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October 12, 2012

Been gone the past couple weeks, so haven’t posted anything… I’m sure most of you have seen the two new monsters posted on Torotoro’s site ( ). But if not, they’re there. He posted that he’s still working on the final chapter, hopes for it to be done on the first half of 2013, but isn’t going to put out a release date yet.
In other news, the game I mentioned last month that I’ve been messing with off and on for a while is called Marunomi ( 丸呑み ). I think it’s probably almost wholly unknown to the English speaking world, but it’s fun in its own weird little way. Not everyone’s thing, of course. I’m about half done with it… The button editing job I did is really, really poor though.

You play as a nondescript monster chasing girls (“prey”) around a closed space dimension, trying to weaken and eventually swallow/absorb them all. Getting injured causes your ability to sustain the dimension to fall (the blue bar in the top right), and swallowing them increases it.

Example of the Field Screen

When you run into the prey, you go to a combat screen. The buttons you get are semi-random, and each girl has their own attack pattern and preferred method of fighting (Or ones that only try to run away) so you try to counter their actions with your own (You pick three at a time, and they then execute back to back). Lower their HP low and swallow them to capture and get an H-Scene. Get experience and level up, getting a couple skills or stat bonuses… The usual fare.

Horrible button editing

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  1. Tophat permalink

    thanks again man, i know this must be hard to balance.

  2. Blink permalink

    Thanks for all the hard work, we appreciate it ^^

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Wow, I’m going to give this a try!

  4. Raizu permalink

    Thanks Ludo.
    I can’t wait for this.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Can’t be sure, but I’m under the impression that Rogue is a different person from Ludo-Rathowm.

  5. Mkmd13 permalink

    Hm, sounds different. Any facesitting in the game?

  6. hiallofyou permalink

    Huh, already beat this awhile ago. Took a good while with all the random button mashing. Looking forward to the translation!

  7. Anonymous permalink

    as for your ‘horrible’ button edit, in english? will travel

  8. Anonymous permalink

    “still working on the final chapter, hopes for it to be done on the second half of 2013”
    I don’t think I can wait that long…

    • Anonymous permalink

      your weak willed man.I can wait till the end of time but i dont think it’s going to take that long….

  9. Softicedragon permalink

    What?! Maybe in the second half of 2013? But i want hora now…. =(

    • Anon-kun permalink

      just replay some delicious Alice’s scene…. or shitennou’s scene… or Illias’ scene…

      oh yeah, only voiced scenes have delish hora in it…

    • Anonymous permalink

      I wish we had a Sei Monmusu Gakuen translation to keep ourselves busy until the new horas are done.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    The game looks good. Something to keep us entertained until MSQ3 gets released. By e way are the mods for chapter2 any good?

  11. 光闇 permalink

    My sex drive is going to be supremely diminished by the time MGQ3 arrives. And I hope to find a nice girl to settle down with in the nearest possible future; how can this be done with such a game being released over a year from now? It can’t. Forever alo– ah, screw it. I guess I can devote my life to a monster girl.

    But which monster girl would make the best long-term partner and why?

    • John Navia permalink

      I would say Tamamo as a character, because she is cute and one of the strongest at the same time, plus she is really nice as in personality and a really important monster in the game, so she could pretty much take care of you like the Sphinx did with her dead husband. And for race i would go with either a mermaid or a kitsune and maybe the harpies after they become good, because those races are shown to be good with human couples in the game.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I also say Tamamo, because she is cute and kind. Though I vote Luka X Granberia just because they seem like they would mesh well with one another.

    • Tophat permalink

      I actually play with my girlfriend. She loves the game, but has yet to beat the frog girls. I just hope she beats part two before part three is done.

      • Down with Illias permalink

        Yeah, pretty much one of those two. Alice is kinda a cliche tsundere which is not my cup of tea, and I find anyone who tries to kill me to be a turn off… so Alma Elma and Eurebetie are both out.

        • Anon permalink

          Didn’t tamamo tried to beat the shit out of luka in the castle though? Tamamo only went for pleasure attacks after she couldn’t harm him with punches and her rolling attack that blew part of the wall…

          • Flaris permalink

            I felt that she was more trying to play the role of a teacher, pushing him but in order to help him grow.

            Regardless I’d agree about being well suited as a long-term partner. Cute, sharp, and frankly just one of the more reasonable characters anyways.

      • 光闇 permalink

        I played the game with my girlfriend, too, until she moved 1200 miles away to Iowa. I would love to cuddle up with an Imp/Succubus every night, shower with a slime/crab girl every morning, and go out with Chrome every day.

        • O-(-'.'Q) permalink

          Except Chrome doesn’t let anyone “go out”. She keeps them in her basement where she can record their actions 24/7.

          And that’s for the ones she shows interest in. The rest ended up zombies. >_>;

          • CMrC permalink

            Umhhh there are girls that wouldn’t look down on this kind of stuff, may be my interest in the real world shouldn’t be soo close to 0 after all:P, but still monstergirls are wway better, if only matrix wasn’t just a film and u could create a world at ur own pleasing… (power to science and future^^)

  12. yabusa permalink

    Looking forward to that game rogue-sama…

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Sounds neat, will download when you publish the patch.

  14. Roy permalink

    I’ve played this game. I had no idea what was going on, other than “Attack Loli’s to Tentacle them,” and in that aspect, it was very fun. Simple combat system, even for someone who speaks and reads no japanese, and the pr0n was well-done. A Translated version would be very worthwhile, I think!

    • Anonymous6 permalink

      Agreed, I have this game in japanese and learned some of the words to get the basics down but I got stuck and I actually gave up playing because of lack of understanding. With this translation I will be VERY happy to continue it. Thanks rouge <3

  15. Lowlightt permalink

    Yep I’ve played it as well, had like 4 open windows of translations and such trying to remember what each button did. Would be nice to to hear the loli screaming now that I know what they are saying good call Rogue.

  16. monkeyman767 permalink

    Wow! I played this game a while ago loved it but found it hard to enjoy properly, so glad that one of the best translators is working on it!

  17. Anonymous permalink

    cant wait for the new project!

    thank you for your hard work

  18. Down with Illias permalink

    So what are you in that game, some random tentacle slime or something?

    • Bob Bobertson permalink

      Well, Rogue mentions that your a “nondescript” monster, so I guess your whatever you want to be. Just with tentacles.

  19. smarter than you permalink

    Definetly Interested in this one is there a website i can Purchase it on? like dslite? etc..?

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Umm if you translate ( using ( then it actually says, “It is zealously producing it aiming at completion in the first half of 2013.”

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yea, first half of 2013 using google translate plugin

    • Oops, I read it as 下半期完成… That’s what I get for making posts after not sleeping for two days I guess…

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Aaaand it will probably come out June 30th…..

  21. Anonymous permalink

    To use nifty, click both the orbs next to 日本語 英語 in both windows and place URL in the WEB window. Then click the bottom icon in the web window, it looks like it has a “Play” sign on it. Sorry for double post and hope you can understand my instructions.

    • Fujiwara permalink

      Your instructions were crystal clear. At least for me they were so don’t worry if I could follow them then i’m sure other people won’t have any trouble following them :)

      • yabusa permalink

        I… don’t get it…
        what is this for?

        • Anonymous permalink

          If you come across a japanese site then you simply copy and past the URL (name of the site) in the WEB window and hit the button below. Then it will translate the site for you to the best of its ability. The left box is (Sentences can be translated.) Paste a japanese sentence, click the proper orb and then the button and it will translate it into english for you. ( Here is the site in english.

          • Fujiwara permalink

            Just getting the regular site, no translation. Assuming we all have to do the work ourselves, which is a no biggy. Looks like if you want the page translated you’ll have to do it yourself. Wish you luck :)

          • yabusa permalink

            I see…
            thanks for the info…

  22. Anonymous permalink

    If you post the jap buttons I’ll edit them for you.

  23. Imoutocon permalink

    YAY, 丸呑み! i played that game a few years back. Loli content is all so good! I see that you translated it? its you right? rouge?

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s Rogue, not Rouge. Did you think he based his nickname on cosmetics?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Some keyboards tend to be just aas lysdexic as some people – and not always the people who use them. In other words, “Don’t be a dick, Dick.”

        • Anonymous permalink

          It’s called proof reading :O have you heard of it?

        • Anonymous permalink

          I think I see what you did there.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Yeees, I’ve been wanting this game translated for ages now.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Where would one actually get this game..?

    • It’s RJ063983 on dlsite. Kind of a pain to search for by title because 丸呑み is the generic phrase describing almost the entire vore genre.

      • Anonymous permalink

        or you can just search “monmusu” and it brings up both released games…

  26. Anonymous permalink

    There is another one like this. But its a lot more basic than this one. There are only 5 girls (not lolis). And you only get 4 commands (always the same ones).

  27. Brad Mason permalink

    Has anyone by chance got a file of a completed monstapedia they can upload somewhere, so I can download it? I replaced some of the files to get the new side stories to work and have basically lost EVERYTHING. I really don’t want to have to trudge back through it all, because I literally had every single move and every single rape scene for every single monster, from start to finish :(. Many thanks for reading.

  28. Anonymous permalink

    I played this and it’s pretty cool. Having this in english would be a BLESSING!

    Looking very much forward to it!

  29. To the people who replied in the last thread about demo testing a hentai roguelike I’m developing.

    Feedback appreciated!

    Hora hora hora! :D

  30. Cio permalink

    Try this game:

    Love it very much…

  31. Anonymous permalink

    I searched long for an english translation of marunomi. I have not expected that you will do it. This announcment has saved my day.Thank you very much.

  32. Lowlightt permalink

    Wow just found a MGQ bug,

    On the succubus witch fight

    When she uses eyes of seduction you will either rub your face in her breasts or ask her to suck on it.

    Breasts is a full screen cg

    Suck on it, is a full screen cg with a close up cg of her sucking on it.

    If you cum on the suck on it scene the mini cg remains and the full cg is replaced with the breasts cg.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Speaking of witch,

      is there any way to see the CGs 35-39 (in which she gives Luka a footjob nekkid) other than checking the CG menu? I have tried everything to no avail.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    Grow up people… we would be lucky to have the game (translated too) by February 2014… 2013 is out of the question so don’t even think about it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You grow up.

    • 光闇 permalink

      Most of us will play it in Japanese in 2013. The ones who want to play it in English to avoid spoilers will have to wait until 2014, which is perfectly okay. Your post is unnecessary and you are very ignorant if not a troll.

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Who were you even talking to?

  34. Anonynony permalink

    Thanks Rogue for all you’ve done thus far! I do wonder who on earth comes up with these game concepts? Bloody genius haha.
    Best of luck to your balance Rogue!

    • Anonymous permalink

      The world of eroge is vast, my friend. especially indies games, theres so many of them you will be surprised.

      • Only problem is most of them are in Japanese and only a few are good or do something different that other H-games don’t do…

        • Wiz permalink

          Your blog needs to be completely re designed.

          Here’s some inspiration for yah,

          You need to understand contrast. Use this,

          Make this a bookmark because your plain jane font is tiring. It’s a font finder tool!

          javascript:(function() {if(typeof jQuery==’undefined’){var jqit=document.createElement(‘script’);jqit.type=’text/javascript’;jqit.src=’’;document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(jqit);} _my_script=document.createElement(‘script’);_my_script.type=’text/javascript’;_my_script.src=’’;document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(_my_script);})();

          • Anonymous permalink

            Yeah, after all, we all spend hours after hours here every day because of the constant updates, and when you do that, nothing is more important to you than fancy graphics and fonts that look cool instead of being readable… Really, fogat that stuff about translating games and instead cater to the needs of us blog fetishists!

          • Anonymous permalink

            Pxels blog is stupid.
            Dun need to go overboard christ. But after looking at H-Fans site I agree.
            @Anon, He didn’t ask for him for the moon… And WTF r u trumpeting off about font? Dun know about u but internet is 99% words 1% all else… Were all reading here… You can go read Arial all ur life. Boring fag dun know web site makin makes mulah.

          • Appreciate the feedback guys! I’m aware the blog isn’t very well designed. It was something that was hastily made without much time invested into it. After I finish the next update, I should be able to improve the design.


  35. Just a puny wanderrer permalink

    I’ve just read OreImo light novel, and I can agree with that, “the world of eroge is vast”, you even could call it “eroge universe”, having not only pure hentai but also many other elements that is.

  36. Anon-kun permalink

    wondering a bit here, but which one is Erubetie’s supposed name translation, Elvetie or Elvatie?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I think it’s Elvetie, since it could refer to word “velvety”, meaning soft or smooth (and possibly shiny/glossy)

  37. weeee permalink

    help im kinda stuck on this game 幻想世界マインディア. at the fourth town on the middle mansion the boss there keep permanent paralyze me at the starting battle am i missing something? shes the only one i haven defeat…

    • Cio permalink

      Sell the item “Vina Photograph”/”Vina Bromide”.

      • weeee permalink

        hey thx for the answer and sorry for the late reply i was serving my army,

  38. Monkehman permalink

    Looking forward to marunomi being translated.

    Keep up the good work, you are awesome.

  39. Anonymous permalink

    Looking forward to marunomi being translated as well.

  40. 光闇 permalink

    OP’s game is crap.

  41. john permalink

    i was wondering if you might be interested in translating The Fantasy World of Mindia to english while waiting for Monmuso 3

  42. Mark A. permalink

    Happy Halloween Rouge!

  43. Anonymous permalink

    Ah, marunomi. It’s a pretty good game for tentacle ‘rape’ game. Moreover, the true ending for that game is happy ending. So, if you hate mindbreak ending or something like that, you won’t hate this one.

    • Yep… There’s about 4000 lines left to do before its done!

      • Anonymous permalink

        Out of how many?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Out of roughly how many?

      • 光闇 permalink

        Rogue, I only feel obligated to point out your grammatical mistakes because your work is based on being grammatically sound. Instead of “There is 4,000 lines,” say, “There are 4,000 lines.”

        • 光闇 permalink

          Also, “its” is possessive while “it’s” is the conjunction of “it” and “is.”

          • ‘ There is left to do about 4000 lines ‘ . I ain’t a native english speaker, so I’ll spare myself the trouble of explaining the terms, but if you read it this way, then Rogue’s spelling is correct.
            Also, I don’t usually bother with the ‘ on forum posts, to save myself some time. I’ve only chosen to make an exception now, to make sure my point gets through. Maybe Rogue has the same habbit ?

        • Anonymous permalink

          “There’s about 4,000 lines …” This part is natural American English. It’s the way most of them speak.

          Just Saiyan.

        • My grammar skills are rather poor to begin with. I generally just sound it out in my head, and if it sounds right, then I type it that way. I’m sure there are thousands of grammatical errors littered all throughout my stuff, lol

  44. WildFour permalink

    Rouge-san, I was wondering if you could give us a list of the skills luka have in literal translation or at least a way to get them, I have no objections of the names you pick for the skills but I’m just curious about the original names…… pretty please? :D

    • Lowlightt permalink

      ??? Cant you just run the game with out the translation installed and look at them yourself?

      • WildFour permalink

        The file I downloaded was pre-patched and I don’t know how to un-patch it if its possible, unless there’s an easier way to this?

        • Lowlightt permalink

          The easy way is to install Rogue’s Patch a second time but this time turn your monitor around so it faces away from you so that you are installing it backwards.

    • Anonymous permalink

      just start mgq without the mgq translated script using the original. thats all there is to it. it takes less than 10 seconds to find out. quit being lazy

      • WildFour permalink

        I already said the file I got my hands on was pre-patched, what may seem obvious to you might not be the same for someone else, are you telling me its possible to run it in jap AFTER its patched?

  45. GenocideHeart permalink

    Just an update to show that I am, in fact, alive – although alive doesn’t necessarily mean ‘in good health’. Anyway, working when I can, but I’m having trouble with the writing. Will try my best regardless so that chapter 10 is finally released asap.

    • hiallofyou permalink

      Don’t worry man. Take your time. Unfortunately, real life is kicking everyone in the ass. Judging by your comment it seems that you’re not in good health. I hope you get better!

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        Fall is always a bad season for me, because I get debilitated by the sudden switch from hot to cold, and I live in a very, very damp area of Italy. I get sick easily and tend to be depressed by the bad weather.

        Aside from that, though, I have no major, threatening issues. In fact, I have too many ideas for the fic, hahaha. Some scenes from much later on I already wrote in advance.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I love you man (but not in a gay way ;p ), so, as hialloufyou say, take your time.

  46. Anonymous permalink

    “Judging by your comment it seems that you’re not in good health.”

    *claps* Nice work, Sherlock…

  47. Anonymous permalink

    Any chance on you translating the one shota game coming out?

    • haha this looks awesome!
      DLsite page with demo:

      • Dear Guest permalink

        Thank you so much for this, I was looking for that one for a while now.

      • Dear Guest permalink

        Damn pervert.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Any idea how to get the full version of this one? I hate dlsite

        • 光闇 permalink

          Seconded; excess m zouri absolutely should be translated and uploaded by anyone willing and able to do so. It looks phenomenal and the gameplay and erotica value are both just as satisfying, if not more so, as in MGQ.
          What a great way to spend time waiting for the release of part three! Thanks, contributors!

          • 光闇 permalink

            I searched google for an hour but still can’t seem to find a downloadable full version of the game. I also found out that it is just called “excess m” or “サークル名.” Please help, anyone. I would love to be able to play beyond the first boss!

          • jomppa permalink

            Obviously you can’t find the full version because its not released yet.
            Video clearly tells that release is 24th of november.

          • 光闇 permalink

            Oh, thanks, jackass; that obviously wasn’t so clear to me. I was more focused on my fapping for some reason. I’m looking forward to the 24th, then! It looks pretty incredible. If these games continue to get better and better, will people start slowly evolving into giant penises and clitorises?

          • Anicake permalink

            Okay so I since there are no time stamps here I don’t know if this is totally too late but I got interested myself and started looking around and here’s what I found that might help you:

            The game itself is called “王様はおねショタの夢を見る” and is seemingly referred to by shorthand as “onesyota” (should be “oneshota” in proper romanjization, but you know what the Japanese are like) by the developers.

            excess m is actually the name of the “cirlce” (developer), and they have their own site for the game:
            And it indeed says that the full version is set for a 24/11/2012 release.

            Anyway hope that helps anyone who are interested in this.

            p.s. the サークル名 that you quoted actually means “cirlce name” which is usually how dlsite refers to the developer or group that publishes a game.

        • jomppa permalink

          Game is now on sale on:

          Hope you guys buy it. :)

          • Anicake permalink

            Yep, full version is out and I’m currently downloading. If some of you for some reason don’t like dlsite, just remember that the game is called 王様はおねショタの夢を見る and that google is your friend.

          • Anicake permalink

            …Also known in English, apparently, as “Kings Dream of Older Girls On Young Boys”… Thanks dlsite, I didn’t need that boner anyway.

          • There’s a patch out:
            It’s for a bug concerning the 6th level boss. When she mounts you and you break free, she’s still “attached” and you can’t attack her or anything :S

          • Got the game, but it crashes for me every time I open it. I get a “GameDemo Open error”. I have change my locale to Japan (permanently, why change back?), used 7zip and then WinRar to unzip the game, but I can not get past this error.

            Anyone have a suggestion?

          • Anicake permalink

            I had the same error (although in Japanese) with the first download that I tried. There seems to be a bad copy in circulation, but I found another one that works. Still needs the aforementioned patch, though.

            Not sure that the policy is here about sharing pirate links, so I won’t. But here’s a completely unrelated google search:王様はおねショタの夢を見る+192605

          • WhiteMage permalink

            If someone would be so kind to tell the password that is required for the patch. I can’t read Japanese, and according to google translate, I have to use a combination of something in a readme file.
            Thanks in advance.

          • Anicake permalink


            It says that the password is the very last line of text in the original readme of the game.
            and that line is:


  48. Hi! I wanted to ask you about one game that still wasn’t released yet…
    It’s a monster girl game too:
    I’m not (and wasn’t) quite interested in this type of games (I’m a fan of this company’s Kagura series) but today I was on the game’s site and 2 types quite interested me: (she is… yeah, Berserk :3) (and she is Rusalka – even though they have mermaid already
    So I wanted to ask if you’re planning to translate this game or at least consider this project…

  49. Anonymous permalink

    OMG! I have Marunomi! It’s super cute and really hot, but I can’t tell what they’re saying! Thanks so much for donating your time to do this!

  50. Anonymous permalink

    I remember back in the day when rogue would take like a couple of weeks to translate a huge game like MGQ.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I ought to bitch slap ur ass

    • 光闇 permalink

      Seconded; twat.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Your memory must be off then since it never took a couple of weeks to translate MGQ

    • Just got back from a 2 week work trip, I’ll be getting back to Marunomi tomorrow. Aiming to have it finished and the patch out in December sometime.

  51. Ido permalink

    Questa storia avvenne in un altro universo più di mille anni fa, se me lo chiedete questa storia mi è stata tramandata da Ido in persona e da sua moglie, mi dispiace di non potervi dare più informazioni e solo che ne andrebbe ha scapito della storia.

    “E il mio compleanno” penso Luka, “è Giunto finalmente il giorno!!!”; Luka era un abitante nato ad Illiasburg, una piccola cittadina ha Sud di Eden, viveva nella vecchia casa dei suoi genitori con suo fratello maggiore Ido. Nella sua cultura al compimento del 18° anno di età ogni persona scelta dalla Dea Ilias poteva diventare un eroe, lui fortunatamente era stato scelto un mese addietro tramite un sogno; all’inizio era eccitato ma poi appena ne aveva parlato con suo fratello Ido che ne resto shock atto si fece venire dei dubbi. In quel momento ripenso al giorno in cui si sveglio di colpo è si getto in camera di suo fratello, appena Ido ancora intontito capii quello che stava dicendo il suo farfugliante fratellino Ido gli disse corrucciando la fronte: “Cosa un eroe??? Aspetta ma sei proprio sicuro di volerlo fare?”, Luka ancora emozionatissimo disse: “Si! Si! Voglio diventare un eroe!!! Sai bene che è il mio sogno da quanto i miei sono morti!!!”, Ido sbuffando disse tristemente: “Va bene, va bene…ma ora ti faccio una domanda semplicissima, ucciderai i mythos quando sarai eroe? Ti macchierai di questo peccato per l’unica vera fede???”, a queste parole l’emozione di Luka si attenuo, dopo poco tempo guardo seriamente Ido in faccia e disse: “Non… non lo so se ucciderò le monster girl..”, ha quella parola monster girl Ido diede un poderoso cricchetto sulla testa di Luka, Luka strofinandosi la parte dolorante disse: “Scusami fratellone, certe volte nella foga mi dimentico che dovrei chiamarle mythos”

    Per ora è solo uno spunto fra un po’ dovrei riuscirlo ha completare la prima parte, mi dispiace di averlo postato in Italiano ma non sono un bravo traduttore come Rogue ; in realtà la storia c’è l’ho tutta fino alla fine del secondo capitolo solo che adesso devo scriverla .

    • CMrC permalink

      If you found this ok, else i’d say cool coz i’m from italy too^^
      Se lo hai trovato ok, se no figo perche sono italiano anche io^^
      Anyway i saw the “google transalte translation” and it is totally not understandable
      Cmq ho visto la traduzione di google e non si capisce una minchia

      The following part are just some tip to the writer (about the orginal language writing)
      Cmq l’iniziativa è sempre apprezzata ma fatti aiutare da qualcuno con gli errori di grammatica e punteggiatura. Ci sono sia verbi coniugati male (senza contare una a che dovrebbe essere preposizione la hai messa con la h). In più ci sono una cifra di ripetizioni che rendono l testo poco fluente.
      PS: io studio una materia scientifica è non ho molto rispetto per l’italiano in se per se, ma riconosco che una cosa scritta bene si legge molto più volentieri, soprattutto se lunga, qundi prendi il mio commento come una critica costruttiva^^

      • CMrC permalink

        The following part is just some tips…*
        :P I really dislike making mistakes and hope this was the only one but i know my english isn’t perfect XD

    • CMrC permalink

      In il non usare le lettere accentate nei verbi ha creato un po di confusione sui tempi a google facendo uscire la traduzione peggio di quel che sarebbe potuta essere

      (Still other tips to the writer :P)

  52. Softicedragon permalink

    Use english language, made everyone here happy….

  53. Anonymous permalink

    I started with the piano theme for Alice, and started tweaking and playing with it from there. This is the end result:

  54. Anonymous permalink

    would you translate Lightning Warrior Raidy 3?

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s highly unlikely that he’ll do Raidy.

      Raidy 3 will most likely get a Eng release in a few years, anyways.

  55. Ido permalink

    This story took place in a different universe than a thousand years ago, if you ask me this story I was handed down from Ido himself and his wife, I’m sorry I can not give you more information, and only that would have the expense of the story.

    “It’s my birthday” I think Luka, “At last the day has arrived!” Luka was a resident born in Illiasburg, a small town south of Eden has lived in the old house of his parents with his older brother Ido. In his culture at the age of 18 years of age every person chosen by the Goddess Ilias could be a hero, he fortunately had been chosen a month ago through a dream, was so excited but then as soon as he had spoken with his brother Ido that I remain shock act made her doubts. At that moment, I remember the day when you wake up all of a sudden it is cast in the room of his brother, just Ido still groggy I understood what he was saying his gibbering brother Ido said corrucciando forehead: “What a hero?? Wait, but are you sure you wanna do this? “Luka still excited said,” Yes! You! I want to become a hero! You know it’s my dream because my parents are dead! “Ido puffing said sadly,” Okay, okay … but now I ask you a simple question, when you kill the mythos hero? You macchierai of this sin for the one true faith?? “At these words the excitement of Luka eased, after a short time Ido seriously look at him and said,” I do not … I do not know if it will kill the monster girl. . “has the word monster girl Ido gave a powerful ratchet on the head of Luka Luka rubbing the painful part said:” I’m sorry brother, sometimes in the heat I forget that I should call mythos “

    • CMrC permalink

      (This is not the whole translation coz i really don’t really like writing, but i wanted to show how it looks like with a kind of proper translation)
      (kind of proper coz i didnt translate the text word by word to make it more fluent, but the meaning in whole should be the same, and english is not my 1st language so i can’t give any guarantee:P)

      Note for the author of the text:Cmq traducendolo ho visto errori non indifferenti, anche potendo google non sarebbe mai riuscito a tradurlo decentemente

      私は書き込みが好きじゃない (used google to see how to transalte writing :P)

      This story is set in another universe, thousands of years ago and, if you ask, it was told to me from Ido himself and his wife. I apologize for not being able to give more detailed information about this but it would ruin the story itself.
      “It’s my birthday” Luka thought, “ and it’s finally the day!!!”. Luka was an inhabitant of Iliasburg, a little town South of Eden, he lived in the old house of his parents with his elder brother Ido. As culture dictated, everyone, on his 18th birthday, could’ve become an Hero if chosen from the Goddess Ilias. Luckily, a month ago, he was told in a dream from Ilias that he was going to be chosen. At the beginning Luka was excited, but then, after speaking with his brother that felt struck by the news, he started to doubt.

  56. CMrC permalink

    Rogue how did you learn japanese? I’m trying to do soo and i think i’m on a good route(for now i’m focusing on the raeding part so no stroke order and pronunciation), but i think advices from someone as good as you are always valuable. For now i’m using some androids app to learn kanjis (i’m just tryng to build up a mental pattern to recognize them without learning the stroke order) and grammar. Actual progress ~440 known kanji and basic-lvl grammar. I tought to get to 1000kanji(while advancing with grammar) (all JLPT 5-4-3-2) and learn the last when i find them in texts. I hope i’ll be able to atleast understand 1/2~3/4 of a text when MGQ3 comes out :P

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Try Rosetta Stone, it does actually work believe it or not, (though with how ridiculously expensive it is, I’d look at pirate bay for it.)

      • Anonymous permalink

        Rosetta Stone is crap, I never liked the way they taught Japanese.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Rosetta Stone focuses on the actually speaking of Japanese rather than the reading and translating of it, which is what you’d want to know in order to read MGQ.

    • CMrC permalink

      Well it’s not like i’m trying to learn a totally different language from my own just for MGQ(even if it has been a good incentive ;P) but i still think that it would be really hard to learn the speaking part of a language (which ha word’s sound, grammar and writing system totally different from your own) without knowing the grammar really well and atleast for me, to learn grammar, learning to read first is what work well. After that i’ll focus on the word’s sound and if i’ll ever have the patience to, i’ll try to learn to write kanji properly instead of jsut recognizing them.

      This is the path i’m tryng to follow, i’ve got hand on a few guides and i’ve to say that Obenkyo(android app, don’t know if just for android) work really well with that, but i think the more the better soo if u know good guides that focus on the reading part they are always welcome^^

      • Ido permalink

        Scusami ma ho scritto questa storia in due minuti circa… so che faccio degli errori in italiano pesantissimi. Ma l’ho scritta più che altro per cercare qualche buon traduttore. Per mia sfortuna non sarò mai una cima in italiano, nè in inglese. Però tenterò di fare del mio meglio, grazie per la critica.

        • GenocideHeart permalink

          Beh, io SONO italiano, ma sfortunatamente sono occupato con la mia fanfic personale, quindi non posso aiutare con una traduzione, mi spiace. Devo dire pero’ che il tuo italiano non e’ malaccio, anzi. Certi caproni che conosco qui scrivono peggio di te… XD

          • Ido permalink

            Non vedo l’ora di leggerla :)

          • CMrC permalink

            Io aiuterei, ma, apparte il fatto che non adoro tradurre in se per se (ci ho provato con MGQ che è una cosa che adoro e non sono andato oltre le 200-300 righe), sono anche abbastanza impegnato tra università ed il mio rozzo tentativo di apprendere il giapponese(per ora a leggere poi vedrò per il resto :P)

  57. Anonymous permalink

    Any chance on you translating the kyonyuu fantasy series.The storyline is great too.Well check them out will ya…..\(^o^)/

  58. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Ive been wondering for quite some time …. Is Alice’s tail actuly fluffy? Itlooks kinda hard and uncomfortable to moi. Nevertheless, Alice is best!

    • Anonymous permalink

      One would assume it’s just like a snake – smooth and scaly.

    • Bob Bobertson permalink

      If your mean the “touch fluffy tail” thing it’s not Alice’s tail thats fluffy. It’s Tamamo’s.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Did you even play the game?

  59. JES permalink

    Whenever I try to load my save in MGQ2, the game crashes. Anyone else have this problem and is there a fix?

    • Anonymous permalink

      You added the Cecil mod?

      “To support the Cecil mod, some changes had to be made to the base script file. Loading of some games may be impacted. It won’t influence your stats, encyclopedia info, or any of that”

      • Anonymous permalink

        or any of that, but it may cause the game to freeze when you load a game in progress.”

        I didn’t copy it all the way…

        • JES permalink

          Well that’d be it then. God dammit…It’s surprisingly hard to find to find a 100% save file on Google that works.

  60. Kai permalink

    I think that this was put into the blog a few posts back, but there is a new Violated Hero out. VH2, the translation is partially done by dargoth. No idea whether it had been mentioned here or not. All i can say though is…. WHY ARE U SO APPEALING INSECTIA

    DL site:

    Dargoth’s traslation blog:

    Also, thank you both for your hard work on all the games you translate, just can’t express how happy I am to get some of my favorite H-games (and H-Genres) in English.

  61. Anonymous permalink

    Damn Lightning Warrior Raidy just got a lot text heavier than it used to be,so it won’t get translated anytime soon.MGQ 3 is also going to take a while and I am tired of playing Kamidori Alchemy Maister (already played it over a month),so I guess it is the end of the line of eroge games for me for a while…This girl eating monster game does not sound very appealing to me.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Jast might be translating Raidy, so we’ll get a english version…in ten years -_-

    • Lowlightt permalink

      The problem is the cost, its over 100$ for Raidy 3 and there hasn’t been much advancement on the torrent scene for it either.

  62. Anonymous permalink

    For those of you who liked Kamidori Alchemy Meister, Another Eushully game, Himegari Dungeon Meister is also being translated by Aroduc

    • AnonA permalink

      Great! I’ve been wanting to play Himegari and was sad when Kamidori was translated before it.

  63. GenocideHeart permalink

    Good news, everybody! Chapter 10 of Monster Girl Saga is done. I’m having it proofread at the moment, should be up in two days at most. Hang in there, the wait’s almost over!

    • GenocideHeart permalink

      Also, to give you an idea why it took this long, these are the final statistics for it according to GDocs:

      Pages 90
      Words 40532
      Characters (no spaces) 187027
      Characters (with spaces) 226706

      Yeah, it’s a mammoth one. Again.

      • hiallofyou permalink

        Yay! Right on time for my giant speech presentation -_- Oh well. It’s worth it.

  64. Softicedragon permalink

    Do you think it will be earlier done as in the first half of 2013? The sad thing is….even after the game is finished we have to wait until someone translated it… -__-

    • CMrC permalink

      Or u could always try learning japanese :P. Not as fast as waiting for 1 translation but it is something that will pay itself over time

      • AnonA permalink

        Or use AGTH and stuff to get a machine translation.

  65. CMrC permalink

    Someone knows what happened to spasmaran? I was rlly looking forward to play more of his mod

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m interested in hearing about that as well. You can still play through the second half of the game super powered (though the enemies catch back up around the Heavenly Knights,) but I liked the extra comments and easter eggs thrown in.

  66. 光闇 permalink

    Zinger (Excess M) full release date, anyone?

    • Anicake permalink

      Check the comments further up, mate.

      • Anicake permalink

        ooh, never mind, I thought you meant that other excess m game. Guess I was too quick there, apologies

  67. GenocideHeart permalink

    Chapter 10 of Monster Girl Saga is officially up at Get it here:

    You can also find it at Monster Girl Unlimited, fyi, in case something happens to AFF.Net again in the future. Enjoy!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Awesome fanfic, I’m a really huge fan, looking forward to the next chapter

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        Speaking of which, this is probably the best place to ask. I’ve been thinking of integrating Camel’s vore mod’s main character, Cecil, into my fic. I find her interesting as a ‘lesser Luka’, since she has the ability to heal and knows monster moves. Or I could tweak her so that what she does isn’t the same thing as Luka, with a similar yet different moveset.

        Either way, she interests me. Any thoughts on that?

        • Anonymous permalink

          It could work, they could come across one another in their adventures and they could have a friendly spar with each other. It could also be a good idea that they both share the same ideas and thoughts about the monster girls and Luka could meet a fellow human adventurer who is probably just like him. Its just a thought, I think its a good idea

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Hmmm. Yeah, it could be a good insertion.

  68. Michael permalink

    Sooooo……… no news :/

    They are taking longer than the 1rst or 2nd part, but that’s ok, let’s hope the wait is worth it ^^

  69. Mena permalink

    The update is here, guys! :D

    Finally the new cover for part 3 is out and some screenshots – looks promising imo! Really looking forward to it! I can’t wait! ;D
    Also… Loli Alice!

    • AnonA permalink

      Not seeing it

      • AnonA permalink

        Showing up now

        HNNNNNG Loli Alice!

        The Dryad looks interesting.

    • Anonymous permalink

      >dat Loli Alice
      >dat Chrome
      >dat Lily

      By Ilias, I cannot wait. I was not expecting any of this, especially not Lily returning.

      • Mena permalink

        Yes indeed – I didn’t even see Chrome at first because of the text – awesome! And I’m also really looking forward to the entries from Arekishi in part 3 (like that one with all the busty angels in the 4th row of the new screenshots or the Gatekeeper Statue from the previews)! I really LOVED the Imp girl in part 2 simply because I just love Arekishi’s art style so much!

        • omg yes, hoping for more Arekishi :)

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Is that Promestein in the last pic on the right?! o_O

          • With a huuuuge halo no less! eww :/

    • Anonymous permalink

      Woah, it looks like it says Part 3 is coming out in the first half of 2013. Not sure if that’s just the demo, though.

    • Excitable Banana permalink

      Been waiting for this for like what feels like a year now. Please, I hope they release a demo for xmas! There couldn’t be more anticipation. I sorta prefer grown up Alice. I guess I’m open to … another loli char. Much more interested in Luka vs Chrome, Rnd #2! HHHNNNG

      More importantly, I hope that the battles are more creative (same old tactics dun bother meh, but getting fucked over or extremely similar non-quirky battles get so tiring when there’s 70 of them. Begging for more interesting fights like Imp, Succubus Witch, Elf, Mimic, etc. Interesting, different gimmicks. Not all were great, some were terrible because of the lazy art and low production cop-outs…

      Honestly surprised there hasn’t been a meant to lose (to win) fights yet. Maybe I just can’t remember any.

      • Excitable Banana permalink

        *Facepalm* Forgot to mention the Copycat & Marco’s Travels as fantastic examples of what makes these games so great. Need more dialogue “battles” / dialogue which leads to down a path of *cough* rape *cough* *cough*

        Some real characterisation goes a LONG way to making a STORY/CHARACTER driven game’s “elements” so much worthwhile. Having random, unknown bugs go “mmm, food” or “time for sum babiz, bitch!” Where’s the motivation, why should I care? Even worse when they drift so far from human that it’s completely unrelatable. Not saying full on monster sexy action isn’t welcome.

      • Anonymous permalink

        The only “lose to advance the story” fight I remember is Granberia at the volcano.

        You’re right though; in a semi hero-adventure game like this, a good story and characters would weigh far more in judging its quality than a gimmick battle mechanic. Honestly, though, I think it has more to do with the fact that one man is doing all the story and programming with some people submitting art, at least based on comments from Rogue’s other blog posts. It’s kinda hard for one man to come up with so many good ideas on his own when he has to focus on other aspects than just the narrative.

        Then again, what do you expect from a game that is basically a mish-mash of different monsters with different legends and different drawing styles?

  70. Imoutocon permalink

    I hope they improve on the custom creation tools but my main focus if for them to add more lolis and dfc’s LOLI ALICE FTW

  71. Anonymous permalink

    that plant-type red haired angel is Promestein…crazy scientist has engineered her own body too!

  72. CMrC permalink

    Don’t know if i can hold untill the release date, gotta get a time machine of soemkind, someone has got a DeLorean?

    • Anonymous permalink

      No, but I have a flux capacitor you can borrow.

    • John Titor permalink

      I have a time machine, but it was damaged by CERN’s soldiers.

  73. Softicedragon permalink

    Someone has an idea why the loli alice is in the cover in front of the normal alice? Maybe its the young alice who has killed the old hero and mgq 3 gives us another story what happened after this? Would be nice if toro toro gives some informations about that. *__*

    • Anonymous permalink

      My bet is that between her fight with Luka and the upcoming fight with the Angel she ends up losing a lot of power and Angel Halo’s power seals her into a younger form. Since Luka is currently the only person as strong as her at this point he is probably the only one who can restore her to her true form and without mastery of all 4 spirits he probably can’t share (enough) power like Alice could.

  74. 光闇 permalink

    HOLY SHIT every new monster in the preview pictures looks amazing!! I just fell in love with the game all over again… I am going to die and be reborn when this game is finally released!

  75. Softicedragon permalink

    Oh no i hope youre wrong with that. I dont want a younger alice because shes totaly sexy in her current form. =( Ok it would be a fresh new idea but….well i love her big boobs very much and the loli alice didnt have such big ones.^^

    • Anonymous permalink

      I just figured we would be seeing her in a flashback or something. I don’t see why it would have to be a harbinger of a major plot point; the loli genre is really popular, and you have the character drawn already, so why not throw it on the cover?

      The screenshots all look really good, though I’m not exactly crazy about any of the characters that they’re bringing back. Lily’s plot arc was my least favorite of both games, so hoping she’s not much more than a one off battle.

      It’s been said already, but the Imp/angel army is awesome!

  76. Sav-kun permalink

    Hey GenocideHeart! I just got done reading your latest chapter and it’s a great read as always! I don’t know if your reading this, but might you have Luka fight the doppelganger in the wayyy later chapters? I like quirky battles like that.

    • GenocideHeart permalink

      Hmm, I might do it. I actually HAVE Doppelgangers as a race in my fic (and their Queen is severely broken, to boot), so it’d be pretty easy to fit her in.

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        By the way, if anyone here wants to contact me for feedback or suggestions about my fic, my email is rb3_genocideheart AT yahoo DOT com. Just a heads up. I do have a basic plot firmly set, but am always open to ideas.

  77. Frelor permalink

    Hey Rogue.
    Do you have any Idea roughly when you might be done with this game.

    • Anonymous permalink

      He said december but we’re almost on january, it would be nice to know something about the progress of this game, I’ve been looking forward to the translation

  78. James permalink

    Just give ’em the time he needs, december and the begining of January are usually holiday months anyway.

  79. couples counseling permalink

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    enjoyed account your blog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing on your augment and even I fulfillment you get entry to persistently quickly.

  80. Anonymous permalink

    i cant locate any cg for 幻想世界マインディア. i want to play this game, but my computer is not a windows computer, so for now i just want to view the games h cg, but i dont know where to look for it as all i can find is links to get the game itself and i already have the game. please help. i want to get a taste of what i am missing with the game 幻想世界マインディア by having all of 幻想世界マインディア’s h cg to view on a mobile device or handheld gaming system.

  81. Anonymous permalink

    yes please! arekishi cg download links from 幻想世界マインディア and mgq 3 final part is needed!! but do the cg from 幻想世界マインディア before monster girl quest part 3 because 幻想世界マインディア has been out longer and there are no download links to this games h cg!!!

  82. Anonymous permalink

    where are the download links to 幻想世界マインディア h cg sex scene graphics?

  83. Anonymous permalink

    somebody here, please upload 幻想世界マインディア h cg to file sharing sites where files are downloadable for free and post the links here! i thought by now, sience arekishi is in 幻想世界マインディア h cg that a few months after its september 2012 release that the h cg would be on file sharing sites as an rar file with all of the pictures from the game and all of the character portraits….

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