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The Rumors of My Death

March 15, 2012

Have been greatly exaggerated. I was just away on that business trip that I posted about before. Just doing this quick update so people will stop e-mailing me asking if I’m dead or in a Chinese prison.


I’m also aware of a new patch out, and will be adding it in to my version, so don’t worry.


City     – 5175/5175            – 100%
Story    – 17189/19600        – 87.7%
Battle    – 65524/83000        – 78.9%
Ency    – 1012/1450         – 69.8%
Total     – 88900/109225        – 81.4%



  1. rouge permalink

    saw you post in the /vg/ thread, thanks for updating us hun <3

  2. Anonymous permalink

    “in a Chinese prison”
    I read that as in a Chinese person

  3. Bass permalink

    Dead in a Chinese prison! omg </3

  4. Anonymous permalink

    When are you coming home.
    Please respond.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    THANK GOD !! :D

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Good ur okey mate!! :) Stupid idiots who talks about ur being dead!! assholes!

  7. We all know the truth Rogue: You broke out of the Chinese prison and prepared to tear through their ranks one by one with your legendary samurai sword infused with lightning.

    • Just a puny traveler permalink

      Lightning Sword Flash, maybe infused with S_p_’s power too. LOL

      Anyway, glad you’re alive and kicking! (Maybe not kicking if the work was getting to you, but alive nontheless!)

  8. Anonymous permalink

    So, that looks like a little more than two weeks worth of work. Is that an accurate guess?

    • From the last update to this one, it’s about 3 days worth of work, not two weeks. I didn’t do a single line of translation while I was on this trip.

      • Oh unless you meant for my actual job, it was about 11 days of being gone.

        • Jnon permalink

          That’s great, glad to know that someone with your great ambition isn’t using that drive only for pointless things like translating a game for damn perverts. You are loved by many losers, and several losers combined almost add up to one great girlfriend. Thanks so much for updating, and for being so wonderful about everything. My highest regards.

          • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

            Do not use several loosers for a girlfriend. That would be deeply wrong.

      • Nyak permalink

        Hey there Rogue! Will you be resuming your VH translations? can’t wait for the continuation of the Serena patch…

  9. Joshua permalink

    Glad to hear you escaped from those damn Chinese. Just for the sake of curiousity, how do you react to the trolls? Do they ever get you down, or do you Zen them out?

      • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

        People who are intentionally strange to get a reaction.

        • I know what trolls are, and I haven’t run into anyone I would qualify as an actual skilled troll. I’ve been on the internet for a long time, it would require a true expert to even get more than a lifted eyebrow from me.

          • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

            Really? I would think a project like this would MAGNETIZE trolls…

          • Bass permalink

            hey whats that on your face i think its a booger monster girl lolz

          • I like how Rogue is trolling Woof Woof.

          • your friendly neighborhood derp permalink

            good job being sublime about it rogue

  10. I like slime girls permalink

    Wait wat? Patch? What does it have?

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Finally, I was getting sick of those comments about your death or you being held in a Chinese prison. Glad you are okay and don’t have any problems though. Hope to see a new patch soon. Peace.

  12. Anonymous permalink




    WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!1 ;_;/Caps

    Nice to see you, dude

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Your alive! The Chinese didn’t kill you. You should document you escape.

  14. Do you have any plans to translate any custom scenarios that the japanese fans have made?

    • Anonymous permalink

      A while ago it was covered that after the full patch is complete that rogue would be open to translating the best content from that japanese site.

  15. powerneed permalink

    wait why would it be a Chinese prison why not an Irish prison well thanks for the update

  16. Arcueid_Brunestud permalink

    Please Don´t get Killed or felated… u.u

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Or fried.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue saved the world again.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    I just watch old 80’s Jackie Chan movie. So might be how u escape lol

  20. Anonymous permalink

    i activate my spell card monster reborn to special summon RogueTranslator whit ATK/9999 DEF/9999 special effect: translate H-games

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Chuck Norris, Rogue is ALIVEEE!!!!

  22. Glantris permalink

    “Just doing this quick update so people will stop e-mailing me asking if I’m dead or in a Chinese prison.”

    I think that’s the funniest thing I have read in weeks. I was a teeny bit concerned, but I also realized that feeling was needlessly neurotic and stupid, so, yay!

    • anon permalink

      lol’d hard on that line too.

      same here, but then i realized that he went on that trip w/o posting about it.

  23. Mkmd13 permalink

    Dont you guys think its kinda weird that Rouge is going on these so called “Business trips”. Im thinking he found out where the monster girls are hiding and spending most of his time there.

    Do I smell a conspiracy!

    • Anonymous permalink

      We need to find this haven he escapes to!!!

  24. Anonymous permalink

    My spies tell me RT died in a Chinese prison. But his clone should be able to translate the rest of the game just fine in his stead. I’m sure nobody will mind a few pro-communist subliminal messages.

  25. Don'tBotherMe permalink

    LOL!! that made m Laugh !!
    What an exaggerated rumor !!!
    Anyway!! don’t be affected by rumors!! please keep up the good work!! ^_^
    We’ll support you in anyway we can !!! And like they can imprison someone as awesome person like Rouge !Hell yeah!

  26. Anonymous permalink

    There. The man has spoken.
    Now can everyone please stop being paranoid? It’s highly contagious.

    Just out of curiosity, out of all the possible prisons, why Chinese?

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Oh thank goodness, I was already getting a bit worried.
    So what’s the estimated time on the 100% patch? It’s kinda hard to guess since your working speed’s not too stable, with all these Chinese around and all.

  28. Jnon permalink


  29. jesus permalink

    LOL why who I don’t even anymore

  30. Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

    Ten percent during a business trip? With luck we may be able to play the end of the game!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m not too sure how good you are at math or reading but it only went up by 3.4 percent.

      • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

        … I’m not sure how much your obsession went up, I didn’t actually do any math. That you looked at the last update to see how far he has advanced has shocked me.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Wasn’t that kind of the point? You said “during a business trip” which is basically saying since his last update which was 3.4 percent ago. I was just pointing that out since you thought he had gotten a lot more than that done, don’t freak out.

          • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

            To be fair, you were rather snooty.

          • To be fair you walked the path of fox news and didn’t really have a source or be able to back up your source and was called out on it. Unfortunately you didn’t completely ignore the people who called you out on the misinformation and instead change the subject, had you, you would have completed the Fox News “Faux News” style reporting. Better luck next time.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue > chinese government

  32. Rederious permalink

    Glad your back, any longer and there may have been full scale riots

  33. Febo permalink

    Glad to have ya back!

  34. Zoro permalink


  35. ShiroiRyu permalink

    So after your try to be a Mexican, you escaped from a Chinese jail ?
    What will be your next job ?
    Going to space in a russian rocket ?

  36. Anonymous permalink

    Hurry up and translate this game you lazy fuck.I could of done this in 30 mins all it is is text.

    • Anonymous permalink

      hey dumbass if u could then do it already anyways rouge glad to know ur back keep up the good work we can all b patient

    • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

      The code is a jumbled mess, it regularly chops sentences into pieces and scatters them amongst multiple files. Its somewhat miraculous that they are even getting translated.

    • Anonymous permalink

      actually anyone with any mastery of the english language would kow to never repeat the same word in succession, i think i’ll stick with rouge kthxbai

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Good to hear from you mate, gald to see nothing happened to you

  38. Dan permalink

    “”or in a Chinese prison.””

    Why did I laugh

  39. Anonymous permalink

    God stop posting comments about a Chinese prison or the Chinese goverment,its getting really anoying!

  40. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    It would have been immoral and utterly wrong of us not to care.

  41. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, I dunno if you’ve seen this yet, but there are two new images from the next game up. Two angels. At least one of them is new.

    Welcome back, by the way

  42. Jim permalink

    I wish people would just shut up about Rogue and the Chinese already. Everyone knows he’s actually in Iran, gathering intel on their nuclear program.

    Btw, is there an ETA for the full patch?

  43. lollercausts permalink

    At least the Chinese prison guards will treat you better than Russian prison guards.

  44. Sajuuk permalink

    well i am glad u are alive and well not thet i beliefed u where dead.
    and i wish u a good and long life,

    glad to have u back

  45. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know how to start the battle against ikamusume?

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      Go to the beach, order greasy noodles froma beach-side cafe staffed two sisters and their little brother. Prepare for ineffectual attempts at world conquest.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I meant how to make the scenario appear in monster lab. I copy and paste the name of the folder with the data in the list, but its not showing up.

        • A Different Anonymous permalink

          First, if you’re using Rogue’s English patch instead of ToroToro’s Japanese patch v2.05, there’s a good chance it will crash when you play it (haven’t tried it, but based on what people said about a combo of English+Japanese text on the screen and the fact that Rogue’s script is currently outdated, it’s likely).

          If you are using the Japanese script, then you need to change the folder’s name to something using English characters. The original folder name is just a bunch of gibberish that the game can’t recognize, so renaming it will fix that.

  46. Scarlethill permalink

    Whats new in the new patch for Monmusu Quest 2 ? more cg?
    Btw good to have you back :D

  47. Kyon Smith permalink

    never heard of it, didn’t hear the rumor. I just thought you were on a business trip like you said

  48. Anonymous permalink

    attn anyone wondering what all the “chinese prison” jokes are about: after rogue not posting for some time and remembering that he went on business trips to china /vg/ came to the conclusion that roguetranslator was actually a secret agent that spied on china by day and translated eroges by night; after not hearing from him in a while /vg/ assumed the worse (captured by the chinese)

    anyway glad to see you back RT! we really appreciate the work you do, and we hope you don’t accidentally upload china’s missile schematics instead of the 100% patch

  49. Codered999 permalink

    What is everyone’s deal with the Chinese. I can’t believe you people have yet to realize that he was in a Russian prison where they demanded he give up Chinese military secrets. Only to escape after the sweeds got tired of being neutral and tried to kidnap him for Russian and Chinese secrets.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Is there an eta on wean the project will be done?

  51. Shephurrrd permalink

    Grandpa, can you read me story how Rogue broke out of Chinese bakery and stole secret intel?

    • Mass Depression 3 permalink

      Of course, my boy! But let me ask you this in advance: What is your favorite color? Red, Blue or Green? Depending on the color you choose I’ll adjust the ending of that story and it will always be >completely< different. Remember: Your choices matter! =)

  52. Fox_knight permalink

    I think there is a new cg we haven’t seen yet i have all the cg images & one of them is one of Alice in human form raping Lukia but I’ve yet to see it in the game has anyone else seen this image?

    • Creep permalink

      it near the ending fufufufufu

      • Fox_Knight permalink

        So that cg is near the ending? Ive only played up the where the patch ends.

        • Anonymous permalink

          It’s one of the usual Alice sex scenes. Don’t worry, you’ll see it once you reach a certain part.

  53. Anonymous II permalink

    AHAHAHA now that was fun to read XD dead or in chinese prison lol
    where did ppl get that idea anyway good to see you back

  54. gouf permalink

    Have you given up on Violated Heroine? They changed some of the maps around in the latest versions.

  55. Anonymous permalink

    VH is just something he did to fill in the period between the next MGQ release. He might do it when he is done with MGQ2

  56. William permalink

    Hahaha, oh my god…I took one look at the title of this post, and couldn’t help but laugh. Then I read the rest of it, and laughed again at the ‘Chinese prison’ part…you’re great Rogue. We all love you, you know that, bro. Thanks again for translating this wonderful game.

  57. Lupil permalink

    Great to see your back. Figured it was a business trip, they can be pretty nasty. I had one a while back, and all i can say to describe it is it felt worse than being caught in a north korean airport, wearing pro south korean clothing, holding an M4A1 and have both tentacle porn and a terrorist plot in your bag…

  58. Anonymous permalink

    Diablo 3 release date announced, Baldur’s gate enhanced edition announced, and an update from Rogue, all on the same day.

    Amazing day really.

  59. kalil permalink

    *knews down

  60. Brad Mason permalink

    Can anyone help, when i go past the patch i complete the level 48 area with the pirates and the flies. Then i complete the level 49 area with princess sarah. But then after that it wont let me go anywhere. I cant click the next place because it doesn’t do anything, i have no idea what to do.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Did you download the fix for the “Orbs” in one of rogue’s previous posts?

  61. Anonymous permalink

    I like how people expected an answer over email if he was infact dead.

  62. Billy permalink

    Mark Twain reference? I feel cultured.

  63. TheGreatHeinrich permalink

    Hey Rogue, did you receive my e-mails?

  64. Anonymous permalink

    Called it. Along with half the other people on here.

  65. raza permalink

    so this’ll be done sooner than i expected cool :D (been waiting till it was finished to download)
    will i have to download each bit individually and then apply it or will there be a link to a complete one?

  66. Anonymous permalink

    So, are you just an FBI agent or are you apart of some secret military special forces group?

  67. Poor man permalink

    Chinese prison °_° FBI agent O_o

  68. Noshy permalink

    I would have thought you were abducted by aliens or a monster girl quest :P
    Of course if you were abducted from an Monster girl i would come to your rescue :-D

  69. Anonymous permalink

    Are you ever going to update us with a rough release date for the 100% patch? Jesus.

    • Anonymous permalink

      RT is a god among men. You’re getting highly fappable material for free while he’s working his ass off translating 9000+ Japanese sentences and implementing them into the game while fixing tons of bugs so that we can have a bit of new pr0n. Be patient, not pissy.
      Also, deadlines suck ass.

  70. Sajuuk permalink

    i dont think it will take to long anymore, maybe a week ore 2 but even if it takes longer then that i dont mind aslong as it comes i am happy

  71. Anonymous permalink

    >twf no patch

  72. Anonymous permalink

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