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MGQ2 3-20-2012 Update

March 20, 2012

Well, it has been a little over 3 months since I first started. As I said right from the start, 3 months would be the bare minimum time needed to translate the game. As many are aware, I had to go on a couple trips for my job, which obviously would impact that timeframe. I’m still not close enough to give a date, but there is a 0% chance it would be out before next Friday (3/30) . It’s winding down to the end here though, folks.


City     – 5175/5175            – 100%
Story    – 17987/19600        – 91.8%
Battle    – 73344/83000        – 88.4%
Ency    – 1012/1450         – 69.8%
Total     – 97518/109225        – 89.3%

Also, I incorporated the 2.05 patch into the script. Mostly just bug fixes and some additions to the Monster Laboratory system.

  1. Anonymous permalink

    No hurries man take your time and know that we all appreciate your work here

  2. Snak, permalink

    we will be happy when it comes out is all

  3. TheGreatHeinrich permalink

    Did you run into some weird repeating text problems in the mon_labo, specifically in a battle?

    • I haven’t tested it at all. Putting that off to the end.

      • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

        Alright, cool. The new patch has a few kinks and the devs themselves made a serious game-crashing but easily fixable typo. I’m working it all out so I’ll send you a (mostly) ready-made script when I’m done.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    We all love you, Rogue. <3

  5. Braginski permalink

    Hey Rogue, I’m a little curious. I don’t really expect you to give out many personal details or anything to your fans here, but I’ve been out of school on a Gap year for about a year and a half now and hearing about your job kind of intrigues me. Would you mind giving me a little hint as to what line of work you’re in? I swear it’s not for more Chinese imprisonment rants. The thought of traveling really intrigues me, I’ve never been much further than two provinces away (Canada), so if I could get a job where traveling were not only a part of the roll, but a requirement? I’d be overjoyed. Man, I probably sound like a brat right now.

    Regardless, keep up the good work, Rogue. You really are good at what you do, you have no idea how many horribly translated VN I’ve come across. Thanks to your writing abilities, you’ve really allowed a genre of game that is designed to be immersive — hold onto it’s roots. It wasn’t until you asked us our opinion of “degeso” that I realized that. For that, I thank you. Keep up the good work, I hope you find time to translate other things after this, too. It’d be a real shame to see your skill disappear all of a sudden.

    P.s. When were you planning to close the poll on that debate, anyway?

    • Jnon permalink

      You don’t realize that there is a difference between the words roll and role, you have poor grammar, your lack of self-confidence is overwhelmingly apparent by your statement, “I probably sound like a brat right now,” and you don’t know how to use Google. Good luck to you.

      • Braginski permalink

        I’m pretty self confidant in most situations. Breaching someone’s privacy isn’t one of them. Poor grammar? Maybe. I never claimed to be Stephen Fry. As for the roll, role issue; stupid typo on my part. I don’t really think that’s the end of the world. You might, but it’s not like this was some sort of official letter. It was an earnest question and a little bit of praise. Also, using google to search “Jobs and travel” (Because I assume that’s what you’re referring to) isn’t quite what I had in mind. I was particularly curious about rogues case. It’s not that important, though, and I thank you for your concern.
        Next time, I’ll show no sign of apologizing for what could very likely annoy someone. You seem very good at doing that, so in the same way I asked rogue for advice, I’ll ask you. How do you suggest I become more obnoxious and intrusive? You seem to have it down to a Tee.

        • Yagerou permalink

          You’ve won the internet, sir. Enough said.

          • Wrandral permalink

            True, some peoples don’t seem to know politeness even if it is bitting their asses

        • Jnon permalink

          I feel like such a jerk. I’m sorry for attacking you; it was the result of displaced frustration due to certain circumstances in my life that in no way need to be projected on anyone for any reason. I may also have some undiagnosed disorder. Again, I apologize and hope that I did not affect your mood or day in any way.

          • Braginski permalink

            Don’t worry about it, Jnon. What’s done is done; I had no intention of holding a grudge.
            And thanks for your apology, it means a lot. I’m sorry, myself, for calling you obnoxious and intrusive; It seems you can be pretty civil at times too. I hope we get along from here on out.

          • Wow, you two are some of the most polite argumentators I’ve ever seen. Not that that’s a bad thing.

    • I think I put the poll at 7 days or something. As for the job, it’s IT stuff in our large corporation’s international division.

      • Braginski permalink

        A large corporation, eh? I suppose I’ll have to aim high. Thank you for sharing, by the way.
        7 days? Since it was posted four days ago, that leaves three. When I first voted, Degeso had been in he lead by a huge margin, so now that puns are catching up, it could be anyone’s game by then. I anticipate the end result.

        And to Yagerou; I actually feel really honored. Is that weird? Thank you, too.

        • AnonS permalink

          Well, you could always join the military. Enlisted isn’t as great as Officer, but the Officer Accession programs are generally extremely competitive especially based on the branch. After you put in your time though as an officer, you can generally really easily roll right into Corporate America, which you can’t really do as enlisted.

          Outside of that path, you can get into a top university/IVY (or in Canada, I guess McGill or something). Or there is the family connections path, but that one is out of most people’s control and if it was an option you could just travel around without needing a job in the first place.

          • Braginski permalink

            Military would be great if I didn’t fear the chance of dying. I might be heading to SMU in NS next year; but I don’t know if I want to go into science or business. It’s looking like I’ll probably go for the latter. Thanks for your help, AnonS.

  6. Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

    Impressive. Thanks on the 0% timeframe, that really saves me some time…

  7. Random Troll permalink

    Not before the end of march, I sense an April fools joke coming up soon…

    • Random Troll permalink

      Also, next friday is the 23rd! are you retarded?

      • Anonymous permalink

        err…this Friday is the 23rd :/

        • Anonymous permalink

          You’re both right in a way, and there is no reason to call someone a retard. :(

      • Jnon permalink

        “Next Friday” refers to the 30th, retard.

        • Wrandral permalink

          Do not feed the trolls please.
          Did you not see the notice when entering the internet? You surely must be new here then … Here take our pamphlet ^^

          • Anonynony permalink

            LOLtastic. *Take flyer*
            I take my hat/headphones off to you Wrandral.
            U win the internet too :P

      • “Next friday” usually means the friday following the upcoming one. If you want to talk about the upcoming day of the week, most people would use “this friday”. Anyway, that’s why I put the date itself in parenthesis to make sure there was no confusion.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Get off your fat ass you lazy fuck I could of done this in 30 mins all it is text.hurry up you lazy peace of shit.

    • JMor permalink

      The time you took to write that message could’ve given you a head-start.
      I demand a finished, QUALITY product by tomorrow, Anon. You *obviously* have the means to do it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Don’t listen to this guy. We are just grateful for translating this thing.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Someone posts that on every topic, and a mongoloid like you always replies. Please grow a brain before you make any more comments.

        • Anonymous permalink

          >Someone posts that on every topic, and a mongoloid like you always replies. Please grow a brain before you make any more comments.

          Someone posts that on every topic, and a mongoloid like you always replies. Please grow a brain before you make any more comments.

          • In fact no one has posted the statement “Someone posts that on every topic, and a mongoloid like you always replies. Please grow a brain before you make any more comments.” before the anonymous fellow above, thus your attempt at a troll has resulted in failure. I encourage you to take some time out and think about why you failed this time so that you can improve upon that and not make the same mistake a second or third time.

          • Anonymous permalink

            >Someone posts that on every topic, and a mongoloid like you always replies. Please grow a brain before you make any more comments.

            Someone posts that on every topic, and a mongoloid like you always replies. Please grow a brain before you make any more comments.

            Someone posts that on every topic, and a mongoloid like you always replies. Please grow a brain before you make any more comments.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Keep the recursion going.

    • Jnon permalink

      Could ‘have’ is what you meant to say. I hate seeing people say such stupid things as “could of.” It makes no sense to say that whatsoever.

      • Who are you talking to? The only person who it really could have been (see what I did there) was JMor who used could’ve which is could have so I fail to see who you are talking to.

    • Anonymous permalink

      What a tremendous success. Hat’s off to you, sir; see you in the next thread.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    three comments. To Random Troll, he has justification for that error, if it is indeed an error, as he has an awful lot to worry about.
    second, to anon3: vulgarity and lack of respect are going to accomplish nothing besides getting people mad. i’m sure that all of us are eager, but that’s no excuse to be a misurandus asinus about it.
    third: Thanks for the enduring effort, rogue– looking forward to the completed patch.

    • Jnon permalink

      When someone says “next ___day” as opposed to “this ___day,” They are referring to that day in the next week, not the current one.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I know that, hence the “if it is indeed an error” clause. Rule# 3777 of the 2021 rules: always leave margin for error.

    • Anonymous permalink

      ummm what the heck is a “misurandus asinus” if you dont mind me asking that word just confused the hell out of me

      • Anonymous permalink

        It’s Latin. It can be roughly translated as ‘useless ass’, IIRC.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    …. Then why didn’t you. Anyways take your time we are all very eager but you don’t need to wear yourself out.

  11. Fanservicefan permalink

    Additions to the Monster Laboratory? What kind, besides the Ika-Musume scenario?

  12. Darkfire permalink

    If you want, I would love to donate money to you and maybe submit requests? :<. I'd love to see if there was commission based requests for H-Games

  13. I think we can wait a little longer for quality as opposed to a rushed project.

    We love you Rogue.

  14. Glantris permalink

    So, Hm. 89.3 %, not going to be done on march 30th…

    Huh. That means it stands a decent chance of being done, say… April 6th? MY BIRTHDAY? OH ROGUE, YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE~ <3

    Seriously, one of the better birthday presents ever.

  15. Jnon permalink

    I’m honestly much more excited about seeing Oh Kaname, Valkyrie, Gargoyle daughter, Cupid, Noriyuki spider princess, Lamia Sister, an angel, and Angel 2 in MGQ3 than anything. They are all hundreds of times more tempting and beautiful than most of the monster-girls we’ve seen thus far!

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      akaname means red (aka) licker (name)
      Japanese yokai that licks mold and scum from outdoor bathtubs, not very dangerous, but kind of freaky and not something you want to see while having a soak. very ugly with knobbly red skin and long tongue and no clothes.
      I have a book called the Japanese Yokai Survival Guide, that contains everything from kappas, Tengu and kitsune to more harmless stuff, like Jinmenju, Toire no Hanako, and Tsukumogami.

      • Jnon permalink

        Sounds awesome, my friend is learning Japanese and I’m thinking about downloading something like Rosetta-stone to learn it myself.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    hey rouge what is your Job in IRL
    I myself is a Cartoonist making a Manga out of my own room with a shitty 2004 windows XP Sp2. I can;t get any higher or my comp will crash

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rogue, when you say additions to the lab, are you just talking about scenarios or have there been actual mechanical effects added? Because that might be pretty interesting, although I can’t for the life of me think what those changes might be.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Just glad that you are back safe and sound and are working on it, thanks for doing this for us

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Take it easy, rogue

    It is not easy solo translating a game just in your spare time. Take as much time as you want and don’t rush things.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    i would change the zero percent to a one percent you never know what might happen tomorrow

  21. Anonymous permalink

    man, i am super excited about the rest of this coming out. probably one of the top three releases of this year for me!

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Can’t wait for this. Thank you Rogue, and your 3 months of the hard work.

  23. Anonymous permalink

    I just want to see VH worked on again, honestly.

  24. Condemned75 permalink

    No problem, and thank you so much for your efforts thus far. It is truly appreciated!

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much, Please take your time! I myself am willing to wait 3 more months if it will make your more comfortable.

  26. Febo permalink

    Keep up the good work Rogue! Man I’m excited.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    I’d expect this game to be less popular out of /v/, /a/ and /d/.

    Oh well.

  28. chibishiroiryu permalink

    Rogue, remove one month of work because of your job …
    And you have did this translation in months ! ^^

  29. Tats permalink

    Thanks for keeping us updated, Rogue.

  30. Kyon Smith permalink

    On that Kamidori Cheat engine I posted in Rogue’s previous post. Hp goes up to 500 safely. Do not mess with the sp and fp it will crash your game. most of everything else goes up 100, if you level and you are above 100 it will go back to 100 base. just play with it and you will find out which attributes are which. The items go up to 999 and that is a different tab in the trainer. Try not to go in a dungeon while using the trainer, you could also crash or lag. it really does save a lot of time, but I don’t recommend using it if you want the full gaming experience

    • Kyon Smith permalink the link if you can’t find my post

      • Anonymous permalink

        What was is the last tab for?

        • Anonymous permalink

          What is the last tab for****

          • Kyon Smith permalink

            the buttons on the bottom controls which save file you use. you can only edit the file you are currently playing so turn on the game. the left most button on the bottom loads the game stats. the right most changes the file. as long as you dont save, the changes aren’t permanent but you can save any where you want so that is an unneeded worry. . The last tab doesnt really do anything. when you press the middle button on the bottom you get some weird code. it is pretty much useless since you will only need the edit characters and items tabs. Tab 1 is money, 2 is characters but dont mess with it, 3 is also characters go ahead and play with it but dont mess with the fs or sp. also before a certain level or ranking for each character your character will rest its stats to its current max. at around level 50 or 55 depending on the character, you can go up to 100 for normal stats, if you want to change fs or sp use the growth items. you cant change stats during actual fights. tab 3 is item and materials. buttons on side automatically max them, 4 is accessories and equipment and furniture. you dont need to mess with that since you will be able to make infinite of your own. you kind of want to make your own stuff for ranking your synthesis and evaluation. no idea what the last tab does. it seems useless.

  31. Kyon Smith permalink

    i have to thank rogue for recommending Kamidori Alchemy Meister as a good RPG VN with monster girls.

    • Kyon Smith permalink

      Regarding Route Branches

      The game branches between the three heroine routes starting from Chapter 4.

      Yuela Route:

      In one of the ☆ events with Yuela at Wil’s home, choose to deepen your relationship with her when given the option (event available starting Chapter 2).
      View Yuela’s measurement events (the first one is mandatory, the second one might not be).
      Requires Aht Lv. 6+ or Sharty Lv. 12+
      Uya joins the party.
      Melodiana joins the party (or is a guest).

      Serawi Route:

      Don’t meet the requirements for Yuela’s route.
      In an event at Wil’s home, choose to deepen your relationship with her when given the option (event available starting Chapter 2 when Store is Lv. 4+)
      Aht joins the party.
      Suina joins the party.
      Crayl joins the party.

      Emelita Route:

      Don’t meet the requirements for both Yuela and Serawi’s routes.

      Anything aside from the above events has no effect on route selection.

  32. Zoro permalink

    Thanks as always Rogue

  33. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Rogue feeds on my delicious suffering ;_; Please do not finish that fast – I enjoy reading some of the more desperate comments on this blog.

    • Anonymous permalink

      So does that mean Rogue works for Atlus? Because they went on record in their forums as saying “We get off on your tears”…

  34. Anonymous permalink

    thank you for working on this even with a busy schedule. youre the best

  35. Anonymous permalink

    so close

  36. MGQ FTW permalink

    Good on ya Mate u been doin a great job take ur time dont rush we support u

  37. Anonymous permalink

    the quality of translations is top notch and all the work you put in (for free might i add) astounds me. you take as long as you need to rogue, it wont kill us to wait

  38. Anonymous permalink

    Don’t worry you are still the fastest translator around

  39. Alist permalink

    Ika musume hooray! I am excite

  40. Just a puny traveler permalink

    We’ll wait, we’ll wait. But 5 days for 7.9 percent is roughly 1600 texts per day, you must’ve had a very good sorting and typing skills. We are fortunate to met you, Rouge.

  41. Lupil permalink

    Your doing great so far. After the first patch, I ploted out a very rough estimate on when you’d put out the final product. My estimates were between thursday (4/5) to sunday (4/8). I personally, If I could translate, of course, and am working on that, would have gone into gamer nerd mode, thrown my life on a boomerang out the window and do nothing but translate lol.

  42. yabusa permalink

    No more “Rogue is dead” or “in a Chinese Prison” joke here…
    or abducted by alien… lol

    Can wait…

  43. cyb permalink

    Thanks for the hard work. Most appreciated.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    can u translate this game after translation for this game finish?
    this game has really good artwork and it still not in english
    made by the same company that make bible black and dicipline

    the game name is STARLESS

    • Peach Princess is already in the process of translating that, I believe. Also, that isn’t my kind of game.

      • Alex the Lazydude permalink

        yeah at the J-List panel at AX last year the said the translation was finished but they release it till this year iirc

      • Wrandral permalink

        really rogue don’t try starless …. i did and *shudders* oh god i don’t wanna remember

  45. This fix’s the tiny text bug ? i cant even read it in the game x…x

  46. Sajuuk permalink

    starlless does not sound like a fun game to me, good art is not all what a game is about i am looking more at the story and i think it will be simmilar to bible black and dicipline, lots of forced rape and things would be in it to its extreme, and usaly only one good ending end the rest bad endings.

    well glad the final patch is almost done even if i have to wait a little while longer i am happy thet the end in near, keep up the good work Rogue Translator

  47. Anonymous permalink

    Many thanks for all your hard work, RogueTranslator
    It is much appreciated

  48. Anonymous permalink

    Fantastic work.
    What will you do when you’re finished MGQ2? VH again,something else? Or will you be taking some well deserved time off?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m hoping Rogue will consider translating Succubus Quest, myself…

      • Jnon permalink

        I hope so also. I can’t get it to work beyond the first succubus encounter, and have tried several methods and downloaded several tools with no success. That game intrigues me much more than this or any other game right now. Let’s hope for a poll to come along soon, and that Succubus Quest is on it.

      • Jnon permalink

        There is also MGQ3 to look forward to…

    • Anonymous permalink

      I sure hope so. MGQ was clearly stated as his priority, but more VH is all I want.

  49. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Can you call it taking time off from doing something if you do it as a hobby?

  50. Anonymous permalink

    The last part of the game is easily the best. Story, TWEESTS, Luka making massive leaps in power, and best monsters. I think I’m going to do a run through of the entire game just to be ready and refreshed for part 3.

    • Jnon permalink

      By last part of the game, do you mean MGQ3, or the end of part 2?

  51. kalil permalink

    you just need to finish it
    dont worry how long it will take

  52. james123 permalink

    tomorrow thief and troll will come out :) will you trqanslate it rogue ?

  53. Anonymous permalink


    Thank you for your hard work!


  54. Anonymous permalink

    Well as usual, this makes my month.
    Though I’ve been having problems with using the Monster Laboratory.
    I have the Mon_labo folder in the directory, but whenever I go into the game it’s not in the extras section.
    Or any section for that matter.

    I know I’m doing something wrong, so would anybody be kind enough to point out what?

  55. Random Troll permalink

    If I were to request a translation, I’d hint at the eramaker. It makes text-based training-sims/rpgs/dungeon-crawlers. Sadly, most of them already vanished in 404s and the variants I have are bugged nightmarishly

  56. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for your time and dedication! I hope something tremendously good will happen to you in the near future.

  57. Anonymous permalink

    How do i open this infamous monster laboratory? Is it the Spin-off stories or something i need to add manually?

    • John Titor permalink

      Spin-off stories is the monster laboratory.

      • John Titor permalink

        Make a story or download one someone else made and put it in your mod folder.
        Open monadd and check the box of the story you just added and press 保存 at the top.
        Go Spin-off stories and play.

  58. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue, looking forward to it!

    I absolutely love the soundtrack/background music, best part of this game!!!

    • Anonymous permalink

      LOL think this game is liked for other reasons ;)

    • Just a puny traveler permalink

      Yeah, the musics are mostly good (to me, that is). Especially the Four-Heavenly-Knights battle theme.

      • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

        The hardest part about being a fan of this game is how addictive that theme is, and not being able to share it with people….

        • yabusa permalink

          if you shared it…
          they’ll think your a weird one…
          so just keep it to yourself of what you discovered…

          • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

            Yes. That was exactly what I was getting at. : P

  59. Anonymous permalink

    this game is amazing, i appreciate the work

  60. omg so fast, thank you very much for the hard work, you saved my life.. thank you thank you

    • Jnon permalink

      That’s a pretty sad life!

      • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

        Likely just an expression. We dont need to be hating on people, We are all DAMN PERVERTS. So be DAMN HONEST with yourself and accept yourself as a member of the DAMN PERVERTS family.

  61. Anonymous permalink

    Rouge, can we label you as the 5th Heavenly Knight? The efforts you have put into this are simply amazing, and you deserve an award or a fancy title at the very least. Maybe Alice will make you her Duke? But anyway, you have my eternal gratitude, and I would like to thank you for your continued work on this project.

    • Jnon permalink

      I’d play that monster laboratory scenario more than the game itself.

    • Just a puny traveler permalink

      I assume that Rogue is a guy, and a human, so it’d be technically impossible for him to be the Heavenly Knight. But I, too, want to give him some title, maybe another legendary hero along TheGreatHeinrich? ^O^!!

    • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

      We should get a small group of artists to do a Monster Girl heavenly Knight of Rouge Translator. Why? Ehh. Umm. Dunno!

      • Anonymous permalink

        Hmm… The first hermaphrodite monster girl… I was wondering when they’d cater to that fetish.

  62. Ryusen permalink

    Hello guys. Seeing as Rogue is caught up at the moment with the main story I will be giving the monster laboratory scenarios a try in translation.
    I am at a beginner Japanese level and this will surely help. I do have some tools that will help in the accuracy of the translation (Japanese word editor, dictionary, etc…)

    And once again, Rogue thanks!

    • Fanservicefan permalink

      Which ones do you have in mind to translate?

      • Ryusen permalink

        I’ve downloaded a few from the Japanese repository

        Right now I’m working on “Oppai Ririi Tengaku” which should translate into “Lily’s Boobie Heaven” or something like that. She’s a succubus

        There’s also a feisty wolf girl and a Tamamo one… there’s never enough Tamamo XP
        Hopefully I get the hang of this by the time MG3 is released so I can help rogue with the whole process

        • Anonymous permalink

          There’s one about the Slaughter of Remina, that one looks pretty interesting.

  63. CCC permalink

    10.7% to go…
    Go Rogue !!! Ur the best…
    Keep up the good work…

  64. Anonymous permalink

    I think the file nscript.dat (english version) crashes after I have replaced it. Any solution??
    it says: line: 18764

    I effectcut
    I mode_wave_demo
    > exec_dll “NSFont.dll/gaiji,,system/hurt.bmp

    • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

      Run the game through the Japanese locale in applocale. It works perfectly on 64 bit systems and/or windows XP. The code is in Japanese, so when you computer tries to read it in English code, your machine flips out. Strangely enough, the translated portions of the game CAN be run without it on some machines, yours does not seem to fit in this category.

  65. Anonymous permalink

    rogue, do you ever think to translate any game from Vanadis?

  66. Gene permalink

    Thanks Rogue, its your translation that even got me playing this series. This blog is one of five links I cycle through every few days in my bookmarks.

    Just out of interest, and desperate hope, do you plan to go back to translating more of Violated Heroine at some point? Your translation patches were something I had been waiting for and made the game playable. I imagine there has been more content added, for Nanako and Serina both, and there were a few interesting scenes in the desert-casino town that would hav been nice to experiance without squinting at AGTH. =D

  67. raza permalink

    another update only a few days after i saw the last one lol.
    happy days

  68. Anonymous permalink

    It kind of bums me out to hear that but it’s understandable.

    Can’t wait for the update, all my favorite scenes are in this last patch.

  69. Anonymous permalink

    you are the best Rogue ever!

  70. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up the good work. We appreciate it.

  71. Lunaris permalink

    We’re behind you all the way, dude. Keep it up!

  72. Rederious permalink

    The fact that a single person is capable of translating that much text in such a small amount of time is amazing.

    • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

      It depends on the person, but yes. IT is pretty much a miracle. I can imagine a programmer writing that much code in that period of time, but actually translating something from a different language that quickly seems kinda unlikely, especially with kanji…. OF course, this comes from someone who gets headaches when hearing/reading ANY language other then English (Not-English dyslexic?)

      • I’ve mentioned it once before, but the “line count” isn’t truly a 1:1 line comparision. Much of the text contains code for images/battle stuff. Overall, the actual translatable lines are only about ~40% of what’s listed.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Yeah, I noticed that. Luka’s surrendering, name’s, and some other stuff are generally repeated. And with the way the system works, Rogue most likely only needs to translate those lines once. Since they’re repeated often, I can see how those particular lines may rack up the total line count quite a bit. Also, I’d imagine not having to translate the actual code (if it’s not broken, then don’t fix it) into English would help some as well.

          • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

            The fact that NScripter sucks at working with English text makes it that much more difficult, so there were ugly workarounds that had to be done to make it work (“Save Locations” being the most obvious one).

        • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

          Ive noticed a few lines that stayed translated after I went past the part that is translated, and I was shocked at how little actually carried over. The only reused lines I saw were “But luka dodges like the wind,” and “But a gust of wind blocks your vision.”

  73. Fox_Knight permalink

    i wonder are there any story’s in the Monster Laboratory that involve the four heavenly knights? I found one with the four spirit’s.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Monster Laboratory system. What is that?

    • Ryusen permalink

      Yes there is a scenario but it isn’t translated (Japanese repository only).

      It’s a pretty long one too. All I have to say is its title:
      “The Four Heavenly Knights Gang Rape”

  74. Stormstrider permalink

    Hi folks! I find a new monster girls game,if someone have interest, the game can be seen here:

    • Dargoth permalink

      Hentai content isn’t bad at all, but the story is a joke and the gameplay is atrocious. Sounds familiar… Worth a download for the scenes at least.

      Here’s a 100% save:

      Trust me, you don’t actually want to play the game. I cheated to make the save file.

      If you do want to play it… there are 3 good endings and you have a time limit of 99 days.
      1. Get your mood with the Succubus over 999
      2. Create the Lecher’s Stone (Philosopher’s Stone joke…)
      3. Create the 4 pieces of armor for your girls (best ending, gets you the credits)

      Considering the time limit, it’s best to focus on one ending.
      1. Items to boost the Succubus’s mood are the first in the list. If you aren’t going for this ending, just make the cheap ones to give her every day.
      2. To make the stone, the items are in the second column. 3 rock fragments to make a shiny rock, 3 of those for each elemental stone. Make all of those for the Lecher’s Stone (it’s in the left column: 淫者の石).
      3. The four items below the Lecher’s Stone are each for an event, each of which will give you an item needed for the armors, which are directly across in the right column.

      You need to save up 500 l of semen to unlock the other areas. Rest of the game is just clicking over and over. Not terribly hard to figure out.

      • Stormstrider permalink

        Thank you for your reply! At last I will try download the cgs.

    • Anonymous permalink

      can we download that anywhere? what’s the name of that game?

  75. Anonymous permalink

    I know I am a little late in asking this but what does the new patch include?

  76. tajuan permalink

    can anyone help me everytime im about to enter part 2 i crash i ran it in applocal japanese too be still result the same it says sumthin bout bg077.bmpand a 099 textline 19810

    • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

      Applocale has some issues in 32 bit systems, Ive noticed. I have a 64 bit machine and it runs flawlessly, on other peoples 32 bit machines, AP LOCALE WILL TEAR YOUR SILLY PROGRAMS APART… Ehhm Eh. Eh heh. Sorry.

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      You patched MGQ1. The patch Rogue is currently working on is for MGQ2, a standalone game completely separate from MGQ1. You need to download MGQ2 (Google is your friend), then download Rogue’s English patch & patch it from there.

  77. Some people have joy looking under a microscope, some have joy sitting on top of a tree waiting for a bird to arrive after 11 hours, most love playing games to gather every trophy to obtain the platium, but real men enjoy Monster Girl Quest while listening to heavy metal. Welcome Back, Commander Rogue!!

  78. Anonymous permalink

    LOL, nice work on the translation rogue. But one question.
    Is the spin offs also gonna be translated?

  79. jon permalink

    you are the man you did it man i love you thx

  80. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, I hope you are proud of yourself.

  81. Anonymous permalink

    We need to patch the 66% into the folder with the 33%?
    But I didnt download the 33% and I cant download it anymore from the site’s link, can anyone help?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Read the “Patch Readme”. In case you don’t have it.

      1. How to install
      Simply unrar the files into the MGQ2 base folder. Choose to overwrite when prompted.
      Remember, MGQ Part 2 is NOT the same as MGQ Part 1. Do not try to extract this part 2
      patch into MGQ Part 1’s folder.

      2. Patch Contents
      Everything from the start to about 2/3 of the way through the game.

      3. Saving
      Only save at “Save Locations”, like in the first game.

      4. Combining Part 1 and Part 2.
      To combine Part 1 with Part 2, copy the “arc.nsa” file from your MGQ Part 1 folder. Paste this
      arc.nsa file into Part 2’s folder, choosing “Yes” to overwrite the current file.

      Once copied over, launch MGQ Part 2, and go to the “Extra” Menu. In there, choose “Part 1
      Converstion”. If you copied over the arc.nsa file, it will complete successfully. Once combined,
      monsters from part 1 are available to view in the encyclopedia. “New Game” will also now start
      from Part 1, at the very start.

      5. Importing Part 1’s save.
      Go to your part 1 directory, to the \save folder. Inside this folder, you need to copy “gloval.sav”.
      Paste this “gloval.sav” file into Part 2’s \save folder. After that, go to the “Extra” menu and
      choose “Part 1 SaveImport”. It will import the save file and start you on part 2.

      6. Loading from Part 2 33% save
      A bug with loading patches may appear in this version. If your save crashes when you try to load
      the game, you need to load from the autosave. From the main menu, choose:

      Extras -> Autosave Data -> Yes

  82. He’s getting close. Soon he’ll make it come.


  83. Billy Bob Thornton permalink

    Which of the four spirits and has it been translated?

  84. Anonymous permalink

    Monster Laboratory system. what is that? How can i use it?

    • John Titor permalink

      Spin-off stories. Look it up.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Making reverse gangbang zombie porn. Already have 3 women signed up, need at least 17 more women to be my zombie whores.

      Source: my penis.

  85. Afan permalink

    So… Rogue-kun… Still not interested in translating Vanadis stuff…?

  86. Anonymous permalink

    So, guys, I’m gonna have a nofapathon till the release of the final patch and then play monmusu on nightmare mode (Coming every time when Luka comes %))
    Who with me?%)

  87. AnonS permalink

    What am I going to do after this patch is finished? I like it here, we need to figure out some way to keep this blog alive for other things. Rogue any thoughts on making a forum?

  88. ZRA permalink

    Hey, I was bored and created a side story with Granberia it’s about 600 lines of text, and it took me about a day, where should I put it up? And if there is a program, I would love to know about it!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Send it to Gnome if you want him to include it in his batch posts (his e-mail can be found by clicking the link directly above your comment), or you can upload it yourself and post the link here to temporarily relieve our boredom now, lol.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I say you just upload it to Mediafire and post the link here.

  89. Anonymous permalink

    Any chance of Incubus Fantasy being translated by anyone?

    • Anonymous permalink

      that game looks awesome too bad i dont know japenese

  90. Anonymous permalink

    you can do it rogue kick the game in the daddy bags

  91. Shirokuro permalink

    Because of you and your translations now im into monster girl stuff and i cant get enough of it

    Thank you, sir :D

  92. Glantris permalink

    I just realized, as I started playing through the game again, that this is my 5th playthrough while waiting for the last bits.

    I have gone mad.

    • AnonS permalink

      It’s actually a very good game, if you take out all the sex bits the story and characters are more than strong enough to carry the game. It also has some catchy music too.

  93. Anonymous permalink

    I hope Chuck Norris help you and bless you and i hope that you can translate later in the future Incubus Fantasy. Thanks for all Rogue
    Sorry for my bad english

  94. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Yet another devotee of the Church of Chuck Norris.

  95. Anonymous permalink

    Is there a way to add on to the game’s script without modifying the original nscript.dat, like add a scripted battle that doesn’t use the Monster Lab?

  96. shakey2 permalink

    Eagerly awaiting the next translation patch. I’m dying to continue my playthrough of MGQ2 so much so that i’ve replayed it 3 times now XD I even started into the untranslated portion fighting 2 encounters before giving up x.x

  97. Tombi permalink

    I have a prob … my game crash in the wood bevor the slime girl arrive -.-

  98. Yuhan permalink

    Just another message to show my apreciation :)

  99. SupremeVictory permalink

    If there was a donate button, I’d hit it. Where did your learn Japanese? I’m interested in learning too.

  100. Anonymous permalink

    Dude, I know you’re legally obligated to not accept any money for this stuff, but if you’re ever in Southern California I would be honored to buy you pizza or something. You qualify as a bro of the highest degree for taking the time to do this, and there’s nothing illegal about giving a bro some cheesy, saucy goodness free of charge.

  101. anonymously anonymous permalink

    Besides Violated hero I haven’t found very many monster girl games that I like. But this is easily one of the best.

  102. ichigo permalink

    I can run the game perfectly fine..

    but at one point my game crashes once..
    after that, I can start the game again, but all the save data and monster pedia are gone..

    when I checked the installation folder, the save data are still there.. what should I do?

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