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MGQ2 Update 1-11-12

January 11, 2012

First off: Part 2 is a SEPARATE game than Part 1. You do NOT extract the patch into Part 1’s directory, it won’t work. I thought that was obvious, but apparently it wasn’t… If you are getting errors, first compare your four arc files. They should be of sizes:

arc.nsa – 692,203KB

arc1.nsa – 861,980KB

arc2.nsa – 9,034KB

arc3.nsa – 276KB

If any of them are wrong, it probably means you copied over the wrong arc file somewhere, or didn’t even acquire Part 2 at all, and are trying to use Part 1 still.

Second: If you get a crash (Like on the Nekomata / Kunoichi) where it looks like the text is running off the screen (The text box is full), then you can use the mon_que_NOwordwrap.exe to get around it until it’s fixed in another patch.

Third: My trip is delayed a week due to scheduling issues.


Line Type: Done / Remaining

City     – 3049/5229            – 58.3%
Story    – 7433/19600        – 37.9%
Battle    – 30425/83000        – 36.6%
Ency    – 613/1450             – 42.3%
Total     – 41520/109279        – 38%

  1. Anonymous permalink

    38% already? O.O, in just 1 month and 1 week you already got this much done? damm you are epic rogue, and also have fun in your trip :D

  2. Anonymous permalink

    ty for ur translations! its awesome!!! =D

  3. Will permalink

    Awesome–can’t wait until the next patch is out. Oh, and have a safe trip Rogue!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    You sir deserve a proper thank you.

    So thank you very much for translating this and please keep doing a great job.

  5. mkmd13 permalink

    Nice job man, do you have a rough estimate on when the next patch will be released?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Apparently 1 month and 1 week have passed already. He said that it’d take a minimum of 3 months to finish. So at the earliest, 1 month 3 weeks to go. Probably more though.

      • The game came out December 17th. It hasn’t been a month yet.

      • Irenicus permalink

        Not even a month has passed, since part 2 release. Someone needs to drop off their weed, and regain proper time perception, eh?:)

  6. Katogura permalink

    I agree thank you, I’ll for the complete translation , cause I like to avoid cliffhangers as much as possible, but seriously from a guy with a monster girl fetish and loves a good plot thank you


    • Anonymous permalink

      “Avoid Cliffhangers” Then you’re screwed regardless. Unless you’re gonna hold out for part 3 as well.

      • Irenicus permalink

        Indeed, since i can read Japanese, i have already played the whole part 2. It ends in a HUGE cliffhanger…just to think its going to be over half a year until part 3 comes out…ugh the torture…

  7. Anonymous permalink

    wow did people really complain about that rogue? btw thank you for your the translation for part1 and 2.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for all your hard work. Youre Awesome!

  9. Ricaco permalink

    Dude, You are awesome!!!

    Thank you for the time you spend for translating… without it, we, who dont know japanese, would never enjoy the game!!!

    one more thing: sorry about my “engrish”… cause I speak Brazilian Portuguese…

    • Shirokuro permalink

      I think engrish is only when you speak with a japanese accent, but im not sure about it

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Just found out you were the translator behind MGQ1 and found your site; you’re like a translating storm, man. Thanks so much for your hard work. Looking forward to it.

  11. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    If I had to pay for your services I would probably be ruined.

  12. Sebastian permalink

    Does this mean you will continue to translate even further until you go on your trip?

  13. Glantris permalink

    Mannnnn your misfortune is our gain, I guess. You can’t take money for this, but I think I speak for the vast majority of us watching your sickening speed that you would never have to pay for another drink in your life due to all your fans.

  14. Sajuuk permalink

    thanks for your hard work on transtating.
    i wish u also a safe and nice trip..
    and keep up the good work

  15. Meeeeps permalink

    Thank you for a great job.

    Bug report:
    Cursed Doll, Rape Scene 2:
    099.txt, line:73663

    Was one more rape scene that crashed, however I cannot remember whos it was.

  16. yabusa permalink

    Can’t resist to try the patch anyway… xDD

    May I know what is the “Spin-off” Series for?

  17. Anonymous permalink

    You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

  18. thanks permalink

    Thanks for all the work the game is great, I just bought one and two can’t wait for the second translation to finish

  19. Dear Guest permalink

    Anyone else playing Katawa Shoujo – Thanks for mentioning that great game by the way – to bridge the time ?

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Great work as always Rogue!

    I wanted to support Torotoro and buy the game, problem is I need a credit card for it on (and I don’t own one –> I’m not from the US where everyones got that plastic money ). Paypal doesn’t work with 18+ games on .
    Is there a way to buy the game without using a credit card?
    I don’t intend to get a credit card just for this game… although they deserve the money.

  21. Shirokuro permalink


    Dude, you are fucking awesome, i really love this game and your translations are the best

    Grettings from mexico, keep it going bro :D

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all your hard work translating games. Without you, I’d never have a chance to play, and i find myself seriously enjoying this game. Already at the end of 33%, and I can’t wait for the next patch!

  23. Anonymous permalink

    random question is there any way to unblur or uncencer (sp fail) lukas dick

    • doki permalink

      That would require extracting the game CG assets and photoshopping them, and then packaging it into the game again.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Someone over at the forums wrote that it would require the pics to be redrawn. The Japanese and their blurs, huh?

      • Anonymous permalink

        it wasnt realy a problem just curious lol thanks for your time

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Great work!

  25. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Rogue ?
    Can we be happy for your schedule delay ?
    So we can have more progression on the patch ? XD
    I’m sorry. :/

    • It has no change, really. Whether I’m gone for 2 weeks starting now or 2 weeks starting in a week, it’s still 2 weeks.

      • ShiroiRyu permalink

        Why you broke my happiness ? :(
        Anyways, two weeks, i thought it’s was like a month, so … It’s good anyways.

  26. Tomblie permalink

    I got to the part where Luka and Alice go to watch the arena and during the minotaur/centaur fight, a pop up… well… pops up displaying the text currently on the screen, then the game crashes

    What is causing that?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Download the newer patch (you may have the old bugged patch). That may fix it. Any 99.txt errors past the 33% mark is virgin zone due to complications and bla bla. Many people have problems with that and transferring the wrong arc.nsa’s and gloval.sav’s and such.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Is it wrong to secretly hope your trip gets cancelled?

  28. Thanks a lot Rogue-san xD

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Can’t wait for 66% patch to visit succubi village

  30. Anonymous permalink

    If I may have the attention of the man himself. Could I ask that you implement latest patch into your translation? At least the CG-s for witch succubus.

    • I’ve been keeping up with the patches so far, so I’ll add this one in too.

      • anon permalink

        Rogue i don’t wanna push you, or whatever, you are doing a great job, but do you mind to release another partial patch before your work trip?

        either way thanks for everything, i would like to donate a small amount but i heard on others commentaries that you don’t accept.

      • Anonymous permalink

        thank you

      • Monster-Girl Lover permalink

        Sad thing I’m noticing more and more is that there’s CGs for certain enemies (Currently Witch Succubus, Slime Group, and Nefertiti Lamias) that go unused in any way that I can tell in the main game. They’re generally extra ejaculation CGs which just show more cum, but the Witch Succubus’ unused CG is quite a bit different in one case, which is sad.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    nice man i just played through your 33% translation but i have to ask when i moved my part one save over no monsters were unlocked yet when i used a machine translated patch and transfered that save it changed to your patch from the first part for the encyclopedia on the second any ideas?

  32. Anonymous permalink

    guys for does who have error like this 099.txt, line something like that change your language setting
    set it to japanese i also did that i got no 099.txt, line error i again

    • Anonymous permalink

      how to do it without changing into japanese?

  33. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all your hard work getting this game translated.

    I look forward to the next patch, and this alleged succubus village people seem to be excited about.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      They aren’t without reason. The demo of part 2 is already translated and has one fight of the village segment in it. Might give you a taste of what is to be expected…

  34. AnonS permalink

    What percentage wise are you targeting for the next partial release? I believe you said 50% stops at the middle of a hub, and since you just did a 33% I don’t think it makes too much sense to release another one before 50%, so is it safe to think it will be around 66% for the next patch, and then the final one at 100%?

  35. kana-art permalink

    How to defeat Udine?

    • Anonymous permalink

      survive and attack her till she says u need to summon sylph and gnome at the same time and then do it

  36. Fanservicefan permalink

    Sorry to hear about the trip delay and while I prefer to wait until the patch reaches 100%, I’m truly grateful for your contribution. Still, I have a small question concerning the Monster Laboratory from part 1. In the tool folder is a .txt file (mon_labo_cmd) that appears to contain some tips that might make making scenarios much easier (at least that’s what Gnome-sama implied in his blog), but its still in Japanese. Any plans on translating that in the near future (or in-between working on the patch? Wishful thinking, I know)?

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Wow your progress is going really smoothly.

    Do you mind if I ask if your are planning to release another partial patch before finishing the translation ?

    • Jos permalink

      Rogue already pointed out that he will release a patch after each major Questhub, which will most likely result in patches at 33% 66% and 100%. So yes, we will get another patch before the final one, but Rogue will be away for a business trip so do not expect a new patch until end February.

  38. Monster-Girl Lover permalink

    Just wondering if you noticed, there’s now a popularity poll on ToroToro’s site for the MGQ girls, as of this writing looks like Alma Elma’s in the lead, followed closely by Alice and Tamamo a fairly distant third. In addition, it looks like ToroToro accidentally put some part three enemies into the listing, since I don’t recall facing a Tsukuyomi enemy so far, same goes for a Rapunzel or Meda Girl enemy.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Can you give the link of that page. I don’t understand Japanese so I don’t know where it is in his website.

  39. Bregan Jones permalink

    I’m glad you chose to release your patches in increments. My penis would get all torn up from a 100% patch right off the bat. As it is, it’s gonna take probably about a month for my sperm count to get back to normal.

  40. AnonJohn permalink

    Are you going to add 2.03 into the next patch?

  41. Grendle1853 permalink

    I have an odd issue. I can save, and then load said save if I don’t exit out of the program, but if I save then exit out the program then when I open the program back up later the save file won’t be there. I am importing my game from the MGQ part 1, and I have to import it every time I start, and I’ve checked and even without doing this my saves are gone. Any suggestions?

    • herp permalink

      ….you do realize that if mgq (part 1-2) moves the save files to another folder if the game crashes no? all you have to do is move the shit back to the actual save directory instead of importing

  42. Anonymous permalink

    rouge is a god of translation…just sayin

  43. Anonymous permalink

    Is it normal for the game to crash during the Lencubus fight scene? The fight progresses normally but if you surrender, my game automatically crashes at the line “As if melting away, the pleasure causes me to feel like my power is fading”.

    Also some of the text during Level Drain appears bugged.

    • Yeah I haven’t tested it yet in the new nscripter engine, so it could crash. Was hoping it wouldn’t.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Going to note that it crashes even when using the No-Wrap.exe, haven’t experienced the problem with anything else though.

        • Yeah, the new engine is both the wordwrap and the nowordwrap patch. He updated the version of nscripter he was using since the trial come out. It’ll work in the next patch, so just stick to the trial version if you want to see the scene, I guess.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    I see people mentoning a 2.03 patch. Someone mind telling me what it changes?

  45. Anonymous permalink

    rogue your the fastest and the best i ever saw

  46. Anonymous permalink

    Just another comment on how freaking fast you are. Keep up the good work man, kudos to you.

  47. Asonu Myon permalink


  48. Anonymous permalink

    Are you going to add 1.11 patch?

  49. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, have a nice trip!

  50. Anonymous permalink

    So, why don’t you accept donations. Not that I don’t mind someone else’s hard work for free, but I feel like you deserve something for all your time.

    • Will permalink

      Because it’s illegal…unless he was hired by Torotoro personally, he cannot make money off of their product, even if he’s just translating it…it’s kind of like how anyone can do a fan-fiction story about, let’s say, Final Fantasy; they can’t legally make any money off of it, because they have nothing to do with the creators of the original, but they are allowed to release free-to-the-public extensions and whatnot…I hope I explained this well enough.

  51. Awesome news! Have a wonderful trip, and keep up the good work!

  52. Anonymous permalink

    your awesome rouge have a great trip

  53. PubScrub permalink

    Just out of curiosity, how hard would it be to make a custom soundtrack for MGQ?

    • Imoutocon permalink

      It is as easy as downloading mp3 music.
      All you need is extraction and zipping time for your sound to be inserted into the .nsa file.

    • Very easy. You don’t even need to put them into an nsa or anything. You can just replace the current BGMs in the /bgm/ folder with whatever you want it to be in .ogg format.

      Or you can decompile the script and do a replace-all for the lines that call the bgm files and replace them with whatever you want.

  54. Anonymous permalink

    What can i say. thank you!

  55. Kyon permalink

    Does anyone know when part three is coming out?

  56. Anonymous permalink

    My arc1.nsa is not that big? its 12,017 KB? can u please tell me what happened? i mean i can start part 1 fine but part 2 wont start? any help?

  57. Anonymous permalink

    can anyone can upload some save games…..

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