can’t find the cure to. At the start of the game, when the centaur first appears, Gnome tells me to use her power. Every time I tried to use her power, though, I got this error message:

    I’ve tried fighting her without using Gnome, I’ve tried using a few abilities then using Gnome (Just to see if it’s only the first move as Gnome that makes me crash), I’ve tried using Sylph (Which works just fine), it’s -only- Gnome I have any trouble with. I’m afraid this post may be looked over, or that no one will have an answer, so please – If you have any sort of idea as to how I can fix this God forsaken error, you’d have my eternal gratitude.

    Rouge – Thanks a bunch for this patch, and for the first game! I hope you have a great time on your trip, and that the rest of the translation goes a little smoother than this first patch! Again – Thanks in advance for anyone whoc an help me out here.

    • Can you check your MGQ\se folder and make sure earth4.ogg is there? If it is there, can you try opening it in a music player (Windows media player, etc…)?

      It might be a strange codec error not allowing you to play the sound file…

      • Daniel permalink

        Thank the Nine Divine and bless you! I checked, and the file wasn’t in my patched folder. I searched for it, opened the files location, and I found it in the full Japanese versions se folder. I copied it into my patched se folder, then ran the game, and I finally used Gnome without an error!

        Thanks a million – I love you :3

        And, er, I misspelled Rogue in my last post, and double posted by mistake… Sorry about that. Thanks again, Rogue :)

  163. Thanks! for the patch :) cheers, luck on ur trip, take care.

  164. Arkinum permalink

    Holy fuk, that was fast! A million + 1 thanks!

  165. Pain E permalink

    First of all, thanks a lot for everything Rogue.

    I do run into a crash, which I assume has something to do with savestates/save locations (it never happened before your translation patch, it’s an old save).
    I can’t be certain however, so perhaps you know how to fix it.

    It happens when I use an elemental empowered skill, (doesn’t matter which one).

    • Anything after the end of my 33% patch is not supported, and has the potential ability to crash. Japanese text does NOT mix well at all with English text, and it can trigger numerous types of crashes. That crash in your picture is probably a text out of bound error. The only solution is to put the japanese script back in the game if you want to continue past the 33% location.

  166. bobsamade permalink

    Hi, just want to give a massive thanks to you for doing this.

    All the more so considering you’re doing it for free, in your own time and yet still turning it round so quickly.

    Really appreciate it.

  167. Daniel permalink

    Curses – Another small error. This one happened during the Campfire scene, after beating the Centaur at the start. Alice shood me away while she cooked, and I got the screen change effect where it goes black. I got the same effect, which brought the origional campfire background back, then this error popped up as soon as the effect was over:

    It must be Alice’s cooking, eh? Heh, not sure if anyone else has had this error, but it’s always good to report them, just in case someone else gets it. If you could help me again, Rogue, it would be appreciated :)

    • You’re missing images in your system folder. It looks like for some reason your system and se folders are the stuff from part 1, not part 2. You need ALL of part 2’s images and sounds and everything.

      • Daniel permalink

        I copied both the se and System folder from the Japanese version. The game was in japanese when i started it up (I suppose I should have seen that coming) so I replaced the System folder with the one from my backup 33% Patched folder, keeping the se folder. The game’s working again, and several changes of environment later, I’ve yet to encounter an error. Had a great laugh, heh! Thanks again, Rogue!

  168. Will permalink

    Hi, Rogue–I just wanted to report a couple of crashes during two different monsters’ moves.

    The first, is the Antlion Girl during the first part. After she uses the move “Fluid Squeezing”, the game crashes.

    The second, is the Kunoichi Elf in the second part. If you request her move “Mouth Skill: Devour”, once she finishes you, the game crashes right after Luka climaxes.

    These were the only two crashes I have ever experienced in the game–and the Antlion Girl crash never happened to me when I played the first part on it’s own…I think that maybe it’s crashing because of some small error when you convert Part 1 into Part 2. Thanks for the awesome translation, Rogue, and I hope I haven’t troubled you with this inquiry.

    • Daniel permalink

      Two others have reported the error, one of whom posted the details from the crash:

      “The log says: 0.99 txt line: 104971
      >Unable to take any longer, Luka comes ……”

      No one’s replied to either of the posts, but I imagine Rogue will be working on it

    • It’s due to the new wordwrap fix. Some of the old lines go out of bounds. I fixed it, so the next patch that goes up won’t have that problem.

      • Will permalink

        Okay, awesome. You kick ass, Rogue. You’re on top of everything. Thank you!

  169. hamguy permalink

    hey rouge everything was great but i did notice small mistakes in spelling error. its not a big deal but can get annoying like a word that says “right” will be spelled rght. if you are going to fix this than please don’t do it until you do the 100% patch.

  170. Anonymous permalink

    how do i beat the 3 insect girls? i keep getting raped.. literally.

    • Irenicus permalink

      Ah… just realized you might be talking about the 3 insects, on when you go the forest where the plants and insects are in war with each other…I used sylph and went really offensive at the start of battle.This a battle that gets easier as time goes since that when you damage their hp to a certain point 1 of them gets sealed.

      My advice other advice refers to the 3 Fly Queen insects.I had thought were referring to them since, the 3 insects on the forest were pretty easy.

  171. Anonymous permalink

    Just FYI, there seems to be a bug when using the ‘full’ text display style option instead of the default ‘wait’ option in the coliseum.

    You get a 99.txt error when Alice and Luca are commenting on the Minotarus waiting to counter the Centaur which causes the game to crash. Setting text display style to wait avoids this.

    Was wondering how people were getting past this with it only mentioned once or twice. -_-

    • Anonymous permalink

      Ah! Thank you! I was looking for a fix for this.

  172. Irenicus permalink


    I was playing on hard, so this is what i did:

    summoned gnome + sylph, and used sp only to heal, rest sp just save it up so i could use Undine at the “end”.You have to bring their life down until about 55%~~65% of their life bar,until 1 of them gets sealed. This is a battle that relies on luck if your are playing in hard, as there they have some heavy damaging attacks, and a attack in which all 3 of them strike you using a different skill, the purple one uses her hands to dmg you, the red one uses her breasts, which trances you if i recall, and green drains life…the purple and green moves are no big deal, but if the red one move hits and trances you, you might as well load right away…you need to avoid it with sylph.Its all about if you are lucky with sylph dodges.Also i would recommend to save the max possible sp when your nearing sealing one of them and spend it all of offensive moves…on my case i remember having only about 47 life left and 8 sps. I then went with Clear Mirror, Still Water mode(Undine summon), and used the water based special move that costs 2sp (the first on list) 2 times + 2 Still water blade(normal attack during Undine summon).

  173. Anonymous permalink

    This is probably very disturbing, but has anyone using the Monster Lab or Gnome’s Laboratory ever make a H-scene with Luka and Amira? It’d be horrifying, and I would applause the artist for mustering the courage and willpower to draw it.

  174. Anonymous permalink

    I have a couple of questions about the save and data import. I compined the arc.nsa files as was instructed on Rogue’s post and it worked just fine. Then I copied the gloval.sav file from the part 1’s save folder to the part 2’s save folder overwriting the original part 2 file. I proceeded to the extra menu and performed the save import and started at the begining of part 2.
    When I checked my monsterpedia, was filled with question marks in place of part 1’s monsters. I played a bit and saved so I can continue with all the items from the previous game and put the original part 2 gloval.sav to it’s place. Now I have my part 2 monsterpedia in order again.

    I can’t import the part 1’s monsterpedia data correctly, does this mean that I’ll have to start all the way from the begining?

    • Brad Mason permalink

      I solved it by going into extras, and selecting the one underneath part 1 import, think its part 1 conversion, that seemed to merge all of it together, hope this helps.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I have already done that. It does nothing else than let you play through both games seamlessly. Hmph, it was really a hassle to get all the monsters and their attacks to the pedia. God damnit.

  175. Jake permalink

    Hey rogue, not sure if it’s a translation failure or not, but after the frog fight when Alice teaches you about gnome/sly(thing)

    it says:

    “You can also forgo any protection at all, and just try to beat them before they beat you.”

    Didn’t quite get the “also forgo any”. Anyway thanks, you’re doing a good job!

    • Douglas Reinholm permalink

      It is correct. I love it when he plays with words. Synonyms for “forgo” are:
      to antecedce, to antedate, to forego

    • Anon permalink

      It’s right, It basically means not using or skipping.

  176. ZI9TheBlackwing permalink

    this might be a little premature but their are some pics on Torotoro’s site for part 3’s H-scenes (look on the left side, says “new” beside it).

  177. ZI9TheBlackwing permalink

    Oh and to rogue keep up the great job we all apreciate this.

  178. Dear Guest permalink

    Although this probably isn’t the right place:
    I’ve been searching for games similar to MGQ – turn based “sexual” battle, reverse-rape with male protagonist etc. – this way I stumbled upon MGQ after playing “Erotical Night”.
    Does anyone know other games like these? Thanks in advance !!

  179. Anonymous permalink

    Hmm there’s something bugging me I’m going through this game again looking after things I might have missed and then I come to this town with the woman called Micaela she looks pretty much like Ilias don’t you think?
    (In part 1 of the game also she claims to know your mother and father but asks you to go.)

    • Anon permalink

      Well seeing as how Luka can use angelic type moves like “Fallen Angel Dance” when asleep it’s pretty likely that his mother was a type of monster lor mostl ikely an angel. That would explain how that elf village woman knew his mother…

      This has been discussed to death on MGU.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Seems plausible …. damn I can’t wait for the story to carry on. :(

  180. Anonymous permalink

    An unfortunate soul has appeared………… finished the first patch… ARGGGG!!!!!
    love it

  181. Anonymous permalink

    Dude, I have the east Asian Language pack and that, but I still can’t read the damn words, they’re all pushed together and shit

  182. Anonymous permalink

    bug: when you try to open the encyclopedia of yamata the game crash

  183. Imoutocon permalink

    Seems like monster_labo for MGQ 2 is hidden in /mod/

  184. Imoutocon permalink

    Did anyone noticed that luka has a vagina at the back of his testicles? You can see it when he is mating with the antqueen and queen bee.

    • Anonymous permalink

      This seems to be a quirk of that specific artist (Who does both those characters and a few others), for whatever reason…

  185. Will permalink

    God…lol, this is pissing me off. Maybe you guys can help me. I’m going through the Monsterpedia–getting all of the CGs, techniques, and Rape Scenes, and I pretty much got everything in the first chapter, but I’m having some real trouble getting the Mandragora’s final technique “Monster Hair”…I have no idea how to unlock it…no matter what I do, she does one of 2 attacks, and just ignores her third…can I get some help, fellow victims?

    • Dear Guest permalink

      You can get it by fighting her on “Hard” and above. After you shake off the trance, a normal fight will follow with a chance of her using that move – have fun!

      • Will permalink

        Hey, thanks! I had a feeling that I had to fight her on Hard or Hell, but I still never ran into the Technique, so I just about gave up. Thanks again, guy.

  186. Anonymous permalink

    I combined the two games into one.

    Do i got the second Ilias sex after 100 evaluations?

    • Imoutocon permalink

      No you dont, *spoiler alert* you need to kill alice for that one. *spoiler end*

      • Will permalink

        I highly doubt that a choice like that would be revealed to us before the third chapter…and even then, how would you “kill” her? Luka’s sword only ‘seals’ the enemies he fights…if you’re gonna troll, try a little harder, man…

        • Imoutocon permalink

          It has a touching story after you “defeat/kill” her at the end of the second part. It made my eyes teary. =(

          • Will permalink

            See, now that was a better effort. But I still highly doubt that they wouldn’t save something like that until the very last chapter…especially seeing as how the final chapter would be dull and lame without her…she’s the heroine of the story, so why would they kill her off half-way through the game? I mean, sure, I could totally see this being an option at the end of the last chapter, but not the mere second…

          • Douglas Reinholm permalink

            It indeed is sad and in previous threads I asked the same question about the likelyhood of a third chapter ;_; I doubted it all until I saw the CG. It is very sad and brought tears to my eyes.
            I wonder what the third part might be about – a twin-sister of Alice?

            I still hope Rogue rewrites the end so that I get Alice and Luka dies.

          • Imoutocon permalink

            Fret not, Alice death is avoidable. IT IS A CHOICE TO DEFEAT ALICE OR NOT TO.

          • Anonymous permalink

            *spoiler alert*
            That is the bad ending, there’s another ending for the game, you get it by clicking wait for 2 times after her hp reaches 0

          • Will permalink

            Well, I’ll believe it when I see it myself. I’m not so easily turned. But if it is true, I think it would be an interesting Bad End. But, if you truly want me to believe you–simply post a link to the ‘CG’ that shows it. Again, another reason why I doubt it, is because there aren’t any CGs in the game other than the rape scene/sex scene CGs, so where on earth would you access it? But go ahead, show me–if it exists…

        • Anonymous permalink

          When you fight Alice, you are asked to use your regular sword. You can lose to her and have vaginal sex in monster form. That’s a Bad End as it ends your journey. Once she reaches 1 hp (only a sliver of green) and the music and speech changes, you can have two different endings. Finish her off, sad stuff appears, then Ilias makes you a hero, then takes you to Heaven where she enslaves you as a sex toy (vaginal scene) for eternity just like Heinrich (who was presumably tossed and sealed away) which is a Bad End. The Good end is achieved by Guard/Waiting for 2 turns, then Luka ends the battle by scolding Alice and bringing up how killing her won’t bring his dream to life. And they need to venture around the world for more food. Then Ilias barges into the castle and gets angry, Luka points his sword towards her because he makes the conclusion that Ilias is the main enemy who opposes Luka’s dream. Ilias leaves, summoning her Angels, Prometheus (red headed labcoat lady who is actually an angel) who reveals her 4 Anti-Knights (mechas that are better versions of the 4 Heavenly Knights) along with creating easy to wield artificial spirits for the Monster Girls who are allied under Black Alice (the 8th Monster Lord and also allied with Ilias for world destruction). Go download the game and use the Machine Translated English patch. It’s rough, but it’s still understandable.

          • Will permalink


            Okay, thank you–that is WAY more believable now that someone explained in further detail. I’ve seen the CG where Alice rapes Luka with vaginal sex, so I know you’re telling the truth. Also, I have always felt that Ilias was a bit…shall we say ‘evil’? So, I’m sorry if I pissed anyone off for not believing what they said…understand that there are a lot of trolls out there who try to pull the same thing, only they’re lying…I’m still a little skeptical, but at least now I can see the possibility. And if this is 100% true, I’m not upset that it was ‘spoiled’–rather, I am very excited. This will make the final chapter very epic. And might I just say–Alice and Luka are totally gonna get married after he creates his dream world…after all, in the previous chapter, Alice states that her kind can only marry someone that’s stronger than them, or as strong or something–and if Luka is able to kill her, he is obviously qualified to marry her, which Alice would be all for, since he basically spared her life and because he’s on the monsters’ side now. Thanks again for ending this whole conversation over the ending. Now, just waiting for the second patch!! Bring it on, Rogue!

          • Irenicus permalink


            Luka uses Angel Halo as his main weapon, because he doesn’t want to kill, but he still has a normal sword,which is the iron sword from the start, that he never threw it away…he just had no reason to use, except vs Lazarus and Alice.When i started playing part 2, i wasn’t expecting it, but you actually get to have serious 1 on 1 duel with each Heavenly Knight and finally a duel with Alice at the end of part 2, in which she doesn’t allow you to use Angel Halo, because we wont admit being sealed.When her hp reaches 1 you have the choice to keep attacking or stopping. Here is where its imposed to you to take 1 side, Illias(killing Alice – story ends here,you get to be Illias toy) or to continue to fighting for Luka’s ideal world(sparing Alice – story continues on to Part 3). Would love to show a screenshot, but honestly i never bothered to choose Illias side since i never trusted her, nor liked her(my favorite character is Alice and Tamamo), right from the start, especially after going through Remina and the Seal Prison, before reaching the Maou’s castle. Part 2 concludes things against the 4 knights and Alice, and which you end up choosing the monsters and the humans side…obviously Illias won’t be happy at all and will consider you a traitor and proceed to declare that she will slaughter you all, while showing her true face, which was really evil btw :) . Part 3 promises to be really interesting since it will be human and monsters vs Illias and her minions (angels, artificial monsters and monsters hostile to humans like the 8th Maou, Black Alice). One of the things i really liked was that at the end of part 2, Alice declares to Luka, that they now, are not only travel companions , but are now true allies with the same goal. Alice and Luka marriage is getting closer and closer :)

  187. Anonymous permalink


    the game crashed when i tried to go to noah village so i’m shit out of luck until i can fix this

  188. Timerift0 permalink

    Thanks for your work error i found

  189. Imoutocon permalink

    Using the no word wrap .exe, i experienced no errors even when i played it from the start MGQ1 to MGQ 2-33% .

  190. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for the translation. Whenever i try to play the start screen selector automatically scrolls, any ideas?

  191. Hakurei Kai permalink

    hmm during the encounter with nekomata,I dun seem to given the choice to give and refuse,Luka just straight away fight her,did i miss something?

  192. Anonymous permalink

    Sorry if its a stupid question(english is not my first language)but what mean?

    • Anonymous permalink

      oops,forgot to put something,what hora hora mean?

    • Anonymous permalink

      oops forgot to put something,what hora hora mean?

      • Michael permalink

        Hora hora means… you know… ;)

        • Douglas Reinholm permalink

          It is pure love put into just two words.

      • Imoutocon permalink

        Hora hora doesnt mean anything, its just an epression of the character’s actions stimulating luka. It somewhat means “there, there” or “take this, and this” or “ei… , ei…” for stimulation pourposes in this case.

  193. Quladi permalink

    Found an error when I played through part1 after combining them. It was when the Antlion Girl used “Fluid Squeezing” and I have patch 0.3

  194. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks man!

  195. Anonymous permalink

    Well this RogueTranslator guy sure is lazy I mean it takes him this long just to translate a game I could of.Done this in like 1 hour just shows how lazy this guy is really.

    • Anon permalink

      Riiiiight, sure you can. How about you go translate it then instead of waiting here for a patch?

    • Solerum permalink

      It’s not just translating ^^ He’s patching it up in such a way that every idiot can use it!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Where’s the thumb’s down button?

    • Doctor Anonymous permalink

      An hour? Yeah right. Using what, Google Translate? I’d like to see you translate every word, write it down word for word, rearrange it for proper grammar, put it back in, then start it all back up, 100% bug free, in an hour. No dice, buddy.

    • Doctor Anonymous permalink

      In addition, there’s this little thing he does that’s called WORKING. He works hard for his money. So unless you want to start paying him (Which you can’t, because he won’t accept it) the big bucks to act as your personal translator to translate this game, I’d shut up, sit down, and wait for the patch. PAtience is a virtue, young padawan.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      You do realize this guy is just a troll trying to provoke exactly these reactions !?

      • Anonymous permalink

        do you have proof that i am trolling?

        • Monti permalink

          *Rule one of the internet petting zoo* Don’t feed the trolls.

  196. There is a small error in this text (image). thanks for the translation :D

  197. Anonymous permalink

    It is just an idea but on how the % is going i think that the last 2 and more interesting alice’s scene are going to end up in the final patch soo i don’t know if you can do them alongside the rest of the game

  198. Anonymous permalink

    LoL the fortunate lamia in the end of the patch, haha good one

    • Monti permalink

      Unfortunate lamia is one of those characters that look harmless and in the background, but soon are shown to play a huge role. She is somewhat like Tobi from Naruto, funny, goofy, seemingly there for comic relief (Even though MCG has plenty of humor.) But in truth is actually part of a much more bigger role. Maybe not the same consequences of which tobi ended up, but who knows *shrug*

      • Anonymous permalink

        One possibility I considered before, though insane, is that she is one of the Monster Lords who happened to be sealed and reversed. Black Alice is the 8th (girl with teddy bear) and Alice is the 16th. The first Monster Lord is a male, so unless Amira was flipped in gender as well, she’s not the first. ToroToro did mention that Amira won’t have any H-scenes in part 3, but he could have been joking or lying. Also, if Amira ends up being the final boss (somehow absorb all of Ilias’s power and try to rape Luka in the name of love) the H-scene would be true rape compared to every other scene (besides vore/digestion).

  199. Kyon permalink

    Judging from the spoilers, the next game is about fighting the angels and the first monster lord Black Alice

    • Imoutocon permalink

      I thought black alice is dead.

      • Anonymous permalink


        The Founder (1st Monster Lord) is a male and disappeared after he gave the throne to the Fateburn family (Alice’s family). Black Alice is the 8th Monster Lord. Alice is the 16th. Black Alice is the girl with the teddy bear, and she is allied with Ilias in a plot to rid the whole world of monsterkind and humankind. Black Alice leads rebel Monster Girls (such as the Sister Lamia and Shrine Lamia in part 2) who are tired of the oppression and Alice’s apparent failure in helping the MG’s. Whether Black Alice the 8th Monster Lord and Black Alice the “New” Monster Lord are the same or different is unknown. But they share the same name.

        • Irenicus permalink


          Black Alice IS the 8th monster lord, Illias clearly states at the end of part 2, when Black Alice made fun of Illias, that she saved Black Alice 500 years ago, and that she is easily replaceable, so she should watch her tongue.

          • Douglas Reinholm permalink

            spoiler spoiler Luka dies and I get all the tail!

  200. Anonymous permalink

    I think I did everything right, but I seem to be getting an error trying to go to the Noah Region…

    It keeps coming up with a line error say

    NSA (something in japanese)
    099.txt line:19810

    >bg “BG\bg077.bmp”

    what is the problem with the game? I have applocale on Japan and have copied the files into the MGQ 1.1 version folder. Thanks for the help! :D

    • Part 2 is a different game that you have to install. You don’t copy over anything INTO Part 1’s folder. You only copy two things OUT of it. I don’t know why everyone is getting this wrong…

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh…. I see… Thank you for the help and sorry to bother you Rogue.

      • Anon permalink

        I still don’t get it, I’m getting the same error and I transferred the patch into the Japanese trial version folder, but when I try to do the saveimport, it starts telling where it left off and then when it’s talking about gnome, sylph, and undine, it crashes

    • Anonymous permalink

      You have to buy part 2 and use the patc h on part 2

  201. Anonymous permalink

    How do i beat Udine? so impossible.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Slap on Gnome then attack and heal when you need to/can. After so long she tells you that you have to summon both Sylph and Gnome, that’s when you do just that.

  202. redpanther permalink

    Nice idea for using Amira as a stop sign.

  203. jesus permalink

    Rogue there seems to be a crash at nekomata for me. it is kinda rare cause after holding down space and when she enter the attack “heat” thing the game crashes it is a minor bug but just want to tell you just in-case.

  204. Anonymous permalink

    I got a weird crash after the leech girl, so i came here to find out about it, only to find that you already fixed it. You are my hero. Also, by brain is too fried with school to actually play this in japanese.

  205. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    I played through pt2 until the end of the patch after copying the gloval file, and didn’t have a single crash.
    I also did the combination thing with arc.nsa and played through from the very start again and still didn;t crash, though I did notice that the scene with the suck vore in Lily’s Mansion was changed.
    Just out of curiosity, arc.nsa is part1 and arc1.nsa is part2, so what are arc2.nsa and arc3.nsa for?

  206. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Black Alice was the 8th Alice, not the first.

  207. Anonymous permalink

    i have beat the game in japanese. not to hard when you have played most of it in eng. love your work rogue (translations) i is patiently waiting for the rest of the story. beating queen slime 2 was a bitch

  208. Alex permalink

    The game crashes if you lose to Kunoichi Elf’s Mouth skill

  209. Anonymous permalink

    if youm try to do a recall in the encyclopedia the game crashes just to let you know

  210. Anonymous permalink

    sorry computer froze with last post I think it is wonderful you were able to translate this much so quickly is there a part 3 to monmusu quest

  211. Will permalink

    So, does anyone know where I can download the ‘Machine Translated Version’? I understand that it’s a rough translation, but if anyone knows where I can download the patch, that would be cool–I’d like to try it while I wait for Rogue’s better translation. Thanks.

  212. Anon permalink

    I put the arc.nsa file in the part 2 folder, but it just goes to the title screen and then has an error, it keeps saying:

    099.txt line: 187366

    | bg”bg\bg001.bmp”,10,1000
    > bgm”bgm\title.ogg”

  213. where can i download it in english?

  214. Anon permalink

    It won’t even work in the NOwordwrap version

  215. Anon permalink

    after it happens I noticed I get a file that just says envdata and I can’t open it

  216. Anonymous permalink

    It would seem I can’t speak to anyone at Illias Port, the place right before the Cave where you fight Nanabi and see Tamamo. This is after combining the two. Not that big of a deal since I can just use the MGQ1 game to get past it but I’m wondering if it is just me and why. Otherwise I haven’t had any problems, thanks Rogue! I get errors when I play normal or machine translated, yours is the only one that works for me.

    • What do you mean can’t speak to anyone? What happens at the city screen?

      • Anonymous permalink

        It brings up the names of everyone like “Youth” “Tool Shop” etc. and when clicking on them it just does nothing. I can still right click and get into the Status screen but otherwise nothing. This is non issue before that point and anywhere in Part 2.

  217. Anonymous permalink

    Even though I set my computer to Japanese AND used applocale (and one and at a time too), I still get the error that says system\logo.bmp”.79,100
    Do you have any other solution?

    • Did you install then patch Part 2?

      Patching Part 1 won’t work. The patch doesn’t turn part 1 into part 2, Part 2 is a different game.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yes, the patch was applied to part 2. Maybe I’m doing this wrong… are part 1 and part 2 supposed to be in the same directory? Otherwise, I still don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but yes I really am applying the patch (extracting the patch into) to part 2.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Do you have any other solution for this? I didn’t merge the two and tried out every solution I found listed already… I mean.. thanks for the upload and I grealy enjoyed the first game but it’d be really cool if I could start playing part 2 too.. Basically, what I did was 1) highlight and drag all the files in the game zip to one folder 2) extract all the files from the patch into the same folder and replaced all the files it tells me to. I’m running it on a japanese region windows 7 computer… What am I doing wrong?

  218. Anonymous permalink


    You get crash if you use upgraded version of 3sp demon skull beheading skill during Salamander cave regardless of whatever monsters you encounter. Gnome doesnt have to be summoned to trigger the crash.

    English 0.3v patch used.
    Tried on NOwordwrap.exe but crash persists

    Error log says:

    0.99 txt line: 180176
    |mov$sel2, “damage!”
    |if %damage_nobr=1 skip 3
    >sel1% damage$sel2

    Thanks for all the hard work, Rogue!

    • Any crashes after the english patch don’t matter, since they reason for the crash is that it’s past the end of the english patch.

  219. Dear Guest permalink

    CRASH/boner killer
    after being finished off by Nekomata’s paw job.

    • Thanks… The nekomata crashes will be fixed in the next patch that goes out. Until then, either avoid losing by those moves, or use the Nowordwrap executable.

      • Dear Guest permalink

        But her paw… it’s so soft…
        Thanks for your effort!

  220. yabusa permalink

    Can’t resist the urge to try the patch…

    *Resist Destroyed*

    Oh well…

  221. yabusa permalink

    gotta double post…

    what is the spin-off series for?

  222. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone know how to get the “Hero’s Proof Acheivement”? It’s probably somewhere in the story line and I probably missed it at some point, but I don’t know where. It’s the third to last achievement available in the combined chapter 1 and 2 of the games.

    • Irenicus permalink

      To get the hero’s proof you need to go Gold Port and talk to the 3 “sages”, they will ask you to get 3 gems: gem of friendship, gem of luck, and gem of victory.

      gem of friendship:You need to get 2 items for this – the first is a part 1’s item that you obtain from when you apologize to the fairy you stepped on…the second you get from part 2, by feeding the nekomata with a grilled sea anenome(again a part 1 item).After completing the area where the plants were at war with the insects, go back there again and talk with the leader of the plants.

      gem of luck: Again, you need an item from part 1, the genie’s lamp.Go to Gold Port, to the general item shop…clerk will buy it from you for money and offer a raffle ticket as an extra.In the same town go to raffle spot…Luka will win 1st prize which is the gem of luck.

      gem of victory: This one is the easiest. Amira will give it to you, when offering info on all of the rest of the orbs.

      Well basically,the only way to attain this achievement is by carrying your previous savedata from part 1, else your out of luck.

  223. Anonymous permalink

    I’m sorry if this has been asked before, there’s too many comments to read trough them all, but what is the point in fusing part 1 and 2? As far as I’ve understood it just causes errors if anything happens to go wrong. Isn’t it easier to just keep them separated?

    • Anonymous permalink

      There are two points I know of – The first is that you can bring over your Wiki from the first game, and all those wonderful fight scenes from it. That way you don’t have to swap from the second to the first to look up a fight, as they’re all in the same place. The other reason is for your save info – If you killed optionable monsters for extra exp, or got any items throughout the first game, I don’t know if you’d start with them in the second, so by merging the two, you’re bringing the Luka -you- played in the first over to the second :)

      • Irenicus permalink

        Sorry but you are making a mistake. There is no need to join part 1 and 2 so that you can bring Your Luka from part 1 with the additional items, experience, achievements and records you got on part 1….All you need to do is, at the end of part 1 when Illias asks if you want to save your data, answer yes. Then go to your part 1 directory, to the \save folder. Inside this folder, you need to copy “gloval.sav”. Paste this “gloval.sav” file into Part 2′s \save folder. After that, Run Part 2 .exe, go to the “Extra” menu and choose “Part 1 SaveImport”. It will import the save file from part 1 and start you on part 2, with all the stuff you had before.

        The only thing you get from joining both parts is to be able access any encyclopedia entry from both parts, and to be able to start a game from the beginning until the end of part 2 without any stops.

  224. Raidy permalink

    Just wanned to say thx for the patch so far enjoyed it, keep up the good work.

  225. Anonymous permalink

    i gotta know, how does it feel to be made of pure win?

  226. Anonymous permalink

    somebody can upload save full for unlock all monsterpedia plz? =(

  227. Anonymous permalink

    Error log:
    NSA (some japanese characters)BG\bg077.bmp (some more japanese characters)


    >bg “BG\bg077.bmp”

    Sorry if its not very helpful for you to figure out but plzz help

    • You need to apply the patch to Part 2, not Part 1.

      • Anonymous permalink

        how do i apply the patch to part 2? Do i jus add it to the jap version or something? cuz i downloaded the patch and added the files, but the same error message keeps popping up

  228. Anonymous permalink

    I downloaded the patch for part 2, do i add it to the japanese version?

  229. Anon permalink

    It didn’t come with an arc1.nsa

  230. Anon permalink

    the MGQ2 download didn’t come with a arc1.nsa

  231. Anon permalink

    nevermind, the problem was that I never added the patch to the game, I kept trying to play the patch

  232. JimJam permalink

    First and foremost thank you for all your hard work! You, SomeLoliCatgirl, Xilium, Zinny, and the guy who sends you mistakes via e-mail rock!!
    QUESTION: Does any of your patches fix the word-wrap for Part 1 without casing crashes? Or is word-wrap for Part 1 unfixable.

    By the way I sent you an e-mail. Please look for the subject “From JimJam” in your inbox.
    I’m commenting on this blog post you made. Thank you.

    • If you have Part 2 installed with Part 1 support activated, the word wrap should work for 99% of the game. There might be a few crashes in it here and there, but I’ll fix them as they come and update the next patch with it.

      • JimJam permalink

        So all I need to do is combine Part 1 and 2 like you talked about in this post and that will make the text display correctly for Part 1 (Part 1 Conversion)? OK. Thank you for your help.

  233. Anonymous permalink

    It crashes after this screen here.
    What could it be?

  234. Dusk permalink

    Not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but I seem to be missing an Encyclopedia entry between Gnome and Alice(2). Gnome was the last battle for part 1 right? So what am I missing?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Goddess Illia…just do evaluations alot after you are defeated

  235. Anonymous permalink

    So do i need to download part one for this to work?

  236. Anonymous permalink

    There is a crash with the Nekomata after you request a Hairy Tit Fuck!

  237. Anonymous permalink

    When i want to play the game, the title appears but after one seconde, it appears a error :
    099.txt line:187366
    and other things like this, what is the problem

    • If they’re nonsense symbols, you need to use applocale.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I use applocale too. But it don’t work. I think I don’t have something in the patch i download.

        • Anonymous permalink

          OOOOOOOOOOOOOO i see the problem! My arc1.nsa is not the good one. Is there a way to get the good one ?

  238. WildFour permalink

    Just wondering, if we already done the first patch. do we need to re-extract the raw and patch it with this new one? or can we just repatch the old patched(the bugged 1) game with the new patch?

  239. Jeff permalink

    can you please help me with these error message? after i imported save and after some dialoges from ilias the map appeared. and in the map when i click on the region NOAH this window appears. any help ?

    • 1. You need to run the game with applocale, or with japanese language support.
      2. Check one of my other posts about the arc.nsa files. One of yours might be wrong.

  240. Anonymous permalink

    Where can I find this game on google, since the hits i recieved require me to pay.

  241. Punk permalink

    try torrenting…

  242. Anonymous permalink

    applocale? doesnt work for at all keep saying i dont have somthing to download it is there a other way? T.T

  243. Anonymous permalink

    Is this the latest released patch? I’m unsure which patch I have applied, if there even is more than one. How far does this translation go? My game ended at moving onwards to Gold region just after Undine’s cave.

  244. Anonymous permalink

    I need a bit help here ;x
    Once I start a new game I get the error at the start saying ”0.99txt line:19707” Or something like that
    Eeerm, I have my system locale on Japan and Ive also tried to run it with the japanese applocale
    It doesnt really make a difference, also the patch or game didn’t come with the arc1 file, maybe that’s also the problem

    I appreciate any help given ;)

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can find it in the 1st part of the game

      • Anonymous permalink

        If I copy arc1.nsa from part 1 of the game it still gives me the 19797 line error at the start of the game

      • Anonymous permalink

        Arc1.nsa from the part 1 of the game still gives me the same line 19797 error ;x

  245. Anonymous permalink

    When i start the game, a weird screen pops up and i can’t play the game.

  246. Anonymous permalink

    I play the game and when I want to go to the noah region, there pops a window with :
    NSA(some weird characters)BG\bg077.bmp ( some weird characters)

    099.txt line:19810


    I’ve read the answer above, but the strange thing is that I already aplied it to the ‘full’ game or is the one at not the ‘full’ game

  247. Anonymous permalink

    Not sure if this has been stated, but when I reached Nekomata and lost via the tail, hand or breasts, it crashes.

  248. Anonymous permalink

    The patch link download is set to private. :l

  249. Deadgirl permalink

    Please finish up violated heroine i have been so eagerly waiting for it, i love your work so very much i hope you will finish it soon….

  250. Anonymous permalink

    @Will I figured out how to get Mandragora to use her Monster hair technique. Battle her on Hell, and do nothing but attack, even after you shake off the paralysis. The first time I tried this, she used the hair right after my first successful attack, but I reckon there’s still a little luck involved, so you might need to try a bunch of times.

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