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2-23-12 MGQ2 Patch Status + Bug Info

February 23, 2012

So there was a major bug last patch that a few people experienced that went past the translated portion of the game:

At some point, the flag for the “Green Orb” gets changed, and the “Blue Orb” gets put into your inventory. This makes it so you get stuck after leaving Gold Port, unable to go to a lot of areas, or even unable to progress at all. I’ve already fixed this for the next patch, and ThreGreatHeinrich made a fix that you can download here . This only really impacts you if you go beyond the translated portion into the Japanese remainder of the game. If you aren’t planning on going past what’s translated until the 100% patch is out, you don’t have to worry about it.

Some people are also getting crashes when trying to do the side stories:
All of the side stories, except for the Marco one, use images from the first part of the game. So for them to display properly in Part 2, you need to combine Part 1 and Part 2 (The instructions are on the patch post, and in the readme file).

Those that are getting random crashes upon starting the story, usually with an error reference that contains bg077.bmp or bg01.bmp likely did the patch wrong. You do not apply the patch for Part 2 to Part 1’s game folder. They are different games. The patch for Part 2 goes over Part 2’s game, not Part 1’s.


Lastly for the line count:

City     – 5175/5175            – 100%
Story    – 13320/19600        – 68%
Battle    – 57742/83000        – 69.6%
Ency    – 1012/1450         – 69.8%
Total     – 77249/109225        – 70.7%

  1. Monster Girl Lover permalink

    Thanks alot like always, Rogue! :D
    Played through the 66% patch recently and can’t wait for the last part of the game!
    Could you maybe give us a rough ETA for the 100% please or is it still too hard to tell when you’re gonna finish?
    Anyway, thanks! You rock, man!

    • Anonymous permalink

      They need roughly a month from 33% to 66% so the 100% should be finished round about in the mid of march.
      But i’m just rating.

      But thx a lot, Guys. There should be more of you out there! ^^

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Wow… Last 30% left… and i just played the new patch… luckily i went past the port quest so i didnt get stuck ^_^ nice nice ^_^

  3. Anonymous permalink

    My body is ready.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Waiting for full patch with fixes. I don’t like stopping halfway :c

  5. Sajuuk permalink

    nice to see u are making so much progress on the translating i have played the 66 patch and it was a good, by the way is this the final game of monstergirl quest ore is there going to come a part 3 ?
    also are there any otter good games outthere worth playing like monstergirl quest ore violate heroine.

    and thanks for putting so much efford in your translating i hope to see many more games translated by u :)

    • Raymund permalink

      I’m fairly sure a part 3 was already announced, I might be mistaken but I recall the official website already having some teaser images for that

      • damion permalink

        Raidy Lightning.Warrior
        Lightning Warrior Raidy 2 – Temple of Desire
        they are working on #3 good info on #3
        re make of old window something original was so popular was up graded to be compatible for 3 different windows orating systems or something like that be for being re don almost exactly in 2008 and the second in 1010 they have been working on 3 re making since thin and ar advertising it on theyer site as can be seen here should be second on page

  6. Anonymous permalink

    I get that crush too.
    but i mange to go though it by losing a battle and choose ‘go back one decision’ *-*

    5 Days with about 7%
    the left is 30%

    about 3 weeks huh well that’s not too long.

    Thx for your effort again..

  7. Anonymous permalink

    wow nice ^.^ just 30% left cant wait on it …. wanna play from begining to end so will wait for it….
    finished 1st part only today anyway so it wont be long for me :]

    thx a lot for your hard work

  8. Anonymous permalink

    The continued work is very much appreciated Rogue.

    Anyone know anything about the error some of us are getting, where the 66% patch makes the text appear as if the east Asian language packs aren’t enabled. I, for one, had normal looking text through the 33% patch…

    Any help would be very nice and lauded with huge amounts of praise. Thanks!

  9. Anonymous permalink

    So wait, how can some people play past 66% and others cannot?

    • Toriningen permalink

      Why? Idk. But anything past the 66% mark is buggy because there’s a combination of English and Japanese characters. So bugs in untranslated areas when you have a partial English patch is common. Also, damn, +4% already in a few days?

  10. derp permalink

    Thanks a lot for the work.
    Any estimates on when the 100% translation will come?
    That is, is there a week or so of work or life and reality striking you or anything that might postpone and for how long just to think a few steps ahead?

    Again, thanks

    • AnonS permalink

      If you look at the release dates of the other patches it’s about a month and a half, so I wouldn’t expect anything before that.

      I’d say look for the last patch sometime in April.

      • Anonymoose permalink

        Man i hope it comes out around my birthday, that’d be the best present EVER.

  11. Flaris permalink

    Glad to just see that % continually building up. Still going to wait for the full patch, but I’m sure it will be one heck of a great ride when the patch is done. Thanks again for all the effort you are putting into this.

  12. AnonS permalink

    I just got to the end of the 66% patch too. I appreciated the “This is the end of the translation patch” warning as well.

    66% was a nice amount. I actually hadn’t played through the 33% one at all.

    I’m wondering if there are other JRPG games like this one these days. I played a lot of JRPGs as a kid but not the genre really only exists on handhelds, and I don’t necessarily like playing on handhelds. This game was really enjoyable for me just for being a JRPG. I actually kind of hated getting raped.

    • Anonymous permalink

      check out the game Big Bang Age aka Daibanchou. Good strategy turn-based fighter game with a lot of interesting characters, and the gameplay definitely overshadows the sex.

  13. The Noble Shade permalink

    I applied the fix, but every time I try to play past the end of the patch, I eventually get the line overflow crash. Oh well, I can wait.

    I have a couple questions:
    1) Some of the monsters (the Cursed Doll and the Minccubus) call Luka “big bro”. What’s that translated from? I’m curious.

    2) If ToroToro releases a new patch, will applying that interfere with yours?

    • It’s from お兄さん or お兄ちゃん. They way they use it doesn’t have any familial overtures, but there’s no great English equivalent. Those familiar with a little bit of anime and such will recognize the way it’s used, I’m sure.

  14. Dear Guest permalink

    Played a little Corruption of Champions and encountered this:

    While exploring the desert, you see a plume of smoke rising in the distance. You change direction and approach the soot-cloud carefully. It takes a few moments, but after cresting your fourth dune, you locate the source. You lie low, so as not to be seen, and crawl closer for a better look.A library is burning up, sending flames dozens of feet into the air. It doesn’t look like any of the books will survive, and most of the structure has already been consumed by the hungry flames. The source of the inferno is curled up next to it. It’s a naga! She’s tall for a naga, at least seven feet if she stands at her full height. Her purplish-blue skin looks quite exotic, and she wears a flower in her hair. The naga is holding a stick with a potato on the end, trying to roast the spud on the library-fire. It doesn’t seem to be going well, and the potato quickly lights up from the intense heat.The snake-woman tosses the burnt potato away and cries, “Hora hora.” She looks suddenly turns and looks directly at you. Her gaze is piercing and intent, but she vanishes before you can react. The only reminder she was ever there is a burning potato in the sand. Your curiosity overcomes your caution, and you approach the fiery inferno. There isn’t even a trail in the sand, and the library is going to be an unsalvageable wreck in short order. Perhaps the only item worth considering is the stick with the burning potato. It’s quite oddly shaped, and when you reach down to touch it you can feel a resonant tingle. Perhaps it was some kind of wizard’s staff?There is no room for a wizard’s staff in your inventory. You may replace the contents of a pouch with a wizard’s staff or abandon it.”

    Sweet :)

    • Toriningen permalink

      She burned the potato in the library where the book page MG’s were. LOL

    • Anonymous permalink

      Shout outs are always awesome.

    • Monti permalink

      Fenoxo is a fan of the series.

    • Anonymous permalink

      *another shout outs from Corruption of Champion

      The harpy smiles ingratiatingly when she feels your muscles start to relax, and you’re given a chance to get a good, close look at her. She has two pairs of wings: a large set that sprout from her back and a secondary set that appear to be a combination of arm and wing. The smaller pair thickens behind the wrists, displaying long, lustrous plumage. What you had assumed to be pink hair is actually a mass of long, downy feathers that hang to her shoulders. The last and hardest thing to ignore is her breasts. Compared to the tiny buds on the harpies you spooked earlier, this woman’s tits are MASSIVE. They’d be at least DD on a human of similar size!

      is it just me, or the description of this Harpy seemingly resembles the Queen Harpy from part 1?
      y’know, about the secondary set of wing, pink feather-hair-thingy, and her breast (since other harpy was kinda flat)?

  15. Anonymous permalink

    My body will never be ready for the last 2 rape scenes with Alice, not to mention the four heavenly knights’ or Ilias’. Without translation they didn’t have much of an impact but I think my dick will not be able to take it once Rogue posts the 100% patch here.

  16. inuneechan permalink

    AHH!! can’t wait, it was soo good and I can tell it’s just gonna get better (i can read a little japanese ^^;) Keep up the Good Work!! XD

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Can anyone post their part 1 and 2 saves?

  18. Anon permalink

    Can someone post their part 1 and 2 saves?

  19. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    part 1 goes up to level 25, but part 2 goes up to level 63 apparently. The distribution of “experience” is far greater since you gain far more levels. except the imp battle, that one seems sort of out of place in Maoh’s Castle. I wonder how high part three will go, since Alice is lv145, and is still weaker than Ilias.

  20. Anony permalink

    Thank you Rogue for your amazing work.

  21. Dear Guest permalink

    Something has been bugging me…
    What exactly does mon_que-patch.exe do? Or did I do something wrong and am the only one with that executable in my game folder?

    • Gogetters permalink

      That starts the game…

      • Gogetters permalink

        To explain more, that is the patch for MGQ1.

        If you are using that to try to play MGQ2 you are using the wrong patch.

  22. Toriningen permalink

    Nice Hora Hora at the top, lol…..

    • Anonymous permalink

      what means “Hora Hora”?
      i’m portuguese Hora means Hour

      • Neltarion_DH permalink

        Hora Hora is someting like – Hey Hey (now wait a secound) if it’s just hora it someting like – Look or presenting someting to someone (here you go)

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Semi-related question: what happened to the music playback option in the extras? Also, thanks rogue.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I would also like to know this. There is a blank space for the music option, will you be adding it in in the 100% patch?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yeah yeah. I feel like this is the only real reason why I still have the first game after ‘combining’ the two.
      Maybe music was unlocked upon completion? Sounds sketchy to me.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    world would be better with more rogues!
    rly a lot of thx for your hard work

  25. Tats permalink

    Thanks a lot for all your hard work! Got done with the 66% patch and other than a typo here and there, excellent work with providing everyone with a means to enjoy this game!

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find the music in this game strangely addictive to listen to?

  26. maurice permalink

    your work is much appreciated here. keep up the good work!

  27. jesus permalink

    It will finally END yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rein permalink

      The wait for the 2nd part’s translation will end soon…

      But then we will have to wait again… For the 3rd part of the game!
      That’s not a bad thing, though

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Started playing for the hentai, kept playing for the surprisingly compelling story. Wouldn’t be playing at all without your work, thank you Rogue.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Completely same here. I actually don’t fap most of the time I play because I know that if I do I wont get to keep playing (personal rule for myself that seems to have “backfired”). That said, The middle third was awesome, when I was able to use the power of water at first I felt like such a boss. Cant wait to use it in unscripted ways.

    • Rein permalink

      Yes, at first I also got lured by the hentai…
      But later on I found that the story was too good, so that I forgot to fap! LOL

      Thanks Rogue, if you didn’t translate the game, probably I wouldn’t notice the story and just go for the hentai XD

  29. Anonymous permalink

    You are my hero Rogue.

    • Rein permalink

      He isn’t just your hero, he’s OUR hero…. A fake one (just kidding)

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Hey about the blue orb bug. I after checking see that i have the blue orb and i am about the point i was going to head to the volcano. Well i have a tendency to save before every single fight and started going back on my save points until the time i did not have the blue orb. I found that just before silkworm girl in the insect/plant forest city thing I did not have the blue orb. just ahead of the next fight which is wasp girl i did have the blue orb. Is this going to correct itself or am i going to have to replay my game from silkworm girl in order to not be screwed up later. I just just applied your bugfix that was posted. I feel this only fixes the problem before it starts though.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Umh the last part hold something like 75% of the greatest fap potential scene, but i also don’t know if i’ll be able to go trhough the last bad ending with a proper translation.
    Anyway thx for ur hard work you are the ray of hope for all of us who don’t even know how to pronounce those kanji^^

  32. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone have a save file right before the fight with Granaberia with the genie’s lamp and what ever other optional items you can get?

  33. thank you rogue-san :)

  34. Thanks for the update rogue.

    Just want to get some feedback from you guys, I’m working on a walkthrough for the parts because my friend asked me how to get past a few monsters. So decided, since I have free-time, to make one.

    Tell me how you like it, hate it, it’s ease to read, if it’s informative enough etc

    Thanks ~

    (It’s only 5 pages as of now. So I can easily make changes) Download –

    • Brad Mason permalink

      Looks like it could shape up to be pretty awesome. Only thing i will say (it may just be me) the black writing with the blue background is a strain on the eyes lol, other than that its a good start.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Might be a good idea to Pastebin it as well, easy access.

  35. Anonymous permalink

    I keep getting numerous errors along my progress through extracting zip files and all that. As I play through the game, it’s as if the zip files I downloaded didn’t contain all the info or something as I get an error message containing something along the lines of a missing file. As far as I know I can’t figure out exactly where these files are. Can anyone give me some assistance?

  36. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Just mentioning but Alice is still first place in the poll, closely followed by Alma Elma (two votes lead as of this post), followed by Tamamo is behind by around four hundred votes. Nobody else even comes close to the top two. I can easily see why Alice is popular, but just why is Alma so much much more popular than the other heavenly knights?

    • yabusa permalink

      because she’s a succubus?
      and has a lot more sex style potential?
      has a bigger breast than the 3?

      I would like Granberia too… xDD
      makes me LOL when you encounter her for the 3rd time and you lose…

      • Saika permalink

        What the fuck, Tamamo is a Taiga (<3) look-alike Kitsune and horny as hell as a bonus XD

        What about those awesome fluffy tails??? you can just use it as form of bonding in the after-sex… UWOOO!!!

        And those Supple, Loli boobs… I'm in heaven, sir. If only I can experience her IRL lolololol my body is tingling.

        Erubetie is actually charming to me if only she doesn't hate the protag (me) that much. Actually, all 4 of them actually rock and maybe Alma is just the mainstream for the consumer demands.

      • Rein permalink

        @yabusa : Because most men like oppai…. LOL

        But I like lolis! I hope there’ll be more of them…. Especially tamamo! XD

  37. Anonymous permalink

    that is scary. i just told my cousin that this is now 70% and i was just messing with him. But then we find out it was true. 0_0

    • Saika permalink

      Go ahead and tell him later that it’s already 100%. Who knows? a miracle might happen XD and all

      my urges to hold back will be solved. Oh fuck, I wanna be raped by a Monster Girl!!! If I can never

      ever find my destined one then just rape me! Uwooooo!!!!

      • Jos permalink

        Wow… :p

      • Anonymous permalink

        Livestock Brofist!!!

      • Rein permalink

        @Saika : I like monster girls too, but I prefer to be the one that do the raping instead of getting raped :3

        • Saika permalink

          I guess that’s the way to roll like a true man. You’re an alpha male and I guess I’m a delicate, sensitive, ripe (Da me!) beta waiting to be dirtied by a non-vore, nice, horny monster girl willing to be my wife. Heh. Hehehehehe… (drools) UKE POWA!!!

  38. Sajuuk permalink

    why make a walkthrough, seems like a lot of work for notting the game practaly says what u have to do when fichting a monster, even if u lose u can ask illias for help to get some good sugcestions on what to do and how to beat the monster, so is a walktroug realy necesery.
    well thet is my opinion.
    good luck on your walktroug

    • You do have a point, but ilias’s evaluations are often wrong.

      She can tell a player to use gnome and not slyph when you really need to use both and you spend 10 minutes being raped because of it.

      I feel that if it helps one person then I’m happy. And I did those 5 pages in about 5 minutes per page so it’s not exactly strenuous work.

      • Will permalink

        Yeah, and if nothing else, I think it would come in handy for those that want to unlock every move, CG and Rape Scene for each monster in the game. Some are really hard to come across–the moves, I mean.

      • AnonS permalink

        But don’t you only need that on Hard mode? On Normal just following her suggestions should be enough. And the point of Hard mode is an extra challenge, so if you had to use a faq wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of it?

        I originally played part 1 on Normal and then played it on Hard mode, and Part 2 I played on Hard only and still go through up to the translation. I don’t think a faq would change anything because most of the difficulty in this game is on random evasion or random chosen attacks, and not really a set way of doing something.

        • Lowlightt permalink

          See thats part of the problem, about half way through part 1 there really is only about 10% luck involved as you can make up for most oh no problems even on hard mode with good strat, also lets not forget about the hell mode thats just like you can’t beat this but you can so give it a whirl.

  39. Anonymous permalink

    BODY, are you ready?

    • yabusa permalink

      BODY: Yes I am!

      • Anonymous permalink

        FLACCID MEMBER: I’m not..

        • Anonymous permalink

          You’ll get a boner soon enough. Many times. So many horas. Too many to resist…

        • yabusa permalink

          what the fvck did I just search… O_O

          • Rein permalink

            Only you know what the fvck it is….

          • yabusa permalink

            @Rein: No no no…
            it’s that Flaccid Member… O_O

  40. Anonymous permalink

    if u dont want to see all of the rape senes just press ctrl to fast fowared the text then it shoud be one min depending how long the rapes are..
    but if its not much work to make a walktroug then why not..
    maybe it will help for some of the monstergirl quest fans here.
    good luck whit it i will make it a point to read it..

    do any of you guys know any otter good games thet are english translated..

    • You can turn off the rape scenes from the special options screen.

    • Rein permalink

      @anon : Hmm, you like VNs with good stories? With no *** scene?
      Try the VNs from Key, such as : Clannad and Little Busters!
      Also, Eien no Aselia from Xuse
      And Piece of Wonder from Hirameki.

      Or if you don’t mind some H scenes, Sharin no Kuni and G-senjou no Maoh are also a good choice

      Find the english VNs at
      Wish you luck, comrade ==b

  41. Anonymous permalink

    horray got all but 4 of the cgs in part two finally……..

  42. Anonymous permalink

    I got a weird bug: out of nowhere, I lost all my saves, my data, and part 1 was unavailable even though I had imported it to part 2 and converted it. It was as if I had never played part 2 at all.
    I checked the save files, they’re all in the “save” folder but they don’t appear in the load screen.
    Even worse is that I don’t get sound effects anymore…

    • Anonymous permalink

      This just happened to me as well. Checked my save folder and it still had my files but not on the load screen. I had just beaten Sarah as a Succubus when I saved and went to the title screen, then my computer died so I plugged it in and turned it back on only to find that it can’t locate my files…

  43. Arco permalink


    I think the walkthrough is a good idea and what you have so far looks good. If I would change anything, it would be to not have black text on a darker blue background, becuase it’s kinda difficult to read. I for one appreciate the help, especially when I’m trying to complete the encyclopedia!

  44. theshaded permalink

    there is a 100% translation i mean if you can consider that it has horrible grammar sets up back in saves screws with the game and crashes during the after the fire spirit fight then yeah go get that but ima just wait here for something that doesn’t feel rushed but still easy without butchering stuff im not even posting the link just sayin wait for RT i wouldn’t trust any1 else

    • The “100% translation” is a machine translation. It’s for those who wish to play the game with an autotranslator, but would prefer it to be displayed in-game instead of on a clipboard outside of the game.

      • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

        The script itself is pretty ingenious in that it never crashed anywhere when I played it, even with loads of text displayed in the window at once.

        • theshaded permalink

          I jus couldn’t understand the other one you do a great job, wasn’t trying to amke an ass of myself but i guess i did anyway so i apologize

  45. Anonymous permalink

    Just wondering, how many hits your page has Rogue?

  46. BitVyper permalink

    This translation is really excellent work. Thank you, Rogue.

  47. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t know why, but in part two it says I have the iron sword and cloth clothes equipped. Weird.

  48. Thanks Rogue and hey does anybody know how to get the proof of valor acheivement?

    • You mean the hero’s seal or what ever it is?

      You need to have started part 2 with both the genie lamp (for not fighting the genie) the magic acorn (for not fighting the fairy you step on) and grilled amene (for visiting the mermaid merchant a second time after leaving the port town) with all 3 items in tow you can get it. First you give the amene to Nekomata and get her magic bell.

      Now give the bell and acorn to the plant priestess to get the orb of friendship

      Give the lamp to the toolshop guy in the last port city to earn a lottery ticket then turn it in to the lottery girl to get the orb of luck. And finally talk to everyone favorite unfortunate lamia and get the orb of valor. At which point you can turn in all 3 to get the heroes seal.

  49. Anonymous permalink

    Any news on MGQ3 release date?

  50. Anonymous permalink

    I hope to see a 100% patch in March, you seem pretty quick with the translations.

    A million thank you’s and hope to see the 100% patch soon!

  51. jon permalink

    thx man great work man you the best…..

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Nothing happened but the Blue stone did somehow get into my inventory… Will this be a problem in the next patch or will it correct itself?

  53. Anonymous permalink

    People keep talking about getting wanting to be raped by the monster girls…

    But you can’t rape the willing!

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Oh you can… oh you can…

    • Anonymous permalink

      If a kitsune raped me into marriage, my life would be complete.

  54. theshaded permalink

    quick question do you ever play what you translate or does it ruin the game because you translated it before hand?

  55. Anonymous permalink

    i think he dus as to see if he translated it all correctly there are barly any mistakes in his work and the ones thet are there are usaly small. and when we tell him about it he corrects it in the next patch.
    i admire his work and dedication on translating games like this, he is the only one i know of thet dus
    dus such a good job for free i wish there where 10 more like rogue transator.
    and for those who only read the lower posts about the blue stone will be fixed in next patch

  56. ShiroiRyu permalink

    One serious question : In the second part of the translation, Alice said she is 22 years old after the Nabe fight.
    And if i remember, she say she have 25 years in the second part of the translation because 20 years ago, when she had 5 years, she learn to use some skills.
    It’s right or not ?
    And how many years old Luka is ?

    • Anonymous permalink

      the one who is 25 is granberia not alice she tells that she learned to use the “serene mind” ability 20 year ago when she was 5

      • ShiroiRyu permalink

        Oupsssssss !
        Sorry !
        Now you said it …
        But how old is our hero ?
        Despite he look like a teenager, he is adult no ?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Luka is 16 if memory serves.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I don’t think they explicitly mention it, but it’s implied that he’s at least 16. Pretty impressive considering how unbelievably fast his skills developed.

  57. Anonymous permalink

    If you don’t mind me asking how long does it take you to translate these games… like how long does it take you to translate 1000 words

    • Rein permalink

      FYI, When the 2nd game came out, Rogue translated 4000 words just in a day…
      And he finished translating the last game in 4 months.

  58. Help permalink

    is there anyone who can send me a link to where I can get part 2 Japanese

    • Sure I put the link in my website address so just click my name and it will take you there.

  59. Lowlightt permalink

    Wow old typo, In MQ1 in the pyramid scene after beating the mummy girl with sara. Line reads

    “You’re a lot stronger than you look.
    But… You’re still not as strong they are…”

    Should be
    “You’re a lot stronger than you look.
    But… You’re still not as strong ‘as’ they are…”

    Crazy I know.

  60. Anonymous permalink

    Would you like to see Alice NTR?

    • AnoNTRymous permalink

      that would be kind of hilarious and almost impossible y’know…
      I mean, what kind of man would be able to make her submit to him?
      Since most of NTR was either started by rape, or by the fact that the girl’s boyfriend had a smaller dick than the alpha, and I think Luka is already decent enough…

      But I’m sure it would be hot as hell ^///^

      • Rein permalink

        Hot as in RAGEQUIT…
        At least, for me it is…

        • Anonymous permalink

          well, NTR is a minority after all, especially since it’s one of the most controversial genre beside guro…

  61. Down with Illias permalink

    I still am having crashes after talking to Amelia in the trash can shortly after the 66% patch ends. I downloaded the fix and the blue orb is gone but the crashes are still happening on that one spot.

  62. I like slime girls permalink

    I check this page a few times every day.
    So sometimes I come here and think, “Hey, it’s been a while, what about an update?”. And then I realize it’s only been 3 days since the last update, but it seems like a week cause I visit the page every time I’m bored.

    • Someone permalink

      I do the same thing…

    • AnonS permalink

      Me too, if Rogue made a forum I’d probably make it one of my regular stops on the internet and be a part of the community.

      • Rein permalink

        Yeah, me too, I check the web almost everytime I open my browser…

        And AnonS, that’s a good idea, I hope Rogue will make a forum….

  63. Anonymous permalink

    will somone post the link for the english download for the MGQ2 please? or is it not done yet?

  64. Anonymous permalink

    RogueTranslator hurry the fuck up i could of done this in a hour all it is, is text just.Shows how lazy he really is.

    • Anon-hunter permalink

      Then do it yourself, if you think you can do that in an hour you wouldn’t be waiting for this.

      • Someone permalink

        I think He said a joke…

      • Gogetters permalink

        Ignore the troll

      • I like slime girls permalink

        This reply is in absolutely every post about monmusu. No need to reply every single time, he’s obviously joking.

    • Anonymous permalink

      If you want to troll atleast learn english first

      • Not really a troll, he was making a sarcastic statement about the post above his. Just read his post again but insert a hilarious helping of sarcasm and it comes out sounding just about right.

  65. Striped Hero permalink

    Just finished up the last of the patched portion. Really enjoyable. I’m looking forward to the 100%.

  66. Anonymous permalink

    Maybe part 3 will come out this year. Once part 2 is finish being translated, the next one may come out soon after. . . .Wonder how many monsters their gonna be

  67. Anonymous permalink

    looking forward to the 100% :)! thanks rouge

  68. Nightmommy permalink

    Rogue, I found a bug in part 1. Just after you meet Tamamo, right after the save location before you decide get on the ship. Screencap below, note this was done with a merged part 2, not a clean part 1 install. Locale was set to japan in windows, tried under applocale with japan and english settings.

    • Anonymous permalink

      read the blog post and download the new file, it should contain all the fixes from the previous post too i think

    • That was fixed already at some point. If you redownload the current patch, it will work fine.

  69. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the translations!
    On my second play through to get all the moves, I’ve noticed Alice isn’t wearing her ribbon during the Cassandra scene. She’s just too cute!

  70. Anonymous permalink

    Where can I get the soundtrack for parts 1&2?

    • Gogetters permalink

      Look in the BGM folder of the game.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks breh

        • Anonymous permalink

          Which is the best theme music in your opinion?

          In particular like the shittenno and alice2 tracks

          • Gogetters permalink

            sitenno, tamamo, hutuu2, enrika, city1, comi1, alice2, and the Touhou field2

          • ShiroiRyu permalink

            Oh … Hutuu4 is one of the best.
            Really sad in one side … Really …
            And the boss fights too.

  71. Sajuuk permalink

    once this game is translated witch game will u translate then will u continue whit VH,
    Rogue Translator.
    ore some other game.

  72. Anon permalink

    oh you ;)
    how do you do it so fast?
    Thanks for all the hard work you make a lot of people happy.

  73. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone else completely uninterested in the porn part anymore, and playing solely for the story? or is it just me? o3o

    • AnonS permalink

      It’s not just you, I personally hate to get raped most of the time. Sometimes I can live with it, but very rarely. I only like watching the Alice rape scenes since that’s not even really rape, but part of the story.

      I especially hate the vore rapes.

    • Anon permalink

      I have interest in some delicious loli (Vampire girl FTW!), succubus and other cuties like kitsune and harpies but it’s true that about 60% is unfappable vore, tentacle or even some strange shit like sea-cucumber girl (Oh you, Japan!) D: The only strange shit that turn me on is unbirth with succubus witch (dat glasses)
      So yeap, plot for me in the first place and only then some fap to cute fluffy tail :D
      “I’m playing it for the plot!” %)

      • yabusa permalink

        We got the same interest… lol
        I like Vampire Girl too for the 1st time I played MGQ… xDD
        and those other lolis,,,
        been looking forward for more lolis… xDD

      • Someone permalink

        only 20% is vore (with death) and 20% is death after rape.
        But I like more the end when luka become a sex slave.
        And I like a lot the 5 loli (gobelin, vamp, lamia, dragon, kitsune), the spin off with them is cute.

        • Anon permalink

          Brofist, man! :D
          Kitsune’s bad end is the happiest bad end in the game. Luka got himself a cute, horny, loli fox girl with fluffy tails and live peacefully in small village with her and bunch of their kids. Can the man wish for greater happiness?:D
          If I were Luka I would rush to Kitsune and surrender to her ^_^ or maybe surrender to vampire girl. can’t decide their both so cute ^_^ but my ‘most lost to monster’ is Vampire girl (21) her eyes of obedience is just HHHNNNGG :D
          Considering how much there are insect, plants, sea and scylla monsters (Not about the Scylla girl (she is quite cute) I mean some scary shit like monsters from Lady Village D: one of the scariest location and one of the scariest monster- Cassandra ) I think at least 40% is vore scenes and other 20% is strange WTF monsters like sea cucumber girl, fake chest girl etc.
          I don’t mind raping to death if it’s with real penetration, not by tentacles, hands, mouth etc D:
          p.s. sorry if my english is bad, I’m from Syberia and even from the coldest region in the world! %)
          so monster girls is the only thing that can keep me warm xD
          …Fuck! Not again! Bear-girl is stole my vodka! where is my kalashnikov and ushanka?! I need to find her and get it back! %)
          Hmm it’s nice idea. I wonder if bear girl will be in 3 part ^_^

          • Douglas Reinholm permalink

            I lost about 430 times to Nanabi (Seven Tails literally), but my heart still belongs to Alice!

          • AnonS permalink

            A lot of those monsters are scary as shit, it makes sense that Ilias wants to wipe out the monsters because most of them do want to kill, or trap and eventually kill people they run across. Or some are just really creepy period.

            The only ones you’d actually want to run across are the humanoid ones that release you afterwards, or keep you as a sex slave but don’t actually fuck you non-stop like many of the plants and some of the lamia do. But the majority you die against, either instantly or after prolonged sex (which probably would kill you within a few days actually at most).

            I don’t know if Luka will ever be overpowered, but so far in the first 2 parts he’s mostly just barely gotten by, and quite a few fights against the really tough monsters they’re either not trying or he gets some other out. He’s certainly not an invincible hero that just runs through everyone, even if you never lose to a monster in the game regularly (which is my goal, as I feel having to continue takes something away from a playthrough).

            I can’t wait to see the ending for this one. I know it won’t be a true end since there’s still another part, but it seems like a major plot point with Alice. I wonder what will happen for Part 3 and if Part 3 might be shorter and just have different branches based on the end of Part 2, so you’d replay it to get all the routes.

          • Anonymous permalink

            AnonS you might want to go through the plansec (sp?) forrest again… After the initial there’s a moment of overpowered.

            I do think they do one thing good. Even if you’re stronger than an opponent you gotta be careful (after all in real life a knife in the ribs from a kid is as effective as from a grown man).

          • Rein permalink

            @Anonymous : Nope, it’s just look like overpowered, but I think it’s just because a series of fight scene was skipped… (It’ll be exhausting if we have a fight scene for EVERY monster girls he fought in plansect forest)

          • yabusa permalink

            @Anon: We sounded like Pedobears for liking those lolis… lol

          • Saika permalink

            HHHNNNGG!!! I understand man. You’ve got a pal right here who understands. :D :D :D :D

            But if we say this straight IRL we’ll look just plainly disgusting and an eyesore. Especially when revealed that we have an inner pedobear. Sighhh… I wonder if heaven has lolis.

  74. Anonymous permalink

    Monsters with overly exaggerated monster appendages aren’t really my cup of tea either. If it were up to me, I’d rather have a few tasteful Kenkou Cross (Monster Girl Encyclopedia, Alice, Erubetti) artist CG than to go through myriad Setouchi (sameface “[something] girl” format) level fodders. But still, beggars can’t be choosers; and I’m thankful to Torotoro for creating this game, and to Rogue for making this game in its entirety, including the sameface tripe he must have endured though, accessible to us western users.

    My kingdom for a better artist, though. Vore could be so much better if done right.

  75. Someone permalink

    Ok I’m going to count all vore, sex slave and rape to death end.
    lets go.

  76. Someone permalink

    “normal” rape:83
    vore (with death):26
    raped to death:26

    I count all the end (some monster have more than one rape scene) and not the other ero scene like meia, sara and the most of alice scene.

    • Someone permalink

      I only count the scene in the translated part.

  77. Anonymous permalink

    In the unbirthing scene with the Succubus Witch there is a typo. It says “Her vaginal wells flex and loosen, pulling me deeper into her vagina.” Wells should be walls.

    • Aaron permalink

      at least theirs some comedy in it as well so its a double kill

  78. The monsters from part 1 don’t appear in the encyclopedia, There’s just ??? where they should be. Is there any way to fix this?

    Also, is it normal that the last 2-3 pages in the encyclopedia are untranslated?

    • Anonymous permalink

      The last pages will be filled in once you fight them in the 100% patch. For the first few pages from Part 1 you have to combine Part 1 and Part 2 by copying Part 1’s arc.nsa to Part 2’s folder and then choosing the combine option in the game.

      • I did combine part 1 and 2. They didn’t appear, and the combine option is greyed out. I’m fucked, aren’t I?

        • Dear Guest permalink

          You have to have completed MGQ1 and import your save files as well – instructions are in-game.

          • Already did both. I still don’t understand what’s wrong, other than it seems to have something to do with the global.sav file.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Basically you need to transfer your COMPLETED Part 1 gloval.sav file (i.e. when Ilias says “Do you want to make a save file for Part 2?” at the very end you say “Yes”). Then the “import” option should be selectable. When you actually do select it, it throws you back into the beginning of Part 2’s story, except it takes on all the stats and items you actually had in Part 1.

            Any records and encyclopedia entries from Part 1 should be filled. However, you lose any progress you made when you played Part 2 standalone, so your Part 2 entries will be “???” again.

  79. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, after combining part 2 with part 1 I’ve encountered a crash! I started a new game, and I just got the Poseidon’s Bell, the game crashes right after it says lets me save before going into the port town. I combined the 2 parts exactly as the readme file said to, and my computer’s region is set to Japanese. Also I use Windows 7 if that means anything. Here is a picture of what pops up.

    What do?

    • Monti permalink

      When you download something, their is potentail something is missed, usually the first line would tell you what the problem is. When I get crashes I usually get.

      Usually for these problems it meant something was wrong, corrupt or even missing. Download the latest patch and put the new patch in wherever you put the old patch, when it asks to replace the pre-existing files, say yes. You might be surprised.

      • Nightmommy permalink

        I tried reapplying the 66% patch, and it worked like a charm. Now begins the waiting game for the 100%, and part 3

  80. Sajuuk permalink

    has this question not been asked several times before i dont know if there is a fix yet but maybe u can check old posts for a lalution.

  81. Anonymous permalink

    hi i know its a little strange to ask here but knowing here are a lot of fans of ergo games i hope to find the andser here.
    i have been trying to find the game Shrink ‘High its a ergo game but the only downlaud link i found was in magaupload wich has been put down as u all know.
    do any of you have thet game if so put it up for download.

  82. Anonymous permalink

    thanks i have been searching for days now,

  83. Rein permalink

    Arghh, I can hardly wait for the final patch, I hope you finished it in mid march, that’ll be a raaly good birthday present. XD

    Anyway, thank you very mush for your efforts in translating these games, I wish the best for you ^^

    • Anon permalink

      Hey, bro!
      My birthday is in mid march too (16 to be exactly)
      So I hope final patch will be released by that time
      What can be a better present then getting raped by Fluffy Tail,Alice and other?xD

      • Anonymous permalink

        March 16th? It won’t.

      • Rein permalink

        @Anon : Hoo? MIne’s at 13
        Not really hoping the translation can be finished before my birthday, but I hope at least it will be released in March…

        Better present? A scene where the protag(me) doing the raping instead of getting raped. LOL

  84. Anonymous permalink

    >Still no 100% patch

    • Rein permalink

      Be patient, many other games translated years later…
      Compared to those, Rogue is very fast and diligent.
      He finished translating the last game in less than 6 months, and probably he will do the same with this one too…

      Btw, this game was released in 17 – 12 – 2011
      So if you expect this game can be translated just in two weeks, go do it by yourself

  85. darkova permalink

    i cant seem to download the fix or the 66% patch from mediafire and im not sure why

  86. Bugfan permalink

    I don’t know about the “wierd sex” stuff. I actually like it as much as the harpy/ succubi/ kitsune stuff, it just depends on the monster though as I’m not a fan of some of the vore-ish monsters but I love the Mantis Girl/ Silkworm Girl/ Tarantula Girl scenes just like the Queen Harpy, Tamamo and Alma. Sure, it’s scary stuff, but scary sex is what made the Alien films so watchable. All in all I’m looking forward to more of Setouchi’s bugs in the next 33%, especially the Beelzebub (?) sisters on the ship. :)

    • Anonymous permalink

      what is that O.o

    • Anonymous permalink

      I respect your tastes and all, but things that bother me the most about Setouchi, eldritch appendages notwithstanding, are that his art reeks of obvious “filler” material. Same sets of expression, same slit-like eyes, same sticking out the tongue, same upper bodies, same poses, same bare breasts, everything looking like something copied and pasted in a hurry run rampant in his works. If he would only shift a bit of his creativity from recreating Lovefraftian horror to drawing sets of decent apparels to hide those shames, He’d get a better grade in my book.

      • Personally I found most of his to be my favs, yes I would love some additional pics rather than the insertion closeup but hey those pics are freaking hot.

  87. Anonymous permalink

    someone plz can tell me how beat Erubetie?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Defend like hell, so get Gnome ready and guard.

  88. Anonymous permalink

    I wish a third one would come out soon. I want to use the awesome Fallen Angel Dance/Daystar/Nine Fold/Magic power attacks. They’re so cool.

    Yeah. I play this game for the fighting system. Problem?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same here, actually. I’m looking forward to Part 3 because of how the shift between Lukafer mode/elemental spirits (which is frankly grossly overpowered by the end of Part 2) might play out.

      My jimmies remain unrustled.

      • Anonymous permalink

        what are you guys, gay?

        • Anonymous permalink

          How rude. We’re pure knights who are on our quest to remove all monster scums and angel blights of the fallen god Ilias alike. We simply do not have time to waste on frivolities such as “sexual intercourse”.

          • Monti permalink

            Such a pure knight shalt not waste their efforts in responding to creatures that give so easily to primal desire. Ha!

          • ShiroiRyu permalink

            Good words, bro !
            We dont care about intercourse sex with monsters girls if it’s not with the one we love.
            And i fight for the story !
            Oh … In one side, do you think Luka will do hentai things with Alice now ?
            I speak about the full course, not a hairjob (lol). :D

    • Anonymous permalink

      Enjoy turning into pure holy energy.

  89. Anonymous permalink

    hey rogue how did you extract the text from the game?

  90. Anonymous permalink

    i went through the game til everything started becoming japanese instead of english. i cried.

  91. Anonymous permalink

    I’m waiting for the patch to be 100% before I start part 2. I just wanted to say thanks and keep it up! You’re efforts are much appreciated!

  92. ShiroiRyu permalink

    I have one question : What is in Record, the “Time reincarnated” ? And in the Nursery ?
    And what is the record after “Drained to level 1” ?
    THANKS !
    In same time, i’m the only one who thought our Granberia is really cute ?
    I did her sex scene in the volcano (you really want to have it because her fight is so easy).
    Result ? You finish with a her blushing and i think for a ending where you are her lover is not that bad. XD

    • Anonymous permalink

      Just wait until you get to the Monster Lord’s Castle at the last 33% of the game.

    • yabusa permalink

      not only you dude… xDD

    • Anonymous permalink

      The “Times put into a Monster’s Nursery” is from taking Alra Parasol’s Seedbed Embrace. There may be more who can do it but that’s the only one I noticed.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Drained to level 1 is obviously being drained to level 1. Let Lencubus or any other monster with a level drain drain you.

        • ShiroiRyu permalink

          I knew it about the Drained. I have it. :)
          I speak about the ???? after this one.
          For the Times put into a Monster’s Nursery, thanks a lot.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I think ??? contains spoilers like betray Illias or defeat Alice, something like that o_O

  93. Xxis permalink

    I’ll wait for 100% patch>_<

  94. Xxis permalink

    And anyway,Thank you very much roger!

  95. Alice permalink

    Rogue you are working very hard and fast and i will thank you for this, i love this game and can´t wait for the End of part 2 rawr :x

    Oh and a Question to you all, has someone found a Game like mgq (good Story, fights with female monster and rape?) or is this the only Game? I need more Games like this !!!

    I hope someone understands my question right xD

    • Rein permalink

      Hmm… if you are asking about the english-translated ones, I think this is the only game…
      If you’re asking about a game featuring monster girls, I know one : Princess X ~Boku no Iinazuke wa Monsterkko!?~

      VNDB :

    • Aaron permalink

      theres a MGQ3 coming out or is already out but untranslated atm since this is still in the works. Great work btw Rogue

  96. Rein permalink

    Why “Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.” appeared when i post my last comment? Does somebody know why? = =a

  97. Anonymous permalink

    How can i change default font? It`s so hard to read,can`t see a thing.

  98. Anonymous permalink

    just stumbled onto mgq like a week ago and just finished 1 and the 66% patch for 2 Thanks so much

  99. Anon E Mouse. permalink

    Its been so long since the last update.

    Maybe he died. :<

  100. Hey, i got a bug on my called, all of my text appear like this ” M O n S T Er Q U E s T”, and really small… how do i fix it ?

    • Anonymous permalink

      – Use AppLocale to open game file
      – Set language to Japanese
      – Now text are readable ^ ^

  101. I seriously love your blog.. Great colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself?
    Please reply back as I’m trying to create my own personal site and would like to
    find out where you got this from or what the thee is called.

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