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The End is Nigh

March 25, 2012

Well, the time for the full patch is almost upon us. I’m aiming for late afternoonish Saturday on March 31st to put it out. The 100% patch will contain everything in the main game. What it won’t have is the new Monster Laboratory/Spin off story stuff yet (Not Ika Musume / The other example battles / The generic text for making your own battles). Like Part 1, I’m planning on doing that stuff in an additional after-patch for those interested in that kind of stuff for the game.

City     – 5175/5175            – 100%
Story    – 18855/19600        – 96.2%
Battle    – 82000/82000        – 100%
Ency    – 1012/1450         – 69.8%
Total     – 107042/108225        – 98.9%

Despite the line count making it seem like I could finish in a day, I still need to go back and do more editing and bug checking which is what’s going to take up the bulk of the time.

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  2. Anonymous permalink

    thanks a lot for your work.

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  4. Praise the rogue!

    Can’t wait to see how this part finishes, nice going on all the amazing hard work so far rogue.

  5. Susebron permalink

    You’re a lightning bolt Rogue. Once it’s out, I’ll be sure to play through 100% and give you any feedback on any spelling/grammar errors I find. Thanks for all the hard work!

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    Go for it man!

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    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s Rogue, jackhole.

      • Anti- Troll permalink

        @Anon, don’t call people jackholes just because they spell someone’s name wrong.

        • no john, you are the troll permalink

          Don’t call people troll just because they are flaming someone for making a mistake that can be avoided by putting as much effort into writing your post as you put into breathing.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Hey, man. What if that guy has a serious respiratory disorder? Have you ever stopped to consider that, punk?

          • Anonymous permalink

            it would be nice if people would stop acting like spelling/grammar nazi;s

          • Actually in this case, the “Anit-Troll” has it right. Rogue deserves to have his name spelt correctly, regardless of whether or not it’s flaming / trolling/ or being obsessive over spelling. It’s called respect, and if you don’t have enough to look at the name of the url or any other countless place’s to spell his name right, then you don’t deserve to enjoy his work.

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            however when typing quickly reversing two letters by accident is quite common, and even if you reread your post , the human brain will sometimes automatically recognize words by letter combinations, even if the letters are in the wrong order, as long as the fsirt and lsat letters are in the rgiht pceals. This will cause you to miss your own typoes, adding to the fact that you can’t edit your post after it’s complete I think a few typoes should be forgiven.

          • Anti-Troll permalink

            everyone makes mistakes, that’s no need to flame someone. Don’t act like you have never made a typo in a post before. especially something like rogue and rouge, where they are both actual words.

            now please end this pointless argument.

          • Izanagino – I don’t know about you, but the general typing speed isn’t faster than the process of recording images with our eyes and having the brain decode them for information, so saying you type fast is not an excuse. And most people I know, those that completed you know, basic english, already have the ability to error check their own work as they go.

            Oh, did I mention these people aren’t english native speakers? It just goes to show that people are damn lazy to either learn or correct themselves. True, you can’t edit your post, but nothing stopping them from you know, replying again, posting the correction and apologising. It’s basic manners and I find the lack thereof highly disturbing.

            I’m stopping this conversation now, feel free to reply, I won’t be reading any responses.

          • Anonymous permalink


            It’s actually a learning disorder. You may have it once you finish puberty kido.

            Or maybe you do and your just jelly.

          • Actually what you have here is someone using the extremely common error of spelling Rogue as Rouge. Any one whose played an mmo can tell you many many many many people do this all the time.

        • Horizon Vermillion permalink

          That is true, especially for someone who do not understand well (like me)

    • Jackhole Prime permalink

      Actually, it’s not a learning disorder so much as plain stupidity. People think “rouge” is how the word is spelled because they are of low intelligence and therefore struggle with simple words. Additionally, I will call anyone a jackhole that I please, and you can all eat a cock. I’ve seen so much ignorance and laziness in regards to communication since the dawn of the so-called cyber age that it makes me fear Idiocracy might one day be a reality. So the next time you try to hold up your alleged “disorders” as a shield behind which to hide from the rational world, pause to consider the state of the human race, and your role in the decay of its intellectual status quo. Now I leave you in the grips of your imagined illnesses and self-diagnosed disabilities, so that I may return with no undue haste to jerkin’ my gherkin over these well endowed female entities of the monstrous persuasion.

      • Anonymous permalink

        “and you can all eat a cock.”

        . . .

        That’s hardly a rounded meal for say… the vast majority of humankind. You sir, are in a minority of elitist idiots.

        As for whether mental diseases are just “plain stupidity”, that doesn’t change the fact that some people are born with specific problems and even if that problem is just being stupid, or dyslexic or whatever, that gives you no right to be so rude. If you were so superior you wouldn’t feel a need to prove yourself or look down on other people.

        I also find the act of claiming any kind of high ground here quite amusing. Take note that I am not blind to the irony.

        Also let’s not forget that the typo of such apparently gigantic significance occurred in an effort to thank Rogue. I’m sure Rogue would be more than happy to rise above the small typo and accept the sentiment for what it was intended.

        • Dyslexia would not cause the error Rouge instead of Rogue. The only thing that would cause it, is bad spelling, and not taking the time to check your grammar or spelling before posting. Yeah crazy I know, who stops and takes 20 secs to read there post for errors.

          • Fix'd permalink

            “Dyslexia would not cause the error of spelling “Rogue” as “Rouge”. The only things that would cause it are poor spelling, and not taking the time to check your grammar (or spelling) before posting. Yeah, crazy, I know. Who stops and takes 20 seconds to check their post for errors?”

            Now, after that significant contribution to this discussion, I’d like to take this time to thank he-who’s-name-is-difficult-to-spell for all the work he’s put into the proper translation of this game. It’s stolen me from more expensive games for a good week, and I’m looking forward to the conclusion of the story in a language I can understand.

            +1 internets for Rouge…. Er, I mean… Rogue.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I don’t check, hell I’ve written crap, saved it, came back the following day and see a ton of spelling errors that I didn’t remember making, much less notice.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Everyone that has commented on the Anon spelling Rouge instead of Rogue, has in some way or another been a Troll. Having said that Lowlightt gets the gold medal for ignorance. Dyslexia whether you believe so or not is an acknowledged mental condition. While yes you are right there’s no reason they would misspell Rogue as Rouge, but it is possible they misread it as Rouge. On another note, you seem to be one of those people that would tell some to go running because their broken leg is just them being lazy.

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    You can’t comprehend how pumped up I am for this release. Thanks so much for all of your effort!

  9. Anonymous permalink

    My god we’re so close!

    You are a true hero.

  10. svnhddbst permalink

    i don’t think you realize how much people appreciate your work.

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    I love you

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    Amazing work Rogue,
    Thank you so much!

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    woo :D you can do it man ! we believe in you! XD

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      “:D” “XD”

      I don’t think you’re old enough for Monster Girl Quest.

      • Anonymous permalink

        nah, he’s just from reddit/facebook and doesn’t know any better

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    *Sniff* youve done so much for us yet we have done nothing for you thank you kind sir thank you

    • Anonymous permalink

      We played the game with rogues hard work, I’m sure thats enough to thank him.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome! Do you know what your next project is going to be, if you’re doing one?

  16. William permalink

    Alright! This is great, Rogue! You sure do work hard, man. Thanks for the translation! You’re honestly one of my favorite independent translators out there. Can’t wait!!

  17. Ray permalink

    Thanks for putting so much effort into this. We really appreciate your hard work!

  18. Darion permalink

    0% chance of the patch before friday 30 indeed

  19. redpanther permalink

    Hell yeah man!
    This is (PK) Rockin!

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    Praise the rogue!

  21. Dan permalink

    Hopefully with this patch the game won’t crash when alice glares at me at the begining.

  22. So i just jizzed in my pants. Many happy thanks to you Rogue and all of your children that you have murdered into tissues. May monster girl quest 2 allow us to continue genocide.

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      Potential children…. :)

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      Potential children….. :)

      • Jnon permalink

        Oh, no. They’re his children, alright. We are all committing homicide millions of times whenever we ejaculate. The law simply has no way to crack down on it because they masturbate/pull out also. Even if that weren’t the case, there are way too many trillions of trillions of trillions of murders in one day to actually keep track of.

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          you call it murder i call it stopping a terrorist orginazations plot to invade and sabotage a poor womens vagina

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            If you count the deeath of singular cells as homicide, then unfertilized ova should count as well, and also any bacteria, amoebas, and blood cells when you cut yourself.

          • Yep thats why you are a mass murderer Izanagino… Food for thought.

          • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

            Hell, sperm and eggs are not even alive yet. Knapping rocks together, proteins breaking down, and breathing would all be mass murder in this definition.

          • Yep they are, you kill billions of things daily to live, you murder.

          • Anonymous permalink

            >you murder

            Are you implying that one can be a personification of a specific crime?

          • I would to continue keeping the troll going, but unfortunately I got bored so you win Anonymous.

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  25. And so we await the greatness of which is the patch.

  26. NotTheOne permalink

    Thanks alot for making all of us a little dirtier inside but i noticed “battle” went down by 1000 why is that?

    • Every so often, I combine two lines of japanese into a single english sentence. So out of over 83000(rounded) lines at the start, I combined about 1000(rounded) of them. Very short sentences in Japanese would sound extremely odd if left alone in English.

  27. Mr Shido permalink

    Awaiting 100% Patch. Big thanks on this, Better than most FF titles with more main character development.

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    Thank you so much for your amazing work. :D :D :D
    You are an Extraordinary Gentleman of the Internets.

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    Thanks you, Rogue

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks man, cant wait to play this game again

  31. mynameis permalink

    cool, looking forward to an early april- err i mean patch.

  32. Osiris permalink

    Before I forget, the music always skips when I play the game. Is it just me or are other people having similar problems as well

    • Anonymous permalink

      used to happen to me aswell, what i did was close everything and ctr alt del and then go to processes and right click the game name(i think it was monstergirl or something along those lines i forgot been sometime since i last played) and then select change priority and select high priority(do not select real time otherwise your computer might crash or become extremely unstable) and then a message will appear and then click ok to accept the change(you will need to do this everytime you play)

      and btw if your computer extremely lags when the game is open and not allow you to ctr alt del try pressing ctr alt del and then clicking the game and the ctr alt del menu will appear(you may not have to do this, but already giving you a heads up)

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  34. Incubusknight permalink

    Ah the long wait is finally about to end.
    Well done rogue. As always your work is well appreciated.
    I’ll be looking forward to seeing any other future translations you take up for fun and hope you’ll also be translating Monster girl quest 3 when it comes out.

  35. Jyn Kognito permalink

    Now is the time to create a donate button for yourself…
    I , at the very least, wouldn’t mind giving a small gift for your hardwork.

  36. Anonymous permalink

    Seriously, a lot of people really appreciate all the time and effort you’re putting into this.
    I’m loving MGQ’s story and I would have never had the opportunity to enjoy it otherwise.

  37. Glantris permalink



    that’s the wibbly sound I’m making. We have a date to look forward to! It’s even two weeks before my birthday! I’ll have plenty of fluids so I don’t get dehydrated! YEY~

    • Incognito permalink

      Lucky for you. March 31st is the day after my birthday :(

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    Sweet Chuck Norris thank you and thank you too Rogue you ROCK!!!!

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    swwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, friday 31 shall be the day that milions of potential children shall die

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    ooohhh release on my birthday yay

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    I freaking love you, man.

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    I can’t wait.

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  45. Anonymous permalink

    I seriously broke into a dance when I saw the percents. Even tho I know you could pull that out, it just lightened up my day in matter of seconds. Thank you =)

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    You Sir are the best!

  47. Scarlethill permalink

    You sir are awesome!

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    Woho! This post made my day! You sir, are nothing short of a god.

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  50. chibishiroiryu permalink

    So … Juste one more week to wait ?
    Thanks a lot.

  51. Crimson permalink

    Let us do the bug testing. Seriously. I’m not just saying that because I’m salivating over a ending here, but because you have 10,000+ people willing to do it for you. Seriously. It’ll make bug fixing/typo smashing a breeze, and I’m sure we could all put up with a few to get closure. (On this part, anyway.)

    • Jnon permalink

      No, some things would be overlooked. He started this project and I’m sure he would feel better if he were the one to finish it. After all of that hard work, I know I would certainly want to be the only one proofreading everything so that I could be sure nothing was missed.

    • Anonymous permalink

      And what if there’s multiple crashes after the first one you encounter? The average player wouldn’t realize it because he wouldn’t know how to fix it.

      Then again, it seems kind of much for one guy to do everything. The 3-4 month (really 3 considering the breaks in-between) time span is pretty impressive for a game with MGQ’s amount of text, but having less time to stamp out bugs and having only one guy do it means the players will unfortunately run into them. In the end, we’re getting it for free, so, yeah…

      • There have been one or two bugs with most of my patches. They’re usually all fixed after a couple hours, though.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    The 31th is my birthday. I love you dude <3

  53. Some random person permalink

    Appreciate the effort and I am looking forward to Saturday ;)

  54. thank you for your hard work rogue-san n team :)

  55. Zoro permalink

    Thanks Rogue, :’)

  56. Kanosint permalink

    So close to my B-day on the 28th… I’ll see it as a late gift ;3

  57. Rogue you’re my hero.

  58. Scarlethill permalink

    I know how i will spend my Saturday ;)

  59. Anonymous permalink

    Can’t wait.

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    thanks for your hard work Rogue

  61. Anonymous permalink

    I wanna hug you now

  62. yabusa permalink

    My body is ready… ;D

  63. CCC permalink

    Oh wow…
    Great job Rogue-san !!!
    Keep up the good work !!!

  64. Emile permalink

    And my birthday is on 31 March…

    Thanks for the gift Rogue!

  65. Anonymous permalink

    GJ Rogue

  66. Anonymous permalink

    Gawd i can’t wait! Thanks so much for this Rogue~ Hope to see you Xlate part 3 when it comes out!

  67. トロトロ抵抗 permalink


    • anon permalink


      • Anonymous permalink

        According to Google Translator, it’s a string of insults. >_>

        • Anonymous permalink

          It’s probably someone pretending to be from Toro-Toro Resistance.

        • Dargoth permalink

          It’s actually pretty funny, although people haven’t learned that it’s really, really easy to tell Google Translate Japanese from real Japanese.

          • トロトロ抵抗 permalink



          • Anonymous permalink

            Yeah, because it translates back into perfect English XD

          • Anonymous permalink

            Well, I had some suspicion it was someone trying to be funny when they invoked ‘Ilias’s wrath’ on Rogue or some such thing.

            I’ll readily admit my Japanese is bad – just enough to read menus in RPGs – but I do somewhat know a bit, enough to horribly violate it when I try writing any, at least, lol. Or to notice things like these.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Rogue isn’t doing anything illegal. He bought the game legally and is just making an english translation. If anything, he boosted the sales. I’m sure there are alot of people who have illegally downloaded it but i doubt you will starve with 26k+ legal downloads on the japanese side and almost 650+ legal downloads on the english side.

    • Random Troll permalink


      Troll harder.

    • Just a puny traveler permalink

      Sigh*… You…should wait for April 1st!

    • Osiris permalink

      Is this game on sale in Japan?

  68. Creep permalink

    U dah man or womwn or monster w/e you are :P

  69. Condemned75 permalink

    What a legend. Thank you so very much for your sterling effort!!

  70. Monster Girl Lover permalink

    Rogue, you’re awesome! Really looking forward to this weekend now! :D

  71. DjMaxZephyr permalink

    Dude, you are the best! Keep it up!
    We all appreciate your hard work!
    -sincerely HoN Chat

    • tppcrg permalink

      so there ARE other hon players that like this

  72. bookies permalink

    WHOOT! Love ya Rogue! You really work hard! We are all really grateful to you. Keep up the good work!

    Sincerely, bookies

  73. Anonymous permalink

    God bless you

  74. Once again asking help from people of this blog to join up with the wiki and help us create a comprehensible guide on all things MGQ. Clicking on my name will link you to it.

  75. Anonymous permalink

    You are a god among men

  76. Anonymous permalink

    Quick question: will I need to download all the old patches before this one(including the patches for MGQ1), or will this patch include everything from the previous patches?

    • Anonymous permalink

      from previous “Patch Readme”

      1. How to install
      Simply unrar the files into the MGQ2 base folder. Choose to overwrite when prompted.
      Remember, MGQ Part 2 is NOT the same as MGQ Part 1. Do not try to extract this part 2
      patch into MGQ Part 1’s folder.

      2. Patch Contents
      Everything from the start to about 2/3 of the way through the game.

      3. Saving
      Only save at “Save Locations”, like in the first game.

      4. Combining Part 1 and Part 2.
      To combine Part 1 with Part 2, copy the “arc.nsa” file from your MGQ Part 1 folder. Paste this
      arc.nsa file into Part 2’s folder, choosing “Yes” to overwrite the current file.

      Once copied over, launch MGQ Part 2, and go to the “Extra” Menu. In there, choose “Part 1
      Converstion”. If you copied over the arc.nsa file, it will complete successfully. Once combined,
      monsters from part 1 are available to view in the encyclopedia. “New Game” will also now start
      from Part 1, at the very start.

      5. Importing Part 1’s save.
      Go to your part 1 directory, to the \save folder. Inside this folder, you need to copy “gloval.sav”.
      Paste this “gloval.sav” file into Part 2’s \save folder. After that, go to the “Extra” menu and
      choose “Part 1 SaveImport”. It will import the save file and start you on part 2.

      6. Loading from Part 2 33% save
      A bug with loading patches may appear in this version. If your save crashes when you try to load
      the game, you need to load from the autosave. From the main menu, choose:

      Extras -> Autosave Data -> Yes

      • Anonymous permalink

        Guess I should read a little harder lol. Thanks

  77. Anonymous permalink

    how big will the download be and through what website will the download be availible?? or are u making ur own download?

  78. Anonymous permalink

    Just simply thank you for your all your hard work. Seriously, man, thanks!

  79. Anonymous permalink

    Ouais ^^ Merci RogueTranslator pour ton incroyable travail.

    • MainstreamTranslator permalink

      (Yeah! Thanks RougeTranslator for your incredible work.)

  80. Michael permalink

    Today is 26th and they are not finished, aww… :P

    just joking :D you can do it, 3k lines moarrr, then you can release a bug fix for it xD

  81. Anonymous permalink

    Oh thank you thank you thank you thank you!
    It’s one of those porn games I play for the plot.

  82. anonymously anonymous permalink

    going to be antisocial again soon

  83. Mkmd13 permalink

    You know that feeling you get when you just get a brand spankin new game from the game store? I get that feeling every time Rogue releases a patch :D

  84. Random Troll permalink

    I still smell April fools jokes coming up…

  85. TransparentBlue permalink

    Just found that, hope it will be useful to someone.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The trick is basically just, Save Game –> Yes –> Esc key.
      Just tried this trick to save anywhere with Windows 7. After testing it in the French locale like the video said, I then went back to English(United State) locale and tested it again, and it still worked. However saves during out of combat dialog sent me back to the last “Save Location”.

    • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

      Copying the text in the save locations and pasting it into the bar seemed to work for me, Or simply using generic Japanese text. This was in the Japanese locale, mind you.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Tested the method of pasting the string of characters at save locations (which is ‚r‚‚–‚…@‚k‚‚ƒ‚‚”‚‰‚‚Ž@ ) into save bar at any location using English(United States) locale and that works too. I made a little file called “Save Location.txt” for myself using notepad with the string of characters of save locations and a little description of the two tricks so that I can easily find how to do them later.
        Thanks for the telling me how to do these.

        • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

          Yeah, I found it very useful for saving saves actually, I felt much less inclined to save at every save.

  86. I know part 2 is almost done but do you guys/gals think there will be a third part?

    • Random Troll permalink

      Torotoro releasing pictures of new monsters and all across the web are mentions that mgq is going to be triology.

      Obviously, it’s all a conspiracy and they will go duke nukem’

      • Anonymous permalink

        I remember hearing about that a while ago.

      • Dargoth permalink

        The MGQ parts were translated as part 1, part 2, part 3 in English because that’s how we number sequels, but in Japanese, the games are labelled beginning, middle, end (or front, middle, rear). It’s been unmistakably a trilogy from the start.

  87. Anonymous permalink

    After this are you going back to VH?

  88. Fenoxo permalink



      • Anonymous permalink

        It wasnt that bad…. “”

        • Anonymous permalink

          No matter how much you try to excuse it, the endings were unspeakably bad and annoying. Hell, Bioware was forced to acknowledge they were bad, because the internet backdraft was that huge.

          Between that and the on-disc DLC, they haven’t exactly gained brownie points with their fans. Then again, Bioware has been dropping the ball frighteningly often ever since they started gunning for the CoD crowd.

          • Wrong, CoD crowd is activision, bioware works for ea thus they are gunning for the Madden crowd. Besides mass effects endings sucked because the 3rd story was written by a girl and girls cant finish stories period.

          • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

            They suffered writer change. It is the most surefire way to generate plot holes. Otherwise it is considerably more fun then the games that came before it in combat, its character interaction and world building is brilliant, its plot is ACCEPTABLE, but its endings are a total joke.

            Also, The multi-player is kinda addicting, And totally made by a different studio. From Ashes was kinda a massive dick move, ANNNNNDD origin is a pain in the ass.

          • Speaking of games with awesome multiplayer try out syndicate, ironically has an amazing multiplayer.

          • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

            Ohh god. It is? The single player on that ACTUALLY was shit (Not that I got it.)

          • Yep, 4 player co op with like 10 -12 missions, each quite well done on level layouts, you can make different weapon layouts, unlock, research, and equip different skills or specials which lets you flesh out your party roll, (ie team healer, dps, buffing) research different weapons and level up through a larger skill tree for character traits. Making most players have unique characters for multiplayer. It’s quite well done and fun to boot. Multiplayer was definitely where the focus for the game was.

          • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

            Reviewers never play multiplayer too. That’s the funny part.

        • I expected the same thing as mass effect 3. I paid money to have a good time and I did in mass effect 3, and like fenoxo said, it was the same as eating through a really good cake to find a turd in the middle.

          Sure they had writing problems, but I think, as a consumer, because I paid you know, money, that I have the right to be disappointed in a game that failed to meet the standards the previous games had set.


          • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

            Yeah, this is why I am playing it through borrowing, instead of buying. I still really like the game, and I hope bioware listens to those indoctrination theory guys since it would give a considerably better ending then what the current bioware script leaks are giving us for the ending DLC (Which, if it is free will prove to be a serious boost in their favor, even if they retain some level of idiocracy over it. Goodwill is goodwill, even from total fools.)

      • powerneed permalink

        and let the mass effect 3 debate began

  89. Anonymous permalink


  90. Unfortunate Mermaid permalink

    My body is ready!

  91. Anonymous permalink

    u are the best bro

  92. Anonymous permalink

    Someone give this man a blowjob

  93. Anonymous permalink

    Dude! Push the date back for 1 more day! My birthday is april first!

  94. Anonymous permalink

    You are a legend.

  95. Braginski permalink

    Good going, Rogue; you’re surpassing everyone’s expectations. Even your own it seems.

  96. Anonymous permalink

    There is a god, and it’s Rogue

  97. Freaking yes. Keep up the good work sir. +1 cookie for you.

  98. Anonymous permalink

    Will you be continuing VH after you a done with this? Will you take a break for a while? What are your next plan after this?

    • Anonymous permalink

      My guess would be a small break until part 3 comes out. Definitely deserves it after all the work put into this.

      With a bias also think it’d be a shame if translating something else got in the way of part 3 when it came out.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I think it’s a shame part 2 got in the way of VH. :(

  99. Just a puny traveler permalink

    Wow! It’s coming closer! …but I have to take a trip on 31st! Noooooo!! …well, I would just play it on 2nd…

  100. Anonymous permalink

    Is there a way to donate to you for your great work?

  101. Spongebob permalink

    here’s a link to the game if u haven’t downloaded it yet

  102. your friendly neighborhood derp permalink

    gj rogue and ty for another great translation
    hope you’ll consider doing part 3

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    how do u download it when u get their??? i dont see a download button

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    Wow, (planned for)2 days after my birthday. Thanks :D

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    God damn, Rogue. Much abliged for the speedy translation.

    How fast can one man type, anyways…?

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    finally, something to hora about….
    great job rogue!!!!

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    you sir are amazing.

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    Fine, would you start away with MQ3 now?

    …lol just kidding, and thank you lots for your hard and awesome work !!! ^__^

  110. Anon permalink

    My body isn’t ready for Tamamo’s fluffy tails and human-Alice rape! D:

  111. Kyon Smith permalink

    nice, and i just finished the yuera and serawi routes in Kamidori alchemy meister and reached magus status. By the time I get to the Emi route, it should be done

    • Anonymous permalink

      Soo do I but i had too few devil beads to craft all ultimate recipe stuff :P and i’ve got my mylen ploa that oneshot pratically everything, plus asmodeus, wil and yuela(with undress and prevail) that cant be killed:P
      One question, i’ve found speciall accessory only for a phew char(emilita,yuela,black eushully and anastasia). Does every char have one of those to be found?

      • Kyon Smith permalink

        most of them do have a special equipment. some of them are special species and you only get one of those types of characters so essentially as far as I know everyone has their own special equipment or at least every species has their own special equipment. as for the materials you dont have enough of, most materials can be maxed out with the cheat engine I showed everyone in previous posts of mine, just ctrl + f and type ‘Kyon Smith’ in each of rogue’s posts and you will find the link to the cheat engine. some materials require you to do some quest so that you can buy them from Hannah or the cheat engine wont give them so you have to find them in the append2 maps these are the links you need if you want to know where stuff is.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Ty for the info but i enjoy playng the game and having mylen ploa with ful’s tear+ ful’s mill make it really easy to gather material, soo i think i won’t have problems crafting almost everything :P(atleast not after i finished the game 3 times to go through all routes :P).
          THe accessory i was speaking are not made for races they are unique for char like the “Zilterry insigna” for emilita and otther( don’t remember all name). I found them in lvl 90 maps and all of them give multiple skill bonus(double action seems to be always one of them).
          I really hope that i can find one for every char because now as now i play mostly char with double action, but i would like to enjoy the others too

        • Anonymous permalink

          I already knew that wiki, the problem is the material section cover only the “other” class, so it is not good to know which monsters drop the special accessory, and i think it is faster to try and farm all of them than to try to read it on the jap wiki :P. For what i remember i’m pretty sure that i found bot yuela’s and balck eushully accesories on monsters in valkyre falls, and i think phinilly one was on a phema mountain’s monster

  112. Anonymous permalink

    Kinda random, but does anyone know the deal with “Elysion De Scylla”?

    • Anonymous permalink

      It roughly means “Scylla’s Paradise”. Elysion is a word to indicate the Elysian fields, which are sometimes accosted to heaven.

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        Except you have to be a hero to get there, normal people go to the drab grey and misty Hades, while sinners went to Tarterus. As for Tarterus, instead of a standard Fire-and-Brimstone Hell, it’s more like poetic Justice hell, like Tantalus who fed his son Pelops to the Gods just to see if they could tell the difference, was made to stand in a river under an overhanging grapevine where the water would recede if he tried to drink and the grapes would pull away ife he tried to reach for them, notice the connection to the word tantalize?

        • Anonymous permalink

          …I meant the fact that it seems impossible to get the data entry. But thanks all the same for the responses…

          • Anonymous permalink

            IIRC, you have to WAIT after Scylla binds you. It’s how I got it, and sure enough, the entry is there.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Thanks. I did get it eventually. It was taking so long, for a while I thought it might be bugged. Guess I’m just really unlucky.

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    Stop it! I want to dwell in this sweet state of desperation a little while longer!

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      While we play it translated, you stay desperated.

      • Douglas Reinholm permalink

        The other people’s misery tastes most delicious.

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    Translation won’t be finished before 3/30. Translation finish date is 3/31. I feel like there should be a trollface or waa-waa here. I’m looking foward to how you handle part 3 whenever that’s released, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

  115. Marcus permalink

    I wonder when Torotoro will announce MGQ 3, it taking a while now.

  116. Spongebob permalink

    Apparently the link caused some confusion before, to download press one of the two buttons that says “GET THIS TORRENT” with a magnet next to them. Again here’s the link ENJOY!

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      Or better yet, buy the game from the english dlsite.

    • Random Troll permalink

      I wish I could just report you. Really. Get eaten by suck vores you cancerous faggot.

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        You do realise that your comment is totally fappable in regards to content of the game?

      • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

        Really, he should buy it if he can afford it, and he shouldn’t be wasting his time on this if he cant afford it, BUT we cant blame him for not spending his poverty time on the pirated version either.

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    Please dont post links to anysite that provides dl to the official game. It is potentially dangerous to this site.

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    A frankly inhuman effort as always Rogue. Quality work, fast turnaround, thanks for all you’ve done on this project.

  123. Anonymous permalink

    I wonder what MGQ3 will be because the end of part 2 basically seals this story up. Maybe Luka becomes a tyrant and decides to unite or take over the whole world, that would be kinda cool.

    • Part 2 doesn’t seal up the story at all. It sounds like you got the fake ending and think it’s the real one?

      • Rederious permalink

        Somebody killed Alice, how could you?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Noooooooooo, i shall avange her at all cost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Besides the fact, if i’m not wrong, that the gameover thing appears on that ending how could u think the right ending is the one where alice die, HOW?!?!?!?!?!?!?

        • Anonymous permalink

          I already got both endings so it doesn’t matter for me but Rederious, you should put some spoiler warnings buddy.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Yeah, you, like … spoiled my fun… imma need to hit my head on a wall until I forget it. Then i might go back here since i’m impatient read the comment and get spoiled again wich will lead me in a cycle that will only end if you put some spoiler alert. I might die in the process you know?

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    Great news, looking forward to it.
    As always, I really appreciate all the work you put into this.

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    the torrent dosent work anymore

  127. Anonymous permalink

    stupid torrent downloader!!!!!!!! the damn think wont download it :'(

  128. Anonymous permalink

    Is it bad that I got inspired to write Monster Girl Quest fanfiction? >_>

    Although admittedly mine is more an alternate universe thing… mind, all the characters we know and love still are there, just events play somewhat different, hahaha.

    • Rederious permalink

      If you got Tamamo or Granberia in it then you got to let me read it.

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        I’m working on Chapter 2 at the moment. Once that’s done, I’ll post it on, likely, and link it here.

        That said, I should warn you – the fic IS a complete reimagining. It largely follows the original plot, but changes a few things about Luka’s upbringing, and in fact, STARTS a few years before the game’s beginning proper, changing things starting from shortly before Luka’s mother’s death. This causes some subtle changes to his personality and outlook on life too, although he’s largely unchanged where it matters. Also, there WILL be original characters, although the focus will be largely on Luka, Alice and the Heavenly Knights, ie the rightful main characters, once the story reaches that point.

        That said, I’ll completely ignore part 3 even after it comes out – I intend to lead the fic into an extended universe of sorts after the climax of part 2. Yes, it also means new monstergirls – I even got ideas from the monstergirl imageboard mgbooru for the profiles, and yes, I was so maniacal as to write them down. Fic writing is serious business to me. So you are warned in advance…

        If none of that deters you, and if the thought of Luka being more sexually active is OK with you (a consequence of the changes mentioned above), then by all means, I hope you will enjoy the fic.

        • What`sausername? permalink

          Sounds interesting. Maybe you should try to write some spin-off stories too, since that`s technically fanfiction. There’s not nearly enough good ones.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            The monster lab scares me, to be honest. I’m better at words than at messing with images, lol.

            Anyway, to update: got food poisoning today, but still managed to struggle out nearly all of Chapter 2. When it’s done, I’ll have it proofread and finally post it somewhere. Just in time for the 100% patch lol.

            Speaking of which, aside from Mediaminer and, any places where I could post the fic in question? I’m considering Monstergirl Unlimited’s new messageboard, if they accept fics…

        • Jnon permalink

          Thank you for introducing me to the glory and dazzle that is MGBooru.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            You’re welcome. :-)

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    lol i must reply too looking forward finnaly for MQ2 and u sure did a awesome work with the first part keep up the good work :)

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    Yo rogue, ever seen this game: ?

    Looks pretty neat, hopefully, there will be monster girls in later updates, Either way, it’s awesome and worth checking the demo. <– In that blog a lot of stuff gets posted, and via auto-translator I sometimes got the impression the guy's going to give out the game for free – can anyone confirm this?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Ah yes, I remember this. While it would be nice to see Rogue’s translations again… I can’t bring myself to really ask him things I’d like to see him translate. Also, there’s a chance this game might handle the dialogue box like Incubus Fantasy did.

      As I recall in IF, the battle dialogue (like in Monmosu, where the monster girls can taunt Luka during the fight) is stored as an image file, making translating it a lot more effort/work then any translator I knew is willing to do.

    • Anonymous permalink

      WOW… I’ve never seen this before. Looks awesome. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

      • William permalink

        Are you kidding me? That game looked like utter shit, guys…I can’t see Rogue translating such a thing.

        • Random Troll permalink

          Are you kidding me? Your face looks like utter shit, guys… I can’t see a mother wanting such a thing…

          • Anonymous permalink

            Are you kidding me? Your body looks like utter shit, guys… I can’t see any female wanting such a thing…

          • William permalink

            Yeah, this made…so much sense, what you just said there…you sure told me, bro. Great job.

    • Would like to get the game running any tips?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Does it crash right when you open it? Im having that issue, anyone know how to fix that? Im using Windows 7.

        • It seems like the guy zipped it and because he used winzip or whatever it corrupted the japanese characters into that mess.

          • Jnon permalink

            Yes, everything in that file certainly appears to be corrupted. Might be a lost cause.

    • Jnon permalink

      This is awesome! Is the name of it “One Shota”? It crashes for me just after the game developers’ logos are displayed. I’m running Windows 7 as well. Any help with getting the game to run would be greatly appreciated.
      The one video posted in the forum link provided sells it for me.

      • Random Troll permalink

        I played it with jap locale on win7 without problems. You have to have jap locale/applocale turned on while unpacking it though.

  133. Anonymous permalink

    thank you based god

  134. Dargoth permalink

    Hey Rogue, do my emails to you go straight to the trash or do you never check the email address you posted here? :p

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    I kinda wished they made these games into apps. Thatd be the shit.

  136. Anonymous permalink

    Have you thought about what you’re doing after MGQ 2 while part 3 is in the works? Maybe a poll?

    I’d vote for a VH update before moving on to a new game, or maybe the second route of T&S since the other guy apparently gave up.

  137. Anonymous permalink

    Hoping the encyclopedia is going to be fully translated because (besides the H-scenes) is one of my favorite part of the game

  138. Anonymous permalink

    Really impressed by your pace, I have hardly had time to enjoy the 66%!

    Great work

  139. dmi permalink

    This is a plotting for april fools joke!

    and I expect rogue is pulling a string here…

    I bet everyone here praising the release will just turn in a ragefest!

    • Anonymous permalink

      That shit’s unthinkable man… why would you say such a cruel thing?!

    • Just a puny traveler permalink

      Possibly a little bit. If it was me, I would upload a fake patch in the April 1st morning, then a real one in the afternoon. But it’s up to Rouge, he may have a happy surprise up to his sleeve, who knows?

      • AnonS permalink

        If it was you…have you ever actually done anything that people would care about though? I don’t know how old you are but that type of stuff tends to turn people sour really quick, and once you’ve pissed someone off you have to work really hard to get them on your side again.

        Are you 12 years old? Who plays “April Fools” jokes? Do you also yell “jinx personal jinx” or “punch buggy” or scream about farting all the time? I don’t mean to rag on you but I almost fell out of my chair laughing at you.

        • Anonymous permalink

          You have some anger management issues…
          Play more MGQ and get rid of all that stress in to the air!
          Though I recommend using some kleenex to avoid the mess.

        • You seem to be the one whose lost touch with society. People play april fools jokes all the time (on april 1st, indecently the farther away from april 1st the less likely you will see an april fools day prank… wierd I know) It’s pretty common, especially with office workers and college students. Actually you would probably be hard pressed to find a 12 year old who plays april fools jokes. The fact that you bring up farting also surprises me. Punch buggy, laughing about farting, all things that fall on the 15-25 age group. I seriously feel sorry for you. It’s like you don’t actually understand how the world works.

    • bookies permalink

      If that’s true, I’d feel like flaming this site, but since he worked so hard already, I wouldn’t…. but I’d still be terribly disappointed.

  140. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Above all other things this one actually puzzles me the most. Do you, Rogue, actually enjoy playing through Mgq? I find it hard to believe, because I myself could not rush through it like you probabably have to do it ;_;

  141. Ramenguy007 permalink

    So will you go back to translating Violated Heroine after this?
    Just been wondering about that for a while, never had the guts to ask until now XD

  142. Anonymous permalink

    My body isn’t ready

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  144. JMor permalink

    So just to be sure:

    How’s this going to work for those with the previously-reported “blue orb glitch” in their save files?
    Right now, I’m just before the Salamander battle.

    • There was a fix released by Thegreathei… it will either be incorporated or another workaround will be in the game.

  145. Anonymous permalink

    damn only days untill my D fall off. Yay ^^

  146. Rederious permalink

    has anyone here seen the sketches for aerodeth featuring characters from this game
    they are not bad

    • Jnon permalink


      • Rederious permalink

        To which one? There is one with Tamamo, Chrome and Frederika, Granberia, Dragon pup, and a couple others. Easiest way to get to them is to search for aerodeth on deviant art. The first couple should be a few of them, might have to look through the search for the rest of them.

    • Anonymous permalink

      >they are not bad

      Having now searched and found them, I beg to differ. They’re on the same level of bad tween weeaboo imitation sketches that I’m always pained to see and feel all the worse for knowing that it has an overlap with MGQ. Double negative points for the first one I saw also involving the artist’s own original character, just to ram home the cancer.

  147. oaT permalink

    thank you for all your effort sir !!!!!

  148. Anon permalink

    2 days left
    Man,I can’t wait!

  149. Lunaris permalink

    You should set up a donation pool, Rogue. Make some extra cash for the saintly work that you have done.
    Thanks a lot, really.

    • Ookamisuke permalink

      RogueTranslations can not accept ANY money for this, at all. Accepting any money – even a donation – in even a 1% connection to his translation work of this – and other copyrighted games – would be classified as making a profit off a copyrighted work without express permission, therefore violating copyright laws.

      Do i think RT wants to accept donations? Likely. But he can’t. Or he’ll go away for awhile and not be able to continue his work.

      Awesome work, RT. Look forward to your work on other games in the meantime!

      • Anonymous permalink

        Contrary to what fanfic writers like to say, it doesn’t actually work that way. Copyright violation occurs even if you don’t make any money off of it, and you can be taken to court if the rights holders feel like going to the trouble. Just, usually they don’t because it costs them money and they can’t get anything back out of poor people. Disney, for example, often goes after people who use their characters even if they aren’t making money.

        Rogue has said that he isn’t taking donations because if people give him money he’ll feel obligated to work on it, and that would suck all the fun out of it.

  150. all92 permalink

    grazie mille Rogue non so cosa farei senza di te!! continua cosi!!

    • Anonymous permalink

      It should be known at this point that Rogue is doing an ENGLISH translation of the game.

      The rest of you who are only versed in some other European languages had better not get your hopes up.

      • Anonymous permalink


        • Without doubt I penis gooey slime seriously, you want that you do not put the head on top of the pedestal of the American leg of chicken of swine is a terrible game


          • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

            Google translator… Ahhhhhhhh.

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            Your body is ready!

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      • anonymously anonymous permalink

        Yeah but watch out. She likes to kill people. Granted it is by sex…possibly the greatest way to die ever.

        • GenocideHeart permalink

          Actually, Malcanthet is known to torture mortals to death in rather gruesome ways just for the hell of it. Her sexual favors are reserved for Daemon princes, such as Orcus and Demogorgon – yeah, she’s the demon equivalent of a gold digger.

          • ScarletRose/Serpentcross permalink

            I used to play a bard/thrall of malcanthet/Sublime chord so I’m perfectly fine with Malcanthet’s “external politics”

  152. poopsalot55 permalink

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    really appreciate your beautiful work, Rogue!!

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    I love you. *awkwardly hugs with a erection, crying*

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    Oh, man…
    Now I won’t be able to hang out with my friends this weekend…
    Thanks, Rogue =/

  165. yuri9 permalink

    Okay… I must say I was extremely shocked after playing Monster Girl Quest. Forgetting the cawk attacks and the semen stuff during the fights, the story and character development is so much better than what I had expected. I like that they introduced characters who didn’t play a role right now but will definitely play a role later on. P1 actually built an extremely nice foundation.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That gets me wondering, what kind of character development will we see in Part 3? Luka pretty much got over his daddy issues and he’s insanely powerful, so what’s left? To me, it’ll seem like a generic good vs. evil kind of thing, plus reverse rape, lol. I hope such characters as Micaela (the woman from Enrika) and maybe even Amira will play significant roles.

      I also think they should have expanded on the “false” ending, instead of just doing “hurp durp, raep u 4 all eturnitee.”

      • Anonymous permalink





        • Down with Illias permalink

          Idk, will Luka wish for angels to coexist just as well? Since Torotoro said their will be more H-Scenes with Four Heavenly Knights, will Luka develop relations…ship with them as well? I’m sure there will be plenty of development in Part 3

          • guy named billy permalink


            Well think about it, at the end of part 2 he basically tells Ilias to fuck off and that it is her fault that monsters can’t get along with humans. So in a sense it is okay in his view to do it with monster now. At least that is what I have gathered from it. So who knows it is either that or you might have a choice to turn against them or they turn on you.

          • Anon permalink

            Actually its the divine who turn on Luka. It was all Ilias who disapproved humanity and monster relationship, and claims full responsibility of the Slaughter of Remina.

            She thought Luka was a valuable aspect to her plans in destroying the Monster Lord, but when he refused, she decides to deem humans as “failed creations” and wants the monsters to kill them, as well as those who agree to coexistence.

  166. Tempest permalink

    Thanks rogue and good job, thankfully it will be on a Saturday, so I get to see the rest of part 2. Can’t wait for part 3! What do you think will happen in part 3?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Monster raep. Lots of and lots of monster raep.

      • Down with Illias permalink

        Don’t forget the angel rape as well.

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    That’s awesome, man. Take your time.

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    I hereby nominate Rogue for Super-Special-Awesome Bro of the Year, 2012. He is truly a bro to all of us. A gentleman and a scholar, to whom we can all look up for guidance and aid.
    Rogue, I take my hat off to you.

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    Hey Rogue, what with the supposed shutdown of the internet on Saturday, is it possible to get this late Friday instead?

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          We are all perverts…. Monster girls (it’s like putting a girl’s photograph on a goat, uggh… nevermind) let’s revel in our pervedom….. I’ll bring the pizza….

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    …and that’s why he’s called cliffhanger!

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    You are credit to Internet.

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    Do you have any idea how long before the after patch will be released?

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    Come on rogue surely you can put it out a day early? Let us play through it and do all the bug tests for you :P

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  180. Monster Girl Lover permalink

    Anon getting in the way of me and MGQ? YOU WON’T RUIN MY WEEKEND! NOT OVER MY DEAD BODY!

    So just to be safe… Would releasing the patch 1 day early be do-able, Rogue? That would be awesome. Thanks anyway for your great work as always! :D

    • Anonymous permalink

      He did say he was aiming, that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be out today.

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    ohhh happy days and just when the sun is coming back out :) (not that i mean that i stay inside i mean that in a metaphorical sense lol)

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    I hope those anons don’t ruin our weekends >_<

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    Somehow I just know it

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    Glad you didn’t say you were aiming for Sunday or I would have been like..

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    [audio src="" /]

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    Great to hear rouge, don’t know if I want to start playing now, and work my way to end of 66% and pick up, or wait for 100% and start new

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      R O G U E

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s at the top of the page and even in the URL… There is no excuse for spelling Rogue wrong.

    • Incognito permalink

      Rouge? What does the sexy bat from the Sonic the Hedgehog games have to do with this?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Wait, hold on there a second.

        Bats are considered monsters in most RPG concepts, Rouge is a female bat.
        Think about that for a second.

        After you’ve thought about it, let’s put some logic in here.
        If monsters that are girls are considered “Monster Girls”
        Then if bats are monsters, and this bat is a girl, it logically is classified as a “Monster Girl”
        Meaning that in one way, she has just about everything to do with MGQ.

        • Kvothe permalink

          Lol my bad was kinda distracted when typing that. No offense meant to rogue.

        • Incognito permalink

          Ah, I see now. Thank you for enlightening me.

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        The country bookies is from obviously doesn’t have a great educational system in place.

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      Yeah right, and MGQ3 is gonna be out 02/29/2013 …

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    Madaka? :D

  192. Thank you very much for your hard work!
    I appreciate it very much.
    may alice bless you ;)

  193. Anonymous permalink

    Trillions of potential children shall be sacrificed tomorrow.

  194. yuri9 permalink

    Can’t wait to defeat all those she-monsters and denying them sexytime like a boss!

  195. bikkethepirate permalink

    dont know if its gonna be indicated in the battle or not, but i suggest that everyone would summon sylph first thing in the next battle or its a instant lose.

    • Anonymous permalink

      >not using Udine
      >even though you have her secret power
      I shiggidy diggidy doo dahh dolololo

  196. Anonymous permalink

    Tomorrow… *Fap God-Mode Activated*

  197. The Prophet of the Hora permalink

    and so it is written that tomorrow will officially be called “Hora Day”, It is envisioned that this grand extravagant event will be celebrated with the utmost of reverence and nobility. Several tens of thousands of pleasure-deprived champions will finally tend to their neglected shafts and members and instill in it it the warmth it was so forcefully denied. A parade of perversion, a frontier of fetishes, the dawn of the wake of the brand new era will be unleashed through the melody of triumphant mortals fapping in unison. The once mighty earth she shall split open, trembling in surrender to the symphony of the simultaneous and rhythmical strokes, plunging the lives of several potential offspring into the depths of the fiery abyss. But,lo, the world will embark on a new direction, this will be the day that the universe smiles its most triumphant smile. Humanity enters its final stage of evolution, the day of the monster girls shall come upon us. Listen and be wary, tomorrow will be the day penises all over the country are unleashed into a madden frenzy, and both heaven and hell can do naught but cower as the fountains of cum erupt from all nations of the world. I envision that the children of the next generation will live in a cum-covered earth, their cumdrained forefathers leaving with them their sundried ballsacks and the story of the day the earth ended and the name of the hero (a fake one) who made it so…rogue translator, the bringer of the end.

    • Follower permalink


    • Anonymous permalink

      The whole country? I think you meant the whole world Prophet.

      • The Prophet of the Hora permalink

        ararara my bad. Yes, the whole world. Quite.

    • Anon permalink

      Syberia-kun dissaproves
      This is the Great Hora Day all world was waiting for!
      International Fap Day!

    • Heretic permalink


    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      Madden Frenzy? So they start playing American Football?

  198. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Did Alice ever tell a joke? I think I remember something but I am not sure. Can anyone help me out here?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Surpisingly… that’s a good question…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Damn perverts.

      • Anonymous permalink

        …Damn honest.

        • Anonymous permalink

          “She nearly brought me to my knees. Even though I don’t have any knees.”

          Or something like that (in part 2 when she explains how the Monster Lord was chosen).

          Every time I see that, I just hear a YOHOHOHO! laugh in my mind.

        • Anonymous permalink

          … Damn Mirror

    • That guy over there permalink

      I’m pretty sure she did, around the time you head to the elf villiage (and get sent away.) I think she makes a joke about them not being able to cook.

  199. Fox_Knight permalink

    Thank You for all the hard work that you do really looking forward to playing the new patch tomorrow once again Thank You!

  200. josef217 permalink

    good work, keep it up!~

  201. Anonymous permalink

    waiting for 12am waiting for 12am waiting for 12am waiting for………what was i waiting for again?

    • Anonymous permalink


    • Alex the Lazydude permalink

      calm down RT said afternoon so waiting for 12am won’t do you any good unless you plan on waiting till the 1st to get it

      the real question is what timezone is RT in XP

  202. That guy over there permalink

    Went to new game in prep for the release, Didn’t know you got 500exp from fighting the chest girl (I avoided her the first time.) GOD I’m so excited. Can’t wait to see how it ends.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It doesn’t end in this one, you’re gonna have to wait ANOTHER 6 months for the part 3 (assuming it comes out in 3 months) translation! YAY

      • That guy over there permalink

        Where’s the Doctor when you need him.

  203. Anonymous permalink

    what time is it in Rogue’s side of the planet? Just to know how long I’ll wait in anguish.

  204. GenocideHeart permalink

    Yeah… remember what I said about me writing a reimagining of MGQ?

    Well, if anyone is still interested in seeing it…

    As promised. Well, let me know how it is.

    And yes, I AM aware the second chapter has formatting issues due to too much spacing. It’s not my fault – ate the formatting and added extra spaces. I’m as aggravated by this as any of you.

    Sorry, really. :-/

    • Anonymous permalink

      you should post it in :]
      if you haven’t already I mean

    • Anonymous permalink

      cool story (no joke), hope to see more

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        I’m bushed from writing 2 chapters in less than 4 days (and by night to boot), so I’ll relax a bit, play the 100% patch to complete the story outline from the original universe, and then start on chapter 3. Wouldn’t do to write too much and burn myself out.

        Hopefully you’ll like the future chapters too.

        • Anonymous permalink

          would you mind to give another link?
          somehow,I can’t open
          if you aren’t busy of course

        • Anonymous permalink

          it’s really good
          thx for the story

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Thank you. I’m glad someone likes it. Hadn’t written any fanfiction for 6 years, I was afraid I’d lost my touch.

            Although I’m still a bit ashamed my other fanfiction is for Naruto of all things… -_-

  205. Papy permalink

    Thank you so much !

  206. alx56 permalink

    rule of thumb here is majority of guys (maybe some girls?) are teenagers and they are all sex addicts at this age ye i am talking about u

  207. Anonymous permalink


  208. Anonymous permalink

    The waiting! It burns!
    Thanks so much though, Rogue

  209. Anon permalink

    Hora Hora Hora!

  210. Anonymous permalink

    thank you. please fix the music glitch.

  211. venancio permalink

    Thanks Very much though, Rogue sama

  212. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    If you check ToroToro Resistance’s site you’ll see that they have released a DVD hardcopy version of Beginning Chapter/Part 1
    If Alice is level 145,
    I wonder what level Illias and Promethestein are?
    Or is it just that Chimera monsters are immune to normal monster’s attacks,
    Like the Chimera Dryad from part 1.

    • Spoiler-kun permalink

      Avert your eyes to avert the future :P

      Well I guess since the chimera dryads were created by a scientist who wants to destroy Alice, they would have to be resistant to Alice’s attacks.

      I hope that didn’t spoil some of the game for anybody,

  213. Zoro permalink


  214. Anonymous permalink

    Umh i hate time differences, but i’ll stll be able to enjoy the 100% patch in the night :P

  215. Anonymous permalink

    Porn is like alcohol.

    When an average person starts drinking, they drink the popular ones, such as bud lite, bacardi, or whatever the next person is having.
    In porn’s case, that would be the “normal” vanilla porn.

    Then as time passes by, people experiment with better beers and liquors that might not be as well known or advertised.
    In porn’s case, that would be fetishes such as tentacles, bdsm, golden oldies, and hell, even scat.

    At this point, once the drinker or the pervert develops a liking to one of these new findings, they find it hard to go back to the plain tasting bud lite or the vanilla porn.

    What I’m trying to say is, MGQ is addictive and I need my next fix! Plain porn won’t cut it anymore!

    Thank you Rogue!

    • Anonymous permalink

      This..Is very true, although for me I seem to have always had a blegh reaction to normal porn..But for “weirder” fetishes, they have always felt fine for one reason or another.

      Shockingly the same could be said for my alcohol likings, i skipped all the popular/cheap stuff and went fine with some of the slightly more expensive but much better alternatives. It could be said i had a nice friend as a gateway though..

  216. Its a turtle permalink

    Almost here!!!

    ~beats game in English and understands the story~

    ~waits impatiently for part 3 and sacrifices kittens for every week I wait~

  217. Anonymous permalink

    Whats this monster lab? i’ve looked through the game…. Googled it and everything but i can’t find anything can someone tell me what it is?

    • Dabeavis permalink

      It’s basically side stories other people have created.

  218. Iron Man permalink

    NEED PORN!!!!

  219. Zed permalink


  220. Rogue is Awesome! permalink

    It’s sad that the timezone i live in is faster, so even though it’s 31st here, it’s probably still 30th there…Nvm, i’ll wait 1 more day =).

  221. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, what plans do you have after being done with this one? Back to violated heroine?

  222. Imoutocon permalink

    Upload it up load it, its 31 in the US now!

  223. Anonymous permalink

    11:37pm here in texas man im gonna play through the night till i get the patch

  224. jadewyvernrider permalink

    This other texan will get raped by the girls first… then… -pulls out angel halo- Rape’em back.

  225. What'sausername? permalink

    Hark, the cries of those who don’t want to understand what “late afternoonish” means. Do you hear their bittersweet song? Listen to the tender lullaby of their wails, and let it serenade you to your slumber.

    Poetry aside, I don’t think flooding Rogue with a barrage of requests to speed things up is going to help any. The guy translates for us because he wants to. Let him work at his own pace. If you just need something erotic to keep you entertained, play Kamidori or Violated Hero, both of which Rogue left links for. Both of those games have cg that is much better then MGQ’s. Violated Hero lacks any real substance, and it’s hard to tell the difference between the bad ends and the good end, but it’s not a bad first-person dungeon crawler. Not as good as Raidy, though. Kamidori has good gameplay, weak characters and story, and some of the most hilariously bad taste I’ve ever seen in any h-scenes in any eroge. It compares unfavourably to Fate/Stay Night’s and Sengoku Rance’s h-scenes, it’s that bad. The game’s worth playing just for the lulz.

    • Anonynony permalink

      I definitely enjoy your poetry and agree with your point, but Kamidori is much more than just lulz. It’s a bit repetative, but still very enjoyable as a game. It’s a good game and has hilarious h-scenes. Just came across Kohakuren’s h-scene and pissed myself laughing!

    • 光 闇 permalink

      It is the result of scanning. Everyone scans, no one reads.

      • Anonynony permalink

        How can anyone bloody read with some senseless dribble on this blog. It has too many comments to find good ones :P
        But I guess that can’t be helped lol, Rogue is pretty amazing.

  226. Anonynony permalink

    Rogue’s so awesome I’d still be happy if it took another week, because quality cannot be rushed. If it’s any sooner then it’s like the cherry on top of a sundae (worth the extra wait). ^_^

  227. fuckyes permalink


  228. EPIC WIN permalink


  229. Anonymous permalink

    Eh, I tried Violated Hero. Maybe MGQ just has me spoiled, but I found it to be pretty weak. Good presentation, but not much else.

  230. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rogue, I think I speak for a lot of us when I say how much we owe you for all this. Thanks for all the hard work, it’s definitely appreciated.

  231. Just a while longer… before the mass ejaculation suicide of 2012…

  232. Anonymous permalink


    • Glantris permalink

      as another wise man once said

      “Waiting is hard. There are things that are harder, though.

      Like diamonds. And three-month-old taffy.”

  233. Quagmire permalink


  234. Anonymous permalink

    Stalking this page.

  235. Anonymous permalink

    Is there a way to fix the compacted text without downloading East Asian Language Pack? It’s because I’m using CrossOver Games on mac.


  236. hora follower permalink

    my dear brethen, the time is near…horrraaaaa~horrrrrraaaaa….

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  238. Anonymous permalink

    AHHHH!!!! It’s the 31st right now!!!! I can’t wait any longer for Rogue’s wonderful work of art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  239. The Perv permalink

    AHHHH!!!! It’s the 31st right now!!!! I can’t wait any longer for Rogue’s wonderful work of art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  240. Anonymous permalink

    > Well, the time for the full patch is almost upon us. I’m aiming for late afternoonish Saturday on March 31st to put it out.

    > late afternoonish

    c’mon, guys, read.
    Come back in about 9 or 10 hours.

    • Anonymous permalink

      We don’t all know which timezone he is referring to; some of us live a day ahead of three-quarters [of] the world, it can become rather confusing when certain ‘details’ aren’t mentioned.

    • Anonymous permalink

      What makes you think everyone isn’t prepared to sit here for several hours waiting for the patch? You are underestimating the importance of this day.

  241. Anonymous permalink

    Pace yourselves on the excitement, guys. We still have a whole other game to wait for in the distant future.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Well fuck you buddy. Just build me a stasis pod and all will be good.

  242. Anonymous permalink

    Late afternoonish = 5am … right?

    • jabone permalink

      late afternoon = 5 pm or later

      • Tats permalink

        That’s more like early evening. Late afternoon feels more like 2pm or later.

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    Calm down guys!

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    I’m drooling whhhheeeennnnnnn iiiissssshh eeaatt coming……..

  248. GingaSenshi permalink

    Can’t contain my excitement anymore!

  249. jizzTV permalink

    reporter: what are you doing young man ?

    man: i’m waiting for MGQ2 eng patch…

    reporter: what are you doing boy ?

    boy: my dad told me to call him when the patch is out.

    reporter: what are you doing lady ?

    lady: my husband said he will divorce me if i don’t download this for him.

    reporter: what are you doing old man ?

    old man: i heard this shit will give you a boner…

    crowd: hora!! hora!! hora!! hora!!…….

    reporter: this is Larry from jizzTV, have a good day lady and gentleman.

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    • Anonymous permalink

      *tsk tsk* another failure i got to stop buying microsoft products

  251. Anonymous permalink



  252. Anonymous permalink

    ughhh… mustn’t touch anything,ughhhh……… must save it for tonight ARGHHHHHHHHHH

  253. Anonymous permalink

    I’m from Russia and i and my comrades wait for this patch too)

    • Anon permalink

      Syberia-kun approves this message
      All world waiting for Hora!
      Damn perverts of all countries, unite!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Bulgaria-sama is waiting to

    • Monster Girl Lover permalink

      Austria-chan joined the waiting too!

    • Anonymous permalink

      germany-san is also waiting

    • Anonymous permalink

      Belgium-dono is used to waiting.

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      indonesian is waiting too.

  254. Anonymous permalink

    I’m commander Shepard, and this is my favorite blog in the universe.

  255. Heretic permalink

    oooohhh…an unbearable excitement….
    hail to the great Rogue…LoL

  256. Anonymous permalink

    c’mon Rogue i need to see Alice’s boobs again

  257. Anonymous permalink

    I never asked for this.

  258. Anonymous permalink

    Hora for the world = MUST

  259. Anonymous permalink

  260. Anonymous permalink

    It will propably be released late saturday EST, because that’s the time zone he usually uses.

  261. Anonymous permalink

    It’s already 17:41 here.

    • lvl 16 skeleton permalink

      Quickly lets fill this blog update with random comments!!! oh wait your already doing that….

  262. Fin permalink

    just 13:45 here

  263. Anonymous permalink

    hey, you here that? that’s the sound of 500 people hitting f5 over and over again

  264. Truly disturbed permalink

    damn those bugs must be huge, like mothra or something, “Despite the line count making it seem like I could finish in a day, I still need to go back and do more editing and bug checking which is what’s going to take up the bulk of the time.”
    just imagine, rogue in a room being “tortured” by a silkworm, centipede, or slug

  265. Anonymous permalink

    Must… persevere…

  266. Anonymous permalink

    Are you ready guys?!

  267. Anonymous permalink

    Patience people,patience!

    • Lamia Lover permalink

      Excercise the amount of patience Amira has given Luka XD

  268. Heretic permalink

    fellow brethren…the time has come for us….
    what we need is the last material of excitement…
    oh rogue please bestow upon us infinite joy and perverseness….

    • Cattle of Succubus Village permalink

      Let us folly in the den of iniquity, writhing in the pleasures of the forbidden, to give into the temptation of lust.

  269. Leonidas permalink


    • Troll permalink

      Instigator, Harasser, Tank and Gank, the priest who forgot to buff your paladin, Mob Boss, Vampire Savant, Legendary Runescaper, Forgotten six , Ruthless 8 , and The fallen dark overlord(i miss this spot in the server the most even though it was my brother’s character)

  270. Rouge Translator, you like how red i am? permalink

    Heres a challenge for you all play through the first chapter again from the beginning gathering all the techniques and then the second chapter up to salamander!

  271. Let play the recommendation game, I’ll start us off, reply to the person above you with a game they need to play (h of course) and continue on. My recomendation would be tears to tiara. Great game. So your turn.

    • Anon permalink

      Wanko to Kurasou is a nice game about dog girls (and one cat) being cute and doing cute things, like having a lots of sex during their heat lol
      It’s only has 2 routes but game is worth playing~
      Silvia-chan is cute puppy ^_^
      and Mikan in her box is extremely adorable too ;)
      It’s have english translation which you can find via google

      • Anonymous permalink

        In all honesty, I found Wanko to Kurasou to be one of the worst Visual Novels I’ve ever played. It started out perfectly fine, and the characters are all mostly likable. However, just as the story starts to proceed a little bit… sex.
        Then more sex.
        THEN MORE
        >Oh god, why can’t I hold all this sex?!

        While the sex scenes aren’t bad, this is not a game you should play if you want a good story.
        (Tbh, I didn’t finish it, so it may actually get better later on)

        • yabusa permalink

          The only thing I care about that is Risa’s Route…
          when Mikan gets abducted and returned looking like a rag…
          made me cry T^T after the pet and the owner met again after 2 months missing…

          This MGQ also has sex only if you lose or part of the story…
          why can’t handle Wanko to Kurasou too?

          oops… made a spoiler for you… lol

  272. Anonymous permalink

    Sengoku Rance. One of the best Rance titles by far.

  273. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    22:26 where I am

  274. Anonymous permalink

    22:29 where I’m at.

  275. Anonymous permalink

    7:34 where I am.

  276. Anonymous permalink

    The patch will probably be out tomorrow from where I am. And I have test tomorrow. Wonderful.

  277. Anon permalink

    21:37 in Yakutia (North Syberia)
    Hora hora hora!
    I’m not gonna sleep until I finish the game ^_^

  278. Anonymous permalink

    Can’t wait….

  279. VANDES permalink

    where are you all come from ?

  280. Anonymous permalink

    With the power of Undine. I’ll concentrate and wait…..

  281. Anonymous permalink

    Undine is the hottest. Voted for sure.

    • kurtirving permalink

      I agree well when it comes to the Knights that is otherwise we all know Alice is our favorite ^_~

      • yabusa permalink

        why there’s no vote for undine yet then? lol

  282. CCC permalink

    Must… Hold… On…
    Can`t… Wait… Anymore…

  283. GingaSenshi permalink

    Need more granberia..

  284. kurtirving permalink

    Thank you for your devotion and hard work Rogue ^_^

  285. Anonymous permalink

    I… Cant… Stop… looking….at… the… Clock….
    Need… To… Build…. A… Time… Machine… NOW!!

  286. Rika Furude permalink

    I cant wait for tomorrow to come so that I can read everyones reaction when Rogue announces loudly APRIL FOOL’S
    Hope I didnt ruin anything for ya Rogue. But still good work keep it up.

  287. Anonymous permalink

    it’s 20:28 here. turn off every electricity on my home for earth hour. the only think that turn on is my laptop and my hand fapid… rapidly pressing ctrl + r

  288. Anonymous permalink

    It’s 7:30pm here and the comments here made me lol’ed so hard.

  289. CaNzZeR permalink

    Y U NO upload patch ?

  290. Rogue Administration permalink

    This is so exciting.

    Also, Thief and TROLL is out. I’ll allow you to play it after the release.

  291. Anonymous permalink

    Wew not yet??… well i’ll w8 ,wew tahis is just so exciting it’s like the acount down to new year ehehehehe

  292. Anonymous permalink

    it look like ‘afternoon’ for my timezone has already (here is 12 hrs faster)
    now, I’m refreshing this page
    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

  293. GingaSenshi permalink


  294. timeleapers permalink

    and i already skipping my class to get this patch as soon as possible.

  295. Rika Furude permalink

    Lets paly a game again
    How about a Quiz Game People have to answer a question asked by the one before them and then ask a question themselves obviously the questions must be about anime
    I’ll start what anime series am i from

  296. dead end permalink

    you really expecting someone not to search it on google

    • Rika Furude permalink

      Its obvious that people will but i said not to cause it makes it less fun

  297. spoiled child permalink

    higurashi no naku koro ni ?

  298. tyrannosaurus permalink

    who am i and where am i from


  299. hue permalink

    kintama for the chomchome,

    im chomesuke-cho

    • Rika Furude permalink

      Dont forget to ask a question after you answer one

      • Rika Furude permalink

        Lets Play until we reach 1000 comments on this post

  300. a mass murderer of unborn child permalink

    it’s 32th march in here. what timeline did rogue-san use on anyway

    • Rogue Administration permalink


    • Rika Furude permalink

      You will die on the night of the cotton drifting festival for interrupting this game and for thinking there is a March 32nd

    • Anon permalink

      32th march?o_O
      You sure live in a strange world, dude o_O
      I still have 23:23
      tomorrow he will say OLOLO 1th april joke!
      I TROLL YOU!1111

    • CCC permalink

      Ugh… Theres even another ppl from another dimension waiting for the patch…
      Its already 20:30 here… >.<

    • yabusa permalink

      mean while in parallel universe…
      or must be an Soviet Calendar…

  301. Anonymous permalink

    one in which months don’t have 32 days

  302. wise sage permalink

    ignore that man and lets continue the game. he probably stressed out after pressing Ctrl+R without getting any result

  303. Lenalee Lee permalink

    where am i from

    • IzanaginoOokami (kuma) permalink

      D-grayman, the black order.

    • Rika Furude permalink


      • Rika Furude permalink

        so you are correct IzanaginoOokami
        Dont forget to ask a question after you answer one

        • IzanaginoOokami permalink

          I already asked one after there was no question,
          didn’t think there was a need to ask another one as it hadn’t been answered at the time.

  304. terrorist permalink

    “Well, the time for the full patch is almost upon us. I’m aiming for late afternoonish Saturday on March 31st to put it out.”

    …….check the word “AIMING”….LoLoLoL…


    • Rika Furude permalink

      which anime is Lelouch vi Britannia from?

      • wise sage permalink

        code geass i believe

      • Anonymous permalink

        Code Geass

        • Rika Furude permalink

          Correct but too late wise sage beat you too it but you can join in anyway

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            Which anime/manga does Haruo Nijima come from?

          • Rika Furude permalink

            Kenichi History’s strongest disciple
            I think

          • Rika Furude permalink

            Name the Two main Characters from The Combat Butler Hayate And the tiger aswell

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            Hayate Ayasaki
            Nagi Forgot-her-last name/ Aka Mask-za-Money
            Tama (he’s a cat, where would you find a tiger in Africa?)

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            Name Minato’s six Sekirei.

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            Oh yeah, Nagi Sanzenin.

          • Rika Furude permalink

            Its Nagi Sanzenin
            And correct


          • Rika Furude permalink

            Musubi(or Yume if you prefer they are sort of one and the same)


          • Rika Furude permalink

            Name both the Sekirei and Ashikabi Known as the grim reaper (i think thats what they called them) oh and the sekirei’s abilitys name

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            Yukari Sahashi the Devil Ashikabi
            and Shiina (107) who’s power is decay.

            name Kaoru Seo’s Sekirei
            name the Ashikabi of the South, West, and East.
            name the current Discipline Squad and their Ashikabi.

          • Rika Furude permalink

            Hikari (11) and Hibiki (12)
            Hayato Mikogami, Nishi Sanada, Izumi Higa
            Karasuba (black) (04), Haihane (blue) (104), Benitsubasa (red) (105)
            Their Ashikabi is Natsuo Ichinomi
            Ps Haihane makes for a funny drunk

          • Rika Furude permalink

            Lets move this back to the bottom of the comments so that others might join in again

        • Rika Furude permalink

          Name the Five main characters from Tsubasa Resovior Chronicles

  305. CaNzZeR permalink

    waiting….. waiting ……waiting …..
    when is the patch going to be uploaded???


  306. Shirai Kuroko permalink

    Onee-e-e-ee -sama!!!!

    Where am I from?

  307. 光 闇 permalink

    Lucca, Taban…

  308. Sanic permalink

    Thx Rogue ur almost as faster as me

    cumon erry1 stepup

    gotta go fast

  309. citizen A permalink

    since we got to do nothing right now…
    can someone gives me a reference for another hentai game?

    looking for something worthy to play in the time being….
    thanks in advance…

  310. anon permalink

    Super Ultra Great Delicious Mountain Storm

  311. CaNzZeR permalink

    koihime musou

  312. Anonymous permalink

    a watched pot never boils

  313. Anonymous permalink

    I already fapped.

    I am sorry. I failed you all.

    • Anonymouse permalink

      it’s alright i understand, i give up 3 minutes ago

      • Anon permalink

        You weaklings!
        I’m still trying to resist
        must…not fap… must wait..for….fluffy tails…

    • Fin permalink

      And that is stoping you ?

  314. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Goshujin-sama Daisuki
    Osananajimi wa Daitouryou!

  315. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Can anyone work out where this handle name came from?
    hint: a PS2 game made by ATLUS.

    • Heretic permalink

      Dual savior destiny….LoL

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        The answer I was looking for is the finale of Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4
        as a persona of The World Arcana used to defeat Izanami no Ookami after she sucks all the party members into the underworld.

    • Anon permalink

      It was the main hero’s final persona in persona 4 o_O

    • wise sage permalink

      shin megami tensei i believe, i haven’t play it yet though my friend always talk about it

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        It’s one of my favourite games of all time, and I played it to death, even obtained all the Personas, and defeated the bonus boss Margaret.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The ultimate World Persona from P4?

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        yep, but Yoshitsune is better with Hassou Tobi that hits all enemies 8 times, and resistance to physical attacks plus power charge, a all-stats buff skill, and high attackstats.
        Izanagino Ookami can’t be recorded, and has to be created at level 90, and leveled up manually, which takes forever, because there is no world social link, and it can’t inherit skills, and it only knows the ridiculously expensive Megidolaon, Victory cry and a couple of other passive skills, so its really only a bragging-rights reward, aside from its appearance in the end of the final boss where the only option is the skill Myriad Truths, which wins the game.

        • Anon permalink

          Did you play in persona 1,2?
          Some people say they are better than persona 3 and 4

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            haven’t got it, and they are pretty much a different game altogether.
            apparently Nyarlethotep stole all the available copies.

          • Anon permalink

            Yeap and because their different people say persona 3,4 are shitty,school harem games while 1,2 are cool, detective games with Hitler as the main boss o_O

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            That was Nya in disguise.

          • Anon permalink

            why don’t you just download them?
            PSone emulator is better than actual console, you can save anywhere you want and it has better graphics

  316. Elzard Hewie permalink

    A reminder:
    I don’t want to scare anyone but keep in mind that Rogue translator works in [color=red]EST[/color] time standard ! ! ! So that means that for some people late afternoon may mean 10:00 PM !
    For example: When the MGQ1 75% patch was about to be published 7:00 PM EST it came at about 2:00 AM in the morning in my time (East Europe. Not Russia)!
    Patience Is A virtue !

  317. Anonymous permalink

  318. Anonymous permalink

    Hari appu, Rogue-san !!!!

  319. Rika Furude permalink

    Oyashiro-sama’s curse is now upon you
    You will die on the night of the cotton drifting festival in 2013 For you link to video about a useless cloth
    You will never be alone again Oyashiro-sama will be watching you untill you die

    • Anon permalink

      We all will die in 21 december 2012 so don’t worry be happy D:
      I hope translation of the 3rd part will be ready by that time~

      • What'sausername? permalink

        On December 21, 2012, there will be a horrible announcement. Part 3 of MGQ will not be released, and the project has been cancelled. The unbridled rage from MGQ fans worldwide will then cause the Earth to explode.

        True Story.

  320. Anonymous permalink

    i prefer to watch some Gaki no tsukai

  321. Monkies permalink

    Banana For Everyone….LoL

  322. antonymourn permalink

    22:21 in here, I’ve killed a lot of unborn child just a second ago. it seems i’ve lost the fight. I’m sorry.

  323. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    I don’t swing that way.

  324. The Bau$$ permalink

    Patience my a$$ and waiting my bollz.


  325. anon permalink


  326. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Have you read the manga “My Balls”
    not kidding that’s what it’s called, a guy pisses on a orb of sealing, and gets the queen of demons sealed inside his testicle, and Satan (female) sends her hordes of female demons to try to “release” the queen of destruction, so she can destroy the world. making things worse his female co-worker, whom he has a huge crush on, gets horny when drunk, and she gets drunk alot. somehow he must refrain from ejaculating for a whole month, until a cosmic treaty of some kind comes into effect, forbidding the destruction of the world.

    • Anon permalink

      it is hilarious manga
      I have read it 2 two years ago

  327. Kusojijii permalink


    Dude, you have to open a forum. I mean, seriously. You have to. Blog posts aren’t meant to have triple-digit comments.

    • Rika Furude permalink

      Shss and help us get it up to 1000 by joining in on the anime quiz game

    • Anonymous permalink

      or make a chat room

  328. The Bau$$ permalink

    Yope. Friend told me about that one.

    Btw – today this is coming out too

    And some Never7 blabla or something….but the first wave of siblings goes to MGQ no doubt.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Funny enough have been keeping an eye on that translation job. This should be a great weekend.

  329. Anonymous permalink

    Hai guise, whats goin on in here?

  330. Anonymous permalink

    / / /_
    / /_/\ \
    _\ \/ \ \
    /\ \ /\ \_\
    \ \/ \ \/_/
    \ /\ \_\
    \/_/ / /
    / / /

  331. Rika Furude permalink

    Name the Five main characters from Tsubasa Resovior Chronicles

    • i beg you parfon permalink


      • Rika Furude permalink

        Yay a new play has joined in

        After you anwser a question you have to ask another one
        eventualy we will get to 1000 post’s and with any luck it will be before Rogue declares april fools

  332. Rika Furude permalink


    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      Oops, I missed this post, go down lower
      | |
      | |

  333. Anonymous permalink

    I am going to just sit here at my computer all day, pressing f5 every 30 seconds, hoping for an early update. This is what my life has come to.

  334. Anonymous permalink

                 ( ゚∀゚) う~RAPE!
                 ⊂  つ
                 (つ ノ
       ☆          (ノ
         \       ☆
                  |     ☆
     ☆        (⌒ ⌒ヽ   / ☆
        \  (´⌒  ⌒  ⌒ヾ   /
          (’⌒ ; ⌒   ::⌒  ) ☆
         (´     )     ::: ) /
      ☆─ (´⌒;:    ::⌒`) :;  )
         (⌒::   ::     ::⌒ )
        / (    ゝ  ヾ 丶  ソ ─ ☆

  335. Anonymous permalink

    Stop the new world order and the illuminati…. upps wrong blog sorry :P

  336. yuri9 permalink

    I’ll go back to playing Lone Survivor then :-(

  337. Rika Furude permalink

    Noooooo Not Goblin Insertion I Dont Want To Die


  338. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Rika Furude, They are:

    Who is the most useless pokemon trainer in the world who releases all his good pokemon, and never makes it past the fourth or fifth round of the pokemon leagues.
    Nah, that’s too easy.
    Who is the most short lived angeloid in Sora no Otoshimono?

    • Rika Furude permalink

      Unfortunately I have yet to watch Sora no Otoshimono and I havent read far enough in to it to know either but i will be getting it soon
      But I can answer the other one is it Brock’s retarded friend Ash

    • Anonymous permalink

      the water angeloid that chaos kills

      • Rika Furude permalink

        Another new player yay
        The rule for playing is that after answering a question you must ask another one
        This is the Anime Quiz Game
        And if you give yourself a name there are already too many anonymous’

        • IzanaginoOokami permalink

          Who are the yondaimaou? and what light novel series are they from?

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink


  339. Anonymous permalink

    What do you guys think about my idea: A Monster Hunter x Monster Girl Quest Crossover

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      What kind of item drops would monster girls leave?
      and could you actually bring yourself to kill them?

  340. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Internet still seems to work.

  341. Anonymous permalink

    Allow me to impress upon you the severe mistake you have made. For years my conduct has been largely benign and yet without provocation you have severed our detente and forced me to unleash upon you the vengeful flames of a thousand suns! You shall curse your mothers for the day of your birth. So go now! Go, and begin your life of fear, knowing that when you least expect it the looming sword of Damocles will crash down upon you, cleaving you in twain! And as you gaze upon the smoking wreckage that was once your life you will regret the day youreleased this patch late.

    and love your work looking forward to the patch.

  342. Anonymous permalink

    An omen!?

  343. its a troll permalink

    Rogue must be trolling us

  344. Klaus permalink

    Allow me to impress upon you the severe mistake you have made. For years my conduct has been largely benign and yet without provocation you have severed our detente and forced me to unleash upon you the vengeful flames of a thousand suns! You shall curse your mothers for the day of your birth. So go now! Go, and begin your life of fear, knowing that when you least expect it the looming sword of Damocles will crash down upon you, cleaving you in twain! And as you gaze upon the smoking wreckage that was once your life you will regret the day you released this patch late

    and love your work looking forword to the patch :D.

  345. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    In the Tenchi Muyo! OVA continuity,
    who are the first three in line for the Juraian Throne, after Emperor Azusa?

    1. Y_ _ _ _
    2. T_ _ _ _ _
    3. S_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    • Rika Furude permalink

      and not sure about the last one but I’m gonna take an educated stab in the dark and say Seina Yamada

      • Rika Furude permalink

        What is Yamada’s Cup size from the anime Yamada’s First Time


      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        correct, due to linking witha 1st gen. Juraian Royal Tree Seed.

  346. Anonymous permalink

    it’s already 23.45 here and still no patch :(

    • time wizard permalink


      rogue lives in america i think, its not even noon there, he still has like 18 hours to go before it is the 1th

  347. Anonymous permalink

    oh my dear
    here i am refreshing every 5 minutes since 12 o’clock in the afternoon
    and now it’s already half past ten …
    one and a half hour till midnighttttt

  348. Anonymous permalink


  349. Rika Furude permalink

    What is Yamada’s Cup size from the anime Yamada’s First Time?

  350. yuri9 permalink

    Recommend some good VN time!
    I recommend playing:
    1) Kara No Shoujo
    2) G-Senjou No Mao
    3) YU-NO – The Girl that Chants Love at the Edge of the World

  351. Anonymous permalink

    Im soooo impatient!!!

  352. Alucard permalink

    IzanaginoOokami in what anime you can see a Kodama?

  353. Alucard permalink

    Rika Furude OK who is the man behind the mask in naruto?

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      It hasn’t been revealed yet!
      the guy we thought it was shown to be a Edo Tensei Revived Corpse!

  354. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Which Lupin III movie was directed by Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli fame?

    • Rika Furude permalink

      Castle of Cagliostro

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      What plants do the Japanese names
      originate from?

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        Sakura = Cherry Blossom, pretty common knowledge
        Tachiban = Orange Blossom (pretty sure)
        Higanbana = Red Spider Lily
        Kaede = Japanese Red Maple
        Ichigo = Strawberry, again pretty common knowledge
        Yuri = Girls’ love – err, I mean Lily (the white kind, as opposed to the red spiderlily)

        one I forgor Tsubaki = Camellia

        • Rika Furude permalink

          And you beat me to posting my comment it took too long to write it out

      • Rika Furude permalink

        Sakura: Cherry blossom
        Tachibana: Orange
        Higanbana: Red Spider lilly
        Kaede: Maple(I think)
        Ichigo: Strawberry
        Yuri: Lillies
        And i didnt cheat so some are probably incorrect I just love japanese culture
        well with that goodnight people finish getting to 1000+ comments without me because I have to work tomorrow

  355. What'sausername? permalink

    And we are over 700 comments.

    Good job, people.

  356. Anonymous permalink

    Guys i’ve been wondering about something, does having sex with Monster Girl count
    as beastiality ?

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      only if it’s after the Mg was sealed, and/or they are based on an animal.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Objection: Tamamo and the other kitsune. Far more human than most of the other monsters. Bestiality just doesn’t seem to be a fitting description. .. Unless Youkai-ality counts as bestiality
        .. Depends on what we consider bestiality really. Sex with any type of other creature, or simply those without intelligence?

  357. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    What are the names Rukia gave the twins in Bleach: Fade to Black the Movie?

    • Alucard permalink

      ohhh… men that’s a hard one quick anidb anidb must find it….

    • i beg you parfon permalink

      homura and shizuku

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        Did you google it or have you seen the movie recently?
        I just got it on DVD.

      • Rika Furude permalink

        You are correct
        And welcom back to the Anime Quiz Game
        dont forget to ask a question after you answer one

  358. Anonymous permalink

    Alice demands 1000 comments.

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      Alice can post some herself then!

      • Rika Furude permalink

        join in the Anime Quiz Game then Alice


  359. Zoro permalink

    Take your time Rogue ^^

  360. Alucard permalink


  361. Rika Furude permalink

    Its so much fun to see that I’m not the only one who has seen or at very least heard of every anime people can mention
    My friend is still trying to find one and watch it before I even hear about but so far she’s had no luck

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      I want to kill the seven “Heroes” who betrayed me and three others who completed our mission, I was the youngest to ever receive the title of “Blatt Meister”, I survived what should have been fatal injuries by eating the flesh of a faerie, and became a hybrid being, and I am at my strongest in moonlight, what series am I from, and what is my original name and current name?

      • i beg you parfon permalink

        ascherit & konzerl ?

        • IzanaginoOokami permalink

          koinzell, but correct, and the series title ubel blatt.
          What are the names of all the members of Kirito’s Harem, I mean party in the fictional VRMMORPG Alfheim Online?

          • i beg you parfon permalink

            i thought SAO doesn’t have anime adaptation yet

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            I didn’t realize that it was limited to only anime, some questions have been based on manga.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Original name: Ascheriit.
        Name for now: Koïnzell

  362. wildhawk permalink

    Ninja Scroll

  363. Anonymous permalink

    My body is not ready for the impending update.

  364. Alucard permalink

    Chii…. Chii ^_^ Chii?

    • Hideki permalink


    • Rika Furude permalink

      It’s Elda from chobits renamed Chii by Hideki

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      I have ruled over 1/3 of the world, have hung around with female chinese warlords wearing nothing but a pink g-string, been a level-2 Shinken, narrated for a cosmic- plaything/teenage butler, and have the most badass voice in Japan who am I?

  365. Tamamo's sex slave permalink

    If this was supposed to be an April Fool’s joke, it isn’t really funny :'(

    • Mugen permalink

      An April Fool’s joke on the last day of March really wouldn’t be funny.

      • Tamamo's sex slave permalink

        it’s already april 1 here :( 12:05 AM as a matter of fact. Manila cries based rogue :'((

  366. Anonymous permalink

    What was the last episode of bleach ?

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      366, but the manga is continuing for one more arc.

  367. i beg you parfon permalink

    00:00 in here it’s already april 1st here

  368. HUNGER GAMES permalink


  369. Hideki permalink

    it’s 19:04 where i live

  370. GingaSenshi permalink

    darn, already april here.. ain’t gonna sleep till i get this.. also thanks in advance to rouge for the translation

  371. Anonymous permalink

    still nothing -.-


  372. Anonymous permalink

    Do you guys want to cease this quiz bullshit and just wait patiently for a little longer?

    And by a little longer I mean like at least four or five hours more. You can’t (well, shouldn’t) keep shitting the place up with your impatience founded on not understanding when ‘late afternoon EST’ is. It will still be a while.

    And even that’s only an aim, not guaranteed.

    Go cool down somewhere else and cut this out. No, it’s not funny or impressive to rack up comments on a post over this.

  373. Rika Furude permalink

    About 6-15 hours till it will be released if its released according to Schedule
    Goodnight murders of unborn childern

  374. Pedobear permalink

    unfortunately, the rumors are true: rogue has been…………..kidnapped…

  375. Marovus permalink

    Poor Europeans. Its late morning or noon in America atm.

  376. Rika Furude permalink

    Keep the quiz going just to spit that persons comment
    Too arms too arms

    • Anonymous permalink


      Go to bed, kid.

      • Rika Furude permalink

        The Idea Was that it was dumb in accordance to the fact that the comment I was aiming it at was also dumb. So its good that got half the meaning

  377. Anonymous permalink

    Waiting eagerly.

  378. i beg you parfon permalink

    i’ll be taking my leave too then, good night, and may we all continue our mass murderer activity on those innocent unborn child

  379. Alucard permalink

    what’s the bird name in airgear?

  380. Anonymous permalink

    Ok, in europe, it’s 18:11.

    Assuming Rogue lives in america, you have to take 6 hours from that, or even 9 if he lives on the west coast.

    Even more if he has something unexpected (bug, computer crash, whatever).

    I’ll come back tomorrow i guess :p

  381. Rika Furude permalink

    THE FULL PATCH IS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  382. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Here on the Eastern end of Australia, its 2:15 am.
    I give up, Oyasumi!

  383. heaven piercing **** permalink

    man. I’ve been waiting here and keep reloading for 12 hours. i hope this isn’t an April mop. but please, take your time rogue-sama. since you’ve been working pretty hard for us. thank you very much for your hard work.

  384. Rika Furude permalink

    we failed with 769 comments thats 231 comments short of 1000

  385. Rika Furude permalink

    Its out now people F5 F5 F5

  386. TheGreatHeinrich permalink

    So here are the crashes I, and several others, can confirm:

    Crashes at Lilith & Lilim’s “Laughing Gend”

    Crashes at Tamamo (2)’s rape scene after her BJ.

    Are there any other text-related errors? I keep seeing errors that point to filenames which I am not getting, neither am I getting any custom scenario-related crashes. I can upload an updated script that fixes those crashes on Rogue’s behalf.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Crashing from laughing gend can be avoided by doing single clicks rather than trying to skip through the attack as fast possible. That’s what I did, and it worked for me.

  387. Soo close!!!Go Brave Rogue, continue the good job = )

  388. annon permalink

    Bit of brain food here : I wonder how Rance ( from rance games) Would like the monster girl quest world ? Tecnically he might be resistant to the usual “have sex become slave” part as he did for example have sex with a priestes that had so strong holy powers everyone she had sex with died ( and this was after he had raped about three dozens of maidens on the way) The experience just made him “refreshed”.

    Well, wouldn’t be much of a game though : Monster ” I’ll rape you ” Rance : “No, I’ll rape YOU – Rance attack !”

    Poor Luka would get hearth attack watching that :D

    *waiting mgq 3 now with fingers crosses, I love this storyline seriously and it has nothing to do ( much) with wanking*

  389. Anonymous permalink

    can someone post a download link to the full list of bgm music for mgq 2

  390. Anonymous permalink

    thx a lot dude keep the good work

  391. Anonymous permalink


  392. Anonymous permalink

    u r a god man….

  393. Smelt permalink

    Just downloaded and started MGQ 3… In Japanese… Can;t understand a word… But it started with my 2 favorite characters from MGQ 1…

    The goblin and vampire juveniles… So i *know* this is going to rock!

  394. Youko permalink

    So close yet so far :3 cant wait :D

  395. biggger bob permalink

    can you imagine if we did not have translators like rogue

  396. NightBring permalink

    I hope you translate the (Monster Laboratory/and some spin-off), I’ll wait for that and thanks for traslating MGQ3..

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