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What’s Next?

April 5, 2012

The short answer:

After a small break, some English support for the Monster Laboratory stuff, maybe a couple Japanese fan-made scenes that have unique CGs, then bringing Violated Heroine up to a current version.

The long answer:

It has been a little more than 10 months since I first started translating stuff. First it was MGQ Part 1, then Shalt’s path through Thief & Sword (Which you should totally play even if you skip all the H-scene stuff. If you liked choose your own adventure games, you’ll find it interesting), then a little over half of Violated Heroine, then MGQ Part 2. Since then, the backlog of anime and games I have yet to finish has slowly grown larger and larger.

So for at least a little while, I’m going to take a small break from doing anything more. How long is a “small break”? I don’t know… Maybe a month or so. Maybe less if I get bored and want to start up earlier than I thought. When I resume, the first thing will be some English support for the Monster Laboratory stuff, including some of the Japanese fan-made scenarios that have unique CGs to them. I won’t do any scenes that don’t have unique, fan-made CGs since the western community can make them just as easily if they want. After that, I’ll bring Violated Heroine up to a current version again (Current Version means all the stuff changed and added that would otherwise have been completed in the last 60% patch).

Questions I keep getting asked:

When is MGQ Part 3 coming out?

I don’t know. There has been no release date planned. Part 2 was pushed back a few times, so I think Torotoro is even more reluctant to put out a timeframe this time. Part 2’s definite release date wasn’t posted until a few days before it came out, too. Honestly I don’t monitor his twitter or the BBS, just the Monmusu base website. Other people will probably know before I do.

Are you going to translate Part 3?

Unless something happens to me before it comes out, that’s the plan.

I’m crashing at xxxx location.

As far as I’m aware, all crashes (Including the Lilith / Tamamo ones) have been fixed as of the last patch. Any crashes you’re experiencing are 99% of the time the result of the following reasons:

1. You aren’t running the executable with your system set to Japanese, or with applocale.

2. You’re trying to use the patch as a standalone game. If you didn’t get prompted to overwrite a bunch of files after extracting it, you’re doing it wrong.

3. You’re trying to apply the patch to MGQ Part 1’s game directory. Part 2 is a separate game, not an “upgrade”.

4. You’re trying to play some of the side story scenarios / Monster Laboratory without combining Part 1 and Part 2.

5. You applied the patch to the trial version of the game off dlsite.

6. You’re running the game with linux / mac without the proper video codecs or font files the game uses.

7. You incorrectly copied over the arc.nsa file from Part 1 into the Part 2 game directory when trying to apply the game.

8. You didn’t extract the patch correctly.

9. You have gremlins in your computer.

I can save anywhere I want! All I have to do is xxxxxxxxxxx

Yes, I know. As long as you put Japanese text (Or at least double-width characters) into the box, you can save anywhere. However when nScripter loads, it looks for the current location you saved at. I don’t know what voodoo nScripter uses to find out, but it seems to be looking for the last recorded instance of double-byte text. Sometimes this is a line-break. Sometimes this is a string variable. Sometimes this is a number. Sometimes this is an UNDEFINED_LOCATION_CORRUPT_SAVE_FILE event! It’s due to the last one (Which, while uncommon, has happened to me when I was testing it) that I put in the Save Locations. Maybe the newer version of nScripter fixed it, but it’s a risky thing to court with when it can get rid of all your records and information.

Why did you name the character xxxxxxxxx instead of xxxxxxxxxxx?

Because I thought it sounded better.

Why don’t you accept donations?

There are a few reasons. I’ve posted them a couple times, but just know it isn’t arbitrary and it won’t change.

Why don’t you try to contact Torotoro and try to make an official English release?


Can I use your translation to translate it into xxxx language?

Sure, go right ahead. So far I’ve been contacted three times about Spanish, once about Russian, once about Italian, once about Portuguese and once about German. As far as I’m aware, all of them have stopped.

Can you translate xxxx game?

No, I know what I’m doing for the next year. All “recommendations” will be ignored, sorry.

Any suggestions for other H-games to play?

Sengoku Rance for sure. My favorite H game of all time.

Daibanchou is good too.

Henshin is amazing. I really hope a good group of people translate this at some point, it would be a huge hit.

Then there are some of the games I’ve mentioned before already (Kamidori, Violated Hero, etc…)

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  1. wildhawk permalink

    well atleast we will know why you wont be posting anything for awhile

  2. TheGreatHeinrich permalink

    What exactly happened when your save file got corrupted? Were you trying to save before you actually put in the Save Location?

    • It was when I was modifying the Save code to allow English characters to be used as a comment. When I loaded up the game it would sometimes put me at a completely random spot in the game, other times it would send me backwards to a previous line, sometimes making me fight the same monster twice. A lot of extra issues were a result of allowing English text to be entered into the save prompt.

      • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

        Oh, okay. Whatever I just sent you should address those said issues, but I want to know for sure if saving anywhere causes your global save file to go kaput, not as a result of a system crash or power outage. That’s the biggest thing.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Would it not be possible to just not allow English characters as a comment since with the current method you can’t change them anyway? It seems having a Japanese default comment is an acceptable trade-off for being able to save wherever you want. Or am I missing something?

        • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

          The comment itself has nothing to do with how the game save and loads–just pointing that out. It’s just that it’s much safer to disallow English text as a comment because NScripter, for whatever reason, doesn’t correctly update save points at English text. The comment box just happened to be a convenient way to force us to save at the correct locations. Of course, that doesn’t stop people from simply typing random full-width garbage in place of whatever English text is already there.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Okay, I understand. That’s more or less what I was asking.

  3. Haley permalink

    Ha. Since I’m here for this post, I just realised that I never said thanks for all the translating work.

    Awfully rude of me so… Thanks :3 hopefully the break will be an enjoyable one for you!

    • Haley permalink

      Completely offtopic but I’ve been replaying the game since I missed an item for the Hero’s proof and just got back up to Succubus Village.

      Alice adding ……Pervert to the end of everything is highly amusing xD;

      • raza permalink

        bet it was the jewel of friendship wasn’t it lol

  4. snooze permalink

    Thanks for the hard work. Go and enjoy your animes, i’ll be looking forward to your work on part 3. :)

  5. Anonymous permalink

    We’ll miss you :T
    And once again, thank you so much for your work. I’ll suck all your internet cock, no homo

  6. Anon permalink

    Are there any Japanese scenarios that have a great story written into them? Besides the ones with unique CGs, which will automatically give us new “yay” content, what about those that actually have good writing/characters?

  7. SupremeVictory permalink

    We are still looking for a donate button.

    • raza permalink

      he can’t and won’t take them like he said in a previous post on one of the other walls

  8. /d/mod permalink

    I’m patiently awaiting rpgtrans 2.0 for the sake of VH translation myself.

    A lot of stuff has changed dialogue wise but it’s not like you’ll have to re-translate the WHOLE game.

    • Someone made me a script that stores everything in a mysql database and compares each line. So if it was moved around or changed, the new stuff will be flagged and easily visible with each map file, so it isn’t that big of a deal to update old stuff.

      • L'hospital permalink

        Yay! I was wondering how you did that. Can’t wait for more VH. (actually I can, as that just means it will keep updating with more content. We win either way!)

  9. Kudos to you sir. You deserve the short break. Doing all these work for free, you deserve a medal. ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆

  10. Febo permalink

    Enjoy your break Rogue, I am keeping my eyes out for MGQ3 and look forward to your other projects.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for your hard work. Hope your break is energizing for you. You deserve it.

  12. Go my hero Rogue, take some rest so you can one day translate the Part 3.And remember Rogue, I will always be watching over you.Even when you are resting ~

  13. Z Ranger permalink

    Seriously you’ve been updating a lot! Even if all your saying is your still alive, that’s way more than all the other translators I follow. Forget the short break, take a long break. I don’t even care how long. Just don’t forget about us.

  14. wildhawk permalink

    i know you said you will only be doing ones with new Cgs but if theres any involving the lencubus or the imp can you say somthing i realy want to see more from them

  15. Anonymous permalink

    So when you resume your work at translating unique spinoffs will you then translate the 3 spinoffs that you have already added to the game? Or are they in japanese because I did something wrong?

  16. Anon permalink

    I hope you enjoy your downtime; you deserve it.

  17. Cid permalink

    I hope you will translate Spin-off story with Alma Elma when she takes Luka to picnic. I want a damn picnic with Alma. Oh and godspeed Rogue-kun.

  18. I like slime girls permalink

    Henshin huh? Looks entertaining. Though it looks quite ecchi, might be boring if there’s nothing else..
    Well, practicing jap is always fun. Downloading~.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Looking forward to Violated Heroine update. Thanks for the infos.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all your hard work, you’re a God among mice, you deserve a longer break than a month. If you ever decide to open up donations I’ll be sure to give you every cent I have.

  21. Gbraker7000 permalink

    So, can we know if your plans for the next year involve translating any other game?, also a question that’s been bugging me for a time, how did you learned japanese? did you used an online method, teacher or some random method that worked well? and last, why the last 3 extra histories arent translated? i was a bit curious when i founded ika musume in one of them i was like “WTF is this” and the laughed anyway. im a big fan of your work, specially by bringin’ this amazing game, havea good and well deserved rest!

  22. wildhawk permalink

    dose anyone know the site where the japanese list is??

  23. Mkmd13 permalink

    I noticed that you posted a question on here that said “Why dont you contact ToroToro about making an official English release” and your answer was Loli. The only loli that I can recall is the 4 bandits in the first part of MGQ.

    Maybe you guys could work out a deal to either delete that segment out entirely, make the 4 bandits 18 in age but just look young, or even replace the 4 bandits all together with 4 different monsters that look over 18.

    Just a few ideas floating around in my head or is there another underline reason to it?

    • Haley permalink

      Chrome kinda counts. Imp near the end. Caterpiller Girl perhaps?

      Cursed Doll is a pretty vague maybe. Maaaayyybeee Mencubus.

    • Don’t forget Luka himself in about half the scenes.

      • Ryu permalink

        Not to mention the 4 loli-bandits in MGQ1. By the way, loli is not really my thing, so i consider the loli contents a little annoyance preventing you from making your translation into an official english version of the game, which would earn you some well-deserved payment for your hard work.

        Though, i’d not say that Luka can be included within the loli contents. Regardless of his looks in the artwork, he has just turned 18 for his baptism right at the starting of the game, so he can’t be considered a minor in age…. well, except for that age-regression technique from Erubetie. Lol… i had not figured out that Erubetie was a pervert, too.

        • The “mental age” of the character doesn’t matter. If it looks like a child, then it is a child in the court’s eyes. It would be simply uncivilized of us not to prosecute to protect drawings, after all.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            To be fair, monsters likely don’t age like humans. Just look at Tamamo who looks like a kid but is at the very least 500 years old.

            When it comes to clearly nonhuman monsters, I think ‘human’ conventions go right out the window. One of the loli bandits is a vampire, for Chrissakes. Anyone remember Interview with the Vampire? Claudia? Who, by the time she died, was well over 150 years old?

            Yeah… any court who tried to prosecute based on the 4 Bandits being ‘underage’ would probably need a brain transplant, because when it’s not even a HUMAN, attempting to guess age based on looks is retarded.

            There was an incident of a Venezuelan man who was put on trial for possessing child pornography… except the ‘child pornography’ was flicks of Lupe Fuentes, a THIRTY YEARS OLD professional porn actress who just happened to look like a child.

            The man countersued the government over it and won a settlement of several million dollars for defamation after Lupe herself showed up to drill in the judges’ heads just how DUMB they were being. Because seriously, her videos are available all over the net on PUBLIC porn channels, not even underground channels… which means either the Feds were blind for a decade or so for not noticing them, or, well… she was older than she looked.

            Just a little story. Make of it what you will, but I think the moral is, when it comes to loli, make sure the lolis in question ARE the age they appear to be before suing, if you don’t want to risk losing face.

          • Arguing semantics there, it doesn’t matter what the character’s supposed age is. If it looks like a child, it is a child. Draconian, but that’s how it is.

          • Unfortunately the law concerning drawing was left vague when written allowing multiple interpretations, one of the more fun things is its basically illegal if the court decides its obscene regardless if its pornography.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            …Can I hope you dragged the people who made sucha dumb and subjective law out and had them drawn and quartered? Because seriously, going on that law all anyone needs to do to convict anyone else is gather a jury of biblethumpers for whom even underwear ads are obscene and they can pretty much throw justice out the window.

            Wasn’t America supposed to be the land of freedom? I’ve seen more freedom in some Third World countries than in the US. That’s just sad.

          • Mkmd13 permalink

            I would have to agree with GenocideHeart here, how can we compare monster ages to human ages? Also like Genocide said, Luka is 18 and his new picture in MGQ part 2 makes him look older as well. I dont think anything would happen if you made an offical MGQ game in english and if they did, it would be thrown out in a heartbeat as there are alot more pressing matters that the courts need to attend to rather than dealing with a video game case.

          • You’re still getting it mixed up. The story/backstory of the character, their personality, etc… Absolutely NOTHING matters except what the standalone picture looks like. If the picture, just the picture alone, looks underage, it qualifies.

          • Random Troll permalink

            Let the butthurt flow through you~

            Now for some seriousness: All four of the girls could just be girls in costumes, only the game says they’re monsters. As Rogue said: it’s mere semantics.
            And I think it’s GOOD that way. If the law was loose on that part, the real child traffickers would sell their shit as work of art LEGALLY. If I had the decision between a localized Monster Girl Quest and the cp law staying the way it is, I’d opt for the latter.

          • Anonymous permalink

            and even if you could make the story and everything count there would always be the 2nd erubetie scene

          • You say whats wrong with america? Yet most European countries have similar laws. Loli is just legal in most countries unfortunately.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Technically loli isn’t illegal per se. It’s only illegal if it’s considered “obscene”.

        • Anonymous permalink

          MangaGamer released Koihime Musou and that has 4 or 5 lolis in it, each with sex scenes.

        • Anonymous permalink

          And there’s this.

          PROTECT Act of 2003
          # Prohibits computer-generated child pornography when “(B) such visual depiction is a computer image or computer-generated image that is, or appears virtually indistinguishable from that of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct; (as amended by 1466A for Section 2256(8)(B) of title 18, United States Code).
          # Prohibits drawings, sculptures, and pictures of such drawings and sculptures depicting minors in actions or situations that meet the Miller test of being obscene, OR are engaged in sex acts that are deemed to meet the same obscene condition. The law does not explicitly state that images of fictional beings who appear to be under 18 engaged in sexual acts that are not deemed to be obscene are rendered illegal in and of their own condition (illustration of sex of fictional minors).

          That said, I don’t care if ToroToro does or doesn’t do a US release, I can simply buy it on DLsite and patch it.

          • Mkmd13 permalink

            I can see the law being strictly reality based but whos to say that the government should be allow to limit our creative minds. Artwork should be whatever we want it to be. That is the biggest reason why I hate the United States government, they tell you that you can do one thing, but then contradicts itself with another law or rule they put in place saying that now you cant.

            Its all bullshit to me and that is why I will be moving to Japan as soon as I can.

          • Japan and most Asain countries are being forced into a series of reforms and restrictions favoring these views. You should really read up on whats happening overseas. Korean Mahnwa and webcomics in general are being craked down on.

          • Anonymous permalink

            The obscenity laws are crap. A person should be able to have as much “obscene” crap as they want as long as it doesn’t violate the rights of others.

      • CDJ permalink

        Wouldn’t it be possible to sell an english translated official release over dlsite though? I doubt the english version of that site is bound by US laws.

        • Anonymous permalink

          The people in the US can already buy it from DLsite, so yes, it’s very possible.

          • Anonymous permalink

            By “it” I mean the untranslated MGQ games.

      • Nebilim permalink

        But…so many other VN studios are relasing loli content and no one ever did anything…look at mangagamer releasing Koihime musou FULL of loli content and Jast releasing saya no uta. They just had to put a 18yo label to everyone in the game. At least consider contacting the DL site to host your translation.

        • Mangagamer is based in the Netherlands just to get around that issue. Saya no Uta is toeing the line, really. It will be interesting to see if that works or not. It’s one of the few games that actually provides “real proof” that the underage character may not be as underage as she appears instead of just “hurrdurr I look 12 but am actually 18. Teehee.”

  24. Just a small note on the Save Location thing.

    Not sure if you knew rogue, but you can actually save anywhere. I got this when I went to save on the 100% patch forgetting the save location thing (at the time I was used to being able to save anywhere because it wasn’t patched into english), so I was stuck at the save screen with the usual error message. I just hit ESC, and it did actually save for me, text and all, at that point.

    Running with Applocale and all that jazz, and I’ve been doing this for a while now, on the more tougher boss fights for Hard mode, and I’ve not found anything wrong yet, nor found it to brake the game. I’ve noticed a few times that it slightly defaults to a time just a little behind where I actually saved, but that has only happened on the Tanami (3) fight.

    Just thought I’d put that out there and see what you thought and if it’s a valid way to save at points other than Save Location.

    • Anonymous permalink

      hit the ESC an then right click of the mouse… yeah i do it too xD

    • I know you can. It’s a small chance to corrupt, but when you magnify that by 50,000 people it will happen to a lot of people. If you look through some of the comments, every so often you’ll see people talk about game crashes or power outages that corrupted their save file, or stuff just randomly going missing from the encyclopedia. That’s what happened to them.

  25. Nukas permalink

    Rogue, I love you. Can’t state it in any other way.
    I have to thank Torotoro for creating one of the few games that ever gave me orgasmic pleasure (err I really don’t mean it *that* way, though it’s ironically fitting), and you for allowing me to understand and appreciate that amazing cast of characters and plot.

    You shall be forever remembered, fake translat- err, I mean oh Rogue.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, do you usually play other translated games in English, or in Japanese?

  27. Zerreth permalink

    Just curious, Why did you transliterate “nabe” instead of writing it as “pot” for the battle scene? Is it because it was referred to as おなべ instead of without the honorifics?

    • Because she was attempting to make nabe. I think it’s like sushi, where it should be left as it is.

      • Zerreth permalink

        nabe just means pot. It’s attached to the end of various nouns/verbs to indicate different forms of soups/stews that are cooked in pots (i.e. 寄せ鍋) I took a look at the sample fight involving the pot and it looked like the お was there to simply turn the word pot into a proper noun.

        • Zerreth permalink

          Well, I can see your interpretation of that, and I also get why you chose to present it that way, but I believe the entire joke was that she couldn’t cook at all, not even getting to the point of pouring in water and simmering a stew. But I’ll just leave it alone. お疲れ様

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            Which one of you is the Nabe Shogun?

          • It’s true it could go either way. Nabe is also the colloquial shorterm for all types of hot pot though. If Alice never got to the point of actually preparing food, Luka’s comment of “only having dried meat” or whatever left wouldn’t make sense. She had to of prepared or used food in some form or else Luka would have still had it to make another dish.

          • Obviously she put all the food into the pot (probably with out prep) and then was trying to figure out what to do next. So you probably had uncooked uncut meat, and uncut vegetables in water (hopefully she had added some spices) and then hit it with OMEGA FIRE. Lets face it she doesn’t have much common sense, I mean she did burn down a library simply by trying to roast sweet potatoes.

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Well done, sir.

    Enjoy your rest, and may you have the best of good fortune!
    I, I’ll admit I play this game entirely for the plot and have no interest in the h-scenes… And I’ve loved every minute of it, nonetheless. Thank you for translating it- and doing that so well. Rock on.

  29. chibishiroiryu permalink

    And what you will be doing next year so ?
    And yes, take some vacations !
    And look at Saint Seiya Omega ! :D
    The game you speak about, they are translated ?
    I heard about Sengoku Rance but never played.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    I’m getting a crash in the colosseum…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Changing text style from “Full” to “Wait” fixed this.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Too bad that all your recommended games are untranslated. I’ve had my eye on Henshin and Rance for a while but never really bothered with them since I can’t into moonrunes.
    I really hope somebody gets Henshin series translated asap.

    Also a thousand thanks for your hard work!

    • Anonymous permalink

      >Too bad that all your recommended games are untranslated.

      Sengoku Rance and Daibanchou are translated already. What are you smoking?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Really? Then I’ll be on my way to the nearest torrent site!

  32. Anonymous permalink

    Thought about translating MGQ from English to my own language too. For about 1 or 2 minutes, till I remembered how much I hate h-scenes in my own language :/.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    >Sengoku Rance for sure. My favorite H game of all time.

    Just a shame Rance (8) Quest will never be translated (heard it wasn’t that great anyway)

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      Sengoku Rance’s AI is a cheating bastard, I got up to the part where the demon army appears, and because they took over the Takeda faction, they keep attacking over and over, so I can’t keep up withe the loss of troops, especially since each unit can only fight once.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Just wait and let them take all but the last castle in provinces. After a certain number of turns you automatically take all but the Island on the far left and the game rolls from there.

    • Hora-Hora Mania permalink

      is that so?
      but I thought some translator are trying to get their hands on the games?
      I mean, even the demo has already translated….

  34. Anonymous permalink

    Maybe you could start translating henshin by yourself? That would be great.

    • Haley permalink

      Then maybe he should do game yyy and then game zzz. It never ends with requests.

      More importantly, READ THE POST.

      Can you translate xxxx game?

      No, I know what I’m doing for the next year. All “recommendations” will be ignored, sorry.

  35. AnonS permalink

    On Win7 Ultimate you don’t actually need to change the region or run applocale as long as the game has the english patch applied. Atleast I don’t.

  36. Ryu permalink

    Please take your much deserved break Rogue, have loads of fun, and hopefully see you soon here! Thank you again for your amazing work!

    • Ryu permalink

      …i know you’re not doing it to be praised, but only because you can’t just stand and watch while people are getting bullied by non-translated games *winks*

      Still, THANK YOU!

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Why don’t you try to contact Torotoro and try to make an official English release, but not use your real name in it?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Because Lolis would still be illegal (in the US) even when he uses a fake name, so no official English release.

      • Anonymous permalink

        That link seems to imply that the CPPA was rendered invalid in preventing virtual or cartoon child porn, so I think Rogue isn’t fluent in legal speak and misunderstood something.

        • AnonS permalink

          Why don’t you do it then?

        • No the problem is not the CPPA its ambers law, which changed the law allowing the court to decide if cartoons depicting minors are considered obscene (yep obscene that is the only qualifier, thus if its “obscene” then its illegal)

    • Why don’t you try to rob a bank, but just hide your face? It’s still illegal.

      • Anonymous permalink

        But you’re translating the game with a fake identity anyway. This isn’t the difference between robbing a bank and not robbing a bank, it’s the difference between walking into the bank with your face hidden, pointing a gun at the teller and telling them to fill a bag with money, and then leaving the bag on the counter, versus doing the same but taking the bag with you.

        Except not, because translating a game with loli is nowhere near as illegal or prosecutable as bank robbery.

        • But to attach it to an official release or receive money in any form would be giving up the fake identity. Also, going foul of the loli laws is much much worse than simple bank robbery. Simple accusation even without conviction is life ending.

        • Random Troll permalink

          I find your lack of brain disturbing.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Umh i do also think that rewarding Rogue is a must, but if doing so would get him in trouble than just leave it as it is and enjoy the translation :P, and i dont think that Torotoro actually want an official english translation, if they did (unless they only have people who speak jap) they would’ve done it already
          I’m quite sad about how jap hentai maker are soo close minded about keeping every in their lang, if it weren’t for awsome guy like rogue we wouldn’t enjoy anyone of them :(

        • Welcome to the sex offenders list. Lets go over some basic facts shall we.

          Bank Robbery

          Robbery in the First Degree is a class B violent felony in New York. This is the most serious form of robbery and it carries a 25 year maximum prison term upon conviction and a five year mandatory minimum for someone with no criminal record.

          After probation you are allowed to have jobs and move and live where you want in the USA. The only people informed of your prior conviction is any new employers who request that information (they almost all do)

          Sex Offense (loli)

          15 years in prison max

          After probation and during you are put on the Registered Sex Offenders list. For life. When moving to a new home, or when inquiring about a new job you must inform all neighbors and coworkers that you are a registered sex offender. The police are allowed a bit of probable cause in cases concerning yourself. During holidays such as Halloween you and any other sex offenders in the neighbor hood may be required by law to visit a local police station workshop which will prevent you from leaving or doing anything during the event side of say Halloween Trick or Treating. Of course this all for say buying a single manga with lolicon in it.

          Food for thought.

      • John permalink

        rofl…way to go rogue..

  38. GenocideHeart permalink

    In case anyone is interested, I’ve posted a third chapter to that MGQ fanfic I’m writing.

    (and before anyone ask, starting chapter 5 the game’s cast will start showing up in force, so don’t eat my face over me using an original character at first…)

    That said, if I could suggest a game to translate… why not an old H-RPG called Tiara of the Dragon? It was a lot like MGQ in that you were a hero who fought monsters… only, the monsters started as actual monsters, and after you beat enough stuffing out of them, they became cute girls. Then you could choose to ‘defeat’ them in a nonlethal way, if you get my drift. Same experience, less guilt trips. :p

    The game is OLD, though. By now it’s probably abandonware.

  39. gw3ndaal permalink

    takea good rest i wait some awesome new release from you .

  40. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    where can I find a list of all the graphics files in the archive?
    I have tried editing the custom stories in notepad, but I can only use the monstergirls, that I can guess the filenames of.
    some are straight forward like alice or granberia, but I cannot get other names to work, like alma elma or erubetie, and ilias. I wanted to make a ilias battle, using the sample with onabe.
    but it will not accept ilias, illias, irias, irrias, or any other variation I could think of.
    on another note, I was able to get valkyrie to work, but not cupid.
    I did figure out how to change the battle music and backdrop to the ones I wanted though.

  41. Anonymous permalink

    You take as long a break as you need, Rogue. You’ve earned it. There’s been a couple good shows that have been released these past couple seasons, so get on them ;)

    By the way, if I can understand the language of legal-ese… that link to the child pornography seems to imply that if it doesn’t involve real children, it’s legal. The CPPA was rendered VOID in prohibiting depictions of virtual or child pornography… so why can’t you work with ToroToro?

    • You must have missed the second paragraph talking about the PROTECT act which came after the CPPA. There have been a few cases, and while most were also sick CP collectors, there has been one person who was in prison solely for cartoon drawings. That was just for possessing… “Selling and transmitting” would be far more serious.

      • AnonS permalink

        In the US and Canada because it’s so puritanical and repressed, they constantly go after people anyway. Most of the population also is easily manipulated to throw hysterics about it. It just is not worth the trouble.

        If you get caught your name gets dragged through the mud and you spend a couple of years having to deal with court cases and possible jail time while they prepare for trial. And then of course the stigma afterwards.

        It absolutely is not worth dealing with and I can totally understand it. The US isn’t nearly as free as people like to think it is, especially compared to say Japan on something like this.

        It’s one thing to anonymously get something like MGQ, but it’s another to start leaving yourself more open to tracking.

        • Random Troll permalink

          It’s adorable how you think only US and Canada would do that.
          Sell such a game around here in Germany and they hole you up faster than you can say child porn.

          I don’t get why the fuck people here are complaining that cp is illegal and say that’s oppressive.

          What the fuck is wrong with you?

          • Real CP is abhorrent, should be banned for obvious reasons, and those that create/distribute it should be prosecuted. Prosecuting based on drawn stuff, though, starts to tread onto thought crime.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Thats actually wrong, as far as i know, now one has been (succesful)
            prosecuted for owning drawn cp.
            and as far as i know mangagamer has no problems since they clame everyone depicted is over 18. i don’t know about USA but in the EU it is actually pretty save to create, sell and own such stuff (espacially in the netherlands)

          • Christopher Handley was. Remember, that was possession. Selling it would be far, far worse.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Sorry my mistake, i wanted to answer to Random Troll ..
            I was just talking about Germany

            Sorry for the misunderstanding >__<

    • Ryu permalink

      Ok i’m officially nuts for this game. Just bumping into this random webfind

      was enough to made me fantasize about Luka and some possible ending scenarios for the game, so i thought i’d share some of my insanity.

      My idea was: a final battle against Ilias. In spite of his greatly imrpoved skills and strenghts, Luka is going to perish against the cruel goddess, when Alice cuts in the way of Ilia’s final strike, sacrificing herself to save Luka’s life.

      With Alice lifeless before his eyes, deep sorrow and anger awaken the fallen angel in his blood, changing Luka into a demon/angel version of himself.
      Surpassing even the legendary Heinrich, Luka finally sends Ilias to Hell, Heaven or the farthest place where he can kick her butt towards.
      But, it is a pointless victory if Alice had to die. With his soul teared apart, Luka holds the dead Alice in his arms, dropping both pure angelic and bloody demonic tears onto her… which happens to be an ancient reviving ritual:
      Only with angel, demon, and human tears dropped together in sincere love, someone can be returned from death. But in addition, a sacrifice is required.
      With Alice opening her eyes to Luka’s unbelieving relief, our hero soon collapses, discarding his fallen angel powers for the sake of Alice’s life. And then… happy ending.

      I know that the final scenarios elaborated by Toro Toro will be much greater than this stupid one of mine, but looking at that pic just had me imagine of such kind of ending.
      Ugh…. i have a feeling that waiting several months for the final chapter of MGQ will be a looong time for me!!! ^_^;;

      • Haley permalink

        Ha, I’m pretty sure that’s Xion from Shining Tears. Pretty fun game.

        Going to refrain from commenting on the ending idea. I think at this point, I’m very satisfied with how the author is handling the storyline and would welcome whatever happens.

        • Ryu permalink

          Yea i agree with you, this game turned out to be unexpectedly awesome in the storyline!

          And yes i guessed that the pic could be from some pc or console game^^

  42. sajuuk permalink

    thanks for letting us know about your plans.
    and for all your hard work on monster girl quest 2.
    i do hope u will translate the newest version of Violated Heroine
    i already have the latesed version and it looks realy nice.
    afcourse u shoud take your brake a rested mind is better when u start
    translating again,
    i will also look foward to any patches u release,

    many thanks
    and i wish u good health and prosperetie

    ps sorry for my bad english

  43. Wolfmanjoes permalink

    Where Can I Find this Thief & Sword you where talking about?

  44. Anonymous permalink

    If we can’t donate money, is there something else we can do to show our appreciation and gratitude for your work?

    Also, would you happen to know the best way to get money to Torotoro? I guess I could buy 5 or 6 copies of the game?

  45. Anonymous permalink

    I have seen sengoku rance recommended quite often, and I looked it up before. But from what I’ve read, the Main character’s personality sounds bad enough to skip the game altogether…

    But now that I read that rogue is a fan, I feel the need to verify:
    Is the MC in that game bad enough to sour the whole experience?
    I can live with one or two rape scenario’s if the story’s point is that we beat up the rapist. Or if the rapist is a woman, that would actually be a plus (… Yes, I’m a damn pervert XD)

    • Anonymous permalink

      But YOU are the rapist, and you rape almost everyone lol.

    • Haley permalink

      Rance is a complete and utter pervert in every sense of the word. That said, the women he “rapes” rarely dislike it and the scenes are (mostly?) acceptable enough to not be considered rape imo. Except Sill anyway, she kinda gets the short end of the stick here. Rance seems to treat every other girl well enough.

      Mostly, the game’s storyline (magically I might add…) doesn’t really centrally revolve around Rance’s conquests (I.e it’s the whole point of Rance’s quest but uh… not the plot of the game.) and I highly doubt you’ll stop playing due to Rance’s attitude.

      That said, some of the things that CAN happen in the game in terms of rape ARE pretty extreme. Though it’s usually not Rance doing the raping in that case.

      (and some events are outright amusing/annoying. Personal pet peeve whenever I play the game? RETURN. MY. HAREM. YOU. BLASTED. SHIMAZU BROTHERS. ;-;)

      • Haley permalink

        Oh right, I suppose Suzume can KINDA work as being raped by a female rapist. … kinda! xD;

        <3 Suzume

      • Rance has a couple things. He wont have sex with minors. Though he will wait for said minor to turn legal. And he will have sex with any female regardless of the tasks he must complete to do it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Sil gets the short end of the stick because she likes it like that, though.

    • Hora-Hora Mania permalink

      well, imo, even though there’s many rape h-scenes, I have to say most of it was totally hilarious, not the sadist-creepy thing (except for xavier-related scene)…
      and what makes things more amusing is because Rance is a male tsundere (again, imo), which somehow makes his relationship with many girl, while started by raping, turned out totally sweet in the end (yukihime is the primary example)

      and he’s nice enough to recognize Lysette as his own daughter, and promise not to do anything to her (and he had his own warm, fatherly moment with Lysette, for sure)…..

      • Haley permalink

        Some of them are even pretty warranted rapes. ~_~; Akihime comes to mind… Yukihime breaks my heart whenever I don’t recruit her though =/

        • Hora-Hora Mania permalink

          well, akihime deserves it pretty much tho’…
          and even then, it’s better than give her back to her husband (in which he render akihime crippled for the rest of her life)

          • Haley permalink

            It’s amazing how much of the non h people plot that my mind censored… I completely forgot about that.

            Kinda justified but… pretty mean spirited either way.

  46. axlorius permalink

    sorry i would to know if there there is a link somewhere for downloading the 100% complete save file, beacuse i accidentally mess up with my and just don’t want to redo all battle again

  47. Hora-Hora Mania permalink

    is it just me, or although grandberia and tamamo’s voices didn’t actualy said ‘hora hora’, but more of ‘sore sore’ and ‘hore hore’, respectively?

    still a major turn-on though….

    • Yes they do, and it should have been reflected in the text, too. I know for sure I put hore hore for Tamamo, and Granberia says Sora sora a couple times in her final H scene.

      • Hora-Hora Mania permalink

        oh yeah, just confirmed it….
        sorry for the false info rogue, love you always…

  48. Gambio permalink

    What takes Rance apart from your generic hentai MC douchebag is that despite the fact that he’s a egoistical son of a bitch he stills sees himself as an ally of justice and manages to safe the world.

    Also THIS

    is Rance’s BGM when he rapes someone(how could anyone possible not like him?)

    • Hora-Hora Mania permalink

      no bro, Rance never view himself as an ally of justice, it’s just that he is always horny constantly, and always looking for new, beautiful girl to laid, and somehow, the villains kind of get on his way, which is why he have no choice but to bash ’em on the head…

      for example, the reason he joined the oda faction is just because of Kou, not because he thinks that oda faction is the righteous one…

      and, yes, my glorious days is the best h-scene bgm ever created…. :highfive

  49. Anonymous permalink

    Good, at least now people won’t be talking about Chinese prisons and all that crazy shit.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Enjoy your break, Rogue. Thanks for the work you’ve done.

  51. Aaron permalink

    I have played Sengoku Rance be4

    And I have to tell u I wasn’t as impressed by it then I am by the Scenes of hentai in their. The entire game is a real time strategy (RTS for short). I tried to play it legit and am telling u all know its almost impossible to beat it without the strategy guide which is just as confusing to understand since non of them actually tell u who to release and who not to and some of the people in the prison are mandatory to keep and who to invade at what time and who not to invade at what time sometime u got to invade one place and keep the area u have at any coast (NOTE THIS IS WHAT REALLY GETS ME). and not conqure the region for a certain scene yes this will be annoying but wait it gets better.

    There will be a time when u have to capture certain PEOPLE and if u don’t capture them it will be a huge discourse and harder to beat the damn boss at the end of the game.

    Personally i gave up on this game like when I was half way through it but I didn’t delete it since my motto is beat the game first then delete it if u like it keep it dont like it delete it after completion of it.

    Then comes the most annoying part nobunaga who gets so many fan turns its not even funny (u will understand what I mean when u get to the part or at the hard difficulty level as I am on the SOB won’t DIE).

    Just read the strategy guide read at least 40 turns ahead CAREFULLY THIS WAY U WONT DELETE NEEDED PEOPLE if u delete them it will be a bitch to win if ur a first time player.

    not saying it will be impossible but it will be harder.

    Well just a review of mine here so u can take it or not I don’t care but I have warned u and if their are any veteran players here who beaten the game under 100turns please tell me how.

    • Haley permalink

      Er… Sengoku rance isn’t RTS, it’s TBS(Turn Based Strategy) since you don’t do anything in real time.

      It’s pretty hard to get rid of anyone you NEED because you simply can’t dismiss them. If you can, that means they’re not essential and you can get past that section of the game without them. This doesn’t mean getting rid of say Ranmaru(who is a pretty good warrior, cept for her defense) early on is optimal. It just means she doesn’t have any impact on the story.

      Rance is a game of trial and error and it rewards you for blundering through the game as many times as needed to understand how the game works via it’s point redemption system. For the most part, the first time through the game, it’s practically impossible to get a good score unless you know the mechanics of the game very very well. The good thing is, regardless of how badly you do, you’ll probably have some points at the end of the game which can be used to purchase minor boosts at the start of your next game.

      The important thing to note is that on your first playthrough,every route aside from the main route is sealed. The game ITSELF expects to be played at least twice to access most of the content. The idea behind the game isn’t to become a master during your first playthrough and then deleting the game, the idea is to slowly accumulate a more effective overall strategy over several playthrough.

      I’ll apologize in advance if I missed any points but I am not fond of reading shorthand or whatever it is that you’re trying to type.

    • I love strategy and RTS/TBS games, so I loved that whole part of it. I thought it was pretty well done myself.

      • Hora-Hora Mania permalink

        seconded rogue…
        moreso because the protagonist is Rance of all people….
        for Aaron, if you think that Rance is difficult, then try Daibanchou : Big Bang Age. From the same developer, almost same gameplay, but full voiced, and far more Nintendo Hard than Rance series

        • Haley permalink

          Having just ran through a (relatively) quick run of Daibanchou, I think it’s a LOT more lenient than Sengoku Rance.

          With Sengoku Rance, I felt a lot more exposed on every turn because it’s hard to balance out the number of attackers with the number of defenders if you’re trying to conquer a territory (assuming your team isn’t hax on number of recruits I mean), with daibanchou, drop 3-4 relatively good non generics on your defending area and letting your heroine/hero solo enemies for offense is a pretty workable strategy.

          Let me put this in a separate paragraph because it bears repeating. Your Hero and main Heroine in Daibanchou are incredibly broken. Rouga has pretty good stats all around and high hp, Kunagi just CANNOT be hit once she gets a few levels of Evade and Senna just needs to rest for one turn to fully recover. Rance isn’t half this broken in Sengoku Rance.

          Add in having 30 slots for characters in Rance as opposed to a whopping 80 in Daibanchou (though I never needed THAT many… I had about 40 non generics(a couple of which are fully untrained since I recruited them from clearing other chars) and 10 generics (mainly to keep law ~= peaceful).

          Daibanchou’s primary issue is with accumulating money, kinda avoidable by picking your fights(don’t declare war on too many factions resulting in at least 10 bstone loss per defense. ._.;), focus training on a few units(or wait for training 2 to get unlocked) and getting up as many curry shops as possible.

          Now trying to character clear in Daibanchou even with alicesoftwiki’s help…. … oh god… /kills self. Rance is easy peezy compared to that >_<;;;

          • Hora-Hora Mania permalink

            same problem here bro….
            but that’s exactly what I mean…
            in the short run, Daibanchou is easier, given Rouga is broken as hell, but Rance, although starts as almost average, has no limit on his level, and once you start recruit important character (i.e. : Masamune and his wives, Uesugi and maid sisters) it’s almost nigh impossible for your team to lose as whole, while in Daibanchou, if you relied too much on one character, you’re basically screwed for the long run…

          • Haley permalink

            Er wait wha? Why are you screwed in the long run?

            You have Rouga and his heroine for almost perfect offense/defense(other good characters for defense notwithstanding). You have the option of emergency refilling stamina via the chats.(expensive I guess, but useful in emergencies.)

            The only hard part is accumulating money and that slowly becomes easier as the game progresses and you have more fodder units to gain money from places with high rates and can build curry shops.

            Early game is when the game is the hardest because you’re hard pressed to do anything due to cash constraints.

          • Haley permalink

            Oh and if you mean overreliance on one character, you can always send in Rouga along with 2-3 characters to be levelled, No real penalty there aside from splitting the exp.

            Alternatively, the first time through a dungeon offers a fair bit of exp to 6 members of your party if you go for a decent number of floors.

            If you mean character clears, they’re entirely optional(and quite a pain to really go for imo…) and the reward is relatively useless(unless you’re planning on doing chaos mode.)

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Ever and forever more, a hero. Thanks again.

  53. Anonymous permalink

    Have a nice break. You’ve sure earned it.

  54. Bell Ringer permalink

    Divines bless you kind heart, sir. T-T

  55. Anonymous permalink

    Looks like VH will be….

    t( -P_P–P–P-

    Late to the party D:

    But seriously I can’t but will wait for the day another patch for it will come..

    I will wait… and wait… And fiddle with sticks whilst I wait….

  56. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t see to find the Torotoro website, I wanna read some things on it. Can anyone give me a hand here and post the link to their site?

  57. Anonymous permalink

    Any idea where I can find some of the fan made scenarios? Cant seem to find any not even on gnomeslaboratory thanks.

  58. Lunaris permalink

    Rogue has been kidnapped by the Chinese overlords. They used his comp to post this to lower our suspicion, but NOW YOU KNOW.
    Spread the word, keep us strong.
    On the off chance that it IS Rogue, thanks for all of your hard work. You were amazing and completely deserve this break. Have fun.

  59. Anonymous permalink

    I have a problem when i try to install the new MGQ2 patch … when i try to launch the game, it wont start, but instead a data text pops up on the game screen … can someone please tell me how to fix this? anyone?

  60. Anonymous permalink

    I tried Thief & Sword, but had some major technical issues and never managed to get it working. Maybe I’ll try it again on my new laptop, since I figure if RT translated it there is a good chance it’s worth a look. And before any of you yahoos start trying to tell me what I’m doing wrong; I’ve played every H game that’s ever been translated into English (that wasn’t also a piece of shit.) There is clearly some compatibility issue with my desktop.

  61. sajuuk permalink

    i dont like thief & sword a lot it has choises and battles, but i seem to run out of weapons fast and dont know how to get more and witout it u cant even hit mobs as far as i know.
    well anyway i am sure there are those who like thet type of games so give it a try and dicide for your selfs if its a good game ore not,

    • Hora-Hora Mania permalink

      well, it’s ‘make your own choice’ kind of games, so never expect it to be easy….
      sometimes, these games almost unwinnable if you ever make the wrong choice

    • Anonymous permalink

      Train your unarmed skills to Master (it’s saved independently from your game progress). You’ll even do more damage than with weapons.

  62. Anonymous permalink

    I’m pretty sure I’ve applied the patch correctly (it asked me to replace files when extracting), and I’ve tried running the game in Japanese using applocale. But for some reason I still crash when Lilith uses Laughing Gend? I guess I’m fucked?

    • Haley permalink

      I believe one of the answers aside from make sure you’re downloading from the latest link (which has been updated to remove two crashes) is to use the nowrap exe for that fight.

      Not entirely sure though as I got past that fight without the crash.

    • Anonymous permalink

      He did release a new patch, the link was updated on both his 100% complete blog and the blog titled “Deleted”. That should fix all the crashes within the main game.

  63. Anonymous permalink

    Well rogue … I Just want to thank you for all your hard work and pray for your continued success in whatever you do. I think you should take some time for yourself considering all your trips and Hard work with Monster Girl 1 and 2.. I wish well and looking forward to anything in the future you have a hand in.

    A fan

  64. Anonymous permalink

    And now I want to play Sengoku Rance when dear time isn’t here.

    Anyway, Henshin is へんし~ん!!! ~パンツになってクンクンペロペロ~ ? 3 games with a ! added at each new game ?

  65. Glyren permalink

    Yo guys. Everything was going great with the game, beat it, etc. All of sudden, today, I load up the game and I have no sound effects at all. Only BGM. If I play the sound effects from the SE folder in, like, winamp or something, they work fine. Any ideas?

  66. Random Troll permalink

    Wah Wah, stinky poo face government forbids child porn! *sniff sniff*
    They’re being so oppressive and unfair, it’s no fun wah wah!

  67. paper permalink

    First of all let me just say that I love VH so I can’t wait until you get back to it! However, I’d like to suggest that you put it aside for awhile and try to translate some complete RPG maker games instead. Recently they’ve been working on a battle system and it seems like they’ve added little plot-wise; enough to break your translation though, sigh. Anyway, looking at the lack of good English RPG maker games I’d love to see more translated. There are a lot of games to chose from that look great, like sex quest 2 for example, so you could chose something you have an interest/liking for.

    Also, the recent trend for English made RPG maker games really sucks in my opinion. There’s just a lot of people with non-existent attention spans making short pieces of crap and then abandoning their projects to start over, ad-infinitum. So, If you could help remedy this this problem by translating some complete RPG maker games that you feel might stand a little above the rest I for one would be immensely appreciative of your efforts.

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      I know what you mean about the non-existant attention spans.
      I have yet to make a single complete game despite having payed money to download RPGMVX.

      • paper permalink

        Don’t get me wrong tho, I like a good portion of the stuff they put out. Its just the abandonment/start over mentality I dislike. If you go for perfect on your first go you’ll never release anything b/c there is NO perfect.

        • Haley permalink

          Ha… if you think the newer rpgmaker games are bad about this, I’m actually kinda waiting on a sequal to an rpgmaker 2k game made like 10 years ago.

          Lysander86’s good old A Blurred Line. Wonderful game… too bad the author disappeared.

  68. Lunaris permalink

    This is a nice read about MGQ, you guys might wanna check it out.

    • Haley permalink

      There seems to be some speculation on it though, mainly Luka’s origins, a nickname? for his sleeping mode and the name of an angel unless the author gave out more information in a blog/bbs in japanese.

      Unfortunately tvtropes isn’t a Wiki, there’s no references to confirm/deny tropes =P

  69. wildhawk permalink

    dose anyone know if you can reset your record with out losing the monsterpida

  70. Anonymous permalink

    On the loli thing, the Chris Handley case (the guy who was arrested for lolicon) the actual ruling was that the judge found the two sections of the PROTECT ACT that applied to the charges as unconstitutional, the six months in jail he served was because he pled guilty to generic obscenity as defined by the Miller Test, in that the works in question had no artistic or literary value, something MGQ has PLENTY of.
    Anyways, thank you so much for your work, I am glad that english speaking fans can enjoy these works of art.

    • It doesn’t matter whether you’re actually convicted of anything. The simple act of the charge is enough to ruin your life.

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        That is only true if the charges aren’t found out to be a load of crock. See the example I posted above about the Venezuelan guy who had porn of an actress that only LOOKED underage and was, in fact, well past her thirties.

        In that case, the guy’s life was perfectly fine afterwards. The prosecutor who leveled charges at him, on the other hand? Poor bastard never found another client afterwards.

        There’s a reason why charges for this kind of thing are so rarely pressed. No prosecutor wants to take the chance to have their career ruined because some dumbass made them prosecute a man on false child porn charges. That crap is just as likely to backfire and ruin the prosecutor’s career and life as it is to ruin the defendant’s. Don’t you find it suspicious that there’s been literally few enough cases to count on the fingers of your hands in years? Nobody wants to touch that crap, it’s too risky for both sides.

        • You’re citing an extremely rare and unusual case. Most people lose their jobs as soon as they’re charged (Which we don’t know if it happened to Simon or not) which can seriously harm your life. Not to mention many job applications ask if you’ve ever been charged with a federal crime, not convicted. Which makes getting new jobs incredibly difficult.

          It just doesn’t make sense to ever attach yourself to this kind of stuff. The risk is not worth it. That’s why all I do now is distribute some text.

  71. CMrCr permalink

    Ermh could someone tell to torotoro to stop changing their artist???? I loved all of the first game CG even the weird one like the zombiegirl, than in the part 2 there was this monster like cerberus, siren, etc (dont really like the kind of colors and they didn’t even have their own scene), and now there is this new one (one of the newly posted update about a probably chimera monster) that is just creepy and also getting past that i dont like the drawing either. I’ve to admit that some details like the saliva on the wide open mouth are cool but i still dont like the body shape and the fact that too much detailed CG make them hard to understand. I would’ve never guessed that the second img was something sexual if put out of that site and even if i knew, i would’ve never guessed neither what was happening nor where. I can’t totally say i totally dislike the angel group pictures but i still prefer a lot more the old kind of drawing style

    • It’s not that he’s changing artists, more that he’s just adding more in. There’s no real downside to more commissions, it just means the game will be longer and have more encounters in it.

    • Haley permalink

      I find it strange that you assume anyone on this site has the power to force a producer to change any part of their process.

      I mean Rogue translated the game but that doesn’t mean that he/she can talk to the produce on equal grounds and magically demand that less artists be used.

      • CMrCr permalink

        Well i wasn’t really expecting that we could do something to make them change, i just wanted to say my opinion and see how other people are facing this changes, also to see if was being to drastic, because, even if i tried to analyze the situation in the most objective way i could, i know i’m adverse to change (i’m a man of habit :P … hope i got this right i’m not a native eng speaker XD)
        Anyway it is true that they are just adding stuff, it is just that i find some of this pictures quite creepy and the change of style in the img while playing drag me out of the PC realty (whenever i play a good game i always feel involved into it, not in a bad way like i can’t distinguish between what’s real and what’s not but like people who go to the theater and, for the show to be called good, they have to feel like what’s happening is real :P)

        • The first game had like 3 or 4 artists and the 2 game added what 1 more artist? You’re argument doesn’t really hold much water with me

          • CMrCr permalink

            I’m not really arguing i know if i don’t really like a monster i can just do it fast, i just hoped that they could find more artist like the 1st game ones.
            And to make an example you have to admit that the last alma elma’s cg is waaaaaaayyyyyyy batter then the coliseum one(premising that free-hand drawing is one of the thing i do worst may be even worse than playing sports, i think that even I, by trying to copy alma elma’s design, could’ve made a picture of that quality)
            Anyway, as i said it was just to see what other thought about the new artist compared to the old one…. it won’t be that creepy chimera monster the thing to stop me from playing MGQ3 (probably just a well aimed meteorite could :P) and discover where luka’s adventure is going to bring him and alice (and now i’m also curious to see how the 4 hk are going to settle)

          • Haley permalink

            Given that I have a tendency to read VNs, the text that accompanies the pictures are a lot more important than if the image is fappable or not.

            I do enjoy looking at how different artists render different creatures but I will also admit that I find it difficult to find most of the insect monsters bangable solely on their pictures. I’ll readily ignore that in favor of having the game though as I can just tune out the picture and read the text :3

            I do realise that this isn’t the approach that can be taken by everyone so perhaps I’ll stick away from this conversation.

          • CMrCr permalink

            Umh i do think that text is one of the most important thing in this kind of game, but watching the drawing style cahnge is like changing the dubber on a main char of an anime ora a telefilm, in my opinion this isn’t a rlly welcome thing

    • Anonymous permalink

      Most of Part 2 for me was a big “NOPE” for most of those monsters, way more than Part 1. I hope there’s a good mix in Part 3 :(

      That being said, I wish they’d be consistent with the one character that’s common throughout ALL of those scenes – LUKA, god dammit!

      • Lunaris permalink

        I agree that more of the part 2 monsters weren’t as much of a turn-on (to me) as they were in part 1 (except for Alice ofc). Some of those are too bestial/strange for me, and this is coming from a furry.

        Can’t really say I care much about Luka, though. He’s just a dick (literally, not metaphorically) in most of the scenes.

        • Haley permalink

          I can’t help but comment on the Luka being a dick part. That’s probably the most improbably funny thing I’ve read all week. xD; Thanks!

        • Wrandral permalink

          Except for the monsters that didn’t have a true h-scene (cerberus etc) i found most of the monsters to my taste ( well except the plant monsters from plansect village) and regarding those who don’t like the latest monster who showed up on torotoro website


          Seeing how fucked up Illias , Promestein and Black Alice are i’m not surprised a monster like that appeared ( and she’s still better than the parasitic plant on woman dead bodie thing that showed up in remina)

          • CMrCr permalink

            well the concept of it is probably better than the plant monster but “THAT” lamia+”THAT” drawing= chill’s through my spine :P

  72. redpanther permalink

    Thank for yer hard works Rouge
    Hope to see ya again.

  73. Anonymous permalink

    I’d hate to be a bother but I have one question, but its a two parter.
    You say setting my system to Japanese will fix the Lilith and Tamamo crashes, I just want to know how exactly I do that, and what effects it would have on my system
    Oh a third part actually, if it goes wrong, or when I’m done how do I change it back.

    If you answer this thank you, if not sorry for taking up your time.

    • I like slime girls permalink

      search “how to change system locale to japanese”

    • That crash was fixed in the last post/link to the patch.

      • Glyren permalink

        Hey Rogue – thanks for all your hard work.

        Everything was going great with the game, beat it, etc. All of sudden, today, I load up the game and I have no sound effects at all. Only BGM. If I play the sound effects from the SE folder in, like, winamp or something, they work fine. Any ideas? As far as I can tell, my OS is set to Japanese locale (Win7 Professional).

  74. dreamjar permalink

    I’m pretty computer illiterate, so when i got mgq 1 working, i was pretty excited, i cant seem to get mgq 2 to work though, could anyone help explain what I have to do in a way that any person would know?

  75. I like slime girls permalink

    Okay, I downlaoded Henshin. Thanks rogue.
    This has to have the hotest ero scenes in any erogame I’ve ever seen.
    Either that or you just woke up another fetish in me.

    • troll permalink

      it was above mediocre, not the best though.

      • I like slime girls permalink

        And what IS the best?

        • troll permalink

          its not the best for me, for you is the best, i like epic tentacle rape, and game where they torture the girl and scat play :)

          • Lunaris permalink

            Any recommendations, troll? For “epic tentacle rape” that is.

          • Anti Demon Ninja Asagi for one

            Also might enjoy Bible Black, Disipline. The fact is there are a lot of torture and tentacle torture games.

            A really good one would be
            Custom Girl Fantasy

            You play as a Vampire dick girl and kidnap princess and turn them into sex slaves to sell. Really huge with lots of different tortures and training as well as being able to customize your character as well as the trainie characters.

          • Haley permalink

            Gonna toss in a quick recommendation for Corruption of Heroes, it’s text based(very few images scattered here and there) but it IS pretty interesting for those who enjoy reading their porn xD;

            Tentacles, possibly being addicted to breast milk,raped as a slave,etc. There’s a LOT of possibilities and it’s not even finished as of yet.

  76. Anonymous permalink

    Could someone upload save location at 66% PLEASE..
    mine is error..

    or some save before we go to the temple of garuda

    • Atrax the Tracker permalink

      Yeah,i asked a couple of times but no one seems to answer.People these days don’t lift a finger unless they gain something by doing so.

      • Haley permalink

        Er.. you do realise the problem with that right? Starting a new game and getting to that spot would take around…. 10 hours?

        Unless someone already has a save near that spot, it’s highly unfair to expect a stranger online to do it for you.

        • atrax permalink

          I never asked someone to play 10 hours to get me that save. If somebody happened to have that save (or a spot near that save) i would’ve appreciated that. Doesn’t matter right now,for anybody who lost his save or like to load a specific point here you go :

  77. Baz permalink

    I just finished MGQ part 2, I just recently gave it to my friend who is also now hooked on it. I honestly don’t care much for the H scenes unless they’re part of the story, but wow the story is amazing, one of those rare finds you only come across once every few years.

    Thanks a lot Rogue, without guys like you I would have never came across it.
    I’m already downloading Sengoku Rance and Theif & sword hoping they’re just as good.

  78. Anonymous permalink

    Can someone send me the download link to the game with the english patch, I tried to download it but it gives me an error when I run it

  79. Shirokuro permalink

    Somebody knows a place where i can find a tutorial about how to make the patches?

    I wanna translate this to spanish but i dont know how to change the things in the game, shame on me u.u

    And also a shame that this game can not be oficially released because it has lolis, i love lolis D:

    • Haley permalink

      Might be best to email rogue directly about it I think?

      Patches for games differ from game to game and platform to platform.Even using the same method for games from the same company can sometimes not work.

  80. Anonymous permalink

    If NScripter sucks at working with English text so bad, why don’t you use ONScripter-en or another equivalent for Monster Girl Quest like some of the other translated VNs that use that engine?

    • It had extensive compatibility issues with Part 1 and would require extra effort to make it work. He also upgraded the nscripter engine for part 2, meaning you’d have to re-do all the compatibility work again. If he updates the engine for the third one, you would have to update it a third time. Just not worth it, it seriously isn’t that big of a deal.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Damn, I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case. Oh well, sorry for troubling you. Have fun on your break from our incessant fandom/crash complaints talk!

      • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

        To be fair, the bulk of the work only has to be done once. The extensive compatability issues only appeared because the game was already fully translated to use NS’s English mode; ONS has its own way of handling English text, which handles it much better than NS. The engine update only brought with it a really small change to the script. The real issues are getting the old save files to work and having to completely throw away the custom scenario section because of an unsupported command. Other than that, the main game works perfectly.

  81. Joe Parkinson permalink

    Hey, I just thought I’d mention that the official monster girl quest webpage has been updated with a preview of two new monsters, and a new patch. I’m not sure if anything was added with the new patch, or if it’s just bugfixes, though. Cuz I don’t speak the japanese. lol

    • Anonymous permalink

      WTF What the hell is that abomination?! Is that one of those artificial monsters that one angel lady created?

      Also, no new patch, just monsters.

      • CMrCr permalink

        i don’t know but that thing really creep me out, i think i’ll loose to it just to complete the monsterpedia :P

      • Anonymous permalink

        It’s a lamiandroid. Total nightmare fuel. :p

        Who am I kidding; I’d let it rape me.

  82. Monster Girl Lover permalink

    Two new Monstergirls were revealed: (left panel labeled “NEW!!”)
    Can’t wait for Part 3!! :<

    • Monster Girl Lover permalink

      Ah sorry… I didn’t see Joe Parkinson’s post. He already posted it. Nevermind then.

    • Anonymous permalink

      So excited for Part 3. I hadn’t seen any of the previews yet (outside of the end of Part 2,) and there were some very good looking scenes in there. Even the new one that everyone thinks is a little scary looks good (she looks pretty cute in some of the CGs…) I’m sure there will be some turn-off monsters, but that’s easy to look past with all the ‘oh yeah’ monsters and Alice by your side.

      Special mention to the Valkyrie scene among the previews. The chimeras seem pretty hit or miss, but I’m liking the angels.

  83. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for all your hard work, finished MQ2. Have you heard anything about rance QUEST yet? it looks pretty fun

  84. Cappy permalink

    Probably already been said, and I know that you told us not to say it, but im gonna anyway.

    You should translate Henshin. The only reason I am saying this even though it is against your will is because it probably will never be translated which sucks.

    But anyway thanks for everything Rogue, I am looking forward to your future works and hope you have a nice vacation.

    • I’d love to, but something like that is far too much for me to do solo. It seems like there would be a lot of image editing, hacking, etc… Required. Not to mention it’s also pretty long. Way too much for me alone, and I don’t like getting involved with others on stuff.

      • Haley permalink

        =/ the only thing worse than an untranslated game is a game that is 90% translated before it goes poof because the team decides to be dicks.

        ;-; Archaic Sealed Heat….

  85. Kyon Smith permalink

    Hey rogue. Can you spread info about this game to increase its popularity in hopes someone will try to have it translated?

  86. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    the white snake was obvious since she is shown in a scene in part two (so is her sister, but she isn’t evil)
    but what does a lamia android need with a mechanical leg?

    • Haley permalink

      It’s probably one of Ilias’ new chimeras.

      Judging from what we were shown at the end of chapter 2, Promestein seems quite fond of mechanical enhancements (though the earlier/weaker chimera seemed to be more biological.. I guess they’re trading up? =D)

      Totally unrelated but I keep thinking she’s going to rape Luka with that left hand of hers because her breast + the left hand looks an awful lot like a giant dick until you realise it’s her breast instead >….>:

  87. Kusojijii permalink

    1) Thank you for the various answers. This ought to give us some peace of mind.
    2) Sucks that you can’t make an official US release… but I’m still not clear about the laws involved. AFAI can see, offering an English-language version for sale outside of the US would be legal, correct? If so, there might be merit in you contacting ToroToro after all.
    3) …forums?

  88. Anonymous permalink

    excuse me guys… anyone can tell me how to get five steps vaginal/flesh hell from Alma Elma? I’ve tried so many times but failed… Anyone can tell me? Thank you

    • Yuhan permalink

      Let her capture you and wait

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks… I’ve got all the techniques now…
        One more question for me though… can you please tell me how to complete monsterpedia for the second chapter? All rape scenes have been registered and all monster have been fought by me but the record of “Complete the second chapter of Monsterpedia” is still not registered.

        Thank you very much

        • Yuhan permalink

          Dunno ^.^ I’m not the completionist

          Some other people have asked the same/similar question so try looking through the comments

        • CMrCr permalink

          u need to unlock all moves for all monsters

  89. wysiwyg permalink

    Does anyone have saves from part 1 and part 2 with the entire monsterpedia revealed? I always miss one or two. In the first one it’s the entry between twin faeries and sylph and the very last entry. Thanks!

    • Haley permalink

      The battle between twin fairies and sylph is an optional battle against 3 fairies which occurs if you decide not to say sorry.

      The other entry is gained from killing alice,lower her hp to 0 during the battle and attack/quadriple giga instead of waiting.

  90. sajuuk permalink

    Henshin i have played it once before good game but i agree whit roguetranslator
    the game is to big for 1 person to translate still a shame. but maybe we get lucky and it will get translated one day,

  91. Malcanthet permalink

    Oh shit Rogue! The MGQ Main page released some new H-scenes and creepy robot-sex (her bj looks like a snake’s mouth) for the third game. Go look go look!

    • Anonymous permalink

      High. Octane. Nightmare. Fuel.

      • Mena permalink

        You pussies! That’s awesome and not creepy! :D

        • 光 闇 permalink

          Agreed! Though the chimeras are not my favorites so far, they aren’t necessarily unappealing whatsoever!

  92. Anonymous permalink

    Somewhat related news: there’s a new manga out there about monster girls named Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou.

  93. CDJ permalink

    I hope all those holy cyborg things we saw at the end of part 2 aren’t just mindless rape machines like those Chimera beasts or Ultima/Omega/Rape Weapon or whatever it was called. I like dirty talking monster girls, the “mindless femdom thing” only worked for me with the zombie girls from part 1.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Well the ones that we saw were taunting the 4 Heavenly Knights and generally gloating about how much more powerful they were so they seem plenty intelligent and not just mindless battle/fuck machines.

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        That’s because the others were prototypes for experimentation.
        The cyborg type monsters, Arc-En-Ciel, Rapunzel, Aruwele, Tsukuyomi, and Amphisbaena are meant to be “New” Monsters, if you recall, Ilias and Promestein also mentioned new “humans” as well, since they are planning to rebuild the world from the ground up.
        Probably because Ilias wants everybody to be mindlessly loyal to her.
        That’s probably why she hates monsters, because they see the First Monster Lord as their Deity instead of Ilias, and it seems like she cannot just wipe all monsters out, because there seems to be some kind of fundamental cosmic balance between Darkness and Light that even Ilias cannot subvert, as mentioned by Black Alice.
        Speaking of which the darkness and light thing was actually discussed in Luka’s narration at the very beginning of Part One, after the tutorial with Ilias, but before the Slime Girl’s appearance.

  94. CDJ permalink

    Oh, and I just noticed xelvy is doing some artwork. That’s awesome, discovered him on pixiv a few months ago and really loved his stuff.

  95. Anonymous permalink

    I’m desperate, I wanted a translation of an artist named Kafu … I found it on pixiv … can you help? is very short! only 2 images! if you do it for me … I would appreciate it A LOT!

  96. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Guys!

    New manga featuring snake girl just came out link below.

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      I read it.
      Having a lamia for a girlfriend seems like it woukd be kind of awkward, especially during the winter.

    • CWK permalink

      ME LIKE!

  97. Anonymous permalink

    Why the fuck are you guys so hung up on having an “official” English release anyway? What would be the point?

    • Anonymous permalink

      If he could work with the devs, they can team up and make a real quality translation instead of it being a one man job, when the game is prone to typographical errors, mistranslations, images that need to be modified, and game-crashing bugs.

      And, there would be no need to patch the game (for a translation; any new content will obviously still need to be added and translated later). Many people, for whatever reason, have had trouble playing the game after installing the patches Rogue released, so simply being able to un-RAR it and play it straight from the get-go saves a lot of trouble.

      • Strom permalink

        Best way to avoid bugs 99% of the time with the complete patch.

        1. Run machine on Japanese Locale
        2. Extract the latest patch into the game folder
        3. Read the comments made by Rogue

        Follow these and most errors will go away; not all, but most.

        Fact is, there is not going to be an official English release, but it shouldn’t really matter, from the past two games I have personally only found a couple of errors, and they were pretty easy to deal with. He has done a great job on this as a solo work and by god, just be happy that someone has taken the time to do it, as I could imagine it would be a lot of hard work working with an existing system (that is in Japanese nonetheless).

        • Wrandral permalink

          the funny thing is that i never ( i insist on NEVER) got any bug with Rogue’s translation so actually it’s quite amusing seeing peoples whine about it XD

  98. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rouge, nice work on the games.

    I noticed the part 1.1 patch has been deleted, and see nowhere else that it is uploaded to. Would you be able to re-upload it?

    • Different Anonymous permalink

      Doesn’t really matter at this point because you can just throw away Part 1 once you’ve merged the two games.

  99. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks again for all your hard work! Enjoy the time off!

  100. Anonymous permalink

    There’s a patch out on the official website. Anyone know what it does?

  101. anon permalink

    so the knights never showed their full strength, how where they beaten?

    • Haley permalink

      The obvious answer would be Luka injured/weakened them already in addition to Promestein making the new monsters with the opponent in mind.

  102. Anonymous permalink

    Guys… sorry… I’m still asking the same question… How to complete Monsterpedia for chapter 2? I’ve seen all the monsters even the Nekomata in chapter 2, have all the rape scenes and techniques but in the record the ‘Monsterpedia for chapter 2 complete’ is still not registered. Thank you very much!

    • Haley permalink

      I’m not 100% sure on this but maybe you’re missing one of the non rape ends? Like losing to Alma Elma before she takes off her clothes or losing to the succubus witch in a number of ways.

      Unfortunately, I have no idea how you’ll track down if you’ve lost to them or not other than doing the battle and then checking Ilias’ evaluation if there’s more than one ending. You can check if you’ve lost to a monster via a particular technique by clicking on it though.

      Hopefully someone has a more concrete answer.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I see… thanks anyway for the sugestion… I guess it’s gonna be a long work lol ^_^ I mean the last chapter is still in process… A good work for me to do…

    • Obamanation permalink

      You probably started on MGQ 2 before loading MGQ 1 data, the only solution I know is to fight and win against all monsters since where you left off in the monsterpedia in storyline order.

    • Anonymous permalink

      For the “Chapter 2 complete” achievement you need to fight every monster, get all of their rape scenes, and get hit by every one of their attacks.

      Click on a monster in the monsterpedia and go to Data and Recall to see if you have all their moves and rape scenes.

      • CDJ permalink

        Actually, you don’t need every enemy skill for the “encyclopedia complete” achievments, just all the rape scenes. I got the achievments in both parts and have not yet seen every enemy attack in both games, those have their own achievments.

        • Anonymous permalink

          You sure? because I didn’t get it until I got the “Perverted Cat” which was the last one I needed.

      • Anonymous_017 permalink

        I have fought all the enemis and I’ve got all the rape scenes… that’s why I don’t know why and asking the solution… but thank you for your suggestion

        Not important: I’m changing my name into Anonymous_017 so that noone gets confused

        • Anonymous_017 permalink

          Sorry all… I did miss one rape scene and now the issue has been solved… thanks for your suggestions and recommendations! My bad.

  103. Obamanation permalink

    So I just noticed this manga’s plot seems really similar to MGQ… Its called Superior ( Any thoughts?

    • It’s not really. It’s only similar that the villan and hero are traveling together but the core story line diverges there, as in MGQ luke learns early on that Alice is the Queen, while in Superior they shoujo it till the very end.

  104. yabusa permalink

    damn you Illias!!!

    just after letting Alice alive while reading the story…

    blindly being followed by people who doesn’t truly understand what Illias is…
    and the one whose really behind the Remina incident…

    gonna look forward at MGQ3 and kill that bitch… xD

    • yabusa permalink

      its totally unrelated at the topic…
      but I’m just letting out what I feel after that story… xD

      • Wrandral permalink

        too bad that you won’t kill her if it’s luka who’s fighting her ( another story if alice wanna deal the finnal blow though) since angel halo only seal the ennemy

        • Abel permalink

          If I’m remembering correctly, the Angel’s Halo can affect angel’s because it’s made FROM angels…

          This is entirely based on memory, so I have no clue if it’s accurate. I’ll check it out when I re-play the entire game.

          • Wrandral permalink

            it can seal but it was never said it could kill

  105. Anonymous permalink

    Good job mang, good job.
    Maybe translating some of the untranslated re-released (updated) Rance games or other things by Eushully that aren’t done (doG knows people want them a lot all of a sudden after Kamidori Alchemy Meister, especially “Slave Princess of Darkness”.

    In any case, enjoy your few month break, you earned it fully and nice job here.

  106. Anonymous permalink

    Btw Rogue, just as an observation, when selecting Undine’s power, wouldnt it be more accurate to say it consumes 1 ( point ) / turn. Its sounds more apropriate than “ALL” ( since you can actualy interrupt the state, and then it ends up not using “ALL” )

    well, im fine either way

  107. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue: “Can you translate xxxx game?
    No, I know what I’m doing for the next year. All “recommendations” will be ignored, sorry.”

    WHAT!!! whole year you gotta be kidding me right!!!

    • 光 闇 permalink

      That does not suggest that Rogue won’t be translating during that one-year period. Relax.

      • Wrandral permalink

        true since he’ll translate MGQ part3 when it’s out this year

        • raza permalink

          thats out this year when? so does that mean that 2 was out near the begining of last year? and finished this year? if thats right mgq3 towards summer of next year in english at least it’s not like the waiting period for metal gear rising that thing was supposed to be out 2 years ago lol

          • Wrandral permalink

            well between part 1 and part 2 there was a waiting time of 9 month so i think we can at least expect that much.

            But part2 was longer than part 1,and since part 3 will be longer than part 2 it may take more time but i don’t think they’ll release it next year even so.

            I also think that (if i’m not mistaken) since MGQ was the first game Torotoro studio made, they were very inexperienced with their tools of choice ( which is RPGmaker i think) and not very organized as a team . The best proof of this i think is the rate at which they tossed out patches for part 1 (which clearly lessened for part 2) and their unexpected delay for part 2

  108. Anonymous permalink

    thank you for your hard work good sir

    does anyone else lol at using quad giga on imp ? =w=

    • Haley permalink

      I personally prefer using it on Tamamo :3

      No special dialogue or anything but using it on her reminds me of how Alice likes to bully Kitsunes xD;

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        Bully Kitsunes, NOT nuking them.
        44000+ damage when she doesn’t have even half of that much hp to start with, not to mention, by that point, Tamamo is down to less than a tenth of her max hp, how does she not get sealed?

        • Haley permalink

          No idea. Doesn’t stop me from taking (an admittedly sadistic. =D) pleasure in doing it to her though :3333

          • AnonS permalink

            The funny thing is if you try to do it for the kill Alice ending you get the good ending instead, since it takes so long to get it out. Or at least it did the one time I tried it.

          • Haley permalink

            Ha. Maybe you have to wait once or twice? Giga killed her off for me =/

  109. Anonymous permalink

    So the great hero 500 years ago was an 19th century german poet?

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      using real-life people for inspiration of names in fantasy settings is nothing new.
      A number of the Espada in Bleach have distorted versions of real-life names.
      Ulqiorra is named after a woman called something Urqiola.
      and in Mahou Sensei Negima! Jack Rakan and Kurt Godel are ripped-off names as well.

    • Anonymous permalink

      the most famous one is Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia (1431–1476) aka Dracula in games and anime

      • Anonymous permalink

        well Vlad III was sometimes reffered to as Dracula (meaning son of the dragon, due to his patronimic name Dracul) and yes that served as an inspiration to Bram Stocker to name his undead, bloodthirsty(literally) count “Dracula”.

  110. sajuuk permalink

    rogue said he would take 3 moth brake then start translating again first some more of the monster girl quest 2 side episodes, then to violate heroine if i am not mistaken.
    so i hope he will enjoy his brake and start again whit a fresh state of mind
    thanks for all your hard work Rogue Translator

    • Annoying Walking Dictionary permalink

      so he pinched the brakes from a car belonging to three moths?
      brake = device to stop a wheel from moving
      break = a separation or gap (in activity in this case)

      • Anonymous permalink

        correcting people is a flaunt of arrogance rarely seen outside of 4chan. i suggest you go back from whence you came

        • Anonymous permalink

          Rarely seen outside of 4chan? Have you been living under a rock or something?

        • Correcting people happens in real life when you make stupid mistakes. Regardless of the fact that it can also happen on the internet. If you mispronounce somting in “real life” then most likely someone will correct you. Now if we move back to the internet then you have it doubly. Not only will people correct you but its writting in text so it becomes even more obvious.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            I could take the bait and point out the misspellings in your own post, but I suspect you wrote them that way on purpose to prove the point. So I’ll just say: well played, sir. :-p

          • Lowlightt permalink


  111. John permalink

    a god among men.

    • CWK permalink

      Nah i suspect he’s actually a half angel ;)

      • yabusa permalink

        because being an half angel is much stronger than a pure one…

        • Wrandral permalink

          usually it is so but it’s often unstable (like Tamamo said)

          • CWK permalink

            omg imagine luka and alice’s child
            would be a super monster angel!!!

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            No, what Tamamo said is that overusing Luka’s angel powers would turn him in a being of pure holy energy. NOWHERE AT ALL does she say that a half angel is stronger than a pure angel – and it makes no sense anyway, since diluited blood gets WEAKER, as pointedly proven by Sphinx and her descendants. Sara became that strong because Queen Elf putzed with her and not only made her a Succubus, but infused enough magic in her to fully awaken her monster heritage.

            I have no idea where this ‘half angels are stronger than full angels’ bs came from, but the fact that Luka actually has to dodge when asleep (where full angels just plain can’t be touched period), plus the fact that even WITH spirits he can’t even touch Promestein once she activates her own Zylphe… yeah, I’m pretty sure someone has been wanking Luka very hard somewhere. All we know is his power makes him very strong when asleep, his ring has something very odd about it (a ring designed for magic with no magic inside at all is suspicious in itself), and according to his confused ramblings his mom was an angel. That’s it.

          • CWK permalink

            Seriously? His mother is an angel? How do you know? Maybe I missed a scene or something…
            Does this mean that his mother’s name is Erigora? Or is Erigora his great great (don’t know how many “great”s) grandmother?
            I don’t think we’re ever given Luka’s mother’s name right?
            Btw, what is with the ring? Does it seal most of Luka’s angelic powers? and only leaks some out when he’s unconscious? or is some of the angelic properties sealed IN the ring to protect Luka when he’s unconscious? What happens if he takes the ring off?

            DAMN IT! I really want the third game…

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            If Luka gets hit by the Iron Maiden’s confusion attack, he will occasionally say random things. I got curious when I noticed ALL the statements Luka rattles off while confused are true, and that was when I noticed one of the statements he can make is ‘My mother was an angel’.

            Now, he may mean it in a complimentary sense, but it seems too much of a coincidence to me that he’d say that in a state when he’s been shown to be entirely truthful, AND he also just so happens to have holy powers. You may chalk it up to coincidence, but I have my ideas about that Mikaela woman in Enrika village… she seemed a bit too familiar with Luka to just be a stranger.

            As for Erigora, apparently it was a HE – Alice explicitly used the male noun when talking about him. Which means angels apparently aren’t limited to female-only, unless it was a translation blunder, but I don’t see Rogue making a mistake like that.

            All we know about the ring is that it’s designed to hold magical power, but no one can actually perceive magical power in it. That is suspicious in itself.

            And no, we are never given Luka’s mom’s name. I made one up for my fanfiction I’m writing, but as far as an official name, she has none.

          • Uh, that actually was an oversight. No gender identification one way or the other was used for Erigora in the original. It’s just awkward not to use gender identifying pronouns in English, so it slipped in. I just changed it in the script to remove the ‘he’.

            Also, here are all of his sayings when confused:

            if %ransu=1 mov $sel1,”I’m a true Hero! ”
            if %ransu=2 mov $sel1,”Purupurupuru. I’m a goooood slime! ”
            if %ransu=3 mov $sel1,”Hehehe… So full… ”
            if %ransu=4 mov $sel1,”Uwaa… Flowers! ”
            if %ransu=5 mov $sel1,”Where am I!? ”
            if %ransu=6 mov $sel1,”My mother was an angel, you know! ”

            So I don’t know about them all being true.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Huh, I only got the first, fifth and sixth. My bad. Thanks for clarifying.

            Also lol @ Elpeo Puru reference in number 2.

          • CWK permalink

            So then, if Luka’s mother really IS an angel, doesn’t that mean that there’s more than one fallen angel? We haven’t been told how many angels were discarded from Ilias’ service, so maybe a bunch of them rioted and rebelled against her.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            If there’s anything in common with the biblical Fall, then when Lucifer fell from grace, he took a good third of Heaven with him. That’s… a lot of fallen. And it might well be how things are balanced out in part 3 so that it’s not a onesided slaughter, since there’s only one Luka and a lot more of the Angels.

          • yabusa permalink

            There are still mysteries like on the 1st part…
            in the Enrika village that an villager(Micaela) knows about Luka’s parents but she didn’t want to discuss it with Luka and said that “when the time comes,,, we’ll be able to talk.”

            I’ll be expecting on the 3rd part that Luka will go back to his own hometown and seek that mysterious villager(Micaela) again…

          • CWK permalink

            Well, I don’t know how there’s gona be any downtime because, Ilias can just raid the world pretty quickly, how can Luka get there on time?

  112. CDJ permalink

    Speaking of hating Ilias, I hope the last part will have the recurring characters drawn by different artists to change things up a bit, it’s really a shame, I like Granberia’s, Alma Elma’s and Ilias’s design but am not a big fan of their artwork, might be nice to see several monsters by different artists.

  113. Imoutocon permalink

    We have yet to have a chance to impregnate granberia. Im guessing we will be able to in part 3.
    But frankly speaking i would love to have more lolis and flat chests in the next installment. =)

    • Anonymous permalink

      I truly hope you are right. I was a bit disappointed when Granberia only used her breasts after the final battle with her. I mean it was great and she looked so adorable with her slightly shy pose in the beginning, but I had hoped for so much more. Btw, does anyone else get the chills when Erubetie talks, you know, in a good way? (If there are any typos I sincerely apologise).

      • raza permalink

        you must like being hated lol cus her words are quite cold except when she’s stammering trying to reassure herself

        • Anonymous permalink

          Well I do admit that I don’t hate it with the fury of a thousand Suns, though it would be more enjoyable for me if she wasn’t quite so harsh. What I meant by loving how she talks was her voice. I think it’s just awesome and I can’t really explain why. I guess I should have been more careful with my word choices :)

          • Wrandral permalink

            you were talking about her whispering which sounds like silk sliding across velvet skin right?

          • Anonymous permalink

            For a reason or another I can’t seem to be able to reply directly to you Wrandral (or atleast that’s what it looks like when looking from my computer). But yes that’s exactly what I’m talking about. An amazing description btw.

  114. lolox permalink

    I have just finished the game and I must say, it was great, especially at the end.
    Thank you for doing such a great job with the translation!

  115. Anonymous permalink

    I love you, Rogue!

  116. Anonymous permalink

    this is homosexual

  117. Anonymous permalink

    um guys I have a problem in playing MGQ 2 when I autosave then I choose a map “Noah Region” something will pop-up like “099.txt line:19811 I*sean 0160 > “BG/bg077.bmp” something like that then the game will quit XD. How an I fix this?

    • Lunaris permalink

      Try starting the game, go to Extras, and use the Autosave function.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I already try it but still it crashed T_T

        • Different Anonymous permalink

          You patched the wrong game, you need to patch Part 2, not Part 1. Both are separate games.

  118. Arkinum permalink

    Thanks for all the work you have done up till now, rest and take it easy.

  119. Rodrigo permalink

    I have a problem with the game MGQ2. Do not know what happens to the letters. I installed the language packs but still not working. I hope you know help me.


  120. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you !
    That was good, in every aspect.

  121. Anonymous permalink

    Guys is there an windows 7 Applocale version? I search everywhere but I cant find it.

    • Haley permalink

      The current version of applocale works fine on my windows 7.

  122. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Just for the record:I use vista business and win 7 professional and mgq1+2 works like a charm even without applocale or language-packs. The only issue (if you want to call it one) is, that when I save in-game, the savetext is gibberish(however, later it turns into proper characters). Take care.

  123. Anonymous permalink

    man this Applocale is driving me crazy It’s too hard just 2 install it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You don’t really need to change your localization or download AppLocale to run the game. My game runs just fine without crashes.

      • sliding touch permalink

        sometimes the letters are tiny without appocale depends how he installed the regional things

      • Anonymous permalink

        mine always crash T_T what is your OS? mine is windows 7 home premium

        • sliding touch permalink

          ive several windows intalled on main logical drive 1.5 to with each part of 250go and i have windows 2000 xp sp3 visa home and seven home ( why several os , :D time and some old game dont run well on new systems; im a retro gamer ).

  124. Anonymous permalink

    found a pic that looks like it belongs to part 3 on

  125. Anonymous permalink

    Man, I can’t wait for part 3, here’s hoping it will have some saucy insect abdomen hentai. I’m hoping that other people will start working on the Side Stories, just been glancing on some on Gnome’s Lab and there’s some good stuff on there.

  126. Ryu permalink

    I have a feeling that part 3 might become darker, as frequently seen in several Japanese anime storylines after all.
    To think of it, a bunch of evil characters have been introduced in the end of part 2 (Ilias, Promestein, Black Alice, and the 5 modified chimeras too.
    Now, the easiest way to make that kind of characters fearsome and hated would be to let them dispose of some good guys…..
    I sense that guys like the Sabasa King and the Grandgold King will be in horrible danger in the next episode…. and, i sincerely hope that the authors won’t decide to sacrifice someone of my beloved Heavenly Knights !!! (nyaaaaaa!!!!)

    • Down with Illias permalink

      I agree, simply because Illias ordered all humans to be exterminated by stronger than ever monsters and angels untouchable by earthly powers. Personally, I prefered losing to enemies where losing wouldn’t be such an unhappy ending in of itself and was dissapointed by the increase in homicidal monsters in part 2. Unfortunately, things are likely to be even more grim in part 3. :(

    • H-Fan permalink

      That would be terrible if ANY of the heavenly knights were killed off! ;_; Now you really have me worried…

  127. Down with Illias permalink

    Could someone link me the site where I can download translated spin off stories?

  128. sajuuk permalink

    well only time will tell what part 3 will bring us.
    still i do hope for a happy ending, whit all heavenly knights and alice alive.
    the rest i dont care if they live ore dei.
    exept illias i dontl ike her dint like her from the start.
    but will be long time before we can play part 3 in english its not even out yet.
    maybe next year something to look fowared 2
    i am also looking foward on rogue’s translations of violate heroine.
    that game is also a good game

  129. John permalink

    I love you.

  130. Questioneer permalink

    Is “hora hora” actually an onomatapia with meaning, or is it just a random expression?

    • Questioneer permalink

      Also, how do I get the “monster’s nursery” and “reincarnated” ends?

      • Anonymous permalink

        You can’t get reincarnated yet but the monster’s nursery is from Alra Parasol’s Seedbed Embrace

        • Toriningen permalink

          I’m not entirely sure since I didn’t want to kill Alice, even for a scene, but Ilias’s sex scene may be the reincarnated one.

          Also, to Questioneer’s first post, all of the hora/sora/hore/sore stuff that Alice, the Heavenly Knights, and some other MG’s say, they doesn’t have a true meaning. You could perceive hora hora as “look, look” or basically a tease/taunt.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Ilias’s sex scene doesn’t count in the reincarnated record because you don’t get reincarnated… You are endlessly raped.

          • Anonymous permalink

            “Times reincarnated into a new existence” is most likely going to be from something in the 3rd game.

  131. Anonymous permalink

    So…I was playing MGQ 2 and I couldn’t help but notice that the bgm keeps stuttering when I’m playing. Did I patch something incorrectly? It’s not a serious issue but, if any of you have a solution it’d be great!

    Just ask me what you need to know and I’ll try my best to tell you what I did as well as, provide screenshots.

    I await your replies ~

    • Anonymous permalink

      Sometimes happens to me as well. I think it’s related to how well your computer performs, because it doesn’t happen on my desktop but it happens a lot on my laptop, especially when there’s a lot of things on screen.

    • Toriningen permalink

      It happens to me only when I minimize the MGQ window. If it’s still up but in the background/behind other things like Firefox, there’s no problem.

  132. CMrCr permalink

    I was thinking on what the part 3 alice+luka’s scene could be about, i mean, she did him with every part of her body so what could torotoro come up with next?

    • CMrCr permalink

      And look likes torotoro is hiring :P (google translated the big title in 次企画のスタッフ不足中、求む人材!)

    • Toriningen permalink

      Canon lamia form vaginal.

      I think that most of the part 3 canon scenes will feature the Four Heavenly Knights, since they haven’t had one canon scene so far.

      Also, I wonder who’ll do the Evaluations in part 3 (if there are evaluations). The Four Heavenly Knights? Alice? Amira? The Four Spirits? The Cooking Pot? I highly doubt Ilias or Black Alice would do it.

      I place my bet on Amira. She doesn’t get enough cg’s. She needs a 50 evaluation rape (for Luka) scene too. ToroToro said before that Amira wouldn’t do anything special, but they could have been joking.

      • Dear Guest permalink

        Amira? Evaluation rape!? Urge to kill rising…

        • thenobleshade permalink

          Or maybe even Alice I; since she was a being of equal power to Ilias, she would possess equal omnipotent power over the monsters and angels of the world.

      • AnonS permalink

        I think it will be Alice. I really doubt she goes up to Heaven to fight off angels and Ilias, chances are Luka tells her to stay on Earth and protect everyone from rampaging angels and new monsters, while Luka takes the fight to Ilias. Which means that it could get lonely for Luka without a companion, I assume Sylph and the other spirits will do a lot more talking in Part 3.

      • raza permalink

        problably still her telling you to give up and stop trying but still giving you hints that’s my two cents on the matter anyhow also anybody else think black alice looks like a murdering version of disney’s alice in wonderland lol genius

        • yabusa permalink

          she really is if you stop thinking about it… lol

      • guy named billy permalink

        I’ve heard that all the heavenly knights will have h-scenes in the 3rd part so I got to thinking and its just a theory but maybe luka does it with them to get them their energy back after rescuing them or something since they were getting stomped at the end of the game. Just a theory after all.

  133. Anonymous permalink

    I’ll go ahead and assume that my Processor speed on my laptop isn’t good enough (although I don’t know why the 1st version on MGQ music/vocies/sound effects worked fine).

    That aside…

    Rogue, I seem to have encountered something in MGQ2 that makes the game crash. I’ve uploaded a Screenshot:

    I was using the “mon_que” application, I’ve yet to try the “mon_que_NOwordwrap” application yet.

    I also read the “I’m crashing at xxxx location.” post part and I’m fairly confident I’ve patched the full game properly (although I could be wrong). If you need anymore specific screenshots I can provide them as needed.

    I await your replies ~

  134. Influenza permalink

    I’ll go ahead and assume that my Processor speed on my laptop isn’t good enough (although I don’t know why the 1st version on MGQ music/vocies/sound effects worked fine).

    That aside…

    Rogue, I seem to have encountered something in MGQ2 that makes the game crash. I’ve uploaded a Screenshot:

    I was using the “mon_que” application, I’ve yet to try the “mon_que_NOwordwrap” application yet.

    I also read the “I’m crashing at xxxx location.” post part and I’m fairly confident I’ve patched the full game properly (although I could be wrong). If you need anymore specific screenshots I can provide them as needed.

    I await your replies ~

    • You don’t have the most recent patch, which fixed that issue. It was in the first paragraph of the “I’m crashing at xxxx location” section.

  135. Anonymous permalink

    someone know how to unlock the rape scene 2 from imp?

    • GenocideHeart permalink

      Lose to her titfuck.

      • yabusa permalink

        No… it depends on what she’ll offer to you…

        • GenocideHeart permalink

          Nope, the scene is triggered by what move defeats you. Losing to her titfuck, whether it be by request or from her offering it, gets you the paizuri scene, everything else gets you the milking.

          There’s two unused CGs of other ways to lose, but apparently there’s no trigger to them.

          • yabusa permalink

            to make it short…
            lose to her 3rd option and you’ll get the 2nd rape scene… :P

          • yabusa permalink

            and I just realize that the one I 1st replied is already correct… lol

  136. Anonymous permalink

    nooo… i replaced my save data of the fight before aliceee~~!!! nooo NO scene with illias.. can any one help? just a save file before the battle with alice??? i thank those who gave the save file from the bottom of my heart…. pleaseee… TwT if not i need to play it again from the succubus village part… TwT

    • Toriningen permalink

      Have you tried refighting Alice and beating her in the Encyclopedia Recall fight? I’m not sure if it’ll work because I don’t want to kill Alice for an Ilias scene ;~;

  137. Influenza permalink

    Ah… thanks Rogue, sorry about that (and sorry about the double post as well).

  138. Daath permalink

    I finally got around to finishing MGQ2. Great stuff, thanks for all the hard work Rouge.

  139. Probably the best time to ask, cause you mentioned bringing VH up to speed.

    For whatever reason, it won’t let me enter the inn. Every time I try, the game crashes. Is there a way to fix this? It also won’t let me check the 2nd and 3rd diary page.

    • Renu permalink

      Which release and character are you using?

      • The latest release, and the red headed bitch(I forget her name). Should probably mention it’s the first towns Inn, so I haven’t really been able to progress.

  140. Anonymous permalink

    i need help for the “Gnome was Summoned Sleeping” achievement
    i tried hard/hell mode and constantly used 4-5 times, but nothing changed.

    • Ryu permalink

      I achieved it without even trying, so i guess it’s only a matter of summoning her more and more times, like it was for Sylph.
      But if somebody’s got a better answer i’ll gladly learn together with you ;)

  141. Ryu permalink

    Speaking of the MGQ2 record, looking at it i found that i miss 2 methods for Luka’s defeat:
    1) killed by a group squeezing dry
    2) reincarnated into a new existence

    Anybody knows how do i get them?^^

    • Down with Illias permalink

      Niether are available until MGQ3, if I had a guess, the killed by a group sqeezing dry would probably be those kimono girls (the ones with the tongues) in the Torotoro official website MGQ3 preview pages since they follow Black Alice.

      • Ryu permalink

        Ah, so it will be in chapter 3 after all. Thinking it better, i should have figured it out, at least for the “reincarnated into a new existence” thing.
        Pondering on were i had heard those words before, i suddenly remembered that Tamamo said something like that when warning Luka about overusing fallen angel powers.

        As for the “group squeezing dry”, i guess it might be the tongue monsters or some of the numerous monsters, chimeras or angels that we still have to see.
        Also, i’m curious to see how many characters from the previous chapter will join in the act, after i have seen new pics of the Lamia Sister on Torotoro’s website. It was a short, apparently pointless encounter with Luka and Alice entering the Noah regio and she was heading to the South, and it is probable that MGQ3 will be the story of Luka and Alice traveling back from Hellgondo to Ilias village, so i guess Luka will not face her till he’s back in Ilias continent.

        Damn… i can’t wait!!! XDDD

  142. Violated Heroine Fan permalink

    Anyone with enough Brains, can notice that Violated Heroine is under HEAVY (yes, it is) development, and there are new releases with new content being released every week.

    I think Rogue Translations will wait until these new updates cease or at least when other projects are completely finished, before starting on Violated Heroine again. It won’t be a smart idea to release a translation on some release, when on the next week there’s like thousands of new content.

    Probably, it’ll be best to wait until the development on Violated Heroine ceases or when there isn’t many updates on it before going back to it.

    • Renu permalink

      Thousands of new content in a week? Hardly. There are many releases that only has bug fixes and small modifications. There is new content in the game since last translation patch, but most are still not finished or implemented.

  143. Influenza permalink

    Ah….Tamamo…so cute…and so hard to defeat!

    Can anyone help me out? I must’ve lost to her at least 30 times.

    • Ryu permalink

      I guess you need not to waste SP points trying to end it too fast, so that you can always summon Gnome back when she disappears and meditate-up your health. Also, remember to dodge her ultimate move in the end of course!

      In any case, i’d say that Alice is even tougher, especially in hard mode. No matter how wisely you choose your attack and defense methods, it will require a good dose of luck with evading her attacks in order to win. Oh and when THAT moment comes…. remember that you have a “WAIT” button ok??!!

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        While Alice is tougher, I still feel Erubetie is worse. Half of Erubetie’s moves can literally spell instant doom if they connect at all, whereas with Alice all you really have to watch out for is Monster Lord’s Cruelty, which Sylph reliably dodges the majority of the time. On the other hand, Erubetie’s Meltostorm often chews right through Sylph, and WILL kill you in one hit if Gnome isn’t up, Neverland Frontier is instant defeat unless Sylph is up, and both Divine Destiny and Heaven’s Prison are also instant defeat if Gnome isn’t up (you can’t break free of them otherwise).

        Your entire game strategy against Erubetie consists of you choosing which spirit to put up first and then sacrificing your firstborn to the RNG gods. If she uses the wrong attack, you die. For that matter, if she spams Meltostorm, you also die, because you will get heal-locked. And if she hits wth Heaven’s Prison twice in a row, you ALSO die.

        How fun… I just love how Alice is 17 levels higher than Erubetie, but does less damage overall. She won the Monster Lord’s melee… HOW exactly, given how overleveled and underpowered she is? I especially find it ludicrous she beat Granberia one on one. The only reason why Luka even stands a ghost of a chance against Granberia is because she’s heavily scripted. If she fought you seriously, she’d kill you in a flash with that tremendous damage output of hers.

        • Ryu permalink

          I have my personal theory about such strange gap between Alice’s level and the power of her attacks: that all the time during his fight with Luka she was unable to fight all out, given that she was willing to be die, and NOT going to kill Luka in any case (after all, even after defeating him she acts quite amorously to the loser ;) ).

          Besides, considering that Luka is predictibly going to grow stronger in the next chapter, if Alice was fighting all out that would mean for her to become awfully weaker than Luka during the 3rd part of the story, which i would find quite anticlimatic.

          But of course we’ll have to wait for MGQ3 release in order to fin out the authors’ plans ^_^;;

          As i side note, Erubetie surely is hard and has some annoyingly strong skills, but i guess their difficulty can differ according to the player’s dueling style and fighting strategy, not to mention the “luck factor” of course^^

          In my gameplay Alice resulted harder than Erubetie. I lost at least 10 times in a stream, frequently failing to dodge her Monster Cruelty and her binding move (Of course i was playing on hard, which i would recommend to everybody in order to have more enterteining fights).
          In one occasion i lost with my HP at about 1000, taking a 4-hit monster cruelty right onto my face.. LOL.

          • Douglas Reinholm permalink

            It is not like you wanted to actually win, my friend – but I cannot blame you.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Giganto Weapon is also surprisingly hard. It can drain your HP in a hurry. The worst part is that, storywise, it had barely a fraction of its original power… if that’s true, then whoever defeated it in the past had to be far, far stronger than anyone in the game, Alice included, because even at a ‘fraction’ of its power, it’s just as difficult as the Heavenly Knights.

            By the way, I uploaded chapter 4 of my MGQ fic. as usual, for those who care, Games section, AU subsection.

            Subtle advertising? Nahhhh… :p

        • Given the backstory on the competition, Tamamo and Erubetie took each other out. It’s quite possible that the only reason Tamamo entered the “tournament” was to protect Alice from Erubetie and/or Alma Elma.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Yeah, that was my opinion too. The simple truth is that Tamamo was the only one with both the magic and the expertise to be able to neuter Erubetie’s own magic, especially Neverland Frontier which is pretty much an auto-loss to anyone who can’t defend against it.

            Erubetie can arguably defeat any of the other big 5 in an one-on-one. Meltostorm is a giant AoE attack that’s large enough even Sylph can’t reliably dodge it, so Alma is boned. Neverland Frontier is an instant win against both Granberia and Alice. Tamamo’s the only one experienced AND powerful enough to counter everything Erubetie does… and even she can’t do it indefinitely.

            Even then, Alice was lucky in that Alma just out and out stopped fighting. I think she was never interested in being Monster Lord to begin with. And even then, she nearly lost against Granberia.

          • Ryu permalink

            Neverland Frontier would not have worked on Alice: she was a kid from the start! LOL

            Jokes apart, Alice was probably very young at the time of the ‘tournament’. Granberia herself was green, since she’s only 4 years older than Alice.
            And during the fight with Luka Granberia reveals to have improved her power after she was unable to cause damage to Tamamo.

            That makes me thing that Alice and Granberia might be the monstergirls with the best potential. As for Tamamo, she obviously has the best magic skills (she was the only one able to dispel Undine).

            By the way, if we stick to the game’s stats and bios, it is a fact that Alice clearly surpasses each of the Heavenly Knights in terms of raw strenght (32000 HP vs the average 22000 of the Knights).

            Also, Luka steps up one level after each duel with the Knights (Luka is unable to summon the four spirits together until the fight with Granberia.

            Finally, we should not forget that Alice is wishing to lose during the whole fight with Luka.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            HP measures endurance, not strength. Just a correction.

            Also, Alice outright states she wanted to make sure Luka could legitimately beat her – that was the whole point of all that training – and she even had a backup plan in case he FAILED to do so. I don’t see why she wouldn’t fight seriously, since either way, things would go the way she wants – or so she thinks, because in actuality any outcome other than her losing and being spared plays straight in Ilias’s hand.

            That said, Alice strikes me as the most BALANCED of the four. She’s the Jill of all trades compared to Granberia being the cute bruiser, Tamamo being the mighty glacier, Alma being the fragile speedster and Erubetie being the walking nuke – literally in her case! Alice doesn’t excel in any of those categories, but can do everything. What she lacks in raw power over the other monsters, she makes up for in versatility.

          • Ryu permalink

            No worries it’s a correct correction LOL.
            By the way, yes i know that Alice trained Luka with the sole purpose for him to face her on equal footage in a serious fight because, as she said, she would not entrust the world in the hands of a weak person.
            Still, she’s wishing to lose, so what i meant to say was that’s not the best state of mind to win a match. If that was the case, we will probably get to see the best that Alice can do in MGQ3.
            But of course these are only random thoughts i’m tossing there in the futile effort to endure the awaiting ;P

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            It’s not like Granberia fought seriously either, and she was still grossly outdamaging Alice.

            Unless you call insistently demanding Luka shows her everything he can do and then just sitting there letting him prepare his strongest attach ‘fighting seriously’.

            Even with Granberia being so scripted, in the few turns she spends actually exchanging blows with me, I usually end up with a good 3/4ths of my life sheared off before she calls it off to exchange blasty attacks, and literally the ONLY attack that can overwhelm her is Quadruple Giga, because Luka’s own Vaporizing Rebellion Sword is still nowhere near her lever and she will stomp him flat if he uses that.

            No matter how I look at it, I see Alice and Granberia, and I see a Monster Lord 17 levels higher being outstripped in damage by a warrior who wasn’t even giving it her all for the majority of the fight…

          • Ryu permalink

            …hence why i had a feeling that Alice was YES, fighting seriously in a way, but NO, psychologically not in conditions to fight all out.

            But i might wrong of course… and more importantly, i don’t want to become annoyingly insistent about this! XD

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Or Alice might be a Jeigan.

            For those unfamiliar with the term, it comes from Fire Emblem – it indicates units that come pre-promoted, and are thus powerful early in the game, but as time goes on, their stats turn out to be mediocre compared to properly built up units you can promote later, and thus all they are good for is hogging EXP that others could use and take up space.

            Basically they start out powerful but have meh stats and horrible growth in the long run.

            Which would be ironic if it was the case for Alice…

          • tenoukisakson permalink

            Hum… No seriously, I’m playing in Hard mode and Alice was the tougher. It was really a matter of how much I was able to dodge. Loli was quite hard too but the others wasn’t. Granberia was by far the weaker even without what she did at the end, her attacks were not strong enough and she didn’t use any big shot skill.

          • Ryu permalink

            So that’s what a Jeigan is, huh?
            Let’s hope it won’t be the case of Alice. I cannot imagine a huger mistake for the storyboard of MGQ3 than turning the ultimate tsundere heroine into a wimpy, annoying brat.

            We all know that tsundere characters in virtually EVERY anime story, eventually turn out being fragile and delicate on some aspects…. but being wimpy is totally a different matter.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Personally I’d find it amusing if Alice turned out to be weaker than what she’s cracked up to be. It’d basically mean “yeah, back then I was stronger than Granberia, but since then I’ve been slacking on my training while she’s actually improved, and if we fought again today I’m not all that sure I’d still win”.

            That said, Alice IS powerful… just not nearly as powerful as someone her level should be. She’s close in strength to her Heavenly Knights… whime being a whole lot of levels higher, which in RPG terms means her stat growth is just plain bad in everything except HP.

            It starts showing earlier than that, actually, when Luka can actually outdamage her when fighting the Beelzebubs. Even when she uses Monster Lord’s Cruelty she does 1600 damage tops, while Luka can break 2000 with his top skills. Considering at that point she has no reason to hold back, and she is doing LESS DAMAGE THAN A KID LITERALLY 70 LEVELS BELOW HER… yeah.

            Of course, she does kill those chimeras in Remina… on the other hand she also lucks out and doesn’t run into the Chimera Dryad one, which if you recall was immune to her magic. Had she run in that one, she’d have seriously risked being killed there, since her physical offense is, to put it bluntly, worthless – come on, 180 damage punches without Gnome vs. Granberia casually Cleaving for 400 and Tamamo oneshotting you? That can’t be excused just with her ‘holding back’, at that point her physicals are love taps. Her STR rating must be awful). Incidentally, the first Chimera was a complete wimp for me – didn’t ever dip past 1/4th health, and more or less killed it in 3 turns, so I’m pretty sure it’s less Alice being awesome and more those Chimera types being just plain crap…

          • Ryu permalink

            Well in spite of MGQ being awesome, i guess that expecting everything to be coherent in a game would be naive from our side.
            Looking at ALice’s 180 damage… punch? …bitchslap? lol, Alice should be really weak.
            But looking at the fight in the ruins of Remina, Luka had a close fight against ONE of the crappy chimeras while Alice haves a bath with the blood of about a hundred of them without taking a single scratch…. So, yea… everything is possible i guess^^

            In any case, i keep the opinion that Alice’s plans for her battle with Luka are well expressed by this lines from their final dialogue: “But… if i don’t fall here, my mother truly would have died for nothing…”.

          • Ryu permalink

            Wow, nice bunch of typos in my latest post. Sowwies ^_^;;

          • Toriningen permalink

            @GenocideHeart Actually, the first Chimera Dryad had 9500 hp, and Alice dealt 7000 dmg, pushing it to 2500. Since it was a prototype chimera with no emotions, it didn’t flinch at all. In Luka’s fight, the knocked off hp is not seen, and the remaining 2500 or so hp would be the maximum.

            I do agree with something being severely wrong about Alice’s fight though. It feels much easier than the Four Heavenly Knight fights. The fight could be at least more challenging than the four previous fights and still stay in tune with Alice’s desire to lose. She’s supposed to be way stronger than any other monster, and also the strongest Monster Lord yet. Even if she is holding back, she should be at least harder than the Four Heavenly Knights. And she knows Luka is powerful as hell after having beat the Four Heavenly Knights, so she shouldn’t even be holding back so much.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            If that is the case, why do both Luka and Alice act as if Alice’s magic DIDN’T work at all? Alice herself was like ‘Why isn’t it working?’ there. It’s the ONLY time when she is genuinely at a loss for words over an enemy – as if she wasn’t sure what else to do.

          • Ryu permalink

            Actually it was something i have thought back to the first chimera dryad fight in the Forest of Spirits, that Alica could have softened the chimera even though nor Luka neither herself had got a hint of any possible damage dealed.
            In fact, Luka makes a similar comment about the chimera not flinching at his first strike, thus not letting him understand if and how much damage he might have dealed.

            Then again, i really have no hint about the chimera dryad having or not having her HP drastically reduced by Alice’s first attack.
            As for Alice’s confusion, maybe it might be due to facing a completely unknown monster?
            If we think back at the fight against Cassandra, it clearly showed how knowing the skills of an enemy can make the difference in a fight between monsters, even against a powerful opponent such as Cassandra…. or even Granberia. Remember Alice’s tale of the “incoronation tournament”? She talked about Granberia bringing her on her knees with her powerful techniques but, once Alice saw them once, they would not work on her anymore, which probably brings us back to what you pointed out as Alice’s best attribute: versatility. Well her best attribute after her boobs, i mean. XDDD

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Actually, adaptativeness would be what you’re talking about. Granberia can do it too, note how she counters your attacks flawlessly because she has already seen them once, and only loses to Quadruple Giga – the one attack you have she never saw. I doubt, in fact, that it will work on her again.

            So basically, what Alice did is something Granberia can also do. Again, I find it ironic that the Monster Lord’s only thing that stands out is her average-ness. Nothing she can do is something the others can’t… literally her only advantage is that she’s more versatile, as she can do everything to an extent, but the truth is that she’s second best in basically everything – even endurance, since a case can be made that despite having less HP, Erubetie can outlast her by spamming clones. >_<

            Granted, it's refreshing to see a demon-lord type whose followers are all more powerful in their specialization than she is. The whole point of it, I assume, is that Alice would get squashed if she attempted to fight the Heavenly Knights in their area of expertise – but because of her versatility, she doesn't have to. That's literally her greatest and only advantage.

            Luka is also a jack of all trades, and – unlike Alice – he can heal to boot, which breaks the whole balance in half like a twig. The fact he has an insane growth rate and adapts instinctively does help, but basically, as he is now Luka has more right to be the Monster Lord than Alice, and that's utterly ironic.

          • Ryu permalink

            Let’s not forget that Luka is the one Alice has chosen to possibly kill her in combat. And therefore, the one that she deemed worthy to become her husband (there are hints all over MGQ1 and MGQ2 about “powerful species of monsters having special rules to choose their possible mates”).
            Also, no i’d not say that versatilty is the only excellent skill of Alice. Her binding move takes 3 turns with gnome summoned to break free. Her seductive eyes can be stopped only thanks to Sylphe, her triple attack would be an instant defeat without Undine, and Luka can deliver enough damage to defeat her in spite of her insane HP levels only thanks to Salamander.
            So, when we think about how weak Alice is because she is outdamaged by a young boy, we should not forget that Luka, in spite of his wimpy face, has been trained in cursed sword skills by the monster lord herself for months, that he’s fighting with the four spirits lending him their power, and that most likely he has fallen angel’s blood running through his veins.

            Also, i’d not be surprised that Alice can go down if facing the Heavenly Knights on their fields of excellence. Each of them was strong enough to compete in the last selection to choose the monster lord, so being better than Alice in their own specialities should be expected, i think.

          • Ryu permalink

            I think we’d need a thread apart for our discussion G.Heart XDDD

            For Alice, i’d say that her binding move is quite annoying since she deals damage 3 times and has a draining move while you’re bound. Erubetie results to be more specialized in binding maneuvres , but i guess that’s expected from a slime girl.

            The training thing, i would not put Alice’s role down. The storyboard gives us hints that they have been training frequently at night before going to sleep, besides the times we see during the game. And, it seems to have been a long journey in the idea of the authors if i remember well.

            I’d say that the fallen angel blood IS a factor, since mastering the 4 spirits, the meditation ability, and his incredible speed at learning cursed sword skills were most likely all possible thanks to that factor. Not to mention that Luka’s journey would have been finished in MGQ1 without that factor (against Nanabi and against the Southern Sea Queen, when Alice herself caused him to fall asleep).

            From a general RPG point of view i agree with your pointing out the huge gap between Alice’s level and her actual fight ability (which is probably convenient for story deveolpements in MGQ3).
            But from a gameplay point of view… i have re-played the 4 Knights battles and the Alice battle several time in hard, and i always get the same result: i rarely get to lose against one of the 4 knights (i need to be careless or quite unlucky to actually lose against them, though Tamamo and Erubetie are the thoughest of the 4), while i frequently lose against Alice.

            Due to the fact that all of her attacks deal a big damage (the flame, the frost, the cruelty, the binding and the seduction), you need to have lucky dice-rolling for your evasion skills during the whole match.
            Only exception to those powerful attacks is when she slaps you across the face which, actually, looks more like a breather that she’s giving to Luka, rather than a true attack.
            In fact, it mostly remindid me of her “training slaps” to help Luka achieve the Serene Mind ability with Undine. If she really wanted to strike hard, why not use her strong tail instead?
            Sometimes during the fight, she even says “You wouldn’t lose to such an attack, would you!?” before throwing her dreaded “bitchslap attack” XDDD

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            There’s more than a few hints that Luka is Heinrich’s descendant, and Heinrich IS the guy who mastered all 4 spirits without a Monster Lord’s coaching AND created Quadruple Giga. It’s more likely that the Hero’s blood is responsible for that, and don’t forget, Luka’s father Marcellus was ALSO strong enough that he and his 3 friends made it all the way to Hellgondo AND back WITHOUT the spirits. Given how insanely strong the monsters there were, and given how they were without their mage and healer on the way back, not to mention heavily wounded, that estabilishes Marcellus and Lazarus as incredibly badass, because in those conditions, even Luka would likely have died. Lazarus especially lost his arm over that mess, and still made it out alive.

            So yeah, seems Luka’s human side is more important than the suppressed angel side. He’s got at least two massively badass warriors in his family tree… so it makes sense he’d be that good at fighting.

            The only thing ascribable to his fallen angel blood is Meditation, and even Alice didn’t believe it’d work and was at a loss for words when it DID work.

            The fact remains that even though he got lucky, he managed to drive a Slime off on his own without any sort of valid training under his belt, something most grown men with the same kind of training would be hard pressed to do, simply by figuring out that he had to attack faster to prevent the Slime from regenerating. Even if the attack was useless afterwards, that kind of quick thinking and adaptativeness were there even before Alice showed up. So I’m leaning towards him just plain being a natural as the true factor behind his progress.

            Even Granberia admits she was impressed by his progress in the second fight, and she’s impressed enough to make him her lover in the third fight even though she beat him. Normally, dragons only pursue men stronger than they are… for Granberia to still take him as her lover, it means he made a notable impression and she sees margin for even more improvement – and the endgame proves her right.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            By the way, for the sake of not driving everyone mad with massive posts, my AIM SN is GenocideHrt. If you have AIM, contact me and we can discuss all we want over IM. :-p

          • Ryu permalink

            LOL thanks unluckily i don’t use AIM but only YiM (ryuke79) – Anyway i guess we have pointed out about every aspect of the matter XD
            Just one correction on my own post about Alice’s binding: it takes 4 turns to get free, not 3 ^_^;

        • Ryu permalink

          One more thing. I think that learning and improving is normal for both Granberia and Alice since they are incredebly young for their position in the monstergirls society, especially comparing them with Tamamo who has been in charge to educate several generations of monster lords.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Erubetie’s binding moves also require Gnome to escape, and take 3 turns, usually, so again, nothing special. And UNLIKE Alice’s, NOT escaping Erubetie’s bindings in time means instant defeat. That’s a huge difference. As for her huge HP, they actually vanish very fast even without Salamander. The combo needed to stop her most dangerous attacks (Sylph and Gnome) also gives you 2 attacks per turn and more damage, which is literally all you need.

            Also, I disagree on Luka training under the Monster Lord. All Alice did was show him HOW to use a move, and then left him to his own devices, whereas he trained himself by improvising and adapting. All the progress he made was because he just plain is that good. Showing someone how to perform a move and then sit on your ass and watch him perfect it himself isn’t training, it’s showing the basics and nothing else. Any teacher of martial arts will do a lot more than what Alice did. Hell, TAMAMO did more than Alice did when she basically needled Luka into realizing Gnome’s full potential. Same with Alma Elma. They taught him more while interacting less than Alice did in her whole trip.

            I find it annoying that people credit Alice for Luka’s growth when she basically did little to nothing besides showing him the basics of a few moves, and then watch as Luka worked his ass off to figure them out ON HIS OWN. If anything, credit Tamamo, Alma and Granberia, who actually helped him figure out how to use some of his spirits to their fullest. And Luka actually mastered Salamander on his own thanks to Giganto Weapon.

            Finally, the fallen angel blood is a nonfactor since he CAN’T use that power without dire consequences, as per Tamamo’s warning. It’s like saying someone on a wheelchair has a dangerous punch – sure they do, but they can’t even get on their feet to actually PUNCH you, so what does it matter?

  144. sajuuk permalink

    there is stilll a lot of work to be done in the VH translation.
    but i do hope he will go at it soon,
    as the game is good and is one of the best rpg games out there as far i am concerend
    inless someone knows a otter rpg translated game better ore as good as VH
    then please tell.

  145. raza permalink

    i guess i’ll just wait in anticipation for you next works. gotta lot to do for now

  146. Toriningen permalink

    Is it just me, or do a lot of people have Ilias avatars?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Traitors to human and monster kind.

      • Wrandral permalink

        maybe they’re the new breed of humans which illias prepared?

        • yabusa permalink

          kill them with fire!

          • Wrandral permalink

            best sealing them with angel halo, at least you can save the poor wretch who got chimerized

  147. Anonymous permalink

    How many hits does your site count atm?
    Just interested xD
    Anyway, THANK YOU VERY MUUUCH for translating :D

  148. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Rouge great work. just one thing is there any thing I can do about my game crashing when Luka says I can see gold port and it looks so tiny. I have tried the thing you put above and also restarted the game from part 1 and still the same location. any other wisdom you can part with to help me fix this problem.

    • Toriningen permalink

      Try downloading and using the latest patch. If you think you have the latest, download anyways. Otherwise, try playing on the no word wrap version. If that doesn’t work, play with japanese locale by right clicking on the game icon using the applocale program. If that doesn’t work, no idea.

  149. coldblood45 permalink

    how do u get Violated Hero? working its been drive me crazy and i really want to play .

  150. Anonymous permalink

    @coldblood45 Violated Hero is no like MGQ, the only good of the game is just the CG nothing more and there few. i have a problem, a error appears when a spin-off story ends, any idea why??

  151. Anonymous permalink

    Moron here with a stupid question about the spin-off stories that was probably already answered. Do the ones that came with the game (Marco’s Adventures, etc) have a website where I can download the squeals (again for Marco’s Adventures, I really liked that one). If so and they are in Japanese will you be translating them Rouge?

  152. exarion permalink

    Rogue, pls translate violated heroine even more

    and thx for MGQ, too

  153. Atrax the Tracker permalink

    This game got a beautiful story. 10 stars for Roguetranslations, we all appreciate that you took your time to translate this amazing game. Hopefully we will have a character named Rogue in monmusu quest 3

    • Wrandral permalink

      well luka is more or less a “Rogue” hero if you catch my drift ^^

  154. TheGreatHeinrich permalink

    Hey Rogue, do you mind if I give my last “save anywhere” modification to you? My previous attempts before today’s were complete garbage, but I do believe you’ll like this one. It only adds a few lines and changes one. If this doesn’t cut it, I’ll abandon any more attempts at it and just go with the Save Location workaround.

  155. raza permalink

    this isn’t really related but it’d be really helpful if someone could tell me how to patch kamidori or at least send me to a site which gives me the instructions to do so i already have it downloaded

    • Toriningen permalink

      It really depends on what kind of file you have. First, you must change your computer’s locale to Japanese. The right click applocale thing won’t work when launching the game itself.

      Install Daemon Tools in order to install the game. You’ll need to drag both of the weird files within the kamidori folder to the fake drive simulated by Daemon tools. Install it.

      Patch ap01 first, then ap02, then 200. It must be in that exact order. Finally, patch the english patch (may need to drag it into the kamidori game folder in order to run it).

      If you have the text fix 1.0 for the English patch (just something extra, may or may not have it) drag all contents into the folder.

      This is the one that I used, and it’s perfect.

      • raza permalink

        while i was waiting i found a torrent on erogedownload then looked around and found the patches and stuff off a site like seiha or something and a vague but accurate guide here but i couldn’t get daemon tools to work on windows 7 for me so i had to download virtual clone drive now heres where i truly need help i’ve never mounted a disk before….

        • raza permalink

          okay it’s installing now if i find that there’s a problem i’ll be back problably lol (i feel like i’m going to fail :D )

          • raza permalink

            and that’s why i kept all the install files in a folder next to it just in case. It works though and i think i did it all in the right order thanks by the way does the changing your locale thing just allow you to install games and software that are in different languages?

          • Toriningen permalink

            Yeah, pretty much. It changes your system’s setting and language detecting to that language. So instead of seeing a much of broken boxes and symbols for Japanese, you’ll see real Japanese characters. You’ll need to stay in Japanese locale if you want to play Kamidori though. I tried without the locale, and it crashed. I tried using the right click applocale, and it still failed. Only the direct locale via Region and Language will stop crashing.

          • raza permalink

            yea i getcha thanks

          • raza permalink

            i downloaded this on impulse and recommendation i’m about a week playing this and i’m still finding it good and it’s not too complicated to work out wat to do either lol

  156. Anonymous permalink

    Since i donwloaded another patch for being able to use monster lab, my game crushed ( I can’t do anything). Wich files should I copy and save before reinstall the game ( I mean, where is my savegame with all the monsterpedia, saves)………

    Also, one of your patches have the monster_lab included or it should be downloaded apart ?

    Thanks for the time and the translates.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Copy your save folder and your ark.nsa file.

      English patch includes Monster Lab.

  157. KYamato permalink

    Rogue, I was wondering if maybe you could email me how you translated the first two chapters. I’d be interested in taking over the third chapter if you get too busy or have to drop it for some reason. I’ve never done anything like it before, but I’m fairly good with computers and would be willing to commit to learn how.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Unpack with nscripter, replace Japanese lines with English ones, repack.

      • KYamato permalink

        How does the whole “you can only save at certain points”, work though? Did he put those in or were those there to begin with?

        • Toriningen permalink

          Rogue said before that he translates because it’s fun for him. He may reject your offer, but he does appreciate help with bugs and stuff.

  158. Anonymous permalink

    anyone thinking of translating shin koihime musou

  159. Anonymous permalink

    anyone thinking of translating shin koihime musou?

  160. Anonymous permalink

    anyone thinking of translating shin koihime musou?

    • Anonymous permalink

      If anyone is going to translate Shin Koihime Musou it’ll be MangaGamer.

  161. Anonymous permalink

    srry for spamming,connection error.

  162. Anonymous permalink

    Anybody care to translate this page?

    It looks like Torotoro’s hiring staff but I can’t tell if it’s for Chapter 3 or some other project. I find it strange that he’s providing RPG Maker VX to potential staff. Is there an RPG maker game in the works or is MGQ based on some modification of RPGmaker’s engine?

  163. Anonymous permalink

    I was wondering if anyone could translate this page. It looks like Torotoro’s hiring staff but I can’t tell exactly what for.

  164. Anonymous permalink

    I love the way this blog works. No need for an email or name and the freedom to say fuck you and your mother’s a fucking slut to anyone here.

  165. Influenza permalink

    I must be the worst Luka ever. Even with JUST using “Normal Attack”, “Gnome”, “Slyph”, and Meditation I cannot for the life of me defeat Tamamo. Every single time I get her to 1/6th of her hp (maybe less) and I die…Someone tell me what to do because I can’t possibly be doing it right.

    Loss count:
    Tamamo – 40

    Basically what I do is Normal attacks, then meditation when I’m around 1/2 hp (775ish), I always have gnome and slyph out. What am I doing wrong!?!?!?

    • Influenza permalink

      yeah…nvm, on try #41 I got it…I’m tired now.

      • Ryu permalink

        Remember: never skip the dialogue during your fights ;P

    • Anonymous permalink

      Tamamo will give a devastating blow when her hp is low. Make sure you guard on that turn. If you don’t , you get an instant game-over.

    • Imoutocon permalink

      You did nothing wrong! Just like me, i intentionally lose to tamamo for some good dfc loli goodness =D
      I just wish there would be more characters like that in mgq3.

  166. Anonymous permalink

    Thief and Sword series xD

  167. Unknown permalink

    Would you translate Thief and Sword series?

  168. sajuuk permalink

    thief and sword, that game was not good at all, maybe fun for a little while but not like great.
    i much rather he continue on VH then thet game, but in the end its all up to rogue
    he translates only what he wants and likes. and we can only wait and see.

    als i hope mgq3 comes soon am eager to find out what will happen next after illias attacks.
    i do hoppe it has a good ending in part 3 as i dont like games whit an bad end.

    i hope to hear news of rogue soon its been a while singe his last post.
    anyway i wish him a save time and hope he will be back translating soon

  169. Rogue-san,, Do you interested to help us translating Rance Quest?

    After Rance Magnum released, our total script become double.
    from 55.000 become 110.000. That’s really a lot for our current team n translators.

    or if someone here have decent japanese language and interested to be translator, you may join this Rance Quest project.

    If interested, you can come here: or
    I’ll respond it asap.

    HGTP will give one Quest for one translator to translate.
    each quest consist of 100-200 lines.
    So if you decided to give-up in middle translating a quest, it won’t affected the progress much because other translator can take-over it. And it’s easy for both side.

    • Wrandral permalink

      i hope rogue will agree ( if he has time and the motivation ) but i don’t think it’ll work out since he may have said eralier that group translation were a nono for him

      • Toriningen permalink

        Although I would love to see Rance Quest getting a full English patch, it’s up to Rogue whether to rest or translate something. Either way, we thank both of you guys for working hard.

  170. Anonymous permalink


    Was just testing this game for fun but it awesome, really god story.. But i feel kinda cheap that i downloaded it from the net, how can i pay for this awesome game to the producers? And thanks allot for the translation, you should put up a paypal donation so we can show you our appropriation!

  171. Anonymous permalink

    I am excited for a VH update

  172. Don’t know if you still read these…. but thank you. Terrifically. Well. Done.

    If you need a cleaner, translation help, or general IT work etc, shoot me a mail.

    I look forward to seeing the third installment.

  173. Admiring the persistence you put into your website and
    detailed information you present. It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the
    same outdated rehashed material. Fantastic read!
    I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google

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