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Generic Battle Template

February 7, 2012

I’ve seen a few posts here and there, and gotten a couple e-mails, from people who want to make a custom battle (Not just a custom story scene). I took apart a generic battle, the Slug Girl from part 1, and made some comments next to certain variables and gotos to try to explain where they’re coming from and going to.

If you decompile the script itself and use the comments I made, hopefully the flow of the battle will make a little more sense to you. Compare some of the more generic fights like the Slug Girl with some of the more elaborate ones like the Slime Girl Group, and you’ll see you can be pretty flexible with the battle flow despite it seeming really restrictive. Just need to get a little bit more creative.

I posted the sample code at . It might be a bit easier to read if you copy it into notepad++ or something.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, Rogue!

    I spent like two hours the other day pouring over that stuff trying to make heads or tails of it. This’ll make it a thousand times easier. You’re, as usual, a hero.

    • Saika permalink

      A fake one. Just kidding Rogue, I appreciate your translating of this awesome doujin eroge.

  2. herbmode permalink

    Rogue, our children would be beautiful

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need.

    • Hyperion permalink

      -_- Please don’t incorrectly quote The Dark Knight
      Your version of its not nearly as badass or cool
      Nice try though

  4. wildhawk permalink

    so dose this mean the gnomes labratory will actualy start being active agian because right now it pritty much dead

    • Dargoth permalink

      I hope so. The Japanese database at has nearly 100 already.

      • wildhawk permalink

        nearly 100 are you kiding me and we have only a hand full talking about droping the ball

        • Anonymous permalink

          Gnome’s Laboratory is based on user-submissions, though. If nobody sends Gnome anything, Gnome has nothing to post. Come on guys, get on the trolley!

          Also, apparently people are having trouble finding Gnome’s email because it is only available via profile pages which are kind of a pain. That should be fixed soon, hopefully.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue, I cannot wait to see what people come up with.

  6. Confused Idiot permalink

    I’d love to make my own…But i really don’t understand this! I must be an idiot…=/ A video tutorial would be awesome if anyone would make one…

  7. Anonymous permalink

    whats this code in?

  8. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    For some reason, I can’t even get mon_scenario_cvt application to run at all.
    the other application seems to just be for adding them to the list in game.
    Am I doing something incorrectly?

  9. Joe Parkinson permalink

    Thank you rogue… I’m definetly going to play around this. I have a question though. Would I be able to find the code in Part 2’s script for “temptation status”, and then use that code in Part 1’s scenarios? Or can I only use it in Part 2? I only ask because the exe for both games seem to be identical. I personally feel that charm spells are the big thing missing from the first part. Thanks for your time, and keep up the amazing work :)

    • I think the seduction code was in part 1, but I’m not sure. In either case, Part 2’s script contains all of Part 1’s, so there’s really no reason to make something exclusive for Part 1. Anything added in Part 2 (Skills, effects, CGs, etc…) can be freely inserted into part 1 battles, assuming you’re using part 2’s script.

      • Joe Parkinson permalink

        Thank you kindly, Rogue :) The only reason I was thinking about doing it for the first part, is because it’s 100% in english, and I wasn’t sure if I could just go adding english into Part 2’s 33% script. Regardless, I can wait for the whole translation to be done, or at least the next patch. I’d love to post a custom scenario at some point, at least so I’ll feel like I’m giving something back for all your awesomeness :D

  10. TheGreatHeinrich permalink

    Wait, this is for writing battles in the script itself, as opposed to using the Part 2’s Custom Story’s extensive built-in battle system which uses a .ini file to run?

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      Following that, would it also be possible to write battles into Part 2 and use them for custom stories, since Part 2 works differently than Part 1?

    • Yes, it’s for being in the script itself. Some people on 4chan looked like they were writing almost total conversions with multiple battles and events, so the spin-off creator wouldn’t have done it for them.

      • MonsterboyWritefag permalink

        What’s different about part 2’s spin-off creator using the .ini file?

        • He added a shitload more support. Before you had to modify the script itself to add in a battle, but now you can add in a battle right through the .ini. Look in the \mod\戦闘サンプル folder for an example. If you look at some of the variables in there and match it up to the thing I just posted on my site, you should be able to make sense of it.

          Of course, I think you can only do a single battle… So if you want to do multiple ones, you might want to directly modify the script anyway.

          • MonsterboyWritefag permalink

            Seems neat, would potentially work well for any battles that are more random. Not entirely sure if it would work for scripted battles or unique stuff though at least from what I can tell.

            It’s worded a bit differently so it’s slightly harder to understand. Making the story scenarios and breaking them up into parts that end with a battle using the .ini system would potentially work.

  11. MonsterboyWritefag permalink

    Once again, you’re a scholar and a gentleman Mr. Rogue.

    Everything is so much simpler now; I’ve pretty much figured out how to code special character skills, scripted enemy turns, and static damages from about 20-30 minutes of looking over it all.

    Gnome’s Laboratory seems semi-abandoned now though, or he simply hasn’t had any new material to post, so I’m not sure where people would be uploading the english scenarios.

    • If he doesn’t come back, the choices are:

      1. Someone else can try making a blog
      2. Post it here / e-mail it to me, and I’ll post it on my site on your/someone’s behalf.

      • Hmm, so I take it the email I sent you a few days ago is obsolete? Because I figured one of the untranslated .txt files might have a battle tutorial in there somewhere. This one seems…huh, I don’t recall something like this in one of the fan scenarios. I’ll have to double check. Might give me a few ideas. Thank you.

      • But seriously, are those percentage and dollar signs supposed to be there or am I using a PC that doesn’t support Japanese?

  12. MonsterboyWritefag permalink

    Odd, I used the .txt converter to .ini thing for the story in MGQ1 to test it out and everything worked fine.

    Did the same thing using MGQ2’s but now the text automatically scrolls through without stopping for clicks, and it’s combining all the text that was supposed to be on separate windows into the first window.

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      For MGQ1, there was a quick fix that forced all dialogue to end after each line. In the original Japanese script, players themselves had to insert “@” or “\” at the end of each dialogue line to force it to stop, but the way it handled English characters for dialogue made it so that “@” or “\” only worked if placed after an even number of characters (the sum of ALL characters-spaces, letters, numbers, punctuation, etc.).
      In MGQ2, if you want dialogue to stop, you’d have to literally count every single character of each dialogue line and, if it turns out there’s an odd number of them, add an extra space at the end, and THEN put “@” or “\” after all that. That’s what I did for two scenarios I made (it was a pain, but at least with Notepad++ you can select the whole line and it shows you on the bottom how many characters it has).

      For example, take these two lines:
      “This dialogue contains an odd number of characters. \”
      (Not counting the extra space at the end or quotes, it contains 51.)
      This dialogue contains an even number of characters.\
      (Not counting quotes, it contains 52.)

      Since the first line contained an odd number of characters (excluding the extra space at the end), the extra space must be added to make the total number of characters an even number.

      I tried to write some code that makes adding dialogue a fuckton easier in English without having to do this awful process, but I don’t know if Rogue added it into MGQ2’s script yet.

      • I’ll add it in at the end… Not going to really mess with the add-on content until the main stuff is all done.

      • MonsterboyWritefag permalink

        That’s some nasty stuff. I think I’ll just stick to the MGQ 1 Lab for now.

        Kind of related, but is there a decent way to make text…”wrap” in the windows properly? Or am I going to have to manually add spaces in to make it look right?

        What game currently does is Ex:
        Blah blah yadda yadda yadda blah yad
        da blah blah.

  13. DeathsUncleBob permalink

    funnily enough, the Mon-Lad stuff has new and uncensored images, so I reckon that some of these might be worth looking into when you finish this arc rogue

    Or if you’ve too much on your plate dw, just a thought I had

    • wildhawk permalink

      thats the funny thing i was thinking to saying after rogue was done translating the game maybe he could translate some of the japanese monster lab senerois that are on that japanese side but that might be too much to do

      • I might if they have new, unique CGs. I hope that the English community itself can create some, though. Once the 100% patch is done, I’ll put some more effort into the spin off / monster laboratory support.

        • wildhawk permalink

          well if i had had to do ask i would have before lol. im supose it would be a easyer and faster to do a few senerios then a large peace of the main game?

          • Dear Guest permalink

            I’ll try to “translate”: He (probably) means that if you translated a scenario once in a while, if your time allows it, it could bridge the time for people still waiting for the 66%/100% patch.

          • wildhawk permalink

            actualy what i ment was im assuming translating some of the lab scenarios would be faster then doing the main game because the fights are probaly smaller and easyer to do maybe im wrong about that though. but i also like what guest was thinking i was saying that could tide some of the more eager people over. Just saying

          • Ah. I have no interest in translating fan-made scenarios until the main one is done.

          • Dear Guest permalink

            Let’s just leave it at that, Rogue-san seems already confused enough as it is^^

    • Anon permalink

      DeathsUncleBob, where are the images you’re talking about

  14. Anonymous permalink

    The Nekomata “Bushy Tailjob” scene causes a crash. Sorry if I am just repeating someone.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      You’re repeating me :P
      It will be fixed in the next patch – in the meantime, use the nowordwrap.exe to play ;)

  15. TheGreatHeinrich permalink

    Alright, so for those of you that need your quick fix, I have a couple of scenarios I’d like to share with you.

    I just sorta wrote these for fun, so don’t expect a masterpiece or anything. There are folders for MGQ 1 and MGQ 2.

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      Sorry for double posting (again :( ), but the reason the file sizes are large is because I transferred some of MGQ2’s sprites into MGQ1’s story folders. I also had to change some sound effects into WAV files, which also take up a lot of space.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Allow me to ask a stupid and maybe unnecessary question: How do you use the scenarios with MGQ 2? The laboratory files are either hidden or nonexistent and I just used MGQ 1 instead …

      • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

        There’s a \mod folder in MGQ2. That’s where all the MGQ2 scenarios go. Edit the list.ini file like you would in MGQ 1, except there’s no monster_num to worry about.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      OMG – and: Thanks for your effort :)

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Sooo… I tried them. They all crash after a couple of secs, when the text window at the bottom is full …
      Did I do something wrong?

      • Dear Guest permalink

        Oh, and I still haven’t updated anything since the 33% patch, so no 2.04 patch for me yet – is it because of that?

        • Dear Guest permalink

          And to top your double post of with a triple post – it’s a 99.txt error …

          • Dear Guest permalink

            Man … I am so incredibly stupid. A certain Lamia would call me an idiot. With this excuse of a brain I got I don’t deserve opposable thumbs :/
            Anyway I just opened the files for Chapter one with MGQ 2 …

          • Anornamoose permalink

            quadrouple post, nice. is this a new record? =O?

          • Dear Guest permalink

            Yeah I guess my last comment explains everything ;)

  16. Anonymous permalink

    You mentioned decompiling the script to compare battles, I was wondering what program you would reccomend to do that.

  17. Mkmd13 permalink

    Alright, so I downloaded every single custom monster girl labs and like only 3 of them had a battle…. (and I downloaded a good 80 or so labs). Are people too lazy to make battles with them or am I just missing a incredible website where they only make battles? Oh and I dont care if its Japanese or not, I will still download them.

    • Battles require a lot more effort, so most people don’t try to make them.

      • Mkmd13 permalink

        Ah ok, yea I am planning on making one when I get off for spring break and it will deal with the neko.

  18. Nini permalink

    Hey guys I know this is out of the subject but I lost all the data of the game part 1 and part 2
    but good for me that I have backup of the second part of the game but without save data of the two parts could anyone help me so I can import the save data to the game?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I could be wrong, so if anyone else replies, listen to them I guess. I would go to the save folder with your backed up save data, cut the “Save 1” And “Save 1.Dat” or whatever amount of saves you have after that as well, and drop them into the save file for the new MGQ folder. Not sure if this helps, you probably already tried this.

      • Nini permalink

        I have tried to think of that but the backup copy of the game is without any save data just like a new start I just need the arc.nsa file and the gloval.sav file from part 1 and tks for ur help.

  19. Anon permalink

    If someone wanted to, could they make an entire side story for MGQ in monster lab, like how rogue said he disliked Vanadis games because of the story, could someone make an alternate (possibly better) story?

    • MonsterboyWritefag permalink

      What do you mean?

      Take the Vanadis CG / Sprites and make a MGQ Monster Lab side story? Or just a MGQ Side Story in general?

    • You could without battles, sure. I think you’re stuck with only one battle per side-story though.

      • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

        Actually, I was going through Patch v2.04’s changes to the Monster Lab, and there’s a new command “restart” that ends one story.ini file and jumps straight to a specified file folder containing a new story.ini, so you can write a brand new battle in the new INI and play both files as a single scenario with 2 or more battles.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Although even if you can only have one battle, you could do it the way TheGreatHeinrich did and make the battles not actually battles. You were “battling” the coliseum monsters in a scene and depending on the option you chose during the fight you would either progress the story or get a game over rape.

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      Although, battles that are written in an INI instead of directly in the script will always have Luka as the player.

  20. Anon+ permalink

    The template is a precious gift. Thank you very Much Rogue!
    BTW…I want to ask any of you if you of a tutorial or sthg in order to edit the template…I’ve never done this sort of things before, and i’m really eager to try making sthg out of the gift rogue has given us though i don’t know how to start… Can you help me?

  21. Zabusy permalink

    Crap i just deleted my save. Could someone give a link to full game save?

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Is it possible to go in and just slightly modify battles that are already there? such as changing provability’s, HP, etc without having to make a completely custom battle? If so how?

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