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Fan Content and Hiatus

May 22, 2012

First off, just watch this.
Second, I’ll update this post with a link to Spahsmarine’s New Game+ mod that he made (It’s had quite good feedback so far, from what I’ve heard) when he’s comfortable with his bug fixes.

Lastly, I’ve got a temporary reassignment in work to Hong Kong for the month of June, so I won’t be doing much of anything translation related for a while.

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  1. gunzero005 permalink

    someone made a song of it….that is amazing also hope the trip goes well

  2. Tophat permalink

    This song is going to be in my head for weeks. good luck in Hong Kong Rouge!

  3. Anon permalink

    So are you ever going back to Mootxico?

  4. Down with Illias permalink

    Like I said before, BEST GODDAMN SONG EVER! Would be a great anime theme music. But why did they change Luka into a furry?

    • Anonymous permalink

      its foreverpandering self-insert/persona as luka

    • Anonymous permalink

      its foreverpandering’s self-insert/persona as luka

    • Anonymous permalink

      Change him into a furry? I think Tamamo is more than capable enough of that.

  5. Febo permalink

    Wow this song is awesome! Its cool to see MGQ getting so popular! Have a safe trip!

  6. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Have a safe trip and try to not get arrested this time herpiderpi.

    Also check out the manga “Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou” for more fluffy tails. (It is not finished yet, chapter 2 has just been released)

  7. wildhawk permalink

    i havent played the game for a while since iv beaten the game and theres no updates or new content but when i do im gona play this song the next time i play the game :)

  8. ).o permalink

    Wow…? Haha awesome song…

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Watch out for the Hong-Kong triad, they’ve surely noticed that a top secret agent will make it into their territory.
    They might try to kidnap you and demand ransom, everyone wants a piece of the luxurious MGQ-pie.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Just watch Chapter 3 come out on June 1st.

  11. Chapter 3 released on 25 May, isn’t? -_-

    • Douglas Reinholm permalink

      Does not matter – we will get some delicious tail anyway.

      • Douglas Reinholm permalink

        Ch3 has already been released (that is, if we are still talking about the manga)

        • Anonymous permalink

          What? There’s a manga?

        • Anonymous permalink

          What manga?

          • Zoid permalink

            There is manga Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou by Okayado (he also made a shorts stories named “My Life With Monster Girl”, you can find it on ehentai)
            Manga is about guy who was forced to be a host for lamia (and other monster girls in next chapters)
            you can download it here

  12. Scarlethill permalink

    Awesome song!

  13. Haley permalink

    Gl in HK, don’t get yourself hurt or anything in there… or gain like 50 pounds :P Although that’s probably just me, I’m too fond of Chinese food.

    Once again, thanks for all your translating work so far and I hope to see you again once part 3 comes out ^^;

  14. Denamic permalink

    Gong Bao chicken, mmmmm…

  15. Aldy permalink

    Good Luck and thanks for the previous patches.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Spahsmarine New Game+ Mod? Is that for the monster girl game? Tried googling the name but nothing is showing up… :/

    • lollercausts permalink

      It is actually a mod made by Camel (some random dude) but it was in Japanese.


      New Game + is a modded feature that allows you to start your MGQ1&2 (you need to have the games joined into a whole) all over again… with Luka being at 60+ level with all the skills!

      Everyone is surprised by his power and you no longer need to depend on your opponent’s mercy, luck, or interference from Alice to win unwinable battles.
      Lot’s of inside jokes and dialogue changes in part 1. There’s no special scenario for Part 2 – it plays normally, only you have a greater level. All skills are normal except you keep Sylph at Level 3 power.

      • Wrong. Spasmaran’s New Game+ mod is not Camel’s mod, in fact there isn’t even a Japanese version of Spasmaran’s mod.

        Camel’s mod is different and is a small collection of linked battles with new monsters and a female PC called Cecille as the protagonist. Currently untranslated, which is a shame.

        All the same, you can find Spasmaran’s mod on this page; ;) Bearing in mind Rogue made a typo when spelling Spas’ name, it’s not your fault you couldn’t find it. :)

  17. Spawni permalink

    Spahsmarine New Game+ Mod? Is that for the monster girl game? Tried googling the name but nothing is showing up… :/

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Good luck on your job Rogue :)

  19. Anonymous permalink

    “Motherfucker, I’m the straightest shota ”

    hahaha this music made me laugh :D

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Oh god it’s true.

    RT is going to a Chinese prison….sort of.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    I heard that there hasn’t been much progress on part 3. We might have to wait a while for its release.

    Also, bring us something back from Hong Kong, Rogue.

  22. 光 闇 permalink

    Nifty song! Has a MSI feel to it.
    I look forward to being able to finish New Game +. What I have seen of it so far is outstanding, and the visual and audio tweaks it much more hilarious than the original. I can not for the life of me defeat Granberia during her first encounter, however.

  23. CWK permalink

    Heeeey, HK is awesome! Just don’t say “Diu” out loud lol.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Great song!
    Also, don’t get captured!
    Be careful of the N. Koreans, they got Chinese connections!

  25. The straightest Shota permalink

    Hora hora.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Where do you see the preview of his mod and what it’s doing?

  27. Lowlightt permalink

    Hora Hora

  28. Lowlightt permalink

    Is it bad this is now the title music for my copy of the game?

    • Nolifee permalink

      None, dammit. Why, dude??? why…

    • Needs more tail-related-content! permalink

      Yes, this is bad and you should feel bad. You are tearing Alice’s heart apart!

  29. Quinn Holt ~Patcheresu permalink

    I would like to refer all MGQ fans to the work of Gabriel Blessing, one of the top writers on if you are looking for shonen like stories full of action, harem action, and humor.

    He took a crack at putting Shirou of Fate/Stay Night and replacing Luka with him. He has gone through all of Monster Girl Quest part 1 with this idea.

    Funniest MGQ fanfic ever.

    Hey, it goes here. ‘Fan Content’ and all.

    • Anonymous permalink

      love the story funny as hell

    • Zoid permalink

      Oh Illias. That shit is so funny
      I was laughing all the time
      Dunno who is Shirou though, means I know this character but didn’t watch anime
      Well more reasons to watch it

      • Bear In The Big Blue House permalink

        He is Shirou Emiya, the anime/Visual Novel is Fate/Stay Night

        That’s what the FSN means, for those who are interested.

    • CWK permalink

      That was so epicly funny! I hope the that there will be a second part to this!

    • CWK permalink

      Also loved how everything tied in together so perfectly.

  30. Luka the hero. permalink

    (If you don’t get the joke, lurk moar)

    Hey Idiots,
    My name is Luka, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day playing stupid ass eroge games. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any horas? I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take it to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures of monster girls on facebook.

    Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best Demon Decapitation. I’m pretty much perfect. I’m the greatest Hero since Heinrich, and nearly brought peace to the world. I was also captain of the footfetish team. What sports do you play, other than “jack off to naked drawn monster girls”? I also get straight horA’s, and have a banging hot goddess (She just Judgment Bolted me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.
    Pic Related: It’s me and my Goddess

    • Anonymous permalink


    • Anonymous permalink

      funny thing is why are you here?, and how did you enjoy all the times everyone on this site had you raped? seems we control your fate ill just kill you a few hundred mores times via anal rape with a vore

    • Anonymous permalink

      yes but your mom is dead mine isnt fufufu

  31. HELP permalink

    a couple of people have asked this question but i dont think anyone has responed how do you get Spahsmarine’s new game+ mod. if its not out yet can someone post link to his site

    • Quinn Holt ~Patcheresu permalink

      Check the last post’s comments.

  32. You’re gonna be gone for a whole month? B-but….that means no scenarios. I have no reason to live anymore.

    Just kidding. Have fun in Hong Kong!

  33. Anonymous permalink

    really hope you translate more of VH when you get back not really into MGQ at all

  34. Just a puny traveler permalink

    I’ve come back… from the deepest depth of the hell…

    So much with “idio-pic” opening line, I came for the same old “2-Divided Text Problem”. (ex. [Mo ns te rp ed ia])

    The problem just solved itself recently, by having reinstall the windows, this more or less proves the fact that the text problem was caused by the lacks of appropriate fonts. (Meaning, the person with this problem didn’t have the fonts that Rogue use in translation)

    …This is what I think, anyway.

  35. Anonymous permalink

    Say Rogue, do you know any other languages besides English and Japanese?

  36. Hora Hora~
    That plug is sending me to the heavens…

    • Zworden permalink

      all hail to the creator of this goddamn good music….XD

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Playing the new game+…Stuck on Granberia. It’s all fun and games until she forces you to Vaporizing Rebellion Sword to survive…and then both your Wind and Earth perks fade AT THE SAME TIME, followed by Water. And her regular hits go for 200 a pop, and that’s if she doesn’t do the 5-in-1 attack. Grr…

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Granberia switches on her flame sword when she reaches less than 50% hp so cut her down close to 50% and guard up healing and using fire summon to keep your sp max, then wait for your summons to wear off and get them back up then proceed with finishing her off. Also when you get her down 15% hp she pulls out a Clone Jutsu you need to normal attack twice and then use your Rebellion Sword to block hers and just finish her off.

      • Nolightt permalink

        And then! OMG!!!! Granberia sticks up her flame sword up your ass with 50% Damage Amplification much like Soul Catcher and pumps it brutally turning it into a vorish atmosphere scene.

        NOOOO!!!! Your Ass is only mine and mine only. My soulmate’s ass being brutally raped with a flaming sword. Oh, the assple of my eyes.

        Just kidding, I’m actually an attention whore who has nothing better to do with her life other than get the attention of the assple (redundancy) of her eyes. Please forgive me and be patient with me. After all, that’s love… amirite?

        P.S. The lights were turned off to cater to our preferences. Dammit, I wanna go to heaven.

      • Nolifee permalink

        Actually, that guy is just an impostor so disregard that, he sucks c**ks. Why the hell is someone interested in copying me? Anyways, sorry about the last time. I just couldn’t do any better those days, so please excuse my behavior. Thanks.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    well i found the new game + mod if anyone is looking google is great these days

  39. Mkmd13 permalink

    Help!!! I keep on getting this error when I upload the new game + mod. “saveoff lsp 703, :a;ng+\iriasu_13.bmp, -300,50”

  40. SupremeVictory permalink

    Does anyone know what file or how to set the music for each battle? I mean for certain enemies, not just in general. Example, if I wanted to set a different them for each of the 4 heavenly knights.


  41. Anonymous permalink

    If anyone else wants to replace any of their songs with that pop song, here’s a already converted to .ogg to make it easy.

    [audio src="" /]

    Just paste it into bgm to replace the title screen bgm. It doesn’t quite fit the mood but it’s a nice upgrade from their smooth standard game menu bgm.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    DL this is you wanna replace your menu bgm with the song that Rogue linked. This is converted for your convenience :P

    • Luka the hero. permalink

      You could always rename the file to replace another song…

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well, obviously. I think that’s a given. I only chose to upload it with this name because you’ll instantly see a result unlike making it the credits song (which i think is an awesome idea). You can replace any song in it so long as u convert your music to .ogg (try VLC).

  43. Anonymous permalink

    Oh man, double post. Sorry can’t delete >.>

  44. alo permalink

    For the new game + mod do u need the unpatched versions off MGQ 1 and MGQ 2?, also does the patch need to be copied into MGQ1 folder or MGQ2 folder? Cause i’ve merged the games together then added the patch content into the MGQ1 folder and comfirmed overwrite, then when i go to open up MGQ1 an error “exec_dll “NSFont.dll/gaiji,…,system/hurt.bmp” comes up (… is some japanese i can’t write). But when i open MGQ2 and start a new game it starts the first MGQ story in japanese.
    Thx for any help anyone can give me.

    • Anonymous permalink

      ok first make sure they are combined and patched then move the file over to number 2’s directory as said in the readme then run the game make sure to copy your save before hand to an alternate folder so as to not get it destroyed

  45. Hamster Faces permalink

    Ok this is most likely comletely unrelated, but I wonder if the kyonyuu fantasy series will ever be translated. I know 2 has an elf, a dark elf and a mermaid.

    • Anonymous permalink

      agreed, just saw the hentai a while ago and i’m constantly checking for an english patch for the game. sadly no one seems to have stepped up.

  46. 光 闇 permalink

    Played VH for a couple of days, was supremely let down. That game blows in a very serious way, and all of the hype actually had me expecting something worth playing. Dammit.

    • L'hospital permalink

      My exact feelings about MGQ. I don’t get what’s so appealing about monster girls.

      • raza permalink

        It’s all a matter of preference lads everyone is different for me i actually enjoy the story and fights the most i suppose the h scenes come in last for me but doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy them
        and l’hopital like i said not everybodies thing hell i don’t even like all of them maybe it’s just the whole getting turned on to things that are dangerous or something like that i don’t get how the mind works

  47. Anonymous permalink


    I’m having issues running Monster Girl Quest Part 2 on Windows 7. I tried changing the region settings and system locale. Is anyone else having this issue?

  48. Anonymous permalink

    Somewhat ir/relevant thing I just noticed (and have no idea if this was ever mentioned before) but in the Nabe fight (where you use Alice) it says her name is Alicefeeze (I believe that was the spelling used anyway. was kinda sleepy when I saw it and I already saved past it so I can’t really check again atm.)

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        …that spelling doesn’t need ‘fixing’, it’s how Alice’s name is SUPPOSED to be written, unless I missed something. I remember Rogue mentioning that that was the spelling Torotoro used in the original of Part 2… but he was committed with his own version by then, so he didn’t change it back.

        Basically, the misspelling is Alipheese, not Alicefeeze. :p And it also explains why her shorthand is Alice. >_>

        • Anonymous permalink

          If rogue wasn’t satisfied with his own version, he would’ve changed it in Part 2. Look at Arumaeruma -> Alma Elma.
          By the way, Luka at first was “Ruka” in the battle screen ;).

    • raza permalink

      aliphese but you can call me alice quote mgq 1 when luka and alice meet in luka’s house

  49. Spongebob permalink

    Hey rogue big fan you rock dude :D Anyways i just wanted to pathetically beg you to maybe take a look at translating a visual novel called Fault!! made by Ciel. Ofcourse i mean after your hiatus :P or really anytime you want oh great one. if this sounds interesting please reply and i can give you a download link (it’s pretty hard to find). I hope you find the amount of asskissing substantial and not too annoying you sexy beast. That is all

  50. JES permalink

    I keep getting this:

    It only happens when I try to load MGQ1 stuff in part 2. I have the games merged and I am using Japanese locale. Help would be much appreciated.

    • Denamic permalink

      ‘load’ as in loading save games?
      And if so, is it a save game from before you applied any patches, or from before you merged?

      • JES permalink

        No, like if I start a new game from within MGQ2 or go into the monsterpedia and try to do a fight/watch a scene from MGQ1, I get this error.

        • Denamic permalink

          How many .nsa files do you have in your MGQ root directory?
          Can you list them, along with their file sizes in bytes?

          • JES permalink

            In my MGQ1 folder I have arc, arc1, and arc 2 and in my MGQ2 folder I have arc, arc1. arc2, arc3, and arc4.

          • Denamic permalink

            As I can’t read Japanese, all I could make out was that an image file failed to load, or the nscript.dat file made a faulty action.
            Like trying to delete an effect that’s not there, or doing it incorrectly or somesuch.
            Try re-applying the patch under the ‘Tiny update’ post if you haven’t already.
            If it’s still broken, try applying the 1.0 patch again.
            If none of those work, then one of your arc.nsa files are probably corrupt.
            Then again, I’m just talking out of my ass and could be completely wrong about everything.

          • JES permalink

            Okay I figured it out (I hope, it looks good so far). I guess when I copied the arc file from part 1 I must of also copied over the other arc files and it was messing it up. Unfortunately I figured this out after I recopied all the files so I now have a blank monsterpedia :\

            Thanks for the help though Den. It’s very much appreciated

  51. Anonymous permalink

    You will come to HK on June?
    Please enjoy this trip or work!
    I live in Hong Kong and welcome you :)

  52. Rampage202 permalink

    Anyone else stuck on Chrome in NG+? Is this all SpasMaran has gotten up to, or are you expected to win this broken fight?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m pretty sure the entire First Part is done. But Chrome, broken? Granberia was hell.

  53. Anonymous permalink

    What you need to do if when the game is finished replace the final credits song with this.

  54. Anonymous permalink

    The game’s original music is pretty good and I’d feel bad replacing it, but this song is just too awesome not to.

  55. raza permalink

    cool song :D

  56. 光 闇 permalink

    So long… No new content… Withering…

    • raza permalink

      nothing to keep you busy?
      have you tried kamidori alchemy meister it takes ages to complete and even at that you have to do it multiple times

      • Anonymous permalink

        I haven’t tried to find it, and I’m not sure how easy it is to set up. I may try it if I continue to hear good things about it, or if I feel like it would give me continuous O’s for weeks on end like MGQ does.

  57. Anonymous permalink

    anyone know a good place to find scenarios? every time i look i end up with the same old ones

  58. anon permalink

    anyone else getting errors after chrome kills you with hack saw, first its something about consume.ogg. there is also a 099.txt line:187681 error.

  59. anon permalink

    i feel soo evil giga the ones you can giga like the slime, or the first fox or the fairy who only wanted to play with slyph when you activated the wind.

  60. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone got some advice for the Granberia fight? I keep getting killed once she enters bloodlust, as this is usually when my buffs wear off, and she just keeps doing too much damage to me as I try to rebuff and heal.

    • Anonymous permalink

      To get past the buffs wearing off, don’t be so eager to get her health down (causing her to enter bloodlust). Do some guarding and meditation until the spirits fade, then resummon Gnome and Sylph and go back to the offensive.

  61. Anonymous permalink

    If you’re going to hk, enjoy huehuehue :D

  62. Anonymous permalink

    Okay. I give up. Can’t beat Granberia. Luck keeps being on her side with my dodges never procing and her spamming Chaos Sword and that decapitation moves that takes off half my health. I’ve tried I don’t even know how many times. Anyone have a save they can upload for right after beating her? I’m on the brink of tearing hairs out from frustration.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I feel you bro…
      As soon as she hits bloodlust, she just spams that godFUCKINGdamn “With all of my stength!” shit!
      I second this request… until then, time to get murdered by a dragon 500000000 more times…

    • Rampage202 permalink

      She’s tough but its a necessary fight to master; balancing how you wait between spirit summons is the only way your gonna get through some of the other surprises in wait with the other NG+ fights.

      Keep trying, the satisfaction of finally beating her down is worth the frustration.

      • Anonymous permalink

        It’s a matter of luck not skill. I know how to beat her, I just can’t get around to it because I’m too busy healing up impossible amounts of damage before losing buffs and getting ganked. I’ve fought bosses that required skill and felt immense satisfaction after beating them. This is not one of those bosses. If I beat her, which the last 40ish times she crushed me tells me ain’t happening any time soon, I won’t be happy that I beat her, I’ll be happy that the RNG stopped screwing me over and I can get past this stupid part. I’ve been at this for hours.

        I just want a save to get on with it. I want to have fun, not continuously have some dragongirl with a sword run me through for the next several hours it would take for my luck to turn back to my side.

        • Rampage202 permalink

          It’s not luck, you just have to play better.

          • Anonymous permalink

            That whole second half of the fight, after she gets bloodlust, you were hit a grand total of once by a Chaos Sword hit which aren’t even buffed by bloodlust. I get constantly hit every single time. I’ve gotten to that part having full health, brand new summons, and the max amount of six points after using Rebellion blade and she’ll rip me apart if I try doing more than one turn of healing. The part where she summons mirror images? I get torn to shreds on that.

            That battle was won from luck because out a total of 17 possible hits, you got hit once. I wish my battles went like that. I dodge maybe 6-8 out of 17 hits on a good cycle, which is more than enough to force me to heal and screwing me over.

          • anon permalink

            yes major luck, i also had a problem with second one, all i had was to one more hit but bam a 800 damage attack hits me

          • Denamic permalink

            “Not luck” you say, and then you show a video where you dodge EVERYTHING except for a single hit. Do you not realize how absurdly low the probability of you actually avoiding that many attacks in a row is?
            The Dread Demon Lords of RNG favouring you for a few fleeting moments =/= skill.

          • Nolifee permalink

            You were hated, apparently. I know it hurts… Congrats on beating Granberia and enjoy the criticism that comes with it. Hang in there, kid! hang in there…

          • Anonymous permalink

            @Nolifee, Lol, a lot of people were butthurt, but I agree there was the element of luck there. I had a different style of beating her though, I always used all the spirits in conjunction.

          • Lowlightt permalink

            Well theres your problem Anon, before you make her bloodlust make sure you have fresh summon except for fire summon, then bloodlust activates, so you block with chaos, then you activate fire and take a hit, then you heal up and take her down. It’s not that hard, on the downside I can’t wait to hear you people bitch when you fight her the second time.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I got a run where I got hit only three times and beat her handily. Took so much skill not to get hit.

          • Nolifee permalink

            I’m like, totally jizzing all over myself when I saw Lowlightt”s comment. What a scholar-like lesson, thanks. Seriously. But it’s Vaporizing Rebellion Sword, not “Chaos” obv. meaning Death Sword Chaos Star. Aside from that, I’m continuously jizzing over here, np, 2 thumbs up.

          • Lowlightt permalink

            No your skill is Death Sword Chaos Star, so when I say “so you block with chaos” that means would mean you would block with your skill which in this case would be Death Sword Chaos Star, not Vaporizing Rebellion Sword which is Granberia signature move.

    • raza permalink

      lost once learned the process from my first fail and kicked her ass lol

  63. Anonymous permalink

    Hello rogue, thx for your translation, I have a question, Do you know the new camel mod of monmusu quest, this mod has 4 new moster girl with unique cg, with a new character of protagonist, has vore and corruption, Do you intend to translate it? Or does not interest you?

    thx for all.

    • Nolifee permalink

      Vore… Corruption…

      • raza permalink

        isn’t that the one where you’re a girl saw images of it on some ways back i’d say a few of the people there might be able to tell you more i think the everything mgq thread is in monster girl settings all the people there used rogues patch i’m on that site as well i’m not exactly an overactive member but i like to log in from time to time and see whats up i use the save name as the one i use on this site anyone of yee can add me if you like i’ll get back to you problably a week or so later but that’s life hahahahaha i’ve stuff to do anyways :P

  64. Anonymous permalink

    For those facing a bug when fighting Chrome in the NG+ patch; create a folder in the Monster girl quest 2 directory where the patch is installed called ng+se. Copy consume.ogg from ng+ into it. Bam, fight fixed! Enjoy losing to Chrome! I have to say, I like her bloodthirsty side a lot~ I’d undergo necromancy training with her, if ya know what I mean!… Yeah, I’d probably get eaten by a zombie or something. Sigh.

    On the subject of fights in the NG+ patch; one of the reasons a new version hasn’t been released in a while (I’m guessing) is the matter of balance. The hate above isn’t directed at Nolifee, it’s directed at some currently very unbalanced fights. I got lucky with Granberry; in my battles, she whiffed as much as if she were using the Casey bat; but having a battle that varies between being impossibly easy and impossibly hard isn’t a very good battle, is it?

    I imagine Spasmarine is changing a few things… Adding a delay between her unavoidable/most powerful attacks, were she uses slightly weaker attacks would give the players chance to reapply buffs and lick their wounds. The battle would still be hard, but not impossible so. And to make Granberry more challenging, she could react to your bufflayers by guarding at random when she thinks you might be using Vaporizing Rebellion Sword… Or something. Just a few cents. And remember, we’re all friends here! Or should be. There are enough enemies in the world, ai?

  65. Anonymous permalink

    For those having a hard time with granberia on NG+, you can use vaporizing rebellion sword without salamander, (So you can parry without needing to summon her first.) Also, you could just skip the battle by going into evaluation, that’s what I did the first time, She’s easier to fight the second time around in the castle.

  66. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t start my game after putting the NG+ in my folder. Did I screw up or did I not do everything?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nevermind I’m an idiot. I figured it out.

  67. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t start my game after putting the NG+ in my folder. Did I screw up or just not do everything?

  68. Joe Parkinson permalink

    Hey guys, just thought I’d let you all know that the monster girl quest website has been updated with two new monster girls… well, one type technically. Looks like they were done by a new artist.

    • 光 闇 permalink

      More sexy vampires, rejoice!

      • yabusa permalink

        yeah…3 new vampire’s…

        • raza permalink

          you can see images and a discussion of this in the thread for mgq also there are links to stuff related etc.

  69. anon permalink

    @Lowlightt did you notread my comment i went way past that mode, even past when she split into 3. As was shown in the video he was able to dodge everything, unlike me and countless others. Same thing happened in the second one, was very close and then she started to use her strongest attacks in a row and the winds failed on me

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Not saying you can’t get past that mode, was saying that you need to stop right before starting the second tier of the fight (bloodlust) and instead heal up, and resummon your spirits for the rest of the fight. (So you can kill her with out having to resummon in the middle of the second half of the battle. As I said can’t wait to hear you bitch about her lighting sword attack.

  70. yabusa permalink

    about the NG+
    sh*t yo! Ilias smoking… and sh*ts and stuffs…

    its funny w/ your 2nd conversation w/ her… xD

  71. Savior permalink

    I just wanted to drop by and leave a comment saying thanks for all your hard work and hopefully you enjoy spending some time in Hong Kong and stuff. Literally can not wait for part 3 to be released and of course translated.

    • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

      I think the japaneese version of part three has been, this is why rouge found it so important to tell us that he was going to be on a business trip.

  72. Michael permalink

    If you have MGQ combined 1 and 2 and everything as in the tutorial on here, this site, then the NG+ (New Game + ) remake will be no problem IF you download the fixed nscript patch, which is right under the main mod download’s link.

    The only problem is when Chrome cuts off parts of your body and you die of being cut into pieces… well… of course it makes an error there, there’s no ending scene to see, you are dead and pieces of you go to other zombies.

    • Anonymous permalink

      This particular error can be fixed by copying consume.ogg from the NG+ folder and pasteing it into a “ng+se” folder in the main MGQ directory.

      Using this you can get to the evaluation, where Illias will say the secret to beating Chrome is in the preparation before Arms of restraint (Full HP, Wild Lands),but I still haven’t hit the perfect conditions to break free in two turns or survive to a third.

      • yabusa permalink

        A certain luck would pull it off…
        Damn! had a hard time w/ that sadistic Chrome+… xD

        all I do is Wild Lands at first ’cause you can’t dodge the 1st attack no matter what…
        then Sylph and Undine and Salamander…
        Didn’t dodge the attacks? Meditation…
        Then Vaporizing Rebel Sword… Attack 2x…
        Now here’s the Luck part… if she missed while you reactivate Salamander w/ full health…
        That’s the luck part… then attack and struggle 3x after her binding tech…
        then Meditation after you broke free… abuse Salamander and VRS wisely…

        if she’s low on health w/out poisoning you, she’ll just abuse that 1000+ health she got…
        but if she’s poisoning you… there’s a thing that she won’t stop doing that… then kill her…

        • Michael permalink

          I didn’t noticed the hard part at it, except that it’s top attack was repetitive… hmm, yeah it would be hard, if I didn’t had it cheated since the beggining xD

          Untouchable life, untouchable SP points and even power over enemy’s life/HP, but I didn’t play with that much cus I can miss some parts if I, for example lower it’s HP to 100 and 1 hit a boss.

  73. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Pls gibe lifesign ;_; , a single *beep* would suffice.

  74. Anonymous permalink

    Is there a way to extract the attack / rape scenes as text? I’m text oriented, and would like a chance to read those without having to run the game (which I have trouble with on certain platforms)

  75. Anonymous permalink

    ToroToro said something on his twitter which sounds like something relavant to the release date of MGQ3/MGQ3 trail version…..anyone out there who understands Japanese….?

    • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

      It looks like “Please, send in your feedback, something, something, 1 year.”

    • Looks like a sample will be up soonish, but the final game is still some way off.

      • Dear Guest permalink

        I hope it’s gonna be another play-fight like Lencubus/Imp. We need more of those, so hurry up and let Dr. Tamamo teach me ;)

        • Anonymous permalink

          There’s really no other way to do a demo with a game like this unless you want to do nothing but text.

    • Anonymous permalink

      “A simple sample (demo?) of the next project is almost done, and will be sent to authorized individuals. Of course, the completed project is no less than a year away.”

      I don’t think this has anything to do with MGQ, but rather his new project.

  76. Michael permalink

    Well on the official site they have the story and images of Cupid, the Valkyrie, Vampires, Angels and other stuff raping u.

    But let’s not hurry them, the end has to be good, as they could simply do some shitty end as it’s anyway the last part.

  77. Yo, homeslices

    Sign up at this website. Its a kickass good time all the time.
    You’d be gay if you didn’t

    Rick as refferer nigs

    • Kusojijii permalink

      First rule of web-site design: A visitor has to understand what your web-site is about in 5 seconds or less.
      That web-site fails HARD.

      • raza permalink

        i believe i’ve seen the anti-site much like the anti-christ except a lot less cooler/badass

        • Ok. Thank god you pussies didnt join. Wrong place to look for members.

  78. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Rogue, I stumbled upon an interesting game called Saki’s quest

    I have tried it but I think it will be fun if played in English. Hopefully you can consider it as a future translation project in the future!

  79. Down with Illias permalink

    Could someone link me the Google Translated Version of the MGQ site?
    Really wanting to check out the info to the three new hot vampires :D

    • Douglas Reinholm permalink

      go to goole, clicky translate, paste the url there and (fap vigorously).

  80. Anonymous permalink

    Wow, the NG+ Granberia fight is just completely anti-fun. I have more luck with die rolls in D&D than I do this fight. It’s always fun when I manage to get into a fight with her where she uses that chaos sword move right out of the gate when the actual fight starts, forcing me to heal, upon which she uses the move again, which forces me to heal again, because the dodge chance is clearly rigged in favor of the enemy even with the whatever element it is that increases dodging, and the damage is still a bit over 500, even with the earth element going.

    30 tries, and absolutely nothing. I haven’t even gotten close. I get to where we parry each-other with the one skill, but then it just goes downhill from there, because, yet again, the dodge chance is absolutely crippled. This was a fun little idea, but it’s not actually fun, it’s frustrating, and I feel dumb for wasting time on it. Maybe I’m playing it too defensively by healing so much, but trying it offensively just works even less. And trying to balance the two is just awful.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I agree. Just go to Ilias’ evaluation and skip the fight.

      • Maybe you should just stop bitching about it?
        That’ll probably increase your chances.

    • Denamic permalink

      You’ve got to kill her faster than she kills you.
      Healing at all after you bring her below half health is essentially a death sentence.
      Make sure you’ve got all the elements refreshed and that you have max SP before she goes berserk.
      Then go balls to the wall and hope for the best.

      • Anonymous permalink

        So it’s a DPS race after the halfway point? Oh goody, that sounds so super totally awesome fun.

        I just tried another 10 times a few minutes ago, and still nothing. DPS races have never been fun, and it completely ruins the idea of this side-story for me.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Just skip it. Illias evulation ftw.

          • Anonymous permalink

            That’s kind of the sad part. I don’t want to skip it. I want to beat it legitimately, but hands are tied. If a fight isn’t fun, then ways to skip it are fair game as far as I’m concerned.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’d advice you to save during the fight. Tryto save as you normally would and when it tells you no to change the text, just hit esc and the game should be saved and perfectly loadable.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Before I gave in and did the evaluation, I actually tried that.

        And it worked. Never have I loved save scumming more, and I get the feeling I’ll be employing that more often.

        • Imoutocon permalink

          Jesus, and here i thought everyone knows about that feature.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I did know about it, I just never tried it before because I heard of possible crash issues.

    • raza permalink

      personally i find hell or hell mode in devil may cry to be far more frustrating uggg bosses how they torment me…..

  81. Anonymous permalink

    Will you continue to translate Violated Heroine?There’s a bunch of new content in the new updates

    • raza permalink

      he already said he would in one of his previous posts he said he was going to catch up with the ones already done

  82. Euffeh permalink

    Hey, I posted this under the Thief and Sword section, but it doesn’t appear as if anyone’s been viewing. Or at least anyone that could help me. I’mma just post the comment there, and if any of you guys could help me, it’d be much appreciated!

    Hi there! I’ve really enjoyed your work on Monster Girl Quest, and I was really looking forward to playing Thief and Sword. However, I seem to have come upon a snag, though I don’t think it has to do with the patch itself. Namely, I’m wondering how to get the thing to work! I’ve tried extracting the original torrent folder, putting the Patch in that folder, and then mounting it on a virtual drive.

    Then I tried extracting the TAS folder within the original folder, and running setup after putting the Patch in there.

    I finally managed to run setup, but then I just get a blue command box with something about syntax errors!

    Any assistance would be appreciated, I really wanna play this game!

    • raza permalink

      have you changed your system locale to japan?
      to do this you go to your control panel
      you go to clock language and region
      click region and language
      go to administrative in the options bar
      then click the button change system locale
      then scroll down to japan
      click restart your system and then try your game’s installation again
      this changes nothing on your system it just allows you to install files from other countries don’t change your system language as it’s unnecesary

    • raza permalink

      also can you give me a link to download this?

  83. Anonymous permalink

    Is there some way or another I could yank the two songs from the Granberia NG+ fights out of the files somewhere, or otherwise download them? Looked around a bit, haven’t been able to find any downloads.

    • Anonymous permalink

      All of the new bgm files are in the “ng+” folder. The first Granberia song is named “Slamtenno”. They’re in .ogg format, though, so you’ll need a program other than Windows Media Player to listen to them.

    • Anonymous permalink

      First fight is a remix space jamz and sitenno. The second fight with granberia is a remix of original and chrono trigger from which he probably got from OverClocked Remixes

    • yabusa permalink

      copy the 2 of them…
      paste it… preferably on Desktop…
      name the .ogg > .mp3
      convert it w/ a convertion apps and convert it to .mp3 again…
      there you have it…


      • yabusa permalink

        in case you want it to put it in your phone in a .mp3 format…

  84. Anonymous permalink

    Any release date for part 3 yet?

    • Imoutocon permalink

      within late this year and middle next year. I guess.

  85. sajuuk permalink

    i hope rogue first starts on VH again its been a long time and its a good game and deserves to be fully translated, afcourse i am also looking fowared to monster girl quest part 3

    • VHfan permalink

      I second this im dying for more VH

      • Anonymous permalink

        Indeed, VH is a masterpiece.

        • Anonymous permalink

          ya am waiting for it as well

          • Anonymous permalink

            vh is so much better than mgq

          • Anonymous permalink

            No, it’s not.

          • Denamic permalink

            You have opinions!
            Good job!

          • Anonymous permalink

            + 1

          • Gurofiend24 permalink

            VH Is wayyyyyy better than mgq hands down. I wish he would’ve focused on Vh instead of mgq any day. When he gets back I hope he gets on it. it’s seen alot more updates. It’s prolly gunna be hard to update the work he’s done because I noticed some scenes HAVE DIFF ANSWERS so the patch he just came up with won’t translate new lines. It sucks because it’s like having to retranslate the whole game from scratch everytime they update because the creators can’t make up their mind.

          • raza permalink

            never played vh don’t particularly plan on it really either but then again to each their own your opinions are taken into account but they’re your opinions not mine.
            (wow i sounded harsh there lol no offence lads)

        • Anonymous permalink

          I guess VH and MGQ will never get along
          VH= a girl is being raped
          MGQ= girls are raping you

          • yabusa permalink

            it’ll get along…
            its just those people who argue on whats the best for them…

  86. Anonymous permalink

    Moses has left the building.

  87. sajuuk permalink

    any of u know any good rpg maker games whit monster girls ore gender blending , in english

  88. GenocideHeart permalink

    For anyone who cares, I updated my Monster Girl Quest fanfic. It’s on and Monstergirl Unlimited, as usual.

    • Kusojijii permalink

      I actually came here partly to see about that. Well done!

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        Thank you. I’ll start on Ch8 this weekend… heat’s killing me atm.

  89. raza permalink

    Beat the doppleganger that was satisfying after losing once lol

    • raza permalink

      also set out to achieve the achievements got em all but one take all techniques in mgq 2 lol
      i hate you tammamo why won’t you attack me with it >:(

  90. Anonymous permalink

    I wonder how Rogue is doing? All this talk about the games but not much of the translator.
    Is he fine?
    Did his temporary reassignment go well or fall apart?
    Is he fighting off ninja assassins?
    Did the Koreans capture him?
    Is he talking?
    Did he escape with the help of fanatic rebels?
    Is he on the lam?
    So on and so forth…

    • CWK permalink

      Someone PLEASE tell me, what the hell has the Koreans got to do with his work in Hong Kong???

      • raza permalink

        think about it like this he was having one of those rants where you go off on a tangent completely unrelated to the original aspect of the rant

  91. Anonymous permalink

    One month without update. Baah.

  92. Tats permalink

    It’s “for the month of June” guys, it’s still June. Keep your pants on.

    • Anonymous permalink

      This is Monster Girl Quest. I’d rather keep my pants OFF.

    • Haley permalink

      Keeping your pants on makes it hard to fap though D:

  93. Anonymous permalink

    WE WANT VH :)

    Btw: that last fight with the fox boss in monster castle on hardest setting is just so uber lucky fight….. it all depends when and if you dodge attack while having sylph turned on… ive done the fight about 40 times and closest i came to defeating her was 2500 hp left but then she captured me with her tail and i had to struggle and after i escaped she used nine moons. Talking about unlucky…. she uses her skills so randomly and its kinda stupid sometimes.

  94. Anonymous permalink

    i like it if there would come more VH
    but still i was wondering if there are any other realy good rpgmaker games out there thet are in english and complete i found many incompleted games but would like a list of english translated ore english made rpg maker games if any of u know some i would realy much like to know

    • Anonymous permalink

      I second that

      • Anonymous permalink

        Unfortunately, the various websites I used to go to that had very organized collections of RM* games all closed down years ago and I only got interested in the scene again when I stumbled across VH purely by chance. That being said, both Hongfire and the LoK Forums have fair collections of adult games made with RM* and various other resources and Humbird0 hosts a few RM2k games at his site. If you’re looking for something more SFW, I’d recommend the stuff over at, as well. I could have given you a whole load of specific recommendations way back when, but it seems like practically everyone and everything useful or interesting disappeared shortly after Geluh and them had to shut down RMD for the final time.

  95. tyr permalink

    Rogue is working, he will probably return in july.

  96. Sajuuk permalink

    yes i know he will be back in july still its sometimes hard to wait.
    and hear notting from him at all so i hope he will be back soon

  97. Kusojijii permalink

    And YES, ladies and gentlemen, it’s now MY time to offer something to the MGQ community! Using my m4d 7r4n$l4t!n6 $k!llz, I present to you… MGQ yonkonma!
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    • 光闇 permalink


    • yabusa permalink

      wow! very nice… xD
      I really wish I have those kind of talents… xD

    • wildhawk permalink

      three hunderd tickes…… ROFLMAF oh wow that funny i still need to practice but iv been thinking i could get some by drawing some monster gilrs

  98. jon permalink

    HEY guys can anyone tell me what the meaning of VH stand for is this a game pls show me some iamges…thx guys

    • Imoutocon permalink

      Its really awesome and there is a wiki for it, google “scratchpad vh wiki” without the quotes.
      Or a direct link
      That game have lolis, big boobs, clothes, quests, rape, virginity effects,money system, shops, hidden rooms, H-events almost every where, monsters that rape you, people that rape you, personality (charm,purity,sexual awareness,state of mind) in numerals, sexual experience counter(cum inside, pregnancies, cumoutside,sex)… etc etc and alot more awesomeness.
      Downside is that it is alwawys updating and its partially complete, upside is that new content comes in occasionally, so check the wiki or chk urself when u have the time.

    • Brian permalink

      VH= Violated heroine

  99. Reik permalink

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but i was wondering if anyone has a save file with the 100% enciclopedia (aka all atacks and everything) for MonQue2

  100. Worstcase permalink

    I don’t suppose anyone knows where I could download all the vector images for the sprites, in addition to the background images used? I suspect they are hidden away within the .NSA files, but they are as far as I can tell inaccessible at this time.

  101. Anonymous permalink

    I miss Rogue

  102. Anonymous permalink

    Just so everyone knows, the panda in the picture is Ken Ashcorps’ avatar wearing Luka’s clothes, they didn’t turn him into a fury

  103. Anonymous permalink

    sorry, can I ask a question? I can’t access several sites such as and and all the proxy sites are all unaccessible… any suggestion of how to unblock the blocked sites?

    thanks… need your help!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Looking at porn on school/work. Shame on you.
      To answer your question; use Tor browser. However, if they have blocked proxy webbsites they have probably blocked Tors download page. Tors proxys _should_ bypass their protection. Just google Tor browser and you should easily find it

      • Worstcase permalink

        TOR and a normal proxy are different. But you are not wrong in that you can possibly use TOR to bypass any restrictions in place. TOR is a VPN and ONION ROUTER.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Depends really, the easiest way is to put Firefox on a USB drive and install it on the computer. After that use Firefox’s built in proxy thingy.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You know that you need more then just the pluggin.. and its much easyer to download the pre-configured bundle

  104. AnonS permalink

    I’ve asked this before but I’ve never seen an answer, or maybe I missed it.

    We know the game’s music has many remixes from classic RPGs. Do we have a listing of the games and what tracks? I’d like to have the originals to listen to and I think I’d also like to play them. Some are easy, Chrono Trigger’s Magus theme for Maou for instance, but a lot I don’t recognize.

    Things are slowing down so maybe we can work as a community to figure it out? Or if it’s been done, can anyone spare a link? Google thus far has failed me.

  105. Anonymous permalink

    I was also the only person who mentioned a classic game remix with chrono trigger. for the record, its not magus’s theme. Theres a total of 5 remix songs in the new game mod. Maybe you have the wrong idea but the only song that was not remixed with rap was “Fayx” (granberria’s second fight). All of the songs in fayx were part of the original game just remixed using sound synthesizers. No additional games other than Chrono trigger.

    • AnonS permalink

      Your comment actually confuses me. I don’t know why you are mentioning a new game mod, I was referring to the actual game, MGQ2. A lot of it sounds very familiar, and I’ve seen other people state every or almost every track in the game is a remix of an original JRPG track.

      Now either you are telling me that is false, or I am not understanding you correctly. Also it sounds exactly like Magus’ theme to me, so I don’t know how it couldn’t be inspired off of that.

      • Lowlightt permalink

        You are not wrong sir, 90% of the songs are nods to other rpgs, ie the regular battle music is a pokemon nod.

  106. KnuxTheTurtle permalink

    I beat this mod and had ideas of my own, so I decided I wanted to make a mod for MGQ. I looked up how to get the code from the nscript.dat file. I did. What in the name of Illias is this game coded in?! Where would I even begin if I wanted to make sense of this stuff? Halp please, Rogue? (You’re my Hero, btw. And not a fake one, either.)

    • Anonymous permalink

      The code is actually rather easy to understand if you’re a little familiar with programming/scripting languages.

  107. permalink

    sorry if I sounded like an asshole, but….

    it’s already July!!! c’mon rogue, we are totally waiting here…
    Illias bless you, my friend, amen!!!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Depends on your local time zone. Even without that, you have to take into account travel time, jet lag, prior exhaustion and unpacking – not to mention any delays resulting from malfunctioning hardware, whether his own or his ISP’s! Come back in a week, then start griping. Better yet, make yourself useful and grab some screenshots to help expand the VH or MGQ wiki.

    • AnonS permalink

      He’s probably not even back yet. Only two things happen when you have a project, it either gets cut short and you come back home earlier, or it drags on and you’re gone for months. I don’t think I’ve ever actually had an assigned project go to term, it’s always more or less.

  108. MarkA permalink

    Rouge, can you translate this game when you get back and MGQ3 has not come out.
    [Vanadis] Mamono Musume-tachi to no Rakuen ~Slime & Scylla~

    If anyone knows a link for the game download and if there are already translations please tell me, it would help me a lot.

    • Anon permalink

      Rogue said he won’t translate Vanadis stuff
      It’s too vanilla for him ;)

  109. Anonymous permalink

    Wow, July 1st and people immediately start demanding their fix. Seriously guys, give Rogue a fucking break here.

    • Anonymous permalink

      ONE person isnt people.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Even were it more than one person stating such demands for the record, get off your high horse. We all know that each of us has been impatiently anticipating his return and associated contributions since before he even mentioned his departure.

  110. MarkA permalink

    Sorry, just wanted to know if anyone had anything for the game…

  111. Anonymous permalink

    Everything is amazing and nobody is happy.

  112. H-Fan permalink

    Hi guys,

    I was roaming on the hongfire forums the other day looking for some good hentai games. There are lot’s of them, but most of them are in Japanese. And without awesome translators like Rogue, playing them with limited translation software takes a large part of the enjoyment out of them. So I was thinking… fuck it! Why try making one myself… So now I’ve mapped out some blueprints and know how the system’s going to be setup. (it will be very DF like but dealing with erogue) The reason I’m posting here is because I wanted to implement a MGQ theme to the history of the game. The idea I had in mind was to make it not the present time of the current MGQ, but the era before. (so no Luka, four heavenly knights, etc. etc.) I wanted to know if I could get in trouble with copyright issues if I used certain things from MGQ. (goddess Illias, prior Alice generation of monster lords, maybe some location names, some of the fighting moves, etc. etc. etc.) No sprites will be drawn. The game is purely text. I’m not sure if Rogue translated the names into some random names he made up, so just curious to know.

    I will throw up a demo in a couple of weeks I think.


    • Anonymous permalink

      Sounds cool bro, will keep an eye out for it.

      Anyway, there’s no way you’d get in trouble for using MGQ characters, as long as you don’t plan on selling the game. And yeah, Rogue did translate the names from the Japanese; he didn’t make any of them up.

    • Denamic permalink

      The japanese are pretty forgiving about fan works.
      Their doujin circles is a huge and integral part of their manga culture, despite being technically illegal, for example. It should be fine.

      • AnonS permalink

        Yeah but only to other Japanese. If you make a US project in English they usually find you and pursue legal action. That is what happened with the Chrono Trigger game at 99% completion, Streets of Rage Remake after release (haha too late on that), the Sonic 2 HD project I think got stopped too, and I think there were a few more that I knew of.

        Those are mostly Sega and Nintendo though, and MGQ is a small private dev. Also I’d like to think Toro likes us because we buy his Japanese game. Or at least, we try to, I understand probably most didn’t, but I think a lot of us did and without Rogue I think that would be 0 of us that buy the game. Any US sales he gets he has to be thinking are gravy.

        • Denamic permalink

          Those are corporations; I was talking about doujin circles. Indie devs, basically.

    • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

      A Erotic rougelike game? Sounds like a good conversation piece! Ultimately, its hard to make one thats fun, but not frustrating. I wish yee luck.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Rougelike? what did that come from? If its rougelike you are after, i dont think that text based game would sattesfy you. Get T&S. Download rouges partial patch.

        • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

          He made a comparison to a rougelike in his description. I laughed at the idea. I posted without thinking too hard.

    • raza permalink

      I think you can get away with it as a fan fiction project kinda thing

  113. Anon permalink

    So when will this site go offline?

  114. Anonymous permalink

    Silly question:

    Any way to speed up Violated Heroine’s text?

  115. Anonymous permalink

    Welp…it’s July 3rd, Rouge must have been captured by the Chinese police.

    RIP ;_;

  116. tyr permalink

    maybe Rogue is trapped inside a Iron Maiden…lol

    • Anonymous permalink

      Oh god… The Monsterpedia entry for the Iron Maiden does say that one escaped from Witch Hunt Village… Poor Rogue.

      Oh well, worst-case scenario: he dies, then gets an Evaluation from Ilias. He’ll defeat it and be back soon enough. He is a hero, after all.

  117. kana-art permalink

    Hey guy!! I have a new game about Monstergirls game. It ‘s “Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki da!”.

    Here is vedio from youtube.

    • 光闇 permalink

      Interesting, but is it worth playing?

    • Wow, seemed pretty explicit for a youtube video (even with the censoring). The art looks great, seems to have quite a few scenes.

      My only hope is that the characters are believable or tug at the heart strings. Regardless, I will keep my eye on this one.

    • tyr permalink

      Didn’t knew about that….there is a release date already?

  118. Anonymous permalink

    i don’t think hes dead he’s probably just busy with his work.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s not a probably, he IS busy at work.

  119. Anonymous permalink

    He’s probably caught by the Koreans. He is a valuable guy.

  120. Gurofiend24 permalink

    I hope he still goes for Violated heroine first -.-

    • Anonymous permalink

      What else is there to translate? T&S? .. Oh, It would be wonderfull if he did the secound part of t&s

  121. Incubusknight permalink

    So I got my hands on “Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki da!” but it looks like there’s a patch needed to fix a start up problem, anyone know where the patch is, or know of a guide for setting up the game?

    • Anonymous permalink

      how’d u get that game i looked but couldn’t find it

    • Anonymous permalink

      the no-dvd patch :
      the password is rinasuzuki
      You put the file in the directory of the game and voila !

    • Anonymous permalink

      Plz post the link for “Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki da!” coz i googled it but couldn’t find it anywhere…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki da!
      the torrent :
      file size : 2.43 Go

    • Anonymous permalink

      Plz someone tell me,is “Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki da!” worth playing???

  122. Raze permalink

    Who’s willing to form a rescue party to save Rogue? Damn Koreans…

    • Teaz permalink

      count me in, bro…

      come hither, ye brother-in-arms of us!! save Rogue, we shall!!!

  123. Sajuuk permalink

    well i hope rogue will translate VH first TS can wait for later.
    its not that its not a good game but only i much rather play VH much more fun.
    but its all up to Rogue what he will translate first.
    i do hope we will hear something from him soon its been a while.
    but we will see

  124. Anonymous permalink

    Seems Rogue needs a few days without us…..hope hes fine. :D

  125. Softicedragon permalink

    Seems Rogue need a few days without us after his trip…..hope hes fine.

  126. Incubusknight permalink

    it worked thanks for the patch.

  127. Anonymous permalink

    Everyone he is OBVIOUSLY dead

  128. Anonymous permalink

    I know its not hentai, but rage of bahamut, a “card game” app for iphone or ipad has a bunch of sexy monster girls or cosplay girls. Some even become more scantily clad as you upgrade them. Use my referral code to get a free rare and some in game money if you decide to play: aoq98203

    • yourfriendlyneighborhoodderp permalink

      also corruption and vore among other things

    • anon permalink

      use mine instead odm17418.
      Rogue are you prison? Abducted?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Or you can DONT USE ANY. Sorry, that game sux balls and it is as far from fappble as you can get

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        Some of us enjoy card games and play them for something other than fapping. Now go away.

    • anon permalink

      almost level 50 anonymous, but no one has done mine(odm17418)

  129. Imoutocon permalink

    Worst case scenerio(for us) = best case(for him) = He found a well paying job and gave up translating for us.

    • Anonymous permalink

      No, its not. Worst case senario, he is dead.. how is that better for him?

  130. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    RIP Rogue, Translator of hearts ;_; .

  131. tyr permalink

    Rogue isn’t dead. He scaped the Iron Maiden but now he needs to fight Lily :D

  132. raza permalink

    lads you no he’s okay problably i can’t say for sure but odds are he’s taking a break for a week working can be taxing you need a little r and r from time to time

  133. Anonymous permalink

    It’s funny how this fuss about Rogue being dead/kidnapped happens on almost every blog post.

    • Anonymous permalink

      He didn’t pop in and said hi on 4th of July. As a proud American he should love thy flag and should spread the americanness with all its political promises that the do keep and their blossoming recycling business, corrupting earth like a maggot on an apple, slowly hollowing it out.
      He didn’t. That means he is dead.. Or an illegal alien; and the worst kind of them too.. A Canadian

      • Anonymous permalink

        He went to China, who the f*** would publicly support USA in CHINA? I mean aside of those who want to die.

        • Anonymous permalink

          “who the f*** would publicly support USA in CHINA?”
          I’d say who the f*** would publicly support USA out of USA.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Well said

          • 光闇 permalink

            Why do people think that way about the US?

        • Anonymous permalink

          .. US and China has more in common then you think..

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Especially with the amount of censorship and limitations the US government is trying to impose on the Internet in order to make the lobbies happy.

            Personally I think the lobbies should use all the money and effort they’re investing on choking the Net down into, you know, making movies and albums that don’t suck, stuff that people would WANT to buy instead of stuff so bad it’s barely worth pirating. Just saying…

            Start by never allowing Uwe Boll near a goddamn camera again. His movies are integral part of the problem.

  134. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Probably because of the massive number of societal problems that the country suffers from.
    patriotism is good and all, but it won’t get rid of all the violence, paranoia and crippling national debt.

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      not that other countries lack their own issues.

      • Anonymous permalink

        sigh this was gonna be a rant but it would’ve been pointless so again sigh

  135. Kusojijii permalink

    OK, I tried to be patient. Now a week has passed and I’m antsy.
    But I shall wait more.

  136. 光闇 permalink

    People love to hate, and are hesitant to love.

  137. 光闇 permalink

    Oh my god, 3 is going to be amazing.<3

    • Anonymous permalink

      That, i can agree on. Lets juat hope that it will meet our expectations

  138. 光闇 permalink

    Oh hell yeah, the only thing I am at all worried about is the chimera projects. Some of them look like they will have a hard time tempting me into submission…

  139. yourfriendlyneighborhoodderp permalink

    the fucking koreans got him. everybody get out your gear

  140. Anonymous permalink


    oh boy

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nah. Character design looks boaring. There are better things to fap to

    • Anonymous permalink

      Agreed, those are some of the tamest looking “Monster Girls” I’ve seen in a long time.

      • Anonymous permalink

        True, but that seems to put it within the realm of mainstream adoption, and there’s not all that much monster girl stuff anyway. I could see this possibly getting an ecchi anime, or at the very least, a hentai OVA or two. I’d rather see Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (which has accessible designs that are still very interesting and well written characters), and that could have a decent chance as well, although being a new manga, there probably will not be enough material for a series for a good while. A VN, on the other hand, will probably have enough for at least a one cour show upon release with a few modifications to cover the different routes.

        • Anonymous permalink

          …. VNs are (in my experence) superior to animes in possibly every way. A great VN is a gazillion times better then a good anime.
          Dont know if its the same with porn though

    • yourfriendlyneighborhoodderp permalink

      vandissoft? gtfo nigtits

    • Anonymous permalink

      Octopus girl wearing thighighs, lol.

    • Anonymous permalink

      freaked me out more than any thing related to death and terrifying monsters that aren’t cruel and act like school girls…………um i’m scared of the mastermind behind this

  141. Denamic permalink

    I’m telling you people, it’s the Russians.
    It’s always the Russians.
    In video games, but I’m sure it applies here too.
    I’m on to you, Russians. I’m watching you.

  142. Softicedragon permalink

    Kommt der Trottel eigentlich irgendwann auch mal wieder oder muss ich mir jetzt ernsthaft irgendeine beschissene googlepampe ziehen sobald mgq3 rauß ist um irgendwas verstehen zu können? -__-

    • Anonymous permalink

      … You know that english is the official language of the internet, right?
      Dont make me google-translate that shit

    • Anonymous permalink

      Wie wär’s, wenn du, statt in einer Sprache, die hier so gut wie keiner versteht, den Übersetzer als Trottel zu bezeichnen, etwas Sinnvolles schreiben würdest?

      @Anon above: You’re not missing anything, if you don’t know, what that idiot says.

  143. Anonymous permalink

    Rest in peace, Rogue. Your work will be remembered.

    • Anonymous permalink

      :c Who will now take on the giant called viola t take you to valhallaed heroine? ..So many tried but only you came this far. May you have died a noble death in battle and valkyrs take your soul to valhalla

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ooohh man… hate mobile browsers so much.. and no delete button for anons

  144. Anonymous permalink

    As long as he is alive and well. :) When is his trip over and come home?

  145. Toriningen permalink

    I don’t think the Chinese could even persecute him or anything. As far as I know of, there’s no way to link his real identity to RogueTranslations. I don’t think Rogue would do something risky like bringing his NSFW laptop either.

    Maybe Rogue is on extended leave? He said the month of June, so there’s a chance he’s working for 1-2 more weeks. Let’s be patient guys. And it’s not like he would be executed either for getting caught.

  146. tyr permalink

    Relax people…. Soon or later he will come back :)

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nah, he dead.. And i dont think a zombie Rouge would be able to write well enough to tell us that he is “alive” and kicking

    • Jos permalink

      There you go, 1 June just when he left.

      • Bob Bobertson permalink

        So you’re saying Rouge was a “private secretary to a vice-minister in the security ministry” who “fell into a pretty woman trap” by the CIA? And besides, this official was arrested in between January and March.

        Or maybe I’m looking too hard into this and you’re just having a laugh (I hope so…).

        • Jos permalink

          Yes, I am joking. I just found it funny especially the pretty woman trap :p

          • Bob Bobertson permalink

            *sigh of relief*

            It was a pretty funny article, though it might make me paranoid of “pretty women traps” in the future.

          • Bob Bobertson permalink

            *sigh of relief*

            It was a pretty funny article, though it might make me paranoid of “pretty women traps” in the future. >.>

  147. GenocideHeart permalink

    For those who care, I uploaded chapter 8 of my MGQ fanfic. Get it on MG Unlimited or, as usual.


  148. Bob Bobertson permalink

    I think that Rouge may be back but he doesn’t have anything to update us with, hence his absence from this lovely blog-thing.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Prob. Would be fun though if he never was away on a trip, working on VH without us knowing. Rogue, im waiting for you to release the full patch this week

    • Anonymous permalink

      Prob. Would be fun though if he never was away on a trip, working on VH without us knowing. Rogue, im waiting for you to release the full patch this week. Dont dissapoint me :p

      • Anonymous permalink

        Don’t put your hope up. I expect him to be back in a few week to resume the project, at least.

  149. james123 permalink
    he has logged on hongfire 3 days ago , so he is alive :P

  150. Euffeh permalink

    Hey guys. I posted here earlier about my issues over in Thief and Sword. I was wondering if you guys could give me a little more help. I received an e-mail suggesting AppLocale, and this is what’s going on:

    Hey, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to answer me!

    Here’s what I have done so far:

    I got the game and the patch both, and extracted the game. I put the patch within, and tried to run it from there, didn’t work.

    Secondly, I tried to take the Daemon compatible file in there and mounted it. Ran setup, and then put the patch in the resulting folder. Blue box.

    Now, with AppLocale downloaded (and Japan as my own personal locale) I tried running setup once more to start with a standard file.

    Now, when I try to run the resulting exe with AppLocale, it apparently regards it as not being a valid file.

    Otherwise, whenever I try to run it it won’t automatically detect the language in use, and won’t work regardless.

    Any suggestions?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m assuming you have resources for the Japanese Regional and Locale Settings installed, so I’m going to just suggest you change your System Locale and Region to Japanese and reboot. If it still doesn’t work then, you either need to re-download T&S or are missing something like the right version of DirectX. If it does work, you should be able to run the launcher from your normal Locale settings using appLocale after completing installation.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Also, you should know that Japanese is the final entry in appLocale’s dropdown list of languages.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Uninstall everything. Set japanese to system thing for non-unicodesomething and install with daemontools again. can be that some names filenames needed the jap support during install.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Some filepaths/names may need the jap support during daemontools mount*

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’ve found that daemontools is a poor choice if working on Vista or later. Alternatively, you can use Alcohol or ElBy (Slysoft) to mount your image, among other options.

  151. Claws61821 permalink

    Has anyone yet discovered a way to get recent and x64 versions of 7zip and WinRAR to cooperate with appLocale, or else found a way to launch them in CP932 without changing System Locale?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Change system locate and keep it japanese. Much more simple

      • Claws61821 permalink

        Unfortunately, whenever I try that, I find myself having to continually switch back to US_EN, so the whole thing is just a pain. Another thing that’s annoying: If you have a 64-bit OS and 64-bit versions of 7zip or WinRAR installed on the same computer, even on a different drive partition, appLocale still won’t work right on even 32-bit versions anymore. >_<

        • Anonymous permalink

          Why switch back? Its not like you gain anything.. The only thing thats different is that backslash is some japanese thingie in the filepaths. Can still use backslash in the filepaths and it still directs you to the right place

          • Claws61821 permalink

            Mainly because of other programs I use semi-frequently which don’t work right – or which I don’t know well enough to use right – in Japanese Locale, and which don’t get along with appLocale. It’s just a thing of inconvenience – like the fact you have to completely restart Windows to change System Locale instead of just logging off and back on.

          • Claws61821 permalink

            Also, the backslash becomes the yen symbol everywhere you type, so it can really screw with anything you’re trying to code if you aren’t careful, because it only works the same in file browsers.

        • Anonymous permalink

          And wait what? it doesnt? Huh… thats odd.. Sure its not something you are doing wrong?

  152. MOREVHPLS permalink

    I need more VH yo… please Ill be nice.

  153. Anonymous permalink

    Is rogue dead?

    • Anonymous permalink

      He is as dead as a horse thats not biting.. Ill bet you that

  154. Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

    I think he is just a man of few words. When something important arises, he will say something.

  155. Has anyone else been checking this blog every day for weeks? I know I have.

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      every second day.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I read the new comments everyday, so yea.

    • Everyday since the 22nd of May, sometimes twice a day. It became kind of a routine.

      • Anonymous permalink

        yea.. It doesnt take a long time, so why not? Nothing like the rush from getting the first, right?

  156. Anonymous permalink

    50 days since an update. Its starting to be a year rogue. Soon you will be officialy dead

  157. Sajuuk permalink

    well i hope he returns soon.
    its been a long time but i have not given hope up yet.
    give it some more time.
    he might just have personal things he need to take care of.

  158. Anonymous permalink

    The wall is starting to become quite big.. Atlest he will know that people have an intrest in his work

  159. Anonymous permalink

    He said he has to work in Honh Kong… dead comes fast in Hong Kong, too

    • Anonymous permalink

      Aye. Death is sudden and silent.. Like a ninja. Only way to prevent it is to stay locked in your basement, only leave the house to buy more beer and chips

      • Anonymous permalink

        He logged in to Hongfire a few days ago.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Few days ago. As i said, death is sudden

          • Ookamisuke permalink

            “There is no way to convince the masses if they are already certain otherwise” Check above. He’s alive. You guys seriously need to stop assuming he’s dead when he doesn’t post for awhile.

  160. Claws61821 permalink

    For those interested, I found an alternative extractor for foreign Locale zip files. DotNetZip Library ( lets you arbitrate a code page (Locale) for it to use to read archives. Just be sure to use the CLI ‘unzip.exe’ for the actual extraction instead of one of the ‘example interfaces’ the author provides.

    • Anonymous permalink

      … sure 7zip doesnt work? Know ive used it before..

      To all you winrar-fags, uninstall that shit. Its not even good

      • Anonymous permalink

        winrar is that winzip?

        • Anonymous permalink

          winrar is old shareware… is pretty useless nowadays when you can get something much better for free. Everyone should be moving onto 7zip/PeaZip.

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