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I didn’t get my degree in Mexican Studies.

January 31, 2012

But at least I’m back.

Since I’m sure people are wondering: I did very little translating during my business trip. I only did one battle, the normal Succubus in the Succubus Village one day when I was stuck in my Hotel. I’ll be back to doing normal stuff today though.

In other news:

1. Torotoro updated his site with images of two new monsters for part 3. They’re the ones marked “New” on the sidebar.

2. Dargoth, the guy translating Violated Hero looks like he’ll be done soon. He posts in a hongfire thread here, so give it a check out when it’s done.

3. Another RPGMaker game revolving around corruption is being translated. It’s a newer version of RPGMaker and the images are 3d models (But not animated), though. His site is located here, if you’re interested.

4. The Giants are going to win the Super Bowl, because Tom Brady is a butt.


EDIT: The degree thing is a joke, it’s an old 4chan meme.

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  1. Dear Guest permalink

    Glad you’re back :)
    I’m surprised that you translated anything at all, as you mentioned that you didn’t want to have anything “suspicious” on your hard drive because of the airport customs. Change your mind?

    • I bring an encrypted memory key around with me when I travel. I threw it onto that just in case. It doesn’t even look like a memory key, so it has never been checked. Even if they do check it, the encrypted portion is in a hidden volume while the innocuous stuff is visible.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Dude, you rock!

      • glad your back i can’t wait for the game to come out in english

      • I like slime girls permalink

        You could’ve just taken the script though right?
        Not like you need the images to translate.
        Or is dirty literture illegal too?

  2. Anon permalink

    I still love you regardless.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    welcome back =)

  4. Anonymous permalink

    There goes my hopes of the next patch being released tomorrow ;_;

    Nice to have you back though.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Welcome back – sad to hear about your degree.

    Also, thanks a LOT for that info on these games! Extremely appreciated and I hope to see more round-ups like this on upcoming translations in the future, it’s a huge help.

    • Yeah, they denied me from Mootxico due to being too white.

      Also, there’s a much much much better round-up done on 4chan’s /jp/ page on Saturday, posted roughly between 7-9pm EST about fan translations.

  6. Febo permalink

    Welcome back Rogue! I am excited for future updates. Oh and go Pats!

  7. Anonymous permalink

    o sorry to hear about degree, but am sure u well have other chance at it soon, any who am a new person to this site, i like the Violated Heroine that is posted here and looking forword to new updates with that one

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Aww, sorry for the degree thing. Anyways, welcome back! Also, have you heard about the whole SOPA/PIPA/ACTA thing? ACTA is still alive, and apparently the US and Japan along with several other UN countries have signed it. Megaupload is dead and Filesonic/share has temporarily disabled file sharing. has banned users from the US as well. Grim days ahead, indeed. Also, I’m not exactly sure about this, but Mediafire is supposedly due for trial in 3 months or so.

    • Anonymous permalink

      No, MediaFire is fine.

      MediaFire has nothing to do with Megaupload, so unless the FBI somehow has something on them relating to Megaupload (which is very unlikely) it is unrelated to Megaupload and is a different matter entirely.

      I don’t believe MediaFire is going to court because we’ve already seen fake news about them being shut down for child porn or some crap when if fact it was just a update.

      Megaupload is the ONLY site in trouble, all the others are shooting themselves in the foot out of fear.

  9. anon permalink

    Sorry about your degree, you are really taking the translation back today? take your time bro, that must have been 2 hard weeks. when do you think that the second partial patch gonna be released?

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah Tom Brady is a hairy butt.

  11. A Non-E Moose permalink


  12. xsa1987 permalink

    Man, i miss your translations so much . I’m stuck with the monster (The Flies sisters – Pritates Sisters). To beat them need to summon Udine and keep her state for a while . Because of AGTH , i event don’t understand how to using it properly !!! Again , thank for the previous translation anyway !

  13. welcome back

  14. Anonymous permalink

    The two new monsters are kinda weird. The long tongued girls are just a variant of the frog girls from part 2, and the gargoyle creeps me right the hell out. It’s like getting caught by the Chimera from 1 or 2…not a good way to go, kinda encourages you NOT to lose in that case.

    • Good for variety, though. There’s only so many ways someone can be raped. I mean sheesh, after part 2 Luka already has about 180 different ways of being raped.

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        Akaname (Red Licker) is a Japanese Yokai that licks the scum from your bathtub, inJapanese folklore, but is harmless albeit kind of disturbing, especially if it showed up while your taking a bath.

    • Anonymous permalink

      If you really want to see something that encourages you not to lose, fight Cerberus. That stuff right there is nightmare fuel!

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        I think Frederika, Chrome and any of the Zombies are among the worst.

        • Anonymous permalink

          How could I forget about those!?

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            Probably to preserve your sanity

    • Anonymous permalink

      The artist for the first 3 Succubi and the Frog Girls is pretty nice besides the whole tongue fetish. Izanagino explained about those tongue girls. The Gargoyle is drawn by Arekishi, who specializes in oppai loli (loli’s with huge boobs) and paizuri. He only drew for Imp in part 2, so it’s great that he’s returning. The Gargoyle looks cute imo, not creepy like the Chimera Dryads.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rogue, been following your translations for a really long time now, and i know you dont take donations…. but ARGH! is there anything i can do to show you my appreciation for all youve done? other than say…. thanks?

    P.S. You roxxorz my boxxorz, keep up the amazing work. =D

    • Anonymous permalink

      I would totally donate money as well
      (already purchased MGQ if that is the moral dilemma)

      • Anonymous permalink

        He’s not legally allowed to take money, since he’s not affiliated with the company or the game.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    We got this. Brady is gunna suck a bag of dicks.

  17. Shirokuro permalink

    Violated Hero sounds funny, but somebody knows when can i download it?

    In order to play it when the english patch is ready =D

  18. NotSoSerious permalink

    My condolences on the imaginary degree. Anyways, welcome back and hope you enjoyed your trip. Oh and thanks for translating, despite the fact you were busy the entire time.

  19. DeathsUncleBob permalink

    Is there a tentative release date for the next patch?

    I’ve stuck on the granberria bitch after the fire spirit, and not being able to read japanese is killing me >.<

    Keep up the good work, maybe you can get that mexican degree someday ^_^

  20. Sajuuk permalink

    welcome back.

  21. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Oh man … For the meme degré, never knew about it.
    I’m fucking dumb. XD

  22. Rederious permalink

    Welcome back and I hope you enjoyed your trip, let’s face it you deserve break after all the hard work you have done.

  23. Dmitri permalink

    Glad to hear you’re back, can you Tell its how Soon until a66% update

  24. Anonymous permalink

    are you going to be translating any more of the fan made monsterlab dialogue?

  25. Anonymous permalink

    You’re a champion, RT. One question: I want to donate to you. Is that possible? I feel like if you’re going on international business trips you probably won’t want my dirty peasant money, but you do an awful lot of work for us for free, and I just sorta feel bad! Do you have a paypal or something that I can throw my wallet at?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t think rogue is allowed to make any money off the work he’s doing because it’s torotoro resistance’s product.

      So it can only be a fan project.

      • Anonymous permalink


        Fair enough. I guess the semen-encrusted thankyous of a serial masturbater will have to suffice.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    please don’t release another patch this month, I’m attempting no-fap February

    thank you

  27. Anon permalink

    please disregard the comment above, I can’t wait for the next patch, keep up the great work :3

  28. Zabusy permalink

    Only I noticed that if you lose to statue girl you turn into statue too?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yes, but the breasts aren’t petrified at the end, and Luka’s penis is probably not either.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    gargoyle girl looks awesome. what a way to be raped turned to stone for however many years… and then seen by randomers would be funny if his mum was still alive and walked past after he turned to stone while he was in the midst of his orgasm face… ahhhh mind wondered off track there but dude great work on past patch and loved your work on part one take your time and appreciate what your doing for the people who understand no Javanese text like me :P

  30. Anonymous permalink

    hurry up and translate this game you lazy fuck i could of done this in like 30 mins all it is text.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hey Fuck you A-hole
      If you cant wait Fuck-off you piece of shit.

    • Joshua permalink

      it’s easy to hate when you’re an Anon, isn’t it?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Easy to go on Anon when you wanna hate, isn’t it?

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        I want to see how long it takes that guy to write a script in english of 80 thousand or so words in 30 minutes, let alone translating from another language and the time spent looking up any of the more obscure kanji and vocab.
        Licensed groups like Mangagamer for instance end up taking a year or more to complete a game and thats with multiple people doing different jobs.
        Either that guy lives under a bridge and attacks goats, or he is just ignorant and talking out his arse.

        • Come now, are you all new to the internet or something? The only acceptable solution for trolls is to ignore them.

          • Wrandral permalink

            as it’s always said : Obvious Troll is obvious

          • Anonymous permalink

            See also: Laughing

  31. Okaeri Rogue-san ^^

  32. Anonymous permalink

    Hmm…didn’t Moot use to post pictures of himself as a guy in Mexico with a Mexican studies degree?

  33. Anonymous permalink

    Welcome back Rogue. I’m curious about something regarding the translations and this will probably sound weird, but I don’t mean any offense or so by it, nor am I offended. Merely curious.

    Are the translations literal and direct? Like for example, a lot of the moves have translated names such as “Double tit fuck” etc. Are those exact translations or just the only way to say it in English? The vulgarity or anything doesn’t really offend, me, I was just curious as if that was translators choice of words or if the literal translations were softer. Thanks.

    Edit: Btw I love the storyline of the game. Never thought I’d see myself playing one of these types of games, but the storyline is actually surprisingly captivating.

    • Many are direct and literal, but some aren’t. If I think it would sound stupid in english as a direct translation (Or it just wouldn’t fit in the skill box), I change it.

      The original used for your example is usually written as ダブルパイズリ (Double Paizuri). Whether Paizuri (Tit fuck/titty fucking) is “softer” in Japanese is debatable. It’s certainly softer for non Japanese speakers, simply because “Paizuri” hasn’t been equated with a “bad word” for your whole life. But then again, Japanese itself doesn’t have the whole fascination with “curse words” that English has in the first place.

      Overall, I’d say the original text tries to use more creative methods of describing body parts, and using a lot of onomatopoeia that would read jarringly out of place in English, so I tend to replace them with similes to get a similar effect.

      • Oh, as for the vulgarity thing: If you notice, whenever Luka says anything or thinks to himself, he never uses the word “pussy” unless he’s in the process of being corrupted. The only ones who use “pussy” are the more vulgar monsters. Luka sticks with “vagina”. But I’ve been more careful with that in the second part, and most of the first. I probably slipped it in a few times on accident before I started being more careful.

        The non-vulgar alternatives for “Tit Fuck” that I can think of are “breast job” and “Mammary Intercourse” which both sound stupid to me.

        • Jos permalink

          Interesting, I’m going to pay attention to the vulgar language for the next part. I lol’d at Mammary Intercourse… What the hell?

          • Anonymous permalink

            It’s the wikipedia term.

      • Dargoth permalink

        It is somewhat annoying how Japanese commonly uses onomatopoeia whereas it’s practically relegated to interjection status in English. Sentences with two pieces of on-mim and a simile are loads of fun to translate, and some loss of description is almost inevitable. I try to make up for it by adding some spice to the plain parts, but there’s only so much you can do.

        Also glad to see I’m not the only one who spends his evenings thinking of other ways to express titty fucking in English. left that one out for some reason…

        • Jos permalink

          Think a common word is Russian massage, sounds better than Mammary Intercourse >_>

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        The only Japanese “curse words” I’ve ever come across are all pretty tame,
        kuzou/kusou? = shit, but comes across more like damnit!
        unko = poop, not really a swear word, but used alot by Maria Takayama and Kobato Hasegawa in Boku wa Tomodachi ga sukunai, especially towards each other, they are 10 and 13 respectively.
        also “chikushou” (I have no idea how to spell it, I’m going by how it sounds) also used when you are frustrated.
        Makeinu = loser dog,
        also the suffix “yaro” which I hear attached to various forms of address like “konoyaro” which fansubbers usually translate as bastard.

  34. Welcome back rogue keep up the good work ^_~ -AMVGFan

  35. Will permalink

    Hey, glad to see you’re back, buddy! Not glad to hear about you being denied…because you’re too white? That’s ridiculous…assholes…

    Anyway, I hope you’re doing well at least! Welcome back, Rogue!!

  36. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, just wondering how did your japanese get to the native level? did you spend alot of time in Japan/study abroad? I’m always looking for tips to improve (aside living there)

  37. Atrax the Tracker permalink

    Well,looks like many monster girl games are coming out,all in japanese.Looks like a new trend begins.But seriously,how gets a man raped(without being gay,fashism and various other methods.)?[Please don’t answer to the previous sentence]

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      Is that supposed to be a rhetorical question?

  38. Atrax the Tracker permalink

    Nope.But seriously Rogue did a really good job translating the game.Are there are translated/english non hentai games like Monster girl quest?I like the story more than the H-scenes. But fun to watch them though.

  39. Incubusknight permalink

    Welcome back Rogue, hope everything went well on your business trip.
    Looking forward to to the next patch, but of course like always take your time and bring this great game to life for all of us non-Japanese readers. We all really appropriate it! =D

    It’s kinda sad to say, but out of all the other games that I’ve seen coming out this year the finished translated version of MGQ2 (and maybe 3) are the games I’m really looking forward to playing.

    • Rederious permalink

      Even over Darkness 2 and Mass Effect 3

      • Incubusknight permalink

        I’ll still be picking up ME3 when it comes out, It’s just if I had to choose between ME3 and MGQ-2 I’d seriously get MGQ-2 because it’s more up my ally with the medieval fantasy type setting, likeable/interesting characters, and of course the story.
        ME3 has good points too, but I was never much of a sci-fi fantasy fan.
        That and there’s no Alice/Lamia in ME3 =(

  40. spanther permalink

    Hi RogueTranslator :3

    I really love your work! This game was very awesome and I found out about you after I’ve got the first part and informations about the translation source. But one thing really made me sad somehow. All your work is perfect, but for me I think it really is sad that you have changed names in the second part away from the original ones. These japanese original ones just fit in better me thinks and I miss them inside the second part, after I have read them in their original way at the first part :(

    Maybe you please can overthink this and give them their original names? Pleeeeease :(

    Thank you in advance and thumbs up for your nice work :3

    • Changing it back would get the same reaction from those who prefer Alma Elma, so I won’t do it. I prefer Alma Elma anyway, so I can shorten the name to just Alma when the characters are talking about her or Luka is doing inner monologue.

      • spanther permalink

        Hmm ok :(

        Well I ever thought the original name is the best. Okay, but if you decide for a change, can you please change the first translation name too so that it is consistent and she is named Alma in all parts? :)

        • I did, it should be right in the next patch.

          • spanther permalink

            So I understood you right, that you patch Monster Girl Quest part 1 again, so that the name in both game parts is the same? Or do you patch it in part 2 only, so that I have to merge both game parts together, to get a consistant gameplay? Please tell me :)

  41. TheGreatHeinrich permalink

    Hello, Rogue. I made a few modifications to the script that fixes the out of bounds text error people are getting when Japanese text is mixed with English text (ex. “Luka deals XXX damage!” -> and then the game crashes). It also makes it so that the numbers appear as half-width characters instead of full-width, like the rest of the sentence, for consistency’s sake. Would you like me to send you the modified script for testing? (I haven’t tested all the battles yet)

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      Also, I fixed that annoying ass bug that made Gnome (Level 3) cost 2 SP instead of 1.

      • That would be cool… I found a way to fix the issue with the numbers myself, but it requires an extra new line after each use in the battle, which puts a crash into every single battle. If you found a way without that new-line thing, that would be awesome.

        Also, the most recent patch by torotoro has that Gnome bug fixed, so I have that one already fixed =D. My e-mail is if you wanted to send it.

  42. Fanservicefan permalink

    Welcome back. There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you over e-mail but I’m not sure if its so important that I need to resort to that. Well, I might but I’ll try my luck here first. There’s a Monster Laboratory related .txt file that appears to contain a sort of graph that goes into more detail concerning certain commands. I’ve been trying to make a scenario to pass the time until part 2 is 100% translated but motivation to experiment dropped due to Gnome-sama being MIA since mid-January (not knowing his e-mail address doesn’t help matters). I tried to commission someone else but I can never afford it but he did recommend Google Translate of all things. Apparently the .txt file is basically made up of short phrases and machine translations go through those accurately. I did just that and it turned out to be moderately more legible then I expected. Still, I want a human being to at least check it out. Ideally, I’d want you to translate it. Not right away of course, just an assurance that you’d get to it.

    TL;DR..the above can be boiled down to two things.

    1. E-mail you the mon_labo_cmd.txt and its machine translated counterpart to see if the words came out the way they’re supposed to. Doesn’t have to be perfect.
    2. Translate it yourself at a later date.

    Best of luck!

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      You could just try experimenting with the commands using the broken machine English. I managed to learn a lot about most of them by just doing random stuff or copying numbers from the game script.

      • Fanservicefan permalink

        And what of the more complex stuff like adding your own sprites, backgrounds, and music? Well, even if the .txt doesn’t say how to do those stuff some understanding would be nice. I wonder where Gnome-sama is.

  43. Anonymous permalink

    Hey guys, look what I (tried to) made:

    And if image imbedding doesn’t work:

    It’s an attempt at making Luka in Soul Calibur 5’s character creator. Maybe I can get him looking a little closer to the original after unlocking some more parts, but it’s passable as is. Let’s see how many people recognize him online.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Wow i like that its pretty cool.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Now try Alice !

    • Anonymous permalink

      Make some Monster Girls. I think centaur would be possible, afaik there are horse legs in that game.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Good to have you back Rogue. I can’t wait for this to be translated!

  45. Nicrosis permalink

    Yo! Rogue. cus I waiting so long
    Now my Times Defeated: 397
    The last time is Luka succumbed to the Minotauros’s tit fuck.
    Oh my Luka.

    • Rederious permalink

      You say that like it was a bad thing.
      Of course I always prefer Tamamo’s tails.

    • Jos permalink

      Minotauros titfuck is quite nice isn’t it.

  46. Anonymous permalink

    While I’m super grateful for all you’re doing and the 2 other games you posted look good I completely disagree with 4.

  47. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up the good work Rogue.
    By the way, it’d be nice if you could give prospect on when you are going to release the next patch.
    Even if its in the beginning of April, It’ll be fine but not knowing when to expect it is killing me.

    • Anonymous permalink

      He said he never gives out a due date on patches unless he’s absolutely sure he’ll make it, aka like a few days or maybe a week before the patch is done. The next patch is supposed to be around 66%, but he may exceed it in order to reach the end of the next hub area. By hub, he means the map where you choose to go to different areas depending on the lvl.

  48. Ryanhabs permalink

    Rogue, I have to say thanks for your work on translating these games. I love the games and tried playing MGQ1 a bit ago without translation and just really got bored of not knowing what was going on. The story makes thse game and your translations are great… even if you throw in the occasional “mammary intercourse”. <— LOL, seriously … it makes me laugh everytime.

  49. Keep it up! Patiently awaiting the second update…

  50. Luka permalink


  51. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue’s back on the job, and my viagra refill just came in. Things are looking up.
    Now if only I can figure out why Village of Nightmare won’t work…

  52. /d/mod permalink


    seems Habisain is going to fix that one major bug/lack of feature in his program. eventually.

  53. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone know how to apply patch v2.04?

    • You just extract it into the game directory. It will overwrite the English script, of course. I just added it into my script, so it will be a part of the next patch.

  54. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    There is something I was curious about, in part one in the cave where you meet Tamamo for the first time, as well as the mimic and certain non-secrets are “revealed” (well to the protagonist anyway).
    there is a “medusa” that is some kind of giant cave-louse, but a more mythologically accurate medusa (snake hair, petri-gaze, etc.) appears in part 2.
    What’s up with that?

    • Actually, I had no fucking idea what that thing was. I asked someone, and he thought that it might have been a reference to a Medusa thing from dragon quest, so I put that as her name, since I had no clue.

      Turns out that in Part 2, there’s an actual Medusa. So I went back and changed that monster’s name to Medea, and made the new one in Part 2 Medusa.

      I still have no idea what that thing is.

      • Dear Guest permalink

        So in japanese, the part 1 medusa is called something entirely else and you basically have to find a most suitable replacement for that name? Does that count for the majority of the monsters?

        • She was actually called “Meda” in part 1, not Medea like I said. I have no idea what the monster was a reference to. That’s the only case in the game where I didn’t know what the monster was, and had to guess.

          • Dear Guest permalink

            So it was me-da in katakana/hiragana and you switched it to Medusa in part 1?
            Or are the monsters in general given entirely different names in japanese? For instance, is there a term for “goblin girl” in japanese?^^
            Sorry for bothering you with the same question twice, I should’ve formulated my question more precisely the first time around.
            English ain’t my first language you see :P

          • Yes, it was me-da in katakana.

            All the other names are either the exact same thing, or their translation. So for Goblin girl, yes, it was literally written as ゴブリン (Goburin/Goblin). Vampire Girl was ヴァンパイアガール, etc…

          • Dear Guest permalink

            Thanks for clearing that up. I was in the middle of learning japanese enthusiastically when in a freak (drinking) accident I almost amputated my right thumb and couldn’t write for 3 months. Maybe being able to “contribute to the community” one day shall be my motivation to pick up where I left off^^
            Anyway have a nice weekend.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Medusa is the name of a kind of parasite I believe, which makes sense. If you have enough room, in your next patch you could try to rename it to Medusa Parasite or something. Also, Medea is a character from 1 of the plays of Euripedes (Greek playwright). Medea was a princess and mastered in magic, she could do anything. The gods put a love spell on her and made her madly obsessed with Jason, the hero (yandere, lol). Also, couldn’t the part two real Medusa be called Gorgon as well?

      • Anonymous permalink

        That “medusa” monster looks a lot like one of the bug monsters from Dragon Quest.

  55. ThisGameRule permalink

    cool in new patch by extracting the nsa file i think they have improved all of alice’s(part 2) and erbetie’s cgs
    and added an actual cg (instead of just internal view) for mosquito and moth girl

  56. RandomFan permalink

    most of us our curous, what would be a eta on the next patch…

    • Dear Guest permalink

      The last time he stated the exact time and date the patch would be available at.
      I guess you can only do so when you’re nearly done translating and there’s probably still much to do.
      “It’s done when it’s done!” – The Duke

  57. Robert Pattinson permalink


  58. Shado permalink

    love your work… love MGQ-1+2… and most of all… i really want a cookie :D

  59. JimJam permalink

    I hope you had a good business trip. Hmm, I can see why such a meme has never left the confines of 4Chan. It doesn’t sound funny at all.

  60. -.-* And here I am feeling sorry for you for nothing-.-*
    Why would you need to encrypted the game when you pass through the airport custom?

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