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A matter of tremendous import

March 17, 2012

The last patch added in a Monster Laboratory scenario featuring Ika Musume / Squid Girl. Given her unique speech patterns, there are three choices… One is to leave her ~ de geso endings in the text, another is to change her speech pattern (“ika” is always written in katakana instead of hiragana when it’s used among other things) into squid puns, and lastly is to just do away with them altogether.

I’m fine with any of the three choices, but I figured I’d leave it up to a vote to see what more people want. If you’ve never heard of Ika Musume / Squid Girl before, then just don’t vote.

  1. Imoutocon permalink

    I think puns are not entirely great, it is like adding additional content while hiding the original ones.

    • Imoutocon permalink

      When translating it of course.
      Rather than ommiting it completely, the de geso adds to the familiarity with the original anime which i personally wanted it to stay, Otherwise it would be like playing with another monster girl in that universe.
      The puns i was expecting would be something like:”Squiddingly great, squidtastic or tentaclely tenacious”. These takes away the feeling of it being originally in japanese.

      • thewizardninja permalink

        The thing is those aren’t puns, they’re just really bad portmanteaus. The puns in the original Japanese are words or phrases that ALREADY have “ika” (squid) in them, and it only really works in Japanese because “ika” can be found in a whole slew of words and phrases. The same can’t be said for “squid” or “tentacle” in English words. Sure, there are a few, but not enough to replace every instance made in the Japanese (let alone ones that also make sense in context). Personally, I’d say they should be used wherever they can but ONLY if they’re good. As for “de geso”? I don’t care either way, really, but I’m leaning more towards keeping them in.

  2. Dear Guest permalink

    Is Squid Girl the one after Mantis Girl? Also, what does de geso mean?
    (Now I COULD google or look it up at the wiki, but after accidentally reading on ulmf about ME3 and a certain characters death because of some douche not using tags I’ve decided to keep a spoiler-low profile…)

    • Imoutocon permalink

      Squid girl from the ikamusume anime. “de geso” is just a sentence enhancer which dosent have any literal meaning, the only thing it provides is the sense of individuallity as of a specific character to portray, in this case “de geso” is used by the squid girl as seen on its japanese anime TV series.

      • Dear Guest permalink

        I see. Thanks for taking the time to clear that up :)

      • Sylwander permalink

        If im not mistaken the whole ‘pun’ in using ‘~de gesu’ is that first off it’s a suffix like ~desu (which im pretty sure everyone’s heard/read) and that the word gesu by itself actually means squid tentacle.

  3. Anon of the Roost permalink

    I vote for ~de geso.

    On the other hand, we can have both… “You squidding me ~de geso!?”

  4. I guess so.

    • Obamanation permalink

      Didn’t you used to play Mabinogi? (Off topic, I know…)

      And to the question at hand, it seems to me that puns would be adding something very different from the original intent of the de geso.

      • Ah, I figured someone would eventually recognize name or images. Yes, I once was a player.

  5. your friendly neighborhood derp permalink

    i vote for anon of the roost’s alternate answer

  6. Empusa permalink

    I’d prefer to leave the speech patern as original as possible. Honestly, when characters talk in puns, it gets real old, real fast and can be absolutely annoying. Sometimes it can even make it hard to understand them. A good example being Chu-Chu from Xenogears who uses ‘chu’ at least once in her sentances. You actually can get confused if what she’s saying with that word is ‘you’ or ‘too’ or whatever ‘oo’ sound they pun off of, even if it’s rather obvious. It’s actually alot less annoying and can even add charm when you keep the original suffix in the translation, like Wilhelmina’s (sp) ~de arimasu in Shakugan no Shana. It’s just sometimes the original Japanese is more entertaining and clever. To use Negima as an exemple, the original name for the group of Negi’s afterclass girls is Baka Rangers. But in the anime english dub, they were called the Dummy Force. The prior is just alot more clever and you get the sentai pun rather easily.

    • Brave permalink

      While I tend to agree with the sentiment, this isn’t the type of character you’re going to be seeing constantly, so the risk of it growing old quick is lessened. Also, I trust Rogue to make the puns entertaining instead of worrying about licensing and making a switch from Rangers to Force.

  7. Zoro permalink

    Leave the De geso alone. de geso :'(

  8. Anon permalink

    Ika Musume!
    Ika has invaded monmusu!
    leave de geso!~de geso

  9. Stark Haras permalink



  10. Dynellen permalink

    ~de geso is fine. For the love of god please don’t start adding unnecessary and often boring puns like some of the subs did.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Puns, the subgroups who did that for the anime were brilliant.

  12. chibishiroiryu permalink

    Do all the job !
    I think Puns and De Geso are the things who do Ika Musume.

  13. Zoro permalink

    Ika chan will rape me?


  14. Zoro permalink

    hands down.
    de geso wins.

  15. Anonymous II permalink

    yeah just leave it de geso ^.^ thats for the best

  16. Smelvertising permalink

    -de geso, but I do hope for the odd pun if it’s obvious (i.e. “are you kidding me” should totally become “are you squidding me”). Thanks once more for your work!


  17. Anonymous permalink

    -de geso should stay. It’s sort of her trademark.

    Occasional puns are OK though.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    If it makes the patch come out faster, drop the thing altogether.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Drop the thing altogether if it will make the patch come sooner by like a day.

  20. JMor permalink


    I didn’t have to think much about this one at all ~de geso.

  21. Kyon Smith permalink

    puns and de geso. if not just the de geso is enough. as long as the de geso is there.

  22. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Hey, keep the de geso~ – that’s an original!

  23. Anonymous permalink

    De geso is the original. Season 2’s puns hurt me.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Just leave de geso.Anyway I don’t think that there could be a better existing anime character that can be featured in monmusu quest (at least in my opinion,since I am a fan of Ika since episode one of season one).But won’t the staff of monmusu quest get in trouble for using that character whitout permission xD ?

    • Considering the thousands of doujins out there using other people’s characters, I’d say no.

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      What about that anime with the vampire girl, werewolf girl, robot girl, and another one, where they all live in a tree house and a mad scientist keeps trying to capture them, I forgot the title.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    de geso, just to honor the anime itself.

    It would feel off if it was anything else.

  26. Shirokuro permalink

    As a lolicon who loves watching lolis saying -Nyan and a lot of ways to end phrases i must vote -de geso

  27. Anonymous permalink


  28. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Release it on 1st of April and make it ~desu :3

  29. Anonymous permalink

    I’m voting for puns.
    Why? Because Rogue said he’d be fine with it. And I seriously want to see what kind of squid he can cook up with.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    I say puns and de geso.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    This is totally different than what we are doing here. But have you ever heard of Prism Rhythm Before? People that is reading this should search it up,its pretty good

  32. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah, I say just leave it at de geso. Puns can be hit and miss, besides stays entertaining enough just having the “de geso” in there.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    Do both goddamn

  34. Crim permalink

    There is no need for you to derivate the text away from being Japanese so leaving it with ~ de geso sentence end is the best choice for me. The closer the text is to the original source, the better.

    • Random Troll permalink

      “The closer the text is to the original source, the better”

      Did you hear that rogue? Make the game 100% japanese lol

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yes we can see that you are a random troll,but Crim does have a point.

        • It’s an interesting point to make, though. “As close to the original Japanese as possible” would mean making what she says into squid puns, since that’s what she does in Japanese. Her use of de “Geso” is from 下足, which generally refers to squid tentacles. Her copious use of じゃなイカ is simply because it has “ika” in it, which means squid.

          Oh, and -degeso was actually an old fashioned corruption/alteration of -desu used primarily by common men, so it isn’t a “unique” invention by Ika Musume. Just a japanese squid pun.

          • And while we’re on the subject of interesting word choices, here’s another one that I’ve gotten a couple questions about.

            Alice generally refers to Luka as 貴様 (“Kisama”). In modern times, this is used 99% of the time in a rude manner in anime and manga. One of those words that is never really used in actual society. BUT! Archaically, it was actually a polite way of addressing someone. Why is this distinction important? Because Alice refers to herself with 余 (“Yo”), an archaic form of addressing yourself. (Instead of 私・あたし・わたくし etc…). So since she’s already using the archaic form of pronouns, is she insulting Luka or being polite to Luka? The reader can’t necessarily know for certain…

          • Anon permalink

            Wow, didn’t know that kisama is archaic polite addressing o_O The more you know~
            But considering that Alice is always 100% tsun-tsun to Luka calling him a stupid child with naive dreams, making fun of him etc, it would be pretty strange if she suddenly starts to addressing polite to Luka o_O

          • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

            Yep, basically all of the old forms of words have drifted into obscurity and become kinda rude in modern Japanese (On average, the old way’s of speaking have degraded to methods speaking with an air of superiority.) Roughly, it seems like it was intended for her to initially come off as kinda a b*tch, but appear much more kind as you get a chance to sufficiently analyze her. Like rouge says, she speaks in the old high fashioned way because thats how she was taught. It would seem rude, but in fact, she is trying to be as nice as she can, and failing pretty bad.
            Of course, this is coming from someone who hasn’t practiced Japanese in so long that they cant really read any Japanese without notes on hand, so I may as well just give you some links to TV tropes that barely cover the subject. (If you read mahou sensei negima, this will also explain a certain -bozu verbal tic, its pretty much talking down to a kid who is acting tough (In a cute way,) but hell, you could learn that by reading the links you silly nameless posters.)

        • Anonymous permalink

          Crim has a point but at the same time, to preserve the intent of the original in a different language and to make sure that a foreign audience can get that intent, you can’t just do a direct translation. In this case, it means using squid puns instead of ending a sentence with ~de geso. De geso is a pun in the original Japanese anyways, so it’ll be best to replace it with a pun that people get.

  35. To non-speaking japanese speaking person, I find the added on things, etc desu etc to be quite frankly annoying.

    To be sure, leaving these things in does make me feel closer to the original and japanesey (a real word?) in a sense but when every single goddamn sentence ends with it I just start to go crazy. It’s not as bad when your just listening, because years of living with my mother has given me the ability to tune certain things out, which I can do to the desu crap I hear in anime all the time, but when I have to read that shit every single line I think I shall skip the entire special altogether thanks…

    Hey desu~ I’m Annoying~desu I like Pie-desu is this annoying yet-desu i hope so desu ZIP ZOP BOOBITY BOP-DESU~~~~@!!!!!@$

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m somewhat in agreement a pun or two or even the geso if handled properly isn’t horrible but this is the wrong audience for it in greater quantities…

    • Anon permalink

      Don’t be a fag, man!
      I’m non-speaking jap person but I like desu, geso and other things, it’s funny and creates,dunno, unique atmosphere? :D
      also, you can ignore voices but can’t ignore text? strange man you are, I think it’s much easier to skip desu in text then to ignore them is speech~ de geso

    • Anonymous permalink

      If it really bothers you that much, you could just change the text yourself after he’s done with it.

      • Yeah, it was just my own opinion really, might be stupid to others but I just can’t deal with it for some reason, like chalks on a nail board…

        If worst comes to worst and I can just deal with it, rogues work is too good to just not read.

    • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

      Roughly, if it isn’t desu, and it isn’t at the end of the sentence, it would be much easier to overlook.

  36. Anon 2 permalink

    I’ve never heard of Ika Musume before, but doesn’t leaving ~de geso/~desu in the text just look plain silly? I dunno, direct phonetic translations always struck me as just plain silly when I look at it (“HORA HORA”). Names like “ルカ/Luka” don’t count, obviously.

    • Most people are familiar with her from the anime, and her -de geso is very hard to miss, even for non japanese speakers, so it’s kind of her trademark.

      • Dear Guest permalink

        I doubt that “most people” know her, or the anime. Could just me being a hillbilly though.

        • Anon permalink

          I think, if you play in japanese visual novel game about monster girls raping hero, you , at least, familiar with anime culture and know characters from new anime like Ika musume
          So I think most people who play monmusu know her o_O

          • Dear Guest permalink

            That is if I stumbled upon Monmuse Quest because I was specifically looking for a Japanese Visual Novel and not, say, a Vore RPG, a game with a sex battle system or simply by chance.
            Although I have some DISTANT knowledge of some aspects of Japanese culture because I was trying to learn Japanese for a while and I like some shows like Gaki no Tsukai, that doesn’t mean I necessarily have to be familiar with anime culture(although I’ve been trying to get “up to date” since). Whether or not that sets me apart from the majority stalking this blog probably can only be measured by another poll…

          • Dear Guest permalink

            See, I even spelled “Monmusu” wrong.

          • Anon 2 permalink

            It’s not the fact that I don’t know her; it’s just that, in general, it’d be better (as an English speaker) to use something that has real meaning in the English language rather than just some oddly placed Japanese romaji. It works fine when you’re listening to voice acting, like watching an anime with subs, but just plain reading doesn’t really cut it. One good example is your doing away with the honorifics (-san, -sama, etc.). I realize that it is her trademark, so (I don’t want to vote since I’m not familiar with it) ultimately, I’d go with the puns idea. Just sayin’.

          • Just to comment on the honorifics: I didn’t necessarily do away with them. They just aren’t used in the game much. The only character (going purely off memory) that regularly uses honorifics is Alma Elma, with Luka-chan. Oh, and Luka using Ilias-sama. I think some random citizens occasionally use -sama -san or -dono for Luka after he helps him, but I can’t quite remember.

        • I meant that: Of those that know her, most are familiar with her from the anime she comes from.

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Puns. For. The. WIN.

  38. Someone permalink

    ika musume, the girl in the anime with the same name?????????????,,

  39. Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

    Why not use the De Geso in a way similar to the Umm…. Its simply the way that it would flow the easiest.

    • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

      Well, More naturally. I find it more obnoxious at the end of scentences. If it is used as an ‘Um’ It feels more like a verbal tic, which is slightly more palatable to someone who doesn’t recognize it. ESPECIALLY when dealing with a rough verb modifier that has no meaning in our language.

  40. H-Fan permalink

    The next translation patch is gonna be the best so far.

    Alma Elma, Sara as a succubus, Alice as a human, (the end scenes! *drools*)

    (the rest was honestly just filler compared to the h-scenes at the end)

    Anyone else agree?


    Say NO to the denial of PUNS!

    ps, love your work btw <3

  42. Anonymous permalink

    I got an idea, why not make both 1 with puns for those who want puns and one with de geso for those who want it because I wanted de geso without the puns and there is people who want puns.

  43. Anonymous permalink

    Why not just make both 1 with puns only and 1 with de geso only so everybody is happy.

  44. Jonh Do permalink

    Sexualizing Ika? That makes me sad :(

  45. Dargoth permalink

    I’m not sure everyone voting *really* gets what they’re voting for. Seeing “~de geso” at the end of every line would get old very fast and doesn’t make much sense. There isn’t even any voice acting to be faithful to in the game, is there? Throw in a couple squid puns, ignore most of it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Why do we want puns when de geso works fine.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yeah I agree. It doesn’t make any sense to say ‘de geso’ would get old when the same can be said for squid puns. Not like the scenario would last long enough for that to be an issue anyways.

        Besides its just a little sad to fight against another option in a poll by saying anyone who votes for it doesn’t ‘really get it.’ In that case its just trying to act superior.

        In the end it’s a close call either way. Kind of reminds me anyways of how different subs of the Ika Musume series went in two directions there. Of course preferred the ones that simply kept ‘de geso’ (which quite honestly didn’t get annoying even over the course of the series) over the ones that tried to fit “squiddling” and things like that in.

        • Dargoth permalink

          I don’t mean to act superior. I didn’t vote in the poll at first because I had never heard of Ika Musume, but I downloaded the first episode, read Rogue’s posts, then came to a conclusion. I didn’t know there were multiple subs of the anime: I happened to download the version without ‘de geso.’

          For this specific issue, it’s definitely not a big deal considering it’s a side story that a lot of people probably won’t even play. However, as someone who will likely translate more games in the future, I’m interested in what people really think about it. I’m just concerned that the poll results don’t indicate people’s actual preferences because they’re voting before understanding the choices.

          Thanks for your post, though. I’m going to have to get the other version of Ika Musume and see how they translated it. Converting Japanese wordplay into English is futile, but I can’t imagine just leaving the Japanese untranslated in English text is appealing…

          • The issue is, as you can see, that people already familiar with the character already had it in their minds which method they preferred, as they likely were exposed to both versions of it in the anime subtitles. I was honestly expecting one side to easily beat the other, but it looks like it’s pretty much split in preference. But, as you said, it’s just a side story and isn’t a big deal. The poll was mainly for some fun.

    • I agree, the constant de geso will be annoying and pointless, but the puns I think would be a nice touch.

  46. Anonymous permalink

    I want ’em both, Rogue.

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      It’s similar to use of dialects, and accents.
      I always found that use of Deep south/Texas Drawl accent and the like in place of Kansai-ben to be irritating, (for ex. Kitsune from Love Hina in the Dub)
      Or Ku Fei from Mahou Sensei Negima, the Del Rey translatiions from volume 6 onwards have her speaking broken english which is jarring, while the online fan translations end sentences with – aru yo and the like which doesn’t really make any sense.
      Also Kaede Nagase who is a ninja and speaks in archaic and extremely humble japanese which doesn’t translate well adresses herself as “sessha” and ends sentences with – de gozaru.
      The anime of Sekirei in the english dub, has Tsukiumi, another user of archaic Japanese speaks in “Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe” which just sounds weird.

  47. Anonymous permalink

    The constant puns will be annoying and pointless, but the de geso I think would be a nice touch.

  48. Anonymous permalink

    over 2000 votes? i didnt knoe this was THAT popular!

  49. Foiced permalink

    At the end of the day it’s only one isolated scenario, so if things don’t go my way then whatever. This is the stance I think everyone should keep in mind.

    Having said that, I voted for puns and against ~de geso, because as long as you’re not an idiot you can make the puns work out, whereas ~de geso is the height of laziness and adds precisely nothing to anything. Especially here. Hora hora aside, how many monsters have had speech affectations that have slipped aside? I’m not disagreeing with your choice, it is in fact my point: they just aren’t important.

    Having said THAT, I think the smartest thing to do is to just omit it entirely. As you can see from the vote it’s split roughly evenly and whichever way you go you’re going to piss off a large chunk of fans, so I figure the actual best thing to do is go for the only option that annoys by far the fewest people. Far more amenable than trying to pick one side over the other.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Flawed logic. If the poll’s split 40/40/20 w/ 20% voting to omit, choosing either option 1 or 2 will upset 60% of voters, a large chunk of fans and your point. However, if it was chosen to omit an even larger percentage of fans would be annoyed (an 80% majority). That said, I’m appreciative of Rogue for allowing us a say in his final decision. I’m of the group who wants both the puns and the sentence suffix, but, honestly, it doesn’t matter. It’s Rogue’s decision so w/e he says goes.

      • permalink

        Uh, no.

        It’s not ‘everyone will be annoyed if their choice isn’t used’.

        It’s ‘A supporters will be upset if B is used, and B supporters will be upset if A is used’.

        Choice C does not result in 80% irritation as you imply. A results in 40% being really pissed. B results in a different 40% being really pissed. C results in the fewest people being thrilled, sure, but also in very few being pissed.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Honestly, it doesn’t matter. I was just pointing out that if people wanted to omit her speaking patterns entirely, they would have voted so. I’ll give it to Rogue, though. The poll is interesting. When your post made me reconsider, I realized there are as many varying perspectives on this poll as there are voters.

          • Foiced permalink

            Yeah, you’re just missing the point entirely. Also, the two sides have always been volatile and have never been willing to give ground, so neither side can vote for omission when that’s one vote closer to the other side winning.

            The actual point is that while any given person is incentivised not to vote for the compromise, the compromise is the only option that doesn’t actively piss off nearly half the voters. You only seem to care about it being the lowest first choice, and not the fact that it’s by far the least hated option.

            It would have been smarter to have just admitted that you misread what I said, but feel free to make another uninformed reply. My only guess is that you don’t know Squid Girl or its fanbase, otherwise you’d understand the dichotomy that’s spawned a thousand fights is specifically about hatred of the other side.

  50. By the way, just a little off topic, but this page might come in handy for a later patch:

    Also, I voted for omission, but I guess that dreams can’t come true in this sad reality.

  51. MrTT permalink

    Puns are the highest form of humor…
    But accurate translation is king and I think transforming de gesu into puns is not accurate translation.
    Thus my first choice is leave as is, second choice is omit altogether.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    i vote ~ de geso !!

  53. Monster Girl Lover permalink

    PUNS! screw the poll… Puns are the best. :<

    • JMor permalink

      Doesn’t disregarding the poll make it pointless to have started it in the first place?

      The majority wins, whatever the final result is. Your opinion doesn’t override that of hundreds.

  54. Anonymous permalink

    The scenario isn’t really much to look at anyway, it’s just a line of dialogue, a battle, and H content when you lose. There’s no story, so people are probably just going to overlook about half the lines anyway (the lines that are just generic battle text). Whatever is decided probably won’t matter much.

  55. Kyon Smith permalink

    For Kamidori- if you have troubles playing I have a cheat engine, just turn it on while playing your game file and fiddle with it.

  56. Anon permalink

    What about Marco’s Travels from monlab? Is there sequel to that? The fox girl was hot and the story was good :)
    hope for continuation

  57. Anonymous permalink

    for those who don’t know who what this is a reference to.

    the recent patch released by the original authors include a scenario with ika musume from the 2 seasoned anime

  58. Anonymous permalink

    Do both

  59. Anonymous permalink

    ge geso all the way, the puns will always suck.

  60. John Titor permalink

    Add em all

    • John Titor permalink

      A Ika Musume without de geso is like… a squid without tentacles…


  61. Anonymous permalink

    Offtopic: There’s something interesting to note about the new patch v2.05. They made it so that you can change the name of the protagonist of your custom scenario in-battle instead of using Luka all the time. That’s cool and all but… what if (for the strangest reason; I’d never do this) you decide to make the protagonist a girl? When all the skills and other battle stuff gets translated, it is automatically assumed that the protagonist is a guy. Just sayin’.

    On Topic: Puns or nothing at all. “~de geso” has no meaning in English and should not be mixed in unless it is mentioned as the subject of discussion (i.e. Luka says,”Why does this girl keep saying ‘~de geso’ at the end of her sentences?”).

  62. Tsurupettan permalink

    This is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve read in a while. I love a good pun, but the point of translating is to keep the original in tact as much as possible. If you want bad, fake translations you should just hand the entire project over to CGRascal or some other hack.

    Not only that, but why would you want your H scenes full of puns?

    • Why is it dumb? She speaks in puns in Japanese. To not translate her pun-filled speaking manner would be equivalent to erasing her unique character trait, or artificially changing it.

      There’s two sides to this:
      1. By keeping -de geso in english, you change her manner of speaking from pun-like to a simple verbal tic… Effectively altering her unique character trait.
      2. By changing her puns to an english equivalent pun you introduce a slightly altered, but equivalent, manner of speaking that may be annoying to those with a basic understanding of her character and japanese.

      Strictly speaking, the accurate translation method would be to have her speak squid-based puns in English, since that is exactly what she does in Japanese. I offered up the poll to see which version people prefer, though.

      • Tsurupettan permalink

        The way I read your post was that you would be creating your own puns. I don’t follow the series, I admit. I know about her basic speech patterns. How I read it seemed fantastically silly, to be creating your own puns in the situation from thin air.

        With that said, if maintaining the original meaning means that puns are added, then by all means. My intention is supporting the most accurate translation possible, and with how I read your post I thought it would be something you had come up with yourself. I apologize for the misunderstanding, and my kneejerk reaction. I’ve just got a really sour taste in my mouth from what I perceive to be individuals replacing the intended meaning with something else.

        Although the people white-knighting for you are hilarious.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That’s why it’s a good idea to actually know the meaning behind what the characters are saying (in other words, know and be fluent in Japanese), not just copy whatever they’re saying phonetically and say “Well, this is as close to the original as it gets. I have no idea what it means, but she says it all the time, so here you go ~de geso.” If you don’t care and just like the way it sounds, then whatever, but don’t say Rogue (or any other translator that knows the foreign language) is doing a bad job because he’s translating a language you probably can’t speak much of in the first place.

      That being said, I do agree with you on the H-scene. Having either puns or ~de geso just sounds weird when she’s raping you O_o

      • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

        I dunno, if a middle school aged girl was raping me would seem kinda weird too. Your point?

    • Aaron permalink

      heirsy u sir are a heritic how dare u say bad things to sir Rouge

  63. Anonymous permalink

    puns in your h-scene would make it look really stupid. De geso all the way.

    • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

      Not every scene needs to be positively the best thing ever, having one that came off as kinda strange would be a bit better, we have a lot of hot scenes, a handful of boring scenes, and a metric ton of creepy scenes. One weird scene would not be a bad thing, and it would come off just as weird with a verbal tic as it would with puns.

  64. Aaron permalink

    need more information in this like what do the words mean I won’t select one if I don’t understand what it means its not like 1 person is going to change how this is going to work or what is being selected.

  65. Anonymous permalink

    Am I the only one who detects a hint of sarcasm in this post?

  66. Anonymous permalink


  67. Anonymous permalink

    When I first read the post, I thought the de geso would be more true to the Japanese text with how you worded it. But after checking back and reading more of your comments you say other wise. You should edit the original post to mention how true to the game the puns would be. I feel most people chose de geso because its how the anime was. If the puns are what really more squid girl like then that is what should be used regardless of how others feel. The important thing should be capturing the real little Ika-Musume as she uses and abuses you.

  68. You know what rogue, this isn’t about us. You are translating this game, alone, and what we want isn’t really important. You do what you think will keep the text enjoyable to read and then release that.

    Hell you could do it specifically to yourself and what gives you the jollies, I wouldn’t care and I think no-one else would, I’m still thankful you’ve done this much and will continue to support you whatever you do.

    Ok now that your asshole is sufficiently clean I’m gonna go take a shower and get this moment off of me ^_^

    • It’s a short scene that would take maybe an hour to translate, it isn’t that big of a deal. I threw up the poll mostly for fun.

      • Dear Guest permalink

        And fun you must have had, seeing that you have started a little war around here…

        • It is amusing, I must admit.

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            Sea Troll aka Scrag if you are familiar with the Forgotten Realms or D&D in general.

          • Douglas Reinholm permalink

            You feed on on our delicious suffering ;_;

          • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

            It is rather delicious to the passerby watcher too, I must admit.

  69. Wallachia permalink

    Squid puns are a must

  70. Anonymous permalink

    de geso is a must, lame puns can go burn in a fire.

  71. Anonymous permalink

    Are you ever going to update us with a rough release date for the 100% patch? Jesus.

  72. Anonymous permalink

    Are you ever going to update us with a rough release date for the 100% patch?

  73. Unfortunate Mermaid permalink

    In a usual case, using puns to keep some level of context is the way to go, but the little quirks in her language are what keep her individual. From what I’ve seen, things on that level usually work best if left in Japanese anyway.

    • Unfortunate Mermaid permalink

      Either way, each side is viable for it’s own reasons. Is the manga currently translated to have any examples to use as a basis?

      • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

        It uses De Geso, its why De Geso is an option, the anime went with puns for the most part. I would prefer getting the feel right to appeal to a broader audience…. And I just realized your name was a play on the unfortunate Lamia.

        • IzanaginoOokami permalink

          Cat from red dwarf would like to meat- I mean meet you Unfortunate Mermaid.

  74. Kamui permalink

    As long as you don’t start copying Aksys and their 40% of change of text in games in a way that completely changes the flow of talk and even alters the character personality, I’ll be satisfied.

    Example of bullshit.
    Character says in Japanese: Nani…?
    Character text in English: What in the Uncle Sam’s pants are you talking about, son?

    My point, don’t think too much, just leave it as de geso. After all, people leave the ”nyan” thingie behind in some games and I didn’t see anyone bothered by it…

  75. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    I cannot take it anymore, the tension kills me! Just do not do things like “nee san-chan” (many peoples heads might explode into candy if you did that)

  76. Arcueid_Brunestud permalink

    I Check like 30 times per day this page… I am sooooo expectant for the new patch…!! BTW… Sorry for my English… u.u! I´m still learning, but I can defend myself…

  77. Anonymous permalink

    Fucking hell rogue at least let us know whats going on with the patch, don’t just leave us in the dark.

    • Anonymous permalink

      He’s working on the new patch with this new monster, obviously he’s working on the patch. Wouldn’t do much good for him to post EVERY detail, but he is working on it.

    • John Titor permalink

      This is just a guess but from the amount of lines he can do I think it’ll be out around the 28th.

      • John Titor permalink

        The 66% patch came out about a week after the day I guess last time… hopefully I’m closer this time.

  78. Rogue:

    We’ve noticed at the wiki that you’ve been contributing in our comments section various insights. If you have the time, would you like to sign up for the wiki and clear up any inconsistencies that we may have posted? Thanks!


  79. Borkborkbork permalink

    Whilst i’m excited for all the monster awesomeness the nerd in me really wants to see the ending to part 2 more than anything. The story is pretty epic for an h-game and you can’t help liking the characters. I can’t stop checking this page every few hours XD Keep up the good work Rouge.

  80. Anonymous permalink


    • Anonymous permalink

      hahahaha man im bored

      • Anonymous permalink

        hey guys i thought this was pretty good anyone have one for part 2?

        • JMor permalink

          I’m working on a complete guide right now, actually. The one at GameFAQs didn’t much please me, with all the “lol” crap and lame jokes like “we might find Spongebob now”.

          I’ll give some general tips for the battles instead of a laid-down plan (which doesn’t account for RNG), and some help for triggering certain attacks or different H-scenes.

          Still, I’ll be waiting for Rogue’s 100% patch before posting the guide. I want it to be consistent.

          • Anonymous permalink

            awesome btw are you adding where to get items?

          • JMor permalink

            Anon: “awesome btw are you adding where to get items?”

            Yup, that part’s done.

  81. Anonymous permalink


    I wanted to point out an error in MGQ2’s encyclopedia. I was just going through all the entries and the Dullahan page incorrectly says “the head on her hair,” it should be “the hair on her head.”

  82. Anonymous permalink

    ~de geso for sure. But I don’t think a few puns would hurt anybody.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      It will be included in the next translation patch. Also, ver. 2.05 implies MGQ2.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Se the very first number? It’s a 2, right? Meaning it is for MGQ2

  83. itoukanaefan permalink

    Please just leave it as -de geso at the end of her sentences.

  84. HI THERE permalink

    Came to check on the blog. Saw “A Matter of tremendous import”. Read the update, and saw the comments. I frowned. Aside from Rogue informing me that the game will be raping Luka via Ika-chan, I’m watching alot of Ika Musume-devotees rage.

    Please stop this malcontent, it makes Ika-Chan sad. Here’s a bunny.
    ( ) ( )
    (“) (“)

    • Douglas Reinholm permalink

      That is no way to treat a rabbit! It is sad in a non-rabbit environment ;_;

  85. Rogue is the god this world needs.

    • Borkborkbork permalink

      Yeah much better than Ilias crazy pyscho angel

  86. Anonymous permalink

    I went for puns since de geso is too fucking weaboo for me. It’s like baka and desu, only fanatics enjoy those shit.


    Get it?
    I don’t need DESU GE DGEUSUA since I won’t fucking enjoy it in the first place since I’m not some japanese faggot and I wouldn’t care less if I didn’t know what de gesu means since I don’t go to otaku conventions and spout japanese words like a retard.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Also more words I fucking I hate otaku retards spouting on public.


      I swear to god, these past six months with these retards on my class makes me want to mutilate their bodies.


      • Anon permalink

        >not japanese faggot
        >playing japanese hentai game about monsters raping little boy
        NANI?!? %)
        I agree it’s quite annoying when people start to add japanese prefixes or random words in real life but I completely fine with it in text if you don’t want to see them just skip. What the problem?
        p.s. what kind of class do you have?o_O Usually I don’t hear any japanese word from my classmates but instead they listen to some terrible K-pop songs which is much worse D:

        • Anonymous permalink

          im with you there i have too many preps at my school and apparently pop and rap are the “sht” to them makes me wonder if the columbine kids were just extremly annoyed

        • Anonymous permalink

          >implying that enjoying something japanese is equivalent to obsessing about it as much as the stereotypical otaku

          Because catching a football game on DVR is equivalent to going to a game in nothing but shorts and bodypaint with an airhorn.

          • Anon permalink

            I’m not saying that anyone who play Monmusu is japanese faggot/otaku but if you play in game with such “specific genre” you could be, at least, more tolerated to people who enjoy ~desu, geso and other things

      • Anonymous permalink

        Would you like us to replace every rice ball with a hamburger to suit your cultural backgrounds?

  87. Johnny Cage permalink

    So much hate on the Japanese. Why would you want to kill anything that shows glimpse of their culture? If you don’t have any of your own you don’t have to bash the other one.

  88. Anonymous permalink

    A poll is unnecessary. Any english speaking person is only going to be familiar with the english-subbed “squid girl” version. They don’t add the de-gueso at the end of the translations, rather they use very bad puns to enhance her. speech…. think=ink really/very=squidly ect…. It’s cute… and without them, she just doesn’t seem like squid girl after two seasons of hearing her talk that way.

    To go back to a source material that english speaking audiences aren’t familiar with wouldn’t make any sense….. it would be like translating a pokemon manga and using all the original japanese names instead of the adjusted english ones.

  89. Dusk XIII permalink

    please leave it de geso, corny monster girl puns remind me of that unlucky lamia…..

  90. Mooose permalink

    I’m disappointed guys, no puns? “You’re already cumming, are you squidding me?” Would be such a great line but NOOOOOO, just constant de gesu.

  91. Malcanthet permalink

    Personally I like puns, I voted for puns. But not in every sentence. Speaking in puns every other sentence, and blending it with some de geso just to keep her unique trait up I think would be great. Rogue you seem to have a handle on it, and it looks best to have her speak how you desire, since you are good at the japanese language. Do not destroy her character and omit it (naturally, I don’t think you will, as you put this up for fun) but don’t butcher it and just ‘de geso’ every sentence ending. Do what sounds best.

  92. Anonymous permalink

    Went for de geso simply because it sounded like that’s what the original creators intended, but I’m fine with puns if it would make more sense

    Actually, a mix of both would probably be the best (mostly de geso with some puns thrown in) but that seems like it would be hard to determine when it would be best to use either.

    Either way, DEFINITELY keep whichever you go with in!

  93. >Not voting for puns
    >You’ve got to be squidding me

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