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2-11-2012 MGQ2 Update and potential patch date

February 11, 2012

First off:

As someone posted in the comments on a previous post, Monster Girl Quest was actually put onto the vidyagaemawards (  in two categories: Least Hated Game of the Year and Most Interesting New IP. They’re going to stream the awards show tomorrow at 6pm EST. It warms the cockles of my heart to think I had a hand in bringing over something that many people didn’t hate.


Next for the patch date:

Not 100% certain yet due to a busy period coming up, but I’ll probably have it finished by February 18th (One week from now). I’ve got everything translated until the start of the next story arc/quest hub, except for the Encyclopedia entries. I also haven’t edited and/or tested it, which takes some time. Also as I mentioned in the first sentence, my next week is going to be busy, making everything slower in general.

For the line count:

City     – 5175/5175            – 100%
Story    – 11362/19600        – 58%
Battle    – 51077/83000        – 61.5%
Ency    – 700/1450             – 48.3%
Total     – 68314/109225        – 62.5%

Once the Encyclopedia is finished, it should be around 63% of the total. It’s less than 66%, but the Succubus Village fights are very text heavy due to their extended losing scenes, so there’s a lot more actual text in that chunk.


I’ll be throwing in the Monster Laboratory scenes I translated from part 1 into the patch, converted to work with the “Spin-Off” option in Part 2. I took out three scenes though; The Goblin one, one of the vampire girl’s, and the Nekomata vs Luka fight. The Goblin and VG ones were short and plain, and kind of sucked. I had to take out the nekomata one since it would interfere with the actual Nekomata scene in the game (They referenced the same image names), and it would take unpacking, renaming and repacking the CGs as well as changing it in the scripts itself. Since the fight/scene wasn’t even finished to begin with, I just took it out. Stick with the Marco story if you want to see her stuff.

  1. ThePinkOne permalink

    Great job with the translations! City is already complete and everything else is nearing 66%! Keep up the good work and gl with the busy period!

  2. Dave permalink

    Boy rogue you sure translate fast them horas

  3. yabusa permalink

    its almost finished! >:D

  4. so where can i get the 2nd game?

    • Anonymous permalink

      You should try flexing to googling skills (everybodies born with it). Or how about the note worth skill of reading? Maybe, search through the blog posts on the blog that interests you? If you’re not willing to do that, then don’t bother, people shouldn’t just hand shit out to you.

      • Anonymous permalink

        There’s not much difference in getting lost and asking for directions on the road versus on the internet other than reception. Best to shrug it off and lend a hand when there are far worse blog travesties to get indignant about.

        Great job Rogue! It’s really refreshing to see a project like this able to be carried 10x more efficiently to completion, especially by a single person!

        • Anonymous permalink

          I’d say it is. See it’s more like walking into an apple store, saying you want a free ipad, and then not even knowing what model you want, so you’re asking the sales people to pick one out for you and hand it to you.

          If you’re going to pirate something, at least have the decency to figure out how to get things on your own.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Even worse…it’s the first link when you google.

      • yeah thanks alot mr troll, the reason why i cant find one is the reason im asking and the way you are replying just tells me that you cant find it either so youre just blowing off steam on someone else. And if im wrong, then it just means that your wasting time being here because a crappy translated version already exists somewhere out there and you yourself dont know how to google and find it. i rest my case :/

        • Lowlightt permalink

          No you are a freaking moron. You can purchase the game from its site duh. If you want to pirate it which (rogue does not endorse) then you can do a simple google search as it appears in no less than the first freaking link. THE GAME IS NOT LOCATED ON THIS SITE! So take your noobness else where and just fucking google it.

          • uhuh and theres already an english translation from some other person and you are here why? maybe if you youtubed this game youd realize an english 1 already exists and i fail to see your logic in your statement because not only did you have a vague response but failed to address question and instead went straight into telling me i can purchase the game or pirate, which is already a given for all games, but you fail to realize that coming to this website just to read comments and troll people doesnt make you seem any smarter and plus i only placed a simple question and ended up with irrelevant answers. if you really think that my question was dumb you could have ignored it, or could have just realized someone said the same thing you did already and that you are a total idiot for not noticing. i feel that it is sad you lash out at other people when your logical reasoning is weak.

          • Lowlightt permalink

            Sense you think you are smart I’ll let ya down gently. First the other translation is a machine translation that’s been out sense the game released for the most part. Second you asked “so where can i get the 2nd game?” You were quickly answered with google. You were also told its the first link. Which it still is. The fact that you can’t use google before you asked shows you weren’t even trying to find the game for yourself. Then you quickly got offended by someone telling you to go fucking google it, and then went on rampage of crying. Lets look at your second post

            “yeah thanks alot mr troll, the reason why i cant find one is the reason im asking and the way you are replying just tells me that you cant find it either so youre just blowing off steam on someone else. And if im wrong, then it just means that your wasting time being here because a crappy translated version already exists somewhere out there and you yourself dont know how to google and find it. i rest my case :/”

            the line “the reason why i cant find one is the reason im asking and the way you are replying just tells me that you cant find it either so you’re just blowing off steam on someone else. ”

            First he obviously found it as its the first google link if you searched it. Second you try attacking him instead of just searching for it again kind of stupid.

            Next we have “And if im wrong, then it just means that your wasting time being here because a crappy translated version already exists somewhere out there and you yourself dont know how to google and find it. i rest my case :/”

            Well you are wrong, and you’re actually wrong with the second part too. As I said above the crappy translation is the machine translation. And most of us have 1 already got it, or 2 are just waiting for rogue to finish as his is the official unofficial translation.

            Now lets look at your third post

            “uhuh and theres already an english translation from some other person and you are here why? maybe if you youtubed this game youd realize an english 1 already exists and i fail to see your logic in your statement because not only did you have a vague response but failed to address question and instead went straight into telling me i can purchase the game or pirate, which is already a given for all games, but you fail to realize that coming to this website just to read comments and troll people doesnt make you seem any smarter and plus i only placed a simple question and ended up with irrelevant answers. if you really think that my question was dumb you could have ignored it, or could have just realized someone said the same thing you did already and that you are a total idiot for not noticing. i feel that it is sad you lash out at other people when your logical reasoning is weak.”

            So lets begin. You didn’t receive irrelevant answers you were told to google the game and if you had you would have found it available for download legally or illegally pretty quickly. I did notice the other persons comment, I figured sense it didn’t click with your head I would give you the benefit of the doubt and try telling you again “GOOGLE IT” hoping maybe it would get through that think head of yours and you might actually try to “GOOGLE IT”. But you didn’t instead you felt the need to post another long rant where you attack my intelligence. The game is already out there this is a fan translation site, IE THE GAME ISN’T HERE. If you want it go find it yourself. THE TOOL TO USE IS GOOGLE.

            Now because of your ignorant ways, I have to post this ridiculously long rant, which makes me look like a smuck to everyone else here. So thanks for that.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I’m the first replier & I have to say thanks to Lowlightt for defending it. I believe now that 99% of all questions on the internet is solvable with ONE answer “Google it.” The fact that Yesman threw a prissy-fit after I said this basic Cure-all response with a hint of frustration.

            Maybe it’s my ‘fault’ for hanging around the folks from Stack Overflow (& all Stack Exchange) for being generally more.. erm… google savvy/competent.

            Peace out before you have gone… too late, full retard.

        • Derp permalink

          I have some bad news… you’ve gone full retard, and it’s incurable.
          You should kill yourself, it’s your only option.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You can either buy it from that link or you can look for it yourself.

  5. wildhawk permalink

    so will the next patch you put out include the updated GC that came out or will they by put in the 100% patch?

    • Yes, they will be a part of it.

      • anon permalink

        talking about the 2.04 patch, there isn’t any news about the broken saves?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Broken saves?
          When I got the 2nd game it came with no save folder so I was not able to save.
          If that’s what you are talking about I just copied and pasted an unused one from the 1st game and put it in there and it worked fine.

          • anon permalink

            no no, the producers of the game released a new patch for the MGQ2 with the version 2.04 this patch will be integrated on the next translation patch that rogue will release, it brings some new CGs and stuff, but this patch also introduce a bug (different file format?) where any save from any older patch (i.e. 33% patch from rogue) crash the game when you load. Rogue pinpointed that you can still enter on options and load the last auto-save losing just a minimal amount of gameplay. i just wanna know if he got any news about it.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Cheers rogue for the news (its my bday)

  7. Thanks for the update and patch notice. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have toro toro’s work be recognized for what it is, a great game with a good story and even better CG’s.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the patch and see what happens!

    Good work rogue and keep up the amazing job mate.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    You are my hero rouge. I’d be lost in the world of monster girls without your translations. Thanks a ton man, take your time. I’ve waited this long for part two, just knowing it’s right around the corner keeps me happy.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much Rogue!

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rouge this would have to be my first eroge game I ever DL’ed. and I’m willing to wait another week for the 100% patch

    • Drace permalink

      next week the (approx) 66% patch is being released not the 100%. And why isn’t the first MGQ your first eroge? The storyline in the second one picks up from the first one quite abruptly.

      • Anonymous permalink

        For your information, MGQ Part 1 has been long since translated by Rogue. How you managed to overlook a whole game is beyond me.

        • Anonymous permalink

          well, what I meant technically this would be my my 2nd MGQ, but 1st series of eroge type games i ever played .

    • Anonymous permalink

      it will be the 66% patch

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks so much. Great job Rogue.I’ll be waiting patiently for the full patch

  12. Aizen04 permalink

    Thanks for the hard work !! ^_^
    as fast as ever!! and
    What the!!
    this game was been categories as many people didn’t hate!!
    Man !!! it better if they just put it like this [” a game many people like!! “]
    are they Tsun-Tsun(tsundere) just say it straight that this game was awesome!!

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Extender losing scenes, you say?
    Gah, I can’t wait, Rogue! Keep up the good work!

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Can’t thank you enough for doing this! , keep up the great work :)

  15. thanks for your hardwork Rogue-san :)

  16. Anony permalink

    Good job and thank you for your hard work!

  17. trannon1 permalink

    You are my hero. I really love the plot of Luka but because I don’t understand Japanese, it’s like waiting for the sequel of a book or movie. Thank you for your hard work. Really, thank you.

  18. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    I play to win, not lose, at least, not until after I finish…..
    As always I am astounded by how fast you work.
    I tried playing past 33%, but My ability to read and understand Japanese (especially kanji characters) is too low to make out the majority of what they are saying, which is unfortunate considering how much I enjoy the story, and Alice’s character. I got stuck near the end though due to a fight where the Fire Elemental multi-strike technique is compulsory to win and it crashes the game.

    Question: The Encylclopaedia pages you translated are separate image files, but the original Jap. ones are not visible, is it because they are archived? or are they atual text, and you just have the translated pages shown over the top of them?

    • For the encyclopedia question:

      In the original script, the Japanese characters are put into multiple strings and displayed per line. So that means that each Encyclopedia page was roughly 15 or so strings. Now when you put English characters into a string to display, any even numbered word (Even meaning number of characters) it would require a double byte space afterwords, or else the space would be eaten and it would run into the following word. So I had two choices:

      1. Count every word and put a double byte space after each even numbered word (This would take me a long, long time).
      2. Just change it from a text display to a picture.

      2 was far, far easier to do. I also wasn’t the person to come up with the idea of the picture, it was someone on hongfire.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Just wanted to say that you’re awesome !!

  20. Febo permalink

    You just made my day, thanks Rogue! Even if it doesn’t land on the 18th I am still very happy things are moving along so well.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Blah, since you took a month off I’ve been waiting ever so patiently for this. One more week :)

  22. Sven The Rogue Knight permalink

    Sven stands ready.

  23. TheGreatHeinrich permalink

    Did you change the script to accommodate the spin-off stories, or did you change the story.ini files themselves?

    • Just the list.ini and added in that simple newline fix I did in part 1 until I finish the game and can spend more time putting in other stuff.

      • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

        Damn, that makes the scenarios I made play out weird. Basically after each line of dialogue will be a blank line. Well, at least after everything is complete, you should be able to implement my fix (it really isn’t that hard; I already supplied the code so all you have to do is copy & paste and you’re done)

        • Yeah, it would make the ones you made for part 2 not work with part 2. But I think you provided two version, one for part 1 and part 2 right? The ones you made for part 1 should work with it.

          • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

            Yeah, I did, and I went through that lengthy process you explained in this blog post about changing the story.ini and unpacking (and slightly editing) sprites/sounds because they don’t exist in MGQ1. It’s not that big of a deal, but some sprites look ugly. Other than that, they should work for the time being, but I don’t know if (assuming another idea comes into my head) I should create new stories based on your format or mine, at least before you decide to tamper with the spinoff section.

          • If I put in your format, I’d have to add in the line-breaks to my .ini files, right? I’ll be using that eventually since it gives people more control (and you can play japanese made ones), just wondering what I’ll have to do.

          • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

            Well, the way I see it, there’s 3 options.

            First is your fix. No line breaks required, but that means any scripts with working breaks will suddenly find blank lines after each click. It’s really more of an inconvenience than a game-crashing issue, but a big inconvenience nonetheless.

            Second is the original file, which requires line breaks (otherwise all text will display at once and immediately crash the game). For dialogue that contains single-byte chracters (in other words, English dialogue), the sum of all characters must be an EVEN number before a line break will work. If it’s an odd number, you need an extra space at the end before putting the line break. I believe I explained this in detail in one of your previous posts.

            Third is my code. Basically what it does is use a character that’s almost never used ( ` is the backquote character, it sits below the tilde “~”). You can write anything you want for dialogue, but after that, you put a ` after it. Then, you add “\” or “@” after the `. It’s guaranteed to work 100% of the time, and it even works for stories that already contain working line breaks.

            Here’s the important part that I guess applies specifically to you, Rogue: I also made a “failsafe” code that inserts a line break into lines that don’t contain ` or “\” or “@”, so that MGQ1 English-created stories are guaranteed to work. You don’t have to change anything in those stories you already translated for MGQ1; just transfer them and apply the list.ini change, and they work perfectly fine.

            For those who are still bothering to read this other than Rogue, this is what it comes down to:

            EXAMPLE: (Disregarding the quotation marks, of course)
            “This is a dialogue line. I can write whatever I want in here and the line break should work.`\”
            “This is also a dialogue line. Unlike the one above, this one will stay on screen after you click.`@”

            Didn’t I send you an e-mail about it earlier?

          • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

            Obviously I didn’t write my stories using the new ` format because that will only mess up other players, who use your original, untampered script file to play. If you decide to put it in now for your next %60 something or other patch, it won’t affect any previous stories, but it should give players easy control over those line breaks if they want to make new stories after the patch.

            Slightly-related question: Did you figure out how the “variable” commands work in the spinoff section? I figure it has something to do with conditional statements, which allows for better branching off in spinoff stories, like ” v1 = 1, goto this specific section” or something

          • Anonymous permalink

            My eyes kind of glazed over at all that there technical talk. Just wanted to say I played your scenarios yesterday,Heinrich (using my copy of the first game), and really enjoyed them.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you BasedGod! Rogue, you can fuck my bitch.

  25. I like slime girls permalink

    >implying I care about the encyclopedia

  26. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Hohoho !
    So next week, we have the 66% patch.
    We can hope for final patch for end of March ? *___*
    Thanks a lot. The patch will finish after the succubus village but… It’s after the last spirit too ?

  27. Raymund permalink

    This is awesome news.

    I was wondering, Can I simply overwrite the game i’ve already been playing with the patch or would I be better off getting a fresh part 2 with the old saves or would this not work out properly?

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Just adding my thanks and admiration

  29. Anonymous permalink

    At 66% will that final monster in this update be Granberia? Just wondering, there are quite a few good CGs between now and then.

    • This is something I’d like to know. I’ve played past the 33% patch to see the new CG’s etc and got stuck on her so fast it was annoying :P

      • anon permalink

        i got pass her thanks to some comment somewhere
        you got to count how many atks she do before that killer one (like the quadruple-giga)
        so you know when to use your quadruple-giga (you must use it at the same round than her
        then is a insta win
        you got to live till there and have enough SP though

  30. jon permalink

    thx man for your hard work your are awesome man

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Someone, anyone, please do a story with the 4 slime girls.


  32. Ansr permalink

    Hey rogue if you get the chance could you list the monsters with extended scenes(up to the first patch)

  33. Anonymous permalink

    N-no, please no. My boner can’t handle another hit.

    Sorry boner, you’re taking one for the team.

  34. Brave permalink

    Nothing constructive here, just a general ‘Great Work’ from me to you. Your translation is excellent and I’m grateful you let me experience the game without bumbling around a language I’ve got extremely little understanding of.

  35. Anonymous permalink

    Monster Girl Quest got robbed twice. First by Bastion (new interesting IP) and last by Deus EX Human Revolution (least hated game).


    • Anonymous permalink

      I agree. Totally felt it was robbed. Now I don’t think either of those games were bad, just think that clearly the truly deserving game got ripped off.

  36. Anonymous permalink

    MGQ didn’t get “least hated game of the year” :(

    However, it did get a notable mention in the explanation of the award.

  37. Didn’t win least hated award :(

    Got a notable mention though. I missed who won the most interesting new IP.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    MGQ was on the second place for that award though. And third on the most interesting new IP.

  39. gberries permalink

    I can’t believe it didn’t win.

    Either category. And third on new IP? Really?

  40. Will permalink

    Hey, Rogue. I just wanted to ask if it was at all possible for you to take ‘donations’, instead of a ‘fee’ for translating Monmusu Quest? Because Staircasesubs takes donations, and they are a ‘non-profit’ team, just like you. So, I’m pretty sure you could take ‘donations’ as just a gift from your fans, and have it in no way relate to your translations…I don’t really see a legality issue in that…I mean, ANYONE can take donations…I could ask people to donate money to me, just because, and if they did, there would be no problem with that…tell me what you think about this.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s pretty stupid anyways, an unauthorized translation is a legal issue anyways, so torotoro could shut him down already if they felt like it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Why would they try and shut him down? Thats just stupid, nobody would even bother buying this game at all if it wasen’t in english. Unless theres quite a few that love to throw there wallet at people just too see very expensive cg pictures. Just sayin.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I’m pretty much sure that they did something like 95% of their profit from japanease dl site,
          now i don’t know if not japanease people buy it from there too.
          Anyway i agree on the fact that it would be pointless to shut this down, it just opens up their game to more selling

          • Anonymous permalink

            Exactly my point. Adding a donation button wouldn’t change anything.

          • Will permalink

            Who said anything about ‘changing’ something? I just thought it would be nice to donate money to Rogue, simply because we wanted to…while we can’t donate money to him as compensation for translating this game, we could at least donate money as a thank you for doing so. As I said–if he doesn’t ask for money in order to translate the game, but accepts money as a token of appreciation, then there is no legality issue, so what’s the big deal? I mean, we could just send him money for being such an awesome translator, and not because he’s currently translating Monmusu Quest…

  41. Anonymous permalink

    are we going to have the gnome’s earth skill with head bashing cause my game crashes every time i use it

    • Anonymous permalink

      There is something wrong with your installation.

  42. Herysa Archie permalink

    Awesome. i can’t for the 100% patch to come out.

  43. Saika permalink

    I just watched the VGA. Damn, I just don’t know what to say, I want MGQ to win and all. I got all tensed up and wth! MGQ was at the very end, didn’t care anymore about the others but MGQ and the KS music getting my attention a bit. But that Game awards was really sick, took some bits of my sanity. Even when I’m not a newb on the internet, I feel wasted.

    • Please Pay Attention To This Insignificant Anonymous permalink

      What does “IP” mean? since you watched the video too. I guess I wasn’t listening much but you can also call me a “newb” since I don’t know shit. ;D

      • Saika permalink

        By “IP” you meant the Most Interesting IP award, right? honestly, I don’t know either. At first I thought of it as internet protocol award but meh… Anyone with the knowledge there can you please help these 2 pathetic newbs named “Please Pay Attention To This Insignificant Anonymous” and “missing text”? thanks.

        I ‘m just kidding, Anon! :)) Let’s spread the monster girl love <3

        • Anonymous permalink

          IP = Independent Producer

          • P.P.A.T.T.I.A. permalink

            Thanks fellow anonymous. Anyways, fuck you Saika :)) love you.

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            isn’t it Intellectual Property?

          • Anonymous permalink

            IP = Intellectual Property
            My Google skills didn’t even break a sweat with that.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Haha, don’t worry. It’ll probably win when they see the awesomeness of Part 2. It’s guaranteed to win when Part 3 rolls around and wraps of this epic saga.

  44. Sajuuk permalink

    great to hear u are already so far whit the translation,
    and thet u also will add all the updates in your patch.

    keep up the good work :)

  45. Anonymous permalink

    Good progress as usual, and a god amongst mere mortals… or well, just an extremely awesome guy that knows the language we all wish we knew, or something.

    I have a bit of a request for anyone, and that is the good ol kenkoku cross profiles usually get translated by MGU but apparently the admin is mia and is the only that can access funds (they pay a translator or something, I just lurk and check once a month for new profiles)

    You guys probably seen them around /d/ or something.

  46. Dear Guest permalink

    Gnome-sama just updated his blog :
    Also he stated an email-adress to which all submissions should be sent:
    Maybe Rogue-san could edit his initial post and help spread the word?
    In the meantime a relaxing sunday to y’all and f*** the VGA !!

  47. what a cute word “just an extremely awesome guy that knows the language we all wish we knew, or something”

    well i am going to see one of the biggest event in this age again, after the loveplus, Majikoi, MuvLuv, and tons of wonderful VNs,

    and now finally for one of my fav! the MGQ! waiting!

  48. scarletrose/serpentcross permalink

    where the 66% exactly ends? before the last island but after retreiving the salamander there is a sort of quik return in the other parts of the continent + pirates ship
    is that inluded or willit be in the 100% patch?
    or there will be a 75% patch?

    • Anonymous permalink

      As I understand it, there will be 3 patches: 33%, 66%, and 100%

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m guessing the 66% patch ends somewhere between Granberia (3) and Crab Girl (2)

  49. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much, please keep it up.

    A very happy gamer

  50. Anonymous permalink

    I’m jonesing for my MGQ fix man. I got the shakes. THE SHAKES MAN!!

    Can’t wait until (hopefully) next week :)

    • Anonymous permalink

      I know what you mean, first it starts with the fever, followed by spasms, madness, coma & death… OH SHIT, I GOT YETI-ISM! What?! SUPERMODELS! NOOOOOARRRGGGH!

  51. Anonymous permalink

    Okay, for someone who is completely computer retarded, will my saves be transferable between Part 1 and a completed Part 2? How would i go about insuring that?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Just select and copy your save folder and ark.nsa (not the numbered ones) in MGQ 1 and paste and overwrite in MGQ 2.

      • Anonymous permalink

        That shouldn’t be too difficult then. Thanks man!

  52. kana-art permalink

    Oh! ya. Thanks you.

  53. Anonymous permalink

    Man you do awesome work

    Keep doing what you do

  54. Anonymous permalink

    Hey man great job. Really respect the work you do! I am looking foreword to your English patch :)

  55. Aaron permalink

    I LOVE U ROUGE I LOVE HOW U ARE DOING THIS FOR FREE. I am amazed about this I haven’t heard of the game until recently probably about 2months ago but when I did I had to see it since I am searching for games like this and a few of my RL friends recommended this so I gave it a try the one u have translated and I got to tell u I am addicted to it.

    So thank you very much I don’t care if u answer this but I am sincerely thankful for all ur help and effort for translating I think I am also speaking for everyone who is reading this and commented as well.

    • ThePinkOne permalink

      Rogue translates these things because he finds it as fun. Knowing two languages is knowing two worlds, and transferring from one to another must feel at least somewhat amazing. Rogue can’t take donations or ToroToro Resistance, creators of MGQ and a long series of MG audio dramas, have the right to shut Rogue down for illegally making money off their product. It sucks, but the simple joy is the payment itself.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I might point out that from a legal point of view, they could already shut him down if they wanted.

        • Aaron permalink

          No not really depending what region he is from and even ACTA, SOPA and PIPA can’t do shit really if he is in America maybe ACTA since that is world wide but am getting ahead of myself.

          Regardless these laws aren’t even passed yet and if they are u can say the internet is officially dead since we all downloaded something illegally from the net and translate games without buying the actual game.

          And speaking of legal shit theres no point in even saying it since it has yet to happen seriously why do people like u make a point of this crap

          • Anonymous permalink

            This has nothing to do with ACTA or SOPA, if he accepts money for someones work he can be sued by those people.

          • Anonymous permalink

            He makes a translation, an unauthorized translation to be exact. That means Torotoro won’t earn anything when they go through the trouble of making an English translation. Accepting donations isn’t the same as getting paid by the way.

        • Anonymous permalink

          That might be true, but why would they want to do that?

          Neither is it possible to play the translated game without the original Japanese version, nor does Rogue supply or encourage links to illegal copys of their game. Also, the patch doesn’t circumvent any copy protections (not that there are any).
          As long as Rogue doesn’t accept any money for the patch it’ll be a win-win situation for ToroToro. They could even ask Rogue to use his translation if they ever wanted to do a localization.

  56. Anonymous permalink

    >you will never play MGQ again for the first time


  57. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, you are a grand man.

  58. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rouge,

    Even though MGQ didn’t win at the Vidya awards, I just wanted to say that I for one didn’t hate it.

  59. Mkmd13 permalink

    Idk if this question has been asked or not on here (because you always get a ton of comments and I dont have time to read them all) but I was wondering how many of the Monster Lab’s will you be translating if any?

  60. Anonymous permalink






    • Venithil permalink

      So true, god damnit :D

      But you cannot hurry an artist or any other kind of master, so we have to wait patiently and be grateful ;)

  61. Why am I always late to comment on your updates, everytime I come here there’s an ocean of comments, anyway… keep the good work pal, you’re doing it great.

    • Rederious permalink

      Well considering how popular Rogue’s work is, it is not surprising how fast comments go up.

  62. Aizen permalink

    Ow!! I just remember!! Is it just mine or Alice and others voice was very low during the
    h-scenes ????????????? is there a way to raise their voice volume ???

    • Anonymous permalink

      There’s a slider for dialogue in the options.

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      did you pick your name as a Bleach reference or did you name yourself after Aizen Myo-oh
      (Buddhist figure)

  63. suraida permalink


  64. Anonymous permalink

    Transfered game file before getting 50 Evaluations from illias, I’m at 53 and I can’t seem to unlock her, am I doing it wrong? Do I have to unlock her in the first game or something? Or do I have to get 100?

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can only get it by doing evaluations of the monsters that show up in the first game. The evaluations of the monsters that show in in MGQ2 won’t count towards Ilias’s scene.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ahhh, thank you very much.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Say, does it matter if I get the evaluation from the encyclopedia fights, or do I have to get them through the story?

        • Anonymous permalink

          I don’t know, I doubt it matters but I would do it on the story just to be “safe”. Don’t want to do it 50 times just to find out it doesn’t count. lol

  65. Anonymous permalink

    Question: Is MGQ part 2 the final part?

    • Anonymous permalink

      No, there will be a Part 3 released this summer.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh kk, thanks. I did not play through part 2 yet, waiting for translation, so from what I know, the first 33% of part 2 is the 3rd spirit then by 66% it should be done with 4th and I doubt the last 33% will finish unless they rushed the ending… but I am surprised and also glad that there is a 3rd part. Thinking how another 100% from part 3+the 33% from part 2 will make a conclusion… or will they troll me with a short part 3? Well hope they surprise me… oh I just remembered the little colored stones too that the protagonist finds on the way; I guess there is room for another part after all… but I assume part 3 will be the last? I don’t want it too long like part 4 and 5 because I will have to wait for release and translations ;p

        • Anonymous permalink

          Luka’s goal was to head to Hellgondo to defeat the Monster Lord, until he learned that Alice wasn’t all evil. However, because the Four Heavenly Knights are distorting peace by doing w/e the hell they want (Granberia attacking two towns, Alma Elma creating that storm between Sentora and Illias Continents, etc.), Luka continues pushing to Hellgondo.

          Part 1 covers Illias Continent as well as Natalia and Sabasa regions to obtain Sylph and Gnome. Part 2 moves onto Noah and Gold regions to recruit Undine and Salamander as well as covering Hellgondo. Part 3 will end up going back to every place because of some “event” created by Illias.

  66. Anonymous permalink

    just thought I should add that their is a problem with the antlion girl. whether this is just me or you fixed it, I do not know.

  67. Anonymous permalink

    My cock is about to fall off.

    • Anonymous permalink

      MY cock fell off waiting for the japanese release of part 2. I have had to play through it thus far, cockless.

  68. Anonymous permalink

    Too late. My cock is no more.

  69. Anonymous permalink

    I hope you’re right for the date becose it’s saturday ^^

  70. Drunk Loli Ogre permalink

    Rogue if you post on /v/ anytime soon, just be wary of trolls. Moot has booted KS off /v/, so they’re using it as an excuse to flood MGQ threads because “HURRDURRIDONTLIKEITTHEREFOREITSNOTAVIDEOGAME” while the rest of the thread continues as normal.

    • Anonymous permalink

      yea our MGQ threads were sagebombed
      damm moot just look at the shitstorm he did

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thankfully, /vg/ was formed. Monster Girl Quest generals are accepted there.

      I have a feeling /vg/ will go down the toilet soon enough, but I could easily be wrong.

      • Anonymous permalink

        as it stands I think /vg/ will actually become the board for discussing video games and /v/ will become /b/ 2.0

  71. Thanks for the update Rogue much appreciation.

  72. kanjimaru permalink

    man can’t wait got new computer with bigger screen now i need to move old files from old computer but anyway keep up the amazing work rouge keep on translating

  73. Anonymous permalink

    puede que date prisa y traducir este juego todo listo.

  74. spanther permalink

    Hello RogueTranslator:

    The “Lastly” part scared me. I’m not native english user but as I understood, you merged things together “and” deleted content? So how does this affect the game for us now? Do you have deleted ingame parts permanently? Or in which way do you have altered it in detail? And What do you mean with Marco story?

    I hope I misunderstood this and it isn’t this worse as I understood it! xD

    Please explain more detailed for “no insiders” like me :)

    • Anonymous permalink

      He removed one monster lab scene as it conflicted and bugged a monster scene from the mainstory

    • Anonymous permalink

      All Monster Laboratory stuff is fan made scenes so it’s not exactly part of the game anyways. The only good one is the Marco one which is still there.

      • spanther permalink

        Ah! Monster Laboratory is fanmade! I didn’t know that for myself before hehe :D
        I thought it was game content from the main game, so it scared me xD
        Thank you very much for clearing this up for me! :)
        So all main game content (including my loved neko scene <3) stays, that's good news! :)

  75. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t wait till this gets finished translating. I can’t read japanese. And the first part was pretty epic…..

  76. Anonymous permalink

    So here’s a question. I’ve pressed forward in the game past the point of the translation, using a terribly-translated walkthrough. However, I’m at the part where you refight crab girl (called crap girl in the guide, lol). I use undine’s skill, and then try to use the new slash. The animation shows up, but then I get an error in moonspeak. The only parts that come through are:

    099.txt line:180176
    |mov $sel2,” damage!”
    |if %damage_nobr=1 skip 3

    Wat do? Should I just wait for Rogue to translate up to there?

    • Anonymous permalink

      And to save anyone the trouble of answering with this, I am running in in the japanese region already

      • Anonymous permalink

        Running as Japanese region wouldn’t be the problem anyways since you are able to play.

        Rogue said something about not fixing crashes past of what he translated, so you should just wait 2 or so days for the translation patch and it’ll be fixed.

        Did you use the machine patch over Rogue’s patch? That could be the problem.

        • Anonymous permalink

          The machine patch itself could be causing the problems, too. There were various parts in the game that kept crashed when I used it.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I haven’t patched it past Rogue’s 33% patch. That means no developer patch. I think that’s what you’re asking. But okay, there’s no way around it until rogue’s done with that section, which won’t be until he probably does the 100% patch. Damn.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Oh, walkthrough… For some reason I thought you were using that machine translation patch.

  77. Herysa Archie permalink

    was illias and her subordinates infiltrating the monster lord castle in the end of MGQ2? i hope what i just said is wrong.

  78. Anonymous permalink

    I used to be an adventurer but then i took MGQ to my penis.

  79. Anonymous permalink

    Question: What’s the name of the skill that replaced Demon Decap? Don’t give me the poor translated one.

  80. Anonymous permalink

    My roommate could not have picked a better weekend to go home.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I know right! I hope he releases it relatively early Saturday… This game will consume my life that day.

  81. Cableman permalink

    Gah, I spoiled the surprise and looked at the CGs of the Witch Succubus… My God she embodied so many of my fetishes, no other girl in the game can top her now… Well the golem was interesting, but it was too machine like to be attractive. Oh well I still have the story and random vore scenes to look forward to.

  82. Anonymous permalink

    time to replay the entire first part and up to the second while waiting…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Wouldn’t you rather save up your johnson’s happy phlegm for another 3 hour stand off? Which will arrive in less than a day?

  83. Neltarion_DH permalink

    Dear Rogue you rock! (guitar bgm)

    Anonymous “I used to be an adventurer but then i took MGQ to my penis.”

    Lol skyrim jokes even here O_O

    • Anonymous permalink

      Have to say, imagine a Skyrim level Monster girl quest with proper aesthetics. Shame there isn’t big money in it. Couldn’t get much exposure unless they started advertising porn after the simpsons…

  84. ARGH!!!!! Seriously shouldn’t have forgone fapping until this next patch, tis torture I tells ya~

    • Anonymous permalink

      I too thought of forgoing fappage. But I came to my senses and realised that it was going to be a month! Have you REALLY held off for a month? If so, I congratulate you on your success of ‘most tolerant male of the week award’. Your balls must look like strawberries by now and I hope you enjoy your instacum which will happen because it will.

  85. Anonymous permalink

    1 day left before patch, exept if you change the date…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hey… That’s a good idea, let me just try that. Anyone got a flux capacitor?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Nah, mine was stolen by another guy with a flux capacitor. Turns out Mr. Fusion IS the future.

    • Jos permalink

      Yes, it is a potential release date and as I recall Rogue normally posted an estimated release 1 or 2 days before he would release the download link. So I would not get my hopes up and think it is 100% certain.

  86. Shunk permalink

    Hello guys!

    I love these games to death! But ive been having some troubles with them.

    I keep getting these errors when i try to play a couple of spin-off series that i got from:

    I have tried using applocale on mon_que.exe and mon_queNOwordwrap.exe with no luck.
    I`ve tried reinstalling the patch and even set my language to Japanese. These random errors
    pops up alot when i try to load any saves from the original monster quest 2. (My first playthrough)

    Please help me shed some light on this as i want to enjoy this game to the fullest!

    Thanks in advance.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Ah yes, i quite remember this one. If im guessing correctly you try to open those file at MGQ2 right?
      Well don’t, treat it as a monster laboratory file and open it by using the monster laboratory feature at the first MGQ. It should work.

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      There should be two folders in the .RAR archive. One of them is specifically for MGQ 1 (it should read \HeinrichsTaleForChapter1), the other one is specifically for MGQ 2 (it should read \HeinrichsTaleForChapter2).

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      Scratch that, I meant the other scenario, the Coliseum. \ColiseumForChapter1 is for MGQ 1’s \mon_labo folder and \ColiseumForChapter2 is for MGQ 2’s \mod folder.

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      (Damn, I was hoping to avoid triple-posting. Things always slip my mind!)

      Also, I noticed that you got the error when it tried to display the Slime Girl’s sprite. That’s because it’s referencing a MGQ 1 sprite, which means you must combine MGQ1 and MGQ2 together to get it to work. If you haven’t downloaded MGQ 1 yet, well… use Google to your advantage. I believe Gnome-sama said this in his blog post below the side-story download links, and Rogue has a detailed explanation of how to combine the two games into one on one of his earlier blog posts.

  87. Anonymous permalink

    OMG OMG…
    Can`t wait anymore… Must be patient…
    It`s already 18 now in my country at 12.00 am… x.x

  88. Anonymous permalink

    Hora hora~ 12 am here in Manila. Go go go go rouge! You the man!

  89. Anonymous permalink

    It so happens that I have a week off from school and work. But after I’m done with the patch, I don’t think my dick can recover in a week.

  90. Imoutocon permalink

    I hate EST, need to wait 13 hours . Then +12hrs for rouge to post when it is just 18 Feb 0000hrs.

  91. Anonymous permalink

    Only 20h57 in France yay

  92. Aaron permalink

    hey am having a problem on MGQ 1 when I reinstalled it and had MGQ2 placed over it am replaying the game now and am at the point where am nearing Gnome atm but at the time not their am at the pyramids where I go in with Sarah.

    Okey here is the problem now I am running into this problem and would like some help if u can figure out whats happening cuz I have no idea what to do.

    This is exactly how it went except the parenthesis this is what am thinking.

    NSA (with some Jap/China figures cant read a lick of what it is saying). chara\sara_st01r.bmp (more figures cant understand).

    0.99.txt line:16449
    [>I have no choice but to break in and rescue her! \
    [>But at that moment… \
    >Isp 700,” a;chara\sara_st01r.bmp”,0,0

    Okey thats exactly word by word and txt by txt of what it said so if you are asking for more information this is the best I have to give so sorry.

    • Aaron permalink

      O and to say this I already tried the patch it didn’t work

    • Aaron permalink

      I accidentally deleted MGQ2 on my laptop anyone know of a good site to re download it please?

      preferably with Mediafire, FileServe, Depoistfiles, you know the ones that still work in the USA and if possible not Rapidshare.

      Thanks just post the link under here please

      • Anonymous permalink

        aaron please read the first set of comments they should help you

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      This is MGQ1, right? In that case, you’re missing an NSA archive that contains the new Sara CGs, which was included in Rogue’s v1.1 or something patch. Take a look at Rogue’s earlier blog post:

      It should have a Mediafire DL link with the proper files.

    • Chance permalink

      Having the same problem. All I keep getting is assholes saying use Google which I’ve tried for hours to no avail. Let me know if you get a fix and I’ll let you know if I get one as well.

  93. Anonymous permalink

    Does it mean you will have 100% of the game translated on 18th? *confused*

    • Anonymous permalink

      no just a more translated game he isnt finished yet but is releasing a partial patch

  94. Anonymous permalink



    • Anonymous permalink

      My body was ready the moment I finished the 33% patch about a month ago. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough…

      • FrankensteinJoe permalink

        Remember Rogue said POTENTIAL release date.

  95. Anonymous permalink

    hey rouge is there any way to get the cgs from the game like strip them or something?

  96. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve been waiting for quite a bit and haven’t even played the game yet, I can’t wait to play it completely translated! The images on the internet spoiled it though somewhat, and I didn’t even try to find them they’re everywhere! It pisses me the fuck off.

    • Rederious permalink

      It is a surprisingly popular game, guess we all really just want a cute monster girl

  97. Anonymous permalink

    Argh, I’ve never refreshed a wordpress blog as much as I have today.

  98. I nominated it. Hell why not? I personally play it for the plot…

  99. Crashing on Golem Girl evaluation.

  100. Brent permalink

    gah I was unable to install it….

  101. Anonymous permalink

    How the hell do you install new scenarios into the Spin-off stories? I don’t see a tutorial ANYWHERE and simply extracting the zip from Gnome’s Laboratory in the ‘mod’ folder doesn’t do anything.

  102. Chance permalink

    Hey, here’s one for the fags who only answer “Google it”. Problem with game, crashes right before engagement with the Antlion Girl. Google doesn’t have shit on it. Did everything correctly, have v 1.05, copied arc.nsa, converted, did everything I was told to. Still can’t fix this shit, hours I have spent on Google so don’t you dare say “Google it”. For once how about offering some assistance instead of angst?

    • Chance permalink

      NSA (with some Jap/China figures cant read a lick of what it is saying). chara\sara_st01r.bmp (more figures cant understand).

      0.99.txt line:16449
      [>I have no choice but to break in and rescue her! \
      [>But at that moment… \
      >Isp 700,” a;chara\sara_st01r.bmp”,0,0

      Bite from Aaron, yes, but we’re having the same problem, this is exact text. Am running in Japanese Locale as well. Forgot to add these things.

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