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Impending Tiny Update

April 28, 2012

If you’ve seen some of my posts on the /vg/ board, you probably already know this is coming:


Sometime in the next couple days, I’m going to put out a small update to the previous patch. What will be changed/added is:

1. All grammar/typo fixes that I have noticed and have been e-mailed to me. (Except for the Monsterpedia pages)

2. Random bug fixes (Goblin girl move list/Alice nabe fight/etc…)

3. One translated Japanese monster laboratory scene (The one with Riri, custom CGs).

4. The translated Ika Musume / Luka vs. Nabe monster laboratory scenes. These were made primarily to show how to add in fights.

5. A custom battle that I made, with CGs by wizard898.

6. I want to add in some more English made scenes, but only want to include ones that the author wants included. The only real restriction for this is that they should be “in spirit” of the game (thus be porn oriented over random comedy). E-mail them to if you want your stuff added into the patch.

  1. Dear Guest permalink

    Good things come to those who wait.
    … Not really, but at least in this case!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the hard work Rogue i hope Chuck Norris bless you…

  3. Anonymous permalink

    i love you rouge.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I love you rogue.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    A custom scenario with custom CGs would be a sight to behold.

    Waiting warmly while schmucking up /vn/.

  6. Febo permalink

    Good to hear! I hope you had a good break!

  7. Mkmd13 permalink

    Sounds awesome! I always wanted to learn how to implement my own battles.

  8. snooze permalink

    Stupid question but the extra laboratory scenes won’t be bugged now right?

    • There’s one bug in them that is still not working. It’s a specific variable that, when present, breaks all old save files. It exists in the Japanese version too. It isn’t really even needed, either. If your old monster laboratory scenes were crashing, that was because they used Part 1 images, and you didn’t import Part 1’s arc file ala the readme.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Did anybody else do the random comedy thing, or was it just me

  10. Zoro permalink

    Thanks as always Rogue

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Hey rogue if you dont mind me asking how exactly did you learn japenese like a class or self orientated

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue!

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Mind if I disagree about “the spirit” of the game being porn?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yeah, I did like the story alot better than the porn.

    • 光 闇 permalink

      I’m sure the majority of the game’s fans would agree that the porn is the general purpose of the game, and that the story is only there to tie things together and prevent the game from seeming too stupid to willfully fap to. The story serves as substance to add to the porn.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Hi, sorry but how can i get the monster’s laboraty ? i have only part 2 it’s maybe that ? plz help me

  15. thyladras permalink

    Hi, sorry but how can i get monster’s laboratory ? i have only part 2 it’s maybe that ? plz help me thx

  16. CCC permalink

    Oh, nice… Can`t wait to see it done…
    Thx in advance Rogue-san…

  17. 光 闇 permalink

    Sweet deal! I’m ‘pumped’

  18. Mkmd13 permalink

    Any time frame for the release or are you playing it by ear Rogue?

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Just out of curiosity, have you ever played Gore Screaming shadow, or Gun Katana? I’ve heard they are really good, especially GSS.

  20. HeartofShadows permalink

    That doppelganger was a whole load of messed up(her ending I mean).
    Made it all the more satisfying to beat her.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    There seems to be a well made small selection of side stories complete with battles and original art from D-Gate Might be a worth looking at translating wise, although people are saying that there are bugs when used in the English MGQ.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for Transling the Game i Playd the game and injoys Masterbateing to the Game A Job Well Done now i neeed to wash my hands

  23. Anonymous permalink

    hope the creator picks up that D-gate mod, i’d pay allot to be able to play full version of that =s

  24. Anonymous permalink

    It was removed already, please reupload

  25. Anonymous permalink

    You are the fucking man

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