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MGQ2 66% Partial Patch

February 17, 2012

So this blog hit 1,000,000 hits earlier and I figured a good way to commemorate it would be to release the patch a day (Or a half-hour anyway) early. As always crashes are possible, so check back here to see if a fix was posted before posting in the comments about it.

Crash Fixes:

If the crash is in italics it means that it is fixed in the currently available patch, listed below in the post. If it’s not in italics, it means it’s still an active crash. So if you see your crash listed, simply re-download the patch and apply it again.

  • 2/18 – 12:22am EST – Fixed crash during Undine’s H-Scene.
  • 2/18 – 12:30am EST – Fixed crash for Golem Girl evaluation.
  • 2/18 – 3:00am EST – Fixed crash with Minccubus’s Sock move.
  • 2/18 10:45am EST – Fixed crash with Frederika’s H-scene. Fixed crash in leaving Iliasport.

New Stuff in Addition to the Next 33%

There have been some new things added/changed in the game itself in addition to just the next 33% of the story. Here’s a summary:

  • All of Alice’s H-Scene CGs have been modified. They all look a little different, and two of the scenes have more CGs than they did before.
  • Erubetie’s CGs modified a little bit. They show a little more.
  • Mosquito Girl and Moth Girl have new H-Scene CGs. They look very different than they did before.
  • There’s a new skill called “Edging” that brings Luka’s HP down to 1. It’s similar in use as Request and Surrender for seeing various scenes.
  • Number display should look more normal.
  • The Monster Laboratory compatibility was expanded thanks to TheGreatHeinrich. You can now load English made ones and Japanese made ones without any issues, and you can actually use stop-waits (@ and \ ) when making scenes.
  • This patch also includes the Spin Off stories that I originally translated (Minus a couple that I didn’t include) for the v1.10 of MGQ1. You can find them in Extras -> Spin-Off Stories. You need to have Part 1 combined with Part 2 (See instructions below) for all the scenes besides Marco’s to work.

How to acquire the game . It’s made by a small group that commissions artwork. That means additional sales should lead to more commissions, for a higher quality game! If you aren’t going to buy it anyway, then you should easily be able to find a less legitimate version on your own.

Patch Location

How to Install

Unrar the contents of the .rar to your game directory (It’s the directory that contains mon_que.exe). Overwrite all files it asks to overwrite. Depending on where you downloaded the game itself from, it may have already been pre-patched.

Issues with the Patch

  1. Saving – Due to the way nScripter handles saving, you can only save at specific points in the game. Only save when you see “Save Location”, and don’t change the comment text. I know you can save it anywhere by crashing the game, but that can corrupt your save file.
  2. Text Display – During some HP draining moves, the text may not display right.
  3. Loading old save files. There may be a freeze when loading old saves. If you cannot load your old saves, load your autosave. Choose “Extras -> Auto-Save Data -> Yes”
  4. I had to disable certain parts of the Monster Laboratory Side-Story creation script in the game since it was interfering with save files. I’ll fix it when Torotoro fixes it, since it’s an issue in the original script as well. It only interferes with battle-making, not normal scene creation.

Common Issues/Questions

I crash very quickly at the start of the game!

You need to run the game in Japanese locale. Either set your computer to it, or use a program called Applocale. (Search google for instructions).

The text is all compacted together, and nearly unreadable!

You need East Asian Language packs for the font used in the game. Search Google for East Asian Language Pack for how to install it.

How do I combine Part 1 and Part 2?

To combine Part 1 with Part 2, copy the “arc.nsa” file from your MGQ Part 1 folder. Paste this arc.nsa file into Part 2′s folder, choosing “Yes” to overwrite the current file. ONLY arc.nsa, not any other nsa files. Then launch the game, go to the extra menu, and choose “Part 1 Conversion”.

How do I import my save from Part 1?

Go to your part 1 directory, to the \save folder. Inside this folder, you need to copy “gloval.sav”. Paste this “gloval.sav” file into Part 2′s \save folder. After that, go to the “Extra” menu and choose “Part 1 SaveImport”. It will import the save file and start you on part 2. Do not do this unless you chose to create cleared save data at the end of part 1.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to all those who’ve helped by pointing out mistakes and by editing images or hacking the executable (SomeLoliCatgirl, Xilium, Zinny, The guy who sends me comprehensive mistakes via e-mail). Also to TheGreatHeinrich for some of the text fixes and the spin-off story compatibility stuff.

Contact Me

Either post here or send me an e-mail at .

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Great job rogue, been waiting up all night hoping for an early release :) made my night, and reason to stay awake

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    Wooo, you’re awesome rogue. Friday night just got a whole lot better.

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    your the best

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    Grab some bud light cause


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    YES! Holy fuck rogue you are my savior.

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    Greatly appreciated, Rogue!

  10. Saika permalink

    Omg. OMG. I have been waiting for it and after the random refresh, there it was. Holy. I didn’t expect it to be in the early part of the day, thanks Rogue.

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    thanks rogue million thanks

  13. Aizen permalink

    Great it finally here!! as always Thanks for the Hard work and also for those who help you lessen your work . I’m really amaze on how fast and good you translate this game. I really awesome
    *sparkling eyes of admiration*

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Finally! I have been waiting day and night for this patch! Rogue you are absolutely the BEST!!!

  15. jon permalink

    awesome man you the best thx for your hard work….

  16. Cableman permalink

    *I’m sorry for posting this again, but I really want to spread the word for this game coming out that is MGQ like. The person who made it has a good sense of humor and really nice to his fans.

    He even responded to my comment I left him that was part English and part broken Japanese. On his blog he answers some questions and requests with drafts of monster girls that give you a sense of what the game will be like so check them out.* P.S. Thanks for the translation :D

    There is going to be a new game similar to MGQ coming out this spring. You can play a demo and preview the monsters on their website. In the Demo you meet this girl that can change you into a dildo and masturbates with you if you lose to her.




    I tried web translate the demo but I wasn’t able to extract enough words to make any sense. I’m hoping you might translate this little game. After you finish MGQ2 would you look at this one?

    • Hah, that actually looks like it might be pretty funny. Didn’t know about that, I’ll keep it in mind. There’s absolutely no way anyone would ever agree to translating something without playing it first, of course.

      • Cableman permalink

        Of course, I’m crossing my fingers hoping it will be good. But if it isn’t, I’ll just try to blindly find all the CGs in it or find a save file.

    • Saika permalink

      Thanks dude. It’s hard to find a game like MGQ. I know there are other very good VN’s but MGQ is distinct. I will definitely try this recommendation, thanks again.

  17. TheGreatHeinrich permalink

    And so, another Saturday goes to waste… Thanks Rogue, you are the best! You made my save files work again, this is awesome.

    I’ll be happy to (try to) fix any game-crashing/inconsistent text issues that come up in the script on your behalf, when convenient. Once again, thanks a bunch!

    • Yeah, it was something with a bad array being used for the spin-off stories that was making the old save files crash. I just commented it out for now until Torotoro can fix it. I don’t even know what it’s used for specifically in the spin-off story maker. Something to do with battles, I believe.

      • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

        I’m not even gonna bother tampering with that. However, it has nothing to do with the battles, so the battle section is fine.

        There’s a brand new set of commands added in v2.04 that use it (the variable commands). I kinda sorta figured out how they worked (basically they’re used to store numeric values to be used for conditional statements or something like that), but I want to avoid using them for now if it means using them will freeze my game if I try to load an old save file. Anything created after it works fine, though, which is probably why the devs themselves didn’t come up with a fix immediately after releasing 2.04, so they don’t have to throw away all those spin-off story commands.

      • rogue i can’t start it :(

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    Amazing fucking job Rogue, thanks.

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    I <3 you Rogue.

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    Rogue, you are a veritable god.

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    I fucking love you.

  23. fire permalink

    is there a way to get the red/green slime rape scene in the encyclopedia?

    • The Green Slime has her own unique scene, so yes. The Red Slime’s scene is part of the group one, and is shared with the blue and purple slimes.

  24. Brave permalink

    Excellent work, as always.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Here I was thinking to myself, there’s no way he’ll release it tonight, I guess I’ll just go to sleep, refresh the page, there goes sleep.

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    You are amazing! Keep up the good work!

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    Best Friday ever

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    Umhhhhhhhhhhhhh it is 6:30 am here but now i can’t go to sleep……..
    THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Hito permalink

    Awesome. You never fail to deliver,
    and for that i Thank You.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    <3 Jawsome.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    Error with the golem girl evaluation scene…the first set of lines that Ilias speaks. Other than that, great job!

  33. thanks you very much Rogue-san ^^

  34. Anonymous permalink

    There are no words that can express my gratitude. So I will just say ….nice.

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    Remember folks, drink lots of water to replace those fluids you’re losing, dehydration is a sneaky bastard.

  37. Anonymous permalink

    I was planning on doing some work, but oh well, I guess not.

    Thanks again for the fast translation. I swear you are one crazy awesome person.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    I’ll just echo the voice of the crowd here and say thank you for your hard work, Rogue

  39. Anonymous permalink

    >use edging
    Monster girl-san my hips are moving on their own!

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Well done but…

    The game’s not starting for me. It loads and all that crap and shows up on my Windows Task Manager, but nothing happens? Help? D:

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  42. The text is really small and hard to read.

  43. Anonymous permalink

    So I’m trying to play through MGQ1 using the MGQ2 app (after converting it into MGQ2), but I can only get up to returning to town just after getting Poseidon’s Bell. This is new. Help?

  44. Anonymous permalink

    I keep getting this error it happens before getting on the ship to leave the town

  45. Anonymous permalink

    i cant open it, it come up with
    099.txt line:187014

    l saveoff
    l lsp 107,”:a;system/logo.bmp”,79,100
    > bg “bg/bg001.bmp”

    and when i click ok it just turn off

  46. Anonymous permalink

    The words are small

  47. Anonymous permalink

    Still got the error even in applocale

  48. Anonymous permalink

    Font too small

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    I love you Rogue.

    No homo.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Lightning Sword Flash = new favorite move

  51. Anonymous permalink

    Couple questions:

    -What’s the name of the skill that replaces Demon Decap? DO NOT give me “Magic Sword: Water Mirror” and that bull.
    -Does anyone even know the critical rate with and without Gnome?

    • You’ll get it at the end of the translated section.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Why must you torment me? QQ

        • Anonymous permalink

          Well, to be honest, he probably just made up the names himself instead of going with the literal translation, which is what the name “Magic Sword: Water Mirror” is… lol
          I probably would have named “Lightning Sword Flash” as “Hurricane Slash” or something, just ’cause it sounds cool to me lol

          • Anonymous permalink


          • Monster-Girl Lover permalink

            I would’ve personally gone with Sonic Blade: Piercing Thunder or something similar for Lightning Sword Flash. Regardless, awesome translation Rogue!

            Also, the way the variables work is that they can be used for conditional defeats, among other things. I just grabbed one of the spin-offs that involved Alma Elma being in heat and fucking Luka, but it used the variable function to check if he was defeated by an attack where she made Luka suck her breasts, and if so, give an alternative loss sequence. They can use it for a good variety of things, they just need to fix it somehow.

          • That skill name is too long… A big issue with the skills is that they have to fit into the skill window without running into the next skill (The skills on the left) or off the box (the skills on the right). Due to that character restriction, most of the names aren’t exactly what I want them to be, but they’ll do.

  52. Crasher permalink

    Thanks! I really appreciate your hard work~

    But, when i select Evaluation for the golem girl, i keep crashing! I don’t know why…

  53. I try to help permalink

    @Crasher, i think that after crashing, the game will still save your progress.So when you choose evaluation next time, try skipping Illias’ lines. (Same ptoblem as you, fixed it)

  54. Nightverge permalink

    You are a hero, RT. I just wanted to reinforce that. Thank you!

  55. Febo permalink

    You just made my weekend Rogue! I raise a mug of beer to your efforts.

  56. Anonymous permalink

    Why are the words so small

  57. Anonymous permalink

    Alright, I crashed at the sockrape scene of the Mincubus. My error message is posted in the MGQ general (post # 169443) on /vg/.

  58. Sajuuk permalink

    good to see the patch released but i dint lose anysleep over it as i just found out this morning.
    am sure i will enjoy playing it keep op the good work.
    and know i am a big fan of your work
    greeting from Sajuuk from the netherlands

  59. Ah finally I can fap.

    I owe you one good sir, thanks.

  60. You know what’s up Rogue.

  61. Will permalink

    Alright! Thanks for your hard work, Rogue. You know that we all appreciate this patch. Now, please–take a WELL deserved break!

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    Aw dammit rogue….I always check in here before I go to bed…..and now I can’t…. >.<

    In all seriousness…keep up the great work.

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    I’ll wait for the complete patch, but still thanks a ton for all the work you’ve done. Wouldn’t get to experience this game without all the effort.

  64. Anonymous permalink

    Hey thanks for the update. Anyway, I get a crash when I got defeated by golem girl and reevaluated. Might wanna check it out?

    By the way, you’re awesome.

  65. The fapping man permalink

    Me fapsta!!(O_O)

  66. Anonymous permalink

    Unfortunately none of the spin-off stories seem to work :(

  67. Abel permalink

    Great patch! I just now got to the end of it though.

    The only problem I got with it is when you get defeated by the Golem Girl. Once you evaluate, it get’s an error. Other than that, I found no problems.

  68. Anonymous permalink

    I’m getting an error message when I import a save from MGQ1. Iget through a bit of the summary before it gives me an error, saying

    099.txt line:19810

    >bg “BG\bg077.bmp”

    Hoping for a fix because I don’t want to have to start over in part 2 from my place in part 1 because I combined.

  69. Anonymous permalink

    I wanted to point out an error I get when I try and replay the rape scene with Frederika using your 66% patch Rogue. It happens once it gets to the point when Chrome comes into the room after 1 year is up. I know it is the 66% patch that broke it because I have a backup of my 33% patch and it doesn’t crash.

  70. Anonymous permalink

    The game crashes on the next untranslated Alma Elma fight.

  71. derp permalink

    Newfag to here, i just want to ask a serious question:
    All the changes heard and keeping hearing about (CG changes, some skills, etc.),
    are they changes as in more stuff finished or changes as in swaying from the original?
    I might be a little more than mad if this sways in any way from the original in a way that doesn’t only limit itself to (uncensored a little).

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Changes are official patches from the game creators that have now been incorporated into the english translation patch IE you get the official patch stuff in the translation download.

      • derp permalink

        Ah yes, i understand now, thank you for the answer.
        Big props to the translator and everyone contributing and good luck.

    • It’s only adding, never taking away.

  72. jesus permalink

    Not entirely sure if this is a glitch but I cant really progress much in the spin off stories as it crashes after a few sentences. Any clues why this is happening.

  73. Anonymous permalink

    Fantastic release! Already finished it, looking forward to the next. One person already mentioned this but besides the Marcos story none of the spinoffs work completely, they all crash when a character is meant to be shown on-screen. All the error messages had a bunch of gibberish along with what looked like a file location for the character model (ex: chara/vgirl_st13.bmp) so maybe the chara folder is the problem?

    • Oh, you need to have combined part 1 with part 2. That’s why it’s crashing.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Awesome! Replaced MGQ2’s arc.nsa file with the one from MGQ1 and now all the spin-off stories work! Thanks for all your hard work :)

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        is it because they use graphics that are located in the part 1 files or something?

  74. ShiroiRyu permalink

    How we can thanks you ? :p
    How ?
    Because now i don’t have a week-end !
    Thanks a lot for this one. *ç___*
    For the other game, what is the story ?

  75. Anonymous permalink

    NSA(Something in teh Japanese)system/hurt.bmp(MOAR Japanesestuff)

    099.txt line:185764

    exec_dll “NSfont.dll/gaiji,(Japanese),system/hurt.bmp

    Apologies, my ability to translate is not nearly as prominent as yours.

    Anywho, so yeah this problem is a pain in the ass…

  76. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you!

  77. Dear Guest permalink

    I can’t believe I was actually able to hold myself back untill now. I’m gonna try it out now and already the words Push, Balance, Power come to mind…
    Rogue, thank you very much – may you have a great weekend, you’ve certainly earned it!

  78. DaimonFrey permalink

    Why in game instead of text dots appear? When I was playing before(patch 1) everything was alright.

  79. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much. You just made my life better. I may fail university if I can’t control the urge to play, but, well, that’s my problem ;)

    I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll be awaiting the full translation as patiently as I can ;)

  80. Ton permalink

    099.txt line:25657

    |> “some text goes here”

    >lsp 699, “:a;chara\alice_st91.bmp”,172.0

    I keep getting text line errors like this whenever i try to play the 66% patch, any1 know what causes it or knows how to fix?

  81. Anonymous permalink

    The only trouble I have is that I still have the crash with the Minccubus’s Sock move

  82. Brad Mason permalink

    What time did Rogue actually post this? Cos i reckon I must’ve gone to bed at about half 1’ish lol I’m gonna kick myself if he posted it just after

    • Brad Mason permalink

      Oh and of course thank you as always Rogue, you are a true legend :)

  83. trannon1 permalink

    3 Great Cheers to Rogue! HIP HIP HURRAY!!!!

  84. Anonymous permalink

    This game was lot harder when I didn’t know that sylph empowered thunder thrust. not that this game was designed to be challenging, but this is ridiculous.

    Anyway, a thousand thanks to Rogue! I’ll patiently wait for the final patch.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You want a challenge, fight the succubus boss. I can just imagine whoever designed that battle cackling evilly every time the sp drain & ultimate move combo got used.

      “What’s that? You think this game is EASY? No SP for you! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!”

      • Anonymous permalink

        Which Succubus? Alma Elma? Mac? Min? Len? Suc? Witch? Lilith & Lilim? Elder?

        • Anonymous permalink

          He propably means Sara. And yes, I have already beaten her, but holy shit was it frustrating. I played it without any translation, so I had to guess what was coming so I pretty much relied on trial and error to force my way through.

          • Lowlightt permalink

            No he means Lilith and Lilim as they have a move that drains your special points then uses a massive attack. Not particularly scary imo.

  85. exophaze permalink

    Amazing. Both you and the game!
    I thank you for bringing and localizing a game that would have never been known if not for your effort.

  86. Brent permalink

    Question: I’m trying to do it in order.

    Is it:
    (from Monster Girl Trial Japanese): Copy arc.nsa?

    (Monster Girl English part 1 0.3): copy arc2.nsa and arc3.nsa?

    (Monster Girl English part 2 0.6): copy arc2.nsa and arc3.nsa (overwrite part 1?)

  87. Anonymous permalink

    I just want to say thank you for translating this amazing game! Actually, I visited this blog a countless time already, but I am too shy to write something :D

  88. Anonymous permalink

    really thank you Rogue
    it really made my day
    you’re awesome

  89. Someone permalink

    I want to know something, the version that you can found on need to use something like applocate, or make your pc in jap language?

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Generally you need to use both, so install japanese language files and run the game using applocal and you should be fine (and don’t forget to install rogues unofficial official translation)

  90. Astraympx permalink

    Finally, i will fight the succubuss……
    Must resist…. must resist…..

  91. Anonymous permalink

    Rouge whats the line count for the 66% patch?

  92. Anonymous permalink

    Already done…


    Thanks btw. You made my day.

  93. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Want to know.
    The Alice differences in CG is only for the part 2 ?
    I saw for the flower …

  94. Anonymous permalink

    I love you

  95. Anony permalink


  96. Anonymous permalink

    Why was this CG not used:

  97. As always, thanks alot, Rogue! You’re awesome! I just love Monmusu Quest! I hope the rest will be done soon, too! But take your time, of course! ;D

  98. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much for the patch! You’re a hero to all monster girl fappers everywhere! Much love Rogue! :D

  99. Will permalink

    Yes…I finished the story progress on this patch, but I still have to go back and get the CGs and Rape Scenes for all of these new monster girls! Thanks, Rogue. And btw–LOVED the way you notified that the patch was over at the end. I won’t spoil it for the others, but I gotta say that it was pretty funny. Can’t wait to hear about what you’re going to translate next, after you’re done with the Monmusu Quest series. Keep up the hard work!(after your break, of course) THANK YOU!!!

  100. JMor permalink

    Great job as always, Rogue. Keep it up!

    Also, if anyone can give me a hand with something here… How do I get the Nekomata to use the “Perverted Cat” attack, and the slime group’s “Special Heaven”? They’re the only ones I’m missing so far… >_<

    • Anonymous permalink

      Well I don’t have “Special Heaven” yet but for “Perverted Cat” try not using gnome and wait until she pushes you down and then struggle, after that she used it on me.

      • JMor permalink

        That worked, thanks! All she usually did after pushing me down was “Cat in Heat”, but not using Gnome and Waiting did the trick on my first attempt. =D

        I have some others from this patch’s content I didn’t get yet, but I’ll experiment a few more times before asking.

    • Anonymous permalink

      “Perverted Cat” is her rape attack. When she does her pounce, don’t struggle.

      “Special Heaven”… I think that’s their bind rape attack? I’m not sure.

    • Lowlightt permalink

      To get special heaven just make sure you have plenty of hp and get bound by the first slime girl. You then get bound by 1 additional slime girl each turn. Once all of them have you pinned you get hit with special heaven.

  101. Anonymous permalink

    Squee~ Thanks much dude

  102. Zoid permalink

    2/18 – 12:22am EST – Fixed crash during Undine’s H-Scene.
    2/18 – 12:30am EST – Fixed crash for Golem Girl evaluation.
    2/18 – 3:00am EST – Fixed crash with Minccubus’s Sock move.
    where i can find these fixes?o_O
    just a second ago got crush in golem evaluation.

    • It means that in the patch you download off the page, those crashes are fixed. So to fix them, just re-download the patch from the location on my page, and apply it.

      • Zoid permalink

        can you upload fixes in the separate file?
        I got shitty Internet connection so it’s troublesome to download 50 mb every time new fixes come out D:

  103. Anonymous permalink


  104. NotSoSerious permalink

    The error/crash message when running the spin-off stories reads something like this:

    NSA(some Japanses text)chara\vgirl_st02.bmp\(more Japanese text)

    099.txt line:224920
    | ;——————–(jap text)1(jap text)
    > lsp %sub2,$sub1,%sub4,%sub5

    sorry if i couldn’t provide anything more specific. This message appeared sometime at the start of the dragongirl pup spin-off; it appears right after the vampire girl’s first line. the other spin-offs have similar messages.

    • You need to combine part 2 with part 1 for all of the spin-off stories besides the Marco one to work.. The instructions are in the post.

  105. Anonymous permalink

    My life is now 66% complete.

  106. Anonymous permalink

    Whats the password to DL the patch?

  107. Anonymous permalink

    NVM that was was weird. Thanks for the awesome work Rouge

  108. Anonymous permalink

    Crashing with this message on screen when fighting Queen Ant:
    return japanese gosub japanese

    099.txt line:128403

    |skillname “”
    |>Luka is mating with the Queen Ant! \
    >if %mylife=0 return

  109. Anonymous permalink

    get the latest URL from the post, if it wants a password, it means Rogue’s updated, and the URL you are using is out of date.

  110. Iron Man permalink


  111. Anonymous permalink

    need pass for the patch

  112. Anonymous permalink

    What is the pass?

  113. Anonymous permalink

    Why did they put Edging right next to Meditation… Whenever I’m trying to rush a battle I sometimes click that instead of meditation lol

  114. Anonymous permalink

    Just curious, I found the Jewel of Fortune and the Jewel of Friendship… do you get the Jewel of Victory in this part of the game too? Or did I somehow screw that up?

    • Anonymous permalink

      No you will be getting it later so you don’t need to worry about it, also I believe you don’t even have to do anything for the Jewel of Victory. I won’t say who you get it from in case you do not want spoilers but it is to my knowledge that she just gives it to you in the story-line.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Where did you find the Fortune and Friendship Jewels?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well for the Friendship Jewel you have to have your Part 1 save with 2 items you can get ( I don’t remember the names) and you give both of these items to the leader of the plants in the first region of Part 2 after you fight the war and she gives you the jewel. For the Fortune Jewel you have to have the lamp from Part 1, trade it to a shop in Gold Port and he will give you a raffle ticket, then you go to the lottery in Gold Port and you will win the jewel.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I heard you get a Fairy Acorn from Forest of Spirits and get some fish from Port Natalia for the Neko for her Bell, and use the Acorn and the Bell to get the Friendship Jewel.

          And that Genie Lamp in Sabasa Desert… That’s the one being traded, right?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Yes, it’s the lamp with the monster in it, the shopkeeper in Gold Port trades you a lottery ticket for it, just do not forget to actually go to the lottery as well. And yeah that is how you get the Friendship jewel also.

  115. NotSoSerious permalink

    Btw, for anyone trying to clear hell mode and are trying to get through “That One Boss,” cheat engine is completely compatible with MGQ. The values are all 4 bytes. You can even hack the SP. Anyways, if you clear it all on Hell without any cheating, well, you have my Serious Effing Respect.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Antlion Girl, Granberia (4), those are easy Hell battles.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Basilisk is possible on hell if she doesnt activate her strongest attack

    • Anonymous permalink

      Alma Elma (2) is another one.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s not possible to clear hell mode without cheating.

      • Lowlightt permalink

        Its very possible. In fact I would say most people didn’t cheat to clear a hell mode battle.

  116. shadowmane4 permalink

    I like the work you have done. And I can barely wait until the game is 100% translated.
    The monster after Lave girl has the wrong name. It is a Cockatrice not Basilisk. Picture show us that the monster is bird like like a chicken or turkey with a lizard tail as the Cockatrice is portrayed as. Where as Basilisk reptilian like a snake or lizard as the Basilisk is portrayed as. Hope you right this wrong next time you update. But than again you are the translator so it is up to you.

    • I know the description and image fits closer to Cockatrice. But the game calls it a Basilisk, so that’s what I did too.

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        Depending on the source, basilisk and cockatrice are alternate names for the same monster.
        In the original mythology, cockatrices were the result of a chicken egg being hatched by a lizard, or something like that, I’m not sure if I’m remembering correctly although it doesn’t really make alot of sense when you consider the fact that while birds use their own body heat to incubate the eggs, reptiles tend to bury the eggs in soil and abandon them.

        • Lowlightt permalink

          A basilisk and a cockatrice are actually the same monster but opposite, A cockatrice is born from a chicken egg raised by lizards while a basilisk is a lizard egg hatched by chickens. Fun times.

  117. Anonymous permalink

    Can’t seem to go anywhere past the main screen :/

  118. Anonymous permalink

    OH MY GOD!!!
    Village of Succubi is just so fucking awesome!I already came for 8th time D: DAT LOLIS!
    I know what Luka feels %)
    also looks like Tamamo got a challenger!
    succubi witch is such a cutie ;)
    Bless you, Rouge, for translation of such delicious game! :D
    Village of Succubi is definitely the best location in the game so far~

  119. Anonymous permalink

    Right after Luka got stuck in the snowstorm, I keep getting a crash right after the save location. Any clues what could be causing it?

  120. Anonymous permalink

    Something’s been bothering me for a while now…

    What’s the correct way to say/spell Alice’s full name?

    • Last time I kept her name in a literal translation, which looks stupid. This time I corrected it to Alipheese Fateburn.

      • Douglas Reinholm permalink

        Could you tell me what she was called originally/how you translated her? I remember something, but it is just a maze of letters that does not make sense to me.

        • Anonymous permalink

          “Arisufi-zu Fateburn… But you can call me Alice.”

          It’s exactly in the beginning of Part 1.

          • Douglas Reinholm permalink

            Thank you kindly for your answer. I cannot replay part one, I could faint and die.

            As for “Arisufi-zu Fateburn” I have found both Arisufi-zu and Arisufizu on the interwebs.

            The point being that japanese have an affinity for using some German words here and there.

            If this “zu” is not directly attached to Arisufi (and is no Japanese honorifics-thingy), then the chances are good the “zu” means the following: “Arisufi of Fateburn”.

  121. Anonymous permalink

    Is there a fix for the scene that crashes for Alma Elma?

    I keep crashing there

    Thanks for your hard work!

  122. Anonymous permalink

    Vaporizing Rebellion Sword… what kind of name is that for a Fire skill? o-o

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      heating substance cause the inter-molecular bonds to weaken, meaning that solids liquify or at extreme heat, sublimate into gas aka Vapour, so it does actually make sense. as for the rebellion part, Rule of Cool maybe?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Vaporizing = Heat(?)

        Rebellion = Multiple Slashes (It’s usually a term to describe an angry mob, but in this case it’ll probably be the merciless slashing)

        Sword = Weapon

  123. gluttios permalink

    Awesome….I’m crying tears of joy…T_T So, much happiness to the world. …it’s a rape game. Yay!!!

  124. ThePinkOne permalink

    TYPO in Granberia’s BJ scene. “And sticking out her tongue, licks my penis with one longe draw of her tongue.” It should be long.

  125. Anonymous permalink


  126. Anonymous permalink

    Is anyone else having issues with the sound? The music works but im not hearing any sound effects…

    • Anonymous permalink

      on the main menu click “configure” and check your volume sliders

      • Anonymous permalink

        and by “main menu” i mean “title screen”

  127. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue. Your translations are great.

  128. Ton permalink

    I’m having another error like Iliasport when going to the pyramid.

    Save file if you need it:

    • Anonymous permalink

      A save file won’t show Rogue the error.

      • Lowlightt permalink

        A save file will allow him quick access to the part of the game that may cause the error, so that he can see if he can recreate it.

  129. Anonymous permalink

    My penis ran away when he heard I was downloading this.

    I’ma get that little bastard when he comes back tho.

  130. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks so much for giving the English speaking world access to this game! :)

  131. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks rogue, you rock.

  132. Kinohki permalink

    Wow, Rogue. I must say that you really keep your release dates on par. That’s absolutely amazing at how quickly a speed you work.

    I have a question if you don’t mind however. Do you speak Japanese natively or did you use a program to learn it or such? Also, if at all possible, how would you suggest a person go about learning it as well? Any recommendations on programs / resource texts? Thanks in advance and apologies for being a nuisance with all the questions.

    • Anonymous permalink

      This is coming from personal experience so everything I say should be pretty close to the truth…first off if you want to learn Japanese then trying to use a program/teach urself online will be extremely hard. You study your butt off but probably skip the most important things – its best to learn from someone else so honestly you should take a class.

      You may not believe it but watching anime will help your speech comprehension insanely. Originally you might think “good god they talk fast” but then you get over it. You can watch anime with subs and get the same effect – even if your not TRYING to learn anything.

      For actual speech your going to need someone to talk to. Since actually going to japan would probably be a bit much…a teacher like I said a sec ago would prob be best. If you can find someone then skyping them online is an alternative.

      For reading/writing self study might work, though your comprehension might be a bit off. Like…it’s pretty hard to teach yourself where “shika” (nothing but) would go in a sentence without someone properly explaining to you/having heard it used countless times before.

      For Kanji – uhm…yeah…you could waste half your life just learning these so learn like the top 500 and you’ll be fine.

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        I studied Japanese in grades 7-10, and 12, and still have only very basic vocabulary. But I agree about the watching anime, I learn new vocab all the time watching in subs.
        I learned the kanji for demon (ma) from the series Toaru MAjutsu no Index, so I could tell in the Japanese text wheenever the word Maoh was being used.

  133. Someone permalink

    I hate the legal method that don’t work, why I can’t buy the game!!! I’m stupid or cursed?

    • someone_else permalink

      what do you mean the legal method doesn’t work?
      you can even buy the game per paypal, even if that’s a bit tricky.

  134. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, Rogue. First of all, thanks a lot and congratulations for your job, you are doing an amazing thing for all of us.

    Second, I would like to ask you a question. Do you know any ways to change the resolution of the game? I still want to play in windowed mode but the game resolution is kinda small for my screen.

    Once again, thanks!

  135. Anonymous permalink

    When I apply the 2/3s patch, my text becomes tiny and groups into letter pairs, as if I haven’t added the eastern languages to windows. Everything worked fine with the 1/3 patch. Is there a good fix for this?

  136. Anonymous permalink

    How much %s of storyline is translated?

  137. Yaaw!~ permalink

    How much %s of storyline is already translated in this patch?

    • Aaron permalink

      what does the patch say 66% right so only 66% of 100% is finished so why are u being so stupid

  138. Thanks Rogue ^_^

  139. Anonymous permalink

    The first 33% patch the text was perfect but with this new 66% Partial Patch now the words are small and hard to read.

    • Aaron permalink

      suck it up as shole u arent the one translating if u have problems reading the PRINT BUY SOME DAMN READING GLASSES LIKE I DID

      • Anonymous permalink

        ^ Don’t need to be a jackass.

        The font size doesn’t bother me here though.

  140. minoru permalink

    Thanks, you just made my day.

  141. kanisere permalink


  142. Odysseus permalink

    Thanks for the absolutely incredible work, but I need to report a bug I’ve hit somewhere,

    Twice now in Part 2 my game has crashed not only itself but also my entire PC. After a restart, all my save data still exists, but it is no longer accessible in game. I can open the save folder and see every save I’ve made along with the image that represents it, but when I click the load button on the in-game screen, everything is gone. Autosave don’t work and I cannot load a new game. The first time this happened was in the 33% patch during one of the coliseum fights. This time around, I had just sealed the maid, Ran. Has any one else experienced this? How can I get to the save files I know are present and are clearly in the saves folder?

    • Odysseus permalink

      Autosaves* don’t work.

      • Lowlightt permalink

        If you mean normal saves before bossfights those you have to do manually.

    • No idea, you’re the first person to ever tell me the game crashed their entire PC.

    • Trowa permalink

      On part 1 I forget what happened but it stopped recognizing the saves in my save folder. For some reason it saw the root mgq folder as the save folder so moving my save files did the trick. Just start a new game and save and then see what directory it put the new save file in.

      • Odysseus permalink

        Moving to the root fixed it, but strangely if I moved both the DAT file and the accompanying photo, it caused a crash from the load screen, so I only moved the actually save files to the root folder and everything’s normal, except the text of the saves is now inexplicably in Japanese. Thanks for the assist.

        • Odysseus permalink

          Sound effects are all broken, now, though. Ugh. Music, combat, text and pictures work, but the sound effects for all attacks, etc. are now missing.

          • bikkethepirate permalink


            something very similar happened to me when i lost power while playing the game.
            saves were in the save folder but only loads from the root and sound effects were broken.

            i just figured, well, the game got FUBARed and just cut the saves to desktop, deleted the whole game folder, reunziped the dowloaded game compact, apply the english patch, move the saves back in, copy the arc from game 1 over (no need to merge, interestingly the game still thinks its merged if you dont copy the arc over)

            of interesting note, i tried starting the game new without copying the arc over (with the saves moved back in) and the game was starting the story from part 1 no problem until it reached the first battle where it crashed from probably unable to find the pic for the slime girl.

  143. Anonymous permalink

    Err, most of the monster lab scenes keep crashing when it gets to some point… why? QQ

    • Aaron permalink

      ur lucky I can’t even figure how they even work and its quite annoying at the same time I want to play them especially the non-H one I want to understand the prologue better.

      I am reading on what to do but I just don’t understand how to do it. So I just gave up

    • You need to combine part 1 and part 2 ala the instructions in the blog post.

  144. Someone permalink

    I try to buy it, I can’t because my card “doesn’t work “.
    I try to download illegally because I’m upset after try the legaly way.
    It doesn’ work to, so please someone can tell me how I can find or buy this game.
    AND DON4T say google it because It is one hour that I shearch on the web.

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Your card probably didn’t work because its an out of country purchase, call up your card provider (most likely your local bank or the help number on the back of the card) and explain you want to make a single out of country purchase. Then you should be able to purchase the game ;)

  145. ShiroiRyu permalink

    How we know how jewel we have ?
    And same for the orbs.
    Anyways, didn’t have a crash when playing this part. :)
    And now, we have to wait for the last part. *____*

    • Anonymous permalink

      Inventory. It’s there for a reason.

      • ShiroiRyu permalink

        Sorry i’m stupid on this one. :|
        I never looked at it.

  146. Anon permalink

    So happy, thanks a lot for all the hard work Rogue

  147. kerin permalink

    hi thank you for the update, but i am having a problem, in the grangold castle when i defeat the 3 ant girls and alice shows the way to the queen, the game crashes, every single time, in the same place, it also makes my whole computer crash! its in Japanese local, is there anything else i need to do to make the game work properly?? thanks.

  148. Anonymous permalink

    33% update then a 66% update huh? I’ll be expecting a troll 99% update come April 1st lol

    Thanks for translating this though seriously. Appreciate it!

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      That would only be if Rogue hasn’t already finished by then, which is a distinct possibility if his translation speed remains more or less at its current rate.
      The quality of the translation is also amazing, probably even good enough to it professionally, as a matter of fact I’ve seen licensed translations of lesser quality than what RT has done.

  149. Rogue I was too tired to post last night but fantastic work as always :3

  150. Anonymous permalink

    YESSS!!! YESSSSS!!!!

  151. Brent permalink

    Did I do something wrong if it crashes on a few lines: (the line where Luka asked if it’s hereditary, the picking of the monster lord)

  152. Zoid permalink

    Where we get blue orb?
    I don’t remember it tn the end of 33% patch o_o
    and it’s says it’s revive the bird but I never heard of bird yet D:
    p.s. Where I can find jewel of victory?o_O
    or it will be in next arc?

    • RexRox permalink

      The appearance of the blue orb appears to be part of a weird bug in the patch where the first battle you fight after you apply the patch (no matter where in the story) gives you the green and blue orbs if you don’t have them.

      And yes, I believe (though don’t quote me on it) that the jewel of victory is in the next section.

  153. Anonymous permalink

    You probably already know this, but seemingly do to this blue orb glitch, the game will not let you
    progress to the Kraken/Posiden section. Strangely, the other areas are still viable to explore though.

  154. Anonymous permalink

    Is it just me, or are Ilias’ evaluations getting meaner, they’re even beginning to make me feel kind of guilty D:

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s not you. It’s Ilias being a prick.

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        If you think about it though, by this stage you have probably lost dozens (if not hundreds) of times (probably on purpose, especially to get Ilias in the Monsterpaedia) and so she is starting to treat Luka with the contempt such a pervert who enjoys getting raped deserves.

        • ThePinkOne permalink

          Not to mention she dislikes how Luka depends on spirits alot. She thinks of the spirits as no more than mere tools. Also, now that


          Luka has made enemies with Ilias, who’s going to show up on Evaluations?
          Will evaluations be made by Alice? By the 4 Heavenly Knights? By all of them? By Luka’s mother? Or will he even have an evaluation? No evaluations would make part 3 more difficult in the first few days.

          • ThePinkOne permalink

            edit: or maybe the 4 spirits? Would love to see more Slyph vs everyone else.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Or amira, that would be lulzy

        • Anonymous permalink

          Well I kinda meant that at the beginning she’d be like “Now go Luka, and save those people…” or something like that, and now, its like “Now go, Luka, you dumb pervert, and brutalize the monsters/cut off tentacles/ stain blood etc.”

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            Well it is probably meant to be foreshadowing of her real personality.

  155. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for translating more of this awesome eroge :D i love how cute Slyph is when she`s trying to get the others to play with her and she gets beaten up so much LOL

  156. Anonymous permalink

    For some odd reason it wont start for me itll start then itll just crash. I got applocale and i tried to change it to japanese but it wont work. please help :(

  157. Adanac permalink

    I have a error after loading the map to begin.

    099.txt line:19810
    >bg “BG/bg077.bmp

    I have the real game, but i don’t download the last patch.
    Thanks if you can help me ^^

  158. Down with Illias permalink

    Two questions:

    1) All Encyclopedia entries from Part one only show some Japanese Text that don’t link to the pages on part 2. How can I fix this

    2) Where can I figure out how to work the monster laboratory. The readme texts for it are still in Japanese.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I appreciate you’re probably working super-hard on the main translation as it is, but I’d love to see some of the monster lab stuff translated too. Even if it’s just as simple as a CG list, I’m sure we could work it out from there.
      It’s a real pain to try and figure out the names and numbers behind all the CG for the new monsters, especially when some names are the same as in the English versions and others have their own names (vampire girl being vgirl, as an extremely mild example).

      Regardless – You rock. Thanks for all the hard work already, Rogue!

      • Lowlightt permalink

        Theres already a machine translation you can grab. Rogue will get the other stuff done as he gets to it.

    • Bluegreenman permalink

      If you only see some Japanese text that doesn’t link to anything for the first 60 or so entries in the encyclopedia, then your game is not properly combined with the first one. You need to copy the arc.nsa file from the first game and paste it into this one, overwriting the current one, then start up the game, go to extras and click “part 1 conversion.”

  159. Anonymous permalink

    I still get the same error as in the first 33% patch, the one with the 19797 line error at the start of the game after it says ”Luka continues his journey”
    Having my locale set on japan and using a japanese applocale I still get the same
    The 66% patch gave me arc.nsa 2, 3 and 4 while the trial had arc.nsa, the arc.nsa 1 file is missing.
    I’d appreciate any useful help given.

  160. Anonymous permalink

    I get some kinda error:

    099.txt line:19810
    >bg “BG/bg077.bmp

    I restarted the game and this is after you meet Tamamo and leave the game. The crash happens when you are back about to go to the town menu (the part where you talk with everyone).

    • Anonymous permalink

      I had the same problem. It’s the screen right after the save location after the big “to fight or not to fight Alice” decision. My error is:

      099.text line:8945

      |btndef clear
      >mov %mode

  161. Zoid permalink

    I started the new game but I already has all skills o_O
    Anyone has the same problem?

    • Zoid permalink

      Don’t mind me, I rerun the game and that solved the problem~

  162. Anonymous permalink

    It seems that the port crash has been fixed. Thank you for your speedy fix, Rogue. I believe Heinrich had some hand in it, too, so thank you both.

  163. Clank permalink

    i changed to a japanese locale but it still wouldnt work

  164. Clank permalink

    help :(

  165. Anony permalink

    Thanks a big BUNCH for your amazing translations :)
    I really appreciate it!!!

  166. Anonymous permalink

    I need help all my text appear like ( Fr ed er ik a , Mo ns te rp ed ia , Al ic e ) and all the letters are to small T-T Please I want to play it now !!!
    Sorry for my bad english U.U

  167. bikkethepirate permalink


    something very similar happened to me when i lost power while playing the game.
    saves wernt there and only loads from the root and sound effects were broken.

    i just figured, well, the game got FUBARed and just cut the saves to desktop, deleted the whole game folder, reunziped the dowloaded game compact, apply the english patch, move the saves back in, copy the arc from game 1 over (no need to merge, interestingly the game still thinks its merged if you dont copy the arc over)

    of interesting note, i tried starting the game new without copying the arc over (with the saves moved back in) and the game was starting the story from part 1 no problem until it reached the first battle where it crashed from probably unable to find the pic for the slime girl.

  168. Anonymous permalink

    so gold port is the end of the 66%? Question how do you get all those items required for hero shrine, it looks like i have none.

  169. Megatron permalink

    When will the whole patch will come out ? ETA ?

  170. Anonymous permalink

    is there any way to edit saves like if you were level drained and wanted to go back to your original level could you edit the .dat file?

    • Lowlightt permalink

      level drain is for that battle only, you will have your correct level afterwords.

  171. ShiroiRyu permalink

    So, just to be sure : i have 4 orbs (Green, blue, red, yellow) , Poseidon’s Bell and the Jewel of Fortune.
    I have all the objects at the end of the 66% patch ? (I have 11 objects if we count the Jewel of fortune)

    • Jikorde permalink

      You are missing the Jewel of Friendship. Also, do you have the Alraune’s Flower? You also may be missing the Jewel of Valor, but I don’t know when you get that, though it should be before leaving the second continent.

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      you should have jewel of friendship as well, which is obtained by getting the Fairy Acorn by apologizing when stepping on the purple fairy, getting the grilled sea anenome (after the grilled starfish) from the rag-wearing mermaid in port Natalia, and in pt2 give the grilled anenome to the Nekomata when given the option in Yamatai to get a nekomata bell, then revisit the forest of insects and Alraunes and speak to the Alra Priestess to have her transform the Acorn and bell into the Jewel of Friendship.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Blue orb? You shouldn’t have that in 66% patch… o-o

  172. I love MGQ! permalink

    I can’t use Edging in the battle against Granberia after Salamander (not that it’s that much of a problem, her attacks are painful stuff!) But just to let ya know XD.

    • Lowlightt permalink

      You can’t use edging in Cutscene battles, these are noticeable by the lack of hard/hell modes and can only be played in normal. Granberia/Alice scenes and the like.

  173. Thanks Rogue! permalink

    ^^^ Well, Edging doesn’t work in many battles i think, it’s a new thing after all.

  174. Scarlethill permalink

    Hey i played trough your 66% partial patch and i must say good work on the translation and stuff do you maybe have a date or maybe a guess when you have translated all of the game?

  175. Drunk Loli ogre permalink

    Very much enjoying the game rogue, thanks for the great translation, can’t wait for the last 33%

    Any idea when you might have it 100%? I know you are quite busy.

    • ThePinkOne permalink

      He won’t give estimations unless he’s sure he can meet the deadline, which is usually 1 week before the mentioned due date.

  176. Boxtime permalink

    i can’t seem to be able to get Spin of storys to work. each time i tryed it crashed. is there a way to fix it?

  177. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much for this.

  178. Anonymous permalink

    I believe the correct spelling for the Slime Queen’s name is ‘Elvetie’. Nearly all the skills she uses are of locations, mostly mythical, and ‘Elvetie’ is Gaulish for the Switzerland area.

    • Possibly… The name Torotoro uses for her in English is Erbetie though. I thought it was too odd to pronounce, so I kept the u in.

  179. Anonymous permalink

    Man the succubus village (especially the succubus witch) was totally worth the wait.Now to wait for the best part:The battle with the four heavenly knights :3.Keep up the good work Rouge!

  180. Anonymous permalink

    Has anyone ever gotten to a point where a map or a city loads but clicking on text (any text) does absolutely nothing and you’re stuck? For some reason I keep getting that on the map after the 66% patch ends.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I got stuck there too.

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      I think this has something to do with the weird bug that causes you to suddenly have the Green and Blue orbs out of nowhere in a battle. This is unfortunately a game-breaking bug that doesn’t let me progress through the game, so I’ll have to check this one out. I’m not sure if this is the result of Rogue’s (or possibly my) work or if it’s also a problem for the original Japanese version as well.

      • Anonymous permalink

        That would be much appreciated. Currently stuck in Port Gold…talking to NPC’s…

      • It doesn’t matter at all in what’s currently translated. The fix is easy enough, too. Just remove the blue orb in Grangold and check for the event flag for Grand Noah. If it’s true, then give them the green orb again.

        • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

          Hmm… I think I’ve narrowed down the problem. It has something to do with my numbers fix. I’ll send you an e-mail detailing the issue once I’ve figured out exactly what’s happening.

        • Anonymous permalink

          remove it? how?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Same question : How can we remove the blue orb ? With some kind of save editor ? Or is there a way in-game to remove stuff from the inventory ?

          • Lowlightt permalink

            Rogue is talking about adding a line into the game to remove the orb at a certain point to prevent lockups.

  181. kerin permalink

    ok so other than crashing, my save files have gone.. i give up on this patch :( :( :(

  182. Anonymous permalink

    My game crashes if I try to save before the Queen Ant. Anyone else get that issue?

    Ah…that Succubus Witch battle…was heaven…

  183. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Installed it, works like a charm, excellent!

    I am still concerned about the Arisufi-zu Fateburn – thing some comments above, though.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yeah, there are three different instances of her full first name. Literally, it’s “Arisufi-zu”, taking the pronunciation of Japanese characters. The way the devs put it is “Alicefeeze” in the battle window when she tries to cook dinner. Rogue just now changed it to “Alipheese”, which sounds odd.

      • ThePinkOne permalink

        Pheese….. makes me think of cheese. Feeze makes me think of flies.

      • Douglas Reinholm permalink

        So I guess I was wrong in suspecting that the -zu at the end was due to ToroToro putting some German words here and there… meh

  184. Zabusa permalink

    Nice going Roque, hope you have a long life, for us in this little part of the internet we think you have earn it :P(or i think so…..well to me you have xD).

    We fans can get our “dose” of MGQ thanks to you :D.

  185. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome job!!! You are the best! Keep up the good work! I will gladly donate.

    • ThePinkOne permalink

      You can’t donate (in money) to Rogue. He doesn’t accept it. Plus, ToroToro Resistance would then probably try to shut him down for him making money off their product. There’s been discussions on how ToroToro could have shut him down already if they wanted to, but what is a fact is that Rogue is increasing their profits by introducing the game to the American side. Anyways, you can’t donate through money, but you can give your salutations and thanks.

      • Monster Girl Lover permalink

        …and Europe and all other countries in the world. :3

  186. Anonymous permalink

    Found a crash with Lencubus. If you request life draining vagina she level drains you to 1, then it crashes before starting that move

    Also, i still crashes with mincubus, when i surrendered and she finishd me with the sock. not sure if i just missed the fix though.

  187. fubira permalink

    Hint: Saving the game at any position is possible if one types in a Japanese character as the name of the save-game(just copy one from a website).

  188. bikkethepirate permalink


    what is the untranslated achievement thats between drained to lvl 1 and obtain hero’s proof that i seem to have gotten?

  189. Ton permalink

    I keeping getting an error when going to the pyramid, is it just for me or are others getting error there as well ?

  190. Anon permalink

    What pyramid?

  191. Anonymous permalink

    Not sure if this happened to anyone else, but I find it funny, so I’ll post it. I combined my part 1 and 2 save file and started at part 2 (Cause somehow my MGQ2 folder was deleted), and now when I check my inventory, I have the Iron Sword you start with and the cloth shirt rather than the Angel Halo and Enrikan armor XD The sword still seals them somehow, so no complaints.

  192. Anon E Mouse. permalink

    Already finished it sadly. Now the waiting begins.

  193. Aaron permalink

    Hey Rouge I can’t seem to start the 2nd part of the MGQ I just finished part 1 and am just starting part 2 just be4 i start the quest to get Uridine there is an error of some type and I can’t seem to get past it i already uploaded patches 33% to 66% to see if it will work but neither will I also tried the part 1 patch to see if it works but obviously it won’t.

    any tips on how to work get past it?

  194. Edem permalink

    Thank you Rogue! You rock dude!!!! :)

  195. Jeo permalink

    Does anyone happen to have a save file at the end of the latest patch that has all the items? I just realized I don’t have the lamp.

    • Aaron permalink

      wtf are u talking about Jeo please specify in a more detail way what lamp are u talking about?

      • Anonymous permalink

        He doesn’t need to specify, he was perfectly clear. He wants a save file at the end of the 66% patch with the lamp from Part 1 because you need it to be able to get the Fortune Jewel.

  196. Anonymous permalink

    Had a question.

    I started playing Part 2, got up to defeating the Ant Queen then saved my game and closed it. The next day, I open MGQ and my saves are gone. Any idea why this happened?

    Is there any way to reclaim lost saves?

  197. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the translation

    This is first game of this type that actually was interesting due to storyline and not just naked girls on screen.

  198. gaerik permalink

    Awesome job, Rogue!
    Looking forward to the 100% patch.

  199. Anonymous permalink

    It’s cool. Thanks you very much.

  200. Ippikiryu permalink

    Hey, do you think you can help me? I’m getting this:
    oggdec.dll ga arimasen

    099.txt line:19855

    |name “”
    |>Alice silently glares at me. @>dwave 1,”se\ero_makituki2.ogg”

    I checked my se directory and there was a ero_makituki2.ogg so…
    I dunno, is oggdec a registry file or something? I looked it up to see if I could download it but all I found were sites reporting on if it was safe or not.

    • Ippikiryu permalink

      Actually, every time it would play a sound effect it crashes. Just tried starting a new game.

      • Ippikiryu permalink

        Oh, I managed to fix it, I think. I copied over the nsogg2.dll from the first monmusu quest folder over to the part 2. It didn’t crash that time so I hope it’s fixed for good now.

        • Dan permalink

          Having the same problem it crashes when alice glares, same message but your solution did nothing.

  201. Iron Man permalink

    fap fap fap fap!

  202. Anonymous permalink

    Who here also thinks that losing to Granberia isn’t a bad thing? Sure beats getting raped to death by succubi XD

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yeah, I agree. Granberia’s ending is the only one where Luka is explicitly referred to as being taken as a lover, not toy or slave – if you remember the MG Encyclopedia entries for both dragons and lizardgirls, you’ll remember that they both look for strength and warrior prowess in a man, so Granberia stalking Luka like she did between part 1 and 2 makes sense – she’s essentially considering him as a mate, and if you note, she only left Luka alone because Alice dropped the ‘he may get even stronger’ card on her, essentially pointing out Luka is an unripe fruit right now.

  203. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve been having some problems with the game, wonder if anyone has any idea how to fix it.

    1. I initially played MGQ2 without combining with the 1st part. After I combined Part 1 and 2, my pre-combined save files from Part 2 do not work. I tried using the last save location in Part 1 just before clearing, and it crashes the moment it reaches Part 2 (the moment where you have to choose the Noah region). Any ideas how to fix this?

    2. I tried starting the game from Part 2 onwards after I combined both games together by using the Part 1 SaveImport option in the Extras menu, but as before, when reaching the selection for the Noah region, it crashed.

    3. I created a new game in the combined version. When I reached the Port after the choice of whether to fight Alice or not after finding out she is the Monster Lord, I crashed.

    Please do help.

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      Can you post a screenshot or the exact text the error is giving you, for each of the 3 errors you are getting?

      • The Same Anonymous permalink

        1 and 2. NSAア-イ…(Jap words)BG\bg077.bmp(Jap words)

        099.txt line:19810

        |*sean 0160
        >bg “BG\bg077.bmp”

        I think it lacks the said file “bg077.bmp”, but looking through all the files, there isnt a bg folder for me to check.

        3. My bad, didnt check the updated 66% patch. The current one solves the problem of at the Port.

        • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

          The “bg077.bmp” file is located in the arc1.nsa file located in MGQ2’s folder. If you have the correct arc1.nsa file, it should be 841 MB large or so. You probably erased that file somehow. Hate to break it to you, but you have to re-download the whole MGQ2 to get that file back (if you don’t have the compressed zip file still on your computer).

          • The Same Anonymous permalink

            Nah, its kay. I always keep my zips in another portion. You never know when you might need them.

          • The Same Anonymous permalink

            Thanks for the help btw. :)

  204. Anonymous permalink

    Getting a crash after the first encounter with Tamamo in the combined game, right past the save point in the port. Could just be me though, my computer is a bit wonky about running japanese language.

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      “2/18 10:45am EST – Fixed crash with Frederika’s H-scene. Fixed crash in leaving Iliasport.”

      Rogue posted an updated 66% patch with this fix included (if you read the blog post), so you have to re-download and re-apply the patch using the new link above.

  205. jon permalink

    sorry guys but i have crash with Lencubus. If i request life draining vagina she level drains you to 1, then it crashes before starting that move i don`t know why can anyone know………..thx

  206. Anonymous permalink

    Im getting a crash right before the Pyramid apparently it has something to do with the text “I have no choice but to break in and Save her!”

    • Anonymous permalink

      ^having this issue too.

      amazingly though, beating Gnome isn’t too much of an issue. However, my game also crashes shortly after beating her, right before the Noah region.

      • Aaron permalink

        yeah I had the same problem as well what I did is go back and forth from MGQ 1 patch to the MGQ 2 patch which didn’t really help so just stay with the MGQ 1 patch throughout the remainder of the game till u get to the Gnome battle then u can continue to MGQ2 however if the game crashes when u are starting MGQ 2 just start a new MGQ 2 section (new folder basically and transfer the MGQ1 save files over to it.) this should work but I am not sure but it worked for me.

        By the way do we need the Orbs you know the Red, Blue, Yellow, etc…. I don’t know if there important to get if so I only have 3/6 after playing through the game I know.

        You get one when fighting the Bandits (loli monsters). The 2nd one in the Pyramid and the 3rd from the Colosseum is that all the jewels or is their more and ur suppose to have 4 at the end of this patch?

        Please answer this and if the character is suppose to have 4 please tell how and where can I get it I am trying to get all the Items that I can get.


        • Irenicus permalink

          There are 6 orbs, by the end of the 66% patch (haven’t played it with the patch, but since i can read japanese, i have already played part 2) you should have 3 orbs, gotten by the following order: red, yellow, green. These are items necessary to advance the storyline, so you will end up getting all 6 of them soon, the rest being by this order: blue, silver, purple. You can only miss them, if you, for some freak reason decide to skip an area.

          • Aaron permalink

            okey good cuz I didn’t

            thanks for the help

            Btw how did u beat part 2 already I can’t even get past the port area where it just suddenly changes to Japanese not that am complaining since this is a bug already and I trust Rouge to fix it completely but how did u by pass it I did it once but it only showed lvl 48 area and lvl 50area before lvl 46 which was very annoying since I had to go to lvl 48 then lose a battle and go back one decision to get to lvl 46 and I think u get the idea.

            anyway anyone experincing the same problems.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Same problem here. I was level 46 by the end of the translated 66% (yes I fought everything). The next options were level 48, level 49, and a location without a level…

            Managed to beat the level 48 part (which was quite difficult 2 levels under the recommendation), but I don’t think I can pull the same miracle for the level 49 part…

          • Lowlightt permalink

            Really? I was like lvl 49 when I fought the 48 area and 50 when I attacked the 49 area.

          • Irenicus permalink

            I was able to beat the game, simply because i didn’t experienced the bug you guys are having, i was playing the japanese 2.03 version part 2 , with my carried save from part 1, from start to the end of it, on hardest mode, without any problem. The bug you people are suffering is something the 2.04 patch or the english 66% patch introduced.

            After being defeated by Granberia, Luka sets out on acquiring all the remaining orbs, since they are necessary for the storyline to proceed. There will be 4 areas available to visit, which should be visited by the following order (according to required Lv): Natalia’s port (south of Gold port), Gold port , Sabasa Castle (southwest of Gold port), and finally the Shrine with the egg at west of Gold port.

            Natalia’s port (Req.Lv 46):
            SHOULD be the first area to be visited as it is the area that matches your level right after getting owned by Granberia. The outline of this area is the following: Luka goes back to Natalia port so he can borrow the item, from the mermaid that you helped to get married on part 1, that allows him to create an underwater road, to visit the south underwater temple again. On its way, you will get attacked by the Crab girl again, who is seeking vengeance for getting owned by Luka on their previous encounter.After arriving at the south temple, Kraken will offer you the BLUE orb.Luka will again travel north, to the beach near Gold port, where he will open a road to the underwater north temple.Luka will face yet another monster on its way to the temple.Upon arriving at the north temple, Luka will battle for the SILVER orb, against Poseidon, the ruler of the northern sea.
            As you can see, in this area there are 3 monsters and 2 VITAL items for the storyline. If you don’t go through here, you will get stuck. I have read some people have the blue orb at the end of 66% patch, which cannot be possible, at that point you should only have the red, yellow and green. This might be the cause for your bug of not being able to visit this area, as the game sees that you already “have” the blue orb, therefore assuming you have completed Natalia’s Port, preventing you from getting the experience from 3 monsters and getting the SILVER orb, thus creating a game breaking bug.

            Golden Port(Req.Lv 48):
            The quest to obtain the PURPLE orb.

            Sabasa Castle(Req.Lv 49):
            Sara has been kidnapped again. The king requests your assistance in saving her.

            Shrine at the west of Gold Port(Req.Lv None):
            Only accessible after obtaining ALL 6 orbs.Proceed there to advance storyline.

  207. Anonymous permalink

    Getting a crash down in Meister Lily’s jail

  208. Jack permalink

    Thanks for translating this it’s awesome to see this getting translated so fast. I’ve been following this one since the MGU post, it’s cool the word-wrap is working ^^

  209. Zoid permalink

    got a crush after getting poseidon ball and returning to the port

  210. Anonymous permalink

    i cant go to natalia port lv 46 (it didt apear on the map), but im already finished selene and fairy land, how it can be???? i try to reinstal and play japan version but i got the same problem, T_T

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      This is a problem that arose when Rogue put in the code that fixed the weird-looking numbers in battle. You just gotta wait till either a fix is posted (doubt it, since he doesn’t care about untranslated areas) or the 100% complete translation comes out.

  211. Anonymous permalink

    Oh wow. Just finished the patch up to where it’s at now.

    A huge wave of revelations, a ton of new skills(not to mention, a departure from summon sylph/gnome, attack/meditate for ages. xD), lovely patch ending too <3

    I'll be sad once this gets translated and part 3 isn't out =/ The storyline is really shaping up to be interesting.

    Not sure if I mentioned it before, but thanks for translating!

    • Aaron permalink

      Ok I got a question did u even play the first MGQ 1 if not that might be the problem if u don’t understand the story line so I suggest u play the first one and if u still don’t understand it replay it again until u do.

      I understood it the first go around. So you must be really dense for not understanding it.

      Summery its basically about a human (Luka) and the Monster Lord (Alice) travailing together trying to find a way to get monsters and humans to live together w/o prejudice for one another.

      If you still don’t understand it think of Martin Luther King the one who tried to get whites to acknowledge the black community to the whites. Or any story that requires the hero to go off with a travailing partner to do some good.

      There’s the summery

      • troll permalink

        no comment……..

      • Anonymous permalink

        Aaron almost all of your comments up here have been you getting mad at someone and most of the time it’s because YOU do not understand them. He said nothing about not understanding the story line, chill the hell out.

      • Lowlightt permalink

        Ironically thats not actually the main plot of the game Aaron, but what ever meh.

  212. Anonymous permalink

    Would anybody please be so kind as to upload part 2 of the game?
    My PC crashed and the datas were lost and Megaupload isn’t working anymore as we all know.
    Would appreciate it a lot. =)

  213. FenrirSM permalink

    I have east asian packs installed, but my text is still mangled. I’ve played through the first part without issue, but now my text is super tiny and formatted strange, looks something like this:
    re al ly we ir dt ex t.
    Any ideas on what I can do about it?

    As an off note, thanks for the work on translating the game!

  214. Zazu permalink

    Hey. I am playing this game under linux system. My graphic card drivers give me errors when defeating every mosnster after wormgirl(in part 1). I can play the game, but i wonder what kind of animation i am missing(supposing there is any). Could anyone tell me what happening when monster is defeated? I can only hear sound effect..

  215. Anonymous permalink


  216. oaT permalink


    keep up the good work guys!!

    we are really appreciate your hard working!!!


  217. AnonS permalink

    My plan of taking it slow is working perfectly. I’m replaying from Part 1 and am up to the haunted house. At the rate I’m going I will probably finish the game in another week up to where the patch is done, and then I’ll replay part 2 and work on the encyclopedia. By then the full translation will probably be done.

  218. Anonymous permalink

    I have a headache today because of the the party last night and I just check the site due to my habit. And do you know what I found? 66% patch was out, and it was already 2 days!

    Man, Rogue, you are truly the best and fastest translator that I have ever know :D

    I am now playing, even my head is still hurt like hell! Luka Attackkk! Salamander is defeated!

    Thank you Rogue! Thank you very much for translating this amazing game!

    (And I am sorry for not thank you before :D I check this site almost everyday but I am too shy to write something :D )

  219. Christ permalink

    O_o Thks for the hard work xD!, ive been waiting this for so long :o, btw im trying to continue the game after the patch in japanesse and shit… but i get a crash just after i finish talking with the trash can amira xD!… so it could be for the patch? :s

  220. Harumba permalink

    I must say Rogue your translations are absolutely amazing. Thank you!
    *wishes for a Donate button*

  221. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Sillphy going crazy, that was just briliant :3

  222. Míkkel permalink

    hello is there anyone who can help me reach my samples of playing it so write it.
    099.txt line:19810

    >bg “BG\bg077.bmp”

  223. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know why the game crashes after the translated parts? I set locale and stuff, just curious.

    • text overflows generated from english and japanese mixing.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ty, guess i’ll have to contain my curiosity, but i saw a snake in a trashcan, which made my day

  224. Anonymous permalink

    Best translator I ever seen, thank you so much for your work :)

  225. Drace permalink

    I crash whenever the move Aqua Pentagon is executed during the Erubetie fight. There’s no error messages, the program just stops responding and there’s also no text when the move is executed.

    • Drace permalink

      I’m running windows 7 64bit and the problem has to do with missing/incompatible codec. The movie03.mpg would play perfectly fine in media player classic, but caused the game to hang when it was played in-game.

      I fixed it by replacing the movie03.mpg with an empty file of the same name. This way the game doesn’t load any video.

  226. Anonymous permalink

    Where can I find other spin-off stories besides Gnome’s Laboratory? Does anyone know how to use the files?

  227. Someone permalink

    I like this game a lot but there the hero die to often after rape.
    And There is a lot of vore to…

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Um that’s kind of the point. As a rule in the games world the winner can do what ever they want to the loser. For your character that is as simple as let them go with a stern warning in most cases. For the monster girls your nothing but a cum sponge they need to wring out.

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        except for the minority like the kitsune, who are looking for a husband/mate.

  228. Anonymous permalink

    During the Witch Succubus fight, there’s a bug when losing to the fellatio half of the Eye of Seduction attack where it will instead display the breast defeat.

  229. Andreas permalink

    bg_077.bmp crashes over and over, no matter what i do, its the map just in start of part 2 when going to noah region. No matter if i load, start anew, autosave or anything :( have on japanese and fonts installed too …

  230. permalink

    i when i try to do the spin off stories it always shows and error message after a few sentences than closes i hope you can really help me i started laughing when it said end of second patch i thought of all places but it would have been even worse to end the patch like before the finale or after the final fight or something your doing a great job but back to the topic it says a bunch of stuff i don’t understand i hope you can help

  231. Someone permalink

    I just love the oreder of tje ant girl: “USE BREAST, ALL MEN LOVE BREAST” lol!!!!

  232. fire permalink

    the town theme is the same, in one of the devil-seal game :)

    • Lowlightt permalink

      And the battle music is a mixture of dragon warrior and pokemon music.

  233. Lowlightt permalink

    Ok how would be go around removing the blue and green orbs from our characters? Is there an editor we can use?

  234. Anonymous permalink

    Okayso..A friend of mine’s having a problem with importing the save data from the first to the second game. After combing the two games, apparently the saveimport option is still grayed out. And yes, they did save a clear file for part 1. Any idea what the problem might be and how to fix it?

  235. Anonymous permalink

    hi i was wondering if any one new the witch succubis code for the monster lab.

  236. Poor man permalink

    Thank you very much rouge.
    i love this game. But i still get crash when i start part2 (from gnome) i used applocale. But it just fix the text. When i unrar your MGQ2 In MGQ1 -Right? It still work but it cash some how. Can you give me a full version of MGQ2. I think i just download a part of it. Thank you very much Rouge ^^

  237. Poor man permalink

    I do everystep you wrote but it still not working. Please help me.

  238. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much! I just finished playing the game with this latest patch and now excited for the last one for this chapter, I can’t wait to see in action the new sword skill I learned from Alice, the one with Undine channeled.

    Thank you so much for the hard work & God Bless. *hands down*

  239. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue you’re simply awesome.

  240. Does anyone have an autosave file for Undine? All my files got lost… T_T

  241. All my save files are unusable T_T

  242. Gtfo anon tard permalink

    Whooot!!! Thanks man, can’t wait to play the part 2. and i hope it won’t have creepy scenes and the disgusting reverse-anal bullshit.

  243. Anonymous permalink


    > @

  244. Jason permalink

    Just finished playing the latest patch.
    Loved being able to go through the entirety of Succubus village this time; qaulity stuff there~
    I can’t thank you enough for translating this Rogue.

  245. wildhawk permalink

    ok i was playing through the game from the begining with both games combined and the game crahses right after luke finds out who alice is and returnes to the town.

  246. AnonS permalink

    Is it just me or is Part 2 much harder than Part 1? I played Part 1 on Hard and it wasn’t really that bad, some of the monsters you’d need to get the Evaluation for and maybe still need a few tries, but there were a lot of enemies you could just beat easily.

    In Part 2 I’ve lost to several enemies repeatedly and it seems I have to re-try most fights at least once.

    Also is there a benefit to skipping things like the Coliseum? It seems like you’d lose too much exp and you need that orb probably too. Plus a powered up sylph should probably be useful.

    • Irenicus permalink

      Part 2 is harder than part 1 on my opinion too, on hard mode.Didn’t actually lost that many times, but there were a couple of monsters on part 2 that scarred me lol. One of those was the succubus twins, their freaking SP drain attack was ANNOYING AS HELL, it drained 2 sp, and since i had to defend next turn, i lost yet another sp since i couldn’t attack, and even after defending their next attack, it still took about 140~150 dmg if i recall, and to top all, they casted this sp drain lots of times against me…there was this 1 time, i was hit by it 2 times in a row by this shit…and Sylph only avoided it at about a 1/4 rate….even their shit level drain attack got through Sylph sometimes, stealing 5 lvs away in 1 go…this was the only monster i went and did an Evaluation on part 2, which for my chagrin, didn’t tell me anything useful…had to try lots of times until i got lucky with Sylph dodges…my most hated monster ever.

      Also, there is no point or merit in skipping the Coliseum….1 vital story item(green orb), improved Sylph and experience, which will ruin you, if you miss them, while playing on hard.

      • AnonS permalink

        I think part of it is that you have to be so lucky for the spirits to even work. You have to get the right spirit and then also need that spirit to actually trigger. Sometimes the fights are really easy, other times Luka bumbles around missing all his attacks and getting stuck in a bind or trance move and loses most of his HP.

        When I replay this I will probably play it on Normal. It’s already pretty gimmicky without introducing the huge randomness element. For some reason I liked Hard on MQ1, and while I’m playing it on MQ2 it gets a little frustrating sometimes. Sylph seems especially random. Some fights that you have to use her she won’t evade anything at all, other times she evades 90% of the enemy’s attacks. That’s a huge difference.

        I didn’t get up to the succubus part yet. The translation ends after the succubus part right now right? After I get to that I’ll restart the game.

        • Jos permalink

          Nah it stops when you are level 46 and reach another city. You got loads to go for still.

        • Lowlightt permalink

          Can’t wish attacks with Selph, (When you summon her all attacks hit)

        • Irenicus permalink

          Yeah, the patch includes the succubus village…it goes until after acquiring Salamander.

          Its certain part 2 hard mode can be kind of frustrating sometimes, but i played it to end of part 2 in hard, and i am glad i did…it turned out an enjoyable experience overall. While hard mode made me say lots of WTF!?, OFMG!!!, Lulz!!, CHOKE ON THIS B*TCH!, and many other cute words, i tried playing some normal mode battles through the monsterpedia just to see what was the degree of difficulty, and i must i was disappointed by how easy it was…they kinda reminded me of a roadkill i did some time ago…run over a cat while parking and only noticed it after stepping out of the the car. Anyway, , along with the storyline, Alice, Tamamo. Sylph and Gnome, another of my main reasons for playing MQ, are actually the battles…they are simple, but also entertaining to me at least, even with the ocassional swearing.

          About getting the right spirit against an enemy…you won’t have to worry about that soon enough..eventually you will be able to use multiple spirits at the same. And Sylph lv 2 kills Luka’s chance to miss normal attacks….the biggest problem is what i mentioned the post above…there are just some times Sylph won’t love you, and you will get hit by a WTF!? attack…but lucky Undine lv 2 and lv 3 will also help with dodges later on.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Yeah, Undine lv 2 + Serene Demon Sword is an awesome combo for starting or finishing a lot of battles if you have a lot of SP. It sucks on hard mode when you’re stuck with Sylph and Gnome for an exceedingly large amount of the story, but with if you use Undine lv 2 at the right time you’re sure to win…

            (spoiler) …Except for the very last fucking battle. WTF man. I’m not gonna tell you how to beat it, but if you’ve played it already, you probably understand my rage towards it. >:(

          • Anon permalink

            The only reason why the dodge rates are adjusted severely is because of the type of monster you’re fighting and in some cases their attacks.

            Remember what Alice said right after the Frog Girls fight?
            Sylph has her perks against smaller or slower enemies as well as plant types, such as the Chimera Dryad, Alraune, etc. She’s also helpful against avoiding deadly status effects.
            For Gnomey, she’s useful against large enemies who hit really hard and/or have rape attacks that would otherwise screw you over.

          • Anon 2 permalink

            Yeah, but as soon as you get upgraded Undine you don’t have to rely as much on Sylph or Gnome for luck. You can start off most of your battles with Undine, attack until you have 6 SP, use Serene Demon Sword, use the 4 SP remaining to fire up Sylph and Gnome.

            Keep attacking from there and hope you avoid a decent amount of attacks. By the time you gain back your SP, your opponent should hopefully be below half health (except the really strong ones), then summon Undine again and just keep attacking, finishing it off with Serene Demon Sword.

          • Lowlightt permalink

            Yep you can do that but don’t forget about is flash strike and its upgraded form both do more dmg if used as the first attack in a fight. IE in most fights my first move is that technique.

          • Irenicus permalink

            Huh?I never used the wind attack skill right at the start, since that actually does less dmg, than when you use it together with sylph…tested it several times right after getting the skill…after getting the earth attack skill i pretty much stopped using the wind one…since its costs only 1 sp more and does much more dmg. Until getting the fire sword skill, for me the best one was the water skill with Undine actived (costs 3sp=2sp from skill itself + 1sp to active undine) and does about the same dmg as the earth one, while enabling you dodge their attacks for a while.

            After getting all lv3 spirits, all the skills except the fire one become lackluster, since even with normal attack Luka can dish over 3000 dmg with 0sp cost.

            Quote:”Remember what Alice said right after the Frog Girls fight?
            Sylph has her perks against smaller or slower enemies as well as plant types, such as the Chimera Dryad, Alraune, etc. She’s also helpful against avoiding deadly status effects.
            For Gnomey, she’s useful against large enemies who hit really hard and/or have rape attacks that would otherwise screw you over.”

            The problem is on hard mode, sometimes even deadly status effects bypass sylph or with gnome active, you cant shake off those kinds of attack, in which they throw you down and rape you next turn, because there is less success rate on hard.

            Quote:”(spoiler) …Except for the very last fucking battle. WTF man. I’m not gonna tell you how to beat it, but if you’ve played it already, you probably understand my rage towards it. >:(”

            I totally do, i got whammed lots of times by her spells 2 times in a row, a couple of them even 3 times in a row -.- , even with sylph and undine active…but since she is one of my fav characters all is forgiven in the end.

  247. Ippikiryu permalink

    Nope, I didn’t fix it. I’m still crashing a lot of the time during sound effects, though sometimes I can slip by them.

    (Earlier post)
    Hey, do you think you can help me? I’m getting this:
    oggdec.dll ga arimasen

    099.txt line:19855

    |name “”
    |>Alice silently glares at me. @>dwave 1,”se\ero_makituki2.ogg”

    I checked my se directory and there was a ero_makituki2.ogg so…
    I dunno, is oggdec a registry file or something? I looked it up to see if I could download it but all I found were sites reporting on if it was safe or not.

  248. Iron Man permalink

    MORE LOLI!!!!

  249. Poor man permalink

    Ok. Nvm. I fixed it. I download a full jap version and copy rouge s patch – ok
    to anyone have same crarh – text … Just down a full jap version (google if u cant find ^^) good luck.

  250. Typhon permalink

    Can I get an ETA for the rest?

  251. DeathBell permalink

    Get Rance into this universe and you’ll get a whole lot of awesome :D. Thanks a lot rouge!~

  252. Anonymous permalink

    Rouge over everything.

  253. Anonymous permalink

    does anyone have a completed save file they can upload i can seem to get past alma elma at the end and its really frustraiting

  254. Anonymous permalink

    Why can’t anyone spell Rouge properly? Idiots…

  255. fire permalink

    it should be rogue not rouge, most of the comment i saw was type rouge. \(◕ ◡ ◕\)

    • fire permalink

      rouge is a cosmetic

      • fire permalink

        i’m getting off-topic sorry about that. \(◕ ◡ ◕\)

      • Anonymous permalink

        Sorry to continue that little complaint there, but “rouge” is french for “red” . So you’re probably still right.

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Didn’t count double posts (which there were none that mattered) and didn’t count Rogue’s name from his posts. In this tread only

      Rogue was spelled properly 61 times. Rouge was used in its place10 times. Roque was used
      once. Rouge was used properly in a sentence 4 times. And Rogue was used as an example of how to spell it rather than Rogues name once.

      In short

      Rogue (name)
      Rouge (name)
      Roque (name)
      Rouge (color or example)
      Rogue (as an example)

      There’s the numbers.

  256. Poor man permalink

    I am Sorry rogue.

  257. How permalink

    Can somebody please upload full arc.nsa file my is broken :(

  258. How permalink

    Sorry actually it is arc1.nsa file , my fault

  259. derp permalink

    Hmmmmm, i downloaded MGQ2, patched it accordingly, imported the save from my first MGQ which is cleared.
    I didn’t combine them.
    I am at the part where i met the Queen and in the castle.
    First mention of the Green Orb.

    However i see in my inventory that i have both the Green Orb and the Blue One well before i should have them as i arbitrarily decided to check out my inventory at this point.

    Anybody else have this problem with their games?

    • Irenicus permalink

      Thats a bug that happened with the 66% english patch. At that point you should only have the red and yellow orbs. The Queen will offer a chance to win the green orb in a tournament…thats how the game should have gone.

  260. Anonymous permalink

    I want Rogue’s seed in my mouth.

    No homo.

  261. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve got this weird problem, and although it’s not gameplay covered by the patch, I suspect that the patch might have interfered with it…I don’t know really.


    After Luka saved Sarah again, talked to the King, and then has to decide where to go next, the only location visible on my map is 神鳥のほこら, and when I try to click on it, the game won’t progress anywhere. Just stays there, unchanged. Any ideas why? This is my first time trying to play past the 66% patch.

    Thank you.


    The bug that was introduced in the 66% patch regarding the Green and Blue Orbs has been corrected. Download the following file and replace the old “nscript.dat” in your MGQ2 folder. Then, fire up the game to any point BEFORE you reach Gold Port (like, say, just after fighting Granberia at the volcano). It may look like you still have the orbs, but once you reach Gold Port, the mysteriously conjured Blue Orb should disappear.

    If there are any problems, please reply to this comment.

    • Could this thing be affecting my inability to continue the story after the “sara” succubus fight?

      • Yes. You need to load the game to any point before you learn “Serene Demon Sword.” I put the fix in so that as soon as Luka recovers, learns “Serene Demon Sword,” and heads over to Gold Port, it corrects your inventory and you should see a “Recommended Level: 46” at the Natalia Region down south. Previously, it didn’t show up because a bug caused you to have the Blue Orb prematurely, which locks out the Natalia Region because that’s where you get the Blue Orb. Sorry to say, but you have to re-do the Captain Selene and Succubus Sara quests.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Very minor detail but I thought I would include it. I loaded my save that was right after I learned “Serene Demon Sword” and was one click away from going to Gold Port and your fix worked. I know it is minor because it is just a few clicks after you learn it but thought I would point i out in case anyone had their last save where I had mine and thought that they couldn’t load it because it was after learning the move.

        • Thanks a bundle for this then.

          I might as well redo the game and get those that I missed etc.

          Thanks again ^_^

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thanks Heinrich! It works now!

    • Saika permalink

      Cra… CRAB GIRL!!!! UWOOO!!! too bad it isn’t translated yet. Since those lines are the ones who gives me a weird boner more than the CG’s. But of course It must be combined with the CG’s. Thanks a bunch, Heinrich. And errr… the crab girl was a guess. Hopefully she’s there :D

    • Anonymous permalink

      How can you people play past 66%? for me, it just crashes after the patch ends, after we see amira in a trashcan, which was lulzy, plz help?

      • Anonymous permalink

        You’re probably not playing in Japanese locale.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m also experiencing this crash. Also have reinstalled, reapplied the patch, Jap locale, etc. Help?

    • i just get that save off thing

  263. Anonymous permalink

    Moar boar wants moar.

  264. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a bunch for translating Rouge. This is by far my favorite Heroic Storyline. It keeps me hanging to the end. This deserves it’s own anime. I don’t care if it’s PG-13, or if Funimation could do something about it (highly doubt it), I think it would be a success.

  265. Deagels permalink

    I found a typo!
    I don’t know if you really bother reading all the comments but,
    in the battle with the three ants in the castle you wrote “pensi” instead of “penis”.
    “Ant Girl C licks the tip of Luka’s pensi.” After writing so much there is bound to be a typo somewhere. Just glad to point it out. You’re doing a great job :)

  266. I have a lil issue about the game.

    I continued on after the translation patch, you know just to get CG’s to fap too and all that, but after beating the succubus “sara” (think she’s sara, looks like her but untranslated so meh) and talking to the king, you get two choices. Now I’ve tried both choices but niether one seems to affect my inability to select the one zone avaiable to me at this point.

    I dunno what’s going on, never had any problems with the game before, I am running in japanese local and all that so if anyone could help that’d be great ^_^

    As always rogue, great work.

  267. Anonymous permalink

    There’s a few crashes for me at the point where you go to “rescue” Sara at the pyramids. I think it is also stated by others. After you select to go to the pyramid and a few lines after, the game gave this:

    NSAア-…(Jap words)chara\sara_st01r.bmp(Jap words)

    099.txt line:16449

    |>I have no choice but to break in and save her!\
    |>But at the moment…\
    >|sp700, “:a;chara\sara_st01r.bmp”,0,0

    I think it means my file lacks a sara_str01.bmp picture, which I think is the one where she’s in her blue fighting attire we first see her in MGQ1 and belongs to the chara file. So I returned to check the encyclopedia for sara’s data and it crashed on me.

    This is the crash detail:

    NSAア-…(Jap words)chara\sara_st01r.bmp(Jap words)

    099.txt line:198352
    |if %zukan_pozu=%zukan_pozunum+1 mov %zukan_pozu,1
    |if %zukan_pozu=0 mov %zukan_pozu,%zukan_pozunum
    >if %zukan_pozu=1 && %zukan_hyouzyo=1 |sp
    450,”:a;chara\sara_str01.bmp”, %zukan_x0,0

    Please do help. Which arc.nsa file does the chara file belong in? And how do I solve this problem?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Okay, forget it. I solved the problems already. I got the wrong arc1.nsa. Also I think it clears up the previous problems of my previous save files.

    • Try re-downloading Rogue’s patch. He updated his link a couple of times, and I think the current one should have the necessary arc.nsa file you need. If all else fails, start over from the original Japanese MGQ2 (Google is your friend, or maybe one of the comments here might help) and then apply the 66% English patch from there, transferring any save files afterwards.

  268. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Since people are talking about post Salamander/Granberia(3) fixes, I felt like pointing out about after The gigantoweapon battle (which was previously unwinnable before the number fix) a crash is caused in the Almaelma battle,
    1- you summon Undine, Alma cancels it
    2 – summon Sylph, then Sylph appears a secon time and gives Luka some kind of encouragement.
    3 – Sylph now costs 1SP instead of 2, so summon it.
    4 – Almaelma attacks, but the game crashes when it calles for a certain sound effect.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I had the same error as you, but I just downloaded the patch and re-patched the game (since there has been updates made to it). The “miss_wind.ogg” or w/e file issue is fixed but the next error I get is:

      This is where I am currently stuck.

      • That’s odd, I don’t seem to be getting that error. Are you using my script or Rogue’s script? Because I don’t get that error from either of them.

        • Anonymous permalink

          That error was rogue’s script. I’m gonna d/l the bug fix patch now and will update.

          • Anonymous permalink

            After downloading and patching with your orb fix patch, I receive an error at the same spot, but this time there are different texts.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Here is the new error after I used your patch.

          It happens at the same spot as with Rogue’s latest patch

          Should I start the game over and check?

          • I can’t explain that one. I can only assume that you saved somewhere in-battle (because it was Japanese text). The problem with this is that when someone fixes something in the script and you re-download it and you attempt to load from anywhere other than a “SAVE LOCATION,” chances are you’ll end up in the wrong spot and crash.

            I fought Alma Elma from the Monsterpedia and no matter what I do I don’t get your error.

    • Anon permalink

      Actually DO NOT SUMMON SYLPH FIRST. You can just do anything right after Undine, but I’d recommend Gnome since you WILL need her in the battle.

  269. Toasterdude permalink

    So, I was converted Part 1 and all that a couple days ago. Was playing and not, say, 30 minutes ago i accidentally kicked my computers power cord while fighting the first fairy. Now all my saves are gone. Well not gone, the files are still there, but the game isn’t recognizing them. I even had to convert Part 1 again. Wasn’t saving or loading when it happened either. Any idea how I might be able to fix this?

    Suppose this teaches me not to leave the surge protector right under my desk.

    • Toasterdude permalink

      Okay, I managed to fix this, sorta. The game is no longer checking the save folder, and is instead saving straight to the main directory. Transferred all the save data there and everything is fine. Still kinda weird, but as long as it works I’m not complaining.

  270. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, just curious, anyone knows how to get the achievement “Sylph was summoned tired out”?

    • Irenicus permalink

      It’s a random event…each time you summon her there’s a small chance her cg will appear with her eyes closed, so it’s all about luck….believe it or not, when i replayed part 1, just before part 2 was released, the 2nd time i summoned her. right after i got her, she appeared tired out…while i heard a guy only got it after his 137th time.

      • On my most recent playthrough the tutorial summon of her fighting the plant monster I got her tired image. So she got summoned tired on my first attempt.

  271. Anonymous permalink

    Oh god finally after about an hour of randomly guessing what to do during 85% of the battles i got all but 4 of the cg’s in part 2

  272. ALAKTORN permalink

    I’ve encountered a crash in the Succubus Village… while fighting Lencubus, I chose “Request” then “Life Killing Vagina”, and by the end I got this:

  273. Anonymous permalink


    >Gnome is a man
    >We never have sex with her nor does she talk

    • Uh, I dunno. Undine/Sylph/Salamander/Gnome are mythical beings representing the elements that have been used for like 500 years.

    • Anon permalink

      I don’t think that Gnome is a male
      The game says that only girls can become monsters and if monster will born a boy he will become human with supernatural power like King of Sabasa and our hero Luka (?)

      • Anonymous permalink

        There’s that whole thing about the Founder. Dunno if that’s a difficult translation or if “his” gender is purposefully ambiguous.

    • You had sex with a Minotaur, those are all male as a female would be a cowgirl. Thus all monsters are monster girls. It’s a pretty easy concept.

    • JimJam permalink

      Chalk the gender of DC Comic Gnome to creative-liberty, every IP has its own setup.
      Now with that cleared up, I find the Monster Girl Encyclopedia more appealing because it sounds more plausible, more realistic, and the monster updates are always well thought out. In that universe a spell/curse transformed all mythical creatures into sexually active females while MGQ just has humans and all female monsters inexplicably coexisting. The latter’s setup makes no sense biology wise. The game’s art is good but the story and lore is not as believable as the source material.

    • Anonymous permalink

      To the person with this problem “I’ve encountered a crash in the Succubus Village… while fighting Lencubus, I chose “Request” then “Life Killing Vagina”, and by the end I got this:
      Fix: run the program in AppLocale and then select the langauge at the bottom, it will allow your transfer from english to japanese

  274. Anonymous permalink

    when will all of this be done???? i would like to know where to download it all as well so i can start playing part 2 full in english :)

  275. Hey do any of you guys know how to fix this? I just started the game so I really don’t know how to do anything.

    I got to the port on the first continent and when I get to the screen where can select who to talk to before I go to the cave to get the bell I can’t talk to anyone. I can select their names but clicking on them does nothing. Any ideas on what’s up?

  276. Anonymous permalink

    NSA(Something in teh Japanese)system/hurt.bmp(MOAR Japanesestuff)

    099.txt line:185764

    exec_dll “NSfont.dll/gaiji,(Japanese),system/hurt.bmp

    I have this problem as well, i can’t start the game with this patch

  277. Anonymous permalink

    I still get the 099.txt line:19797 error, something about bg/map0.bmp and Natalia and Safina Region at the start of the game
    I have tried re-downloading the patch and the trial game several times, also sometimes from different sites
    Locale japanese and applocale are not very effective neither…
    Maybe with this information I might get some help

  278. Anonymous permalink

    There’s a typo after the Salamander fight, “acknowledged” is spelled wrong.

    • ALAKTORN permalink

      lol, there are a shit ton of typos, I don’t think they really matter

  279. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t start it. I believe I’ve done all the necessary steps but it always comes up with an error at the title screen. Anyone know how to fix this?

  280. Anonymous permalink

    i lost all of my encyclopedia entrys!!! I am at the part where the ant girls and the mud girl start attacking everyone. I just loaded it today and all my encyclopedia files are gone. Also when I merge part 1 and 2 and exit it doesnt stay merged…….. Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

  281. Anonymous permalink


  282. Gh0st permalink

    I’m having the bg077.bmp issue on the first map screen when starting trying to go to the Noah region for the first time. I saw where the cause of the issue is with the arc1.nsa and I actually noticed that both my game file and the 66% patch don’t actually have that file in them. I’ve redownloaded it several times so maybe there was something changed in the file source maybe? Any help would be appreciated.

    • Gh0st permalink

      Actually, nevermind. I had the English Trial version, not the full Japanese. Seems like the English Trial version is broken lol

  283. Anonymous permalink

    only one problem i have. the music sticks a lot. can any one tell me why

  284. Anonymous permalink

    First I would like to start off with saying this: Your amazing. you and whoever else worked on this deserve more than a pat on the back. Nicely done!
    But I’ve run into a problem that I can’t fix. When I try and go to the Pyramid and save the Princess this error appears:
    099.txt line:16449

    >I have no choice but to breack in and rescue her!\
    >but at that moment… \
    >Isp 700,”a;chara\sara_st01r.bmp”,0,0

    How do I fix this??

  285. Anonymous permalink

    I did that multiple times unfortunately, although the game made 4 different arc files as I got farther into the game. I don’t know if that’s suppose to happen but ohh well. I guess it’s because I used a different english patch for the first game than yours. So ill just have todownload both games fresh and start anew. Keep up the good work and take your time finishing the translations. It’s well worth the wait because you did a great job with all the trans and bug fixes :D.

  286. Unknown permalink

    099.txt line:19810

    >bg “BG/bg077.bmp”

  287. kusojijii permalink

    At this point, I’m only commenting so the comments will reach a 9-bit overflow, really…

  288. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, you sir, are my hero. *awkward erection-filled hug*

  289. Anonymous permalink

    My Game crash always at the wood bevor the slime girl =( help me :D

  290. Tombi permalink

    My game crash always at the wood vor the first fight

  291. Desperate Guy permalink

    My God. I’m only freaking lvl 51 when I’m in that Hell thingy dangerous continent…

    And the 3 options are recommended level 54, 56 and 57 !!!

    I can swear I didn’t skip any scenes at all, and I noticed my level started lagging behind since Gold Port. I was still corectly at lvl 46 when I started to go through the entire Port Natalia scenario (and btw I didn’t encounter the crab who’s back for vengeance) and came out lvl 47…. and the last remaining Gold Port scene with recommended level 48.

    Please help T____T

  292. Anonymous permalink

    The game works, but all the text is dots (something like ••••••••), do you guys know what to do?

  293. Your way of describing everything in this article is actually good, all be capable of without
    difficulty understand it, Thanks a lot.

  294. Rodrigo permalink

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