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July 13, 2012

All my previous posts about what I’ll be doing next were complete lies. I’ve gotten a lot busier in the recent days, and just don’t have the time to devote to translating VH and more fan-made MGQ stuff. (Well, I do have some spare time. But not enough to be willing to use it on that).

I’m still planning on doing part 3 when it comes out, of course. But it likely won’t be done as fast as Part 1 and 2 were.


There are also two new sample images of Vampires that were posted on the main site ( ) in June if you haven’t seen them yet. Look for the “New!” in red on the left side, and click the blue link to the side. There has been no release date for part 3 mentioned, so don’t bother asking.

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  2. GenocideHeart permalink


    Sorry, that was the only reaction I found fitting to this news. D:

  3. Anonymous permalink

    well… that sucks.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I’m just glad MQG3 is being translated at all. many thanks

  5. I am just happy to see you are alive

  6. Sajuuk permalink

    u would never have believed that you could lei, but its sad,
    well anyway i wish you good luck and hope that you will
    oneday be translating again becouse you are the best translator i have found
    so far…
    thanks for letting us know
    and be save.

  7. tmx08 permalink

    That to this post… T-T

  8. Febo permalink

    I am glad you are back!

  9. God Of Bukkake permalink

    NOOOOOO!!!!! thx for all your hard work, but now where will i find a translation for VH, oh the humanity.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    All is lost! D:

  11. Anonymous permalink

    I know it’ll be done when it’s done, but I’m curious as to just how much work they have to do for part 3? Surely by part 2 they were done making any major changes to the engine? So it’s “just” content production? Many of the monsters in 1/2 couldn’t have taken more than a couple days to create the art for. Certainly some of the better ones did take longer, but my point is, with the new artist they hired, does this length of development time indicate part 3 is going to be significantly bigger than 1/2?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I heard someone say it’ll be done a couple months from now but I don’t know if it’s true.
      If it takes them the same amount of time as part two then we might see it in September

      • raza permalink

        i think maybe novemeber latest january anyways

        • Anonymous permalink

          Yeah something like that, I don’t mind the wait. We wouldn’t want it rushed and end up with a crappy ending

          • Anonymous permalink

            To be fair, there’s not a lot of mystery behind the story. It’s been pretty clear how the story was going to play out, and there’s only one way it’s going to end. (If you couldn’t tell that Ilias was the real bad guy, etc etc. And if you still haven’t figured out where Luka gets his super powers from yet you’re as unobservant as Luka.)

            That said, I too am eagerly awaiting the final chapter for the story, and not teh prons. It’s fascinating how a game with such an unoriginal story has managed to make it captivating, and for us to develop some degree of emotional attachment with the characters.

          • AnonS permalink

            It was always obvious that Ilias was evil, but I actually don’t remember or know where Luka got his powers from. Where was that indicated?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Exactly, I don’t really care about the h-content, I just really enjoy the story, I haven’t found that many that I enjoy that have gameplay. The only others that I really enjoyed the story like MGQ would be Eien no Aselia(Kinda unoriginal story, but I loved the character development) and Utawarerumono(Can’t wait for the sequel!).

          • Anonymous permalink

            Spoilers: If he’s not a monster, what’s the only other group that has that kind of power? Hint: Look at the name of the abilities he uses when he’s asleep.

          • AnonS permalink

            I think the game has shown his father was a normal man and Alice has stated his mother had no powers. If you’re retroactively going to claim that meant just not demonic powers, that is a pretty big assumption.

            So we’re going with the cliche mother as an angel now? I don’t think this game is going to do that. Your language that someone is unobservant is off the mark imo, since you are just blindly speculating against the actual in game storyline.

          • thewizardninja permalink

            That isn’t “blind speculation”, you just aren’t paying any attention. There’s an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests that Luka has some sort of connection to the angel race. And when you take into account Illias’ comment about Luka’s “dirtied blood”? That not only implies that he’s a mixture of two beings but also that his blood was something once “pure”, but we know she thinks of humans as a failed creation as well so it can’t have been his human blood that was “dirtied” because to her it would already be dirty, and do you really think she’d pay any attention to a half-monster? So what does that leave? Angels. His angel blood is “dirtied” by his human blood.

            See, the best way to deceive someone is to tell them only parts of the truth, and the writers are clearly trying to deceive us. It may be true that the woman Alice inspected had no powers, but when you think about it that proves nothing of importance unless you can prove something else – that the woman she inspected is his real mother. Remember that woman you met in that one village with a “strange and nostalgic feeling” that you never went back to and never did anything in during the first part? I don’t think she’s his real mother but I am sure that she does know who is, as well as who his real father is (who is likely not the man Luka considers his father as well). You just wait and see.

          • King's Phoenix permalink

            (Spoilers) Maybe the name Luka’s mother is Erigora, a fallen angel who is mentionated by Alice berofe arrive the treasure cave in MGQ 1. And for me his father is the same in the story, because they looks same.

    • Anonymous permalink

      anons in chapter 1 the enemy that confuses you so that that you attack and are then trapped sometimes when luka is confused he will say my mother was an angel plus all of his powers names when he is asleep when can assume that he is an half angel from his mother

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Well.. Thats balls….. Thanks anyway though

  13. Anonymous permalink

    hope i can help tho sigh

  14. Anonymous permalink

    how could u do this to us?!?!

  15. Anonymous permalink

    So he wont be translating for a year……. Huh.. :c

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Nice to see that youll take a break. A burned out rogue will do less then nothing at all

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Quit your job! Do a Fenoxo!

    .. on a secound thought, dont.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m not too familiar with Fenoxo’s reasons, but certainly he had other reasons for quitting the job he had. Or I could be wrong, too.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You know, he cant. Even if he wanted to. Taking donations for translating others work is not something that you can do without a lawsuit agenst you.

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  19. yourfriendlyneighborhoodderp permalink

    just a thought rogue, but you didn’t need to lie.
    everyone here loves your translations and i’m sure that they all would have supported you taking a break/getting your shit together

    • Anonymous permalink

      this isn’t a break, its abandonment. He wouldn’t write it like that otherwise. Would be totaly fine with it if he said before his trip “im gonna work in hongkong, bai. Oh, by the way, im gonna take a break from translating when i get back”.
      Now ive waited for him to get back.

      Anyways, you deserve a break rogue.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    It’s perfectly understandable that something more important comes to your life and there isn’t simply

    not enough time for pursue all of them.

    Thanks for all the effort in the past, and thanks again for MGQ3 when it comes out.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Well, I guess, I’m glad you’re alive, I was checking the website almost everyday to see if there’s any update:P
    Chill out bro, you may be busy now, but that doesn’t mean you’re gonna be busy all the time! Eventually they’ll cut you some slack! Good to know you’re back! See ya~

    • Codered999 permalink

      I’m still checking the site everyday to see if he is back or if MGQ3 is out and he started translating. I am not gonna bother with checking around to see when it comes out just knowing that he’s alright and working on whatever he needs to work is fine with me.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    any1 can you help me instaling machine translation for vh?

    • Anonymous permalink

      check the vh wikia. They should have everything you need

  23. Anonymous permalink

    I wouldn’t call them lies, you were probably really planning on doing that, but the situation has changed, that’s all.
    No one has a decent reason to be annoyed at that.

    I can only assume this means your professional career is growing, or you have found something more important irl to devote your free time to. In either case: congratulations.

    If you could keep this site updated even though you’re not working on translating, that would be great as well.
    I’ve found some of my absolute favorite game translations thanks to you mentioning them here. (kamidori for example)

    So kick back, enjoy life, and maybe use the website as a light news site about eroge that interest you (and generally, therefore all of us following this site) if you have at least that much time you still spend in this little world.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    As long as Chapter 3 is one day translated there’s no real rush. The game itself still seems very far away, so we could all sit back. Meditate. Maybe get some elemental translator buffs up beforehand.

    Even then, who knows how big or small the final game is? Besides, Rogue would probably want to play it himself before he starts scribbling notes and playing jigsaw with the script, never mind the coding.

  25. Zoro permalink

    Man I’m just in for the story, I wish they would release a version skipping the H-scenes

    • Anonymous permalink

      Or you could just look away from the screen at the H-Scenes.
      Quite honestly, removing hentai from the game completely would demolish half of the game. Sex is the driving focus behind Luka not wanting to lose. Sex is the reason why Ilias is so against the Monster girls.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can disable the H-scenes from the options menu.

    • AnonS permalink

      I hate losing too. Just try to keep yourself from losing, and you can skip the H-scenes anyway. I had to go back and intentionally lose games in order to fill out the monsterpedia. When I’m playing the actual game I prefer to try and get perfect playthroughs without any losses…except to Alice since those are story rapes.

    • shakey2 permalink

      You do realize the sex scenes are an integral part of the story right? If you take those out the game wouldn’t make sense anymore, they’d have to complete rewrite the story to the point where it wouldn’t be monster girl hunter anymore.

      • shakey2 permalink

        epic typo there, Monster Girl Quest*

        Hunting monster girls and doing the raping doesn’t sound so bad either *drool* I’m all for game over rape but sometimes its fun to be in the dominator’s seat :D

  26. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Do not worry, Rogue. Things will get better eventually.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Ahh, that’s too bad.

    Who is going to translate VH then ? Machine Translations are not that good, imo.

  28. Emile permalink

    Isn’t someone from Hongfire continued to translate VH? (sorry for my bad english)
    version 0.8

  29. Teaz permalink

    at least he’s still alive, that’s what really matters…

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Excellent. I was about to call the A-Team

  31. Anonymous permalink

    VH has beaten another translator. Well fuck I was really looking forward to at least one version that was 100%.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    worst news ever. I came for MGQ got hooked on VH, and still haven’t finished MGQ 2.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    well thats okay rouge, I’d also saying that you weren’t lying rather a miscalculation.
    At least you have the courage to be honest with us.

    Well good luck with your work, we all hope you find some time to translate something

  34. Anonymous permalink

    Noooooo. Now our precious heroine will not get violated until years after.

    Thanks for what you’ve done so far.

  35. Lowlightt permalink

    What is this? Do they do april fools day in july in hong kong?

  36. Anonymous permalink

    Guys, this is pretty much the reason he doesn’t accept donations from us, so that he doesn’t feel that he owes us anything. You have absolutely no reason to complain.

    Best of luck Rogue.

  37. And now for my own two cents worth.

    Once Chapter Three is released, I DO still wish to donate to you for your PAST work, not as a desire to continue seeing you work. No obligation would be necessary.

    I would have to agree with one particular user here; I would like to see an occasional update on your blog here from time to time. Though I myself knew you weren’t dead, that’s not to say that there will always be those amongst the masses who don’t hear from you for a week and think “Oh, he died”.

    You do an excellent job, and I wish you the BEST of luck at your job! Here’s to hopes of life getting a *little* easier for you in the near future. *Raises glass*

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same here. If only he had twitter, it would be very easy to post a quick update so people won’t freak out and think he died

  38. Anonymous permalink

    Regardless of what happens, its good to see you back!

  39. NK33400 permalink

    a bit sad you know, but it’s ok, I think I understand you a bit. I’m in the age of entering U
    and I have to take my hand off this business too – -“

  40. Data, Android permalink

    Ya know, the word “lies” implies something important!

    I have conhcluded, that he did not intend for it to happen and it was forced on him. It is most possible the case that he intended to go on as usual and and keep translating and spending time for us as he used to.

    He was forcibly recreuited by the Koreans and workd part-time as an agent, thus decreasing the amount of time he can spend on this endeavour.


  41. Malcanthet permalink

    Hey rogue! Glad to see you alive.

  42. Bob Bobertson permalink

    ‘Tis sad news indeed, though I also like the idea of a little update every now and again.

    Anyways best of luck for the future!

  43. Part of me died today. A small part of me hopes that you are fucking with us though.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you sincerely for all your hard work and dedication.

    Now I have some time to learn moon.

    • Anonymous permalink

      learn moonspeak? are you mad?! Takes too long time before its usefull.. Although i do not have better things to do with my time, i will not

  45. Gurofiend24 permalink

    Your not LIES! You’ve just become LAZY! Thanks for your hard work thus far, but it seems free time’s got the best of you. Tis a shame.

  46. Anonymous permalink

    You said there would be VH Rogue
    Where is the VH

  47. Anonymous permalink

    any chance you’ll still translate VH before MGQ3 , ( even wether it will be many months from now on ) ?

    for someone who hasnt gotten into MGQ, cant deny this is a sad moment.
    But we’ll manage somehow.
    Make the best of your life, rogue

    • Anonymous permalink

      There is a korean translating VH over at Hongfire if you are desperate. Havnt tried it. He posts in a quite broken engrish so dont know if its anything of value

  48. Fayt Leingod permalink

    I’ve missed you Rouge. How have you been? I’ve been wandering off to Fenoxo’s CoC far too much for my own good.

  49. anonymous permalink

    I feel depressed. This has been the worst fridaty the 13th ever.

    I don’t blame you for anything of course, but damn, how inconvenient. I hope you’ll decide to do VH some day, if no one else has done it by then. That game has made me completely stop caring about MGQ.

  50. AnonS permalink

    Not really a big deal, I haven’t been playing through the fan content myself. When I read the title I thought he was going to announce no MGQ3 translation, but a little slower whenever it comes out isn’t that big of a deal. Also Rogue is a pervert like the rest of us, so he will wind up doing it quicker than he thinks when he starts playing it probably (and whenever it gets released).

    Then after all 3 parts are done and we’ve played through it a few times, it gives us something to do on this blog with sporadic releases several months or so apart. I’m sure I’m not the only one that likes hanging out here.

    • raza permalink

      wish we had jackets or at least a t-shirt i’m begining to miss the two role players they were fun

  51. Anonymous permalink

    but what about the new game + mod? anyone heard anything about that? i mean part 2 of course

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for shooting straight with us. :-) Just hope the busy-ness is of the wanted variety.

  53. 光闇 permalink

    Hate you, Rogue <3

  54. Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

    Ehh. Everything you said was fair game, but Im glad you got a message out…

    Those new vampires… The are in the uncanny valley it seems.

  55. Anonymous permalink

    haters gonna hate

  56. Anonymous permalink

    My heart may have just died a little, but I’ll always love you Rogue.

  57. Steve permalink

    Thank you for all of your hard work, Rogue.

    I actually was considering an attempt at translating VH myself, but the main dissuading factor is the flow and extent of the updates. I don’t want to end up spending all that time to find out that the stuff I translated was taken out in a new update. :/

    Best of luck to your future endeavors, and I hope you one day find time enough to assist/spearhead more translation efforts.

  58. Anonymous permalink

    Since I don’t care about VH:

    NOOOOOO, MGQ Part 3 is going to take longer to be translated!!!!!


    • Anonymous permalink

      WHAT! Done care about VH?! BURN THE WITCH!

  59. Anonymous permalink


    He just got lazy.

  60. Anonymous permalink

    Dude thanks so much for translating the first 2! These games are great and I really hope you’ll be able to translate 3 when it comes out. If you ever do open donations for 3 I will throw money your way for sure, and some retro-payments for 1 & 2 as well. You deserve it!

    Good luck w/ everything going on in your life and I’ll be watching your board for updates when MGQ 3 comes out.

    • Anonymous permalink

      He would get his ass sued if he ever accepted donations for translating others work. Its kinda copyright laws there.. However, if we labeled it differently.. Yea, that could work; Donation found for Rogues chicken farm

      • Anonymous permalink

        But some people accept money for translations. Biribiri for example translate lolicon and toddlercon (for those who don’t know – it’s super lolicon with girls 2-8 years) ONLY for money and not giving a fuck o_O

        • Anonymous permalink

          Don’t think toddlercon porn is what you want to bring up in court.. Or that big market. If there is no money in a business, why bother?

      • Companies don’t give a shit if you’re getting money out of it or not. The reason why he won’t accept donations is because he doesn’t want to feel like he’s obligated to provide his translation services because people paid him. Simple as that.

        • Anonymous permalink

          There where one translation team that was taken down for accepting donations.
          Darksomething-some.Dont say that they dont give a crap. They do. A lot.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I know why he doesnt accept donations but you cannot say that companies dont give a crap. OFC they do. Why shouldbt they if you are making money out of their stuff

          • My comment referred to they don’t give a shit if you’re getting mone yout of it or not in the context of a lawsuit. if they want to sue you bad enough, they’ll do it even if you’re translating it for free.

      • Lowlightt permalink

        He can’t be sued for translating a game that can’t be released in other countries due to the fact that it contains material that would have it banned, (contains shotacon and lolicon). Other crimes could levied at him but copy-write infringement is not one of them.

        • Anonymous permalink

          .. so you are saying that copyright is invalid if its not sold in a country?
          .. Its not like the first crime would simply fade away. If anything, stack.

          I know this shit. Please, just trust me.

          • Anonymous permalink

            ahhh law the only topic you can ask me about that makes me genuinely disgusted
            The theory of law spot on crime = punishment this is what i like
            the execution crime = delay upon delay in court = jail that is practically run by the prisoners behind the scenes = prisoner released in a few years on “good behavior” this is so flawed and full of contradictions mind you i’m only thinking worst case scenario but still you know

          • AnonS permalink

            He is saying, and I agree with him, that the other issues are far more of a problem. If he accepts donations he has to set up a processor of some sort, and that can be tracked back to him. If it can be tracked back to him, in the US, we have plenty of holier than thou governmental officials backed by soccer moms that want to throw everyone in jail for every little reason. Translating this game and putting it online, in the US, would be considered kiddie porn. In fact probably Rogue uses torbrowser to make his posts, and frankly we probably all should be using it too just in case, but it’s far more likely they go after the guy translating and making the posts than going after us.

            Especially since wordpress probably isn’t going to give out our IPs anyway without a subpoena, and possibly doesn’t even keep statistics on visitors.

            Translations aren’t a copyright infringement. They are at most a derivative work. That is why you see many many translation patches which simply don’t host the underlying game. There are websites that openly have translated manga and plenty that release translated anime. These groups all accept donations as well. For the games they’re more careful and only host patches, for anime and manga they will have the actual anime and manga though, although usually through torrent or filesharing so they don’t usually host themselves either, but Rogue also uses those things for his patches anyway.

            Regardless, Rogue will not accept donations so this is rather moot. Fortunately he does not need the money and does this as a hobby.

          • Anonymous permalink

            @anin s. Even if you don’t host their game itself, modifying their files and release them for profit is against copyright thingy.. even if its a optional fee. and keeping his identity safe is something you can do even if accepting donations.. just don’t use paypal. There are anonymous alternatives for that (mostly used to buy and sell drugs via the internet)

  61. Anonymous permalink

    It’s always tough when such dedicated and skillfull translators hit the dust. People like you are very rare, Rogue, thus it hurts even more when you decide to step down. There’s no denying it, the summer is ruined, and both fall and winter looks just as bad, but you have done such good work up to now that I can’t find it in me to be angry with you. Whatever you decide to do from here on, I wish you luck in your endavours.

    *Runs away crying*

  62. wooron permalink

    I hope someone volunteers to translate part 3

    • Anonymous permalink

      .. If you missed it, Rogue will trabslate part 3

      • wooron permalink

        he will take a long time

        • Anonymous permalink

          longer. he was fast with both the first and secound part. The third will prob only take a couple of weeks more

          • wooron permalink

            he said he has gotten “a lot busier” lately, ill take that as it will take a long time

          • Anonymous permalink

            No u

  63. Anonymous permalink

    Understandable. Dude has already done a shitload, can’t live for work and translating games alone.

  64. Anonymous permalink

    Dat first Vampire second picture down “But then I got distracted but Luka’s hot ass”.

  65. Anachon permalink

    Hey there
    First i wanted to say thanks for the translation to this awesome game, a shame for everyone who missed it (not only because of the hentai^^ i really love the story)
    Now to the part why i came here: I’m interested in translating MGQ from english into german. So i wanted to ask about how you do the whole stuff, or at least if you can tell me where i can find the tools to start with.
    Or if anyone of the commentators around here know the answer please tell me =)
    I left my email so you can message me, but of course i will check here later too.

    Thank you in advance

    • Bernd permalink

      Krankes Schwein, du bist doch voll auf Lolis abgefahren, dscheisse stimmt doch!

      • Anachon permalink

        Yo natürlich hab ich das Spiel gefunden weil dort Furrys, Lolis und was noch alles drin sind. Als wenn das net der eigentliche Sinn des Spiels ist. Nenn mich ruhig krank, damit komm ich locker klar^^

        Zum Glück bin ich nicht von deiner Meinung abhängig noch interessiert es mich warum du diesen Blog liest wenn es so krank ist denn ansonsten könnte es leicht peinlich hier drin werden.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hentai auf deutsch? DAS ist krank!

      somelolicatgirl’s unicode hack is probably the most important thing for you:
      Without it you won’t be able to use umlaute.

      • Anachon permalink

        (so everyone understands what i’m saying *looks at a specific anon*)
        Thanks, i should have guessed Hongfire was a good place to start searching^^

        I don’t like german hentai translations either but, even if most guys here won’t believe it, i need a german translation for a story-focussed project.
        Maybe you can guess what i’m planning if you ask youtube for my channel ;P

        Anyway thanks again

    • Hey, you have my full support to take the English translation into whatever language you want, or to modify it in any way… I didn’t ask Torotoro’s permission, so I don’t expect anyone to ask mine.

      The tools I used I got off Insani’s site ( ). I used NSDEC to extract the script from the .dat file, then used notepad++ to edit the script. There are some unique oddities with the nscripter engine around double byte (Japanese and other languages) and single byte text (English). If you spend some time experimenting with modifying the text I have in there, you should be able to figure it out quickly enough.

      I’ve been contacted by two spanish translators, one russian, one portuguese and one italian so far… I believe all of them have stopped. Don’t get discouraged, it won’t be done in a few weeks. Just keep at it and slowly do more and more, and eventually it will get done!

      • Anachon permalink

        Big big thanks, worked like a charm.

        One last question: Am i correct if i assume that NScripter SDK is the programm i have to use to get my translated “result” file back into nscript.dat format?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Name your script file “0.txt” and run nscmake.exe

  66. Bakaman permalink

    I think he is still imprisoned in Korea and was forced to write this. If you look at the first two paragraphs you will find that he wrote “help me”!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Those Koreans can’t outsmart us! Let’s go rescue him!

      • Anonymous permalink

        They won’t stand a chance! Unless we have to fight them in Starcraft…

  67. Anon permalink

    Glad to see your still around, don’t worry about vh, I’m sure that you will get around to it eventually and if you don’t no biggie, I’m sure someone will pick up where you left off.

    Take it easy

  68. oh well its ok i guess but seriously i wish we could have your vh translations; have a nice time.

  69. Rei permalink

    Well man you gota do whatcha gota do shit happens and people get mad but they will still beg you for the translations you do which are amazing :D

  70. raza permalink

    Lad just do one thing for us look after yourself try not to get rundown by your work by that i mean get frustrated and angry doesn’t help. And technically i suppose you didn’t really lie all you said was that you’d try just take your time and do things at your own pace if people are really supportive they should try to understand your situation OR they problably do but post to relieve their unhappiness kind of like criticism in a way doesn’t really help if it’s rude but still i’m a little bit on the understanding side :L

    Your situation comes before ours when it’s to do with your personal life

    if need be just take a few months away from the blog (1 post a month or something to let the fans know how things are going people get worried and think your dead i even saw one post saying you were captured and tortured or something along those lines dunno why? comic relief? maybe i’ll go back and read through them again :D anyway off topic)

    • raza permalink

      also considering that your time after your business trip seems to be taken up i suppose the purpose of the trip was a success congrats

  71. chibishiroiryu permalink

    What ? You lied to me ?
    I will never forgive you ! :o
    Or i think i can. ^^
    Good luck. I just hope for the translations when the game will be out.

  72. jackazz permalink

    whos going to translate part 3 now?

    • Anonymous permalink

      “I’m still planning on doing part 3 when it comes out, of course” You should read the whole thing…

  73. Anonymous permalink

    are there still other translation projects of other translators and if so.
    where can i find them,

  74. Anonymous permalink

    You have to look that : (Monster Girl Encyclopedia II + Fallen Brides) I’m really looking forward to that ^^

  75. Anonymous permalink

    Could someone tell the new VH translator to create a page dedicated to their work, just like rogue has one.

    • Anonymous permalink

      havnt seen his translation yet but as i said before, he posts in a quite broken engrish. dont know if the translation is worth it

  76. LEO permalink

    Wait..”VH” That Game Violated Hero… You’re gonna translate it????

    • Anonymous permalink

      violated hero is translated. we are talking about violated heroine.. a much better game

      • Anonymous permalink

        >violated hero is translated

        ummm no, not for a long long time.

  77. Softicedragon permalink

    its better if anyone looks for another guy who can translate mgq3. The fact, that he will be very busy now and needs more time for transaltion….well i think a simple idiot translation from google its ok too. -__-

    • Anonymous permalink

      Ther most probably will be a google translation. But I’d rather wait longer than ruin my experience with a shitty translation.

  78. Anonymous permalink

    You’re right … Even though he says that he plans of doing mgq3’s translation, probably he will give up after that announcement about his time. Most people do that.

  79. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    I think as a man who loves Monstergirls almost as much as I do, Rogue would never abandon part 3. Just be patient.

  80. sajuuk permalink

    i also believe rouge will translate part 3 as only to complete his work.
    he just wont do any more other games but who knows.
    maybe in time he will.
    would be nice to find someone who can translate VH.
    but only time will tell.
    and thank you rogue, for translating part 1 and 2 of monster girl quest.
    hope to see you translate part 3 aswell.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I guess it depends on if he gets some more free time, maybe he’ll be able to translate other stuff. I’m just happy he’ll translate part 3, I’m excited to play it. Thanks for all your work Rogue! :)

  81. Softicedragon permalink

    Its hard enough to wait for the jap version from mgq3. I dont want to know when the english translation is done if our prince here need his extra time. X3

  82. yourfriendlyneighborhoodderp permalink

    just a thought while it’s in my head, but maybe the reason why he’s so fed up in a sense is the constant heckling and the rather secretive nature of his work combined with a lack of time due to translating
    so let’s do rogue a favor, cheer him on, give him a bit of space, and see what happens

    • I’m not fed up, I just don’t have the amount of free time I had before, and I don’t want to devote it to MGQ side stories or VH or start anything new. So I decided to just wait until MGQ3. I’m pretty much troll proof, you can heckle all you want. I don’t even bother to delete the comments. Thanks for the encouragement though.

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        You really shouldn’t say things like “I’m pretty much troll proof”. There’s some people out there who have nothing better to do with their lives than to prove wrong people who say such things, and besides, there’s also Finagle’s Law. Don’t tempt fate, man. XD

        • Nope, go ahead. There’s no topic that would troll me.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Everyone has their berserk button. It’s just a matter of finding it. That, of course, can take a long time. Then again, so many people claimed this or that was (insert something here)proof, only for people down the line to prove them wrong.

            I’m simply saying that statistically, you have a zero percent chance of being trollproof. Maybe really thick skinned, but someone somewhere can and probably will find the one thing that makes you blow up like a volcano.

            I myself have no interest in trolling – I have better things to do with my time. But others may find that a challenge and start needling at you. Don’t piss Finagle off, is all I’m saying. When you think things can’t possibly get worse, they invariably do.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Just looking at some of the later post you’ve started a shit storm of crappy trolls. That or the Chinese are trying to make rouge slip.

          • CWK permalink

            What have we Chinese got to do with any of this???

    • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

      He is a business man who has had to fly across the big lake several times in the past year, time constraints shouldn’t be much of a surprise, Quite frankly.

  83. Anonymous permalink

    Take your time Rogue. Sort out what you need. We can wait.
    By the time you clear things up there will be a very updated and interesting VH game waiting for you. We will always support your efforts. *Thumbs up* :)

  84. sajuuk permalink

    i understand then we will wait ontil part 3 is out and translated.
    good luck and thanks for all your hard work in the past.

  85. Wellxd permalink

    Would you be willing to translate it faster if you got donations to motivate you?
    (And to the people thinking you can get sued for taking donations, that’s impossbile.)

    • Anonymous permalink

      .. He do not accept donations. not now, not ever

    • Anonymous permalink

      Its not impossible. its illegal to make money out of a mod.

      • Wellxd permalink

        It’s not illegal, he could just take donations for his work. I know because I own a community that runs on donations, in return we give you benefits on a game, and we never had any legal issues for basically 2 years now. And it’s quite big for a fact.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Just cause you never had any issues doesn’t make it legal.

          • Lowlightt permalink

            its not illegal to make money from mods, people do it all the time on nexus. It’s only illegal if your mod contains files from the original game code that would allow people to play the original game or your mod with out buying the original game. Look it up sometime.

  86. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone still have the new game + mod for MGQ?

    If someone does, could you upload it?

    Because every other link i find is pretty much dead.

  87. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t find the patches, the links are dead. Can anyone repost?

  88. Bob Bobertson permalink

    Just throwing this out there but is anyone else still making their own scenarios for the monster lab?

  89. Anonymous permalink

    in the end he will be surely captured by a random monster and became a sex slave for the rest of his life. Happy end XD

  90. Jake permalink

    You are still a god among men for translating all these MGQ for us. Thank you.

  91. Anonymous permalink

    good to know things are still in motion for the release of MGQ…..Honestly I didnt know MonsterGirl was soo popular but not just in Japan but all over the world… Me Myself of course UK = Leeds :P Kenkou Cross is a genius and so is Rogue-T

  92. Anonymous permalink

    I’m having an issue, all of my monster data and saves were lost some how, they were in the save folder, but they stopped showing up in game, and the encyclopedia began showing up as empty. I reinstalled the games, resynched ’em, and started playing again, and a little ways in, the games unsynched on their own, and when I resynched ’em, I lost all the monsters in my encyclopedia, but my saves still worked. I kept going from my saves, but it only adds entries as I defeat the monster, any ideas? I want that doppleganger fight…

  93. Down with Illias permalink

    So could someone give me the jist about what VH is about? Is it just like MGQ except you’re playing a human girl being raped by male monsters?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Its not that simple. Without the H its still a great rpg.. Have to say its the beat one for RPG maker (and ive played alot of them)

      Basicly you are a country girl, getting to the city to try your luck in the guild.

      The only flaw in this game is the combat. In an all Zelda fashion, its quite repedative. Like Zelda, it may be repedative, but not boring. Give it a try. Rouge has translated the first 2 citys

    • Anonymous permalink

      Its not that simple. Without the H its still a great rpg.. Have to say its the beat one for RPG maker (and ive played alot of them)

      Basicly you are a country girl, getting to the city to try your luck in the guild.

      The only flaw in this game is the combat. In an all Zelda fashion, its quite repedative. Like Zelda, it may be repedative, but not boring. Give it a try. Rouge has translated the first 2 cities

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Its a simple rpg game what makes it crazy good is these things,

      1. Tons of events in each city that either involve you in a deep side story or eneviably in your rape.
      2. The character has several stats that basically effect personality which will adjust each and every event in the game based on how they line up,
      3. Tons of bad ends and not so bad ends wait for you to find.
      4. So many fetishes that they don’t no what to do with them all.

  94. Anonymous permalink

    So Rogue, I’m curious.. since you have this nifty program that does basically everything for you then what’s stopping you from sharing it with the rest of us impatient fucks so we can kinda pick up where you left off?

    If you ask me having more than one person working on it would be great… but there may be reasons for you not sharing it, so I just wanted to ask.

    Reposting this from 4chan because I have no idea if you’ll actually catch it there.

    • I didn’t make it, and it isn’t exclusive for VH. It’s usable for any RPGMaker game that uses map files, I think. Since I didn’t make it, I reference people that ask to the guy who made it. There have been a few people who expressed interest that I forwarded along to the maker. I don’t believe any of them did anything with it thus far.

  95. Anonymous permalink

    DISASTER!!!!!!!!! VH will never be translated :(

  96. sajuuk permalink

    there are more translators in the word its only a matter of time.
    we cant force anyone to translate VH but we could try to find a otther translator willing to
    translate this game.
    only question is where.
    to find someone who is willing and able to translate the game.
    ore maybe somone who comes here often wants to continue on VH

    ps roguetranslator.
    thank you for all your hard work, and cant wait ontil mgq3 is out.
    when you start translating it, thanks.
    i respect you and all you have done for us all.
    good luck

  97. Anonymous permalink

    on the latest version of VH ashley is the third main heroin in the game to unlock use a playstation controller press and hold the square button then press hold the triangle button until the heroin selection screen show.she maybe unlocked also by advancing past certain portion of nanakos story

  98. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, I know you said you don’t take suggestions on what to translate, but you recommended Sengoku Rance, so I’m just wondering: If you had more free time, would you ever think about translating the Rance games?

    Rance 6 is being translated quickly by a lone translator, and Rance 8 is being translated by a different translator who will get some outside help from htgp. The older Rance games (like Kichikou, said to be the best) won’t be translated for a while, if ever, and Rance 9 may be out this year.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Rance 3, 4, and 5 are being translated, 3 is 75% done, 4 is 20% done and 5 is 14% done

  99. 051R15 permalink

    Don’t sweat it man, whether you’re busy or not we, your fans, will support you in any way possible

  100. MarkA permalink

    Out of pure curiosity, can you post every so often on how you’re doing?

  101. Anonymous permalink

    Glad you’re still here.

  102. Anonymous permalink

    Any chance of you turning any VH work done since the last upload into a workable version, be it for playing or another translator picking it up?

  103. Anonymous permalink

    we will miss you rogue

  104. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, quick siderail comment here guys, I’ve been trying to download spasmarans NG+ mod for a day or so here (just got internet back after medical training), but the only download links are on mediafire, and have been removed from the site. Was hoping someone knew the location of an alternate download link. Also, freaking love you rogue, keep doing what you gotta do mate!

  105. Anonymous permalink

    ‘T is a pity that you’d lie about it. I know it’s hard news to break to such an array of fans, but we’d all prefer the hard truth to an abominable lie.

    Please do finish the job when 3 comes out.

  106. Anonymous permalink

    We Cantz Haves No Moars VH?


    … Well, time to try and accept that HORRIBLE machine translation as second best.

  107. miichan19 permalink

    is there a way u i can help u? i cant translate though but editing or anything prefer easy job :)

    • Anonymous permalink

      Fuck no.

      • Anonymous permalink

        replying to the same comment twice pretending to be a different person doesnt make ur point more valid

        • miichan19 permalink

          the fuck u talking abt,for the first time i post here -_- ,i felt bad for rogue he being busy with his life,but its seem like u guys patient very strong so i dont have to worry :),i mean i hate people who always said “where is part 3 of MGQ?” ahh felt like wanna kill them,i mean translate a eroge game kinda hard,and might take a 6 months or so ,well i dont mind waiting

          • Anonymous permalink

            i wasnt criticizing you, i think its nice for u to offer help

        • Anonymous permalink

          The double-post was unintentional. There is no way we can allow someone who can not properly speak English to translate this beautiful game. The few, small errors which currently exist ruin the mood enough as is. We don’t need a rape scene where “u she is rape u with her breast become easily defeat with erupting come.” Ilias bless you for having the patience to speak kindly to this fine young man.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Christ no. Go home.

    • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

      I am sorry, but that post invalidates itself due to the horrible English.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well said, good sir.

        • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

          I feel MSQ 3 would loose all impact if its dialogue was seemingly written on a cellphone, owned by someone who didn’t care about outward appearances, who was 12.

          That is all.

          • Anonymous permalink

            that is funny when you type loose

  108. Anonymous permalink

    I just hope, one day…

    I’ll be waiting. :’

    Enjoy your free time!

  109. Haley permalink

    I should be sad about being lied to cept … I’m not cause mgq part 3 is still (eventually) getting done. =D

  110. Anonymous permalink

    Rouge got a girl!? What is this? You cant have a life!

    • AnonS permalink

      Rogue is trying to figure out how not to get raped by her. He keeps losing to breast attack.

  111. Jarvis Cocker permalink

    THANK-YOU for the marvelous work in your MG translations! i bought both releases and doubt i’d have bothered without your contribution – my understanding of the original language being nil and my ability to change that being sourly minimal, due to years of alcohol abusing me, etc. so, yeah – have a wondrous summer!

  112. Anonymous permalink

    And just like that I’m soft.
    Still, the few fan things you did were good while they lasted. Hopefully someone else picks up the reigns.

  113. Anonymous permalink

    oh man, hes gonna take a year to translate now… so sad

  114. Anonymous permalink

    I prefer you continuing your translation on VH rather than MGQ, I like MGQ, but i still like VH more.
    Only me though, dunno about everyone else.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’d rather he do MGQ.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I also prefer he do MGQ, I’m sure someone else will translate VH considering how many people seem to want it.

        • Anon permalink

          Its just that vh isnt that type of game the usual translators would pick.
          If rogue wasnt here there would be ALOT bigger chance for mgq to being picked up by a translator than vh

          • AnonS permalink

            I disagree, MGQ is rather unique. I mean monster girls rape the hero? Those are two very anti-mainstream things right there. Add to that Luka is kind of a shota and it’s 3, especially in America, which is the place where you’d want it translated to English in the first place (Japanese speakers obviously do not need a translation).

      • Anonymous permalink

        MGQ FTW

    • Anonymous permalink

      nice joke.

  115. Malik permalink

    Rouge you BAKA! ;-;

    On one hand i am happy that you are becoming more successful (assuming that workload is a measure of success) and am glad because you have brought much genuine enjoyment into my life

    On the other-hand I feel so sad loosing such a wonderful translator like you who works fast, is talented, and genuinely enjoys what he does

    Whatever happens, I wish you happiness and luck in your future endeavors.

  116. Dear Guest permalink

    Seriously, where did he write that he wouldn’t do any translations anymore?
    Although I can feel these letters going to waste as I type them…

  117. sajuuk permalink

    lets just hope mgq3 gets translateted when the game gets released,
    all we can do now is wait and see and trust that rogue will translate it even if he
    is doing it slower i do beliefe in him,

  118. IRAQ#1 permalink


  119. Anonymous permalink

    I can wait as long as it takes. I mean, quite frankly. I’m STILL waiting for things that I KNOW will never happen or (possibly happen). A continuation/sequel to Yu Yu Hakusho, Custom Robo part 2 (The gamecube one), Capcom stop being a money hungry dick, Ace Attorney Investigations and Phoenix Wright vs Layton being localized, Tales of the World 2 and 3 for the PSP localized/translated, and SO much more.

    Compared to that, waiting for MGQ for another year is nothing.

    • tyr permalink

      Argh, damn Capcom…
      Sooner or later they will bury Resident Evil, just like they did with the Megaman series :(

      • Bob Bobertson permalink

        Wasn’t Megaman 9 and 10 a sort-of revival for Megaman? Although Capcom is still the Antichrist of gaming for closing down Clover. Wheres my sequel to Godhand!

        (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

        • Ryuu permalink

          You do realise that they have are the folks behind platanium gaming(Bayonetta), so if they can get the licens, they could make a new godhand.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m waiting on a few of those as well, also, Dungeon Keeper 3(Rip Bullfrog :( ), A new decent Fable game, and some more translated vn srpgs

  120. Anonymous permalink

    Speaking of which, you guys seen the StreetfighterxTekken? Usually, something like that would get a ‘shut up and take my money!’ response. But then they put Mega Man in it. And made him a fatass ugly middle aged bastard with a ‘pew pew’ gun. That pissed me off to no end.

  121. IRAQ#1 permalink


    • Bob Bobertson permalink

      I don’t think MGQ is a VN…

      • Anonymous permalink

        Strictly speaking, it is. It just has more game elements than most VNs.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I would kill you and eat your flesh but…

      you have terrible taste.

    • Mkmd13 permalink

      Umad??? Go learn some Japanese and translate it yourself if you want to play it so bad. Quit relying on other people.

  122. Anonymous permalink

    Rouge even though your busy with whatever made you stop translating could you possibly translate torotoro’s website. I used goggle translate and while I got the gist of the article it looked like it was written by a person who learned English from a retard. just to give you an example I learned that its not jelly its jerry.

  123. Anonymous permalink

    could you translate the torotoro website. I know your busy with whatever made you stop VH but for those that used goggle translate I think we all know that jelly is not spelled jerry.(sorry if double post but wordpress is not showing my comment)

    • Anonymous permalink

      The reason behind the ‘jerry’ is that the language doesn’t have the ‘l’ sound. What shows on the site is ジェリー which is in katakana and is pronounced ‘jie ri-‘ (as close as they chould get to the sound “jelly”).
      The Japanese language does this for a lot of words that originated from another tongue; such as コーヒー is coffee but pronounced ‘ko-hi-‘.

      So it’s not google translate’s fault. (at least from my one year of japanese experience)

      • Anonymous permalink

        still though there are many other things such as instead of saying *name of monster* girl it says *name of monster* daughter as well as the chrimea dryad name(golf & spa) and some rather lulzy text. That being said I can deal with goggle translate.

        • Anonymous permalink

          You could use the “recommend a better translation” function of google translation. Maybe it helps.

  124. raza permalink

    most of the reactions i see from this remind me of my favourite mgs game mgs3 snake eater we got the fear the sorrow the end (those that keep thinking he’s finished) the furry and the joy (those that are happy he’s still doing mgq3 and for his contributions thus far) it’s perfect lol

  125. Anonymous permalink

    VN is too incomplete right now, anyway. Its better if its translated 1-2 years in the future, when there’s more content.
    Heck, it could even be picked up by Rogue, if he’s still into this stuff then. He’s done so much good work, I dont understand why ppl start doubting him all of a sudden

  126. Softclocks permalink

    Are you accepting help with your translation? I’d be willing to devote a few hours a day for the following month to make this happen.

  127. Anonymous permalink

    Been looking at other translation projects while waiting for MGQ, I’m really curious to know what Aroduc’s(Seiha translations) secret project is, looks like it’s getting close to completion. I’m really hoping it’s another Eushully game. Whatever it is, I know it’ll be a good one.

    • Anonymous permalink

      If it is an Eushully game I hope it’s Himegari.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Sucks that Eushully doesn’t want their games to be translated, so we have to rely on guys like Aroduc to do them in secret. If he had the blessings of the gamemakers, he’d probably be able to do it alot faster. Kamidori was the shit.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Same, I’m also hoping for HImegari,
        I don’t get why they wouldn’t want their games to be translated, means more people can buy and play their games, though i suppose it’s because people will just torrent the game. I’m glad Aroduc doesn’t care and will translate these games. It would be nice if a company like JAST got the rights to release an English version of their games, there aren’t that many VN srpg’s that are translated

        • Anonymous permalink

          Looks like there’s a very good chance it’s a Eushully game, he translated 4300 more lines with 5650 lines remaining, so it looks like he’ll be done in a week or two!

  128. Ronaldq permalink

    Rogue, you could at least make the vh script goes public like wiki script editing or something. So that people in the world could see and probably someone out there can translate it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      He didn’t make the script. made by another person and all credits goes to him. If i remember right he has already published the link to his website far far back so if you’re looking for it, all i can give you is the archive

    • Anonymous permalink

      .. Or you can just google for a minute. Did that for you

      There you go

  129. Monmusu site updated, two new monsters. Doesn’t look like he’s linked them yet but I found ’em

    • Anonymous permalink

      Would be nice if someone were to translate their site, google translate doesn’t work that well

      • Anonymous permalink

        Learn some Japanese, you lazy fuck!

        • Anonymous permalink

          Actually I am, but learning a language takes time. :P

          • Anonymous permalink

            Have to agree with you. Sorry about being harsh. I tried learning 日本語 a few times. Hell, when you have a full-time job and a family, who has the time?

  130. Anonymous permalink

    I wonder if MGQ3 still has “Evaluation” where you can have conversation with Illias. That’s one the funniest part in the game.

    • Anonymous permalink

      If we still have Evaluations with Ilias, they will likely be even funnier than the previous games, considering the circumstances. Imagine getting defeated by Ilias (if we ever fight her), then seeing her in the Evaluation.

    • AnonS permalink

      I think it will probably be Alice, an annoyed Alice that will insist only she can rape you.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Amira is a possibility. Once again she’s going to help you with her … err… Once again she is going to help you!

  131. Anonymous permalink

    i wonder is there a date for part 3 ……….hmmmm it is very boring why they take this long time i know they really work hard to finish it but at least make a demo one to see

  132. The Noble Shade permalink

    Torotoro just updated the site.
    Just… what the fuck?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Oh my god, how horrifying.
      I’m not one for muscle girls, nor… whatever the fuck Angel 4 is…
      …A-Are those tentacles coming out of her tits…?!

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yes, yes they are… Not sure how that … thing is an angel.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I am loving the muscle daughter angel, but am a little worried about the tentacle daughter angel.

  133. If I understand his Tweeter correctly (thanks google) Torotoro says there might only be 79 monster battles in the finished game. “たぶん。” Still, I’d say thats plenty

    • Anonymous permalink

      Do you mean to say that there will be 79 monster battles in the 3rd part of the game? I very much hope that there will not be a cut in the number of battles by the time the game is finished. I am fairly confident that you made a mistake in your wording, however.

      • Anonymous permalink

        It’s obvious he’s talking about 79 battles in the 3rd part.

        It’s google translate ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

        • Yes of course, I meant the 3rd part, excuse my poor wording.

  134. Anonymous permalink

    69 in the first, 85 in the second, and 79 in the third, eh?

  135. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rouge dont suppose you could add a limk to Torotoro’s site.

  136. Jack permalink

    The reality of what all you done in both MQG and VH was just hit and have to say… Thank you. I would build a monument in your image if i had sure skill.

  137. shakey2 permalink

    DAMNIT I need to hurry up and learn japanese. So many translators need help and i have all the free time in the world right now T_T
    I’m still only on the 2nd unit of my japanese course, also gotta find a place to learn all those ecchi words I’ll need to know. D:

    T_T If I knew enough japanese I’d help with the VH translations but right now all I know how to say is stuff like “何歳ですか” “十九歳です” and other simple stuff…
    I’m more fired up now though so I’m going to try and blaze through the courses since I’ve been getting 90%+ on every lesson (+_+) I WILL JOIN THE RANKS OF YOU AWESOME TRANSLATORS SOME DAY!!!

    • Gurofiend24 permalink

      That’s nice that your so excited about it shakey. But after about maybe a year or less of translating stuff your gunna go on an “Indefinate Hiatus” just like 70 percent of the translators that have already given up. Such as Blazedballs. Yandare.grey, Ppl translating daiteikoku. Most of the projects of tlwiki, habasain or something* And the list goes on and on….. and on…..

      • shakey2 permalink

        That’s why other translators pick up where you left off. Honestly, shit happens and life doesn’t always go the way we want it. Just because I may end up having to put stuff on hold doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it, if that were the case then we wouldn’t have any of these amazing things from japan being translated including MGQ which rogue has been kind enough to translate for those who don’t know the language but enjoy stuff like this.

        I will probably have to put things on hold inevitably yes, but I intend to make every effort to pick up and complete what I start or find someone else to pick up where I left off.

      • Zworden permalink

        yandere trans is still alive and still translating,
        their host website (grey7) is down and the owner is missing
        go to their channel at #wankotl in irchighway, they’re still there

    • nichol-ass24 permalink

      google translate might help (please dont kill me )

    • Anonymous permalink

      Japanese is one of the toughest languages to learn for non-native speakers. I’ve been told it takes 3-4 years to really learn it, and it’s best to live in Japan so you have the immersion. This is from friends that are in Japan and have been living there for years.

      I’ve been asked to learn Japanese by several recruiters who are offering me in the $150/hr range+OT for my skill set+Japanese. Ironically my same skill set without the Japanese is not worth very much, which makes me think anybody that knows Japanese should be able to get similar money.

      But it’s not just Japanese, in our global economy now you are better off having a few languages under your belt, especially for areas that generate a lot of business. Right now pretty much only Japan, China and the Middle East seem to be generating any real business. So those are your top 3 language skills to have.

      I wish I had spent my lifetime mastering different languages in retrospect. So I hope that I have encouraged you to continue learning not only Japanese, but trying to be as fluent as possible a few different languages to best position yourself. I was never personally good with other languages at all, I can speak English and that’s it honestly. I’m very good with our language, but after a certain point it doesn’t even overly matter much anyway.

      I took French in school which I despised and don’t understand how I wound up in, I found Spanish considerably more enjoyable. Arabic seems really difficult but I dabbled a bit in it here and there. Japanese is a bitch and a half because there are just too many damn symbols to learn. I had a lot of them memorized at some point but I was never all that confident that I’d be able to learn the language in a decent time frame and that it would actually yield any results over other endeavors.

      I’ll probably have to learn Italian at some point since my sister and some of my other family are in Italy. But they all know English and most Italians I’ve met speak English as well so it seems like a waste of time too.

      • shakey2 permalink

        I realize the difficulty of the language that I am attempting to learn, but its my dream to go to japan and if I give up on this then I have nothing left to aspire to.

        There are over 1,850 kanji that I know of so far(don’t know them just know of them) and there are more out there that I’ve not even seen. I knew this would be a hard language to learn the moment I saw a character chart and gained more understanding of how this language works.

        Also I figured this “skill” would be valuable considering the difficulty it takes to learn it. This isn’t just a hobby for me, I want to make a living out of it. For me Japan is the only thing in this world that’s ever held my interest. I intend on studying Japanese history as well.

        • Khronos permalink

          I’m surprised that we’re getting a real discussion on a blog like this. Although, you’re being overly dramatic shakey. I do not think you should escalate your desire for learning Japanese to be your ultimate life goal. Make that something more personal and your dream about Japan akin to a “hobby”.

          If you raise your expectations of Japan too high, you’ll be disappointed. Anything that becomes a job turns your lovely dream into a dull, draining chore. Maybe it was my fault to not have enough hobbies (eventually losing the passion). I’m not trying to be discouraging, just realistic.

          Work smart, not hard. Life isn’t long enough to waste on fruitless fantasies.

          • shakey2 permalink

            That certainly is a pessimistic way of looking at things, but this is the path I’ve chosen and I’m taking it. Humans can only move forward in this life, if I meet with tragedy then so be it, but I won’t stop moving forward just because I’m afraid of what might happen to me. Sure there will be things that don’t quite live up to my expectations but thats only a part of life, you can’t get anything good if you don’t take chances.

        • Bob Bobertson permalink

          Don’t know if this’ll be interesting or useful or whatever but your posts reminded me of a blog post that is at least relevant.

          !!!INCOMING GIANT LINK!!!

          Sorry for the really lazily copy/paste job but I’m lazy. (shrug)╰(‘.’)╯(shrug)

          • shakey2 permalink

            o.O wow, there is a disturbing amount of similarities in that post to how I’ve lived. Thank you for sharing this!

          • Bob Bobertson permalink

            Your welcome! If it interests you, you might want to look more into that site, Danny Choo’s show “Culture Japan”… well it’s fairly self explanatory… but it’s a good watch! It covers just about everything, from anime to traditional Japanese culture to food. I hope I’m not being pushy or bombarding you with stuff it just… y’know, seems relevant and might be of interest. :)

        • AnonS permalink

          Japanese by itself won’t do much for you. You have to combine it with something else and the timing has to be right. Otherwise every native born Japanese person would be rich, since they all already know Japanese!

          • shakey2 permalink

            I’ve done my research, I know what to expect as far as job requirements.

        • Gurofiend24 permalink

          I don’t expect much tbh. And there will be the time when you eventually give up. And most projects that were dropped have not been picked up at all. Toward the vn translations that are being translated already, I only believe in the ones JAST and Mangagamers are going to put out. Although none of the stuff they translate have a really good plot or anything hahaha. Good luck if that’s really what you want. but like I said. Don’t expect much.

          • shakey2 permalink

            Ah but I’ve seen many projects picked up by others and even finished. Though if I looked at things as negatively as you do, I’d never get anywhere. I think you are just worried Rogue won’t finish translating MGQ :/

            But then again, does it matter? All these people doing these translations are doing it for free and you can’t really complain about something you get for free, even if it does end up an unfinished project.

          • AnonS permalink

            It does matter, doing a poor job just wastes everyone’s time, and then takes away from people that are serious about doing translations. If you’ve ever done volunteer work there are always standards to it, because otherwise there is no point to doing it. People that volunteer their time for something always take it seriously, they don’t show up to volunteer work drunk and they will be asked to stop volunteering if they don’t show up on time and do a good job.

            In terms of translations, if a lot of people start and don’t finish, then people are less likely to try out a new translator, or to donate money, or they will purposely avoid everything someone does do that is a serial quitter. I know for myself Rogue’s MGQ partial patches are the first partial patches I’ve bothered with in many years. Ordinarily I will only touch something that has been finished now.

          • shakey2 permalink

            Wow you are bad, really bad. Seriously this work is being done for free and you would go so far as to bitch about it. Well, nobody is forcing you to use these “bad patches”, this is the internet, not volunteer work for some charity. Frankly is this is how you are I wouldn’t want you using mine either.

          • AnonS permalink

            Oh I’m sure I won’t use yours, since you will never learn the language in the first place and are already making excuses for why you won’t have to finish what you’re doing. With that attitude you will never finish anything in life.

            I do a ton of volunteer work and I’ve always held myself to the highest standards. When I commit to a project I see it through. But that’s because I volunteer to actually get something done, not to attention whore and demand people praise me for it. I’ve had my name published in newspapers for my charity work, but I’ve never asked for that.

            When I can’t finish something I don’t start it. If an emergency pops up I always look to find someone to cover for me and I get them up to speed before leaving. This is how professionals behave in all walks of life. You have shown the complete opposite mentality, and are doomed to fail.

            Have a good life.

          • Gurofiend24 permalink

            Wow, High fuckin five ANON S. You deserve a gold star. I’m glad someone understands how some people feel about not finishing translations/etc.

        • Softclocks permalink

          how far are you on the way to learning Japanese?

          could you pass N3?

          • shakey2 permalink

            I’m on the second unit of the first year course, so I doubt it. People seem to misunderstand and think I’m saying that i expect to have japanese learned in a year/few months or something. I know it takes a long time jeez

  138. Anonymous permalink

    well, im still relieved that you will translate MGQ3…
    do your job well rogue-san
    we appreciate what you have done

  139. Monmoo permalink

    Hey Rogue I found something interesting out that I think you would want to know
    You know how the saves give you an error if you try to save when not in a ‘safe locations’?

    Well, I was fighting Emily in fullscreen mode earlier, and I accidentally saved at the text “Emily shrinks into the form of a small octupus!”.. Of course an error in Japanese came up.

    I kinda panicked a little and hit the esc button.. To my surprise when I did this I got out of the error message and a save appeared.
    I was able to load that save and it goes back to the very last attack I did before I sealed her, generates the attack damage, and basically plays fine from there.

    I’ve been able to save elsewhere too.. The only thing is when I load in most other areas, it brings me to the last “SAVE LOCATION” area.
    I never change the text.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can do it that way but it has a chance to corrupt the save.

      • Anonymous permalink

        It also doesn’t save at the spot you saved at; I saved during a battle and it loaded up before the Save Location showed up.

    • nichol-ass24 permalink

      you are supost to only save AT save locations or you might corrupt the game

  140. tyr permalink

    There are two new updates in the MGQ3 site:

  141. Anonymous permalink

    Off topic for a moment, I downloaded a game but every time I start it I get a CdDrawManagerLoad error. And then from there the title on the window of the game becomes ???????????????

    Any advice?

    • Are you using applocale?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yeah. I switched my settings to Japanese.

        • Anornamoose permalink

          try switching your unicode over to japanese and redownloading/installing

  142. Softicedragon permalink

    Anyone bet that mgq3 is released on 25th or 26th december? I think they are very far with the game and just finish the last things. =/

    • If we don’t see a trial soon that might be the case :/

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Seeing that christmas in Japan is something along the lines of Valentine’s Day, I very much hope so, too.

  143. Anonymous permalink

    *Sigh* I guess in the end, having a limited time always gets to all of us at some point. u.u
    but please don’t ever forget the joy of monmusu that gives to the lives of everyone, okay rogue?

  144. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rogue, Thanks for translating MGQ and VH. Wish you the best in your life.

  145. Anonymous permalink

    There are two new monsters up on torotoro’s site. Angel 3 and 4. Looks pretty damn good,

    Oh yeah, and best wishes, Rogue.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You are so late…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Angel 4 looks good?!, you have very different tastes then I do friend.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I meant Angel 3… Not really into the vore/tentacle folks

    • Anonymous permalink

      I like Angel 3 quite a bit myself.

  146. Anonymous permalink

    Angel 4 makes me drop my cock and get my socks because it’s then I realise, “WTF am I masturbating, too…”

  147. Bob Bobertson permalink

    Wow. The infamous “Angel 4” has certainly gotten a mixed reception.

    • Jos permalink

      Infamous? I do not know what makes her more “special” for some people than Cassandra or the friggin Chimeras. Thought everyone would like or atleast be used to them.

      • Bob Bobertson permalink

        I’m not quite sure why some are weirded out by Angel 4 so much after all the monsters that precede her. Probably the tentacle nipple thing, though like you said as far as “weird” goes she’s only on par with the likes of Cassandra and is even vaguely similar with the wall of flesh design.

  148. MGQISTRASH permalink


  149. Anonymous permalink

    anyone know anything about the game desire dungeon?

    The game play is a be seduce and raped/seduce and rape game

    • Anonymous permalink

      Seems cool. English or not?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Anyone know any downloads for it? Would like to partake, very much. :P

    • Anonymous permalink

      Apparently not yet released. Late October, unfortunately :( Looks like a winner, though!

  150. Anonymous permalink

    got a game that people may like after this one. Its called desire dungeon.

    Pretty much is a be seduce or seduce them kinda game.

  151. Cheesecake, MGQ, & VH Rules! permalink

    May good luck be with you Rogue, never have I seen someone so dedicated to game translations than you, and for that and all your work you deserve a award of some sort, and maybe a ‘Thank You’ button… and a toast, and a life time supply of cheesecake… Also does anyone know of a good way to learn Japanese? Not wanting some impossible quick n’ easy guide, but some pointers on where to go or what to do would be a big help to me and anyone reading this, thanks! -Aug16,2012

  152. Anonymous permalink

    Monster Girl Quest manga

  153. GenocideHeart permalink

    Just offering a quick update for those who care: Chapter 9 of my MGQ fanfic is almost complete, and should be up by the weekend. It’s also pretty huge – according to Google Docs, it’s 89 pages and 37k words.

    • The Noble Shade permalink

      Yes! I’ve been checking every day! Thank you! I can’t wait!

  154. original seeker permalink

    does anyone know where can i get the file of the original game, i want to try playing the game in japanese, may i ask if someone still have the original files (that didnt english-patched yet)
    PM me if anyone does!

    • Buy it on the english DLsite?

    • Anonymous permalink

      If you want to “get” it, just google MGQ and pick a non translated version from tpb

  155. Cableman permalink

    New Monster girl game just came out

    • Anonymous permalink

      Sigmazx posted the download link for this here

      • Cableman permalink

        Yup, but I think the maker of the game is planning to make more if it sells well. So I hope that those who can will support this independent H-game maker.

        I was hoping that Rogue might want to translate this one, but it has allot of text and the story doesn’t seem that impressive.

        Has anyone been able to get this working with agth, and Translation Aggregator? If so please let me know.

        • Cableman permalink

          I just found out how to get the translator working. In the shortcut you make for AGTH add /X3 at the end of it so it looks like this C:\AGTH\agth.exe /C/X3

          check the supress repetition of phrases box and enable remove repititions of each symbol by 4 or 5 and your good to go.

  156. Anonymous permalink

    so, what you guys are playing, while waiting for MGQ 3?

    • GenocideHeart permalink

      Mostly writing my fanfic, but in my free time I alternate between Saints Row the Third (when I am in a silly mood) and Demon’s Souls. I just purchased Legasista, though, so I’ll likely get busy with that. And I need to finish Rainbow Moon…

    • Anonymous permalink

      MGQ2, Pokemon, Kongregate.

    • The Noble Shade permalink

      Wow, I didn’t think they could rip off MGQ more than they already did. I wouldn’t be as snippy if I could play the first VH, but it won’t work for me.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Someone did a translation on hongfire of it. You may be able to find something there as well. I played it. Gameplay is eh, and you have to grind a lot, but the sex scenes far outclass MGQ. ALL girls have voice actors and the CG is spectacular. However, other than the sex scenes, it isn’t all that great.

        • TheComputerGuy permalink

          it was created specifically for the sex scenes, if those weren’t better than monmusu’s ( not agreeing that they are) it would be a much much worse game than monmusu

      • Anonymous permalink

        Violated Hero was created to cash in on the unexpected popularity of MGQ but regardless of that it’s still a decent game and I just like Monster Girls. The guy who translated the first games said that he’ll release a translation patch for VH2 that is pretty much everything from the demo translated. It took him 2 months to translate the first game but this one has more content so it might take him longer then that this time around.

  157. Softicedragon permalink

    Well well well…another shitty game. Someone have fire to kill those bastards?

  158. GenocideHeart permalink

    Monster Girl Saga chapter 9 is out. Enjoy.

    Oh, and this chapter is huge. If you spot any mistakes, let me know. It-s 92 pages long in OpenOffice… I couldn-t find a better spot to fragment the chapter because all the events in it are pretty important.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Good job, sir.

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        Thanks. But man, that was a little too long. Ideal length for me is 60 or so pages in Google Docs. This one was 99 pages.

        • Anonymous permalink

          This…. why didn’t i find this sooner???!!??!

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Let me know what you think about it. Especially if you spot mistakes or have criticism.

    • Anonymous permalink

      No problem, i’ll try and pay attention to any mistakes XD

      • Anonymous permalink

        It was pretty enjoyable reading. Can’t wait for the new chapters!

        • GenocideHeart permalink

          Good to know. I’ll start work on chapter 10 this weekend.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Very enjoyable! I QQ’ed hard on Leise’s death though… As for chapter nine, i think i spotted a few grammatical mistakes. I’ll have to read it again.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Do let me know about the mistakes. I’m always willing to fix typos. Just keep in mind I write mainly in British English (being European and all), rather than American English, so what looks like a typo may just be different spellings of the same word. Just a heads up.

          • hiallofyou permalink

            “But first, I want to visit Po at the smithy.”
            I think it’s suppose to be smith?

            “…and when he was attacked by a Bee Girl shortly before we reached Happiness Village…”
            change “when he was attacked by a Bee Girl” to “when a Bee girl attacked him”

            “…majority of his experiences were with a monster who can’t reproduce normally,”
            change “who” to “that”

            “…her walls gripping him tightlly”…
            tightly is spelled wrong.

            “…allowed the blow to push him back, reestabilishing distance between the two.”
            reestabilishing is spelled wrong. should be reestablishing.

            but other than that i think there are no mistakes. Great read nonetheless.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Smithy is actually correct – it’s a shorthand used to refer to a blacksmith’s shop. It’s a fairly informal word, though, and I think it is mostly a British English word (which is what I use, being European).

            The line for the Bee Girl works both ways, the second’s shorter, though. Will consider changing it, thanks.

            The rest are all typos, indeed. Thanks. Will correct them asap. RL is kinda keeping me busy.

            (on a side note, my keyboard sometimes registers two keystrokes, which is why sometimes there’s extra letters like in the ‘tightly’ misspelling.)

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Although you probably won’t read this anymore:
      I’m currently DEVOURING your fanfic and have been for the last few hours.
      Although I should be learning for my upcoming exams…
      Please do keep it up!

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        Actually, I check here for comments almost daily. Especially criticism – I’m always happy to improve on eventual mistakes.

        Good to hear you like it. If you’d like to contact me, you can always leave a review with your email address specifying you wish me to answer, and I’ll do so immediately. Sorry for the paranoia, but I had some… issues with spambots on WordPress before, so…

  159. Blackwing permalink

    check this out new moster girl game by dieselmine
    looks great.

    • I really liked the last one. Even more after it got translated. Maybe someone will do this one?

      I will probably just download it and play it anyway…

    • Also…

      Any idea what it’s called?

    • Did some searching. Looks like our good friend Dargoth is already staring work on a translation.


      • Anonymous permalink

        Really? 4 or 5 posts above this is the link to the game in English…

  160. I am fairly excited about a monster girl game coming out in september, by Neitifasu. This circle’s been producing some awesome ero audio for a while, just like ToroToro did before MGQ. CG looks good, for example it features cg from Arekishi(Alexis?) who did the imp cg in MGQ.

  161. Jana permalink

    Here’s another monster girl game, Sei Monmusu Gakuen. Looks quite good, just released 2 days ago.

    Visual Novel Database Link:

    Sei Monmusu Gakuen website:

    • Jos permalink

      No it’s gay it’s set in a school FFS!

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’ll be honest, I don’t want to watch or participate in any japanese that has a school theme. STOP IT JAPAN, IT’S A TIRED CONCEPT. GET OVER IT ALREADY!

  162. Anonymous permalink

    So do you still think you might finish up the VH translation someday?

    • Anonymous permalink

      he probably will, it’s just not at the top of his list right now.

  163. jon permalink

    is there any news about monster girl quest 3 ….anybody know if they can tell us the date it is very boring…mmm

  164. Yawn permalink

    Found new way to pass time. Copy something from the monmusu-homepage, put it to google translator and make it read the text out loud.
    Hilarity ensued:
    “Welcome to cock honey pot of the best, but it’s coming Furimidashi hips violently.”

  165. Bob Bobertson permalink

    Ahh, Japanese to English… good times.

    Also, I happened to finish Chapter One (I’m slow to finish anything) and I’m pretty sure I saw names in the credits for Ilias and Granberia though I’m pretty sure I never heard them say anything… maybe I gotta lose to Granberia but I dunno. I’m also missing Monsterpedia entires after Nanabi (Tamamo?), after the Twin Fairies, after the Scorpion Girl and after Gnome (bonus fight?). Is there extra fights in Hard mode or have I got ghost entries in mah book? Those bloody pages messing with me again!

    • Yeah Ilias and Granberia both have voices. As for the fights it’s usually about the choices you make. Some monsters are avoidable (like Mandragora) if you have any save files from when after you beat Twin Fairies, try reloading, make a different choice and see what happens :)

  166. Lowlightt permalink

    After Nanabi is Tamamo

    After twin faries is a fairy mob (must choose not to apologies)

    After Scorp girl is Lamp Genie (must give in to lust)

    After Gnome is Ilias (must have taken all moves If I remember correctly)

  167. Anonymous permalink

    For Illias, you need to get Evaluations 50 times.

  168. Bob Bobertson permalink

    Thanks you all for answering my queries! Such nice people.

  169. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, i have an idea! When your done with part 3, we should give you money to go on a vacation. Anyone else agree?

  170. Softicedragon permalink

    Not rly.

  171. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone know where I can find Spin-Off stories.

  172. Anonymous permalink

    that picture of rogue made me laugh so, so much.

  173. Anonymous permalink

    OK, so Alice always wears long black gloves, but she can elongate and stretch her fingers at will. So, I think her entire arms are made of jelly and she wears the gloves to give them form.

    Who agrees with me?

  174. BURNINHELLROGUE permalink


    • Anonymous permalink

      babbys first troll

      • Anonymous permalink

        quick, take a picture and put it in the precious moments book

    • Dear Guest permalink

      I like to think that it is Rogue himself that keeps posting these. You know, just in order to see how long it takes for people to stop reacting.

  175. Anonymous permalink

    Lol. some guy just posted this game on steam greenlight with your translation.

  176. HIV+ permalink

    You suck a dozen dicks rogue you no good shithead. MGQ is garbage and so is your mother.

    • Anonymous permalink

      well… and why the hell are you here HIV ? :P

  177. Fluffehcat permalink

    Could everyone please open their steam accounts and go and look at the games “to be approved” on steam by users for ratings and check out if the developer has posted monster girl quest 2 there? i’m not sure if this developer posted it, but whoever did is claiming rights to sell it legally on steam, but there is no mention of it being submitted to steam on this blog.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Rogue’s not a developer. He’s a translator. He didn’t make this game, and has no right to sell or distribute the actual game. Unless the developer from Japan is putting it up on Steam (not likely), it’s probably not legit.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Still you all know you want to purchase it on steam to show the whole world that you play monster girls quest.

      • Anonymous permalink

        So is it out of the question for torotoro to consider putting it up and would steam even allow it. Lets be honest this game has both shota( Luka’s age is unknown but he is most likely in his mid to late teens) and loli, both of which might count as cp. Also I think that if it where screened a good number of people might lose it before even seeing BelezNOPE, let alone some of the newer monster.

  178. Sajuuk permalink

    i dont think steam dus erotic games at all adleast i have never seen them on steam.
    and lets hope it stays that way.
    still its been a while since we have heared anything from rogue is he even still on this blog
    never new updates lets hope he will translate the last part of monster girl quest
    would be a shame if its left unfinished.

    • Bob Bobertson permalink

      Yeah, I doubt that there is much of a market for eroge on Steam, probably better like that.

      Rogue only really updates when me makes progress on his translations (mostly, I think), since he isn’t doing any until MGQ3 comes out there most likely wont be any updates for some time. I’m sure he wont leave MGQ unfinished though.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Don’t worry about Rogue not posting; we’ve gone much longer than this before with no word from him.

  179. yabusa permalink

    Gotta love the “Fifty Evaluations: The Untold Story” XD

    Overly Attached Goddess… XD

  180. coldblood45 permalink

    How do you do translation and this kind of games anyway?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Unpack gamescript, replace Japanese text with English one, repack. It’s a (more or less) simple textfile.

  181. Anonymous permalink

    Saw this on ulmf and on Dargoth Translation blog

    Since I figure anyone reading my blog is also interested in MGQ, I noticed this on Torotoro’s twitter today.

    何度も言いますように、もんむす終章の発売日は未定です。来年の前半を目指したいところですが、あくまで私 自身の努力目標です。公式発表としての発売日は、あくまで未定です……どうかご了承を。私一人の製作である 以上、予定が極めて立て辛いのが実情です。例えば三日体調を崩してしまえば、三日間丸ごと開発がストップす るという事になりますので……
    So that I don’t have to keep saying this, there is still no release date for the final part of Monster Girl Quest. I want to say the first half of next year, but that’s only if I work hard (i.e. don’t hold me to it). Please understand this is not an official announcement of the release date. This is a one-man production, and reality can sometimes interfere with the schedule. For example, if I’m sick for three days, that’s three whole days that no work gets done…

    • Anonymous permalink

      thank you for posting that. i was trying to find their twitter…

    • Anonymous permalink

      This game is being done by one person (other than some of the art and voices)? No wonder it’s taking so long. Now I have even more respect for this series.

  182. kR1pt0n1t3 permalink

    From all the comments ive read i guess im the only one thinking that Monster Quest is really boring. Fights just get boring for me after awhile since most fights depend 90% on pure luck. Story and animation for me isnt really anything special also. All in all i would give it like 2/5 but seeing all this hype from alot of ppl i wonder whats so special about it that im not seeing -.-‘

    Even VH is more fun to play and i would even pay someone to translate it properly but i dont see it happening :( So sad.

    • 光闇 permalink

      MGQ is much better fap material. VH has absolutely zero fap quality.

    • TheComputerGuy permalink

      nothing is more boring than VH. NOTHING

      • Anonymous permalink

        I don’t know how anyone can say that. VH is the best H-game I ever played, period.

        • 光闇 permalink

          Yes, and your English speaking ability is severely lacking. That makes your opinion invalid.

    • Anonymous permalink

      90%? Are you playing on hell mode? There are only a couple of battles that are even possible to lose on normal if you know what you’re doing (Erubetie2 and the final battle if ML’s cruelty keeps hitting, but I think that’s it.) Even on hard its usually only possible to lose to bosses. The one time where it gets frustrating is the final run of bosses, but you could always just flip to normal for that.

      I like playing on normal personally. Sure its not a challenge, but most of the monsters who can beat you are the ones I don’t have much interest in losing to.

  183. A Cheesecake Craver permalink

    kR1pt0n1t3, The thing for Monster Girl Quest (for me at least) is the storyline, its better than a lot of games iv played in awhile, tho I do agree that fights get boring, and not all, but some do highly depend on luck (and they are dreaded fights I will definitely admit) I would say if you played the game to the current end, you may see why a lot of people seem to like it. Even if Monster Girl did’nt have sexual content, I still feel it would be a great game (though i don’t think it is possible to weave that kind of content out since the world and story are so entwined with it) I’d say give it another try, a few good hours on a free day (or night), a walkthrough, and some music (never listened to the game, don’t even know if it has audio) and you might change your mind, if not, then… I don’t know, I just feel you should give it another try, just my opinion though.

  184. Probly the same person above this post permalink

    I like VH, kinda cool the way the game is set up (even if I can only read little fragmented bits of english though the sea of jap) I just always felt thoughs kinds of games have always been lacking (style of rpg, i mean, not the sex part of it) of course… it is a little boring… and the one I got is also buggy, or messed up, or something… eh, if it was fully 100% translated and debugged it would be a hell’of’a lot better game, until then though, I guess the few hours it provides with readable text really are not as exciting as most games, but I believe it has alot of potential to be a great game. 7-09-12

    • Anonymous permalink

      Why… Why did you date the post? …

      • Anonymous permalink

        Actually this helped me I was trying to see how much traffic was still hitting this thread.

  185. Bob Bobertson permalink

    Why aren’t these comments automatically dated anyway?

  186. Softicedragon permalink

    Well, maybe its too difficult for wordpress. Some high failed ppl must work on that site. 08-09-12

  187. Anonymous permalink

    So I’ve done some searching around. There is something called Peniban Quest coming up, a DQ parody. I’m not sure how many monster girls will be in it, but it seems like a similar type of game. I don’t know if there is sex in it, I just saw some pictures of it, including a witch and what looked like a monster girl.

  188. Anonymous permalink

    Monster Girl Unlimited RPG

    This is another game people keep missing.

    • 光闇 permalink

      It isn’t very good. It is only barely worth, and that is only if you are so desperate for MGQ3 to arrive that you would be content with wasting your time and disc space on a less than mediocre monster girl rape game.

      The rape scenes are not fapable, the dialogue takes way too long and isn’t very interesting, and the game play gets old very quickly.

      • Bob Bobertson permalink

        Fappability, No.1 way of rating Monster Girls.

  189. Anonymous permalink


  190. Anonymous permalink

    They removed the patch again, someone please reupload

    • hiallofyou permalink

      Done. (Full 1.0 Patch) (Partial 1.05 Patch)

  191. Michael permalink

    Did he forgot about us ? :O

  192. Sky Walk. New H-RPG, looks like some monster girls involved.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I see the monster girl genre is picking up momentum. Good. Now we got a large pool of games to pick from. Well, maybe not too large, but still.

    • JES permalink

      It’s a mediocre RPG and there’s not really a lot of CG but monster girls get raped instead of doing the raping so…There’s that I guess

  193. Danilo permalink

    Don´t you have a Monster Enciclopedia with you? If you find it, you would be able to add some new monsters that you haven´t put. Who knows?

  194. Anonymous permalink

    I figure I would share it here as well.

    MGQ for android.

    Just copy arc files and everything from folders that are empty in the archive and you should have your own portable fake hero adventure.

    Also I tweaked the font size to make it more readable not tested though so some text can be off screen.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      I always wanted to hora hora in the sub! Thanks!

      • Anonymous permalink

        You are welcome. Also is there a font-fag that knows a good ttf that is better on small screen then the one i posted in rar?

  195. Great website. Plenty of helpful information here.
    I’m sending it to a few pals ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you for your sweat!

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