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MGQ2 Final Update for January

January 15, 2012

Final update for January, since I’ll be gone until February.


Line Type: Done / Remaining

City     – 3842/5229            – 73.5%
Story    – 8690/19600        – 44.3%
Battle    – 37035/83000        – 44.6%
Ency    – 613/1450             – 42.3%
Total     – 50180/109279        – 45.9%

In addition, I added in all the changes from the 2.03 patch that was released a couple days ago. The total got about a free 2.5% boost from reaching the Succubus Village since I had already done the city text and the Lencubus fight from the trial.

  1. Malcolm- permalink

    I look forward to it being finished!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m sure your mother is proud of you for being first.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    thank you for your hard wotk :D

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Jarkill wishes for more bandits!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    So… what are your plans for around April?

  5. Anonymous permalink

    enjoy your trip! looking forward to more when you return!

  6. Febo permalink

    Thanks Rogue! Have a nice trip!

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Holy progress, batman!

  8. Anonymous permalink

    mmm…rogue sounds like a girl’s name, from x-men…;D

  9. Will permalink

    Awesome! Thank you for working so hard Rogue!

  10. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Oh … I forgot : Thanks a lot … So for january, we have already 46% of the game.
    Look like end of February, middle of march, we can hope !\o/
    Good holidays !

  11. Rogue-san, thank you :)

    I hope you will have enjoyful vacation xD

    happy vacation~

  12. Anonymous permalink

    you should apply to to be translator for one of the japanese hgame companies you could probably make some good money considering how fast/efficient etc you are with your work

  13. Malcanthet permalink

    Fantastic about 50 percent finished so far. I happily can see the 66% patch halfway through february! Good luck on your trip, Rogue!

  14. Anonymous permalink

    You are 100% awesome, man!

  15. Shirokuro permalink

    There is another patch with all the progress until now or there is only the 33% patch?

    i did not understand that o.o

    • Dear Guest permalink

      So far there is only the 33% patch. Since Rogue-san is going to be on a business trip for about two weeks, it is probably going to be another month before the next patch. Be patient ;)

  16. Wakfukk permalink

    Violated heroine needs some love too~

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue… you’re like a freaking machine when it comes to translating. Keep up the great work man!

  18. Crim permalink

    Thanks man. Have a nice trip. ^^

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Whether it is said often enough or not, thank you very much RT!

  20. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Yes, i think he will finish Violated Heroine before doing another job after the end of MGQ2.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Which will hopefully not conflict with MGQ3 :P

      • ShiroiRyu permalink

        Oh for that …
        We have to wait for like a year if i remember what i read on the comments.

        • Monti permalink

          They said it should be out during this summer.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Yeah, it’s summer. Hope Rogue can beat 2012 :D

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue are you start translation again when you come back for your trip

  22. Brad Mason permalink

    Does that have all the MQ1 monsterpedia stuff in it as well?

    • AnonJohn permalink

      MGQ1 monsterpedia has been done…

      Import your ark.nsa into MGQ2.

  23. Anonymous permalink

    I understand how bland vanadis games seem, Rogue, but I played the demo for this ‘dieselmine’ game, and it seemed really cool. any ideas, friend?

  24. Anonymous permalink

    look like we’ve got several men with similar taste -0-

    waiting for next update, waiting for the patch.

    and thanks for your work

  25. Sajuuk permalink

    thanks for your hard work rogue translator
    i wish u a good and safe trip,
    i am intrested in the game Dargoth is translating, so i will be folliwing his progress aswell,
    hope he dus it as good as u do,

    anyway best of luck and takecare

    greetings Sajuuk

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Query: What was in said 2.03 patch notes?

    Good luck on your fishing trip.

  27. JimJam permalink

    May you have a safe and eventful trip.

  28. Anonymous permalink


    • I said three months from when I started before, and that is still my plan.

      Also, don’t use google translate to post questions.

      • Anonymous permalink

        OOoooh You burned his ARSE!

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh that’s so funny … i’m dying.

        Keep up the great work.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up the great work. Thanks for all your hard work. Hope whatever it is you are doing the rest of the month goes well. Later.

  30. Ilias permalink

    Have a safe trip. I’ll be praying to myself for that.

  31. i hate reddit permalink

    yeah boi

  32. Anonymous permalink

    dude your awesome have a great trip

  33. Anonymous permalink

    Can’t wait!

  34. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for your hard work. Have a safe and pleasant (if it is possible in business;) ) trip.

  35. Anonymous permalink

    After I fused the first with the second, the sound effects went away. I don’t know how to fix it. The music is still there but sound effects are now gone.

  36. Anonymous permalink

    Hey there! I think I speak for all of us when I say that I really appreciate the time and work you are putting into this! Keep it up! Many thanks!

  37. Imoutocon permalink

    I have a save file with all characters,moves,awards unlocked except for being eaten by kadorapuru.giga. Which i have no idea of what monster is that.

    • Imoutocon permalink

      Granberia flame sword special attack and won while confused as well. Anyone has tips or knows how to acheive those 3?

    • Irenicus permalink

      It’s not kadorapuru.giga, it’s Quadruple Giga, and also it’s not a monster…thats the name of Luka most “powerful” skill, the one that costs 1 sp and take 4 turns to activate and deals about 45000 dmg.The achievement is to hit an enemy with that skill…Use it when fighting Tamamo at the end of part 2, after she collapses on the floor tired out, after using her Moonlight Ray skill.

      • Anonymous permalink

        you can use Quadruple Giga as a finishing move on Alice after her HP is brought down to zero.


        • Irenicus permalink

          Tamamo is my favorite girl, so using Quadruple Giga on her, while shes down, is not being cruel…i am just bullying the girl i like xD

          • JimJam permalink

            Apparently there is a popularity contest for the monster girls on the MGQ website.
            Vote for “たまも” and press the submit button if Tamamo is your favorite as well. :]
            (I compared the characters with Tamamo’s profile so I don’t think I messed up.)

          • Anonymous permalink

            that poll would be 10000% more effective with pictures lol

          • Irenicus permalink

            たまも means Tamamo, so don’t worry, you didn’t mess up….and indeed, with pictures it would be much more effective :)

            When i first saw that poll, i knew i had to vote for Tamamo…just as i knew i had to pick the fluffy tail, instead of the bell on part 1…0% hesitation xD

        • Caravana da Desgraça permalink

          Using it on Imp is hilarious.

  38. Anonymous permalink


  39. Axteria permalink

    Can’t wait till you get back. SUCCUBUS CITY YEA XD.

    If there is anything you need done on the english side, I’d be glad to help. (japanese is to rusty to do much more of a job than google translate…)

  40. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Where is the name of Alice in japanese ? :D
    So i can vote for her in the poll. :p

    • Irenicus permalink

      Alice full name in japanese spells アリスフィーズ

  41. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Alice is top of second column from left as “Arisufuiizu”
    It seems its currently
    1. Alma Elma (414)
    2. Alice (404)
    3. Tamamo
    4. Witch Succubus
    5. Granberia
    this was after my vote

    • Irenicus permalink

      Huh, i can certainly understand the girls listed, being popular…except number 4. That for me really came from a blind spot…

    • Anonymous permalink

      why would granberia is on 5th rank..?
      for me she is the most cute tsundere charc..XD

  42. Anonymous permalink

    Have a nice trip you deserve it.

  43. H-Fan permalink

    For the MG poll, which one is Alma Elma? =P (by far my favorite)

    • Irenicus permalink

      Alma Elma = アルマエルマ . Second column counting from left, Second name counting from top

  44. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Alma Elma is the Succubus Queen/ Heavenly Knight of Wind.
    I still like Alice better though.
    I just checked and Alice is only one vote behind.
    6. Queen Harpy ……7. Imp …..8. Vampire Girl (4 bandits)
    9. Luka…..10.Amira the not-as-unfortunate-as-she-claims Lamia
    11. Illias…….12. Sylph…….13. Crab Girl……..14. Nekomata
    15. Youko……….16. Village Head Succubus….17. Lillith & Lilim
    18. Sarah……..19. Chrome………20. Harpy….. 21. Erubetie
    22. Slime Girl…..23. Tiny Lamia (4 bandits)….24. Gnome
    25. Lamia……….26. Beelzebub…….27. Undine
    28. Valkyrie…….29. Elf……..30. LEncubus
    I won’t bother doing 31 onwards.

  45. I tied the vote between Alice and Alma!

  46. Anonymous permalink


    I bought a game in japanese that I would like to have translated.
    I am willing to pay you for your effort.

    If you are interested reply to this post.

    • Kurasoryu permalink

      Rogue’s always said that he is doing this “for fun” not for money, refusing even donations, so allow me to doubt he’ll accept

  47. Baka permalink

    Enjoy your vacation. Heck, even if you took 6 months off you’d still be a faster translator than 90% of the other translation groups, and considering how high quality your translation is in general that’s quite an achievement.

  48. Guts permalink

    Could someone help me out please! After looking through the forum I found no1 else with this problem (I just guess I’m special).
    Every time I use the special move of Gnome, Salamander or Udrin I get this error message:
    For some reason it doesn’t do it with Sylph!!
    I can’t actually proceed with the game because it just closes it after the move has been done,
    thanks in advance

    • anon permalink

      happened the same to me, the actual problem is due the patch/translation it self, as rogue said before, if you really want to play the game in japanese you should put back the japanese scripts (reverse the translation)

      • Guts permalink

        I’m already playing it in Japanese with the applocale, is there something else i’m missing?

  49. Ilias permalink

    Anyone still alive?

  50. Rederious permalink

    The only phrase to describe Rogue is “like a boss”. And a bit off topic, who love Tamamo? Also Granberia is actually kind of cute in the second one, and butch in the first one.

  51. Megatron permalink

    how to kill the purple slime knight at the cave ?

  52. Megatron permalink

    Sry for repost but i need help … how to ‘kill’ Erubetie in the end of the 33% patch ?

    • Irenicus permalink

      You don’t….it is stated over and over that Luka can’t fight on equal terms with the Heavenly Knights yet, so instead of first trying to think on how to kill them, try to think on how to survive against them.For Erubetie, you need to survive her blow…use Gnome. then defend.

      • Megatron permalink

        Thank’s ! And i don’t mean to kill her , because u can’t whit angel halo , i just mean how to defeat or chased her away i try every combinate just the gnome-defend not xD

  53. mike permalink

    Hey rogue what are you going to do if “big brother” takes down mediafire like they took down megaupload?

    host the stuff on here?

    • AnonJohn permalink

      fileserve, filesonic, 4shared, rapidshare, czshare, upload, uploading, wupload, zomgupload, I can go on but I think you get my point.

      • AnonJohn permalink

        megaupload will be back up eventually.

        • Anonymous permalink

          the founder already in jails mind you….

          • AnonJohn permalink

            Doesn’t matter, it’ll be back.

          • Lowlightt permalink

            The founder (non us citizen) was arrested by the usa not on us soil and flown to the usa to face charges (we shouldn’t be allowed to do that first off) The charges among them are money laundering (the fbi is claiming that the megaupload rewards system is a form of money laundering that one will be thrown out) In the end not only will megaupload be back up, there probably going to get a sizable portion of the us treasury after they sue the government for any number charges. Also don’t forget CEO of megauploads is Beatz as in Swizz Beatz. This raid is the direct result of the music industry being afraid of megauploads new business model which would offer a sight for music artists to post there albums and songs and sell them to consumers directly. Artists would retain 90% of the proceeding with 10% going to megaupload. Megaupload was also soon launching its own music production company to help out groups and artists that don’t have the money to professional record. Yep the music industry is scared of this, and sense they already own the fbi and congress they decided they wanted this shut down go figure.

      • Kurasoryu permalink

        anonyupload, that’s the alternative

    • There are plenty of other file serving sites, I’ll put them on another one.

  54. momotaro permalink

    dear rogue, after finishing mgq2 are you gonna continue with vh?

  55. kalil permalink

    yo a little help i am experienced crashes against nekomata
    if i request her to beat me with her tail, paws pads or her brest the game crash and give this message:

    • Hermit permalink

      This is due to translated text not fitting into text area.
      Using NOwordwrap executable will lower number of such crashes, but won’t eliminate all of them.

  56. Anonymous permalink

    There’s an achievement for obtaining “Proof of a Hero” or something along that line. Does anyone know how to get it?

  57. Anonymous permalink

    There’s an achievement for obtaining “Proof of a Hero” or something along that line. Does anyone know how to get it?

    • Irenicus permalink

      To get the hero’s proof you need to go Gold Port and talk to the 3 “sages”, they will ask you to get 3 gems: gem of friendship, gem of luck, and gem of victory.

      gem of friendship:You need to get 2 items for this – the first is a part 1′s item that you obtain from when you apologize to the fairy you stepped on…the second you get from part 2, by feeding the nekomata with a grilled sea anenome(again a part 1 item).After completing the area where the plants were at war with the insects, go back there again and talk with the leader of the plants.

      gem of luck: Again, you need an item from part 1, the genie’s lamp.Go to Gold Port, to the general item shop…clerk will buy it from you for money and offer a raffle ticket as an extra.In the same town go to the raffle spot…Luka will win the 1st prize which is the gem of luck.

      gem of victory: This one is the easiest. Amira will give it to you, when offering info on all of the rest of the orbs.

      Well basically,the only way to attain this achievement is by carrying your previous savedata from part 1, else your out of luck.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks. There are two moves I can’t get Queen Elf and Alma Elma to use, Heaven’s something or other for Queen Elf and the last move on the list for Alma Elma, do I need to do something before they use those moves?

        • Irenicus permalink

          Have you tried in hard mode?Some enemies don’t only use some skills in normal mode.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks dude I was wondering how to get this achi :)

      • Alist permalink

        After you get Undine, can you go back from Gold Port to get the Orb of Friendship?

  58. kana-art permalink

    Thanks you for your hard work

  59. Random Fan permalink

    Please hurry, its such a cliffhanger!

    (Well, if you only speak English and depend on the translation)

  60. ZI9TheBlackwing permalink

    So any one have any idea what going to happen in Part 3?
    You know after the massive cliffhanger at the end of Part 2.
    I have couple theories but i kinda want some other opinions.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Luka goes of to kill/defeat the angels and destroy Ilias maybe? but im not sure about the ancient monsters or Black alice

  61. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t have any of the gems, Can I go back eventually and get them? Or if someone would be kind enough to upload there save up to the end of the 33% patch that would be wonderful. I have three orbs though. On a side note is the heroes proof really needed?

  62. I guess my post never got posted.
    Anyways I was wondering if anyone knew if I could go back and get the gems for the heroes proof? If I can’t would anyone be kind enough to upload a save file with them on there that’s at the end of the 33% patch? On a side note is the heroes proof really important?

    • Dear Guest permalink

      As nobody seems to have the time to reply, I’ll try to contribute my half-knowledge. Although I have only be able to play the already translated part due to game crashes afterwards, I strongly believe that you get the gems automatically as the story progresses. At least with the first three or so that was the case, one from the bandits, another after the Coliseum and one between that I forgot the details about. Also the Kraken is in possession of a gem, but you don’t get in part 1 as far as I know. So it isn’t possible that you don’t have any of the gems, you probably just expected them to be in the wrong item window, try scrolling left and right and you will (hopefully) see that they’re actually there…

      • Irenicus permalink

        Your making a mistake, what you are talking about is the orbs…there are 6 of them: red, yellow, green, blue, silver and purple.They are items necessary to advance the story, so you wont miss them.

        To complete the hero’s proof achievement its required you find 3 gems, NOT the orbs. The 3 gems of friendship, luck and victory.These are OPTIONAL items that you will only be able to get them if you got the optional items in part 1 that i mentioned above. And no…you cannot go back and get the gems or the items required for it…once you leave the area you can’t go back…thats the reason they ask if you have done everything you had to do, before leaving each area. Also, what is the reward for getting all achievements? That, no one knows yet..only after part 3, that is the end of game, comes out, we will know.

        • Dear Guest permalink

          Oh… sorry^^

        • IzanaginoOokami permalink

          It is possible to miss them, as you can theoretically skip the bandits, and the Sphinx Events and going straight to Illiasport/ Gnome Battle. It’s just that it encourages you to do the events in ascending level order, to reach the maximum possible level.
          I actually beat Gnome at lv 21 instead of 25 one time.

          • Dear Guest permalink

            Well sure it’s possible, although I don’t quite see the advantage in doing that.
            Gnome at lvl 21 is something … but you do realize that getting the H-Scene doesn’t count as having beaten her :P

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            I mean I actually completed Monster Girl Quest part 1.
            But that was not on the first play-through, it was just because there were some parts I couldn’t be bothered doing, like Enrika villiage, also it was easy difficulty, but I do wonder, if Geruda is crucial to the plot, what happens if you missed an orb, the arena is optional, though missing “Kyuba” woukd probably make it harder later, since she trains you in using Sylph.

    • Gogetters permalink

      Already have the gem of friendship.

  63. axlorius permalink

    thank you very much man, i consider this game the best ever in history, i love the plot, it’s amazing, deep, the two protagonists, couple of the yea! i think this is just something more than another stupid h-game, thank you again for your hard work, i appraciate it so much, good luck in everything!

  64. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue you are so nice for doing this :D

  65. Anonymous permalink

    Sweet!! Great work you’re doing for all of us…

    So where do I download this awesome patch?

    No matter how hard I search,

    besides the 33% patch…
    I can’t find any files or links of this ‘final update for Jan’ Patch.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Because there isn’t one.

    • Anon permalink

      It’s only the patch, you need the game in Japanese to add it to plus the arc.nsa for your MQ1 data and gloval.sav for ur old Monsterpedia entries

  66. alkenstine permalink

    Jesus how are you this fast? at this pace you will most likely be done nearing the beginning of summer break.

  67. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Rogue. I have just read that mediafire have 90 or 60 days to shut itselfs down. It is unconfirmed, but I wanted to inform you about it because youre using it..

    • Imoutocon permalink

      Jesus christ are you sure? can you make sure of that before posting? I am damn scared right now. Mediafire was always my outlet.

      • Crys Emily permalink

        Mediafire is -not- shutting down. Neither is Rapidshare.
        Quick panicking because everyone else is.

        • Early today, the FBI issued a new media sharing file site, Mediafire, to take down its website and return all profits to Children in Need. Special Agent Page Innes told us “they will have to take it down, it’s full of child porn and adult images”. Agent Innes then tooked at her boss, who gave her a little wink. Moments later Mediafire was taken down and several phone calls were made. After a crurling 2 hour discussion, Mediafire was back online stating ” we will never die!” …

          Source warez-bb

          • Anonymous permalink

            Fake news is fake. I thought this was pretty funny though.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Mediafire is fine.

  68. Ape permalink

    So can anyone give me more info on this game and tell me if I would like it? So far these are my impressions:

    1) Seems to be a lucky guy gets rape by hot girls game, which is not to my taste but there can be exceptions. Also, the guy seems to be a little kid, which is also a turn off.

    2) Seems to be text and CG only. This is very IMPORTANT; wthout moving pictures the H compartment is probably out for me.

    3) Did not like the trial, but it only gave one battle.

    Is the non-H gameplay or plot good enough for me to like it even if I don’t care for the H-contents?

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      The artwork of Luka is depicted as a Shota, however, he is stated to be at least 16 years old if not older, take into account that it’s a more-or-less medieval fantasy setting where you were considered an adult at a much earlier age (14 or 15) and it doesn’t seem quite so strange for him to set off on a journey. Also asking whether or not the plot is good enough is kind of subjective and based on one’s own personal tastes.

      • Ape permalink

        Thanks for the replay. Based on your replay, its most likely a text and cg game and its probably not for me. Appreciate RougeTranslation’s hard work regardless.

        • IzanaginoOokami permalink

          Well it is a visual novel/H-game after all, so no most likely at all, while it does have rpg-esque battles, depending on the difficulty setting, they are easily passed, and the battles are all in a scripted order, with only a few branching points, and optional battles, and absolutely no grinding.

    • Anonymous permalink

      1. The age factor was answered by Iza, and Luka is not particularly lucky. Most of the time, he dies eventually from mass extraction. Keep in mind its rape, and in this world, getting raped by MG’s is a death-penalty sin.

      2. Some of the new artists in part 2 are bleh, but some artists in both games are wonderful. Also, the test is great. It’s on par if not better than moving animation. And the sound effects as well…. uwahhh….. LUKAAAAATTACK BEAM!!!

      3. Trials are trials. The trial doesn’t really show that much.

      The story is surprisingly in depth, and the gameplay is pretty fun and challenging esp on hard mode. I reccommend you play all of part 1 and try fapping to some of the good scenes and see how you like it. Don’t just give up cause you don’t like a scene or two. Also, Rogue just makes english translation. ToroToro makes the game. ToroToro is a group of multiple artists who basically draw and make Monster Girl games or audio+cg dramas.

      P.S. dl files for part 1 and 2 are everywhere if you google it. Rogue can’t support the downloads nor take donations or ToroToro can shut him down.

  69. Aun... permalink

    Rogue…i Love you!!! 555+++

  70. Aun... permalink

    Rogue…I love u…. 555++

  71. Michae permalink

    I wonder if we will get an update on 1rst Febryary ? ^^

    • Dear Guest permalink

      I sincerely doubt that :(

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        Even if he did, it would be right after returning from his trip and wouldn’t really allow for any real progress on the patch (assuming “returning in February” = returning on February the First.)
        It certainly wouldn’t bring the progress to the point of releasing the next translation patch at ~66%

  72. Anonymous permalink

    just wondering how can i get the latest dowload for the english patch :3 and ty again btw xD

  73. Anonymous permalink

    hey ty bro, just wondering where can i get the latest update for the english patch?

  74. Anonymous permalink

    Hey. Just wanted to say thank you, really. I seriously appreciate you’re translating this. Please keep it up.

  75. Nobody with a hard on permalink

    Rogue, I just wanted to drop in and thank you for your first submission to MQ1. I had so much fun, tons of laughs, and healthy doses of hora to entertain me with it.

    Learning that you were continuing with the 2nd game game me an excitement boner, which I would show you if not for being limited to English language text inside this 300×700 box. So you’ll just have to imagine it instead. Are you imagining my boner now?

    Regardless my dick salutes you; over and over.

  76. Anonymous permalink

    You are the fastest translator I have ever seen.
    Keep up the good work :)

  77. Anonymous permalink

    So exited!

  78. Anonymous permalink

    no comments for 7 days…guys anybody there?)

  79. Ilias permalink

    Come out, come out – wherever you are ~

    • Monti permalink

      *Hides in a bush* ._. I’ll come out for a cookie! >:3

      • Ilias permalink

        Here, have it. It is made of 100% Monstergirls.

  80. Anonymous permalink

    SPELLING TYPO. When Luka is talking to Tamamo about her teaching Alice and why she hates Kitsunes in Yamatai, she says “… My method of ubringing was bad.” It should be upbringing.

  81. Anonymous permalink

    how do you defeat undine?

    • Scarlethill permalink

      You must bring her life down until it she says somethine like ” you will never defeat me if you not can use 2 summons at the same time” something like that and when she says that just summon the other one :)

      hope it helped :D

  82. lupil permalink

    You said you included the new stuff into the 2.03 patch recently released. the 33% patch is the same as when it was first released. Is there another place I can get a more up to date patch, or is all that addition just part of the percentile done chart you have up? I’d like to just be clear on this.

    … Damn I wish i could read japanese. i can speak it, but am illiterate.

  83. john permalink

    how do u become a translation edit-er? Cause I would to help on manga, h-game and other.

    • lupil permalink

      Basically a translator is just someone whom knows multiple languages, and translates between the 2. An editor in translating manga is multiple roles. The Typesetter, and the cleaner. same premise for H-games, though it’s a little different.

  84. Anonymous permalink

    how do u become a translation edit-er? Cause I would to help on manga, h-game and other.

  85. Anonymous permalink

    well i try looking for it but i got lost >.< sry for causing problem…

  86. Mkmd13 permalink

    I cant wait till February now!!!

  87. aaron permalink

    any chance you can re-translate Vh please since there is a more up dated version

  88. Anonymous permalink

    Great work translating, sir!

    You’ve given me something to look forward to.

  89. max7685 permalink

    thanks for your work! May I ask if after this game are you planning to come back translating VH or another game?
    thanks much!

  90. Shirokuro permalink

    Hey i have a question if some knows

    There is another monster after Gnome in the monsterpedia, no, it is not from the second game, the first one in the second game is the minoutaurus girl, i dont know how to get that monster after gnome.

    please somebody help me T.T

    • Anonymous permalink

      That’s Illias, to get her you have to ask for her advise fifty times and she will commence a sex scene then you get her entry

    • Anonymous permalink

      Ask Illias for help 50 times when you lose then you get her entry in the monsterpedia in the first game.

  91. Mkmd13 permalink

    Hey, the main website has been updated with two more monsters for part 3!

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