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April 4, 2012

So the patch got deleted off mediafire (Along with some other files I had up there) for some reason. I re-uploaded it (and updated the link on the post) for now, but I guess I’ll need to put them somewhere else.  Also the re-uploaded patch has the fix for the Lilith & Lilim and the Tamamo crash.


New link location:


PS: There are no unique scenes in Part 2 on Hard mode like there were during Part 1.

  1. Yuhan permalink

    Sad to hear your files were removed. It had once happened to me and I had a conciderable amount of material on there…

    Anyway just find a safer site to reup everything and all shall be well..

    Thanks for the new patch too!

    Just a quick question. Are ya working on the spin offs currently or just having a well deserved break?

    No rush at all! I’d even be ok with it if you said you wouldn’t do it.

    Just curious ^^

  2. too bad that Megaupload is gone

  3. DarkDrakir permalink

    To bad about your files, hope that you still have them in your backup storage, Thanks for all your hard work Rogue :)

  4. thanks rogue :)

    well, MF often mass-deleting files, and somehow i’m not surprised our files got deleted by them

  5. dwiedge permalink

    MediaFire now deleting files that will probably have some connection to illegal-items
    one way to avoid it is that renaming them to something else

    sample: Monmusu Quest part 2 v1.0 ENG
    become: MonMuse Quad 2 1.0


  6. Anonymous permalink

    are you also going to translate part 3 of the game when it comes out somewhere this year i hope

  7. DJdarknight permalink

    are you also going to translate part 3 of the game when it comes out somewhere this year i hope

  8. Rehgar61 permalink

    Thanks for all your work!

    And Mediafire is always a little weird to me. There’s nothing illegal about posting an English patch, but it looks like they just remove anything that looks like it may possibly be sort of pirated. I’m sorry; that’s gotta be frustrating

  9. Brave permalink

    That’s strange, they must have just gotten caught up in a sweep because of the filename without looking into what the file actually is.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve been using this site called for file storage for a while now. All you need to sign up is an email, and even if you wanted to there’s no way to actually give them money. Give it a look.

  11. Good Job!! Remember Rogue, I will always be watching over you. Even in the Internet!!!!

    • Look who finally decided to show up!!!

    • Is there a “like” button here like in facebook?Do you girls need weapons?Guns?Foil or Épée?:D

    • danny2146 permalink

      Oh just you wait, Ilias. I will defeat you and restore the world back to the way it used to be!

    • Can I get a handjob?

    • your friendly neighborhood derp permalink

      lol *pulls up a lawn chair and some beer* actually it’s revealed that you are in fact a monster girl llias (alignment light and counterbalance to the alice line’s “dark” energy) but hey at least luka will get at turning the tables at the end of the 3rd game (i want the sloppy seconds for once)

    • your friendly neighborhood derp permalink

      one last thing, you’d be nearly powerless to “recreate” the world in your image without black alice helping you along this time (hence why you didn’t do it when luka’s ancestor heinrich opposed you last time)

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, thanks for all your hard work with the patches. I’m sure we’re all greatful for all the time you put into this.
    I’m not very computer literate, so I was hoping I could get some help with the patch. I Unrared it directly to the Mosnter Girl 2 base folder, the one with the Mon.que exe file and my computer is set to Japanese local. When prompted I selected “yes to all” to replace all files but then when the extraction is done, all files are in the base folder and I get a

    NSAfA[f]fCfu,cftf@fcf exec_dll “NSFont.dll/gaiji,YZ,system/hurt.bmp

    If I transfer files manually I can get it mostly in english, but then the game crashes a little bit into it.
    Could anyone please give me a hand here? I’m glad all of you have been able to get it to work, but I have a bunch of BS going on in my life right now, so it’d be really great if I could at least have this

  13. EmptyNull permalink

    What are the additional hard mode scenes on part1 then?

    • Haley permalink

      Offhand, most of the child bandit scenes were shortened significantly, I believe the vampire child and the dragon child would not even fight you on normal difficulty. A couple of monsters aren’t able to use their strongest skills(or use it on such low frequency that they might as well not have it.)

      There’s probably more but that’s all I personally remember offhand.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I played on normal but I fought all the child bandits IIRC. Are those extra scenes/CGs also omitted from the encyclopedia if you don’t play on hard mode?

        • Haley permalink

          Just double checked this to be sure, Tiny Lamia runs off as soon as you struggle. Tiny Vampire runs off as soon as you avoid her Eyes of Obedience(i.e struggle -> defend. won fight).

          Tiny Goblin/Dragon still fight you though so I’m sorry for saying otherwise.

          You can easily check this by fighting them on normal from the monsterpedia. Scenes aren’t directly removed except, if you don’t fight/lose to said monster, you don’t gain that specific mon’s scene/techniques.

        • Haley permalink

          Sorry for double post, gg i fail.

          Tiny Dragon runs off after the first Demon Decapitation as well.

          I double checked Goblin. guard her first blow and she runs off.

          So all 4 bandits are skippable to a degree.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    GTFO Ilias >:/

  15. sliding touch permalink

    hohoho that not your place here ilias.

  16. 光 闇 permalink

    New link keeps timing out for me.

    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

  17. gw3ndaal permalink

    o.0 i downloaded with no issue maybe your router/modem is buggy try restart it

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Well, with all the people following you, it hardly matters that one upload got deleted. You could snap your fingers, and every one of your followers who downloaded the patches the day they came out would each find some remote corner of the internet to post them to, thus preserving your wonderful work. ^^

  19. gw3ndaal permalink

    +1 btw rogue did you get around the text issue in 1.1 patch its really annoying for 1 st part

  20. Anonymous permalink

    I hope everyone is aware that somebody here reported the uploads. These things don’t get deleted at random.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t wait entire year for next part, god damn.

    Somebody freeze me.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Finished the game, thanks for all your work. I’m guessing the plot of part 3 relies a good deal on somebody having a certain sword.

  23. chibishiroiryu permalink

    So in hard mode from MGQ 2, you can have the same things than Normal Mode ?
    So no more sex positions only in hard mode in MGQ2 ?

  24. Anonymous permalink

    whose the last girl in the list the ??? after last fight with boss

    • Anon permalink

      Man, someone didn’t get it yet
      1.Spare Alice
      2.Kill Alice
      3.Lose to Alice

    • Haley permalink

      To be more specific, it’s Ilias again. You get her scene by killing Alice off.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, the 1.1 patch for Part 1 got taken down too. Any chance you could re-upload that?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Why would you keep Part 1? Part 2 has everything Part 1 had assuming you already merged them together.

    • ohhey permalink

      I am the ghost of updates past. You’re lucky I save almost all my RAR files lol.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Once you copy the ark.nsa file from Part 1 and paste it into Part 2 you won’t need Part 1 to start new a game.

  26. Kranesh permalink

    Anyone knows where I can get the monster laboratory patch?

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Nazi book burning is alive and well I see….

  28. Lunaris permalink

    Wow Rogue, thanks for the PS! Made my life so much easier… my fap life that is.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Will you translate side stories like ika musume and other?

  30. Gabriel permalink

    duuude, I need u to answer me, the patch works but when i play spin off stories the game gives an error then closes, u know why??? i really wanna see those stories pleaseeee!!!

    • Anonymous permalink

      you have to merge part 1 and 2 for the spin offs to work

  31. Anonymous permalink

    I have been sitting back patiently awaiting your patches as I did with Monster Quest 1. I’ve meant to say this for a long time now. You are, indeed, the man. Or woman. Either way you’re at the top of your game.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    reply if you like alice

  33. Abrams_05 permalink

    God day Rogue! Thanks for this patch, i have the questions, for full patch v. 1.0 uploaded om mediafire problems with:

    green orb – how i see i need blue
    crash in arena with Alma Elma

  34. Anonymous permalink

    First of all, thank you for your hard work, Rogue Translations.

    I need HELP completing the monsterpedia.
    I’m missing 1 monster after “Granberia (3)” and 4 monsters after “Beelzebubs”.
    I fused the 1st and 2nd game, i imported the save data from the 1st game,
    i completed the story and i went back several times, but i just can’t find them.
    Any help is appreciated.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The four after the Beelzebubs are the monsters from the second quest to save Sara. You should get the option after talking to everyone in Gold Port, its a messenger from the king of Sabasa specifically. You go there after Selene’s ship, but before the Garuda shrine.

      The fight after Granberia(3) is the second one with the Crab Girl. I don’t think that fight is skippable, so not sure how you’re missing that one.

      • Haley permalink

        It’s possible to skip both if he didn’t do the relevant parts before that point. … Not sure if you can skip it by not talking to the npc too. Pretty sure you have to talk to everyone before Selene lets you on her ship.

      • Anonymous permalink

        From: Original Asker

        I understand what you’re saying but, after i defeat the Beelzebubs,
        the shrine is the only option that appears.
        This is what happens from the moment Alice faints onwards:

        “With her eyes frozen open, it looks like she managed to faint while still standing up.”
        *Background turns black*
        “The ship sails back to Gold Port, almost as if controlled by the invisible power
        of Selene’s crew. Returning to port after a couple of days, i’ve finally returned
        with the Purple Orb.”
        “Now then, for where to go next…”

        Then the map opens up and the only option available is the shrine.

        And about Crab Girl, when i go to Port Natalia, i buy the Ball of Guidance,
        i go to the beach, raise the Ball of Guidance, then i immediately face the Kraken.
        When was she supposed to appear?

        • Haley permalink

          A new location should have popped up when you unlocked the map (i.e 3 quests/locations -> getting the orbs/Finding Sara(2)/Talking to Serene). you can try talking to the guard in Port Natalie I guess?

          The crab girl appears after you get the orb and before you meet the Kraken again.

          Again, if you didn’t do either quest in the first part(or your save doesn’t recognize that you’ve done them), they’re both skippable.

      • Anonymous permalink

        From: Original Asker

        I completed the story and the monsterpedia in the first game.
        I remember going with Sara to the pyramid and also facing Crab Girl
        and i have both of them in the monsterpedia.

        • Haley permalink

          hmm… have you merged part 1 and 2?

          Maybe you have to start over from part 1 again?

          • Anonymous permalink

            From: Original Asker

            Yes, as i mentioned in the original help request post.

          • Haley permalink

            Then I’m sorry but I have no idea what’s wrong with your savefile. I’m very sure that the monsters are where I stated they are.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I also noticed that, when i got to Hellgondo, every area i entered was above my lvl.
            For example, there was an area that required lvl 58 and i was still around lvl 56
            but i was able to enter the area anyway.

          • Haley permalink

            The level difference can come from skipping quests or fights that you don’t have to fight(like the mandragora,mimic,genie from chapter 1.)

            Don’t think there’s any of those in chapter 2 though.(and the level difference can often be very deadly on Hard mode…)

  35. NeoHunter permalink

    I was wondering if anyone have a complete save from part 1. i restored my computer a while back and forget to keep the save. T-T

  36. Anonymous permalink

    1. Thanks a lot for the patch, loving the complete scenario (though looking at the new monsters in the end there, I fear that the move from bizarre stuff to genuinely hot monster girls may be subverted in part 3)

    2. The new side stories appear to be untraslated and crash prone. Am I just applying to patch wrong, or?

  37. Striped Hero permalink

    Just finished up part two. I’m very glad there was an autosave that was before the final fight. Almost missed an entry in the encyclopedia…

    I noticed a couple of typos here and there, but nothing worth screaming about. I’m impressed that you did it so quick with so few.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    It won’t let me start cause it says i am missing a few BGM files. Anybody know what i have to do?

  39. Anonymous permalink

    It will not let me start because it says i am missing some BGM’s. Anyone know what i am supposed to do?

  40. Anonymous permalink

    It will not let me start because it says i am missing some BGM,s. What do i do?

  41. nightgalez permalink

    Grab some B@n@n@….and enjoy it while downloading everything from the start…LoL

  42. Lunar permalink

    i have a problem with effect speed, even if its on instant it stays on the lowest effect speed, does anyone have a fix for this?

  43. Anonymous permalink

    The new link location isn’t working for me. It keeps telling me there was a problem with the download.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Same here, looks like the new link is down too.

  45. This Guy permalink

    Just as the guy before me, it keeps telling me there is an error.

  46. Asham permalink

    Like (almost) all that came before me, I get an OOPS! message. Doesn’t work me (atm) :(.

    Thanks for the patch though :D (as soon as I get it to work).

  47. Lunaris permalink

    Link works perfectly fine for me.

  48. Anonymous permalink

    Love the work on alice. My favorite are the first 2 scenes of action with her. Is it possible for the same artist to do the last 2 as well? It felt like the last 2 were lacking a bit from the build up from the very beginning

  49. Anonymous permalink

    I found an interesting glitch. Make sure you have chapters 1+2 merged. Go to the Monster Encyclopedia and choose a fight. Win that battle and start a new game. You should have all the skills from the battle right at the start.

    • Haley permalink

      Ha, that sounds like a fun glitch.

      Though given Luka’s low sp pool in the beginning I kinda wonder if it’s useful xD;

    • Anonymous permalink

      Heh, that’s pretty funny actually. It auto-corrects itself once you learn “Demon Decapitation” though, so it doesn’t last very long :(

  50. Anonymous permalink

    You really should switch some of your “Lets” with “Let’s.”
    Come on now.

  51. Anonymous permalink

    I’m having a 0.99 txt line popup right when I’m about to “choose” an island to go to at the beginning of part 2.

    Can someone help me please? I’ve set the local to Japanese and everything.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Tried installing it, played the game then Unfortunate Lamia appeared and said was end of 66% patch, then everything went Japanese. Messed with the files now can’t get the side stories working like they were before.

    Long story short, can you do a little step by step instruction? Which I presume when you say base folder you mean the part that has the icon of Alice to start the game.

  53. Installed, side stories were working, started new game, for part 2, cleared up until Unfortunate Lamia appeared and told me it was the end of 66% patch. I messed around with the files, now I can’t get side stories to work. I need to clarify one thing also, when you say the base folder, you mean the part where the icon with Alice is to start the game is correct? Otherwise that might be what I’m doing wrong.

    Long story short, can’t go past the part where the 66% ended and nothing new seems to be working now. Can someone help me out?

    P.S. Last post didn’t show up so not sure if I will be double posting.

    • Apologies for the double post, I apparently didn’t notice the fact that my post was right above the one I was writing.

  54. Erick permalink

    Ok I downloaded part 2 but for some reason when i try to launch the application a pop saying something in Japanese and the game window closes. Is it me or is the download broke?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Happens with me too..! can someone explain please …

  55. caligulasAquairum permalink

    When I load up my arc.nsa file from the last one, it seems to revert the whole fucking story over to chapter 1.

    • Haley permalink

      It’s kinda supposed to do that, it merges parts 1 and 2 together(hence selecting new game starts you off in part 1 as opposed to part 2.)

      You should have a save from the end of part 1 or just replay it from part 1 all over again, now that you know how to do it, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.

  56. Anonymous permalink

    The fight with Lilith and Lilim still has a crash from time to time when they use their laughing gend attack

    • Anonymous permalink

      Never mind Rogue, I applied the patch again and it worked. Thanks for the hard work.

  57. Anonymous permalink

    When i try to start the game, some data text pops up on the game screen before i can start … can someone please help me …

    I seriously dont know if i have installed it correctly …

  58. Anonymous permalink


    • Anonymous permalink

      There’s only a few that I can recall, mostly just some different attacks, and the four loli bandits keep fighting you when they would have given up on normal mode.

  59. Anonymous permalink

    can someone please re-upload this patch in a different place because the download keeps timing out

    • WeinersMcGee permalink

      Doesn’t seem to be working for me either

  60. Anonymous permalink

    hey Rouge, i jus wanted to let you know that i cant play any of the spin-off stories in the Extras menu, it says I need some nsa file. Do you think you can help?

    • Haley permalink

      Try merging part 1 and part 2 if you haven’t done so yet.

  61. Lunaris permalink

    For those who are looking for a save file right after Luka reaches Hellgondo, I have it here:
    The lvl is a bit higher than normal though, so it’s basically ezmode.

    • Lunaris permalink

      Be sure to back up your “saves” folder if you do use it because I have all my saves in there, and you don’t wanna overwrite your own on accident. I won’t be responsible. :P

  62. Anonymous permalink

    For some reason, every time I exit the game, my encyclopedia clears out as if I never fought any monsters. My story save files are still intact, so I have no idea why this is happening. Can anyone help me out here?

    (Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but I don’t know where else to ask)

  63. Okay how about somebody just posts their working version of the game on mediafire or whatever? Like making sure it goes past where the 66% patch left off, since no matter how many times I install this thing I keep getting stopped at the point where 66% ended. Heck would probably save everyone the trouble of having to come here and ask how to get it to work.

  64. Le homo permalink

    I would like to thank you on behalf of reddit xD

  65. Ok, I am not sure if I am not merging correctly or what, but when I try to start the game it gives me some type of pop-up (a error code in gibberish i think lol) and then basically crashes. What am I doing wrong, how do I do it right?

    Also, when I put the arc.nsa file(s) (I had 2 of them) it didn’t ask me to overwrite anything.

    Please help! :(

    • Anonymous permalink

      I am also curious about this. For me, part 1 as arc.nsa and arc1.nsa, and part 2 has arc2.nsa, arc3.nsa, and arc4.nsa… I’m not sure what to think about this.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh yeah, and it’s giving me an error and crashing as well.. Except it’s not “gibberish” for me:


        099.txt line:186633

        | saveoff
        | lsp 107,”:a;system\logo.bmp”,79,100
        > bg “bg\bg001.bmp”

        My Japanese isn’t very good at all, but it sounds like there’s something going on with an “NSA archive file” called bg\bg001.bmp (or an “NSA archive” related file… Hell I don’t know. I’m not sure what “から” means…).. It can’t find that file… and it’s saying something about saving and an image file called logo.bmp…? Something wrong with the logo?…

  66. egg permalink

    Some friends of mine suspect that Mediafire’s delete policy actually has more to do with just how much traffic a file gets. MF wasn’t originally designed as a method to share files with tons of other people; it (and the servers it runs on) are business-oriented. Most likely, they just see that a file has X many downloads per Y span of time, count up the bandwidth used, and think “holy crap, this is costing us a fortune in bandwidth – DELETE”.

    If you don’t see an actual “deleted for copyright infringement” claim on it, this is probably what’s been happening.

  67. Hi, Can Eka’s Portal Archive your translation in case it get removed again? I will post the link back here you can hot link. We have plenty of bandwidth.

  68. Anonymous permalink

    can you repost the dl link so that people can reade the game plz and ty

  69. KodoGiasu permalink

    MGQ2 patch got taken down again…man and it’s just been like 2 day’s since I discovered the awesomeness that is the MGQ series…does anyone have that Rar downloaded somewhere? Or you could just Rar the files themselves(That would be hard though…I mean, would you know which files to put in there?).

  70. KodoGiasu permalink

    And would this be an option as a different Upload site?

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