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Patch Re-Upload + Three new side stories

September 22, 2012

Note: If the Cecil battles crashed on you, try re-downloading the patch and re-applying.


To support the Cecil mod, some changes had to be made to the base script file. Loading of some games may be impacted. It won’t influence your stats, encyclopedia info, or any of that, but it may cause the game to freeze when you load a game in progress. You can load an autosave to get past that… But my recommendation would be to backup your old nscript.dat file before replacing it to switch back in once you’re done with the mod. I assume most people will either be starting from scratch or already be done with playing through the game by now, so it shouldn’t impact that many people.

Full MGQ Patch:

Just the new mods:

If you’re just going to download the new mods with the second patch link, you’ll need to edit your list.ini file to add the foldernames in. I put in a readme with how to do it in the .rar file.

Some of Cecil’s skills will refer to her as “him”. This is due to the tricky situation of pronoun use in Japanese compared to English, and isn’t easily fixed without heavily re-doing a lot of the battle stuff in the main game script, which I really don’t feel like doing… So just be aware of that!

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    thank you and stay safe

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks man! Your hard work is always appreciated, and I look forward to seeing the trilogy completed someday.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I freeze when loading up the first Cecil battle. Also for reference, I haven’t tried other battles yet.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    It seems to freeze whenever I choose to start a cecil story through the “en route” option. It freezes right after the second earthquake in the main story line as well. Any ideas?

  5. Rei~ permalink

    cant do any of the fights in that mod :I

  6. Anonymous permalink

    so i got some errror some when i play cecil,it said 0.99,txt line . . . and many more,some of it in japanese

  7. 光闇 permalink

    Fucking tits! Thanks, Rogue.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    freezing on cecil too

  9. The Noble Shade permalink

    I updated the list.ini file as instructed in the readme, but they’re not appearing in the side stories. One thing to note is that with these, there is a second page. When I go to page two, nothing is there.

    • The Noble Shade permalink

      Never mind, I think I found the problem.

  10. bagel permalink

    IMP IS THE BEST GIRL <3 <3 <3

  11. bagel permalink

    It looks like the Cecil stuff isn’t working, same error as everyone else. I’ll check out the english patch you posted up

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Are these mods the first of Cecil?

  13. Anonymous permalink

    I noticed the lab patch ( isn’t up anymore either.
    first time i’ve tried to get the side stories up it has a line error asking for it.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Any changes in the patch (aside from including the side stories) from the last one?

  15. Anonymous permalink

    If I remember rogue, you came to 4chan and told us that you’re going to make a public server that will be easy for anon to work the VH translation or something like that.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    where can i find the ini file i dont see it anywhere

    • Bob Bobertson permalink

      It’s in the “mod” folder where you installed MGQ2.

  17. Bob Bobertson permalink

    Thank you! A new game you say? Oh. YES!

  18. Iam permalink

    Archive of links complete

  19. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Glad to see you still being alive – I thought you were not loving me anymore. ;_;

  20. Anonymous permalink

    I love you man, for doing this.

  21. r.......... permalink

    problem seems to come from nscript file..if u replace it with the new nscript which is together with the mod..
    I made a backup nscript file and replace the old one with new and it work..i can play both the cecil story, but game crashes when u load MGQ save game..dunno abbout the other side story though.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    I belived in you, b-baka!

  23. Bob Bobertson permalink

    So, does this nscript.dat file only cause loaded games to crash? Or is it just crash at certain points?

    • r.......... permalink

      i think it just cause the save game to crash..the save game still crashes even if you have finish the game. I remember i hav mine at final boss battle with alice & when i tried to load the game, it crashes .

  24. Anonymous permalink

    I cant make it work, i start the exe files and send me a weird message 099.txt line 186872 and something else. I change the region and languaje parameters in the computer but still doesnt work

  25. Anonymous permalink

    ok rouge, i have no one else to go to and i cant find any one else. this link i just posted apparently is custom storys in japanese, would you be willing to translated some of them? (if yes) (heres my request) do chrome first FUCK nobody does chrom side story’s.

    • Those are the ones I’ve been doing. To my knowledge, there have been two Chrome custom scenarios done, and I’ve translated both of them. One of them is in the side-stories area, and the other is the extended scene with Frederika after her loss in the main-game itself.

      • Dear Guest permalink

        Which part of Frederika’s loosing scene is extended? Does that mean that part of her CG’s are custom made?

  26. wildhawk permalink

    hey rogue since the gnome lab site seams to have died maybe there’s a way you can take storys and upload them here maybe just a thought

    • Anonymous permalink

      It went down cause there were no new stories…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Most of the stories that were up on Gnome’s Lab can be found elsewhere. The MGQ wiki has most of them and more.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    thanks rogue!!!

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the work Rogue! You’ve spoiled me to the point I Can’t enjoy non-translated H-games now though…

    Cecil mod is pretty fun. Isn’t there a third part to it, or is it not out?

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Good to know you’re alive and well Rouge.

  30. kana-art permalink

    thanks you

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Argh I can’t get the mods working T-T

  32. Anon permalink

    Just a heads up, there’s a new VH translator who started working on his own translation also on the new updates

    • Crabcake permalink

      Old news is old. He is korean, his english isnt that good. Its better then a machine translation, but FAR from rogue quality.. I will personally wait until someone else picks it up

  33. Anonymous permalink

    It was very kind of you to update us, thank you Rogue!

  34. chibishiroiryu permalink

    One little question : i never did any side stories.
    I have the Ika Musume side story…
    What do i need to take now ? And to do ?

  35. Anonymous permalink

    No offense to the Cecil mod creators but they should just help the original author instead of this totally not fap worthy mod.

    Great art and live having Alma as the guide. Better than Alice for sure.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You sound awfully like those people who say “HEY! Why the hell did you make a game where it is not the man who does the raping honestly who would fap to this”

      Just be happy that we got such a mastepiece and it fits into the niche we love. No need to be greedy.

  36. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue sire did you try somehow using onscripter instead of normal exe that is used? Cause I recently got the game working on my mobile phone with android onscripter and to my surprize saves work perfectly in every place even during battles. Didn’t play around too much with normal pc onscripter.

  37. Claws61821 permalink

    Hey, Rogue; I actually meant to ask you this a while back – what tools do you, personally, use during your translation process? Do you just do everything ‘by hand’ or do you use specific programs and dictionaries? I mean in general, of course, not just for VH and other RM2k games.

  38. kana-art permalink

    Why I can not play 2 Cecil stories. but I can play monster house only. How to fix 2 Cecil Stories?

  39. Anon permalink

    Just curious, who made the Cecil stories? They’re well done, though I was really hoping for more lesbo.

    • Anonymous permalink

      They’re made by D-Gate.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Agreed, I was begging for the next monster to NOT be some stupid vore machine… Who the fuck likes the same vore crap over & over & over?! It was only when I played this side story that I realised HOW MUCH MGQ needs female battles and gay monsters (not males).

      MOAR CECIL! Does anyone know if there is any more of it?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yeah. It’s not like there is any yuri anywhere else on the internet. Who wants to be original? Even more so, the person who made this didn’t even put up a warning on ether of those thing that it would have vore in it. Some pepole.

        • Lowlightt permalink

          Well actually Yuri/monster girl action is quite light at the moment so there isn’t much of it out there unfortunately. The only one I can think of is Raidy but then again she never has any game over sequences with monster girls really (out of the 50+ scences between the two games there was 6 monster girls with scenes. . Nuff said though Yuri MG’s is a must and we need more of it.

          • meow? fuck that permalink

            Wow that guy couldn’t be more condescending… I was simply pointing out that there IS a demand for such content. Thx to Lowlightt for colouring out what I meant to say. Monster girl/girl action is in a woeful state of depression that it’s nearly non-existent. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist but the ratio between hetero & yuri -monster action is 100 to 1. Probably lower.

            That and I don’t care much for vore. First chance we see a mod with a playable female character and she’s being eaten in the same way every single fight.


  40. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue! Glad to see you up and running.

  41. Chibishiroiryu permalink

    Wow … I can’t even play the game.
    I can’t even choose a load because the windows always go up …
    And the Cecil mod is broken for me. o_o

  42. I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you do and have done. Even though I don’t like vore, it’s great to see you still hanging around, and I hope after MGQ3 motivation strikes and gets you working on VH again. I can’t stand machine translations, so work like yours incredibly valuable to me. Thanks again!

    • Thanks for the compliments! Original content creators like you are far more valuable though!

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Agreed Rogue, don’t know how many knights I stayed up drumming away at CoC now.

  43. Chibishiroiryu permalink

    Rogue : How i can remove all theses mods ?
    That fucked so much my game i can’t even play anymore.
    I have just the music, the game is frozen despite i launch a new file; loading a fight from Encyclopedia, loading a game from my save or going in the Side-Stories part.
    And i can’t even try the Cecil mod. Black screen, the game frozen too. :/

    • Lowlightt permalink

      What mods are you talking about? All that was included was a new nscript.dat file thats it. So try replacing that again.

      • Chibishiroiryu permalink

        Yes but no ont gave a link before today.
        And now, it’s good. :s

      • Chibishiroiryu permalink

        Ok that didn’t change a thing. XD
        Leave it, it’s useless. ^^

  44. redpanther permalink

    I’m not a big fan of vore,but delicious yuri is still delicious.

  45. GenocideHeart permalink

    Just an update on how Monster Girl Saga chapter 10 is going. The answer is ‘slowly’. Real life’s been kicking my ass real hard, so I have to take whatever bits of free time I have and make them count.

    Sorry about that.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      We’re talking about the Monster Girl Quest Universe here, and we all have become good at waiting by now. Don’t push yourself :)

  46. Daniel permalink

    somebody can upload the nscript old? i no have more the old please

  47. Lowlightt permalink

    Had 0 problems with the english folder upload.

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Oh and thanks for this Rogue, I’ve been wanting to play Cecil patch for Ilias knows how long.

    • Lowlightt permalink

      After further investigation all old saves have been corrupted and result in a black screen, can start a new game with 0 problems and can save from a new game and load from those save files. Monster Encyclopedia works as intended and no other problems form the monster lab.

  48. Chibishiroiryu permalink

    Ok … Now, i can’t do the fight.
    After the second earthquake, despite having your other link, it’s not good.
    Oh maaaaaaaaan ! XD

    • Lowlightt permalink

      The other link is the old .dat file you need the new one included in the (new) original links at the top of the page. At the moment you will need to use that .dat file to play the new MGQ Lab content.

      • Chibishiroiryu permalink

        Just the new mods ? The full MGQ patch ? I only take the .Dat ?

        • Lowlightt permalink

          The full patch is just the old patch plus the new content (or lab stuff) the second link is the 3 new mod stories that you add to the mod folder plus a special .dat file that makes them work. Unfortunately it makes all previous saves bad but new saves can be made after changing it. In short

          Fresh Install

          1. Use first link

          Already Installed

          2. Use second link and follow the instructions. (make a backup of the “nscript.dat” file and place the new on in the game directory. Add the new game files to the mod folder and add there entries to the “list.ini” file.

          All these directions in much more details are located in the second links read me file.

          • Chibishiroiryu permalink

            It”s really strange. I did that … but had the problem. Will try one more time.
            The Cecil mod is good or not ? XD
            Because if it’s too much problem, better for me to leave it no ?

  49. Anonymous permalink

    Works fine for me!! Many thanks Rogue

  50. Jyn Kognito permalink

    Hi, The tamamo story freezes and bugs out right as luka is “pulled in closer by her tails”.
    Did I miss a patch for tamamo side story?

  51. Curious permalink

    apologies if i’m getting off topic ever so briefly, but i’ve a quick question, have you made any progress on the updated VH translation yet?

    • Curious permalink

      Oh, almost forgot, keep up the great work!

      • read buddy permalink

        Rogue previously said on his last topic – “’m pretty much done on VH. I’ve helped set up the translating stuff for 4 different people now, and all four seem to have stopped all progress.”

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Cecil scenarios are great, I’m neutral on vore but still really enjoyed them. Thanks for doing this, Rogue.

  53. Anonymous permalink

    Where can i find a full patch for MGQ part 1 other than eroge?

  54. Anonymous permalink

    Is there 2 or 3 stories with Cecil? O_o

  55. raza permalink

    I get a job go away for 2 months and come back to two updates allways nice and content even better welcome back rogue now to check mgu…..

  56. Anonymous permalink

    Aroduc just released his secret project, it was Duel Savior

  57. Daniel permalink

    when i put part 1 and 2 together, the game crashes whener i try to load, and i cant seem to fix. I have tried to take autosave data aswell, but it dosent work. Any advice? :)

  58. Anonymous permalink

    MQ Gaiden is quite good both in gameplay and illustrations, however editors should pay more attention to storyline – it’s like they underestimate their creations. I know that it is fanfiction, but Gaiden deserves more attention and development.

  59. Darion permalink

    Seems like an official patch for MGQ2 came out.
    Don’t know japanese, so I don’t know, I barely used google translator, wich only helped me figure out it was on Monster Girl Quest.

  60. Anonymous permalink

    nice rouge. i’d like more vore spin off storys if you can.

  61. Hello Rogue, first thank you for working hard on the mods…If I may ask what is the new game that you said that you might start translating?

    • Unknown .... permalink

      fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap….

  62. Anonymous permalink

    There are two new monsters showing at monstergirl quests official site.

  63. Softicedragon permalink

    Did you mean that angel with the 2 rings over her head and that tentacle thing? If yes then they´re not new. =( Or did i miss something?

  64. Anonymous permalink

    Side note, I downloaded the new patches, but do I need to find the japanese version of the Ika Musume battle for the patch to work? Because I cannot find the link to it ANYWHERE.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It should be included in the patch you downloaded.

  65. Gin permalink

    Can Anyone help me with this, having this error whenever i star cecil or cecil scylla

    • Anonymous permalink

      replace old nscript with the new one and that would work fine.

  66. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much, You are my hero!

  67. H-Fan permalink

    Hey Rogue,

    I’ve been checking on progress for MGQ3 and a thought struck me. Instead of doing your translation work after it comes out, why not contact Toro Toro about him letting you read some of the battles he has so far so you can start translating them before it’s released!

    That way, maybe it will be possible to release MGQ3 with the English patch right as soon as it comes out! :)


    • common sense permalink

      dont be so greedy. just be glad its coming out and being translated at all. its just simply too unrealistic to give out an unfinished product strangers

  68. Softicedragon permalink

    Hm i dont know toro toro by myself but i think he just let anyone take a look if its completly done. =(

    • So, Chimera Tongue and Slave Lab…?
      not a fan…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Oh, it’s back to Iliasburg *tries to ignore the tongue monster*
      And the robo-maid in the second picture is so cute :).

  69. Zworden permalink

    and can someone translate this ?
    its in torotoro site

    • Google translate:
      “Intensive production in the first half of 2013 with the goal of completing ‘Monmusu-Quest the last chapter! .’
      Has become the undecided will be released.”

      • redpanther permalink

        At the very least if possible he should release a trial version within this year and that would be the greatest christmas gift ever.

        • Gimmie Pig permalink

          lets just hope it’s as good as the previous two trials or better, preferably better). Anyway, fingers crossed on a trial soon :)

  70. Luck man permalink

    look for VH but most the link are dead or die or wrong game so if anyone have kind and big heart send me the link for the game or where to go plz (by the way i did search for it ) >.>

  71. Anonymous permalink

    You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar

  72. anony permalink

    I’ve downloaded twice and it keeps saying that there’s something missing. Any advice?

    • anony permalink

      Further checking, I noticed that it’s not only the patches, but the entire thing now. The character can’t attack.

  73. 光闇 permalink

    Posted link for English translation this time. I am not too impressed with the drain lab, but tongues are awesome. Prediction: the Angels are going to be, by far, the highlight of MGQ3 and the chimeras are going to ruin the most erections.

    • The Noble Shade permalink

      I agree. I’m also hoping that there’ll be more canon sex. It would be pretty cool if it were with the Heavenly Knights.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That seems like a solid prediction, I’ve liked what I’ve seen from most of the angels so far. I did notice that they isolated a lot of the erection killers in the first couple of games, so hopefully they’re conscious of that again. You know to put your pants on and get ready to hit the skip text button when you’re going to Lady Village and Witch Hunt Village, so those areas aren’t a problem. The problems happen when you’re dealing with cute elves and fairies, then get a chimera dryad thrown at you. Hopefully there’s not too much of that.

      • Lowlightt permalink

        Really? Lady Village was pretty hot on my end. As well as the worm villager and such in Witch Hunt Village.

        • Anonymous permalink

          All of the stuff in the game appeals to someone, otherwise they wouldn’t be in there. The most popular monsters are the more humanoid and cute ones that don’t eat Luka though, at least among the English speaking community.

          I personally don’t really mind the more extreme monsters, some still have some redeeming qualities and CGs, and others I just move on. I was more bothered by the dark themes of those places. I don’t really want to hear about mass death and people’s families being killed while playing a game for fapping. Tying it into MGQ3, I’m sure I’ll be fine with the breakdown of monsters, I just hope they don’t play up the whole cleansing the world of humans and monsters theme too heavily. Its not exactly a fair fight for everyone aside from Luka if the bad guys go all out.

      • Amen! Too much vore and tentacles for me in those villages.
        I agree with the predictions of 光闇 and I’m also hoping for more scripted battles

  74. rabies permalink

    I’m getting this issue where I get an error that crashes at the start of the game. This has happened both for the new game and save import game. It says:

    099.txt line:19811

  75. Softicedragon permalink

    I hope there will be a sex scene with granberia in part 3. In both parts the 3 other heavenly knight have all a sex scene but granberia only a blowjob, a footjob and a handjob. :( But after defeading all of them in part 2… :(

    • Anonymous permalink

      You forgot a titfuck but yeah that would be awesome. I want at least one more scene with the spirits and 4 knights too. Especially Tamamo. Erubetie’s portrait is very well drawn too but the CGs suck

  76. Anonymous permalink

    Theres 2 new CG on the official MGQ website. Chimeratongue and Drain Lab.

  77. Anonymous permalink

    How do I locate the “list.ini” file?

  78. Alright. So I’m about to release a demo of a rogue like hentai game that is inspired by MGQ and I thought I should mention it here. I’ve spent quite a bit of time making it, and I’m planning on releasing it this coming Monday. Any volunteers to become play testers? hehehe. =D

  79. Anonymous permalink

    Aye me matey!

  80. Anonymous permalink

    Will you post a link to it here? :)

  81. Softicedragon permalink

    Did toro toro said how many monsters it will be in part 3? I hope this time the tentacle and plant monsters are not that mutch like they was in part 1 and part 2.

  82. Anonymous permalink

    I made the changes to the list.ini file as described on the instructions and changed the nscript file, but I still don’t see the side-stories. Am I missing something?

  83. Greggory permalink

    I can’t get the main story to work. I copied the part 1 files into a separate folder, used the new files in part 2’s RAR to replace files in that folder, and started it up. I got past the title screen (which was an improvement over earlier attempts), but right after the frame about moving into the Noah Region, it crashes, with a whole lot of symbols and”
    099.txt line:19811

    >bg “BG\bg077.bmp”

    Any help?
    Sorry to bother you, but I couldn’t find a reference to this problem on this page.

    By the way, thanks a lot for all this effort. I really appreciate it and really enjoy playing.

    • Crim permalink

      I have the same problem.
      Is the in game text extremely small by default or i have a problem?

  84. kana-art permalink

    I did as method in guide file but still don’t play the side story of Cecil storys. Why?

  85. Anonymous permalink

    Game keeps crashing in the lilith/lilim fight when they use a certain attack

  86. Anonymous permalink

    Holy crap. A female protagonist? In MY MGQ spinoff? It’s more likely than you *fapfapfap*

    It’s a bit of a shame (for me personally) that it’s all vore, though. Oh well. I’ll take what I can get. Hoping to see more later on.

  87. Anonymous permalink

    My game crashed even when I found the doppelganger scene. I think it had something to do with the nscript data for the Cecil mods, but not sure. anyone else have this happen?

  88. Hyosuke permalink

    That… was awesome. I kept saying how it would be great to have a female main character getting raped and eaten by monstergirls. Would be even better if we could get some futa monstergirl on female action before the victim is vored. That would be wicked hot, but that’s just a preference of mine. I know its not for everyone. Either way, keep the Cecil side stories coming, they’re great… and so are you Rogue for translating them. Thank you very much, most appreciated everything you’ve done so far. Keep up the good work.

  89. Ben permalink

    Whenever I try to boot the game I get this error message:

    lsp 107, “:a;system\logo.bmp”,79,100
    bg “bg\bg001.bmp”

  90. Anonymous permalink

    Can someone help me with the Doppelganger scene? I have a complete Ch.2 Monsterpedia, yet it doesn’t show. I tried the nscript data from the Cecil mods and then Doppelganger appears, but it keeps crashing. Does anyone know how I can get that hidden monster?

  91. bagel permalink

    God bless whoever made the cecil mod. I don’t even like vore, but I LOVE Alma Elma

  92. Tony permalink

    Rogue…may I ask what kind of software do you use for editting MGQ…I wanna try to make my own storyline and games…XD

    thanks in advance~

    • Bob Bobertson permalink

      Check out Gmone’s Laboratory, I think it’s dead now but there is some good stuff on making your own scenarios. MGQ scenarios are simply a text file, life a notepad file.

    • The game is written in nScripter. I’ve been using notepad++ to edit the script files. Very barebones stuff, nothing fancy. If you want to use nscripter, here’s a nice command reference for the engine:

      • Anonymous permalink

        I have a complete Monsterpedia for Ch.2, but Doppelganger is not showing. Do I have to beat the game again to get it?

        And on another note I did what was detailed in your instructions for the Cecil mods, but nothing appeared. And the nscript data, for some reason, unlocks Doppelganger yet it keeps crashing once “Alice” fades. Any reason why?

  93. Anonymous permalink

    @RogueTranslator any news about cecil mod development ?

  94. Anonymous permalink

    hi @rogue, i hope u can help me, i try to play the MGQ 2 but it alway crash after the first prologue, here the pict
    i download the game from and the patch from u. but its still crash..thanks for the help.

    • Anonymous permalink

      1) You downloaded the *full* game and not the *trial*, correct? The patch won’t work on the trial.


      2) You patched MGQ2 and not MGQ1, correct? Check to make sure.

  95. Anonymous permalink

    I have a bit of a problem with the mod. i used the patch before this and the game worked fine until i downloaded this patch. then my saves vanished. they were still in the save folder but they were not detected by the game. it happens every time i log on and off. can someone please help

  96. Anonymous permalink

    I need help. My game cannot detect the saves i have- to clarify, the saves are in the save file but the game cannot detect them. this only happens after i log off the system. for some reason, this only happens after i downloaded this patch.

  97. TheGreatHeinrich permalink

    Hey Rogue,

    Is there any reason you removed end-of-line character functionality in the MOD section? The way I had it made is so that it doesn’t randomly cut off the last character, and so that a maximum 4 (not 3) lines can be displayed at once outside of combat.

    Other than that, great work. I love your translations, man. :)

  98. Anonymous permalink

    someone please help me i downloaded part 2 and then installed the english batch but right when its about to leave the map screen after Illias explains the story up to that point and a NSA then a bunch of japenese characters shows and it crashes

  99. Anonymous permalink


    099.txt line:186872

    | bg “bg\bg001.bmp”,10,1000 ;ƒ^ƒCƒgƒ‹‰æ–Ê•\Ž¦
    > bgm”bgm\title.ogg”

    What should I do? Game won’t start up… Please help me I love you’re work

    • Anonymous permalink

      Oh I get it you’re missing the bgm file for MGQ 2 when I download it, it does not show up….. having that file would be nice to play this game.. Wonder if I just pick a random file and rename it and it would work…

  100. Daimon permalink

    I have an issue with spaces, for some reason they are appearing in places where shouldn’t be any and it makes reading tiresome. How can I solve this problem?

  101. Aaron permalink

    am having a hard time saving my work and no this is not the trial version or demo I just can’t seem to save it please help

  102. Anonymous permalink

    You’re a god, RT.

  103. Anonymous permalink

    So I’m not sure what the problem is, but the game crashes whenever I try to load any of the side stories. I downloaded the first link’s patch. Is there anything I need to download, or do I need to change someothing within the files to get them to work?

    • Anonymous permalink

      You need to merge both games together as one because most of the side stories reference pictures that only exist in MGQ Part 1. To do this, you need a huge file called “arc.nsa” from MGQ Part 1. You can obtain this usually by downloading the full Part 1 game. There should be some links floating around somewhere on the web :)

  104. Anonymous permalink

    Malwarebyes says that mon_labo_convert.exe has a Trojan virus called Zeus. Is there any truth to this? Scared the hell out of me.

  105. Guest permalink

    exec_dll “NSFont.dll/gaiji,YZ,system/hurt.bmp”

    What’s that mean?

  106. Guest permalink

    Can someone help me? I’m missing MSVCR100D.dll file. I can’t start the part 2 game.

  107. CabO permalink

    Reuploaded the full patch which includes the cecil sceanrios:

    • CabO permalink


    • Nojiko permalink

      I love. you. No seriously. I love you. Get over here. Now.

    • RaffyS permalink

      Thanks for the reupload :D

    • Anonymous permalink

      Seems to have an issue when I try to download the scenarios. How does yours work?

    • Juanma permalink

      Is there a chance of a reupload of the 3 new scenarios only??

    • Tony Kwee permalink

      woah…Thanks a lot for the re-upload

  108. Duar permalink

    Can comeone reupload Cecil’s mod? Links are broken(((.
    Thank you in advance.

  109. Duar permalink

    Ou… it appears that i’m blind =D Thank you, CabO

  110. Anonymous permalink

    Can someone reupload the patch that rogue posted which changes the cecil mod folders to english. I crash on every battle in cecil mod.

  111. Anonymous permalink

    Can someone post a link for the translation patch? I just found out it was out and got it, but the link is now down from mediafire.

  112. Anonymous permalink

    Patch dont working

  113. ultimecea permalink

    re-upload please

  114. Lorenzo permalink

    could you re-upload please? And this time I think it should be better to upload to another site, like depositfile for example. The download links there lasts longer than mediafire!

  115. Fate permalink

    Hello there, is there any chance you could re upload the patch and cecil’s adventure? it seems the links are dead for those; thank you for all your work on these projects.

  116. Anonymous permalink

    Please re-upload, perhaps on a different site, it keeps getting removed.

  117. Anonymous permalink

    >The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.

  118. Anonymous permalink

    OK, file invalid or deleted
    Also… where to get more spin-off stories?

  119. Kahn permalink

    Might somebody be so kind and reupload this?

  120. Anonymous permalink

    Could you please reupload this? This is down

  121. depositfiles please?

  122. Jaex permalink

    Could you possibly re-upload the full MGQ patch again.

  123. TheAllSeeingEye permalink

    Can you re-re-upload the patch? mine got corrupted so I need the patch again :P

  124. mac22 permalink

    re-upload the files, please !!!!

  125. Anonymous permalink

    can you re-post the upload the patch? I just discovered MGQ thanks to Ashcorp’s song and I beat the first one but I can’t find a patch for the second

  126. Anonymous permalink

    re upload please

  127. Anonymous permalink

    Re-upload desired!

  128. Anonymous permalink

    reupload please.

  129. Anonymous permalink

    The links have been deleted again, is it possible to re upload?

  130. me too,i’d like to ask you to reuload,please.

  131. Anonymous permalink

    Hey is the patch still active cause i cant find it on Mediafire for Part 2

  132. Dark Soul permalink

    hmm, isn’t it better to upload it to depositfiles, megas, or other sites?

  133. Anonymous permalink

    Can someone re-upload the links?

  134. Anonymous permalink

    If you can reupload the english mods that would be great, no rush because we know you are working on MGQ Part 3, but if you still have the files just laying around we would appreciate it.

  135. Anonymous permalink

    It would be really nice if it could be re-uploaded

  136. Anonymous permalink

    they were reuplodaded a bit higher

  137. Anonymous permalink

    Its down again -_-

  138. Frustrated permalink

    After I downloaded this,it keeps showing this after I opened mon_que:


    099.txt line:186872

    I bg"bg01.bmp",10,1000
    ;f^fCfgf bgm”bgm\title.ogg”

    How to fix this??

  139. Frustrated permalink

    I’m using Windows 8,and the error is after I copied my save file from chapter 1 over.And even before copying,it still does not work.It shows another error message.

  140. yuu permalink

    For everyone too lazy to scroll up:

    Re-Upload by “CabO”

    • Travis Ray permalink

      the link to the one that’s in the info says it’s been removed, but the one you put is still good

    • Frustrated permalink

      How do I open it after installing? I tried using winzip and RAR Extract Frog.But I cant properly open mon_que. Do I need to use some other programs?

    • Siquall permalink

      Thanks you mister.

  141. Frustrated permalink

    I downloaded it,but it stills shows the same problem.I’m using winzip to open it,is that the problem?

  142. Frustrated permalink

    Sorry,not winzip,Free RAR Extract Frog.

  143. Frustrated permalink

    I replaced the old nscript with the new one,but it still dont work.

  144. Anonymous permalink

    I cant download patch someone please help me give me the download

  145. Anonymous permalink

    Plz reupload the Full MGQ Patch.
    Tanks ^^

  146. Anonymous permalink

    I think i’ve found a typo in the V1.05 translation
    (uploaded by CabO in this post):

    Witch Hunt Village (MGQ Part 1 (merged Part 1 and 2)):
    upon entering the lords mansion:
    “…Slyph!” should be “…Sylph!”

    hope this helps.

    Looking forward to the Part 3 translation!!

    Thanks for all the effort!

  147. Anonymous permalink

    help me anyone everytime i open mon_que_NOwordwrap or mon_que it will say that it has stopped working

  148. Anonymous permalink

    i need help i have a faulting module for my nsogg.dll

  149. Anonymous permalink

    reupp plss

  150. ArcCain permalink

    Do I install this after the MGQ2 Full Patch or can I just install this from the start and skip the first one?

  151. Angered permalink

    I get that the boss battles have to be hard,especially the last boss(Alice),but does it have to near impossible even on normal difficulty?Took up nearly 3 hours even with a guide,People play this for the story and the cgs,not for fking hard battles,except for masochists.

  152. Ryan permalink

    Once you have combined part 1 and 2 do you need to unlock everything again? or should it be already there?

    • Ryan permalink

      Like the “Record” of monsters that had some in the previous game. But now is all question marks for part 2. I don’t even know if people reply to these.

  153. Anonymous permalink

    Sadly, it seems to have been removed….

  154. Great blog here! Also your web site so much up fast! What host are you
    the usage of? Can I am getting your affiliate hyperlink to your host?
    I want my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  155. Anonymous permalink

    Unfortunately, these are all gone… Anyone still have this patch?

  156. ZeusTheta permalink’s just a translation. What is up their asses so hard? Really? Can anyone reupload?

  157. Anonymous permalink

    Please, someone can help me ?
    When I use “Part 1 SaveImport” for continue the game on MGQ 2, the game crash and I got this :
    Please help me with that I don’t understand.

    PS: Sorry for my English

    • Drendal permalink

      have you got the complete, or trial version ?
      try launching a new game, then if it don’t work, launch it without the english patch, if you have only one entry in monsterpedia, it’s the trial version

  158. Anonymous permalink

    yo that link is broken. reup maybe?

  159. Eeh,. Monster House Spin-off cant Be Played?? –“

  160. Anonymous permalink

    link still broken

  161. Ronic permalink

    Hi i have a problem if i try to play it.
    I got always this error:
    Tried to contact Rouge but email says he is inactive and there is now way to contact him so i hope you can help me here.

  162. Anonymous permalink

    Can anyone help me? I have problems for MGQ3, NSA line 099.txt getting pop up only from part 3 monsterpedia

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