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Removed Patches

September 19, 2012

I just got notification that the old patches on Mediafire were removed… This is the third time they’ve been removed so far. Kind of annoying, but someone in the comments was kind enough to re-upload them; (Full 1.5 Patch) (Partial 1.05 Patch)


I’ll also re-upload them myself in a few days, along with some bonus stuff.

From → MGQ Part 2, Patches

  1. Anonymous permalink

    it’s about time Rogue! Any news on MGQ3?

    • Crabcake permalink

      I can give you some. It will be delayed.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      A twitter update – which can be found in the comment section of the last update (“Lies”) – implies that part 3 probably won’t be done until well into next year.

      • JES permalink

        Even that is being hopeful. “that’s only if I work hard (i.e. don’t hold me to it)”

        Here’s the whole post in case some missed it.

        何度も言いますように、もんむす終章の発売日は未定です。来年の前半を目指したいところですが、あくまで私 自身の努力目標です。公式発表としての発売日は、あくまで未定です……どうかご了承を。私一人の製作である 以上、予定が極めて立て辛いのが実情です。例えば三日体調を崩してしまえば、三日間丸ごと開発がストップす るという事になりますので……
        So that I don’t have to keep saying this, there is still no release date for the final part of Monster Girl Quest. I want to say the first half of next year, but that’s only if I work hard (i.e. don’t hold me to it). Please understand this is not an official announcement of the release date. This is a one-man production, and reality can sometimes interfere with the schedule. For example, if I’m sick for three days, that’s three whole days that no work gets done…

        • Crabcake permalink

          …. Youre talking like you are the creator.

          ..Are you…?

          • Bob Bobertson permalink

            He’s quoting a comment on the previous post from Rogue (named as anonymous though).

          • Dear Guest permalink

            It’s a tweet of Torotoro that got translated by Dargoth as far as I know.

  2. Crabcake permalink

    Bonus stuffs eh..? Guess that you ain’t in a total halt.
    Nice to see that you haven’t abandoned this blog to die

  3. Anonymous permalink

    bonus stuff is always a nice bonus.

  4. Edem permalink

    Thank you Rogue!

  5. Dear Guest permalink

    Bonus stuff – let the rumors begin!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    rogue lives :D

  7. Bob Bobertson permalink

    Comment surge! Anywho it’s nice to you dropping in! Bonus stuff too? Nice!

  8. ice permalink

    WHAT!! Bonus Stuff?

  9. Anonymous permalink

    The Messiah returns. He still lives!

  10. Mkmd13 permalink

    I hope the bonus stuff includes a Neko!!! =^.^=

  11. Anonymous permalink

    My faith remains strong. One day… vh….

  12. Anonymous permalink

    I am glad you escaped the evil clutches of whichever totalitarian nation kidnapped you in order to prevent you from spreading the goodness of MGQ3 to the world!!!!

  13. hiallofyou permalink

    Alright. Time to take mine down.

    • hiallofyou permalink

      Ok.. never mind.. that was actually the link to the thing i uploaded. one full blown retard moment after another today…

  14. Glyren permalink

    Hey man, just wanted to say that I’m glad you seem to be doing alright. Still appreciate all you do. Thanks for the update.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Finally broke out of that Chinese prison eh?

  16. sajuuk permalink

    dont get your hopes to high its nice if there is bonus stuff but we dont know what kind of bonus.
    so lets just wait and see,
    rogue will let us know when he will start translating again, and when he starts again.
    all of us will be waiting for him.
    and thanks rogue…

  17. Anonynony permalink

    Thnx for the continued effort everyone ^_^ especially rogue!

  18. Anonymous IV permalink

    nice to hear from you again ^.^

    and rly cant wait for part 3 to come out…. maybe we will be able to play it in less than i year then?

  19. Monstertroll permalink

    Epic troll is epic!Rogue posted the same patch as the last time,there is no bonus in them,so bad for ya ppl =)
    However,I dont understand why there is a partial patch and a full patch,partial for monmusu quest demo?
    Anyways,I still want to give at rogue my thanks for all his work until now.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    the part 1 patch1.1 has been removed also

  21. Tophat permalink


  22. Iam permalink


  23. Iam permalink

    If those links get deleted again, I would be happy to supply endless links of mediafire.

  24. Fayt Leingod permalink

    I’ve missed you Rouge.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    I posted it in “Lies” comments but didn’t get response:

    MGQ for android.

    Just copy arc files and everything from folders that are empty in the archive and you should have your own portable fake hero adventure.

    Also I tweaked the font size to make it more readable so some text slides off screen.

    Anybody has a custom ttf that is more readable so that normal nscript could be used?

    • Crabcake permalink

      .. So you are saying that MGQ works in Lunux..? Too bad. It doesnt.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Linux? dunno… I got it working on my mobile phone

      • Anonymous permalink

        MGQ works perfectly fine in Linux if you use WINE. It’s a bit laggy, but you’re still able to play it fine.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    What do you want your shrine to be made of?

  27. Anonymous permalink

    I hope work is going well and life is treating you good.
    Stay healthy and vibrant, my friend.

  28. Codered999 permalink

    mediafire deletes many of their files for stupid reasons, like a troll spewing copyright bull about one of the files or someone reported the file for being A rated, adult, and also because someone claims that their is a virus on a file when it is just a bug or something else causing an actual virus. Also, hank you reuploading the files. I and many others hope to hear from you again Rouge.

  29. AnonS permalink

    Probably the trolls will keep at it. When a troll finds something they usually milk it to fill their meaningless lives.

    This blog won’t die, there are way too many of us here that comment here. It’s pretty much it’s own forum now.

  30. Michael permalink

    Many comments, cool, ppl still care about this :P

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Still missing full one

  32. ZeusTheta permalink

    Someone please reupload the full 1.5 translation. I can’t find it anywhere :\

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