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February 29, 2012

First off, two new translated games that may interest some of you:

1. The Violated Hero game I mentioned before. You can locate the patch on Dargoth’s hongfire page here. Make sure to check the more recent pages in case he updated the patch with a new link.

2. Kamidori Alchemy Meister by Aroduc. It’s more of an actual game than a VN, but it has a couple monster girls in it. It’s a pretty highly rated game… Though I haven’t played it myself yet. The patch is on Aroduc’s page, located here if you’re interested.


As for MGQ 2’s line status:

City     – 5175/5175            – 100%
Story    – 16719/19600        – 85.3%
Battle    – 62312/83000        – 75%
Ency    – 1012/1450         – 69.8%
Total     – 85218/109225        – 78%

I may have to go on another business trip in the coming days, but it hasn’t been decided yet. So it might slow down things again.

  1. james123 permalink

    please try to finish it before april ;(
    i wanna it for the march’s breaks =/

    • Anonymous permalink

      He probably will, but I don’t mind if I have to wait a little bit longer. Usually, games with as much text as Monster Girl Quest take much longer to translate than 4 or 5 months. Thanks for the Update by the ways.

      • Anonymous permalink

        “Damm perverts” xD

        • Anon permalink

          we’re all perverts on the inside, some just more than others

          • Anonymous permalink

            Too damn honest

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            Have you read Highschool DxD light novel series on Baka-tsuki?

  2. I played the VH game before the patch and it was fine. Tried it after the patch and was a lot more satisfied. It is surprising what a difference a little text makes.

  3. Dear Guest permalink

    HAPPY LEAP YEAR … Day … !!
    Downloading Kamidori Alchemy Meister right know – only 4hrs left and after Katawa Shoujo propably another great game I would have completely missed were it not for you mentioning it.
    Thanks and (maybe?) have a nice trip!

  4. John permalink

    Nice to see the work’s going smoothly. Godspeed.

  5. I’m addicted playing Kamidori now >_<
    Like Rogue said "It’s a pretty highly rated game"
    really.. check this as the example:

    btw, this slime voice really similar with Kaede from Shuffle,,
    I wonder if the VA really same XD

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue is so cool, wish I could be as cool as he is one day.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue please keep up the good work.

  8. Febo permalink

    Thanks for the u

  9. Febo permalink

    ‘update stupid iPod touchscreen.

  10. Crim permalink

    Damn, that Kamidori game is awesome. I can’t stop playing it! ^^

  11. Anon permalink

    Where I can link to download Kamidori Alchemy Meister ?
    Goggled but there only discussions about the game and translation D:
    what the weight of the game? 4.5 gb?
    2 new monster girls game to kill some time while waiting for the MCQ final patch? Not bad, not bad xD

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the u.

  13. Some dumbass permalink

    Am I the only one who cant figure out how to apply this patch, ive done both of the things the readme says and I cant for the fucking life of me get this to work.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for your hardwork

    So the part 2 still not really end right?

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Right, part 3 will supposedly be released this year, summer-ish.

      • Anonymous permalink

        That’s what I heard too, but I doubt it. Then again, ToroToro probably worked on Part 3 during the Part 2 delay, so it’s possible.

        • Dear Guest permalink

          Well, the big blue ball will keep spinning and it will be done when it’s done.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I don’t mean to crush anyone’s spirit or anything, but I’m quite sure that torotoro said, immediately after part 2 came out (like the next day or 2), that it will be a year until the third part. So don’t hold your breath for it, like I did for part 2, or you will be disappointed every single month after summer (like I was) :(

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for your hard work, thats alot of % in a few days.

    Cant wait for my next fix of Hora Horaa

  16. anon permalink

    hey rogue, how long will last this trip? do you already know?

  17. Anonymous permalink

    god damn i cant wait

  18. So far

    Rogue (name 4 times)


  19. Anonymous permalink

    Hora hora. Horarara. Hora hora hora HORA hora. Hora.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    my encyclopedia is weird, it doesn’t show anything from act one and wipes itself after i close the game. any ideas why?

    • Monti permalink

      When I first played the game it did that to me too, I pinned the game to the taskbar and it fixed itself.

  21. Herp permalink

    Can some1 re-post the link to aroduc’s page….it always redirect me to some shadow site.


  22. Anonymous permalink

    You sir are a greek god of translation. Cheers to you.

  23. Anonymous permalink

    When i try install Kamidora a setup box just appears and alot of japanese kanjis and some english letters making the word “msi” is there, and then the application closes :(

    Dont really know how to go from there.

  24. I like slime girls permalink

    It’s a shame that kamidori’s translation isn’t even half as good as yours. There are several mistranslated lines, as well as lines translated as the direct OPPOSITE of what they should be. It’s still not too bad, and it’s a fun game.

    Also sorry rogue, I couldn’t wait so I continued after the patch using Agatha to help with any doubts. Must say I hadn’t realized MGQ used such a weird japanese, I found some words I don’t know quite often. Gratz to you if you’re actually able to read it with no external help.

    • Dargoth permalink

      In defense of the guy who translated Kamidori, apparently the script was a huge mess, and it was very difficult for him to tell which lines followed one another. His translation postmortem is an interesting read, or it was for me at least.

      • Yeah, from his post it seemed like all of the strings were spread out across multiple files, even for the same scene. In a language like Japanese where the subject of the sentence can be ambiguous/omitted, that’s a death sentence for coherence.

        • Dear Guest permalink

          Talking about coherence, be create to use several/many safe files, the game makes you reload after defeat :(

          • Dear Guest permalink

            …”be create”!? WTF happened to that sentence…

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            Japanese is the worst language for love confessions, especially if the confessor closes their eyes for some unknown reason, and someone walks in the middle.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all the work, and happy leap year day thing…

  26. Anon permalink

    So, where do I go to download “Violated Hero”?

    • Anonymous permalink

      google is over there ->

      • Anonymous permalink

        No luck.

        • Anonymous permalink

          try searching for the game with the japanese title

        • searched violated hero and it was the first link, you sir suck at the google.

          • Saika permalink

            Ohohohoho. Ohohoho. You, sir are completely unaware that google has infected your PC with their virus now. Beware of Judgement Day, google is one of the uhh.. the goats, I think that will bing disaster to the world. (Someone please correct me whether it’s a goat that appears or not)

          • If your talking about the change to there privacy policy then you sir are very bad at the doomsday troll. The change will allow google to share personal information that google has gathered from you to other google services which technically are considered separate business rather than one business, IE information about your searches while logged in to google with help adverts tailor adds to you in other services such as youtube and gmail. That’s the extent of the changes and even with that google allows you to turn off such features from the settings tab. So I’d worry less about google and more about ACTA and COICA.

            Whenever I see a troll, I bring the Fire and Acid.

          • Saika permalink

            @Lowlight: Dude, calm your pants! I was just kidding. You know those paranoid fellows saying conspiracies about google? I just see lots of stuff about it that made me want to imitate them. Sorry for trying and failing at it. I know… I fail as a comedian T_T.

            If you need an ice cream to cool off, you can always go to the convenience store :D

          • Anonymous permalink

            Fuck, I’m such a nice guy. I’m also sexy but then why… WHY??? The world ain’t a pal. World ain’t a pal. I’m still happy though :D

  27. LV5 permalink

    Thanks for the diligent work and sticking in there so well. I’ll remain waiting patiently for not only Monster Girl Quest, but any of your future works.

  28. Anonymous permalink


    Thank you so much for doing this. Are you getting paid in any way or just doing it to be nice?

  29. Macute permalink

    Thanks Rogue for your awsome work.

    Now I have a question: If I download your 66% patch I need to download the patches from Torotoros site to get the new stuff, like the Alices H-scenes, the new skill (Edging) and etc?

    PS: I think that my game is the first version since i downloaded when they released it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      no you don’t need to download anything else than the actual game and rogue patch. every new patch is already build in on rogue’s one.

  30. fan454 permalink

    Thank you for your work man. I just finished the first one and it has to be the best games i’v ever played. Everything from the humor to the story was so well done it was like I was actually in the characters place. I hope your Translation is as good as the first game. (one of the best I’v ever seen.)

    anyway good luck in your endeavor I’ll check back later when this is finished. Feel free to take your time, this is a legendary game after all.

  31. Anonymous permalink



  32. ShiroiRyu permalink

    ARGL !
    I hope the business trip will be after the end of this patch ! :)
    For VH, as you can see in HF, i have already finished it.
    I will try Kamidori. ^^

  33. rinsako permalink

    Hey Rogue,

    Love the work your doing.

    I had a pretty important request. Although I deal primarily in doujin scans and reposting hgames, (, I have always been a big fan of eroquis. Currently, there is a translation project for one of Eroquis greatest works (Dirty Prison Ship:

    They are running into issues on how to pull the game script out. Could you lend some assistance there? The team has a large number of translators raring to go, and they could use the help. If you want I can upload the game to mediafire, in case you can’t find it/don’t have it.

    Anywho… thanks for all the work.

    • Honestly, all I’ve been using are other people’s tools that have already been made to pull out scripts. Do you know what engine the game runs on?

      • rinsako permalink

        I have no idea… it seems to run on a proprietary engine.

        Is there any particular way of telling what engine it’s using?

        It’s just a .exe and a series of .dat, .ext and .001, .002 files.

  34. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone can help a newbie with opening the Violated Hero game ? I applied the patch but I can’t figure out how to start it, there is no exe file or anything like that. Is my version not complete or is there some other (probably obvious for everyone here) way to start it ?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Launch it using Applocale?

    • Launch it with Applocale?

    • Dargoth permalink

      If you don’t have an .exe, you definitely downloaded or extracted something wrong. The data.xp3 won’t even decrypt properly without the game .exe either.

      • It was indeed some weird version without the exe file, I got proper one now, thanks for your reply and your work translating it.

  35. AnonS permalink

    I used to have that Violated Hero game, but I didn’t think much of it. It’s short and a typical dungeon crawler. I guess there’s story to it but since I never thought it would get translated I just erased it.

    Now I don’t know if I even feel like re-downloading it. MGQ2 has a pretty good story so that’s the real reason to play it, something like VH you can probably just look at the CG screens, which I saw all of anyway I think.

    • Dargoth permalink

      No, it doesn’t really have a story to it. I only translated the game because it’s short, the Japanese is simple, and it has good monster girl CG and voice acting. It isn’t on the same level as MGQ.

  36. The fapping man permalink

    I don’t fap often, but when do it’s to really weird shit.
    Bitch please
    I fap often and always to progressively weirder things

    • Anonymous#1 permalink

      Hentai Brofist!!!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t always fap to hentai, but when I do, I fap to MGC.

      Stay horny, my friends.

  37. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for the update. great job on the mgq2 rogue. keep going till 100%! :)

  38. AnonS permalink

    Kamidori looks really good.

    I was grieving over the death of the JRPG, but now with Rogue’s site and thanks to other translators it looks like those of us that love the genre can get our fix again.

    I wonder if any of the JRPG devs in Japan for mainstream games will ever stumble upon sites like this and start releasing PC JRPGs consistently. Maybe the console JRPG market is dead, but clearly the PC market is thriving. I would have zero issue with buying these games, hell I’m buying these japanese games after I see that they’re running fine on my computer with the translation patches.

    I’ll be busy the next several months and won’t be able to play anything, when I get back MGQ2 will probably be finished and Rogue keeps linking us to new games nowadays too. I now see this blog as a sort of hub for other games, it’s my one stop JRPG source. Rogue keep it up man, I’m glad I found this site, and you’ll probably never realize how much joy you’re bringing to a lot of different people.

    • Dargoth permalink

      Kamidori feels like an SRPG version of Recettear, which actually did get professionally translated and released on Steam a year or two ago. Considering how much press it got, I have to imagine it did well. We can only hope that leads to more games like these getting real releases, although I wouldn’t hold out much hope for pure hentai games like MGQ.

  39. theshaded permalink

    epic getting those 2 i mean what the hell i got the money to spare why not use it on something ai’ll enjoy

  40. theshaded permalink

    why can i see somewhere in the future there might be a monster girl quest anime? not that it would be a bad thing…..

    • Anonymous permalink

      I know, right? The story itself would make a pretty good one, but just imagine the H content. Holy shit.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Little tricky if the hero keeps dying all the time too :D

  41. Saika permalink

    It’s kinda interesting, isn’t it? a businessman (I guess -_-) translating a game called Monster Girl Quest. I suppose each of us has his own dark secrets eh? even after we get a job we can still be full-pledged otakus, huh. Sorry Rogue, ignore this post. Just looking back on some things. Not complaining as I’m just leeching stuff.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    I’m sure his business trips involve foreign hookers and mountains of cocaine.

  43. Unfortunate Mermaid permalink

    Can’t wait till the last section, not being able to read what exactly is happening during rape/ story line seems awkward, the work you do is top notch and hugely appreciated all around. Don’t feel you have to rush though, work is work after all.

  44. Sei permalink

    Kamidori is a game for people who like solo grinding. It does it well, but it should not be played for the non-existent story or the bland characters. It’ll just be a pain in the arse.

  45. Anonymous permalink

    22% to go woot GJ

  46. ShiroiRyu permalink

    The dark secret of our hero translator it’s he have a job ?
    A wife ?
    Some childrens ? XD

  47. Down with Illias permalink

    Hey Rogue,

    Any chance will there be new CG images by the time the 100% patch comes out?

  48. Mirroga permalink

    I have one question. Which patch of Kamidori Alchemy Meister is better? he one is Aroduc’s page or the one in CraneAnime site? Also goddamit, I might try Direct Downloading since for some reason the torrent I found is slow even though it has nice health and I got some good internet speed.

  49. Mirroga permalink

    I would also like to know more games like this which are translated with awesome gameplay present in MGQ and Kamidori. Violated Hero has an awesome CG set, but disappointing gameplay and story.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I strongly recommend Castle Fantasia 2 Renewal if you want awesome gameplay. It’s basically Final Fantasy Tactics with sex. Except that unlike FFT, CF2 will annihilate you if you don’t carefully position your troops when fighting.

  50. Anon permalink

    omg the H-scenes in Violated Hero is just godlike ;)
    such a hot CGs, and fully voiced xD
    but sadly it has no story at all and a primitive grind gameplay where you can reach the max level in 10 min D:
    Kamidori game is worth downloading? it large as hell for JRPG D:
    I don’t think I can be satisfied only with gameplay, I need at least decent story
    p.s. save before going to the Dragona or you lose all your stats, they don’t give you option to start with gained stats after losing/beating her, so you need to grind again D:
    p.s.s. What is Sora and what the difference between Sora and Hora?%)

    • Dargoth permalink

      I don’t think there’s a difference between sora and hora. Sora MIGHT be an alternate/shortened form of それ or それは, but as used in the game, it’s just an interjection with no firm meaning. I left almost all of the horas and soras alone since that seems to be the convention in translating eroge.

      (Sora is also the word for sky, but it definitely wasn’t being used to mean that.)

      • I always thought of “Sora” as a more forceful, violent “Hora”. In use, “hora” can be something friendly (Hey, look) or something taunting. Sora almost always comes across as someone doing something forceful, almost like a grunt… But who knows really.

        • Random Troll permalink

          I’ve seen Sora being used almost like a Kiai at times. Most male characters do similar things but say “Ora” instead.

  51. I like slime girls permalink

    So, I’ve been playing past the last patch…
    Is it just me, or is the last part of the patch the best part of the game? Maybe it’s just a side effect from playing it in jap, but I’m really enjoying this last part.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Argh. My brain is fried from trying to download Kamidori. Can anyone give me step by step instructions or something? There are 26 part files, and 4 patches to apply BEFORE the english patch. I don’t know what to do I feel freaking stumped. Sorry for the trouble if anyone is willing to help but I am stumped.

    • Dargoth permalink

      I believe there are only 3 patches. If there’s a 4th one, my game worked without it…

      1. Install Kamidori
      2. Copy patches to Kamidori directory
      3. Install kami_ap01.exe
      4. Install kami_ap02.exe
      5. Install kami_200.exe
      6. Install English patch.

      • ShiroiRyu permalink

        And despite that, have to use japanese region local to play it. :'(
        I hope seiha will do something so i can return in french local.

      • AnonS permalink

        I wasn’t sure how to install it in the first place, since it’s going to be in Japanese for the install. I think you need to switch to Japanese locale and then press the correct buttons to install with. I didn’t really feel like dealing with it, personally I think it’s pathetic that Win7 can’t do all regions at once.

        • I like slime girls permalink

          I believe that actually imposible, anons. Not like it really makes a difference.
          And shiroiryu, I think that is not possible either. Though I might be wrong. I seem to remember some group having done that, or maybe I’m just creating the false memory in my head..

  53. Anonymous permalink

    awesome mate! can’t wait to see it reach 100% translated! ur freaking awesome!

  54. Anon permalink

    Developers want to make some kind of DLC to Violated Hero?o_O
    It has 10 pages of saves but even if you save before every girl it will be only half of first page D:
    Also extra stopped on the most interesting moment (damn cliffhanger!)

  55. Anonymous permalink

    can i ask how do you cheat kamidori?
    i cant with cheat engine

  56. Someone permalink

    violated hero isn’t bad, but its short, and all the end look like a bad end for the hero… And even if you are super giga strong you can not win against dragona, that make me upset.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Actually you CAN win against Dragona but you have to beat both the Witch and the Theif on the first floor in order to do so.

      • Anon permalink

        I think he means that even if you beat Dragona you will get raped anyway D: (and in the worse way than if you lose to her)

        • Someone permalink

          win alone, masturbated to death …
          win with relia, become relia sex slave …….
          loose, become dragonia and all monster girl sex slave ……………………….
          where I can win and marry and have child and a normale life, why I have to become sex slave or dying ? And the extra …. poor seed you should get out of this donjon.

          • Anon permalink

            Pick the angel’s end it’s the most “happy” end (hero didn’t got eaten, nor raped to death, just stuck with the angel in heaven (in both means)) xD

  57. Sajuuk permalink

    Dargoth did a good job translating the game violated hero the game is short but the art is good. so thanks for translating it, if u have your own site would wish to know.. also hope u will go on and translate more games.
    about kamidori looks nice just got it myself its 3 patches u need to install then english patch game shoud run fine then also i have not heard of a 4th patch…

    and good job rogue translator whit the fast progress of translating monster girl quest 2. its a great game to play cant wait for the final patch one question dus anyone know if there is going to be a part 3 of this game ????

  58. derp permalink

    Kamidori Alchemy Meister (Don’t use AppLocale as it is shitty and fucks up the install)
    1. Download game ~4.5GB
    2. Search for Kamidori_Appends discs (basically fixes for the game that are needed for the trans patch to work as metnioned in the readme):
    Download them
    3. Go to start > settings > control panel > regional and language options > advanced tab
    4. Set the “Language for non-Unicode programs” part to Japanese
    5. Restart PC as it asks (check afterwards to see that the Japanese language has been set from that list).
    6. Go install the game
    7. Use the force
    8. Proceed to install kami_ap1 THEN kami_ap2 THEN kami_200 (patch 2.00) at the end.
    9. Get the translation patch in the folder where the game is installed and run
    10. Run game

    • AnonS permalink

      I figured as much. The main thing is the regional options, sometimes you need to put in your OS disc for each change and it can be extremely annoying. At least that’s how I remember it on XP when I used to play several japanese games and had to change the region since applocale didn’t always work.

      Applocale usually doesn’t work for file installs but I think a lot of the times it can work after that. For the region change afterwards I think usually you can just run it regularly, just the install is a pain.

      Right now I’m a bit busy and won’t be able to play anything for months anyway. Actually from tomorrow on I probably won’t be able to check this site since my internet, when I can get to it, will be monitored most likely. in 3+ months when I can go back to my own place I am really looking forward to finishing MGQ2 and then playing Kalimdori as well.

      • derp permalink

        Pirate OS and burn it on DVD as bootable ISO (well, this is pretty much the norm otherwise you can’t install OS’s),
        and when it asks for CD or whatever, just put the disc in, the system only asks for one specific file (if i remember correctly).
        You can also download that file on the net, search via google.
        In any case, once it is “unpacked”/installed, click on Japanese and proceed with a yes which restarts the system and sets that option.
        No need for changing anything else nor fiddling with keyboard and setting up shit, just the non-Unicode programs part.

        Vaygr was here, Hiigarans are faggots.

  59. Anonymous permalink

    New monster on torotoro page.

    • Down with Illias permalink

      New artist? Awesome.

      I like the work of MGQ2’s new artist, but the lack of CG quality makes it feel like a rip. I mean one of the Cerberus’s rape scenes has NO CG AT ALL!

      • Someone permalink

        that sad for ant girl, queen ant and bee and queen bee…

    • yabusa permalink

      I would like to be in that place… lol

  60. Anonymous permalink

    I like to know ONE thing… How in the hell is Kamidori Alchemy Meister a hentai game?! And don’t tell me it’s not cause this game was found in a bunch of porn hentai sites. Plus it’s on this site too.
    So whats so mature about this damn game! I’m surprised no one brought this up..

    • I like slime girls permalink

      I don’t know, maybe the sex scenes?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thats what i’m saying. If this game actually has a sex scenes. All the pictures they send you is clean, And there is no mention of sex when they describe the game.

        • It falls in with other games like fate stay night and tsukehime. Both h-games but with many many many many hours of non h-game material.

          • Jos permalink

            I think that’s because “mainstream western” games do not combine sex, fetishes etc in a normal game because they are taboo. So it is quite unusual for us non-Jap people to actually have a game that’s a combination of both. Think the best to compare it would be Oblivion/Fallout with +18 Mods.

  61. Anonymous permalink

    I am the Anon who had trouble earlier. Thanks Dargoth and Sajuuk. It helped. By the way, some levels in the beginning the control for the territory was only at 95% though according to the map I got every area covered? Anyone know why this is or what?

    • Dargoth permalink

      Secret doors. Also, you’ll have to revisit some of the early areas once you have party members that can swim/fly in order to get 100%.

  62. Incubusknight permalink

    Along with the new pictures on Torotoro’s webpage it also looks like a new patch was released. Wonder if we’ll be seeing any new scenes/art work for the 2nd game.

    • Incubusknight permalink

      hmm nvm looks like the only update was the new pictures. Oh well.

  63. Iron Man permalink


    100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. snooze permalink

    So i’m playing Kamidori and there are items like a potion or things that remove conditions but i can’t figure out how to use them in combat, anyone know what i’m doing wrong?

    • Dargoth permalink

      Open the party menu, select the party member, click the item. There’s apparently no restriction on item use so you can heal to full, attack, then heal to full again. It feels like cheating, especially since recovery items aren’t exactly hard to come by.

  65. your friendly neighborhood derp permalink

    hahahahah the new monster reminds me of the pcure girls……infact i think it’s the same artist…..

  66. Anonymous permalink

    Do you think we can get a patch before you leave?
    80% or something

    • Nope, no patch until 100%. What I have now would take at least 2 days to edit and complete the encyclopedia before it was ready, which wouldn’t be enough time.

  67. jon permalink

    take your time man…… you are the best thx man for hard work

  68. Sajuuk permalink

    what jon said take your time shoud not overwork yourself.
    i rather have a good patch witch takes a little more time then a fast patch full of bugs..
    u truly are the best, i dont know how many times i have said thet but a lot anyway,
    thanks rogue,

  69. Anonymous permalink

    Why developers use the same character- Shota boy with purple hair?o_O
    It would be fun to see some big, muscle guy raped by a tiny fairy ;D
    or game where we control guy with huge dick who defeat monster girl by brutal rape %)

    • The first might be interesting, the second is called Rance. And Rances weapon of choice? Of course his HYPER TOOL

      • Anonymous permalink

        “‘Angel Halo’? What the hell is this bullshit? The only weapon I need is my HYPER WEAPON BLACK ROCK SHOOTER.”

        And then the dickings began. Breasts everywhere began to pop out of their clothes, every tentacles within the continent writhed in pleasure, and every women and monster girls within the 100 mile radius became pregnant with sheer saturation of testosterone in the air, god bless this world.

        -Best End-

        • Anonymous permalink

          “Guy with huge dick who defeats women through dickings” also describes Bastard!!’s main character, Dark Schneider, to a T.

          Bonus point for Dark Schneider’s alternate form being a cute shotaro boy. Of course, it’s more complicated than that…

          That said, am I the only one who gets Disgaea vibes from the setup of MGQ’s world? For all intents and purposes, Ilias has the role of the local Overlord – and as Vulcanus proved in the first Disgaea, just because you are an angel doesn’t mean you are a GOOD person.

          …Of course, I then imagine what’d happen if MGQ’s Chroma and Disgaea’s Aramis met, and shudder in horror. Frederika was bad enough, imagine Aramis adding his own unique touch to her in the form of a Horse Weiner… >_>

          And the worst part is that Chroma and Aramis are pretty much made for each other. Hell, Chroma is pretty much a female Aramis.

  70. Anonymous permalink


  71. Aaron permalink

    what I want to know is how the hell am I suppose to install the VH game its hard as hell to understand no clear specific instructions everything is abstract do this go to this website and do such and such a thing. Then do what you can with what u just downloaded.


    Makes u wounder why the hell didn’t I just torrented it the reason being is that I want to do this legit before I torrent as this might give funds to the people who are risking everything now to even post this content.

    But seriously why is it hard to understand I just download the game get the patch and boom its done except I need to download some accessory products in order to play it. Which I might add make no sense whatsoever.

    The only reason why am even bothering is because I had read some very good reviews of it so I thought if giving it a try and right now am getting tired of trying. So if anyone can bring the steps down to a dumbass like me level I will be happy.

    and I do mean dumb it down like step to step level thanks


    and this is the end of my rant

    • Aaron permalink

      just to let u know I did follow what the wikipedia said for VH still made no sense

    • Anonymous permalink

      Dear sir,

      In terms of “ease to run” Violated Hero rates high. Your difficulty, I presume, has its origin in your own incompetence. Perhaps you should “lrn2internet” or maybe even “lrn2notbitchabouteasilysolvedproblems”.


      The People Who Find Your Inability Amusing and Your Outrage Ridiculous

      • Dargoth permalink

        I imagine he’s talking about Violated Heroine, which if you’ve never played an RPG Maker game before, can be daunting to install and patch.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I bought in on dlsite and didn’t have to install anything, it’s just the game folder, ready to play. So either you downloaded some weird altered copy or you patched it the wrong way. You just have to unpack the patch archive into said game folder and click on the .bat file, that’s it. Hope it works out for you.

    • Baka permalink

      Sorry that you’re inconvenienced while pirating a game! You should ask the uploader for a refund, man.

  72. Someone permalink

    people write to much text, it’s hard to read…
    I want to read suzumiya haruhi in french…
    I want to play FPS without steam…
    I want to have a good conexion and dowload faster …
    I want to play more h game with monster girl, but I know only two game with them…

    • Who plays an fps with out steam? I mean i guess you could play on origin but, why make yourself suffer.

  73. derp permalink

    Damnit, regarding Rance i haven’t been informing myself for a year now. I wonder how many earlier Rance games were translated and how many upgraded Re-releases.
    I want to read though all of Rance lore appropriately.
    I know they are being worked at.

    • As far as I know only rance 1 and 2 and Sengoku rance are done.

      • Anonymous permalink

        If i remember right, Rogue wrote that Sengoku Rance is one of his favorite hgame. Maybe after translating MGQ he could translate some of older rance games, for example Kichikuou?

  74. Sajuuk permalink

    Aaron witch VH game did u get violate hero ore violate heroine both games have tricky installations,
    for violate hero u need to first set your computer to japanese then install the game, then put enlish patch folder in game and install if it dus not run u micht not have all the japanese programs needed to play it u can look it op they are the same for the game violate heroine intall instructions of thet game can be found on the page where rogue put his tread for voilate heroine

  75. Anonymous permalink

    I’m copy & pasting this over here from the MGQ2 66% Partial Patch to see if anyone knows how to deal with this issue I’ve got.

    I got to the port on the first continent and when I get to the screen where can select who to talk to before I go to the cave to get the bell I can’t talk to anyone. I can select their names but clicking on them does nothing. Any ideas on what’s up?

    I can’t wait to play the game but until I know what do to to fix this I can’t continue on. :(

    • Redownload the patch and try again. I’m pretty sure I fixed that issue a while ago.

    • Different Anonymous permalink

      Are you trying to load from a save file you made from MGQ 1? Because when I did that, that’s the bug I get too sometimes. It’s best just to start over in MGQ 2 and CTRL your way through the game until you reach that point again. It should work.

  76. Anonymous permalink

    Great work! Take as many buisness trips as you like.
    Us perverts can wait a little bit longer.

  77. bookies permalink

    Where do I download the Violated Hero game? I know there was a comment asking exactly this, and the answer was google it, and the first link is the one, but I can’t seem to download from there. Are there any other sources?

    • ZockZockt permalink

      Same Problem here, I can´t find any source for downloading the correct game.
      And I really don´t want to download wrong files from 10 different pages.
      And about the first link: If I want to download there, I have to get a member of this page, wich costs money….. the problem is I´m not able to buy something on the internet… if I could, I would buy all the originals to support the games.
      And I can´t make my computer run asian languages, because I don´t have the CD anymore.
      (And When I google it, all people say, you just need the CD, there is no other way…)
      I am at the Computer very often, and not able to find the correct download files of many games, and I´m not dumb that´s something I know from school and work ( I don´t say this to act up)
      So please respect that not everyone has luck / knows how to search on the internet.

      Really fast progress rogue, you really have my respect, I love the game and the translation very much!!
      The other two games look very interesting…. really pissing me off I can´t play them -_-
      Tanks for translating the games, I really really really think highly of you (tranlators)… go on, never loose the spirit ;)
      At last: sorry, my english is not the best, so something might sound funny…. can´t wair for the 100% patch =DDD

      • Bookies permalink

        Hey, somehow I found the Violated Hero download…. I haven’t tested it out yet, so I don’t know if it works, but I found it here:

        • ZockZockt permalink

          Thank you very much!!! Seems like it would work if I could install the east asian language pack on my computer.
          I hope to find a solution soon. So thanks again Bookies, really nice, sir :))

  78. Anonymous permalink

    What’s with all the redditfags here?

  79. Anonymous permalink

    great great. take your time and don’t rush. :)

  80. Anonymous permalink

    Kind of scary, the amount of comments this has in the amount of only 4 days. ._.

  81. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know where you can download all the CG’s from Kamidori Alchemy Meister?

  82. Anonymous permalink

    Just a question. Have any of you out there gotten kamidori alchemy meister to work? I’ve downloaded all 26 parts of it, but when I extracted everything, I saw no EXE file anywhere, and I have yet to encounter a game without one. Info on how to get this game up and running would be greaty appreciated.

    • Anonymous permalink

      maybe Daemon Tools can help.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Daemon tools ya say? … huh… this is gonna be a long trip, isn’t it. I mean leaarning how to work winRAR was easy… but I dunno how easy this’ll be. I hope you don’t mind helping a guy out in learning the basics of these Daemon tools… cause anything that doesn’t run with an EXE program is completely out of my league right now.

        • Dear Guest permalink

          Are you being sarcastic?
          I’ll assume not and try to help: Daemon Tools is a free program that lets you create a virtual DVD Drive. Install it, right-click on its icon at the bottom right (if you don’t see it, you will have to open the program first) and click mount image. The uncompressed file that you downloaded should be an .iso file or something light that. Afterwards it will as if you had just inserted a DVD and can install the game. The three patches you will have to install in order to install the translation patch are DVD/CD images as well.
          There are also two other things you might want to consider:
          1. In order to install/play the game you need either Japanese Unicode enabled or Applocale – google it, there are good tutorials out there on how to do that.
          2. There seems to be an issue with the English patch and Antivirus software – best deactivate it temporarily and then activate it again after installing.

          Good luck!

          • Anonymous permalink

            Thanks for the help man. Daemon tools isn’t so tough once you get the hang of it. Now I just have to find those patches… any Idea where would they be? I looked somewhere, but I only got .001 and .002 files… and those files aren’t listed under things that work with daemon tools.

          • Dear Guest permalink

            .001 / .002 etc. are split archives that you should be able to open with winrar or any other unpacking tool. The file type usually is given before the number, e.g. patch.rar.001 or penis.7z.002. Open the .001 one and be sure to have all of them in the same folder. I posted the game on and explained how to install and patch it, look it up if you’re stuck.

  83. Hiewie permalink

    Rogue I’m sorry to bother you with such insignificant question but do you mind telling me why was the succubus heavenly knight called ‘Arumaeruma’ in part 1 and now is ‘Alma Elma’ ?

    • Anonymous permalink

      You now realize that you could’ve just read his previous blog posts using the time you took to type out that question.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Japanese doesn’t use “L” and often finds a way around that fact. In the original for example “Goblin” was “Goburin”. Try to read Alma Elma in “Engrish” and you will get it.

  84. Anonymous permalink

    With the speed of your translation work, I don’t even mind if you go on a hundred business trips.

    We can all wait.

  85. Anonymous permalink

    Some one out there will talk business with Rogue. But that person will never know the he is talking to one of the greatest person out there. Such is life.

  86. Sajuuk permalink

    the game Kamidori Alchemy Meister is a fun game to play and its also nice its not a full scale porn game.
    but there is one thing i dont onderstand in the game i barly make any sales in my workshop, its realy anoying thet i am running low on money ingame.
    so if anyone has any tips ore knows a money cheat plz do tell….

    and if any of u know any simaler good games like mgq and shrink high and Kamidori Alchemy Meister, plz tell thet too, like to try out all sorts of games, but i only play english translated games..

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Sales are influenced by your furniture and clerks. Some furniture like the weapon stands give +2/3/… to “sales”, others a bonus to “prices” and so on. Check it out in the furniture tab of “Alchemy”, where you can create new stuff.
      Also you can set each Party Member to either “Explore” or “Manage Store” at the “Party” Tab when in the Alchemy Store. Keep a look on the “serv” (or is it “sev”/”ser”?). If you don’t leave a party member to keep a look on the store, there will be a guild clerk (the green woman you can’t interact with). They suck.

    • anonymous permalink

      Hhhmmm… there is a really old game named Brave Soul it’s cool not very similar to Kamidori Alchemy but very fun to play like i said it’s really old i don’t think you will find it whit many seed but good luck… here is the front cover of the game (sorry for my bad eng.)

      • Really, If they like games like this I would recommend games like Tears To Tiara over Brave Soul.

        • Wrandral permalink

          it’s true tears to tiara is awesome but i wouldn’t say it’s better than brave soul … they’re 2 great games and very fun to play (the new game+ system of brave soul is awesome)

  87. Anonymous permalink

    I’m getting errors, when trying to install patches all the time… Could anyone of you upload fully patched game, please?

  88. Anonymous permalink

    I just had a little idea.

    I’m pretty sure “hora hora” could mean “now now” as in “cum for me right now” as “ahora” in Spanish means “now”

    It’s unlikely, but at least makes a lot of sense and definitely works on me…

  89. Sajuuk permalink

    hora hora i think it means hey hey ore look look,
    something like that anyway am not realy sure but i dont think it means now now,

    • Dear Guest permalink

      That’s what I figured, too. “My, will you look at that!” or something like that, though it’s probably wrong to use it out of context and you will probably only get it with lots of knowledge of Japanese culture etc. Someone should ask a native speaker, as this is starting to become a mysterium, I get the feeling…

      • Anonymous permalink

        I think it has different meanings in different contexts. I think it’s easier just to use a natural English phrase based on the current situation. The way you put it sounds like the way a native English speaker would put it, as opposed to someone trying to preserve the original language’s meaning. To me, at least, it sounds better your way. Just my opinion, though.

  90. Anonymous permalink

    I believe one of the possible meanings for ‘Hora’ is ‘Come on’, both in an encouraging and mocking fashion. And it does make sense in the context that Alice and the others use ‘Hora’ in…

  91. Anonymous permalink

    You, sir, are awesome. I do wish you to finish this ordeal you’ve taken, although speed is the enemy of perfection. May the goddesses of onanism bestow thee with great joy.

  92. Anonymous permalink

    Are there any good English stories for the spin off section besides on Gnome’s Laboratory and the ones Rogue already translated long ago?

  93. Mirroga permalink

    I am one of those that downloaded the Kamidori’s 23 rar files in Mediafire. Problem is there’s always a problem in extracting. First of all, I already fixed all the numbering. But since all files are typed as 001, etc. it doesn’t even consider them as RAR files unless I forcefully make the programs run in winRAR. Secondly, if the files are deemed corrupt, it’s not even easy to repair them since I can’t open part 2 for example in winRAR because it doesn’t register as a RAR file and thus I cannot repair it.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      If you open part 001, winrar should automatically put all parts together and successfully extract the file. However you will either have Japanese Regional Settings (Japanese Unicode) enabled or start Winrar with Applocale and then open the .rar file. Otherwise the file names will be screwed up.
      ALSO: As far as I know there are 26(!) files in the mediafire release. I you’re missing three, no wonder you’re stuck…

    • I like slime girls permalink

      I’m not even sure if winrar can open .001, .002, etc file typesDOuble click and let it search for a program in internet. I can’t remember the name, HJSplit File or something probably.
      What I don’t get is why people don’t use torrents. Sigh.

      • Dear Guest permalink

        Winrar can, if it’s of the sample.rar.001 etc. type, not sample.7z.001 or something like that. You can also create split archives yourself using winrar.
        I found using torrents a little problematic, since H-Games usually aren’t that popular in comparison to major video games, like Mass Effect 3 for instance. And even if you get enough seeders and a decent dl speed, there’s no garantuee that you won’t download a split archive that way, too :P

        • I like slime girls permalink

          Not .rar.001, nor 7z.001. Just .001. Like
          kamidori.001, kamidori.002, kamidori.003.
          If it was .rar.001 the winrar would recognize it as a valid file type.

          • Dear Guest permalink

            Ah, now I know what you mean. These files are the shit…

          • fire permalink

            use hjsplit click join browse your 001 file it should do all the work.

          • fire permalink

            usefull tips if you see any file with 001 without the .rar or .7z use hjsplit

  94. annon permalink

    thanks for the kamidori link, I got the game week ago already got 60+ hours in it, I thought senkoku rance was good game but this is outstanding, totally addicting gameplay and the storylines seem to split at chapter 4, giving it hell of lot replayability ( I think there are 9-10 chapters I am at chapter 7 now)

  95. Arzheas permalink

    You should get HJSplit for that .001 .002 Once you install the HJSplit just right click on the .001 file and choose join do it till u got all rar or 7zip files and voila extract it.

  96. Johnase permalink

    Anyone can pls say how to Beat Erubetie I got her on 0 hp but when i try to kill her she always come s back Its after the fight with almunae pls i rly need your help
    i triyed everything

  97. Anonymous permalink


  98. Sajuuk permalink

    any one can help me whit Kamidori Alchemy Meister
    i am looking for magic sand but cant find it
    and also looking for floating stone
    on witch map can i find those items

  99. Johnase permalink

    Anyone can pls say how to Beat Erubetie I got her on 0 hp but when i try to kill her she always come s back Its after the fight with almunae pls i rly need your help
    i triyed everythings

    • I like slime girls permalink

      who or what is almunae?
      There’s no special condition to win in any of the erubetie’s fights (not ont he ones translated, nor the one in the untranslated part of the patch) so I don’t know what you’re talking about. On the first fight you’re not even supposed to be able to win, did you cheat or something?

      • Anonymous permalink

        I think he butchered Alma Elma’s name.

      • yabusa permalink

        getting Erubetie’s HP to 0 means…
        yeah… he did cheat… lol
        you’ll just use Gnome then Guard…
        Guard again… voila…
        you’ll eventually get to fight Undine…

        I wonder if the one you say was your in a dungeon full of slimes… :/

  100. Anonymous permalink

    good luck at work.

  101. Anonymous permalink

    We love you.

  102. Anonymous permalink

    awesome work as usual, you never let me down.

  103. Both these games are getting huge amounts of downloads and tons of play… They got the Rogue bump…. That’s quite impressive. Maybe Rogue should think about giving the “Rogue Bump” to other games or maybe a politician ;)

  104. Anonymous permalink

    Great job Rogue! Hope the 100% patch is done within the next weeks, Keep up the good work

  105. Anonymous permalink

    Could someone help me with an error im getting
    When I click Noah Region the screen goes black and this error window pops up saying:
    NSA アーカイブからファイルBG\bg077.bmpかみつかりません
    009.txt line:19810

    >bg “BG\bg077.bmp”
    Sorry if im posting a problem that’s already been solved elsewhere

    • Anonymous permalink

      werid ive gone through that part with no problems try to redownload the patch

    • I like slime girls permalink

      “Can’ find file BG\bg077.bmp in the NSA archive”
      you’re lacking a background, very obviously.
      As anon said, you’re prob lacking a patch or something. Backup your saves and redownload everything if you’re really desperate and can’t figure it out.

  106. Anony permalink

    wow that Alchemy game is pretty good
    +4gb, deep RPG and awesome story.
    I had a tough time installing it but it was worth it!

  107. Dear Guest permalink

    The patch…. any minute now, right!?
    Just kidding. So, it’s fair to assume Rogue is on his business trip right now?

    • I like slime girls permalink

      Doub’t it, he usually tells us. Also, this part of the patch might come a little slower than others, since it has a fucking LOT of dialog. Although it could just be my imagination since I have a harder time reading jap than eng.

      • I like slime girls permalink

        And by dialog, I mean non-rape dialog. Which I would imagine is sometimes harder to translate than rape since rape is many times just “fufu i’m gonna lick your ass untill you come from your mouth desuwa”

        • Anonymous permalink

          I think I just ruptured something at that last phrase you wrote. XD

        • Anony permalink

          lol I bet Rogue goes like ‘fffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuu I hate this’ every time he translate those rape scenes, as a guy I can’t imagine even typing that stuff xD

          • Nah Rogue’s smoking a cigar (rogue does not endorse smoking) going Fu…Fu…Fu…

  108. Anonymous permalink

    Where do you guys download Monster Girl Quest Part 2?? :o

  109. kana-art permalink

    I have a problem when I play Kimidori. In a few minute, It have a small window and show me “Runtime errors bababaaba………………………” (Sorry, next time I will capture picture.)

    What happen?

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Make sure that you have all 3 add-ons installed IN THE RIGHT ORDER before you use the translation patch.

    • Wrandral permalink

      what’s kimidori? food?

  110. Just a puny traveler permalink

    I know a download source of the full game (monmusu quest 2), and it’s worked!
    If I put the link here it may violate the Copyright law. (Which I may not known of)
    So, try using google and type “monmusu quest 2 craneanime mediafire” and look for it. (Should be the most top one)
    It’s 4-parts and 2 of them have password protect. The password is there, try using “Ctrl+F” engine to search for it.

    …I hope this didn’t broke any of the Copyright law. And sorry for my crappy English.

    I wish you health and success in everything you do, Rouge, our (fake) hero.

    • Lupil permalink

      Lol at the Fake hero. Your english is perfectly fine, at least enough to easily understand what you are trying to say.

      In the light of the Copyright-Laws, ACTA has not been passed yet, so unless you live in japan, they can’t nab you for it themselves, unless you are in japan.

      Ok. Helping people along in a google search Is a more abstract way of giving them the url, the only difference being that it is alot harder to nab you as the one whom put the game up for download. The worst that would happen is something like Aid in commiting the infringement. it’s minor in comparison to actually posting the game.

      I am no law student, and this is just bassed off of what I have read, and heard about. If I’m wrong then correct me. Hope you find this helpful ;P

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thank you :P

  111. Anonymous permalink

    Don’t tell me there is a part 3 !

  112. james123 permalink

    i am just optimism and thing that rogue wanna surprise us :P
    so he left us in a confusion that he might go to business trip and then he disappears :P
    i think he will come around with the full patch in about 10 days :D

  113. ALAKTORN permalink

    You might want to check this for future patches:

  114. raza permalink

    by the way is there a link to downloads somewhere on this site?

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Only to the patches and stuff that wouldn’t be illegal linking to.

  115. Anonymous permalink

    Man I have no idea how to use the CTRL+F engine XD guess ill keep trying.

  116. Can somebody explain to me why every time I download a File(MediaFire). For example the 66% patch it always has a corrupted file(s). I do no know why and I would appreciate any and all information on this matter thank you. Also its most often that the arc files are corrupted.

  117. Anonymous permalink

    dang anyone know when his next update like status might be?

    • Scarlethill permalink

      i was just too post the same thing when i saw yours :) Anyone know if he went on the trip he talked about?

      • Anonymous permalink

        He might just be waiting till he’s finished to update again. If I had to guess though he’s probably done with the story or close to it leaving just battle and encyclopedia to be finished. this is based on 0 research.

  118. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone disappointed how the fights ends once your cock is inside their vaginas? I like that energy sucking succubus fight because of that.

    Like I dunno, I want the fights to be longer and not instant rape time.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      I know exactly what you mean. I also love the combination of “losing slowly”+dirtytalk, hope the next patch brings more of that… (please no spoilers^^)

    • Anonymous permalink

      I agree.

  119. Brad Mason permalink

    Anyone know how to defeat the 3 fly girls when you’re on the ship, literally just after the end of the 66% patch? Please reply, they’re attacks are devastating and I have no idea how to beat them :'(

    • Brad Mason permalink

      NVM, figured it out -.-‘

    • Unfortunate Mermaid permalink

      It’s a toughie, get all your defences going to avoid status and heavy damage, use SP to heal. You only need to take down their HP by a third to get rid of one, the rest of them are easy after that. Took me so long to do though, looking forward to the remaining 33.3% though so I can see what the story and rape malarky is all about.

  120. Anonymous permalink

    I hope Chuck Norris bless your work!!!
    Sorry for my bad englsih U.U

    • yabusa permalink

      Chuck Norris doesn’t get rape by monster girls…
      HE rapes the monster Girls…

      (Chuck Norris joke)

  121. Jnon permalink

    I agree completely with Anonymous.

  122. Anonymous permalink

    New patch is out on toro toro site. Yet to check but prolly there are more cg-s.

  123. thank you very much for the patch, well not that i dl ed it already but, i will when it reach 100%! thanks :D

  124. Totalolness permalink

    First off, I don’t know much Japanese, I haven’t play any H-style Graphical Text Based Games before Monmusu Quest and the few “normal” GTBGs I played weren’t that good. So imagine my surprise when this game starts showing lots of great art, awesome and versatile H-scenes/combat, well written and translated text, and a great story to boot. Rouge, you have excellent taste in picking what games are fun and then your fantastic at translating them so that non-Japanese speakers like me can enjoy it as well. I await semi-patiently for your translation of the sequel and wish you well in all you hope to accomplish. Thank you so much!

  125. 009 permalink

    Did rouge go on another business trip? or has just been super busy dosen’t really say in his post…

  126. Anonymous permalink

    So im playing Kamidori and I’m stuck at the part *SPOILERS* where you need to find a substitute shells for the monster i have no clue where to start because there are no new alchemy recipes and no new dungeons.*SPOILERS*

    • Dear Guest permalink

      You get these recipes automatically by talking to people, I believe in the next Chapter after getting the quest.

  127. Anonymous permalink

    It seems i don’t have enough evaluation to go on to the next chapter, I’m seriously stuck. There are 0 quest i can do.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Evaluation goes up by building stuff in your workshop too. Just build and sell stuff. :-)

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Also there’s leveling up + character quests, the Arena, …
      Don’t forget to leave some characters behind as clerks.

  128. Anonymous permalink

    they did a major graphics change to hot springs town in latest VH update it looks damn good.

  129. Anonymous permalink

    Oh i didn’t know that, thank you very much <3

  130. Anonymous permalink

    Okay i did everything it tells me to level up, yet i can’t rank up. screen shot.

    Thank you in advance for you help

    • Dear Guest permalink

      It says right there, “Make Pick-me-up”.
      The “missions” are like story quests.

  131. Anonymous permalink

    It puts me on the Emi route if i do that… Dammit

  132. Kyon permalink

    there needs to be a walkthrough, I feel safer with one, but some side quests like in chapter 7 are too hard to do on the first run, I think I should just skip them and gradually gain the resources to do them on my second play through. I am pretty sure if you follow this and do every quest except for the one’s not on the route you are taking like if it says it is required for Emi’s route dont go on that quest if you are serious about serawi. Kamidori isn’t like a normal Visual novel so gaming is a bit different from having a complete walkthrough . You need strategy and clues on where some materials and monsters are. The individual maps can be memorized by saving before you go on it and you gain ‘gaming experience’

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t really give a fuck about Kamoridu. This is a forum for Monmusu Quest… I don’t understand why Rogue and everyone else continues to mention other games on ‘this’ particular forum, but it is annoying.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yea fuck Kamoridu!! The female voices are annoying.

      • Zoro permalink

        What’s wrong with sharing?
        I found an awesome game thanks to this site that already translate another awesome game..
        unlike you, I’m awesome and I can’t have enough awesomeness.

      • Anonymous permalink

        This is not a “forum” for MGQ only, as you can see Rogue did other Games. You don’t have to like kamidori but don’t bash others for having fun.

        Pretty much what you are doing is… ” Stop liking what i don’t like”

        • Anonymous permalink

          Essentially, yes. But I think it would be wise of Rogue to make a separate section of his blog for things like Kamidori, just as he did for VH and other games. That way, people who wish to talk about that particular game can do so there, and those who care about MGQ and don’t give two shits about Kamidori don’t have to filter through posts.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Actually, no, I’m not saying “stop liking what I don’t like” at all. I’m simply saying that Kimadori discussion and MGQ discussion should be kept separate, as they are two completely different things, and I feel that this page should be dedicated to MGQ. It is the reason people come here, after all… not for Kimadori.

  133. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Theres a new preview of a monster from part three and an older one has been updated.
    Lots of angelboobs.

  134. Anonymous permalink

    Suffering… from… MGQ… withdrawal… ARGH.

    *drops to the floor foaming at the mouth*

    • Anonymous permalink

      You should get that checked out.

      • Anonymous permalink

        *is still foaming at the mouth*

        Wharrgarbl. Maybe Castle Fantasia 2 will tide me over for a bit…

  135. Sajuuk permalink

    i dont like spoilers i will see it when part 3 comes out.

  136. Yuhan permalink

    I’m just posting here to show my support!

    Go Rogue! And thank you!

  137. Zoro permalink

    just showing my gratitude and support

  138. Rogue, we appreciate what you are doing for us!! You aren’t married to MGQ nor do you owe us any favors, but you still took the time and effort to do this. Bro, take your time and we’re looking forward to the finality of this project.

  139. Fox_Knight permalink

    Thanks For The Game & All The Hard Work You Do I Look Forward To The Other Patches & Projects You Do.

  140. Dear Guest permalink

    Are people slowly getting desperate or what?

  141. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone know what the new patch V2.05 on the torotoro resistance website for MGQ do?

    • Imoutocon permalink

      Patch 2_05 contains fixes and improvements to the mon_lab and negative status display icon.
      It also contains a monster battle with none other than our well known loli squid girl ikamusume from the animation. You need the japanese .dat file in order to run it(its included in the patch), other wise will crash.

      • Anonymous permalink

        How do you start the battle against ikamusume? I see the folder containing the data in the mod folder but its not showing up in the spin-off stories section.

  142. Anonymous permalink

    finished playing kamidori and Katawa Shoujo after 2 days and now waiting patiently for monsterquest

    • Anonymous permalink

      >finish playing Kamidori after 2 days

      Did you play past chapter 1?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m about 30 hours in to kamidori and haven’t even gotten a H scene.

    • anon permalink

      >>finish playing Kamidori after 2 days

      >Did you play past chapter 1?

      >finish kamidori in 2 days

      my first play-through took me 86hours

      >I’m about 30 hours in to kamidori and haven’t even gotten a H scene.
      i got my “first kiss” @ 25h and the first H-scene @ 30h
      protip, first and last H-scenes are scripted with the game story, others happens when you enhance your chosen girl armor, also some are when you increase your “connection” with your partners

  143. Anonymous permalink

    I have been playing Kamidori for four days and that game is so long and awesome too =)

  144. Shirokuro permalink

    Hey dude, id like to translate this game to spanish, but id like to use your translation. Of course im gonna give you the credit for the translation from japanese to english. Also i don know either how to make the patches, do you know where can i learn how to do so?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hazlo faggot, pero no se te olvide darle crédito a rogue, he’s fucking awesome.

  145. Anonymous permalink

    How do you not laugh while translating this game? I was cracking up when I played the first games. The way they characters talk is way too funny…

  146. Anonymous permalink

    I just thought, why is Amira called so, instead of Amila? it’s supposed to be Lamia backwards… either Aimal or Amila if you want to keep it the Japanese way

    • Anonymous permalink

      Japanese tend to avoid “L” sounds and use R to approximate in katakana, as such they really don’t use L’s. it’s also particularly hard to say after the first syllable. So Amira makes the most sense.

    • Anonymous permalink

      R and L are interchangeable.

  147. Anonymous permalink

    Any money on Rouge being forced into a sudden business trip, with no time to tell his fans?

    Hang in there, Rogue. We love you, even when you can’t hear us. :3 Good luck with work n’stuff.

  148. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue Translator hurry the hell up you lazy fuck the fact you’re so lazy makes me rofl.I could of done this in 30 mins by now.

    • Just a puny traveler permalink

      You shouldn’t say something like that. If it is not for him, we wouldn’t be able to even play 66% English of the game, and if you could finish the translate like you claimed, please ACTUALLY do it, I want to play in 100% English as soon as possible too.

      We’re all cheer for you Rogue, you’re doing something anyone else just ‘thought’ about doing it. (Not like I blamed anyone that didn’t do the job, even I won’t put myself in trouble of 1096 lines per day)

    • Anonymous permalink


      Shut the FUCK up.


    • Anonymous permalink


      Shut the FUCK up.


    • Anonymous permalink

      Yeah, by putting it through Babelfish.

      SOME of us want to be able to actually read and understand what’s going on, not see gibberish that makes no sense whatsoever.

      If you actually can translate the whole script in a comprehensible way in half an hour, then by all means do so. Alone, of course. We wouldn’t want others to take away from your glory, oh Mighty One.

      And don’t even think of rewriting and making up the script. I chew enough Japanese that I’ll be able to tell if you went and made everything up.

      Have a nice day. Or not, see if I care.

  149. Yuhan permalink

    Guys I have a question..

    I’m concidering buying the game legit and before I spend any money I want to know…

    Will there still be additional content or patches in case of bugs.

    And if the answer is yes. Do I get acces from them if I buy it or should I wait a few months untill they debug everything etc etc?

    • anon permalink

      “Will there still be additional content?”
      hardly, on the MGQ2 patch was some few new CG scenes.
      there will be the 3rd part of history as a new game (MGQ3), which you had to buy to be able to play.

      “or patches in case of bugs.”
      Toro Toro indeed release patches addressing to fix game bugs, and Rogue also incorporate any patches on his translation patch

      “Do I get acces from them if I buy it or should I wait a few months untill they debug everything etc etc?”
      patches are available to anyone on the official website, thus theres no need to wait to buy a “fixed edition”

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t know about buying the game and getting patches that way, but you know if you buy the game you can always get any additional content/patches from Rogue, he includes them in his patches.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Also Rogue mentioned he will most likely be translating the popular japanese monster laboratory scenes after finishing the english patch.

  150. Anonymous permalink

    any idea what a new English patch for VH is comeing out?

    • Imoutocon permalink

      The raw is constantly updating, english patching it would be tedious and trouble some until they release a stable/completed one. English translating it would be like running after an express train.

      • Anonymous permalink

        ya that is a very good point. its just its been updating so fast it feels like the English patch is so far behind

  151. Zoro permalink

    any day now ‘moe face’

  152. Anonymous permalink

    Looks like Kamidori isn’t fully translated, when playing New Game+ there is a Demonfolk quest line that is still in Japanese, the quest info is translated but all the dialogue is still Japanese.

  153. Anonymous permalink

    did something happen to rogue? :(

  154. Rederious permalink

    Can’t wait for you to finish this Rogue, Tamamo’s scene is next.

  155. Anonymous permalink

    The main char in Kamidori Alchemy Meister is too nice to be honest, he befriends his enemies O.o

  156. Just a puny traveler permalink

    Looks like he’s really gone to a business trip, he’d done that before, and it took him 2 whole weeks before he’s back in action again, this time should be more or less similar to it. Wait few more days, and the news will reach our ears and eyes soon.

  157. Anonymous permalink

    … Use the text fix patch.

  158. Anonymous permalink

    RogueTranslator hurry the fuck up i could of done this in a hour all it is, is text just.Shows how lazy he really is

    • Anonymous permalink

      Then do it, if it’s that easy.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Inb4 he puts out a version where almost every line is “fufu I’m gonna lick your ass until you come from your mouth desuwa”

  159. H.I. permalink

    …I don’t need an update here, but… a simple “I’m still alive” would be appreciated.

    Also, people, stop feeding the troll above me.

  160. Brad Mason permalink

    This is the longest vshot ever lol but worth a try. My birthday is this saturday and to be frank it’s gonna suck. I was gonna get mass effect 3 n7 collecters edition but GAME cancelled my preorder. My mum and dad are getting me fuck all and concentrating more on my brothers party. My best mate has blown me off going to the pub to spend the evening with his girlfriend. Rogue, if you managed to release the uodate this saturday i would jizz in my pants and you would be my idol. I’m not pressurising you, i’m not really even asking you to get it done by then. But regardless you are a true legend.

  161. CiX permalink

    did anything happen to rogue? im kinda worried he worked too much and has burnout now :s

  162. Dear Guest permalink

    Wherever he is, Gnome-sama is there probably, too.

  163. Anonymous permalink

    are u dead rogue

  164. Anonymous permalink

    did ya die bro? talk to us D;

  165. Anonymous permalink

    Can no one read? Last line of this very update says…

    “I may have to go on another business trip in the coming days, but it hasn’t been decided yet. So it might slow down things again.”

    I’m no cryptographer, but I’m fairly certain that means he’s gone on a business trip. Chances are, he’s too busy with his job to update this blog. So everyone stop rushing him; he’s probably too busy to even see your futile posts.

    • H.I. permalink

      We don’t even really care about the update at this point. He’s never been silent for so long, we just want to be sure that nothing happened to him.

  166. Anonymous permalink

    I know he’s on a business trip but damn, you can’t help but think somethings wrong. I don’t even care about the translation I just hope the guy is safe.

  167. Anonymous permalink

    Any day now….

  168. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    He’s dead, Jim! ;_;

  169. Imoutocon permalink

    Car accidents? Stroke? Struck my lightning because he is more awesome than the gods?

  170. Anonymous permalink

    It’s been half a month and still not update on game or comment from roguetranslator. This is starting to make me feel tense.

  171. Just a puny traveler permalink

    Know what? You guys have a point, so let us pray together for his safety from every corner of the world.

    Be safe Rogue, nothing bad should’ve happened to you who’d done so much for many people.

  172. Here come the retards saying he’s dead…

    You know, funnily enough, rogue has stated plently of times that not only does he have a job, he has a life too.

    Last time he was on a trip, he did not post much either, so we can extrapolate from these simple facts that he’s either busy with real life and it’s more important than a game, or he’s on a business trip, which again funnily enough is also more important than a game.

    Get your panties unbunched and suck it up people.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Like he said, don’t worry he’ll be back.
      To sound stupidly cliche: “be patient, my padawan.”

    • Anonymous permalink


      This is how you sound right now you fucking pretentious hipster. And you know funnily enough at least this people you call “retards” are ACTUALLY concern for rogue safety and well-being unlike some people who endorses their shitty website on the comment section. But hey, I understand after all oppai scans or whatever dump that is hasn’t reached 1 million hits yet has it?

      • John Titor permalink

        Half a month of being inactive means he died, right? No, IIRC he was inactive for a little more than a month last time, so chill out.

  173. Anonymous permalink

    R.I.P Rogue

    I knew those fucking chinese can’t be trusted. You have served your country well rogue and your death shall not be in vain.

  174. Dear Guest permalink

    It’s all fun and games, so relax y’all.
    Damn perverts…

  175. yabusa permalink

    dafuq are you guys thinking? :/
    have some boobies… ( • )Y( • )

    • Wrandral permalink

      btw nice owl XD

      • yabusa permalink

        what’s wrong with you? xDD
        everytime I post it on in-game play(Online Games)
        They think weird and perverted to it… lol

  176. Wrandral permalink

    dafuq did i just read ? The comment section is going down the drain

  177. I’m going to wait another two weeks before I write off Rogue as dead or captured by the Chinese Government. In the meantime, those who wish to contribute to the game and make a difference can come to the Monster Girl Quest wiki at and give us a helping hand in making a comprehensive encyclopedia of the game’s content.

    • Anonymous permalink

      At first i was like: “A wiki? Cool enough.”

      Then I was like: “Saluté and Horehore? What the hell is this.”

    • Anonymous permalink

      This is how the Chinese will bring the western world to it’s knees, by cutting access to translated porn games.

    • Ethan permalink

      Are you the owner of this site and the idiot who wrote the entry about rogue and deleted my comment about it?

      Because your post mention the wiki, I would like to say that the writer of the rogue entry
      is a **** IDIOT!

  178. Dear Guest permalink

    “Considering his frequent update schedule, many fans speculate him to be on an unannounced business trip, while others consider him to either be dead or captured by the Chinese Government, which is why he has not posted on his blog lately.”
    That’s from the wiki. Seriously, guys!?

  179. Anonymous permalink

    Mission failed ;(

  180. Anonymous permalink

    You see guys, the clue is in the final two sentences, something about a business trip.

    Of course, he could of been kidnapped by ninjas too.

  181. matazong permalink

    lol i was the first anonymous person to post are dead rouge for this post damn did u guys react i hope he is alive though but we r fucked if he was Killed on his trip

    • Anonymous permalink

      Ctrl + F “matazong”
      2 results found

      You’re a fucking liar and your mom is a whore.

      • Brad Mason permalink

        He most likely is a bullshitting c**t, but he did say he was the first “anonymous” person

    • John Titor permalink

      How is it you people keep misspelling rogue? It’s rogue, not rouge!






  182. matazong permalink

    i love to trolololol but this is not a trolling matter

  183. Anonymous permalink

    1st of april is approaching quickly. I can’t wait for the death announcement and the following comments.

  184. Anonymous permalink

    Allay your fears, everyone. He’s back and posting in the MGQ general thread on /vg/.

  185. Anonymous permalink


  186. Rogue, we missed you. In fact, I missed you so much that I almost wrote your eulogy. I’m sorry for losing my faith in your immortality.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Losing faith in you not correctly reading.

  187. Anonymous permalink

    is this the last part of MGQ or there will be another one?? part 3 maybe??

  188. Scarlethill permalink

    The spinoff stories the 3 new ones arent translated? and the third one is unplayable.

  189. Anonymous permalink

    where the heck can i dowload the game that will work . need the monster girl game where can i dowload the english game

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    erotic novels authors erotic face erotic audio books erotic pleasure

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