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MGQ2 Update 2-4-2012

February 4, 2012

EDIT: Added in line #3 on changes.

First off: No ETA on the next patch. I’m more than halfway through the content in the next patch, though. I also updated my script to match the Japanese v2.04 which has some nice changes including:

1. Modified all of Alice’s CGs. Not only do they look a little nicer, but there are twice as many that actually show what’s going on. (For example with her first scene when it talks about her flower, the new CGs actually do show her flower, including the “going white” part.)

2. Modified Erubetie’s CGs. I haven’t looked to see what the difference between them is, though.

3. New CGs for both the Mosquito and Moth Girl H-scenes. The originals were just cut-aways, these are actual full images.

4. Added a new skill “Edging” that brings Luka down to a single HP. Useful for seeing varying ending scenes, I guess.

5. TheGreatHeinrich fixed the number display issue, so numbers shouldn’t look out of place anymore.

6. I forgot to mention, but v2.03 added a lot of CGs for the Succubus Witch fight.

7. Lots of other various bug fixes and support for the monster laboratory add-on.

And for the line count:

City     – 4413/5175            – 85.3%
Story    – 9713/19600        – 49.5%
Battle    – 42779/83000        – 51.5%
Ency    – 613/1450             – 42.3%
Total     – 57518/109225        – 52.7%

  1. Dear Guest permalink

    Sooo… Luka get’s a skill that cuts down his own health? Like seppuku!?

    • Yes. Not too odd, since he can already surrender and request specific moves.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yeah, Edging refers to being on the edge of ejaculation.

      Also, this means that we can’t update to a newer patch unless we risk losing the English patch in return for a newer Japanese script, or we wait until you release the next patch that fits the latest patch.

      Might want to mention that in the post (how people won’t be able to use the newer patches while retaining your 33% English patch since it conforms to an earlier patch). That way no one will accidentally mess up their game if they don’t have spare/backed up files.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Question, I don’t have any of the new patches for MGQ1 downloaded. Will I need them in order to combine my game with MGQ2 with all the perks including the monster laboratory addon?

  3. Kyon permalink

    wow modified cgs. Rogue, you are truly the hardest working man on wordpress

    • I didn’t modify them, that was Kenkou Cross.

      • Modified? How?

        • I thought this was your Mexican post… I’m an idiot

          • Finalheaven permalink

            The game was modified to replace and add new images. The main changes to cg from 2.00 to 2.04 is new images to the sex scenes.

            – Alice –
            General – The look of sperm changed from yellow-white to white along with better look to the cum itself. Alice’s facial expression are added during the sex scene, her face usually changes after orgasm. Censor is slightly lessened.
            Rape Scene 1 – Flower sex cg are added.
            Rape Scene 2 – Deep-throating cg are added.

            – Witch Succubus –
            Drain Tail HP – New move cg
            Drain Tail LV – New move cg
            Trance Kiss – New move cg
            Temptation Eyes – 2 new move cgs added after this move – Blowjob and breast suffocation
            Sex Drain – New move cg

            – Erubetie 1 –
            General – The look of sperm changed from yellow-white to white along with better look to the cum itself. Erubetie’s and Luka’s facial expression are added during the sex scene, their faces usually changes after orgasm. Addictionally, slime gradually covers his body during each orgasm.
            Luka’s head size was slightly increased while his left shoulder is slightly redrawn to look a bit higher.
            Erubetie’s hand is not on Luka’s right shoulder anymore. Her body is slightly redrawn: Horns on her head decreased in size, breast is made more rounder and purple lighting on right breast fixed to be white, random blobs are removed from the hair and back hair stays the same throughout the scene(before it changed and looks a bit messy), and her body figure is made a bit more attractive(more hourglass-like).

            – Erubetie 2 –
            General – The look of sperm changed from yellow-white to white along with better look to the cum itself. Erubetie’s and Luka’s facial expression are added during the sex scene, their faces usually changes after orgasm. Censor is slightly lessened.
            Erubetie’s(the one holding his penis) face is redrawn to fix her eyes. New rape cg is added where she mounts him with one of her clones.

            – Mosquito Girl and Moth Girl –
            Both girls have new rape cg.

            Err… I am not sure if I got it all, but that is what I got when looking after extracting the files and testing to check changes in-game. Hope this helps someone.

  4. Anornamoose permalink

    not even four days into a new month and your updating and translating like a beast. thank you good sir for all your effort

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Dude your awsome the percents are magnificent and your even esiting cgs toro toro should pay you

    • Anonymous permalink

      That wasn’t Rogue. If Rogue tried to edit the cg, ToroToro may even hunt after him. He was talking about the newest patch, new features, and how Rogue updated the new lines in this new patch.

  6. AnonS permalink

    I actually haven’t even played the translated one yet. I combined the two games and it sent me back to the start of the 1st game, so I have to work back through it. I could probably finish it up in a day or two, but at the rate I am now going there is a cool chance that your translation for part 2 might actually be done as I get to that spot.

    Of course that is intentional on my part, I am taking it really slow this time.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      If you had imported your save file from part 1 – instructions are given in-game and can be found on this blog – you would’ve been able to start directly at part 2. Given that you completed part 1 beforehand…

    • Anonymous permalink

      We actually discussed this earlier, but there appeared to be no way to keep your part 2 save file, and as I had already unlocked most of Part 2’s encyclopedia I didn’t feel like losing that either. So I just decided to keep the Part 2 and replay through part 1 again while waiting for Part 2’s translation to finish up.

      There is really no rush.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    About patching the game, will I need a clean non-patched version of the game for each new patch or can I just apply newer ones on top of older patches?

  8. Febo permalink

    Great stuff! Looking forward to the next patch. Good to have you back!

  9. Kitsuneloverar permalink

    Wow.. Rogue I… love you…. no homo

  10. Anonymous permalink

    I’m not sure my body is ready for this. The witch succubus scene was already insane and had some of my favorite cgs in the game (huge size differences like that is one of my things… the sandworm in the previous game was also one of my favorites)… and now that there’s more… well. I guess I’ll just wait and see :D

    With luck, maybe future patches will keep adding CGs like this.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    What I wouldn’t give to get a patch right now, just to play a bit further into the game.

  12. Robert Pattinson permalink


  13. Anonymous permalink

    Man you are amazing. This is all a one-man effort?! Damn.

  14. Susebron permalink

    Ye gods you work fast. Cheer Rogue! Thanks for the update on your work so far!

  15. Anonymous permalink

    For erubeties cg it shows luka being covered by slime more and more as the rape scene progresses.

  16. Rogue Fan permalink

    Awesome work rogue and thanks to whoever is helping you make a better translation!

    i bet it would be awesome for you to work with their company and make these games as a second job.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Rogue doesn’t program anything besides bugs in the addition of the English patch. All he does is translate. Since Rogue translates this game and reels in American players, he’s technically increases ToroToro’s profits a bit. Working for them is a bit far fetched. Those updated cg’s and extra/new stuff is from the latest patch by ToroToro.

  17. jon permalink

    thx man for your hard work but i need to ask you question … is the last patch have all the previous changes in other patches?

    • ThePinkOne permalink

      Almost all game patches include what was in the previous patches, so yes. However, I don’t believe Rogue’s 33% English patch mixes with the 2.04 patch because the 33% patch was based on an earlier patch.

  18. Lupil permalink

    so These “Updates”, including the further storyline and all that, are still in the patch out there, or is this “phantom” patch your refering to the next patch that has no ETA.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Rogue’s 33% English patch is conformed to an older patch to the game, where a new patch has been released and Rogue’s work in progress has updated on this new patch along with him telling us what’s in this newest patch so far. I don’t believe you can mix Rogue’s 33% patch with the 2.04 patch since they are two different things now.

      • Lupil permalink

        i got the v2.03 patch mixed up, and it now is v2.04. It’s just the way it was worded, and the conversations about stuff past the first patch in the later posts screwed me up. Ma bad. thanks for clearing that up.

  19. I like slime girls permalink

    Are you gonna include de 2.04 patch as a part of YOUR patch or should I search for it myself?
    Because you know us otaku, we’re really lazy.

    • ThePinkOne permalink

      All Rogue does is supply the English patch, changing the language and buttons in the game to English text. The main site supplies the legit official patches to the game itself.
      Look around for numbers like 2, or 4, or 2.04. You should find the link eventually. You can also Google Translate the site, but pictures may be messed up if you do so.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Actually Rogue is including the patch in his next patch, so no he wouldn’t have to go and find the patch himself.

      • By nature of how patching works, you can only have one version of the script at any time. Anyone interested in only playing the game in English does not have to worry about the patches on Torotoro’s site at all, since they will be included in the English patch when it’s out.

    • It will be part of my patch.

  20. Mustard permalink

    So if i got MGQ 2 3 months ago when it came out, didn’t update it. Will i be able to patch the full english patch when it comes out and get all the new CGs and stuff?

    • Lupil permalink

      yes. Rouge includes all the new stuff in his english patches.
      he’s the boss of gods in making translation patchesa little bit overexaggerated, but still)

      • I thought it would be a good idea to explain the changes in old content (Old as in part of the 33% patch), but it looks like it just confused everyone.

        • Mustard permalink

          Appreciate it! Sorry if i didn’t understand at first! Thank you! Keep up the good work!!

        • Anonymous permalink

          Just include the line, “The next english patch I release will include the game’s updated patch as well.” and that should clear it up I think.

          • That wouldn’t help those who can’t read the patch notes to see what was changed, though.

  21. Monster-Girl Lover permalink

    I do hope Toro releases another patch shortly, as it seems that any and all pre -2.04 save games are unusable currently. I’m going to wait another week, but will likely end up just going through the game again.

    • Yes, the update does break old saves. You can use the “Autosave” function to resume from a nearby point, though. The gloval (Encyclopedia records and such) are all kept, though.

  22. max7685 permalink

    thanks for your work, you are awesome!
    after mgq2 are you planning to come back to vh’s translations or is there another game in your mind?

    • Lowlightt permalink

      I think he said he was going to jump back onto Thief and Sword and do swords half of the game after he finished mgq2 but then again I could just be making it up.

  23. Kyon permalink

    If anyone does want the game part one, it is on fakku. part two is on my computer and you can easily find it on the torrent

    • Anon permalink

      Speaking of fakku, I’ve noticed a severe lack of monster girl doujin, raw and otherwise it would be nice if members who post doujin could pay a little more attention to it

      • Zabusy permalink


      • Register an account to and go to

        • Anonymous permalink

          Whenever I try to get into the forums on that site to register I get an ‘unable to connect’ error.

          Am I doing something wrong?

  24. Mkmd13 permalink

    Hey Rogue, do you know where you will be stopping at for the next patch, like I know you said 66% is the next stopping point but where is 66% at in the game?

  25. Nice work mate – looking forwards to you translation and Chapter 3 looks mental from the ending of chapter 2 described (machine translated looking forwards to a better translation from you :) )

  26. Anonymous permalink

    So whats the deal with the succubus? I played through the patch from jan 6 and didnt see any. DOoI need to import game 1 to see them?

    Also is there a way to play this in a wide screen resolution?

  27. ShiroiRyu permalink

    About the problem of the save, if we use the method of your (save before a fight), it’s good or not ?
    And for the new pictures, you speak about the first sex scene in part 2 ?
    Or AFTER the first sexe scene, Alice will ALWAYS have the white flower in her hair ?
    And how she can be more cuter ? She is already beautiful !
    Anyways, what the use of Edging ?
    Just hoping we have another sex ending ? But with surrender, we can’t hope the same ? Oo

    • The save issue is with the 2.04 patch itself, and it seems to be an issue for almost everyone. Torotoro might make a fix at some point. If not, you’ll just have to load from the autosave.

      Also yes, the new CGs are for part 2 scenes, you’ll be able to notice the difference right away.

      Edging is for getting yourself down to 1 hp and losing to a specific attack, I guess.

    • ThePinkOne permalink

      The flower turns white from consuming semen, and the semen is digested over time, returning the flower to pink. The flower probably turned to pink overnight when Luka was KO’d.

  28. Hermit permalink

    Is there a fix for crashes then text fills up the text field in upcoming patch? Or this issue is not yet solved?

  29. Anonymous permalink

    thx for all the time and effort you’ve been putting into this. You rock!

  30. LimeBear permalink

    wait wait wait…….so let me get this right….the new patch which be included in the 66% english patch. will delete my save files. but i get to keep my encyclopedia and record data. so which just means all i have to do is start form the part 1 and just rush it through to part two?
    have i got that right?

    • The save files don’t seem to load. If torotoro doesn’t fix it, then you’ll have to load from the autosave function. From that location, it might take a few minutes of speeding through the text to get back to where you were. Really not that big of an issue.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    I heard that this is a trilogy, so there is like a MGQ 3, is it? Will you be translating that as well?

    Btw, great job! I’d help you if i can but i don’t have the means to do so…

    • Anonymous permalink

      People are just never going to stop being dumb as fuck, are they?

      • Anonymous permalink

        These comments are sending me into a depression as severe as it is sudden.

        • Wrandral permalink

          *Just facepalmed through my skull*

          • ThePinkOne permalink

            To end this sort of dumb but still mean post chain, yes, Part 3 to MGQ (Monster Girl Quest) is coming out, and Rogue will work on it. Part 3 is due to come out somewhere in Summer, but exactly when is unknown. Likewise, Rogue can’t pinpoint due dates on his English patches (he translates the game from Japanese to English) unless he’s very close to finishing and releasing a patch, the next one will be around 66% of completion. Rogue can’t accept donations or else ToroToro Resistance (the company that made MGQ) gets the right to sue him for mooching money off their product. Rogue only accepts help for things like bug fixes. All translating is done by him alone because he finds translating the games fun.

  32. Sajuuk permalink

    good to see u back translating am looking fowared to the new patch..
    keep up the good work

  33. Anony permalink

    Please hurry up!

    • Anonymous permalink

      If I were translating this I would add a day of wait time for every impatient fuck up that inconsiderately and ungratefully urged me to “hurry up”. Sit down and shut up or learn Japanese. Alternately, stop breathing.

  34. Anonymous permalink

    What does “Edging” do? I mean, what does Luka do when he activates it?

    So, what’s the planned patch release? 75%? Right before Luka goes to Hellgondo?

    • It brings him to 1 hp.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I mean what does he perform?

        Demon Decap has Luka cut the enemy’s neck, Thunder Thrust sharpy thrusts like lightning, Meditation lets him heal his wounds through… meditation, Demon Skull Beheading drops down from a high ledge to slam onto the opponent’s head, Death Sword Chaos Star symbolically links five different slashes into one attack (as he said when he learned it), you get the idea.

        • It’s just a conduit for losing, it doesn’t have to be that involved. Luka just says a line and then his HP drops to 1.

        • ThePinkOne permalink

          He brings himself to the Edge of ejaculation, hence its name. How he does this is unknown.

    • ThePinkOne permalink

      66%, right after Luka leaves Salamander’s Volcano. Granberiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I didn’t read the in-game description, but I could imagine he faps until he is on the brink of cumming. That’s what edging is irl.

  35. Anonymous permalink

    Hope the next patch includes some cgs for the Cerberus blowjob scene. New cgs are always good, but that scene just feels unfinished.

    • Wrandral permalink

      I think so since some of the insect and plant monsters ( for exemple ) had some very unsatisfying rape scene. They may get fleshed out , at least i hope so.

    • Anon permalink

      It would also be nice if page 17 and a few others got a bit better of a scene, but if there’s not, I hope for some good monster labs to make up for it

  36. Anonymous permalink

    Excited about the new CGs, I thought the flower scene was a bit bland.

    • Wrandral permalink

      Well it was pretty strange that alice showed a supposedly moving flower ( who didn’t move at all) that changed its look as soon as it was fed ( but she stayed the same )

      • ThePinkOne permalink

        The Monster Lord supposedly contains the DNA of all/most monsters, hence a living flower on her body. The petals could be sensitive to external coloration.

  37. Anonymous permalink

    You sir, are awesome

  38. Incubusknight permalink

    Would be kinda neat if they added a new achievement with edging.
    “Win a battle after using Edging”
    Will definitely make the “loose in one turn” achievement easy
    Anyway I’m glad Kenkou Cross updated some of his cg’s. I had noticed that his artwork compared to the first game was a bit rougher then in MGQ2 so along with the extra scenes I’m quite pleased with the patch.
    As always thanks for the updated Rogue.

    • It would be easy actually. Using the Edging skill puts your HP at one and makes it your turn again. The whole point of the skill is so you can bring yourself to 1 hp then request a specific attack to “finish you off”.

      • Incubusknight permalink

        Ah I see, I was thinking it would just put your hp to 1 and then the monster girl would just hit you with whatever so there’s still that random element to the game.
        This works though.
        Hmm now I’m wondering if every monster girl (including Illias in evaluation) will mention edging to Luka if he uses that move and loses. (kinda like how Illias knows when you surrender to a Monster Girl on purpose). I’d imagine that would be a lot of work though, to add that many lines to ‘every’ Monster girl in part 2.

      • AnonS permalink

        Isn’t that how request already works?

  39. Kenji permalink

    You are the Best. Thanks for the great Work.roque

  40. Iron Man permalink


  41. Anonymous permalink

    Do only the Mosquito and Moth girls get new CGs? Would be pretty sweet if the Alra girls (mainly Alra Parasol and Alra Prison) got some new CGs. I mainly say this because I noticed in the Monsterpedia the Alra Prison has some Bukkakes I havent seen used in the fight scenes (Like her hand, hair and crotch, yet she has no hand/hair job move, nor an insertion attack). Sorry if this counts under “stupid questions”, just curious if more CGs will be added.

    • I have no idea. I doubt it, though. A lot of monsters have unused bukkake cgs. The lamia sisters in part 1 actually have sets of second ejaculation CGs that were never used, as do the slime girl group in part 2.

  42. Lupil permalink

    I still can’t believe torotoro got TITS(i believe thats the artists call sign) onboard. i’m really happy. one of the best paizuri artists ever.

    • ThePinkOne permalink

      You mean Arekishi who draws oppai lolis (lolis with huge boobs)? He drew the Imp in part 2 and also in the preview, the Gargoyle in part 3. Arekishi has been in the ToroToro Resistance crew for a while. One of the volumes from another series of MG audio dramas was drawn by Arekishi.

  43. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know what the sidestory thing is?

    • Zabusy permalink

      You mean in options? Go back few threads there’s link to monster girl laboratory, there’s explanation

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ty for that, but when it doesnt work when using the mon lab, I put the stuff into the mod folder of mgq2, but it crashes after the 1st line

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ty for that, however after combining the 2 parts, i put the monlab stuff in the mod folder, and overwrote the list, now the gaidens crash after the 1st line, help?

  44. Anonymous permalink

    How do i update the patch ?

  45. Anon permalink

    After MGQ is done, will you work on more monster girl games or is this the last one?

  46. Anonymous permalink

    have you played katawa shoujo?

    • ThePinkOne permalink

      He talked about it before, so we know he knows it. Whether he played it in his spare time, no one knows.

    • Anon permalink

      I haven’t been able to find an english patch for kawata shoujo

  47. Febo permalink

    Man Rogue, I now agree with you Brady is a butt. He failed so hard.

  48. Anonymous permalink

    Tom Brady confirmed as butt.

  49. Marcus permalink

    Rogue, I have to say amazing piece of work you are doing, and since you are a fan of monster girls, is there a possibility in the future the translations of Vanadis games, I remembered I readed somewhere that you don’t like Vanadis games, why? they are one of the very few companies that make monster gilr games :(

    • They’re not bad games, I just don’t like 90% of the story and dialogue. Remember, if you’re translating something… How nice the CGs look don’t matter at all, all that matters is the text.

      • ZI9 The Blackwing permalink

        Makes sense (seeing how you have to translate the couple hundred thosand words-per-game).
        Oh and good to have ya back Rogue.

      • Rederious permalink

        Very true, a good story in any sort of porn is kind of hard to find, though it can be done. look at Words Worth

        • Lupil permalink

          True True. I admit I originally started playing this H-RPG for the porn, but asI played through it, i got somewhat attached to the story… more like addicted. I’m now anticipating the rest of the games because i like the story. the porn is just a good side dish.

  50. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Apparently you were right about the Superbowl thing, welcome back!

  51. Zabusy permalink

    Okay edge was a good idea and actually I’m glad to hear new things about new h scenes for insects and plant girl but I personally torotoro just threw that part of the game. I mean, the cgi of girls look bad, for me, well let’s just see what it gonna be in the end.

    • ThePinkOne permalink

      The best parts for the insect/plant girls would be the Canaan sisters imo, who is drawn by that classic artist that drew Sea Cucumbergirl and stuff.

  52. Mickey permalink

    can u please upload the link address to download the patch v2.03 …

    • Just a guess permalink

      Don’t believe it’s out quite yet, Rogue must still be working on it. Patience, young fake hero apprentice in training. In Rogue we trust.

      • ThePinkOne permalink
        The main official site for MGQ (Monster Girl Quest), the patch for v2.03 is there.
        1. Rogue doesn’t make this game, he just TRANSLATES.
        2. ToroToro Resistance, a group of Japanese artists who like MG’s, made MGQ.
        3. Rogue can’t accept donations or else ToroToro can sue him and shut him down for mooching money off their product.
        4. All edits to the game done in the patch (such as new skill Edging, or new cg’s) were done by ToroToro, not Rogue.

  53. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    It may seem a little early to think about this, since we still have yet to see the completion of pt2’s english patch, let alone the release of pt3, but where would pt3 take place?
    part 1 can be divide into
    1-1 Ilias Continent
    1-2 Natalia Region (Sylph arc)
    1-3 Safina Region (Gnome arc)
    part 2 consists of
    2-1 Noah Region (Undine Arc)
    2-2 Gold Region (Salamander Arc)
    2-3 Hellgondo Continent (Monster Lord Castle Arc)
    this leaves no new regions left to visit, so part 3 will probably revisit old places under attack
    and/or a flying continent/fortress and/or heaven/alternate dimension.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      In the beginning of pt1, Alice dropped from the sky, arguably after fighting Ilias. So something is definitely “out there”. Old places are probable as well, maybe the journey kinda goes the other way around – Ilias’ influence grows stronger the further south you go, after all …

      • Ilias permalink

        She was fighting with Tamamo, not with me. I use stupid heroes to fight for me.

        • Dear Guest permalink

          Well I have only played the translated part so far. I’ve been restraining myself, so to speak, I’m sure you’re glad :P

          • Wrandral permalink

            after watching the new monstress who appeared on the torotoro website i gather that there may not be new regions to visit but new places in said regions and very likely we may get to revisit some places ( i hope we’ll visit again the elven village on the starting continent since they seemed to know lots of stuff about Luka )

        • Luka permalink

          That’s….. reassuring.

    • I’m guessing part 3 will be backtracking through most of part 1 and 2’s areas. I also have high hopes for a return of the loli bandits. Can you imagine a group loli bandit scene? My god…

      • Lupil permalink

        OMG. thanks. i just washed those pants. Oh well. Anyway, it WILL be backtracking back to illias continent at least. I can tell you for one reason. One of the areas you head to, the elf village i believe, you wind up turning back, but they know luca’s mother, and stuff. there will definately be something revolving around there.

        • Lupil permalink

          well, i just redundantly pointed out what was said below…

    • ThePinkOne permalink

      Looking in preview pictures of the backgrounds, that’s exactly it. Also, we visit some sort of temple ruins sanctuary where we encounter the Angel sitting on nagas, the Gargoyle, and other stuff.

  54. anon permalink

    there’s also that close friend of luka’s mother on that village on Ilias Continent she didn’t allowed you to enter on that village. Anyway, this quest to Monster Lord Castle isn’t anything else than pursuing power for Luka, because when luka discovered that Alice is the Monster Lord, become clear that isn’t she the one to blame for monsters attack.

    –Spoiler & speculation

    At the end of part 2 you must defeat Alice as far i read, this will make luka worth to marry Alice (possible end of part 3? i think so). I saw some people speculating that the “Black Alice” (Alice’s Mother, the last monster lord), anyway i still bet that Ilias she self gonna be one of latest fights in the part 3, because she is on the way of luka’s will.

    • Ilias permalink

      The mother of Alice was killed.

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        Black Alice was the eighth monsterlord defeated by Heinrich 500 years ago, Current Alice is the 16th and her mother was 15th. This info was mentioned in the part that has already been translated.

        • Wrandral permalink

          having already finished part 2 and seeing those talk makes it very hard for me not to spoil the poor guys who waits for translation ( don’t worry i won’t spoil ^^)

          There’s one thing i wonder though … was Heinrich an unbaptized hero ( or fake hero ) like luka? i mean as far as we know he was at least the most famous for killing a monster lord and though we know alices’s mother is dead we don’t hear much about her predecessors

          • Anonymous permalink

            Actually the reason why Luka pursued the Monster Lord’s Castle is because of the Four Heavenly Knights. They’re doing whatever the hell they want (Granberia attacking those two towns, Alma Elma creating that storm between Sentora and Illias Continents, etc.) and Luka believes that distorts peace between Monsters and Humans.

            At the end, you don’t defeat Alice. You fight her, and then at the brim of health, she asks you to finish the job. Luka (canonically) doesn’t do that.

            Black Alice is not Alice’s mommy. She’s the 8th Monster Lord whom Henrich slayed, though Illias brought her back for Part 3. The current Alice is the 16th generation while her mommy is the 15th.

            I think Heinrich was probably unbaptized. According to Lilith, Luka is his descendant.

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            Point of note: the word defeat means to overcome, in this case gaining victory against Alice.
            defeating her and killing her are not necessarily the same thing. since Alice is surrendering, that counts as a victory, even if she isn’t dead.

  55. Hngh permalink

    You have no reason to help me on this one: But i’m eager to find an answer, so maybe i’ll get lucky.

    Later on in the game, after getting the fire spirit, the game crashes if you ever use the fire attack. Is this something that can be overcome without your english patch? I think it’s because of some basic translation stuff interfering, but I can’t be sure! Sadly, the fire attack has to be used here. (SP menu, 3rd selection.)

    I’m fine if I just need to wait this out, but i’m also wondering if I perhaps messed something up somewhere. Picture related!

    • You have two choices:
      1. Decompile the script and fix that line. ( )
      2. Switch back in the japanese script.

      I do not test compatibility for the English patch at any point past where I say it ends, so it could potentially crash at any point.

      • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

        The numbers fix should make the whole game playable without crashes, though, right?

        • There’s also the Sylph summon where it says Luka dodges. That can overflow if the preceding japanese text is too big. There can be other insertions of generic text that could overflow as well.

          • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

            Didn’t I also apply the code to that particular section as well? Unless somehow the text comes out in a really long English sentence, that part should be fine as well as long as the English text fits in one line.

            There’s one battle in particular (“ギガントウェポン”) that uses a lot of text in one window, but the whole battle plays out just fine

          • The text for dodging is in each individual battle, not in a called function. I did a replace all on it, along with some other stuff. I really don’t want to spend any time troubleshooting past where I’m at, though.

  56. Anonymous permalink

    Are you ever going to do a newer version of VH? :(

    • Once MGQ2 is done, one of the first things I’ll do is update the first areas of VH to match the current version. That could take a month or so after MGQ2 is done though, so you’re looking at a while from now.

  57. Incubusknight permalink

    Black Alice is the 8th monster lord, the one who attacked the human settlement (killing both humans and monster girls) some 500 years ago and that the hero Heinrich “defeated”.
    From what I got from the game she’s the one with the most hatred towards humans and so will be recruiting new monsters girls who share her opinion on annihilating all humans and other monster girls that oppose her. (As far as why she’s working with Illias though. That’s still a mystery until either this English patch is finished, or it’ll be revealed in part 3).

    Like “Dear Guest” suggested I’m guessing it’ll probably be a reversed map (+ whatever Celestial plane/place Illias lives). Now that Illias has come out to be one of the main antagonists Luka may have to journey back to the temple of Illias where his journey first began to defeat her. As far as Black Alice goes though him and the four heavenly knights will probably be running all over the place to try and stop her attacks on previously visited settlements.
    With all the allies Luka’s made (being both monster girl and humans) I can see this new war Black Alice and Illias is waging being the turning point for some humans to see that not all monster girls are bad and that Illias isn’t all that good either.

    One question that comes to mind though is, who’s going to be giving Luka’s evaluations on his defeats? Will Illias still do it? and just mock Luka for each defeat without giving a tip? or will Luka get a new evaluator like say Alice or even one of the four heavenly knights? Heck maybe even Amira the Unfortunate Lamia will do his evaluations from now on. (which would be hilarious if that was the case).

    Anyway sorry for the wall of text.
    I’m just getting too into the plot of this great game and a lot of questions are still unanswered for me, which is making my mind wonder off on the possibilities.

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      Yeah, just gotta wait in see what’s in store for us in the final chapter. I’m more curious about how Luka’s skills will progress as the story progresses, as he’s basically invincible by the end of Chapter 2 (thanks to the Four Knights helping him boost his elemental powers).

      • Incubusknight permalink

        He still has the possibility of unlocking his angelic power, which Tamamo mentions eariler in the 2nd game.
        There’s also the idea of combining his elemental spirits powers together to make new attacks/spells.
        (We really only got to see one example of all four spirits attacking together, which was in the final battle against Granberia in the castle.)

        One things for sure, in part 3 monster girls are going to be either extremely cheap, or start hitting luka like a truck to keep things challenging.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Wrong. Black Alice did not attack Remnia. Illias did (explain the Angel Feathers).

          The divine power within Luka… Tamamo says if he uses it too much, he’ll get overwhelmed by it.

          I think the Spirits may get another upgrade, as well as his skills. He may learn new ones, too…

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            I just reached the part where black alice shows up after fighting the fake sara and granberia showing up. I just knew she would be blonde, and wear a blue dress with a pinafore.
            The Japanese sure do seem to love Alice in Wonderland, as the name and likeness shows up everwhere in their popular culture like the SMT series, and manga and anime.

          • ThePinkOne permalink

            Quadruple Giga + Fallen Angel Dance = pwnage
            Using Fallen Angel mode would convert his body into holy energy until he’s 100% angel.
            The only upgrade for the spirits I can see would be assimilating them with the FA mode skills and improving Quadruple Giga.

            @Incubusknight Prometheus mass produced easy to use artificial spirits for MG’s allied under Black Alice. Artificial Sylph is dead useless. Luka has no debuffs besides the sealing which is absolute upon damage to the body, and his only projectile attack is Daystar which hits like a tank. Gnome would only be useful for physical damage blocking/reduction and increase of own power, since Luka can’t restrain them. Undine would be dangerous for dodging abilities along with basic dmg hitting twice. Salamander also dangerous for sp regeneration ability. If the Artificial Spirits grant different powers which is doubtful, then all this is void. They could also combine their spirits with attacks as well, making things more hellish.

          • Incubusknight permalink

            I can believe that Iillas was the real one behind the attack on Remnia village. But as far as the story goes (with what Rogue’s translated so far) there’s been no mention of angel feathers found at Remnia (that I can remember anyway). I could be wrong of course so where in the story is it mentioned? and if it’s beyond Undine’s cave then that’s just a spoiler for me and anyone else who doesn’t read Japanese or used Google translator. =X

            As far as his angelic power goes, I still think Luka’s going to tap into it anyway despite Tamamo’s warning to defeat Black Alice and those artificial monster girls. Maybe Micaela (the women in the elf village) will teach Luka how to control his angelic power without turning him? Will have to wait and see,

          • Anonymous permalink

            yo, wizards can explain how to defeat tamamo (on the monster’s lord castle)
            only thing that don’t give me a insta death is calling gnome (sure, because is supposed to she teach me how to use gnome properly), but don’t matter what i do after, i lose.

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            Maybe Luka and Alice will fight together and combine their powers since she will no longer have any reason to stay on the sidelines. especially not against angels who are not her “cute little subordinates”

          • Anonymous permalink

            Shut the fuck up! Stop talking, stop posting! YOU’RE RUINING IT FOR THE REST OF US!

          • Anonymous permalink


            Actually, its Sylph’s power that lets Luka hit twice, not Undine.
            Gnome increases his critical rate, Undine makes him ignore defense (or something like that, which is just increasing damage), and Salamander increases both normal and skill damage.


            Luka finds an angel feather right after he beats the Chimera Dryad (Vore).

            @Anonymous who can’t beat Tamamo
            Call Gnome, then Sylph, then heal. Then struggle three times. Then Gnome again.
            Then serious fight.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Going on to the topic of evaluations, Illias being absent from the position of evaluator would present a problem. Having Alice as the evaluator would honestly be much better than having Illias be the evaluator, given what enemies you’d be running into. Having Amira do the evaluations would be hilarious at times, but I have to agree with Luka on the the situation of Amira’s existence. Why not have Luka give the evaluations through a monologue to himself? I mean, sometimes, when you want something done, you have to get up and do it yourself.

      • The only characters who would make sense for the evaluations in part 3, to me, would be Amira or the four spirits. Use Gnome for the generic enemies that don’t have anything special about them…

        Having Alice be there right after the H-scene would be sort kind of dancing along the whole NTR line of thought.

  58. Anonymous permalink

    Looking forward to the completed translation! Probably my favourite moment of the game was when -at the very end- Illias goes evil, completely changes her posture, gets her raep face on, and then

    “Thank you for playing”; says Illias, acting all sweet and innocent. But I’m not fooled, oh no. I know your secret. She’s planning eeeeeeeeevil things behind that cute smile.

    • Atrax the Tracker permalink

      Next time make a Spoiler Alert…….,no the Evil Ilias won’t go off my head……

      • Ilias permalink

        Do not be alarmed. I am good and the Monsters are what they are. E V I L – you must fight them bravely.

  59. Anonymous permalink

    really looking forward to the next partial patch. thx rogue for your great work so far.

    Yesterday, I found a way to buy the game via paypal on
    I don’t have a credit card and it’s not possible to buy the game directly with paypal, but I really wanted to support torotoro. so, i googled a bit and found a way: buy points on the g-rated dlsite with paypal. its possible to buy the game just with these points.
    so guys, support torotoro, its possible even without a creditcard!

  60. My cock can’t hold out much longer.

  61. Assuming you only do 2% a day, the 66% patch will be out in about a week~

    • Dear Guest permalink

      The fuck do you mean, ONLY 2% !!! You do NOT disrespect Rogue-san :P

      • Anonymous permalink

        I would have said 4% but Rogue said not to expect that kind of progress… 2% sounded more reasonable since I don’t know how much he actually does a day.

        • Dear Guest permalink

          What I meant was that even “only” 2% is still a lot. And a week is not too long, either, neither are two. Everything above though …. :P

          • Anonymous permalink

            Oh, you suck up! just kidding, we’re both lovers of MGQ. Peace, dude! :D

  62. ZI9 The Blackwing permalink

    Are we sure it will end in Part 3?
    There could (hopfully not) be a Part 4.
    Also is Part 3 really coming out this summer? (someone please answer this.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Production of Part 3 is already in the works, and yes its coming out this summer.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      What do you mean, “hopefully not” !?
      You one of these VH-fanboys?
      I’m pretty sure that MGQ is going to be a trilogy, though.

      • ThePinkOne permalink

        It’s confirmed that MGQ will be a trilogy. ToroToro Resistance (people who made MGQ) may return to their very long MG audio drama series, or start up on a new series. They haven’t mentioned any plans for the future after MGQ.

        • Saika permalink

          That’s sad. MGQ is awesome, I hope Part 3 will be twice as long as Part 1 or Part 3. Hopefully, ToroToro might consider a Part 4.

    • Dargoth permalink

      In Japanese, the parts are called “front, middle, end” not 1, 2, and 3. There won’t be a fourth part.

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        unless they add “extra” or some other kind of spinoff.

  63. Anonymous permalink

    Every time i try to bring my game together im able to access the moster girls from part one, my game crashes if i click on any from part2 anyone know how i can fix this?

  64. Zed permalink

    Hey, has anyone had any problem with dissapearing saves? I got to the end of the first patch, and loaded up the encylopedia a few weeks later and I discovered that EVERYTHING was gone. I never saved outside of the save points, and MULTIPLE saves were missing. My stats were gone, too. The save files are in my directory, and I haven’t moved the directory or renamed anything either. I don’t know what could affect all my saves and the global save. Any solutions anyone?

  65. Zed permalink

    Also, if this was mentioned and a solution was already given, forgive me. It’s troubling to dig through all the comments on every update. Adding a seperate FAQ page might cut down on redundant questions.

  66. Anonymous permalink

    Where can i download the newest translated patch? i only see a DL link for the 33% patch.
    And sorry if this is one of the ”stupid questions”

    • Brad Mason permalink

      Yes, that is a stupid question.

    • Soul Calibur permalink

      Roguetranslator is working on a new patch.

      At the top of this page, you can see what he has done so far. When he believes it’s finished, he will let us know.

  67. Anonymous permalink

    Something weird…

    Everything used to work fine for me. Now, the font is all screwed up for some reason – parts of each letter are cropped out, everything looks blocky, there are almost no numbers displayed, and the text for saved games is blank.

    I figured that this was some kind of font problem, so I tried re-installing east asian fonts, and that didn’t work. The problem seems to happen even with the Part 1 now.

    I tried running Part 1 on a different machine to confirm that it was something wrong with the first machine, and that worked… at first. During some text transition it suddenly started behaving the same way. It seems to be permanent on both of them. Has anyone seen this before? I haven’t been able to find a fix anywhere yet.

    The text looks like the following image, taken in Part 1:

  68. Anonymous permalink

    Where can I find the download of this game? Or like what to type for google, cuz most of the hits I got required you to pay.

  69. I paid for it on DLsite English website.

  70. Boxtime permalink

    Just to say that when ya In the Collusem when ya fight Alum or what ever her succubus name is with a Pink tail when she Defeats you in her final move the game always crashes, will there be a Fix for it in the other patch releash?

  71. Anonymous permalink

    Just wanted to say,

    Thank you.

  72. DutchFan permalink

    Thank you for the effort and time you give this.

    I am waiting for the full 100% to enjoy the game fully, later. But without you I would have less fun ;)
    Its a great game and in English its the best.

    Keep it up and I think you make a lot of people happy!

  73. Anonymous permalink

    i have a question everytime i use the earth skill with gnome that replaces the head bashing one it has a error and shuts down the game anyone know what happened?

  74. Anonymous permalink

    i cant go to natalia port lv 46 (it didt apear on the map), but im already finished selene and fairy land, how it can be???? i try to reinstal and play japan version but i got the same problem, T_T

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