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Tiny Update

April 29, 2012

So here’s the tiny update I mentioned in the last post.

What it contains:

  • Spelling/Grammar fixes throughout.
  • Couple bug fixes
  • Translated Sample Battles (The Nabe and Ika Musume ones)
  • One translated Japanese scene (With unique CGs)
  • One custom scene I made, with CGs by wizard898
  • One custom English scene for Tamamo.

How to install the patch

  • Just put the .rar in your game directory, and “extract here”. It should prompt you to overwrite a decent amount of files. Choose yes for all of them. If you don’t get a prompt to overwrite things, you’re putting it in the wrong place.
  • The patch will overwrite the old list.ini file in the mod folder. If you added your own mods downloaded from somewhere else, you’ll have to re-add them to list.ini

How to use the Spin-Off stories

  • To see the spin-off (monster laboratory) stories that were already there, you need to combine Part 1 and Part 2 together otherwise they will crash on load. Instructions for how to do that can be found on the last patch post.
  • To see the new spin-off stories, just load them in the spin-off story section (Extra->Spin Off Story)
  • To play my Doppelganger scene, fill Part 2’s encyclopedia and you’ll see a new entry below Ilias in the Monsterpedia. I couldn’t put mine in the spin-off section since it was a little more involved than that tool could take

Patch Locations


If there are any crashes or bugs, I’ll try to fix them quick. Just check here or the comments to see if your bug/issue was already posted.

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  1. Dear Guest permalink

    Well that was sooner than expected. Did you pull an all-nighter ?

  2. Anonymous permalink

    So how do you get the doppelganger scene? I put the folder in the root of MGQ2 but when I go to the encyclopedia I don’t see the scene. I also tried to put it in the mod folder and in the actual encyclopedia folder but to no avail. Am I suppose to restart the game to unlock it or do I need to actually unlock everything including attacks and cgs?

    • Just like the post says; Fill Part 2’s Monsterpedia, and you’ll see a new entry of “???” underneath Ilias’s entry (the last page) of the Monsterpedia.

      • Rei permalink

        I get a error D:

      • 光 闇 permalink

        By “fill the monsterpedia,” do you mean simply encounter and defeat every monster from part 2 only? Or do I also need all of their skills and other data unlocked?

        Do I need to unlock every monster from part 1, also?

        The “Doppel” file is in the main folder with the .exe; do I need to move that to a sub-folder somewhere?

        I am having trouble with this. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

        • No, how it is when it’s unrarred is how it should be. You might need to actually look at the record list where it says “Chapter 2 Encyclopedia Complete” for it to actually unlock, I’m not 100% sure. It’s just the Monsters and their H-scenes, not all their skills.

          • 光 闇 permalink

            Thanks. You always reply very quickly… do you check the site very often, or are you sent notifications when people post? Anyway, I thank you very much and will let you know if I am able to unlock it.

          • When logged in through the admin thing, you can see comments sorted by most recently posted. When I’m home, I usually have it up on my laptop. I just refresh it every so often and respond to new ones, if I see them.

          • 光 闇 permalink

            That’s pretty cool. I did get the scene to work and I can happily verify that Doppelganger *does* require viewing records to appear in the monsterpedia. I was very impressed with the scene; what a nice surprise addition!

          • 光 闇 permalink

            Actually, I can only say that you definitely need to exit the monsterpedia and then re-enter it in order for Doppelganger to appear if you were using the monsterpedia to complete it rather than using the actual game to do so. I hope the Doppelganger entry does not interfere with MGQ3’s data at all, but am fairly certain that it won’t.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    For filling in the monsterpida for the dopple, do you mean have all the monsters in it? Just the monsters for part 2? All the rape senes? Ect?

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Where’s the exact place I put the folder because I got the achievement for filling both part 1 and 2 but still get no ??? under ilias?

    • In the root of the game, you shouldn’t be moving any folders around after unraring it. Did you replace the old nscript.dat with the one?

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Props to rogue for making an actually challenging custom fight! If there’s even a few battles like that in part 3, I’d be more then happy.

  6. Febo permalink

    You are the best! Cheers!

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Question, How do I get the first Goddess IIias rape scene after combining part 1 and 2?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Have 50 evaluations.

      • Breatan permalink

        Man, 50 evaluations? Sounds tedious.

        • anon permalink

          i currently have over 800

          • Anonymous permalink

            For the first IIias scene you need to do 50 evaluations (only works on monsters that appeared in Part 1).

            For the second IIias scene you need to attack Alice at the end of Part 2.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    How do I get a part 2 monsterpedia complete? I have all the entires, but I still don’t have the clear.

    • All the rape scenes, too?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yup. Stupid Chimera Dryad Vore.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I encounter this same issue; all entries (even part 1) have been completed, but nothing new appears.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Solved it – I had to go look at my achievements first. Perhaps that prompts the game to check if the monsterpedia was complete or not and without checking it doesn’t declare it complete? I have no idea.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I don’t have credit for completing part 1 or 2, even though all the entries and scenes are available. And, of course, the ??? is unavailable.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    I just wanted to write a short mention to Moses. Dear prophet just a small bug I noticed, is that after you seal the doppleganger and get killed (after blasting the forest away with quadruple giga) you also get the text about the body change and going preggers.

    Fan of your work.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I also forgot to mention that I fell for the idiot trap with edging and droped my fap afterwards just to kill this pure villain of a monster. Great thing you created in just one scene a character that is on par with Ilias when it comes to wanting to kill department.

  10. thanks for the update Rogue-san.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    I didn’t have the doppleganger fight even though I had the encyclopedia completed. Then I recalled a fight, lost, saw a scene i already unlocked and the doppleganger fight was there afterwards.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    I just tried out the new fights. The Nabe one… Is the complete global saturation a Wesker from RE5 reference? it reminded me of that!

  13. Anonymous permalink

    I assume that I was supposed to beat the doppelganger by getting her SP lower than mine so I could pull of a special that she couldn’t. However, I managed it with Quaduple Giga -> Vaporizing Rebel Sword X2 -> Spamming normal attack. I thought I’d get a double KO but I hit first and it gave me the win. So, I beat her, without them doing anything differently. (Note, that’s the turn where she would have used meditate)

    • Yeah, there’s about a 50% chance with that attack pattern you’ll win. If there’s ever another patch for Part 2, I’ll make it so that doesn’t work.

    • CabO permalink

      I used beat her by just meditating after attacking her 3 times(to get the HP advantage) then attacking once and then use VRS and some other skills to finish her off before she gets to heal. But after finding the SP trick, it only takes 6 turns now(5 if I’m really lucky)

      • anon permalink

        either way luke is going to die once he tells alice there is no dinner

  14. Anonymous permalink

    anyone have a full save so i can see the doppelganger? thanks in advane

  15. Glantris permalink

    Uh Weird. I unRARed it into the folder and… now there’s no sound at all from the game.

    • Glantris permalink

      NEVER MIND I’m too drunk to operate headphones.

  16. NK33400 permalink

    to get Dopp scene , Must I have to reveal every skill of every mons in P.2 ??
    that gonna be troublesome – -“

    • NK33400 permalink

      OK .. I’ve got my answer.
      I just kick the Dopp’s ass, it’s a another troublesome monster , it took me 30 mins lol

  17. Fanservicefan permalink

    Wait, every monster girl AND scene?! Hoo boy…still, thanks. That aside, how the hell do I unlock the Imp’s second rape scenee?

    • NK33400 permalink

      request her for tit f**k

    • Rampage202 permalink

      The imp only has 4 moves, and she cycles through them whenever you miss an attack…how do you not figure out how to unlock it?

  18. Vaxxen permalink

    Imp second rape scene?

    When she asked to be naughty do it.

    Can someone tell me what monster I’m missing its after Gnome don’t know how to get and play game over like 4 times thanks if anyone knows

    Sorry for bad english

    • NK33400 permalink

      it’s extra scene for llias, the Goddess
      just have 50 evaluations. (in 1st part)

  19. Anonymous permalink

    when you say fill the encyclopedia for the Doppelganger scene, do you have to have combined the two games so that the encyclopedia from the first one is present in the second one? i’ve already done the thing where the games were quasi combined so i can view the monster lab stuff, but i havn’t combined the games so that the two encyclopedias are combined.

    • No, it should just be the part 2 stuff.

      • Anonymous permalink

        cool, i got it to work. i had just missed a scene lol. by the way, the doppelganger is one of the best scenes in the game :)

  20. drawswag permalink

    thanks for the bittersweet experience. loved your rape scene.

  21. anon permalink

    so is there only 3 different endings for squid girl??

  22. anon permalink

    btw does anyone know how to get alra priestess queen’s sucking

    • Anonymous permalink

      IIRC she only uses it when she gets serious. You have to knock her health bar down below 1/2 before she may use it.

  23. thenobleshade permalink

    That Doppelganger scene was messed up, but in a good way.
    And I found out the trick to beating her, but I won’t spoil it.
    Hint: once you do it, you’ll automatically attack and win.

  24. thenobleshade permalink

    Oh, and that Lily scene was awesome. I loved it.

  25. Chuck Norris permalink

    Chuck Norris approves this update ! *punch*

  26. Anonymous permalink

    as usual, thank you for the hard work.. =D

  27. Zworden permalink

    as usual, thank you for the hard work =D

  28. I had no problem with the patch, just extract it to game folder and everything should work (of course I had part 1 imported).
    I liked the Doppelganger scene, kinda tricky at first but after playing around with everything and dying 5 times I found a way to win all the time… Seems there is more than 1 way to win after reading the comments.

    SPOILER (don’t read unless you don’t want to have fun and/or you are desperate because you can’t win against the Doppelganger after trying MANY times)

    My way to beat her is to use Quadruple Giga first to change the battle field, then use Serene Demon Sword, then Lightning Sword Flash, then Earth rumbling Decap., then just attack, then attack again, after that the Doppelganger should have used meditation and you should have 4 SP left, now summon Salamander and Vaporizing Rebellion Sword should automatically activate, at this point the Doppelganger should have less HP than you so you just have to use a skill that will be powerfull enough to kill her but not you, the skill is Earth Rumbling Decap… use it and you will win. I did this method 4 times and won the 4 times so I’m guessing it has a 100% chance of winning but I could be wrong… Just try again in case you lose.

    Lastly, excuse me if I made any grammar mistakes, I don’t speak Inglés.

    • Zoid permalink

      Your way is too complicated, just use Vaporizing Rebel Sword 2x, then normal attack 2x, summon Salamander and do the last strike to the doppleganger (depends on how much health she has). But if you lucky enough you can kill her on your first or second normal attack ;)

      • Down with Illias permalink

        First I used gnome and knocked down her HP until I was down to 4 SP and then summoned Salamander. I then got her down to 60% and mediated (hopefully she will say you wasted a turn and do a regular attack. I managed to conserve 8 SP at this point and finished her off with two Vanquishing Rebellion Swords to take her out.

        • Anonymous permalink

          You don’t need to use any summons. Just attack her normally 5 times, Meditation, Vaporizing Rebellion Sword,, Earth Rumbling Decapitation. She should be defeated after that, if not a normal attack will finish her off.

          • Anonymous permalink

            There is a slight chance you’ll do too much damage and she’ll use Meditation when you do.

  29. I can’t seem to get the Doppelganger scenario to work. Pretty sure I’ve got all scenes from both parts 1 and 2. Do I have to put the “Doppel” folder into “mod” ?

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah, any chance of getting a save file that’s 100%? My game is merged, but my monster encyc is missing like the first seven monsters due to a bug or something, meaning to get back to them I’d have to replay the entire game, I think.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    My game crashes in the end of some spin-off stories (kitsune’s marriage,vampire girl after 2,together with slime & welcome to dreamland). Is it a bug or maybe i am doing something wrong?
    Please Help! Thanks in advanced.
    i have already applied all patches and combined part 1 & 2.
    Also i would like to know that after defeating doppelganger her name would still remain “????” or this is only with me?

    • Imoutocon permalink

      It happens to me too.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hope Rogue fixes these crashes in his next patch.

      • If there is a .bmp or .png or .jpg (or something that’s an image file) in the crash message that pops up, it means it’s because your stuff wasn’t combined right. I haven’t seen an issue yet where people crash there during the spin-off scenes where that isn’t the issue. Post a picture of the crash message if that doesn’t work.

        • Anonymous permalink

          This appears in the end of all of above mentioned spin off stories.

          • Welp, you don’t have japanese support enabled, so that could be the cause of the problem. It also means there’s no way I can read the error message.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Please suggest how should i enable japanese support ?

          • Look it up on google.

          • Heinrich permalink

            I think i skipped patch of MGQ v1.1. that’s why game crash.Would u plz upload it again cos’ media fire deleted Ur patch.

          • Anonymous permalink

            nvm,i had just deleted the last few lines from story.ini and it worked fine.

  32. Mysticgardengnome permalink

    Is the Font broken? because I can barely make out the words.

  33. Daath permalink

    Hey Rouge, would you be able to re-upload the patch for MGQ1 monster lab? I don’t know what I did but it’s not there anymore and mediafire took down the patch,

    • Daath permalink

      Ugh just noticed I type Rouge instead of Rogue >.>

  34. Anonymous permalink

    For the record, I beat the doppleganger both with and without changing the battlefield with quadruple giga, using the designed method of getting her to screw over her SP.

    How I do it is pretty simple. When she gets below half health, she’s going to try to meditate. I’m not sure if she actually has an SP counter, but anyways, the important thing is, I get her to about half health just normally, then use the nastiest special attack you’ve got (either the 3 or the 4), to get your sp to about half. Then normal attack, she’ll meditate, and have vastly lower than full health. Salamander, she tries and fails, you auto 4 sp attack her, this should nearly kill her and more importantly make her have less health than you (kind of recommend not having golem up), then just finish her off with a normal attack.

    Both with and without the battlefield destroyed she’ll be finished, but the ending text is a little different. Making it a wasteland is funny but I don’t like the idea that Alice might have been caught in the crossfire so I went for the non battlefield wasting strat :p

    • She does have an SP counter, actually. There’s a much better method using the spirits that most people haven’t mentioned so far.

  35. Jackhole Prime permalink

    If anyone is having trouble unlocking the Doppelganger fight, WHILE HAVING ALL GIRLS UNLOCKED AND RAPE SCENES, I may have the solution. I found that the fight didn’t appear in my list, despite having unlocked everything in the entire game, until I viewed my stats in the Records menu. The entry was completely absent, even after restarting the game and double checking the encyclopedia entries, but as soon as I wen through the Records and came back, there it was. Hope this helps somebody.

  36. Lowlightt permalink

    Thanks again Rogue.

  37. Anonymous permalink

    The Touhou music goes so well with the doppelganger :D

    • Anonymous permalink

      Wait what? The Doppelganger bgm is a Touhou Song? What’s the name of the original song?

      • Anonymous permalink

        iirc, it’s the first version of “Boss Battle A” from the fanmade Labyrinth of Touhou dungeon crawler

  38. Fanservicefan permalink

    Bit of a question Rogue. We all know the Doppleganger CGs were seen before this patch but how did you do that transparency thing? As in, the CGs I see in the folder have that black silhouette with the green backdrop on the right. I know it helps them show up properly in the game but how do you go about doing that for other pics?

    • I opened up the custom CG for the Nekomata (The Marco one) in paint. I then used the fill function to fill in the whitespace with the transparent green (Selected via the dropper) on the Doppleganger CG. Repeat for all the CGs. Fairly time consuming, depending on what you’re trying to add it too. There might be a better method with photoshop or something, but I don’t have that.

      • It’s true it’s technically a skill Luka doesn’t have, but it had to be done for it not to just be an instant win no matter what.

  39. Anonymous permalink

    It’s amazing how they (MGQ team/devs) never thought of such scenario.

    Splendid work, Rogue and Wizard898.

    Is it crazy if I thought of funding more of these scenarios?

    • Lupil permalink

      I don’t think so. I’ve thought of doing it a multitude of times myself. I WILL do it if a Double Paizuri isn’t in the third.

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rogue, maybe you’ve seen it while you lurked /vg/, but a demo of a custom scenario named Female Knight Cecil by Camel(which got some help contributed by Frfr) just came out. Maybe you should look into it if you are still looking for some scenarios to translate, since it has what you are looking for: unique CGs, a dark humor filled story, and it does uses the battle mechanics.

    • Dargoth permalink

      So this is out now and it’s awesome. 4 fights, 5 H-scenes, and some story between them. Mostly vore. It works with the 2.05 patch, but unfortunately crashes in the English version. I’m not familiar with Japanese programming error messages, but it says something about an array character arrangement being incorrect. Maybe Rogue or Heinrich knows what causes that and can fix it easily? If Rogue is busy with other things, I can translate it, though I do need to get it working with the English patched monster laboratory first.

      • Lowlightt permalink

        Can we get a link or anything to this download?

        • Lowlifee permalink

          No. At least not for you. You’re mine bitch and mine only. Rawr.

          • Lowlightt permalink

            Thanks for taking the time to change your name to Lowlifee, so that you can attempt to troll me. It must have taken a lot out of your busy schedule. Again thank you for that.

          • Lowlifee, Your Destined One. permalink

            I Love You. RAWR!!!!

          • Lowlifee permalink

            Nothing is busy if it’s for you my darling! <3 I love Tsunderes like you. Makes me wanna eat em. I'm also a Soft S. Seems like we're compatible :D

  41. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rogue, My game crashes in the end of some spin-off stories (kitsune’s marriage,vampire girl after 2,together with slime & welcome to dreamland). Is it a bug or something is wrong?
    I have already applied all patches and combined part 1 & 2.
    Also, I have already defeated doppelganger but her name still remain “????”. Won’t it change?

    Please Help! Thanks in advanced.

  42. Febo permalink

    Just beat the Doppleganger what a great fight, thanks Rogue. You should do custom scenarios more often! Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it and how much I appreciate the hard work you put into MGQ for us!

  43. Anonymous permalink

    And there I was hoping it would be a male doppelgänger.

    • Highlightttttttttttttttttttttt permalink

      Go back to reading Yaoi, Jude.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    There’s something strange about the Doppelganger: If you bring both your HP below half and your SP down to 3, and then attack, she uses Meditation. Then you use Salamnder, she tries to copy, but can’t, then Luka automatically uses Vaporizing Rebellion Sword, and the the next round the Doppelganger uses Salamander herself, even though she should only have 1 SP at this point.

    • She “parrys” each of Luka’s salamander attacks, which gives her SP per parry and lets her summon Salamander herself… If she survives.

      • Anonymous permalink

        This at the end of everything this is the one skill she has that Luka does not, and the only reason why catching her without salamander isn’t an instant loss for the Doppelganger. Normally it’d be stuck with a huge SP difference, and a couple VRS and/or an Undine summon would easily cripple it.

  45. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue. Doppelganger is the best monster ever. Body swap + Pregnancy? You just hit both my favourite fetishes at once.

  46. Yuhan permalink

    Is the tamano scene bugged?

  47. Rei permalink

    FOr some reason my game shows the new spinn off storys in Japanese text anything to help?

  48. Rei permalink

    i cant view the doppleganger scene :c

  49. Someone permalink

    The fight with the dopleganger is realy interesting, i loved it. But I hated the H scene, this is truly sad…
    thank for your work.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Any chance yer accepting more scenes, or is this it for now? Either way, fantastic work; as always. Thanks for everything, man.

  51. Daath permalink

    I keeping getting this error in the Tamamo: A Tall Tail spin off story

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Another way to beat Doppelganger:

    Vaporizing Rebel Sword -> Earth Rumbling Decap. -> Normal Attack -> Sylph -> Gnome -> Undine/Salamander.

  53. wildhawk permalink

    i dont know about anyone else but it crahses every time just after alice form disapirs i get a crash form the dopplganer fight

  54. Jos permalink

    Interesting that you can create own battles, is it possible to get a introduction on how we could create our own fights as well?

  55. Yabuta permalink

    I am so motivated to do my own but i don’t no how to find the character data info.

  56. Yabuta permalink

    I mean the Cg names

  57. HELP permalink

    Hey I found a crash when you fight Gnome and she uses mouth play. It gives that missing line99 error

  58. CMrCr permalink

    Here is the definitive way to beat her and use all spirits:
    1-Vaporizing Rebel Sword
    2-Seren Demon Sword
    3-Lightning Sword Flash (u could compress passage 2,3 in a VRS attack but if you are unlucky you’ll be left without enough hp to withstand one of her normal attack)(don’t know for sure but my life never went down enough for me to die with 1 normal attack this way)
    4-2xnormal attack(with really good luck after the 1 normal attack she might be left with not enough life to withstand the second and since she will try to heal it will be a ko fo r her)
    5-Now you will have 4SP and she will have 0 soo here’s 4 chances:
    -sylph:luka will hit twice gaining 2 SP and usinge the to do Lightning Sword Flash(she wont get SP)
    -gnome:you get one normal attack on her +1SP while she still get 0
    -undine:you get 3 attack as a count in +3SP while she doesnt get any
    -salamander(if she suriveve this she will activate salamander too and be full SP again)

    Soo in the end if you manage to do the first for step or someother sequence that use the samy amount of SP instead of step 1,2,3 leaving her with enough life, u can use all the spirits: summon the first 3 in every sequence u like and than go on with salamander(never tried it but i doubt she will survive it also if full life :P)

    • CMrCr permalink

      Ps sorry for the typos:
      -count-> counter on the undine line
      -for-> four on the 4th line before the last
      and i know somethims i just can’t make myself to type you instead of u or to skike the ‘ :P well internet slang can seep in pretty deep and i’m not even for an english speaking country

      • CMrCr permalink

        erm skip the ‘
        anyway it is 4am here so i think “stuff happens” XD good night and see you tomorrow :P

      • CMrCr permalink

        and sorry also for all the other typos that i’ve noticed now with a more awake mind :P but i think since this isn’t a writing contest i should stop feeling guilty for them XD

    • Anonymous permalink

      Use VRS, then ERD, (3 SP left), then attack normally and she’ll heal. No need to use 2 extra rounds. If you want to see all spirits, then the sequence is
      Salamander -> VRS -> ERD -> Attack -> Sylph -> (Auto Attack) -> Gnome -> (Auto Attack) -> Undine -> (Auto Attack)
      After gnome you’ll either already have beaten her or she is so low on HP, any attack will finish her off. Unine’s there just for show ;D

      • CMrCr permalink

        I did that sequence to bring her the closest to 0 hp without risking double ko andur last sequence doesn’t use salamander to her
        fullest coz she will
        active her as well

  59. Anonymous permalink

    One of the songs in MGQ was danced to on Dancing with the Stars. I wonder if anyone there knew it is in a hentai game.

  60. Anonymous permalink

    That dopelganger scene is Ilias in the end of part2? or is another “secret” scene?, i have to say i love the spinf-off story of Tamamo =D

    • Anonymous permalink

      No, the Doppelganger is just another scene. It’s just positioned underneath Ilias (2).

  61. wildhawk permalink

    damn with the doppleganer fight worked sounds like it fun

    • wildhawk permalink

      aparntly i can’t spell anything good for me

  62. Anonymous permalink

    Uhh how come Luka doesn’t do Earth Rumbling Decap when he uses Gnome during the part where Doppel can’t?

  63. Anonymous permalink

    I by mistake copied the new arc over my part 1 arc, am i able to download anyone elses part 1 arc? i had 100% of the stuff and now its all gone and i *really* dont wanna do it all over again unless i absolutely have to (some of those fights are annoying… and getting all the extra raep scenes… ugh, i dont wanna do it again.) so if anyone can help that’d be awesome email me at, its a fake address meant for stuff like this so i really dont care if anyone signs it up for spam or w/e make the subject monster girl if anyone decides to help, i have LOTS of spam on it, thanks anyways even if no one helps

  64. Anonymous permalink

    Dont know if its gonna be in part 3 or not but i do wonder if u fight the bird that you ride on to hell gondo

  65. GenocideHeart permalink

    I wonder if I could work the Doppelganger into my fic, especially seeing how I do have a high level monster who’s basically the biggest and baddest of them all. :p

    • Zakaris permalink

      Dude. If you’re talking about the one on AFF, do eet…. If its okay with Rogue, of course lol

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        Yeah, that’s the one, lol. Still working on Chapter 6 though… allergies make it hard to write.

    • YourBroFag permalink

      FanFic Fag. Let’s do the BroFag Dance

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        I’ll have you know I’m strictly bi. :-p


  66. Random Troll permalink

    How mean that you automatically use VRS after summoning Salamander when she can’t.
    However, I was a bit sad that “Not enough SP” triggers at Sylph already with Quadruple Giga, I really hoped the “Not enough SP” comes at the end.

  67. Random Troll permalink

    By the way: Is there even a point in destroying the forest? I kinda felt bad doing that, who knows what kind of cute monster girls might died during that.
    I did it without incinerating the forest,

    • If you beat each other at the same time when the forest is still there, she will win since it’s her home ground.
      If you beat each other at the same time when the forest is gone, you both lose.

      • Jen Barber permalink

        Oh stop it, my brain hurts, it is just not true!

      • Anonymous permalink

        I think i skipped patch of MGQ v1.1. that’s why game crash.Would u plz upload it again cos’ media fire deleted Ur patch.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Don’t fret, I doubt any monster girls died, considering the Quadruple Giga was done by the Angel Halo. If I were to guess, the Doppelganger also replicated the sealing ability in its duplicate sword. So no worries!

      • Anonymous permalink

        Um, then how does Luka die when they both lose?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Because Luka is not a monster girl.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Luka actually can seal humans, too. If you choose to not hold back on the goons in Yamatai, they become sealed as scarecrows after he Death Sword Chaos Stars them.

            So, logically the Doppelganger can’t imitate Angel Halo. That’s why Luka was killed.

      • Random Troll permalink

        Let’s assume there is an Alraune – what do you think happens to a flower in a barren wasteland?

        • GenocideHeart permalink

          You’d be surprised how resilient flowers are. It’s not like there’s desertification, stuff on the surface was just wiped out. You have to have desertification actually going on for no water to pop up. It’s different from widespread damage, and in fact, wild flowers and grass often start growing quickly in areas hit by disasters and destroyed. Hell, for a forest to previously be there, rain had to be frequent… so there.

  68. Anonymous permalink

    I’m pretty sure I got the entire monster encyclopedia (at least, there aren’t any “???” entries left out) but I don’t have an option to access the Doppelganger fight below Ilias (2). What am I doing wrong?

    Ditto some side stories. I’ve downloaded a bunch, pasted their names into the ini file in the mod folder, but most of them don’t work. Help?

  69. SupremeVictory permalink

    Thanks for the spin-offs Rogue. Looking forward to more. Good way to stay occupied until part 3.

  70. Anonymous permalink

    Is there a fix for the monster dictionary yet? Or going to be? I click on a monster’s name, Alice(3) for example, and it comes up as some kind of error.

  71. Anonymous permalink

    Its gonna be a while till it comes out. Aside form that anyone know when onesyota is coming out? <— link to the demo

    • Lowlightt permalink

      cant seem to get that download to download properly.

      • Lowlifee permalink

        Why don’t you get raped in real life… preferably me. I like you. RAWR!!!

        • Lowlightt permalink

          Sure why not, 1395 vidot ct fort wright ky 41011, see ya soon.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Awww. Dunno that place. Sucks.

  72. Anonymous permalink

    i need help for the “Gnome was Summoned Sleeping” achievement
    i tried hard/hell mode and constantly used 4-5 times, but nothing changed.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Every time you summon Gnome, there is a 1% chance of her sleeping. Difficulty level or how often you summon her in a single fight, doesen’t matter. I got it by simply playing though the game.

  73. Anonymous permalink

    There is a problem with Illias’ first entry, and thereafter with part 1, 2 encyclopedia achivenments AND your Doppelganger scene. If you go over 50 evaluations in the second part of the game it instantly crashes and the Illias rape scene does not appear, nor her encyclopedia entry.

  74. Anonymous permalink

    When you double K.O. against the doppelganger (after the forest is destroyed) the loss text is the same as if you had lost; being a girl and raising your child. Not a huge deal, but thought I’d point it out.

  75. Anonymous permalink

    I did the conversion of part 1 and 2 but how do i get the monsterpedia filled in for part 1 monsters? imported save data still didnt fill that in :(

  76. Fuyu permalink

    Hey roque, I have a problem. After finishing part 2 I wanted to get the part 1 back so I tried downloading the first clear data gloval.sav and importing it to the game. After that I proceeded in downloading a 100% part 2 gloval.sav. Now I finally have all the entries in part 1 but there CG is missing T.T

    I also can’t play the spin-offs since I’m getting errors of missing files(japanese text with .bmp’s)

    Please help.

  77. Anonymous permalink

    I need some help. All my saves got deleted when my power went out. I need a part 2 game clear save. NOT A GLOVAL SAVE!! A actual save from after the final boss.

  78. Fuyu permalink

    Nvm, after a long process of dl the first game extracting the arc.nsa it finally works fine ^U^

  79. wildhawk permalink

    so i fugred out my problem i played the doppergerer fight tough kinda dissapointed with the ending but good job never the less hope to see more. ps you sould put up and in box for new senareos

  80. Anonymous permalink

    WTF lol i did the conversion part 1 and 2 and started from the beggining, finished part 1 and got monsterpedia for them but for part 2 it wont pick it up wtf

  81. Con permalink

    Can someone please show me how to merge MGQ 1 & 2 step by step?

    • Zakaris permalink

      Open the game, go to Extras, go to Part 1 Conversion, then follow what that tells you

  82. Anonymous permalink

    OK, now the sound effects wont play….

  83. Anonymous permalink

    how do u actually merge both part one and two?
    my merge option is greyed out

    • Imoutocon permalink

      If its greyed out, it means you have successfully merged it. Or so i think.

  84. Anonymous permalink

    i skipped patch of MGQ v1.1. that’s why my game crash.Would u plz upload it again cos’ media fire deleted Ur patch.

  85. JES permalink

    Can someone help me please?

    I merged MGQ1 and MGQ2 or whatever, but I can’t do the fights or the rape scenes from MGQ1 or do any of the older side story stuff without it crashing.

    • kana-art permalink

      Me too, I don’t know. Wait someone to told us.

  86. Anonymous permalink

    Hey friends, i wanna know won’t doppel name change from “????” to “doppel”?

  87. Sandact6 permalink

    …Is the Doppleganger fight music from Labyrinth of Touhou? I’m pretty sure it is as I remember this kickass tune

    • Sandact6 permalink

      Also killed her in the first shot, damn I feel like a Champion

  88. coldblood45 permalink

    How many off story’s is there? I like the fan made one to that was kinda funny to me ^_^

  89. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t know where else to post this, but I was playing through the game again and got an error.
    It only seems to occur when one specific line comes up when gnome uses her mouth move in the last fight of part 1. And then it crashes.

    I hope this picture link works.

    • 光 闇 permalink

      I get that same error.

      I also am wondering where I’ve gone wrong in unlocking Doppelganger; I have unlocked every monster girl in the encyclopedia. Can anyone help?

  90. Just a puny traveler permalink


    Something’s wrong with the letters, both MGQ1&2, I hadn’t done anything but the fonts get weird, it looks just like the fonts just decided to change themselves to a different one, both games’ have different fonts, one seems to got bigger while the other got smaller and divided strangely.(Mo ns te rp ed ia) Letters used at the Title page and every page with the same fonts are still the same.

    I just messed with ‘Regional and Language Option’ in ‘Control Panel’ recently and also downloaded/used Applocale on the other program(just to launch ‘setup.exe’ file, use Japanese locale), when I use Applocale to open MGQ2 with Japanese locale, the fonts change (seems to be bold or metalic), so this must be related somehow, I’ve not had this problem before.

    Or my font gets deleted somehow, could you tell me what font did you use with the translated part? better if you could upload it for me (and maybe some others that had the same problem)

    I don’t know how to take the snapshot, but someone already uploaded it, here .

    Sorry for my barely understandable description.

    • powerneed permalink

      I had the same problem do you have eastern Asian pack installed if you do i think the envdata file was corrupted i had the same issue but when i replaced that file it fixed it self

      • powerneed permalink

        also if you run it in applocae it will be fixed as long as it is in app locale

        • Just a puny traveler permalink

          Sadly, no, some locales will still have the same fonts, un-fixed.

          And about easter Asian pack… I AM in one of the south-easter Asian country, used the local pack to install, and, I did not always have this problem, it just occured to me recently, without any change in the game folder at all. (I just leave it like that after I finished it, and when I went back to see some heart-warming scene…let’s just say the texts did not look heart-warming at all…)

          Well, at least I have some way to bypass it.

          • powerneed permalink

            i would try downloading it again i had same kind of problem but i didn’t to anything to the game folder the envdata file was just randomly corrupted

  91. Anonymous permalink

    Niggah, where is dat Violated Heroine!
    Lot’s of new stuff since you looked at it including:
    New part of Serena’s main quest
    NTR quest expanded (by a lot)
    New quest with with Nanako, Erika and Benetta (includes a boss fight where you control Erika)
    and more.

  92. Anonymous permalink

    Well , i tried with making a battle.

    It doesnt work, and i based it off the sample scripts. Is there anything i might be missing in particular?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nevermind, its workin again

      • Anonymous permalink

        I have a question. How do you change around lukas skills and sayings?

        I already have everything set up and stuff.

  93. Brad Mason permalink

    Does anyone know the rough release date for part 3? even if it is just an extremely rough guess? lol

  94. Anonymous permalink

    june 2013 was the only date people have thought up based on the delay from the first to the second release

    • Brad Mason permalink

      Really?! 2013? You gotta be kidding me!

      • Wrandral permalink

        he’s trolling you know? even with the worst estimate it would be more like early 2013

  95. Anonymous permalink

    So, I found out something that’s somewhat creepy when you’re playing it by yourself. I was opening up a new game to test some things out. Yeah, why don’t you all go ahead and see what happens if you decide to ignore Ilias. (Choose “…..” )

  96. William permalink

    Hey, Rogue. I just wanted to say — I think you’re a damn GENIUS!! The Doppelganger fight was THE best fight in the entire series(so far), in my opinion. I loved how you really had to think about how to beat her, and how menacing a foe she was. Whether you win or lose, both outcomes were completely awesome. And there are around 6 different ways to finish the fight(that I found)! Personally, I like kicking her ass after destroying the forest(epic), but they were all great. Not only are you one HELL of a translator — you’re damn good at plot and story, my friend.

    If you ever get the chance, I’d like to see you create your OWN visual novel. Try doing that in the future sometime? I want to see your skills at story advance to higher levels!

    Most epic fight, though — seriously. Like, this is something I’d want to see in a firggin anime of this series, haha. Thanks so much for the great translation, and for the awesome side story. Here’s hoping you make more of them!

    Happy hunting.

    • Just a puny traveler permalink

      Try change “HELL” to HEAVEN (or maybe (fake) HERO), it’d fit him more LOL >O<!

    • Anonymouse permalink

      I shoot them apples too.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Are you trying to make a pun or something?

  97. Anonymous permalink

    Been enjoying the game – thanks for the hard work!

    Question – the game has been working fine, and now suddenly the text has become microscopic. Any suggestions?

    • powerneed permalink

      if you look about 10 or so posts up you will find a post about the same thing and a couple of suggestions

  98. Anonymous permalink

    Need help on an error i’ve gotten, tried new patch but still could not continue from this point, locale is japanese. Any ideas?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nvm i got it running again, it seems that changing the config to full from wait errors it but changing it back makes it work again….

  99. off-topic question,,
    vampire-girl and angels can be categorized as monster-girl, right?

    see this:

    taken from animestash shoutbox:;start=0

    • why there are so much haters….


      • Wrandral permalink

        Seems to me like a bunch of retards but everyone’s entitled to have his own opinion, bet they’d have voted Sarkozy if they were French

        I hope you weren’t scarred too much by staying there Raizu … if not here have some fried tofu ^^

  100. Clawfoot permalink

    Rogue, sorry to ask but I need some help. I have EVERYTHING unlocked in achievements except for the Second Chapter Monsterpedia Complete. What I am confused about is that I DO have all the girls unlocked, and all of their attacks, and all of their game overs, but it still won’t unlock. Can I get a fix to this, I would hate to have to start the second chapter all over again, but I will if I must. It is the achievements I worry about.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You need to unlock all rape scenes as well as all the attacks of all the monsters.

      • Clawfoot permalink

        Unfortunatly, I do. At least, I have all the rape scenes it says. Any hidden rape scenes? Also took all attacks.

        • Lowlightt permalink

          Monsters with multiple rape scenes include,

          Mincubus, Succubus, Succubus Witch, Sara (succubus form), Vore Dryad. So keep checking, you if a remember correctly not just all rape scenes but all the hidden extra rape scenes (which in general are just continuations of the attack that defeated you)

  101. jateknight permalink

    i have small text problem in game
    please help me

  102. Anonymous permalink

    Curious but is there a mispelling of Alice’s name or is it intentional to be Alipheese at certain points? Couple points i can remember is the 4th orb and last orb.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Alipheese is her “real” name, so if a Monster Girl wants to be formal, she uses Alipheese. Alice is just easyer to pronounce ;).

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ah ic. Cause it felt weird saying Alipheese halfway through the game.

        • "Him" permalink

          Me too. Reminds me of BloodNinja. Cottage Cheese, Anyone? No? RAWR!

      • The Who? Obviously it's "him" permalink

        I don’t yer understand yer what yer saying yer yer know’er what ‘er mean? RAWR!!! I mean, ARRRR!!!! Blame ********* for this.

        • Anonymous that is obviously him. I wish I could kill this fag. permalink


      • GenocideHeart permalink

        Technically her real name would be Alicefeeze. That’s how Torotoro romanized it in her fighting sequence against the pot. So Alice is simply a shortening of her actual name.

        • Jen Barber permalink

          N1, now we can call Arufi zu Fateburn, Alipheese -and that one you just saic.

  103. Anonymous permalink

    I am looking forward for Violated Heroine.
    As long as I can remember, none of Serena’s sentence is translated yet.
    Also, the Onsen Town has been totally remade.
    But the behaviour of the NPCs are probably still the same.

  104. Anonymous permalink

    Help! My computer crashed while I was playing and now the text is all messed up! It’s tiny and there are a bunch of gaps that make it a bitch to read. How fix?

    • Lowlifee permalink

      Lowlightt is the Expert in that kind of Field. Let’s just wait for his response. And also, add “-Sama” when talking to him.

  105. Anonymous permalink

    I am also looking forward to Violated Heroine – this game is not only hot but also a great RPG.

    Bu t the last VH-Patch by Rogue contains translated content for Serena – This patch works properly up to the VH-31.01.2012 Version

  106. Anonymous permalink

    Speaking of VH, I’ve a fairly noobish question about the latest version. I’ve completed the Goblin Bride quest, and have successfully indoctrinated Rin as a bride too. The VH Scratchpad wiki and a few other forums I’ve read seem to suggest you can swap character control to other Brides. Any ideas how you actually go about that swap? I don’t see any options on talking to the character in question, nor her goblin ‘husband’.


    • Ren permalink

      It seems that the Goblin quests will go through many changes. You can’t capture Rin and Ashley anymore (black screen), 4 quest slot which are currently unavailable and there is more Goblin Queen pictures which might mean that in the future you can continue as a Queen.

  107. Anonymous permalink

    So Rogue, you probably don’t know, but I’m gonna ask you anyway. The Young Animator’s Training Project episode that just came out evidently had Torotoro listed as the writer (and it involved a spider-loli). Do you know if that’s the same Torotoro that does MGQ or is it just a huge coincidence?

  108. Anonymous permalink

    Hope you guys can help me, last night All my saves of part 2 got deleted when my computer crashed :( I was at the volcano for salamander and now i have to start all over. is there a way to return at that point with a save data or similar?

  109. Anonymous permalink

    Last time I played part 1 with full of joy, but when I launched your patch,
    The letters are too small!! I can barely read them, and can’t imagine playing game with these situation…
    Is there any way to make letters bigger than normal or change type to last part’s one?
    please answer me ASAP!!!!

  110. seafood permalink

    Last time I played part 1 with full of joy, but when I launched your patch,
    The letters are too small!! I can barely read them, and can’t imagine playing game with these situation…
    Is there any way to make letters bigger than normal or change type to last part’s one?
    please answer me ASAP!!!!

  111. GenocideHeart permalink

    Huh, someone apparently made a New Game Plus patch that starts Luka at level 60 with full skills… and actually changes the story to match the unusual power.

  112. Anonymous permalink

    i’m having a problem with the monsterpedia, whenever i clik on a monster name I keeping getting an error an then the game crush. any help?

  113. Anonymous permalink

    Has no one got an accurate release date for part 3??!!

  114. Anonymous permalink

    Love the music from Touhou Labyrinth.

  115. Agato permalink

    can someone tell me what is this and how do i get this spin-off?

  116. Anonymous permalink

    hay it keeps exiting me whenever i get to the world map can someone help me?

  117. UNF UNF permalink

    Need more side stories… :( Anyone got some in the works? I believe I’m addicted.

  118. Anonymous permalink

    Haha oh wow the doppleganger fight is incredible.

    >Luka takes miniscule damage!

    That one hit me right in the gut. Good work RT!

  119. Anonymous permalink

    Hiya RT! I’ve recently downloaded this game my query is regarding the part 2 patch. The first part 2 patch I downloaded was the one you uploaded upon initial completion of the translations. I worked that into the game file with no problem. Then I checked and saw that you had patch updates for part 2.

    I downloaded the partial one as I’ve already gotten the original English translation from before. Got that and extracted, replaced files and so that went over well. Now, starting the game looked fine, but then after the introductory text, I encounter an error. I have uploaded a screen-shot of it to omploader here:

    After that message box shows up, the game crashes. Any help in solving the problem is much appreciated. Thank you RT, for the content you provide.

    • Agato permalink

      Do you have the Monster Girl Quest 1?
      and if you do, did you merge it with part 2?

      Monster Girl Quest 2 is (obviously) the second part of MGQ1, but they’re the same game, just split up, so you need to get both and install them on the same folder. You need to install MGQ1, then unzip MGQ2 on the same folder and overwrite everything. Then, run the game, go to Extras and click on “Part 1 Conversion”

  120. 光 闇 permalink


  121. Anonymous permalink

    @ Agato: Yes, I have part 1 of MGQ. I shall try that. Thanks for the fast reply!

  122. Anonymous permalink

    @ Agato: Awesome! It works splendidly! Thanks for the help!

  123. Anonymous permalink

    Uh-oh, I get another error:

    It shows up after Luka’s first dream of the goddess and when the game pans over to his house. Afterwards, it crashes.

  124. SupremeVictory permalink

    Does anyone know what file or how to set the music for each battle? I know how to change the music, but I don’t know how to set the theme for a battle.


    • Go to your .ini file and search [data]with ctrl+f. Underneath that you should find a line with music = where you can put in your music selection. Find out more here;

      • SupremeVictory permalink

        Sorry, but is the ini file in the main directory? I can’t find anything that resembles an ini or that opens in notepad by default.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Ah, do you mean selecting music for one particular battle, or changing the music in the main files?

          • SupremeVictory permalink

            Selecting music for one particular battle.

  125. Anonymous permalink

    So Rogue, with this update, are you done with stuff for MGQ2 unless you find something particularly interesting, or are you simply taking a break?

  126. Nukas permalink

    God I’m too excited for the VH up-to-date translation xD

  127. Anonymous permalink

    RT is dead or in a chinese prison again

  128. Anonymous permalink

    I’m also exited for a VH update, sense they add a lot of stuff and fixed many bugs.
    I heard the North Koreans want him alive…

  129. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Hello, folks! Check out the new manga “daily life with monstergirl” – or something. There is delicious Lamia – tail in it. And apparently Lamia wear pants, too.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

      • Douglas Reinholm permalink

        Yep, that is it, thanks Berndi! There really needs to be more Lamia-related content…

  130. chicken permalink

    i just realize that black alice bear has a vagina!?

  131. Hi, I have mgq1 and mgq2 in Japanese.
    I have a question?

    1. Which patch do I download to mgq1 ?
    I understand that from here: and

    2. And as for mgq2 ?
    I understand that from here:

    3. Do I download the latest patch for mgq1 and mgq2 ?
    from here:

  132. Zoid permalink

    Ken Ashcorp – Touch Fluffy Tail
    Some guy made a song about monmusu and it’s pretty good

    Hora Hora this song will send you to heaven~

    • Down with Illias permalink


      But why is Luka a furry?

      • That isn’t Luka, that’s the artist’s mascot character, I believe. His name is foreverpandering, so I think it’s supposed to be a panda.

  133. GenocideHeart permalink

    For anyone who cares, I uploaded another chapter of the MGQ fic. Just a heads up.

  134. Anonymous permalink

    Hello everyone i need help , i play time ago to MGQ1 finished, trial version of 2 done.
    Now I download the second part, and the problem is that don’t run, after the “story so far etc etc.” compair the map and there a text message that finish with script “BG\bg007.bmp” now i start to redownload MGQ2 and MGQ1 for follow the instructions in the english patch, please if someone have the answer tell me it’s, 3 days on the same point: the start XD thanks for the eventual help.

  135. Anonymous permalink

    please Rouge Translator team~please help me
    this is driving me crazy…..
    i’ve tried many times with the patch
    i even went to this place with the game already patched
    i also used the tiny update

    although i can still read the REALLY tiny text with full screen, but its annoying
    from the pictures taken from website i know it should not be like what i am seeing
    what is causing this problem and HOW CAN I FIX IT

    make me a happy man and help me so i can play this epic game in english
    thank you very much


    • Anonymous permalink

      if you need i could screen cap it for you if you do not know what i mean….tell me anything that can help you with understanding my problem

  136. Anonymous permalink

    What’s the error here? I remember properly doing it (my lab scenes work but the missions don’t).

  137. dark permalink

    hi just wanna say thanks for the translation the story in this game is great allow for some reason my game crashes in the middle of the gnome fight but only when i get bound and she tries to use an attack

  138. Axl permalink

    uh, if this has not reached your ears yet there is a error i keep meeting with this game

    when im trying to fight lilith and lilim about mid way down her HP bar the game gives me an error message and closes itself right after, and after trying to get by this numerous times i just gave up.

    any advise?

  139. um its not allowing me to transfer my save
    what now?

  140. Melissa B permalink

    I didn’t really read the update before installing it (clear stupidity on my part), and when I opened MGQ2, I noticed an extra entry in the encyclopedia. I thought that the update was just spinoff stories and I was highly disappointed with them, but now I realize that the doppelganger was your doing.

    I was *very* surprised; very, very high quality fight, not “relatively” high quality compared to the craptastic spinoff stories, but a very good fight in itself. A++ I love you let me switch bodies with you so you can have my babies

  141. Anonymous permalink

    doppleganger battle was beyonde epic

  142. Anonymous permalink

    I combined part 1 and 2 and i transferred my gloval.sav to part 2 and it fine so far but my encyclopedia is messed up. All he monsters from part 1 aren’t in there and it only says “Part 1 Monster” in all of those slots. How do i fix this?

  143. Kenkune permalink

    I understand you’re off and away at the moment, but was wondering if whenever you got back you could help me out with this. I just got done finishing the first game, it was pretty good and I actually somewhat enjoyed the story, but as I started playing the second game, it seemed like the patch worked but..the english seems a bit broken. Like understandable, but ruins the flow of the read. I’m not sure if the English translation for one of them one was done by someone else or not, or if simply I didn’t patch the second one right, but I was hoping if I could have a little clarification on the matter. I’d love to enjoy the second games story as well, but its sorta tough with the messy english in my version of the game. D:

    I hope to hear back soon, and thanks!

  144. Anonymous permalink

    Is there a way to check which version of Monmosu2 I have and do later versions have anything worth upgrading for?

  145. Zak permalink

    Hello. (some spoilers ahead)
    I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this, but while I was playing MGQ, during the quest across the desert (whether choosing to save the princess or fight the witch), my game always ended up crashing with an error message, on which was written the two last dialog lines, with a third saying
    Isp 700,”:a;chara\sara_st01r.bmp”,0,0.

    I figured it could be some translated content the game couldn’t read (or at least I think so), because when I ran the game without the english patch, and using my previous saves, the game it on perfectly. I tried to go a little foward in the story in japanese, to skip the dialog line causing the error. I saved, and reinstalled the english patch. Seemed to work at first but a little further, the same problem happened again, and this time I’m out of ideas.

    Is someone familiar with this issue… someone that could maybe help me fix it?


  146. Anonymous permalink

    Shouldn’t Amira actually be “Amila” since it’s (probably) Lamia backwards in Japanese characters?

  147. Anonymous permalink

    I know its not hentai, but rage of bahamut, a “card game” app for iphone or ipad has a bunch of sexy monster girls or cosplay girls. Some even become more scantily clad as you upgrade them. Use my referral code to get a free rare and some in game money if you decide to play: aoq98203

  148. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone managed to get the second part to play on a Mac yet? I’m having real difficulty to get it to work, whereas the first chapter worked fine.

  149. Arasha permalink

    Boss, got a problem

    It just pop when I start the .exe
    details as follows, its apploced… please take a peek (hope it works tho):


    I got NO problem with my MGQ 1, this is the first prob I ever have.
    Any solution or tips is most appreciated !

  150. Super-Buu-5 permalink

    Just finished the second game. They sure left us on an exciting part. Can’t wait for the final chapter!

  151. Monmoo permalink

    The voices and sound do not play. BGM is fine, but no sound… I can’t find a particularly obvious/easy reason (i.e. mojibake in system folders and whatnot) why.
    My sound works fine and I’ve been having this problem for more than a few days…
    My MGQ part 1 works fine the only difference I notice is that like one or two text files in the folder with the mon_que.exe that look like simple readme/informational files (when I open them in Notepad++ and set it to Shift-JIS) and a folder in mod as well as a .ini folder in that folder which appear to be related to some extra story with Luka fighting a kettle… are all in mojibake.
    Its frustrating. I don’t care about the battle sound effects, but I really wish I could get the Japanese voices back.

    • Monmoo permalink

      Oh I over-explained and made it confusing because I accidentally left out words…
      Forget that. What I meant to say is just the sound effects and voice do not work. BGM works, but nothing else. This problems been going on for quite some time.

  152. Asylum permalink

    Hey Rogue thanks for the AMAZING eroge!
    There seems to be a script error during the Lilith and Lilim battle that forces the game to close… scanned to see if anyone else had the same problem but didn’t see anything mentioned, it’s when they try to use their double handjob thing…

    • Anonymous permalink

      thats the problems im having but now my game closes every time i try to load a save.

  153. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve got all of the scenes on the Chapter 2, but still no sign of Doppelganger’s scene. I’ve replayed all the battles, got the different scenes for some of them, but still nothing. Do I have to finish the game again to get Doppelganger to appear?

  154. Anonymous permalink

    I downloaded the patch and it still doesnt work, i dont know what im doing wrong but i need help.

  155. Anonymous permalink

    Also, the full patch was deleted from mediafire again. And after updating, I got the same wierd font issue.

  156. Anonymous permalink

    the main patch that has English also is gone can you re upload it plz and ty

  157. Anonymous permalink

    both the patches are down. I know you said you were really busy but would you be able to re-upload them when you have a spare few minutes? thanks.

  158. Anonymous permalink

    Please reupload the link

  159. Anonymous permalink

    i got a crash here, anyone can help me?

  160. Anonymous permalink

    Hello, is it ok to delete MGQ1 after I combined part 1&2 and imported the save files from 1?

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  166. GoDLloyD permalink

    Any idea where hidden scenes or anything could be leftover to complete the Monsterpedia? (For complete Monsterpedia Achievement)
    I’ve got seemingly every entry and even every achievement, besides that one… (even complete part 1,2,3 Monsterpedia)
    I also got all endings (I think): 7 other Endings, 4 heavenly knights, Alice ending
    I’ve been hit by every single attack, got all rapes scenes and even fought and won the battle against your fanmade Doppelganger (by clicking the dot in Extra)

    • GoDLloyD permalink

      Found what I was missing, but now I got completed Monsterpedia achievement and lost complete chapter 2 Monsterpedia, GG

  167. pest control pest control pest control

  168. Never Morrison permalink

    Okay, not sure what’s going on. I’ve done waaaaay over 50 evaluations. I’m even far enough into the game that I’m past the point in the monsterpedia where Ilias is supposed to show. Only problem is, after Ilias got tired of Luca, and was gonna replace him…. Nothing. No scene. The next evaluation, Ilias no longer said anything about finding another hero. Now she just does evaluations as per usual, with no comments about finding a new hero. This sucks. Can’t get the complete monsterpedia chapter 1 without it. Can’t even see the scene. I don’t know what this is about. Anyone? – It could be that the version I’m playing was all 3 parts combined and patched already. Would this cause the issue?

  169. Nightmare054 permalink

    i have an error when i clicking dot in extra my game crash , so i can never go to that bonus scene , is there any patch for fixing this?

    • Nightmare054 permalink

      and when i play some spin-off like ika musume one , my game crash too , any patch for fixing this too?give link that didn’t expired please

    • Nightmare054 permalink

      when clicking dot in extra game it work , until the part when i almost fight the doppel it crash , it says doppel/doppelstand.png missing

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